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Harbarb CoHese Itinrarp 



One half the income from thit Legacy, which wa« re- 
ceired in 1880 under the will of 

of Waltham, Massachusetts, is to be expended for books 
for the College Library. The other half of the income 
is devoted to scholarships in Harvard University for the 
benefit of descendants of 

who died at Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1686. In the 
absence of snch descendants, other persons are eligible 
to the scholarships. The will requires that this announce- 
ment shall be made in every book added to the Library 
under its provisions. 

px.s:a«^e sxauckxe the nkit mai». 


True NO. XIII. .Z> 

THE Z'^^; - 3 / 


lew-Iaipsliire Register 


Easiness Directory 




Mantifacturep and Wholesale Dealer in 


U. A. IV^^H^DBUR Jr> HCanagrer, Burlingrton, Vt. 




Yards anxi Dressing Mills. 


SOUta BY - 


General Index last page of Book. 



Manufacturers of 

Blank Bool 




32 Bromfleld Street, 

Messrs. Hall & Whiting invite the a 
tention of the trade, to the increase 
and varied stock they now carry. 

Orders by mail will be promptly ant 
carefully filled at bottom prices. 

New HiMPSHiRE ReeisTGR, 




'ficiiiE (int after buscitile or leap year, and ck»iDg Ih 
I and. Bftk and begimiiiiMhe vt huRdnd Mt.iuiui jn 
ladcpeDOeDce of ihc Unked States. 


M. H. * TT. SBaiSXi:BS, TT. OAZEXTEER, &0. 


rmvaliU VV^U^ UWUKT 




0»lend«r and Celmtial Phenomena for the year 1881. 

ClireiiolsflricM Cycles* 

Gelden^Nnmber, 11 Solar Cycle, UiRomaii Indictfoa, 

Epact, If 80| Dominical Letter, B [Julian Period, 


•r Uie Planets* 


D # < Moon. 


Meremy. *■ I'V Jupiter. 

YenuB. W Saturn, 

cf Mars. ' |J|[ Uranus. 

Characters of tlie Signns of tlie Zckllac* 


1 ^ Aries, the Bam. # 

2 K Taurus, the Bull. 

8 11 Gemini, the Twins. 


4 s Cancer, the Crab. 

6 ri Leo, the Lion. 

6 HJ! Virgo, the Virgin. ^ 


7 tS: Libra, the Scales. 

8 ni Scorpio, the Scorpion. 

9 / Sagittarius, the Archer. 


TO l^ Gapricomus, the Goat 

11 ^ Aquarius, the Waterbearer. 

12 H Pisces, the Fishes. 


Commen^emeiit of tlie Seasons* 

Yemal Equinox — Spring begins, March 20th, 6b 27.9m Morning. 
Bummer Solstice — Summer 'begins, June 2l8t, 21i 47.6m Morning. 
Autumnal Equinox — Autumn begins, Sept. 22d, 5h 3.9ni Evening. 
Winter Solstice— Winter begins, Dec. 2lBt, lib 12.9m Morning. 

movable Festivals and Fasts of tbe Clivrcli. 

Feb. 13 


Septuagesima Sunday, 

Sexagesima Sunday, 

Quinquagesima — Shrove 

Sunday, Feb. 27 

Ash Wed.— Ist day of Lent^ Mar. % 

Quadragesima. — 1st Sun- 
day in Lent, Mar. 6 

Palm Sunday, April 10 

Good Friday, ** 15 

Eastkr Sunday, 
Low Sunday, 
Rogation Sunday, 
Ascension Day — Holy 

Pentecost — Whitsnn-day, 
Trinity Sunday, 
Corpus Christ!, 
Advent Sunday, 

April 17 

" 241 
May 22; 

May 26 
June 5 
Nov. 27 



In the year 1881 there will be two eclipses of the Sun, two of the 
Moon, aod a transit of Mercury. | 

T.— A partial Eclipse of the Sun, May 27th, invisible in New Hamp- 
shire but visible from the northern part of North America and Asia. | 
II. — A total Eclipse of the Moon, June 13tb, visible in New Hamp- 
shire, as follows : 

First contact with the shadow, June 13th, Oh 24.9m Morning. 
Middle of the eclipse, " ** 2h 7.6m ** 

I^ast contaet with the shadow, *' *' 3h 60.3ra 
Duration of total phase, 1 hour and 20 minutes. 
III. — An annular Eclipse of the Sun, Nov. 21st, invisible in New 
Hampshire, but visible from the southern parts of Sotilh America 
and Africa. 

IT. — A partial Eclipse of the Moon, Dec. 6th, invisible in New 

There will be a transit of Mercury across the Snn'^s disk, Nov. 7th, 
beginning about 46 minutes after the time of Sun-setting in New 





First Qaar. 7th day 3h 23.2in M . 
Foil Moon 15th day 6h 48.0in M. 

Last Qnar. 
New Moon 

23d day 4h 1.6in M. 
29th day 8h 2^m £. 

rifl« sets 

day I Sun 
rgth| south 




r. k s.|pl I 

ASPBOf 8, JkC. 




























































b m 
8 66 
8 57 
8 58 

8 59 



9 11 
9 20 
9 22 
9 26 
9 28 
9 37 
9 39 
9 42 
9 44 
9 47 

5 8)9 49 

m 8 

4 5 

5 28 

5 56 

6 21 

7 12 

7 87 

8 1 

8 48 

9 10 
9 32 

010 33 
010 51 
Oil 9 
Oil 27 
12 29 
12 42 

12 55 

13 7 
13 29 
13 38 
13 47 

22 57 
22 52 
22 46 
22 40 
22 32 
22 26 
22 17 
22 9 
22 1 
21 32 
21 22 
20 49 
20 37 
20 25 
19 59 
19 45 
19 31 
19 3 
18 48 
18 33 
18 17 
18 1 
17 46 
17 29 





3 54 



6 16 

7 3 

7 61 

8 40 

9 30 

10 19 

11 8 
11 55 


1 25 

2 7 

2 50 

3 82 

h m 
6 16 

35 :s 





6 46 

7 44 

8 46 

9 48 

10 60 

11 601 

1 40 

8 51|^ 

10 4'k 

11 14iK 

28 8 








6 23 

7 40 

in p«rigee. 

2nd Sun. at Christmas. 

<( crosses eq. North. 


C h 6 ( 9 in <^Pb. 

St. Lncian. 
Ist Sun. after Spiph. 
y. Mary horn 3986. 

(T dec. 230 40^ North. 
St. Hilary. 

[^ Apogee. 
^2 south 6h. 46m. eve. 
2nd Snn. all. ^;>iph. 
% south 6h. Dm. eve. 
St. Prisca. 
([ croRnes eqna. South. 
St. Fabian. 

^l south 6h. SSnik ete. 
St. Vincent. 
3d Sun. aft Eplph. 
% south 4h 36m. ere. 
Convei:sion of St, Paul. 
a dec. 230 42' S. 

C d* c5 [5 •«?• 6 
([ Perigee. 

4th Sun. aft. Spiph. - 
17 south 4h. 13m. eye. 



31 days. 

1 Saturday. 

2 Sunday. 

3 Hondaj. 

i 4 Tuesday. 

6 Wednesday. 


6 Thursday. 

7 Friday. 

■ '■■ 1 1* 

8 Satprday. 


9 Sundiiy. 

10 Monday. 

11 Taesd^^y. 

II I I ■! I I I ' I I I 

18 Wedneaday. 

18 Unirsday. 

14 Friday, 

15 Safeiirday. 

. ' . "M. - f 

16 Sunday. 


17 Monday. 


18 Tuesday. 



19 Wednesday. 

20 3:hiirscl«(y. 

' i I II I 

■ ' - - 

21 Friday. 


92 Saturday. " 

^an^y. " 

■**■■■•' ■ I - I T 

2i MosdayT 

26 Toefldiiy. 

26 Weclneaday. 

' ■ I' ' >i<i^.^ — ^. — . — ^^^. .._ ^ J ^ 

27 Thursday. 

88 Triday. 

28 JSatDzd^ 

<pv ouuuay. 

n Monday. 


5 Satord^ 

6 Simday. 

7 M<mday. 

8 Taesday. 

9 Wednesdax* 

10 Tlnindaj. 

11 IMday. 

13 Satnxdi^ 

18 Simday. 

U MondAf. 

IS Taesdftj.*' 

16 Wednesday. 



17 Tbiirsday. 

18 JM/itoj. 

19 SatDTdoT* 

20 SimdEtj. 

21 Honclay* 

22 Ttnesdaj. 

29 WedDMdiEiy. 

21 TlniTsday* 

25 Friday. 

2S SatoTctay. 

27 Sunday* 

28 Moi^7 

— . .-^ — , — 

■ifa»<**« < 1 1 « I 





fint QiiAr. Tth day 3h 16.2m E. | Last Qnar. 22d day lOh i3.6]n S. 
FnU Moon 15th day 6h 60.9 m £. | New Moon 29th day 6h 46.3m K. ' 

4 (rise sets 




































h m 

5 48 

6 4mi im 




























6 10 




6 15 


6 17 

6 18 


6 21 



6 25 

6 26 















h m 8 

012 26 
11 5 
10 50 
10 34 
1^ -2 
9 46 
8 2 
7 26 
7 8 
6 31 




c / 

6 11 
5 2 
3 51 

3 4 

1 5 



K 6 


2 4 
2 51 

4 1 





2 47 

3 37 


6 58 

7 46 

8 32 
f 18 

10 2 

10 45 

11 28 





1 47 

2 38 

4 29 
6 28 

6 27 

7 24 

8 20 



10 65 

11 45 

1 25 

h m 
7 40 

10 2 

11 8 








7 19 

8 27 
7 36 

10 45 

3 3211 61 



1 47 

2 Sdf^ 

3 12 

3 40 

4 16 
4 46 


7 40 

8 49 




St Darid. (St. Chad. 
Ash Wednssdi^— 

[ist day of Lent. 

7th, a dec. 23° 23' N. 
Quadragesima — 
[IM Bttnday In Lent. 

south 2h. 33m. ere. 

$ inf. c5 O 
St. tSregory. 
2d Sunday in Lent. 
11 south Ih. 59m. oto. 
d crosses eq. South, 
(f south Ob. JIttm. ahoni 
St. Patrick. 

(0 enters T Spring. 
3a Strnto In Lent. 

[St. BenVdictk 
d dec. 239 W South. 
^ stationary. 

( ( Perigee. 
A nnniK^flon. 
(9 gr. brilliancy. 
4th Sunday in Lent. 
C crosses eq. North. 
r$gr.heU.lM. Korth. 
If south lb. 10m. eye. 

<l%6 Ch6 



31 days. 

1 Taesday. 

9 Wednesday. 

3 Thursday. 

4 Friday. 

5 Saturday. 


31 days. 

6 Snndaj. 

7 Monday.- 

a Tuesday. 

9 WediMsday. 

10 ThTixsday. 

U ITriday. 

12 Saturday. 

IS Sunday. 

14 Monday. 

16 Tuesday. 

16 Wednesday. 

17 Thursday. 

18 Friday. 

IiSl memoranda fob mabch. li 

19 Satniday. 

ao Sunday. 

21 Mondfty. 

sa TaoedajT 

» WednMday. 

24 Thiursday. 

25 Friday. 

26 Saturday. 

27 Sundt^ 

28 Monday. 

29 Tueaday. 

80 Wednesday. 

81 Thursday. 


5 Tuesday. 

6 Wednesday. 

7 Thursday. 

8 Friday. 

9 Saturday. 

10 Sunday. 

11 Monday. 


12 Tuesday. 

13 Wednesday. 

U Thursday. 

15 Friday. 

16 Saturday. 

17 Sunday. 



30 days. 

18 Monday. 

19 Tuesday. 


20 Wednesday. 

21 Thursday. 

22 Friday. 

23 Saturday. 

2i Sunday. 

25 Monday. 


26 Tuesday. 


27 Wednesday. 

28 Thursday. 



29 Friday. 


30 Saturday. 





Pint Quar. 6th day 6h 68.3m M. I LMt Qoar. 20th day lOh BO.Om M , 
Full Moon 13th daj 5h 37.8m S. | New Moon 27th day 6h 49'.8m K 

rise sets 






r. As. 



















m h 









B4 33{7 
4 31 
4 28 
4 23 
4 21 
4 19 


























m s 
56 65 
66 48 
56 42 
66 36 
66 31 
66 26 
56 22 
66 18 
66 15 
66 9 
66 8 
66 9 
66 10 
56 16 
66 19 
56 23 
66 27 
66 32 

56 43 
66 49 

66 56 

67 4 

57 12 
67 20 
57 28 









































h m 
2 40 






h m 

10 28 

11 12 
11 60 


7 15 

7 68 

8 42 

9 29 

11 12 




6 46 

7 36 

8 23 

9 11 

10 60 

11 42 

1 23 

2 12 






2 67 

3 29 

8 31 

9 34 

10 27 

11 12 
11 49 



2 13 

2 44 

3 19 

8 22 

9 8 
9 48 

10 22 







2nd San. after Baster. 
1st, < dec 220 28^ N. 
Inv. of the Cross. 
H Apo. [9 inf. <50 


St. John STangelist. 

3d San. after Easter. 

d crosses eq. sonth. 

south llh 8m M. 
(f sonth 8h 42m M. 
1^ south llh Om mom 
Tj sonth lOh 48m. M. 
(d dec. 22<' 66^ South. 
4th Snn. after £«ster. 
C Perigee. 

«np. 6 

9 so. lOh 27m mom. 

St. Dunstan. 

^ in perihelion. 

C crosses eq. North. 

Rogation Sunday. 

(Ldd r 9 «»a. 

a 9 (5 (St. Austin. 
Ascension Day — 

[Holy Thursday. 
a dec. 22^ 66' North. 
Sun. after Ascension. 


[ North. 



31 days. 

1 SuDday. 

3 Monday. 

3 Taesday. 

4 Wednesday. 

6 Thursday. 


80 days. 

18 Monday. 

19 Tuesday. 

20 Wednesday. 

21 Thursday. 

22 Friday. 

28 Saturday. 

24 Sunday. 

25 Monday. 

26 Tuesday. 

27 Wednesday. 

28 Thursday. 

29 Friday. 

30 Saturday. 

W81. MAT. i«^| 

PHA8B8 or THX MOOH. 1 

Fint Qnar. 6th day 5h 68.3m M. Last Qnar. 20th day lOh fl0.9m K. 1 

Full Moon 13th day 5h 37.8in E. New Moon 27th day 6h 49.8m E. | 











rise sets 





r. As. 



h m fa m|h mi 

h m s 

o ' h ml 

h m 8i 



4 60 

7 4 

14 14 

1156 65 


2 40 

10 28 


2nd Sun. after Easter. 



4 49 

7 6 


1166 48 

15 34 

8 ae 

11 12 


1st, <[ dec. 22° 28' N. 



4 48 

7 6 


1166 42 

16 51 

4 19 

11 50 


Inv. of the Cross. 



4 46 

7 7 

14 21 

1156 36 

16 9 

5 5 



H Apo. [9 inf. (50 




7 8 

14 24 

11 66 .31 

16 26 

6 60 






7 9 

14 26 

1166 26 

16 48 

6 S3 


1 16 OB 

St. John Erangelist. 



4 42 

7 11 

14 28 

11 66 22 

16 69 

7 15 

3d Sun. after Easter. 



4 41 

7 12 

14 31 

1166 18 

17 15 

7 68 

1 40 





7 13 

14 33 


17 31 

8 42 

2 4 

r d crosses eq. south. 
9 south 11 h 8m M. 





14 35 


17 47 

9 29 

2 30 





7 15 

14 38 


18 2 

10 19 



(f south 8h 42in M. 



7 16 

14 40 



11 12 

3 29 


11 south llh Om mom 



4 35 

7 17 

14 43 

1156 9 

18 32 




ll south lOh 48m. H. 




7 19 

14 45 

1156 8 

18 47 


8 31 


(d dec. 22^56' South. 




7 20 

14 47 

1156 9 

19 1 

1 10 

9 34 


4th Sun. after Easter. 




7 21 

14 49 

11 56 10 


2 11 

10 27 


C P«rig«e. 



4 30 

7 22 

14 61 


19 28 

3 12 

11 12 


^ sup. (5 



4 29 

7 23 

14 53 


19 41 

4 11 

11 49 

9 so. lOh 27m mom. 




7 24 

14 55 

11 56 16 

19 64 

6 6 



St. Dunstan. 



4 27 

7 25 

14 57 

1156 19 

20 7 

5 68 



^ In perihelion. 




7 26 

14 69 

11 56 23 20 19| 




C crosses eq. North. 



4 26 

7 27 

16 1 

1156 27 

20 80 

7 36 

1 17 


Rogation Sunday. 




7 28 

16 3 

1166 82 

20 42 

8 23 

1 44 


Ccf6 r9«ta. 




7 29 

16 6 


20 58 

9 11 

2 13 


x'dhcS [iinU 




7 SO 

15 7 

1] 56 43 

21 4i 


2 44 


(19 6 (St. lustln. 



4 23 

7 31 

15 9 

1156 49 


10 60 

3 19 


Ascension Day — 




7 32 

16 10 

1156 56 


11 42 



[Holy Thursday. 
(I dec. 22fi 56' North. 



4 21 

7 33 


1157 4 



8 22 




4 20 

7 34 

15 13 

11 57 12 


1 23 

9 8 


Sun. after Ascension. 

30 2 


7 35 

15 16 

1167 20 


2 12 

9 48 



31 3 

4 19 

7 36 

15 16 

11 57 28 

22 1 3 

10 22 


[ North. 


31. MUfORANDA FOB VAT. 31 days. 

L Sunday. 

2 Monday. 

3 Tuesday. 

4 Wednesday. 

5 Thursday. 

W MEMOBAyA gOB MAY. 31 days. 

6 Friday. 

7 Saturdajr; 


I . I t _ ] ■ I L —— i^yiT^f *i^— ^^^^^^^— 

8 SUI&<U(^. 

9 Monday. 

10 Taea^^ 


11 WedDOsday. 


12 • Thursday it 


15 frlday 

U Saturday. 

1/$ Sunday. 

16 Monday. 

17 Taosday. 

18 Wednesday. 


19 TIiuris<Ifty. ~ 

90 Fzidar< 

~il SaCurdicr* 

U fittttday. 

« MotiAiy. 

k Tuesday. 

M Wedne^dl^. 



2t Friday. 

I ■ .. ,i 

i0 Saturday. 

98 Sunday, 

M Monday. 



5 Sunday. 

6 Monday. 

7 Tnettday. 

8 Wednesday 

9 Thursday. 

10 Friday. 

11 Saturday. 

12 Sunday. 

13 Monday. 

14 Tuesday. 

15 Wednesday. 

16 Thursday. 

17 Friday^ 

20 MEMOBAKDA FOS JUXB. 80 days. 

IS Satur d a y . 

1Q flllTfc rf^^^* 

20 M o nda y. 

21 Tuesday. 

23 Wednesday^ 

23 Thursday* 

24 Friday. 

25 Saturday. 

26 SuntoyT 

27 Monday. 

28' Tuesday. 

29 Wednesday. 

30 Thursday. 






First Quar. 4th day Oh SO^m E. I Laat Qnar. 18th day Oh 47^m M. 
Fall Moon llth day 9h 27.4in M. New Moon 26th day Oh 83.3m M. 

rise sets 


Sun tSan] <[ I <( |C 
sonth Idec'njson. |r. ft s.jpl 




































4 37 
4 39i7 
4 41 



4 4) 
























h m 
16 27 
16 260 
16 26 
16 25 
16 24 
16 23 
16 22 
16 21 
16 19 
16 18 

16 14 
16 13 
















14 69 
14 67 
14 63 
14 51 
14 48 
14 46|0 
14 44 
14 42 
14 40 

o ' h m h m 

23 6 8 60 10 10 ^ 

l| 4 81 16 88 HI 

6 1410 59 

6 6911 26 

6 4611 66 

^122 894 7 3&ffiQin 

m R 
3 38 






6 13 

6 7 


8 84 

9 34 

10 36 

11 39 









9 15 
10 6 



11 39 

1 7 

2 SO 

3 12 
3 66 


10 19 
10 49 


9 3 
9 28 

( <( croases eq. South, 
▼is. ▼trsJQ MttT. 
3d 8. aftrtrT)rfnity. 

[ Q sta. in aphel. 
9 sonth 8h 62m mom. 

% sontli A Tmaom. 
>2 south 7h 30m mom. 
a dec. 22° 66' South. 
4th 8. after Trinity, 
d Fertg^. 
9 elong. 46° 38^ W. 
^ Bonth 7h 28m. mom. 
( <[ crosses eq. North. 
St. 8wlthin. 

6th 8. aft. Trinity. 

( 9 gr. heli. lat. South. 

Ch6 i^'Ud <L(f6 

St. MavgaMt. ^ 
a dec. 22° 63' N. 


St. James. 

C apogee. 

9 stationary! 

ijf se..6h68mi«ori^ 

<[ crosses eq. ffoulJi. 

1% south 6h 9m mom. 

7th Sun. after Trinity 



SI dftJS. 

1 Friday. 

2 Saturday. 

V OuBCny* 

4 Monday. 

6 Tuesday. 

im ummvm ft t 


{22 MEM0EA2n>A FOB JULY. 31 days. 

6 Wednesday. "^ 

7 Thursday* 

8 Friday. 

9 Batnrday. 

10 Sunday. 

11 Monday. 

1 1 ' 

12 Taeoday. 

IS Wednesday 

*■>*»•■ A ll" I *W^^^^iB^^^^— — ■— »■ 

U Thursday 

16 Friday; 

16 SatDTday 

17 Sunday. 

18 Monday. 



20 Wednesday. 

21 Thursday. 

23 IViday. 

23 Saturday. 

24 Sunday. 

25 Monday. 

26 Tuesday. 

27 Wednesdaj- 

28 Thursday. 

29 Friday. 

80 Saturday. 

31 Sundi^. 

.11 ■ 






Fint Qiiar. Znd day llh 66.6111 S. j Last Qvar. 16th day Ob UJbm S. 
Full Moon 9th day 4h 21.0m £. New Moob 24th day Sb 59.4in B. 

01 o 

Snik I day 
rise seta jl^gth 




I < 
. \r.k s. 













4 5417 ITjU 


















07 sn 

5 47 








h m 

7 25 

7 23 


7 18 


7 15 
7 14 
7 12 
7 11 




316 617 818 


6 58 
6 67 
6 52 

5 1616 40tlS 

6 47 






14 37 
14 85 
14 82 

14 27 
14 26 

14 20 
14 17 
14 12 





13 66 

13 60 
13 48 
18 45 
13 42 
13 89 
13 86 

13 31 
13 28 


13 19 
18 16 







m I 
6 4 

8 46 

2 61 
2 36 
2 21 
2 5 








o / 
















































8 18 



n 201 





2 57 
8 47 
4 38 

6 21 

7 11 

8 1 

8 501 

9 37 

10 22 

11 6 
11 48 

1 12 

1 54 

2 40 
8 27 
4 17 
6 11 



10 30 

11 68 



2 4 

3 19 




8 26 

8 50 

9 22 
9 68 

10 89 

11 24 


2 7 

3 6 

4 5 

6 44 





8 32 

9 9 





9 south 8h 57m morn 
cf «>.Tb.{?w,inom. 

0h 6 

a 4eo. 220 47' S. 

Transfi gu ration. 

8th Snn. |itt. Trinity 

9 south Oh.lm. morn 

C Perigee. 

St. Lawrence. 

([ crosses eq. V. 


cf south 6h 50m morn 

9th Snn. an. Trinity. 


CnA [Chc5 

Q'UQ <l^6 

C dec. 22043' North. 

"il south 6h 41m mom 

10th fi. after Trinity. 
<[ Apogee. 

St. Bartholomew. 
^2 stationary, 
4, crosses eq. South. 
(St. Augustine. 
11th Sun. after Trin. 
Johu Bap. beheaded. 
fl sooth 4h 9m morn 
§ sup. c5 


lU]i(HlAin>A rOB AU9V8T. 

31 days 

1 Monday. 

2 Tuesday. 

3 Wednesday. 

4 Thursday. 

6 Friday. 


6 Saturday. 

7 Sunday. 


K) Wedneadaj. 

II Thoraday. 

12 Tiiday. 

18 Saturday. 

U Sunday. 

10 Monday. 

16 Tuesday. 

17 Wednesday. 

18 Thursday. 

— ■■ ■*— pi 


i9~Friday. '. 

20 Saturday. 

21 Sunday. 

23 Monday. 

28 Tuesday. 

24 Wednesday. 

25 Thursday. 

26 Friday. 

27 Saturday. 

28 Sunday. 

29 Monday. 

30 Tuesday. 

31 Wednesday^ 


38 MBMOBAMU. FOa fiSXP9:£MBER. 80 days. 

5 Monday. 

6 Ti;^sc|4y. 

7 Wednesday, 

9 Thnwd^y- 

$ Sbriday. 

ip jSfKtiiTdliy. 

U Simctay. 

12 Monday. 

II. ■■■ ; - T ■ ,1 J II ■ \ " ' ■Pll | L J I I I I I 

in I I'l » ir ~-^''f 

\ I . 

I ' ■ ■ I . W4 ■■ I ii -rt ' 11 . ' ' 1 ' " ■ * ■ I 

I I ' 

»■— ^— »■; "^ . — <■■— ^1 I |i III - > | . 

-»~-<»»"^^^— (*— ^^"^^^^■^WW-"'*^ ^ ■ Bill • • I 1 > 

la Tlfel^jLU^y. 

M Wednesday. 

15 ThnTBday. 

a9 Je^nnMsk^m 

n satnifdfty. 

. 1 -a) L^-B Bgi 


18 SnnQBy. 

1^*— ^M^lt I H H-^^l»— dt«<«^ 

19 Mdlia^. 

9ft TMBd^gr. 


' - - 

■ !■ I » I I 11 til I ti » ^„ti^^mm^^Utt,^^,^td^m^tmmAitmm^^,.^^^Mm-.^i. 

I ■ I ■ ■ I I, I I II L^j^i,^^ 

82 Thmndi^ 

IS rrtdHf . 

24 Satoxday. 

« I 

■ -^ - ■' — A. . . ■ .- ■ - f , ■■ . ■ 

I ■ ■ ii>r iiai 

25 Sunday^ 

96 Monday. 


Ui<— yui I 1 1 >^i^,^^^i.j^ 

28 Wednesday. 

29 Thursday. 

30 Friday. 


6 Thursday. 

7 Friday. 

8 Saturday. 

9 Sunday. 

10 Monday. 

11 Tuesday. 

12 Wednesday. 

13 Thursday. 

14 Friday. 

15 SatnTd:iy. 

16 Sunday. 

17 Monday. 

18 Tuesday. 



19 Wednesday. '' 

ao Thursday. 

a Frl<]ay. 

23 Saturday. 

*2S Sunday. 

M MoodayT 

25 Tuesday. 

26 Wednesday. 

37 Thursday. 

38 Friday. 

2D Saturday. 

80 Sunday. 

31 Monday. 





Foil Moon 5th day 9h IT.lui £. | New Moon 2l8t day 7h 35.4m M. 
Ust Qoar. 13th day 6h 15.3m B. | Fi rst Quar. 28th day 7h 15.6m M. 

w~r ~ = = = — 

rise sets 






ABPion, fta 


















h m 
1 50 
4 47 
4 46 
47 4 41 
49 4 39 
514 37 
52 4 36 
54 4 35 

57 4 33 

58 4 32 

59 4 31 
7 4 26 
84 26 

10 4 25 
114 25 
12 4 24 
134 24 

14 4 23 

15 4 23 

h m 


10 9 

10 6 

10 4 

10 1 

9 58 

9 56 




9 46 

9 4^11 

9 41 
9 39 
9 36 
9 32 
9 30 
9 23 
9 21 
9 18 
9 14 
9 10 
9 9 
9 7 



m 8 
43 43 
43 42 
43 42 
43 43 
43 45 
43 48 
43 51 

43 55 

44 7 
44 21 
44 30 
44 40 

44 50 

45 1 
45 13 
45 26 
45 40 

45 55 

46 2i 

46 44 

47 2 
47 20 
47 39 

47 59 

48 20 

48 41 

49 3 









h m 

8 201 

9 11 
10 1 

10 53 

11 46 




3 17 

4 6 


6 18 


7 42 

8 25 

9 10 
9 59 

10 51 

11 46 

1 44 

2 43 

3 40 



6 17 

7 7 
7 56 

h ro 

1 24 

2 37 

3 49 
6 11 


5 50 

6 42 

7 37 

8 37 

9 35 

10 35 

11 34 







3 39|:ii:l 




5 25 

6 28 

7 36 

8 49 

10 3 

11 15 


1 37 






AD Saints. QVi S 
All Souls. 

Ist, <( crgnoi eq. N. 
1^ south Oh 28m m^rn 

2l8t S. after Trinity. 
Transit of li^rcnry. 
a dec. 22° 6' N. 

St. Martin. 

(4{ Atiogee. 

22d S. after Trinity. 

C crosses eq. S. 

^ stfitlonary. 

(f stationary. 

^ south Oh 47m mom . 

(196 (<[$6 

2dd Sun. after Trinity 
(C dec. 22° S' Sou til. 

St. Cecilia. 

St. Clement. 

$ elon. 19° 62' W. 

St. GiUtharine. 

[C Perigee. 

Advent Sunday. 

IJ. so. lOh. 36m. eve. 

([ crosses eq. North. 

St. Andrew. 


30 days. 

I Tuesday.. 

— - - 

2 Wednesday. 

3 Thursday. 

4 Friday. 



6 SatuTtlay. 

6 Sunday. 

7 Monday. 

8 Tnesday. 

9 Wednesday. 

10 ThnzBday. 

11 Friday. 

18 Saturday. 

18 Sunday. 

U Monday. 

16 TneBday. 

16 Wednesday. 

17 Thursday. 



18 Friday. 


19 Saturday. 

90 Sunday. \ 

21 Monday. 

32 Tuesday. 

23 Wednesday. 

U TliuTsday. 

25 Friday. 

26 Saturday. 

27 Sunday. 

28 Monday. 

29 Tuesday. . 

30 Wednesday. 



6 Tuesday. 

7 Wednesday. 


8 Thursday. 

9 Friday. 

10 Saturday. 

11 Sunday. 

12 Monday. 


13 Tuesday. 

U Wednesday. 


15 Thursday. 

16 Friday. 

17 Saturday. 

18 Sunday. 


19 Monday. 

20 Tuesday. 

21 Wednesday. 

32 Thursday. 

2S Friday. 

24 Saturday. 

26 Sunday. 

26 Monday. 

27 Tuesday. 

28 Wednesday. 

29 Thursday. 

90 Friday. 

fl Saturday. 


Alpliabetioally' Arrans^d* 


k. The BaBtes of all tKe Towns aad all the Pott Ofllces in tht State 
eftxpt those which hare Nordt^ Basti Sondi, West or CeoCer prefixed to 
dM names <^ die towns of which ther are a pait, are hers ajphahrt- 
icalty arranged. 

a. For Tillages above excepted, look oader die name of dke town. 
Bat East Kingston, North Hampton, South Hampton, Soudi Newmark- 
et, and Westmoreiauid are iowru. 

). After die name of each town, jfou find Ae name of die eammfy in 
which it is located, the population in x88o, the directioB and distuice 
|iom Concord and from the Shire town of the conntr, the way^ of reach- 
"'g it hj rail, the town officers and the professional and bnsmess men, 
— iged under diflerent heads, as neulr alphabedcaBf as u convcn- 
some regard being had to economy m space. 
Merchants are supposed to keep a general assortment, and phyai- 
to be ** old school unless edierwise specified. 
AH these items are referred every year, usually b e t w ee n Aug. i, 
— ^^ I>ec. X, to die Town Clerks, Postmasters or other prominent men 
fthe seyetal Xtana and villages for correction. 

6. We camesdr solicit corrections from all odier persons who may 
otioe things which they know to be errors. 

7. Of course changes are made, in March, of Town Officers, and 
wher chan^ are constandy occurring, so that one need not exftect to 
find tins Directory absolutdy correct xLl the year round, but use it with 
thit understanding and you will find it Tcxy valuable . 


ACWORTHU iSreTLX/TiliV— Pop.,98S. W. fr. CSO; B.^from 
Newport, 14. R. R. A^Oharlestown, 8 m., on 0. T. R. &. and New- 
port, on C. A C. E. R.; Daily stage to Gharlestown; daily stage tt. So. 
Acworth to Newport 15 m., also to Bellows Falls, TL, 12 m. 

OFFIGBRS— C^Je, William Brooks; 2V«a«., John Graham; i97ecl> 
mcM, H. N. Hay ward, Oeo. W. Lathrop, Qeo. W. Boss; Sicpf., Carl A. 

Postniastara— Waiiam Brooks; Eaait Mrs. B. Boss; £butfc, D. A. 

iostlees— J. B. Blehardson, J. H. Dickey, J. A Wood, 0. K. Brooks, 
0. A. Terrill, StaU: J. M Reed, J. Y. Davis, D. 0. Oeorge, J. H. Clark, 
Geo. A Dodge, O. W. Buss. 

Church— Oong., A. H. Johnson. PhysleUn— 0. A. Allen. 

Hanufketurers — EaU^ handles, boxes and lumber, J. M. Beed; 
lumber, J. H. Boynton, Kemp Bros. 

Merehant— William Brooks. 

8«iitli--iZ. R. A— Gold Riv., 11 m., on Cheshire B. R., and New. 
port, 15 m^ ou G. k G. R. R. Hotel— S. A. Reed. 

Churches— Bap., ; Heth., J- Trow. 

Manufacturers — ^lumber, F. F. Hawkins; meal and lumber, R. 8. 
Morrison; patent road scrapers, J. Leavltt Mc Keen; shoe pegs, C. B. 
Gemmings A Son; tin ware and sap bueket covers, T. B. Hay ward; 
woolens, Chas. Haskell. 



-MjMTCliailtSK-J- B. Richardaon, D. C. Getaige;. ftnctionefr, J, A. 
Wood ; millinery, Mrs. T. B. Hayward. 

ALBANY, CAJiJiOJ[,JL^VQi^., 36J. N. B. fr. C^74; N. fr. Os- 
Bipee, 27. JB. M. S.— Conway, lU ni., uu Eaetern B. A. Tri-weekly 
stage to West Ossipee. " " " 

OFFICERS— Cierilr. J, B. Parri^h ; Treat., I^tM Hqrley ; Selectmen^ 
J. S. Lewis, J. N. Piper, H. C. Burbauk; Stu)t., Sirs. Angie Mason. 

Postmaster— -CAocofKo, AWafa Black*y. Chureb— F. Bap*, T.'Brown 

Justices-^. R. Parrieh, G. W. Purldgton^ B. 8. Kent. 

Hotels -^Shackl'ord Hoaa«, J. M. 8hack6>r4» Prop.; Trout Dale 
House, Mrs. L. M. Bragdon, prop. 

Manafticturers^hitnber, J. OooglMB^ AU«d & Wamn, A. Muulton, 
James Moore. 

I Mechanics — blacksmithsr, J. M. Shackford: carpenters, J. B. Par- 
jrish, H. B. Baatmao, J. N. Piper; coopers, T. k M. Brown; shoemak- 
er, A. Blackej. 

Alder Brook— fiee Betblebeai. 

A lj£X AN DBI A9 OBA FTOy—Vap., 832. N. B. fr. 0, 34. 8. W. 
fr. PlymcMitb* IS. B, M. £L— Bri8V)L on Br. Br. B. B. Daily stage. 

OFFICERS— C7€r*,.0. 8. Gale; Trta9.y G. A. Bullock; Selectmen, 
S. B. 8l0eper..J. W< Snunders, H. F. Tilton ; Supt.^ 0. M. Plumer. 

Postmaster— Horace Saunders, Exp. Aa*t— L. L. Batloclv. 

Justices^H. J. Welton, 8taU; O. 8. Gale, W. F. Simonda, S. B 
Sleei)cr, D. B . Pluiper, Harvey Locke, A. F.CUexiey, F. C. FenriB» 

Church — Union, David Calley. Merchant-^Horace Saunders. 

Manu&cturers-^lnmber, 8. 8. fatten, T. T. Drake,Cr. P. Berry, £. 
T. Hutchins, W. H. SaubOrn, J. W. gaundera, Q. H. Berry. 

Meohanies-^bliicksmiths, Charles Parsons, L. A 0. 8. Gale; car- 
penters, Harvey Locke, John Patten, H. J. Welton, 8. Kirk. 

ai«l.i:nstown, MEHRTMAC^Fop., ITOS. S. B. fr. C, 7. 
JR. R. tS.-^Allenstown & Suncook, on Sun. Yal. R. R. 

OFFICERS— C/erJk and Treas., C. F. Hildreth : Selectmen, S. B. Cof- 
ran, E. H. Holt, C. N. Fowler; Supt., C. B. Hildreth. 

Postmaster— B. J. Kendall. 

Justteee— H. H. Hartwell, Wm. Hamltine, 0. F. Hildi-etb, D. L. 
Jewell, J. B. HaeeMoD, State; G.B. Hildreth. H. B. Bmery, 8.B. Cofran 

Churche»^-JM[eth., H. H. Hartwell ; B. C^th., N. Hardy. 

Exp. Ag'tS^Harvey Dennlsou, Wairen Martin. 

Lawyers— John B. Hazelton, C. B. Hildreth. 

Manufacturers— brick, P. '& W. Sargent, Jabez Green ; cigars, C. 
H. Noyee ; cottons, China MannrK Co., D. L.Jewell, ag't ; liiiMber, A 
N. Os^iiood : lumber and wood, S. B. Cufran. 

Mechanicli— carpenters, R. B^«rn, K. D. Stuart, F. BatcUelder, 
Joiepli BelSah; hair dresser, E. O'Brien; painters, John LittlefielU, 

Merchants— books and statiduery, G. H. Noyes; boots aad s^oes, 
Joseph Lacasse; cIothinpTt BichardsoB A Co; dry gooda, MivHle 4s Go.; 
drugs and medicines, 0. F. Hildreth ; ftimiture, stoves and tin ware, 
C. P. Morse ; groceries, Bartlett ft Cofran, J. Sawyer ft Co,: hardware, 
WliUftma ft Hosmer. — , , , 

Physicians— C. F. Hildreth, L. Talbot. 

A L.STEAD9 CHESHIEE^Tep., ^1037. 8. W. ftom 0., W. N 
fr. Keene, 16. R. R. S.— Cold Biver, on Cheshire B. B. 

OFFICERS— CZcrt, F.J. Marvin; Trea$„ E. A. Turner; Selectmen, 
£ A. Huntley, Russell Tinker, G. S. Egerton; Supt., Geo. A. Mayo ; 


I Postmasters — ▲.B. Emerson; CenUr,1SMrj Shcpurd} Mmd, 8. U 

Justices— Bolivar LoTell, Chai. B. Ck>oke» A. Oilmor«b X. M. Bmith. 
StaU ; Tiiuo. Tufts, A. & Tbnrstou, J. A. Brown; 0. A. Majo, H. A. 

I Churches — Gons: ^ Oeo. T. Ghapia ; Voir,, L. f . Fortney ; Meutj 
|Coqg., G. B. Bicbardson. 

Exp. Ag*t— F. P. Hantley. Hotel— Homphrey Bovso, F. J. Bnrge 

Lawyers — BoliTar Loyell, B. M. Smith. 

UYery Stables— B. J. Bmge, d. G. Anderson. . 

Manufacturers— cider and cider Tinegar, Chaa. 8. Bgerton : edge 
XoclU, Q. A. Brooks ; flour and meal, F. W. Moarsf ; iron ware, plows,] 
etc., G. £. Cooke ;nnmber. J. P. ^PorrisUl, O. G. Bank^ John Holmes, 
a. G. Anderson; paper (straw and wrapping) and lc«th«r boards, 
Prentiss A Co.; plows, (new model) G. VL. Lnfkin ; pumps, S. Morrison ; 
BtoTcaaad tin ware, H. S. Weeks; East, rakes, B. P. Kidder; acytbe' 
'nibs and pail liandies, W. H. Messer; scytlie sticks, Lewis DemerseJ 
I Meehanies A Artisans— blacksmiths, H. U Bice, II. P. Ware, B. &{ 
IBobbina, Wm. CheeTer ; East^ H. B. Taylor; carpenters, H« D. Dickey, 
;Q. V. B. Watts, J. B. Wood, G.C. Webster, W. H. Howard, Jr.; East, 
0. H. Barronghs, B. P. Barroaghs, S. Morrison; cooper. Peletisb 
Clarke; harness makers, Samuel Powers, A. P« Gnifes; hair dreearr, 
J. R. Prentiss ; painters, J. Byder, S. 0. Ball, B. 0. HarTin, A. H. ty- 
der; photographer, Ellen Howard; printer, C. S. Egerton; wheel 
;wright,a 8. Angler, HL P. March; ±<ut, J>. F. Brown : wool carding, 
W. 8. Cady. 

Merchants— H. A. LoTell, Timothy Tnfts, B. A. HnoUey ; boots 
and shoes, H. B. Bandall, Wm. Howard ; drugs and medicines, G. K. 
Vilas; fancy goods, jewelry, etc., B. P. Kingsbury; meat, Henry 
Moore; picture frames and Taney goods, L. F. Fortney; statiunery, 
coolectionery, fruits, nuts, tobacco, cigars, etc., A. B. Emerson ; 
pianos and organs, A. K. Emerson ; Tariaty store, school books, etc., 
B. H. Fisher. 

Physicians — 8- T. Smith ; clairroyant, Cbas. Shepard. 

ALTON, BELKHAP—Pop^ 1477.* N. & from C, 28; B. fr. Lar 
'conia, 2</m. JS. B. &— Alton snd Alton Bay, on Dover and Winne- 
piseogee B. B. GuuTeyance to Gilmanton Iron W^orks daily. 
I OFFICEBS— Cferl;, J. W. Curder ; Treag., A. H. Sawyer ; Sdectmm, 
'a. L. Bollius, Morrison Bennett, J. £. Smith : SupL, H. J. MutOi 

Postmasters — ^A. H. Sawyer ; Ba^, C. P. Emerson ; Wiut^ J. Sleeper. 

Justices — A. L. Kollins, J. B. Smith, G. D. Savage. Charles Hayes, 
J. W. Currier, State; Jas. £. Berry, A H. Sawyer, 0. J. M. Gilman. 

Churches— Advent, Harmon ; EasU Pettigrew ; Cong., F. 

D. Chandler ; F. Bap., £. P. Meulton ; Easty C. M. Emery. 

I Exp. Ag'tS— G. Tilton ; Ba^, J. M. French, also Tel. JgX 

I Hotels — Winnepiseugee, A. O. Phillips A Co.; Goeheco^ Geo. F. 

Savage; Fifield, J. H. Fifield. 

; Lawyer— J. W. Currier. Physician— P. H. Wheeler. 

I Livery Stables— A. 0. Phillips & Co., Geo. F. Savage, J. H. Fifleld. 

I Manuacturers— lumber, I. Wentworth, J. Woodman; shoe boxes, 

L. Woodman. 

Mechanics A Artisans—blacksmiths, H. F. Huszey, Gray A Huid, 
T. C. Dexter; carjiienters, A. P. Hanson, T. Berry, C. W, Titcomb; 
hair dresser, G. S. Bas^ett; painters, H. C. Avery, 0. Freeman ; shoe- 
maker, Enoch Home: tailors, J. K. Boyiiton, Hiram Dlcy; wheul- 
wrights, D. P. Evans, A. Chamberlain. 


MerehailtS~-Mooa«y k Ysrney, Joaee M Sawyer, H. L Nate, G. K ' 
Sollint ; Bajft 0. P. Bmeraoa, G. a. Downing k Co. 

AHHeBST. HlLLSBOBOUQff-'Pop., 12IS. 8. ft*. G., SO., N. 
W. fr. Kachaa, 10. Jl. B. &— Amhertt on Nashu Sb Wilton B. B., 3 
m. coach to>nd fr. all trains. 

OFFIGBRS— CZsrft, A. A. Roteh ; Treat., B. T. Knifcfat : Sdedmen 
D. W. Trow, Mark Putnam, William Pratt ; SupU., B. J. Upton, O. Xant- 
abrook ; ^genC, O. W. Osgood. 

Postmaster— W. O. Forsaith. Tel. Ag't—B. Aiken. . 

Justices— Ohas. Richardson, Perley Dodge, A. A. Rotoh, Stai« ; B. O. 
Glark. J. B. Fay, A. 8. WUkinSf J. O. Polsifer. 

Churches— Bap., Qorham Bastabrook ; Gong., W. D. Leiand ; Meth., 
Jas. Noyes. Lawyer— Perley Dodge. 

Exp. A0't— W. R. Glark. Ins. Ag't— Ghas. Richardson. 

Hotel— Amherst House, J. G. Fay. 

Manuftieturers — ^floar and meal, J. P. Nonrse, Gyms Grois ; kits , 
Gyras Gross ; picture frames and axe helves, G. 8. Parker. 

Mechanics & Artisans— blacksmiths, Geo. Walker, Gilbert Small, 
J.F.Osgood, jr., carpenters, B. R. Burtt, B. K. Bartt, F. P. Phelpa; 
masons, X. Smith, James Oochran; printers, X. D. Boylston. A. A. 
Rotch. I 

VerchantS— S. X. Woodbnry ; anctioneer, J. O. Haseltiae; broker,' 

A. A. Rotch ; groceries, W. B. Fbrsaith, A. F. Sawyer ; meat. Walker 
A Son ; stores and tin ware, J. B. Fay. 

Physicians— W. H. Dinsmore, Horatio Mclntire, Xdward Aiken. 

AnaoalceAff'— See Manchester. 

Alf DOVBR^ jrJffJZJt/iTil Cit— Pop., 1204. N. W. fr. 0. 8S. B. 

B. iSl- We^t And., Potter Place, And. Gen., and B. And., on N. B. R. 
0FFIGBR3— CVerifc, H. M. B44 worth; Treat, 0. B. Weymonth; 

BefeetMen, H. W. KUbum, Geo* J. Swett, F. R. Hamilton ; Bnpt., G. W. 
Stone. I 

Postmasters— WJ9.QQimby;lf%«e, W.B. Melendy; Bad, G. O. Porare.' 

Justices— J. W. Kenniston, G. O. Perare, F. W. Proctor. G. H. Mor> 
rill, J. IL Shirley, G. B. Garr, Wm. B . Melendy. J. F. Bmery, Johuf 
Proctor, G. M. Glay, H. W. Kilbarn, iSbifo ; J. D. Philbriek, H. A. Wey- 
moutti, S. M. BUis, Glark Dargin. A. G. Fifleld, G. W. Stone, J. E 

Churches— BbiC, Gone:, Howard Moody ; F. Bap., J. G. Mnnsey. 

Ex. k Tel. Ag*tS— ITeft, Dan Sheehan ; Aut, F. P. Morse. 

Manufacturers- hosiery. Baa, H. M. Biisiel, Highland ManT Co.; 
hnbs, OiUeytvitU, G. J. White ; lasts, John Wadleigh ; lumber, OilUys- 
ville, Diinitd Downes. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, OilUgnUle, B. B. Hnbbard, J. R. Bates ; 
&Mt, Teaton k Son ; carpenter. Bast, J. B. Wadleifdi ; coopers, East, 
William Annis, B. G. Ghase ; dressmaker. West, Mrs. R. N. Measer , 
painters, W. H. Grey; (carriage and sign) GilUjfttiUe, W. L. Perkine ; 
wheelwright, CUUysvUU, J. F. Keaerson. j 

Merchants— TTm^ Taylor k Babbitt, Melendy k Bmerson; Bast,\ 
G.G. Peyare, G.W. Gole; dUej/sviUe, B. Loverin, Fellows k Davie ;' 
anctioneer, OiUejfmritU, G. J. White ; drngs, and medicines. East, C. W. 
Bartlett ; floar and meal, CSUsysvUle, Daniel Downes ; groceries, pat- 
ent medicines, ete.. Bait, Glark Dnrgin. 

Physicians— H. A. Weyworth ; dentist. Bad, J..W. Preston. 

Center— Church— Unit, — 

Hotel & Livery Stables— John Proctor, W. D. Thompson, ag't. 

Lawyers— John M. Shirlejr. G. X. Garr, F. W. Proctor. 


Literary Institution— Proctor Academy, , pria. 

lUnufaeturers— clothe* drieiB, Samoel Morrill ; baoMf and Md- 
dle trees, Baker,;CaiT k Go. 

Meehanics— blackemith, A. W. Baker: oarpenton, W. D. Wood- 
1>iiry, A. &. Hamilton; hairdreaBer, Carlton Hall: maaona, D. M. 
p^^ Bepj. Merrill, C. G. Monlton ; printer, J. T. Woodbury ; tlioe-. 
jmaker, J. S. Tackor; atone cattert, John Boiwdi, Lyman Currier. 
IllereliantS— (Inimby 3t Weymonth ; anetioneer, atUfftvOU, O. J., 
White ; drags and medicines, G. W. Bartlett ; jaoceries, V. X. Baker : 
imeat, A. O. Fifield; stoves and tinware, J. H. Brown; whips and 
potatoea, R. K. Meseer. 

P*tt«r Place— Postmaster, Ex. k Tel. AaH— T. P. CkMs. 

Hotel ft Livery SUble-^. G. Morrison. 

Mechanics — ^blacksmiths, Jesse Baker ; dress maker. Mm Ira Bar 
ney ; harness maker, CillejfMvilU^ R. M. Oregg. 

UAMTitini, niLLSBOBOVGff—Pop,, 1171. 8. W. fr. C., 80: 
uicheftter, 80, Nashua, 33. B. fi.&— Antrim, on HUlsboro* and 
•Peterboro BL R. — an'extension of Gontoooook Yalley R. R. Oreeofield 
|8 m., on Mashna and Wilton R. R. Stage to GreeoHeld twioe dally. 
V%ay stage from, Greenfield to North Branch. 

i 09FICRRS— CTerX:, G. B. Dfidge; TVeos., J. G. Abbott: Beketmen, 
&. B. Sawyer, C. W. Kelsea, X. G. i^ige ; Siipi^ I. 6. Antolne; Bnptr- 
pt«or»,J. W. Perkins, 1>. H. Goodell, B. GampbelL 

Postmasters— B. D. Patney ; North Branchy Almns Pairiidd. 

Justices— D. H. Goodell, N. G. Jameson, Morris Christie, Joslah 
LoTeren, C. B. Dodge, Aliuns Fairfield, G. F. Holt, 8. W. Holman. A. 
,a. Ingham, '8taU , B. D. Putney, Imla Wright, W. N. Tattle, W. R. 
Gsrr, A. A. Miller, R. P. Whittemore, B. W. Baker, F. 0. Cleme:it. 
I Churches— Bap., H. F. Brown ; Meth., G. M. Carl ; Pres., W. R 
Cochran. Lawyers— Holman A Boston. 

Exp. Ag*tS— U. S. A G. Bx. Go.,'^. P. Whittemore; Morrill A Co., 

K. P. Woodbary. Station Ag*t— A. A. Ingram. 

Hotel— Garter Honse, Ghas. H. Garter. 

Uvery Stables— J.' N. P. Woodbary, Ghas. H. Carter, Ghas. Bast, R. 
P. Whittemore. | 

I Hanufketurers— fruit parers, cherry stoners, seed sowers, wa- 
iter proof Cutlery, silrer plnting, knife and file handles, Goodell A Co.;' 
|bed8teads, Dodge Bros.; cribs and cradles, A. F. True. Daniel Story ;l 
cribs, cradles and Hatch's spring bed bottoms. B. Z. Ilsfitngs ; cribs,' 
.cradles, rustic window shades and coffins, J. G. Abbott ; excelsior,. 
H. IX A A. M. Poor ; washing machines, J. Q. Abbott : lumber, G. F.' 
iHolt, Thomas Poor, W. A. Hildreth, M. D. A A. M. Poor ; North: 
Branchy D. J. Parkhunit, Joslah Loveren ; pail and tub handles. North 
Branch, D. J. Parkhorst A Son ; pasteboard boxes, S. R. Robinson ;' 
rocUng cradles, B. G. Paige ; picture frames, Geo. Wilkins ; sewing 
silk and tram, J. Y. Kelsea ; suspenders, G. B. Cochrane ; tassel spools, 
Ac., Thompson ManuFg Go. 

I Mechanics— blacksmiths, L. W. Hill, J. A. Bryer ; North Branchy 
iD. P. Bryer ; boots and shoe makers, A. Stephenson, G. J. Whitney ; 
carpenters, J. Bl Ducan, P.W.Clark, Henry Kimball, S. N. Worthley, 
Bd. Worthley; North Branch, G.F. Mcllvin, B. F. Kidder; cooper, 
Rodney Sawyer; hair dresser, Chas. £. Todd; hameHs maker, B. F.' 
Upton ; masons, J. G. Butterfleld ; North Branch, H. S. Lawrence ;| 
painters. Ghas. Ghampney, C. H. Qriffln ; (carriage) Nary A White ; 
job vprinter, B. J. Thompson ; toiler, F. F. Roach ; JjbeelwriKhts. 
Dodge Bros, A. H. French ; North Branch, W. B. Curtis, H. B. McIl-iJp. 


Merchants— J. B. Woodbury, E. D. & L. W. Putney, C. B. Cochrane ; 
Jforth Branch, Qt. P. Little, Almus Fairfield ; auctioneers, G. A. Coch- 
rane, Hhen Bai^Sf N. W. C. Jameson, J. N. P. Woodbury; millinery, 
lira. B. F. Upton : stoves and tinware, Sqpires Forsaith. 

Physicians — I. Q. Anthoine ; homeo., Morris Gbristieu 

Summer Boarding Houses— Eben Buss, Mrs. Edward Whitely, 
Mrs. S. E. D. Perry, J. M. Bnncan ; Iforth Branchy Mrs. M. Mo Jlrin. 

ASHLiAND, GRAFTON— Vov., i)60. N. fr. C.» i& S. 3B. fr 
Plymouth, 6 ; R. R. &— Ashland on B. C A M. B. R. 

OFFICERS— C<e;;ft, B. B. Worthen ; Trfot., F. L. Hughes ; Btkctmen, 
Henry Page, B. B. Worthen, H. C. DeHrborn ; Supt.y B. F. Pease. 

Postmaster^-B. G. Glapp. Tel. Ag't.— W. F. Harris. 

Justices— Hiram Bodgddn, J.L. Wilson, E. F. Bailey, T. P. Cheney, 
B.B. Worthan, J. F. Keyee, R. R. D. Dearborn, SU»U\ B. F. Pease, £ 
0. Clapp, F. M. Huiches, J. H. Eastman. 

Bankers— J. F« Keyes ft Co. 

Churches—F. Bap^ ; Bpis., Frederic M. Gray. 

Ex. Ag't— T. P. Woodman. Lawyer— J. L. Wilson. 

Hotel 4k Livery Stables— Squam Lake House, J. M. Cotton, T. P. 
Woodman. Ins. AgUs— B. B. Worthen, Geo. M. True. 

Mauuf^Cturers-^flannels, blankets and cardigan jackets, Ashland 
Mill, P. B. Parkei;, supl.; leather board, S. F. Bailey. Fred Collius d 
lumber, Lake Co. Mill, H. Page ; car and ship timber, T. N. Hughe-* :| 
tnanilla wrapping paper, Wilder it Co.; Plymouth buckskin and kid 
gloves. L. F. Draper &. Co., J. G. Morrison ; leather and straw board, 
S. C. Baker. 

Mechanics & Artisans— boot and shoe makers, E. Hodge; black- 
imiths, J. N. Peavy,C. A. Huckins, B. F. Pease; carpenters, Geo. W. 
Baker, Frank Tftompson, S. C. Shepherd, Ruel Ladd, Louis Mousutte: 
dress makers, Mrs. S. B. Whltton, Mrs. D. Pierce ; hair dresser. M. C. 
Blake ; jeweler, W. C. Sherman ; masons, C. H. Heath, Brown & Cum- 
Diings; painters, L. A. Ham, A.D. B. Dearboru; tinsmith and stove 
iealer, E. G. Clapp ; wheelwriglit, James Graffum. 

Merchants— Hodgdon & Pollard, E. Bodgers, Hughes ft Huckins, 
Levi Clough, Anna Dean ; auctioneer, B. F. Pease ; drugs and medi- 
cines, A. E. Porter ; fancy goods and small wares. Miss M. J. Huck- 
ins ; ikncy goods and millinery, Mrs. 8. J. Brown, Susie Dean ; meat, 
BnoB Huckins, S. H. Gavey ; meat and vegetables, W. C. Kimball. 

Physician— J. A. Dana, Whipple. 

Aitliuelot^See Winchester. i 

AT&Ii^SON, ROCKINGHAM— ToTp., 601. S. B. fr. C, 3«; S.[ 
W. fr. Exeter, 16. R. R. ^S— Atkinson, on B. ft M. R. R. Daily stage! 

OFFICERS— CierJfc, S. B. Mason ; Treas.y W. W. Hatch ; 8electmen^\ 
B. P. Hoitt, S. S. Shannon, S. C. P. Trefry ; SupL, John Dow. 

Postmasters — G. P. Dow ; Depot, M. F. Hoyt. 

Justices— Greenleaf Clarke, Enoch P. Hoitt, Samuel T. Chandler, 
fohn Dow, State. 

Churches — Cong.. Eara.B. Pik^; Univ., — — . 

Ex & Tol. Ag't-/)<ipo«, M. F. Hoyt. 

Literary Institution — Atkinson Academy, B. H. Weston, prin. 

Mechanics — carpenters, C. B. Sargent, S. B. Mason, J. M. Nesunith, 
W. H. Wason ; masons. James Knight, J*. K. Mason, painter, B. H. 
Steele. Merchant— G. P. Dow. 

Atkinson Depot— Sec Plaistow. 

AVBVBK, ROCKINGHA i/— Pop., 720. S. E. fr. C, 18 ; ^. fr. 
Exeter, 18. R. R. &— Auburn, V/i m., on C. ft P. R. B. 


I : 1 

I OFFICERS— CTer*, 8. O. Preeoott ; Treat., W. C. Underbill ; Select- 
men, A. V. "Fox, Bdwiii Plnmmer, A. D. ifimery; SupU.^ W. 0. Undur 
derhill, Kate T. Olark, Mary G. Fox. 

Postmistress— M. A. Wiley. Ex. Ag't— Henry Saltmarsh. 

Justices— A. F. Fox, W. 0. UnderUlir, Blate; Harrison Barnham, 
C. B. Osgood, A. D. Emery, Charles Spofford. 

Churehes— Cong^ C. B. Honghton ; Meth., Henry Gopp. 

Manufacturers— lumber, G. G. Grrffln, G. P. Clark. 

Mechanics — blacksmith, A. B. Preston; carpenters, Stephen Em 
ery, J. P. Qhase; mason, Hidden Brown ; painter, J. E. White; wheel 
iwright, Cbariee Goodwin. I 

; Merchants — ^Prescott & Clarke ; grain dealer, W. H. Griflin ; gro-' 
ceries, Henry Saltmarsh, Henry Dockhara, Ofaas. W. Oalef ; meat, Wm.: 
Eoiery, Alfred Sanborn. Physician— J. B. Pratt. i 

BARMSTEAO, BELKNAP—Pop., 1317. N. B. fr. 0. 20; 8. E.' 
fi-. Laconia, 18. S. H. S.— Pittsfleld, 4 ra., Alton Corner, lu, Dourer, 25, 
Rochester 18 and Farmington, 14 ; conveyance to each. I 

OFFICERS — Clerk, CaUer, A. F. Shackford; Trecu., Geo. W. Bmer- 
^9on, 2d.; Seleetn^en, SotOh, I. L. Berry, I. H. Olark; Fiowade, A. P. 
.Natter ;. Supt., Qeo. W. Nntter. • ! 

I Postmasters — C. W. Blanchard; Center, T. M- Huse; South, E.; 
Hanson ; Horth, W. C. Berry. 

Justices— Seth Shackford, G. W. Emerson, J. P.^Iaisdell, H. N.' 
Golbatfa, I. L. Berry, T . M. Hiise, Wm. H. Rixibrd, C. 8. George, H, N. 
Golbatb, BUxie ; R. Edgerly, D. E. Tattle. 

Churches— Chris., — -; Cong., AirocTe, W. 0. Garr; F. Bap., 

:■ ■ ■ ■■■■ ; North, John George. 

Hotel — Shackford's, S. G. Shackford. Lawyer— C. 8. George. 
I Manufacturers — (knUr, boots and shoes, 0. N. Chandler; lumber, 
,Ezekiel Babb, Oscar Foss, T. K. ProCtot ; Sottth, David Uonstin ; wool- 
en goods 4k hosiery, Babcock & Pickering. 

' Mechanics — ^bUtcksmiths, Moses Emerson, Frank Emerson ; CXsnter, 
Timothy Emerson, E. H. Fobs; North, Be^j. Cole, G. A. Hall , South, 
Thomas Grieves; carpenters, 0. H. P. Toung, J. H. Jenkins, John 
Waldo, F. S. Jenkins, F. E. Palmer; coopers, Jacob Aiken, G. W. 
Blake ; Center, Jefferson Chesley, David Chesley, Henry Chesley ; ma* 
son, 8. D. Natter; painters, N. 8. Nntter, D. H. Whitcomb; Oenier, 
G. E. Natter; wheelwrights, Center, Frank Blake; North, Stephen 
Pendergast, G. A. Hall. 

' Merchants— C. W. Blanchard ; South, Eben Hanson; Center, G. W. 
Hose, J. F. Chesley ; anotioneers, J. P. Blaiedell ; Barade, F. 8. Jen- 
ias; clocks and watches, Daniel TnHle. 

I Physicians— iVbr«^ O. F. Ham; Center, Q. H. Hawley; dentists, 
James Rowe, Geo. W. Emerson, 2d. 

! BARRINOrrON, STRAPFORD^Pop., 1405. E. fr. 0., 30; 
W. fr. Dover, 8. R. R. S. — Barrington, on Nashua & Rochester R. R< 
Daily mail. 

I OFFICERS— C7er%, W. H. Smith; Trew.,J. R. Oalef; Meetmti^ A. B. 
Tibbits, F- H. Clark, Chas. S. Winkley ; Supt., Lizzie J. Cheeley. 
1 Postmasters-^oremiah Waterhbnse ; East, G. B. Haley; Ntrih, 
Daniel Cater. 

, Justices — L. A. Brown, J. 8. Daniels, Wm. Waterhonse, Jona. Dns- 
tin, Staie ; H. G. Carter, H. Thompson, Gilman Hall, J. 0. Caverly , John 

I Churches — Cong., B. F. Borcher; Bap., ; F. W. Bap., 

,C. C. Kimball ; Meth., 



MflnufACturers— baskets, Eben Gapen; bone blankets, CarpeDteT 
Bros.; Inmber, ABderson A Cochran, W. H. BuzEell, H. W. ft J. K. 
Locke, J. F. ft J. W. Berry, Pierce Bros., Slma B. Hall. 

Mechanies & Artisans— blacksmiths, G. 0. A. Che8ley,Nat. Brook, 
Chas H. Brown, J. H. Obesley ; carders, Carpenter Bros^ carpenters, 
Daniel Lea, John Arlin. L F. Beriy; mason, J. M. Gbesley ; painters, 
£. Clark, F. H. Clark, J. Cli<«ley, £. S. Clark ; wheelwrights, A. Drew, 
O. Swain, Androw Smith, Wm. H. Bneaell. 

Merchants— grain and floar, O. B. Haley ; groceries, J. B. Calef, 
T. R. Hall, W. E. Waterhouse, E. B. Brown. 

Physicians— Wm. Waterhonse, David Mc Daniel, J. 8. Daniels, 
John Gitanan. 

BARTEiETT^ CAMROLL—Vop., 1043. N. S. fr. C, 85 ; N. fr. 
Ossipee, 45. B. B. &— Bartlett and Glen Station, on P. ft 0. B. B. 

OFFICBB&— Oerib, J. F. Bobinson; SeUdmen, A. L. Meserre, B. W. 
Wyman, Chas. W. Mnte. 

Postmasters— CSm^ar, Edgar A. SteTens; Lower, Benj. W. Wyman. 

Justices— G. W. M. Pitman, A. L. Meserve, Joseph Pitman, Jr., M. 
W. Pierce, Isaac Meserve, StaU : B. W. Weeks, Angevine Pitman. 

Churches— Adv., J. B. Dearing ; F. Bap., Spencer Benison ; Meth., 
F. B, Smith. 

Exp. Ag't k Tel. Operatoi^^. M. Grillis. 

Hotels— Bartl»tt House, Frank Geoi|:e ; East Branch House, Pit- 
man Bros.; Pequaket House, Hasen Pitman ; Pendexter Mansion,! 
0. 0. Pendexter. ' 

Lawyer--G. W. M. Pitman. Physician— G.H.Shedd. 

Manufkcturers— carriages, A. W.Towle; lomber, Bartlett Land 
and Lumber Go. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, Perkins ft Wilson ; CbnUr^ Timothy Per- 
kins, Woodbnrf Perkins : carpenters. Freeman Stil lings, A. M. Hall, 
E. M. Hall, G. W. Peck, H. P. Blchards, B. T. Bogers, Samuel Muir; 
CmUeTf Joseph Mead ; tailor, 8 W. Peak ; painters, J. F. Bobinson, L4 
H. Babb, Geo. P. Dinsmore. 

Merchants— Meserre ft Gillis, L. S. Foster, B. B. Farrington, Gard- 
ner BnfTum ft Co., S. W. Peaks ; OtitUr, Joseph Mead ; Lower, G. W. MJ 
ft A. Pitman, L. Grey. ' 

BATH, 0BAFT0N-9ap„ 1038. N. W. fr. C, 80. N. <r. HaTon 
hill, 14. B.M iS.— Bath,onB.G.ftM.B.B. j 

OFFICBBS— CZerA;, G. C. Child; Trea$^ Edward Woods: SdecimmJ 
S. S. Carbee, Henry C. Carbee, J. A. Davis ; Sunt, H. H. Clark. 

Postmaster— D. G. A. Foster. Ex. & Tel. Agent— H. P. Boss. \ 

Justices— J. H. Johnson, J. L. (Wleton, A. P. Carpenter, IsaM 
Patterson, Sprague Carlton, C. N. Brook, Statt; Daniel Patterson, J| 
Woods, H. u. Carbee, Wm. Minot, M. S. Woodward, Moses Abbo(| 
J. C. Moyes, PhiUp Carpenter, A. H. Carpenter, W. C. Child, J. A 

Churches — Cong., Daniel PhilipRj Meth., Wm. Bamsden. 

Eating House 4 Uvery Stable— W. H. Hubbard. 

Lawyers— J. L. Carlton^ A. P. Carpenter, Edward Woods, Phi 

Literary Institution— Bath Academy, H. H. Clark, prin. 

Manufketurers — boots and shoes, B. F. Elliott ; cloth dresaine: ai 
wool carding, M. S. Woodward ; lumber, SwiftwoUr, Swiftwater Ba 
mill Co., Woods ft Weeks, Daniel WLitcher; starch, Wm. South 
wood pulp, Conant ft Co. 

.<< _ «« — i.___iAi.- a TT 

BUBursas diuotoxt 47 

Zadock Remick ; carpenten, M mm Lang, Richard CrotP, J. D* Korris 
L P. Kimball, 0. P. BoIIidb ; iMtinten, J. M. Lyona, Cbaa. H. Voatari 
teiJor,J.M. Carroll. 

Merchants— D. O. A. Foatw, Imiah P. Khnball, Coaant A Co. 

Physieians— Wm. Child, K. C. B. HaYilaod : acke^ J. Broaaon. 

BEBFORDL BILL8B0R0VOH—Pop^ 1204. 8. fr. C, 21 ; N. 
fr. Naahna, 13. M. M, &— ManchaaUr, on Ck>neord B. R. Daily ataga.' 

OFFICEBS— C^/eri, 8. A. Riddla; ^«a«.,John Hodgman: Bekei^ 
MM, H. R. Barnard, M. W. Spaacer, 8. M. Tranch ; AgrfL, Anna H. 

Postmistress & Merchant— Mra. Mary J. Randall. 

Justices-^. A. Riddle, Geo. Foater, I. M. Riddla, T. A. Goff, ttole; 
S. A. Riddla, John Hodgautn, R. M. Rollina, W. B. Kendall, H. R. 
Barnard, F. H. Brown. 

Choreh — Prea., ■ . Physician— B. P. Gamphell, Snd. 

Manufacturers — boots and shoaa, O. L.AC. H. Randall; brioka, 
Daniel Parker ; Inmbar, 8. C. Banion, R. K. Wooda, Q. W. Goffe, Geo. 
Foater. B. Beal, J. R. Leach. 

Mechanics k Artisans— blarkamiths, T. F. Kendall, J. & Park 
buret; carpeatera^ Clinton Bizby, Jamea Gardnor ; naaon,R.G. Gil- 
more ; wheelwrights, C. P. Farley, Senter Farley. 

BKI^MONT, B£LKNAF-~Vop^ 1226. N. fr. C.,18. ! La 
conia, 6. H, B. &— lUton, 6 m., Raat TUton, 4 m., on B. C. A M. R. R 
iSaily atage to Tilton. 

I 0FFICXR8— OlerJe, W. C. Wella; 3Vea«., Isaiah Piper; fisfsdMcn, 
D. W. Jndkina, J. O. Cata, C. J. Sanborn ; SupL^ R. 8. Monltoa. 

Postmaster— B. C Bean. Exp. A't— G. H. Aikena. 

Justices— W. C. Wells, C. A. Hackett, A P. B. Carrier, p. o. ad. 
laat Tilton ; laaiah Piper, A. J. Hackett, J. G. Gate, J. W. Wella, X. 
(P. Thompaon, C. R. Glongh, B. W. Jndkins, Ira Mooney, BtaU; Ira 
IBIaisdell, John Blaisdell, E. C. Bean, C. R. Moody, J. B. Mathews. 
I Churches— Chris., R. 8. Monlton ; 1st F. Bap., M. A. Qnimby ; 2nd 
F. Bap., 8. O. Gonld. 

Hotels — American Honsa, A. W. Brown; Belmont House, Ira 
iMoonay. Lawyer— R. P. Thompaon. Livery Stable— Hayden Grant. 
I Manufacturers— brick, A. W. Brown; hosierr, Gilmaaton Mills, 
jMoses Sargent, Jr., ag't ; Inmber, Arthar Brown, N. B. Gannon ; Inm 
ber and wood, J. M. Folaom. 

Mechanics & Artisans— blacksmiths, Hasen, Abbott k Co.; ear 
penters, C. L. Akely, G. W. Riley, Jewett Maxfield, Cyma Korris, R. P. 
Willard, W. Lamprey, R. Allen, C. H. Thompaoik ; hair draaaer, H. J. 
jFnllar; marble worker, W. R. Gala; masons, Nathl Ellsworth, p. o. 
ad., Laeonia, J. M. Knowlaa ; painters, G. B. Johnson, G. W. Cole ; 
nrheelwright, BeqJ. Johnson. 

I Merchants— T. B. Clongh A 8on, G. W. Hunt, R. G. Hoyt A Co.; 
idrnga and medicines, B. C. Been ; meat, N. 8. Piper. 

BEHiriNGTOlf, HILLSBOBOUGH-^Vop^ 408. 8. W. fr. C 
92; W. fr. Kanchastar, 30. JL B, A— Bennington, an Hillsborongh A 
Peterboro R. R.; and Manchester A Keene R. R. 1^ mile. 

0FFICXR8— Osrlr, M. M. George; Trea$^ William Baton : Stketmen, 
Wedoy Wllaon, Geo. 8. Holt, B. A. Holt ; Supt^ J. H. Flemings. 

Pestmasttf^— O. A. Whittemore. Hotel— John Mnney. 

Justices-^. C. Dodge, fllTafo; Amoa Whittemore, J.W. Flagg. 

Church— Cong., Jamea Holmes. Exp. A't— Jolin Woodbury. 

Uvery Stable— Amos A. Martin. 

Manufkcturers — boots and shoes, Lewis Martin; cntlery,D. H 


Goodell ; hoee and cutlery, G. J. Kimball A Son ; lumber and meal, J. 
£. Ring. 

Mechanics— blacksmith, Frank Twitchell ; carponters, W. Wilflon, 
W. Eaton ; watchmaker, H. Lakin ; wheelwright. Brooks Pearsons. 

Summer Bearding Houses— J. 0. Dodge, James Farrar, John 

Merchants — W. B. DoWnt, Ohas. E. BHton; clocks and watches, 
Hurtwell Lakin; lumber, King ft Oo; meat, O. P. Griswold. 

REBTTOIf^ eJBi4 FTOiy— Pop., 878. N. W. fr. O., 65; B. fr. Hav- 
erhill, 10. E. B. &— North Haverhill on B. C. & M. R. R., 7 m. 
iStage Wednesdays .\nd Saturdays ; Bust Haverhill, 10 miles. 

OFVIOKRS^GUrk, J.N. Keyser; Treas,, C. A. Veauey ; i9eUeim«n,Qeo. 
W. Mann,B. T. Hardy, B. M. True ; Supt.^ P. W. Allen. 

Postmaster— P. W. Allen. 

Justices— B. F. Mann, tiUU« ; Axnos Whitcher, B. H. Tyrrell, P. W. 
Allen, Wm. B. Page. 

Churches — Metb.,— — ; Union, — -i^. 

Manufacturers— lumber, Chase Whitcher, J. H. Keyser, D. Bich- 
ardson; starch casks, J. H. Keyser; shingles, S.W.€owen. j 

Meehanies— carpenters. B. L. Oox, Amos WhitclKr, ^. W. Mann, 
James Norris. • • I 

ftERIilN, Ca08— Pop., 1144. N. B. fr. C, 140; B. fr. Lancaster 
36. R. B. 8.— BeYlin Falls on Grand Trunk R. R. I 

OFFICKRS— CterJfc, 8. D. Green; Trecu.,J. W. Parker; Sdecimen, 

E. W. Scribner, Jacob Dresser, J. Tuttle; Smpt.f J. Tnttle. i 
Postmaster— ^Ib, C. 0. Gerrish. I 
Justices— M. C.Forest, A. K. Cole, State; Jesse Tnttle, G. GoflSn, 

S. D. Green, J. W. Parker. j 

Churches — R. C, J. Gorman ; Univ., 'A. Bosserman ; South, 

Hotels— Sit. Forest House, Mrs. M. C. Forest ; Cascade Hotel, H. F. 
Marston. Exp. & Tel. Agent— A. K. Cole. I 

Manufacturers— boots and shoes, Wm. MofTett, Lonis Lavertue : 
lumber, Berlin Mills Co., Jericho Mills, C. H. A Z. B. Gilbert, J. W. 
Green; paper pulp fr. wood, Forest Fibre Co.; spool stuff and salt 
boxes, S. D. Green, Daniel Green : shingles, L. N. Clark. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, C. C. Leighton, Wm. D. Sanborn, J. H. 
Carney, S. D. Blodgett; carpenters, H. A. Blodgett, H. V. Mason, A. 
L. Winchester, 0. Bush, Geo. R. Waters : masons, H. W. Rowell, GJ 
Coffln; millwrights, Franklin Wheeler, Peter Kelley: palatera, E.l 
W. Scribner, W. A. Green ; printers. Eastern Ooos Printing ft Pnblisli- 
ing Ck>.,S. D. Green, manager; whedwrights, J. 8. Gates, Peter Kell- 
ey, C. C.'Leighton. 

Merchants— Berlin Mills Co., Ira Mason, Wheeler ft Paine, 0. Oi 
Gerrish ft Co., J. B. Noyes ; cranberry cultnrist, Daniel Green. 

BKTKIiGHtEllI, GBAfTON—Vop., 1400. N. Ih>ia C, 90; N. 
B. fr. Haverhill, 35. B. B. A— Bethlehem and Littleton, on Wh. Mt 
R. R. Stages connect with all trains. 

0FFI0BR8— Cterik, H. W. Wilder; Treat.y A. W. Blandin ; SOectmmX 
W. A. Mc Gregory, F. B. Sawyer, L. S. Ladd ; Shipt, D. P. Gordon. 

Postmasters— G. F. Abbott; Alder Brook, H. C. Libbey ; Mapkwood, 
G. T. Cmft; Pierces Bridff*, F. Gordon. 

Justices— O. B. Baker) D. P. Gordon, H. W. Wilder, W. A. Mc 
Gregory, G. T. Graft, Ao/e; Milo Bakw, M. G. Noyes, Bei^. Tucker. 

F. B. Sawyer, J. S. Blandin, H. C. Libbey, T. M. Fletcher, J. L. Weslav. 
Boarding Houses — ^Turner House, J. N. Turner ; Belavae, DavM 

Phillips; ^rawberry Hill, J. K. Barrett; Avenue, Kelly. ft Son; Ut, 

BtrsnrBas diebotobt. 49 

Agaasix, H. Mjre; Prospect, O. W. Phnilps; Hlllalde Home, D. F. Dt. 
,▼»; Bethlehem, J. B. McGregor; GotUge Home, Qeo. L. Bu'tellj Son 
eevH.G. Clarke; Ceatenaial House. H. W. VfUder: HowMrd lioaae, 
!C. & Bnnker; Alpine Houe, 0. H. Clark; Mt. WashlngtOQ Hooae, 
C L. Bftrtlett, Highland Hoate, J. H. Clark, Upland Hooae, 0. H. Ah 

Ghurehes-^ConK., H. Norton ; Kpia., — ; MetlL, a J. Fowler. 

Hotels— Sinclair Hooie, Dorgin k fox: Kaplewood Houm, L 8 
Craft; Ranlet's Daniel Ranlet, prop. 

U¥ery SUblw-H. W. Wilder, C. H. * J. H. Clark, W. Smith, 
Chaa. MorriaoB, Vord k Allard, Cogswell Bros., J. B. Uantoon. 

Manolheturers— lumber, John Pierce, jr., I. B. Richardion, Nojes, 
A Co., Libby Co.; starch, M. C. Nojree, J. O. Sinclair. 

■eehanics k Artisans— blacksmith, G.K. Morrison, Sewell Shute, 
John Pierce, jr., T. HT. Bean ; carpenter*, Joseph PhHbrick, John 
McGregory, S. Yarnej, Wm. Banker, L. Woodman. Uclatire A 
Kuikin ; HoUow^ D. I. Abbott, P. Abbott ; cooper, John Lovejoy ; 
hair dresser, Bsra Knapp; masonn, Wm. Sanborn, Jas. Ash ; painters, 
A Watson, Wm. Simpson. Ix D, Barton ; S. Sweet. 
~MdrohailtS— J. 8. Blandin, G. G. White ; aactloneer, H. W. Wilder ; 
(irogs, G. P. Abbott, H. A. Hildreth ; groceries, Sara O. Knapp. 

Pnysician— H. A. Hildreth. 

BOSOAWEIf, MERRIMAOK—Fop., 1380. N. W. fr. C, 10. 
R. M. S. — Boscawen and North Boscawen, on Northern R. R. 

OfPICBRS— OerA, G. R. Ghadwick; 8deet$Mn^ J. C. Pearson, p. o. 
mL, FisherTilie ; Sam*l Ghoate, F. L. Gerriah ; 8i^., J. G. Pearson, p.,PisherTille. 

PMtmastars—CI. B. Ghadwick ; Norih^ C B. Dimond.' 

Justices— Nehemiah Butler, L. M. Ghadwick, I. K. Gage, J. G. 
Peanon, Chas. W. Webster, State: Lather Gage, B. S. Graves, G. 
W. Fisher, W. D. Hardy, J. A. Peaalee, F. L. Gerrish. 

Chureta— Cong., F D. Garretson. 
, HaaufiieturerS — brick, J. E. Rlnes; leather, B. Bavmond; lam- 
bn. H. W. Flanders, G. k J. Gage, p. o. ad^ Fishervill^y; 

Heehanies— blacksmiths, H. & An'nis, B. W. Dargin: carpenters 
Bradley Atkinson, G. i«. Pjllsbary; granite worker. North, G. W. 
Sfanons; job piinter, J. H. Jackman; Norths E. B Towne. 

MerebafltS— PAate, G. W. Carter, Foot k Morse, p. o. ad., Fishenrille ; 
earriages, David Fellows, C. J. Ghadwick ; fancy goods. C. B. Ghadwick. 

Pnysfeians— B. B. Graves, 8. M. Braery, p. o. ad., Fisherville. 

nOW^MSBBIMACK-^Fop^ 734. S. fr. G., 6. B. JL S.^Con- 
cord and Itobinsnn*B Ferry, on G. R. R. 

OFFXCBRS — CUrkf Rodolphm Green ; Trea$,, Bnoch Alexander ; 
SeUctmm, Cavis O. Brown, Seth Qaimby. Harrison P. Browu ; Aipt., 
J.O. Hammond. 

PostmASter— J. G. Hammond. 

Justices— J. W. Goodhue, H. M. Baker, SkU* ; H. S. Hamilton , 
J. C. Hammond, G. G. Brown, Leonard Kenthill. 

Churches— itep.. 0. W. Kimball ; Meth., . 

Maoufketurers— lamber, Geo. W. Colby, Himm Colby, Moses Per- 

ios, T. Ladd. 

Meebanies— blacksmiths, J. Brown, Wm. Dnnklee; carpenters, 
Asa. G. Hammond, D. M. Hammond, Geo. H. Elliot, W. L. Rogers,' 
[J. B. Elliott; mason, J. C. Hummoud; stoue catters, J. W. Ooodhue, 
(Geo. W. Alien*- James Palmer, G. H. Palmer ; tailor, J. J. Buutin ; 
jwheelwrigbt, G. H. Elliot. 


Bow Hills— Postmistress— Mrs. J. L. Colby. 

Manufacturers— brick, John Brown, 2ud ; cigars, M. H. Dinsnore, 
M. A. Hadlcty ; lumber, Horace Call, James E. Bt-own. 

Mechanics — blacksmitb, Willoughby Colby; carpenters, S«riab 
Morgan, George Sanborn ; mason, Albert Ordway ; millet, I. £. Dqw ; 
stone cutter, Seriab Morgan. 

Bow l4a,l(e«> See Strafford, 

BltAt^OKD) '2lERBIMJCk—Vop., 060. W. fr. C, 25. 
R. R, £r.— Bradford and MelYin's Mills, on C. & C. B. R. Stage to New- 

OFFICI&BS— C7«rA;, C. H. Morrill) 3Vea«., H. K.Martin; Selectmen, 

E. H. Jiaton, Wm. Trow, A. F. Smith ; Supt^ USlbrldge Pepper. 
Postmaster— W. A. Carr. CtiurCii— Bap., Elbridge Pepper.. 
Justices— £. H. Eaton, J. W. Morse, T. P. Jones, ti. W. Tappen, 

A. S. Brackett, P. M. Tappan, SCafe; W. 4^. Carr, Joshua Eaton, C. 

F. Davis, W. 0. Heath, C. P. Pike. Q, W. Tucker. 

Ex. ft Tel. Agn— G. L. Mitchell. Ins. Ao't— T. K. Lund. 

Hotels— Ray'mond House, Charles Gillis ; Bradford, Martin Bartlctt ; 
Springs, C. H. Clement. Livery Stabl^S— Harvey Colby, B. Bates. 

Lawyer— M. W. Tappan. Physician— J. H. Martin 

Manufacturers — chairs, F. A. Brown ft Co.; lumber, Blood, 

D. G. Peafilee; lumber, chair stock and pfcker sticks, Thomdike.&j 
Gould ; cider, C. H. Morse ; tin, A. L. MarshalL 

I Mechanics — blacksmiths, CM. Newman, £. H. ^adley ; carpenters. 
Bates & Jones, E. M. Bailey, Jl C. Bailey, John Hoyt ; harness mak- 
er, Silas Sitwtell, A. E. Cboate ; marble workers, Vf. L. Day k Son ; 
masons, O.'E. Ring, S. J. Ring; painter, Marshall Eaton; tailor, J.' 
F. Buswell ; wheeiwrlght^, C. B. Osgood, E. Lewis. I 

Merchants— A. ^. Jenney, J. W. Morse, W. A. Carr, SflasColby ;! 
clothing J. F. "Buswell; dentist, J. E. Nichola ; drugs and medicines, 

C. K. Nichols ; Jewelry, W. M. Carr ; millinery goods, Mrs. M. Hall, 
Mrs. C. R. NicliolR ; periodicals A news, F. R. Felchl I 

BREN V W OO D, BOCKINGHA JT- Pop. , 999. S. E. ft. C, 3D ;t 
W. fr. Exeter, 6. Rl B. ^9.— Epping, 4 m.; Exeter j 6, on Bosjlon &.< 
Maine R. R.; Fremont,. 8 m., on N. ft R. R. li. 

OFFICERS— CterA:, 6. R. Rowe; 3Vea»., WilHam MorrlXl ; BeU^itvnm} 

D. 0. Waldi'on, p. o. ad., Bpping, Frank H. Rowell, W. D. Uobin- 
son ; 8upt^ John Brown. 

Postinaster— Q. D. Bartlett. Physician— M. W. Carerly. 

Justices— J. B. T. Graves, OrriuSaubom, £. 0. Flanders^O. S. S. 

Churches- Bap., Charles NewbHll ; Cong., W. C. Jackson, 

Manufacturers — boxes, Stephen Fellows ft Son, G. H. Hoyt ; lum 
her, J. A. ft W. D. Robinson ; R. H. Fellows, J. W. Siinbom. p. o. Hd.,l 
Kingston ; meal, J. C. Kobfnson ; paper boxes, 0. S.' Currier ; soap. JJ 
U. Taylor, p. o. ad. Epping; wheels and carriage wood woj'ks, Rub-I 
ert Rowe.ft Sons. I 

Mechanics^l'lacksmiths, Robinson ft Flint, D.S. Kimball; masons, 

E. O. Brackett, Herman Veasey. | 
Merchants — E. B. Wood, p. o. ad., Kingston; D. 0. Waldroh, p. o.; 

ad., Epping; E. 0. Flanders; meat, J. R. Smith; nursery plantk, ftc.,' 
J. W.Smith, J. T.Smith 4. Sons. I 

BRI1>ta£VrATC;R, GRAFTONr^Fop., 384. N.ft-.C, 30; SJ 
fr. Plymouth, 4. R. R. ib'.— Bridgewater, on B, C. ft M. R. R. 

OFFICERS- CferA:, J. L. Morrison ; 3^-e(W., Uriel Pike ; SeUctmen^ 
J.S. Morrison, M. M. R. Mitchell, 0. B. t)olloff; SupLjJ, L. Morrison.' 

w >- 


Postmaster & Merchant— J. F. MorrlU. 

Justices— S. W. Cross, Ghaa. Woodmau, 8laU ; D. B. a«««Dt. 

Church— Union, E. H. Wright Ghrit. 

Summer Boarding Houses— David If. Web«t«r, Kn. Walter R.' 
Webster, Q. B. Dolloi^ 0. L. DuIIolT, lAke View Hoase, Beede A lUkM. 

Manufiieturers— lainl>er, Bicbard Brown. I 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, A. F. Wheeler; carpenters, O. D. Oroes,' 
& 8. Pftf^e, B. J. Piltsbarr; wheelwright, K. L. Pkimmer; Mopor, Jos. 
Heath; painter, J. A. Woodman. 

I BBISTOl., GMAFTON—Pop.^lSM. M. W. fr. G., SO; 8. fr»m 
Plymouth, 16. JT. R. ^T.— Bristol, at temiDns of Bristol Branch R. R. 
I OFFICERS — CUrk^Jt.Yf. Mnsgrove' IVmu., L. W. Hammond; A- 
Uctmen, J. H. Brown, R. A. Homer, R. 8. Danforth; HupLt Geo. H. 
Cnlley ; Ptliee, F. W. Galley, J. W. WeUs ; BMrd <tf Mdtteattom, L. W. 

ring, Mrs. 8. J. Lothrop, Mrs. Mym 8. Jadkins. 
Postmastei^-Albert Blake, Jr. 
, Justices— L. W. Fting.G. T. Crawford, K. I. Dearborn. 8. K. Mason, 
Albert BUke, W. A. Berry, J. F. Sanborn, F. H. Bartlett, B F. Fer-j 
kins, George A. Kmerson, D. P. Preseott, Slaie; Frederick Bartlett, I 
C. H. Madgett, L. W. Hammond, W. O. Grwwford, W. Sleeper, Os- 
car P. FeOows, G. 6. Emmous; Henry A. Randolph, Ira A. Ohase ; 
State ; Chas. H. Day, B. 8. Foster, J. H .Brown. I 

Churches— Gong., K. L. Jagger; F. Bap., N. 0. Lothrop; Meth.,| 
H. 8. Thompson. 

I Ex. Ag*t— O. F. Morse. Tel. Ag't— 0. H. DiekTnson. 
I Eating House— Robert Horoer. Hotel & Livery Stable~Brlstol, 
moose, 0. K. Bucklin, Brown's Hotef, O. O. Brown. I 

! Ins. Ag'tS— fire and life, K. R. Dearborn, Wbitcemb A Berry, I. A. 
Cbaae, Fellows A Brown. 

' Lawyers— L. W. Fling. 8. K. Mason, K. B. Bsnrbom. 
I Literary Institution— Pnblitf High school, prin., Lissle M. HalL 
I Manufacturers — bobbin stock, M. B. Pray; bock gloTSs, A. M. 
Draper Co., M. A. Kent;; carriages, O. K. Bucklin, J. D. Kelley, el- 
der, G. A. Br-fbie, T. T. Mnssey, B. Sanborn; aoAns and oaiftels, ii. A. 
Robie ; croquet sets, ten pins and cliair stock, B. D. Crosby A Co.; 
flanneis, UoHen ft Co.; flour and meal, Tsj^lor, ShaMr M Oo.« A. H. 
George, G. G. Brown ; iron, George A. Robie ; leather, B. K. . Pray.i 
•Warren White's estate ; lumber. Lake 0>., B. Sanborn, T. T. Drake ; 
mittens and yam, F. M. Beekford; sleighs, OBoardman; soap, 0. M.' 
Musgrore, straw board and paper, Mason, Perk inn A Co., Mason A 
jWooster; lumber ruitts, G. B. Sanborn; wood polp, David Mason. I 
I MechaniOs A Artisans— blacksmiths, M. KL Southard,. Johnson A 
Btsbop; carpenters, Gideon Board man, B. L. WeUs, R. 8. Hastings 
Taylor A Gordon ; custom carder, Prank Beekford ; hair dresser, W. M. 
Perkins, W. F. Cass ; harness makers, G; H. Tnkey, Frank Bingham ; 
jewellers, Anson B. Pray, P. A. Blis worth; laundry, G. A. Robie; ma- 
.chinists, Qw>. A. Robie, J. D Hemphill; marble worker*, L. D. A 
^. H. Day; masons, 8. S. Sanborn A Son, painters, P. G. Oarieton A 
Hon, H. B. Quint ; photograph^,' A. B. Harlow ; planer, B. L. Wells ; 
.prinrw, R. W. Mnsgrore. | 

I Merchants— G. M. Carfs, Chas. Boardman, L. W. Hammond,. L. A. 
Ballon. Gyrus Taylor; auctioneer, J. W. Orifflth, 8. Fo'lansbee, F. M. 
Beekford ; clocks and watches, P. A. Ellsworth ; clothing and gent's 
famishing goods, G. H. Dickinson, J. N. Dickinson, O. B. Ray ; dry, 
goodii, boots and shoes, W. George j drugs and medicines. Fowler A Co.; 
fish and oysters, J. D. FoUansbee, CM. Mnsgrore; inmiture, O. A.' 


Robi^; fun and pelte, E. FoUansbeoi, meat, T. H. Daniels, D •IIoflT A 
Ca«8, Leri M. Locke ; millinery Mies If. M. Mnllin, Mnu S. HI. Btilioii, 
Bvttrick M Kniglit; mniic, E. W, Masgrove: sewing luachiDea, A. 
Blake/Jr.; tin ware, 4c F. W. Bingliaiu, S. W. OhII. 

Physicians— H. B. Fowler, I. 8. Chase, 0. H. Gallejr; ecle., J. M. 
Bishop : <l»ntisU, 0. F. Emerson, G. W. Goolidge. 

BBOOKFUBIim PA^ROLL^Vo!^ 428. N. E. fr. G. 60; 8. 
fr. Ossipee, 12. B. B. &— Pike's Grossing, 1 m^Woifelx>ro'Jnnc., 2 
■L, Union vil. 5 m., on Ports. Qt. F. A Oonway R. R. 

OFFIGBBS— (7Z<rA, F. A. Hanson ; Treof., D. G. Col man; Stleelnun, 
GliAs. GhnrcliiU, E. BL Gate, J. F. Robinson ; Ai|^., Sirs. Axa Roberts. 

Postmistress— Miss Abbie O. Hutchins. 

Justices— J. N. Gate, D. a Coleman, H. IL Libby, O. H. Robinson, 
8kU«i Bickford Rand, Charles GliarchiU. 

Church— Bap., P. Lovering. 

Manufketurers— lumber, N. H. Roberts, F. A. Oopp. 

Meehaaios — blaolumiths, JohnHackett, J. H. Fiirgerson; carpen 
ters, S. U. Pivmmer, G. A. uackett, J. H. WiIley,D. W. Lang ; mason,' 
G. Allen ; painters, F. A. Ilaason, G. W. Driggs. I 

BROOKLINfif HILLSBOROUGH— 9o^., 60H. 8. fr. G., 4oJ 
W. fr. Nashua, 13. B. B, &— I'epperttil, Mass., on Worcester * Nash- 
oa R. R. Daily stage. 

OFFICERS— (7/erik, H. B. Stiles, IWos., W. J. Smith; Bdectm^n} 
Jefferson Whitcomb, Ghaa. N. Gobey, Chaa. W. Carrier ; £h«pC, Beqja 
min Gonld. 

Postmaster— H. B. 8tfles. Hotel— Chas. W. Dix. 

Justiees— BeitJ. Qoald, fiSoto; O. W. Bridges. 

Churches— Gong., F. D. Sargent ; Meth., J. Taggart. 

Mechanics— blacksmith, G. W. L. Holiart; caliioet makers, Robart, 
Kendall k Go.; carpenters, J. Bald«<tn, J. Whitcomb, N. Hobart; 
coopors,. J. A. Hall, D. 8. Fessenden; painters, G. W. Fonter, H. Gris 
wold ; wheelwrights, a B. Shattnck, G. W. Bridges. 

Merchants— G. P. Hall, Samael Swett, W. F. Rockwood. 

Physician— A. T. Wallace. 

CAJ!a[BKIDGE9CO0.9~Pop.,3d. N. E. ft-. G., 113. B.B,B,— 
Upton, Maine on Grand Trunk R. EL; semi«weekly stage. 

This town has lost its organissation. 

CAHPTOJT, OBAFTON—Vop., 1163. K. from G., 52; N. from 
Plymouth, 0. B. B. &— Plymouth, tf m., on B. G. M. A White Mt.- 
R. R. Stage to train daily. I 

OFFICERS— OIer&, 8. J. PhUbriok ; TVeos., G. 8. Bartlett; SdneUnen, 
BnwtUH Dole, M. Spokesfleld, L. G. Smith ; SupL^ Quincy Blakely. I 

Postmasters— G. W. Cook: Wesl, E. H. Sanborn; VUlagt^ — >. 

Justices— T. J. Sanborn, BtaU; T. 8. Pulsifer, G. W. Cook, J. W.' 
Morrison, S. J. Philbrick,:G. W. Nelson, G. 8- Bartlett. | 

Churches— Gong., Q. Blakely; IFesI, F. Bap.^ Thomas Keniston, O.i 
W. Nelson. 

Exp. Ag't— G. W. Chase. LlTCry Stable— J. H. Plumer. 

Hotels k Summer Board— J. C. Blair; Wett, T. J. Sanbom. 

Man ulkcturers— bobbins, 8. M. Cole ; ITfSl, Monlton A Johnson / 
lumber, F. B. Morse, J. 8. Baup,H. W. Blair; ITes^ Moulton A 
Johnson ; shingles, H. W. Blair; IfesC, Moulton A Johnson. | 

Mechanics & Artisans— blacksmiths, W. H. Fellows; carpenters, 
W. 8. Bickford. Darls Pwciral ; hair dreaser, Nicholas Brown ; hamese 
maker. J. R. Davis ; painter, G. F. BlaUidell ; shoemakers, Geo. H. Halls' 
D.M. Moses. 



Merchants— C. W. Cook ; West, E. H. S«nboni. 

Vlllagre— Postmastei^-6. W. Robinson. 

Cburcii— Bap., A. Y. Tilton. PhysicUn— W. A. Snitli. 

Hotels Jb Summer Board— r. Chwe, C. Q. Webttcr. MHcb«U J 
Howard, a Gatter, S. C. Willej, Jf. A. Mitcbell. • 

Naoafketurers— bobbins, Morrison A Cook ; carriages. B J. Plnmei 
clothing, Jofl. Cook ; coffins and caskets, doors, sash, blinds, E. V. Emei 
•on; excelsior, Morrison A Cook; fnmitiireL Nathan Pierce; floui 
meal, shingles and woolens, S. Dole A Co.; Inmbar, Dsniel Morrill 
woolens. Mad Birer Mills. 

Mechanics & Artisans— blacksmiths, B. J. Philbrick, J. R. Tosi 
L. D.GloTer; carpenters, D. Morrill, Frank Hart; dress maker, Evi 
Boynton; hair dresser, M. B. Holmes ; painter, B. J. Plnmmer; sho« 
maker, G. S. Whitney, 

Merchants— G. W. Bobinson, B. J. Tonng, J. W. Morrison A Son 
clothing, Joseph Cook; millinery, Mrs. M. P. Packard; stores an* 
tinware. S. D. kinsman, ng^t. 

CANAAJT, GXAFTON—Vop.neS, N. W. ft-. C, 43. 8. Iron 
HaTerhill. 30. R. M. A— Canaan, Bast and West Canaan on N. B. B 

OKFICBRS— a<rl(. A. M. Shackford; IVeas., Clias. Day; Sttedmen 
Isaac Davis, A. H. Wilson, J. H. KeUey ; SupL^ S. B. Swett 

Postmasters— L. 8. DatIs; £ast, Cbas. B. Cobnm ; Wat. Warrei 
Hoit; Street. ^. Ex. A Tel. AqU-^A. M. Shackford. 

Justices— Eleaser Barney, S. R. Swett. O. W. Murray, J. H. Kelley 
J. D. Weeks, F. D. Cnrrier, <S!(a/e ; David Bantard, W. A. Wallace 
Horace Kinne, H. H. Wilson, H. F. Wooster,M. T. Colby. Bijah Smith 
Harry Leeds, G. O. Barney, Isaac Davis, DexteT Richardson, J. C. Story 
W. O. Fogg, J. C. Pattee. 

Boarding Houses^-Jerusalem Spring House, Towns A Parinton 
Pinnacle Ilonse, U. B. Tenney ; Crystal Lake House, Osgood Dale. 

Churehes^Bap., J. D. Graham ; F. Bap., JPactor]f Village, MathAi 
Jones; Meth., A. F. Baxter ; East, A. C. Hardy. 

Hotel A Livery Stable— Cardigan House, A. H. Brown. 

Lawyers— G. w. Murray, J. D. Weeks, Frank D. Currier. 

Manufacturers— boots and shoes, E. H. Shaw, C. D. Wsshbume 
n. C. Elliot ; strawboard, G. M, Dudley A Co.; hammers. Nathan Jones 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, F. W. Stickney, J. D. Webber. Josepl 
Bebert, D. H. Harrig4n; carpenters, H. A. Cole, G. H. Lathrop, A. Q 
Luwell, Nathan Willis ; harness maker, C. R. Cobum ; masons, Stephei 
Smith, E. W. Johnson R. Atwell ; painter, Xaet, J. A. Greene : printer 
£»<. C O. Barney; wheelwright, Eati, F. 8. Parker; Factory VUlagt 
P. H. Stocker. 

I Merchants — F. Cnrrier; Factory Tillage, L. 8. Davis; Ea$t 
0. L. Band, J. C. Pattee, Barney Bros, H. M. Milton, A. E. Smith 
{auctioneer, 8. B. Swett ; clocks and watches, G. J. Dow ; drugs anc 
jmedicines. J. B. Cobum; millinery, Mrs. E. D. Muczey, Mrs. S. A 
Swett ; mineral spring water, W. H. Towns A Co.; stoves and tinware 
IS. 0. A C. O. Barnes. 

Physicians— Ara Wheat, E. M. Tucker, J. L. Rogers, Geo. E. Leet. 

CAMDIA, BOCKINGHAM—Vop., 1840. S. B. fr. C, 16; W. fr 
Bxeter, 20 m. S, J2. <&— Candia and East Candia, on Concord A Ports 
R. R. Stage flrom Deerfield connects with trains in the morning, anc 
with down train at night. 

OFFICERS— Oerft, Frank W. Eaton ; Treaa., George Emerson ; Be 
leefsMM, A. J. Edgerly, Jesse W. Sargent, Lewis H. Dearborn ; lShfp^ 


Postmasters— O. G. tang ; Viaa0«.W. J. Dudley. 

Justices— JonatbMi Martin, B. M. Eaton, J. B. NnttlnR, V. W. 
Sanborn, J. L. Fitta^ John fiowe, StaU ; J. h. Langford, J. H. Pbilbrick, 
0. T. Lane, ^t. P. Eiuenon, W. J. Dudley, J. R. TfttB, teri Bean, Wm. 
Crane, W. W» Baton, Geo. F. C«m, F. P.BrowiitJldniund Hill. 
I . Chyr<^hes— t". Bap., B. P. Parker; Goug., wm. C. Reed; Metb., 
James '4dam«^ , 

£xp. A(f t— J. B. Phllbrick. Hotel— tJnioii, Geo. W. Whlttfer. 

Ins. Act ts~;j. B. irttting, J. L. Fittt). 

MAnunieturers—inmbec, £. E. Smith; lumber, tfonr and meal,: 
French & Eafon, J. Johnson. "; | 

MebJbanics— blacksmiths. Vr. S. Healy, Lewis Remoe ; batcher, T. B.i 
Turner; carpenters, P. M. Towle, J. R. Batchulder, S. A. Davis, Frank 
Hall ; carriage Jobber, C. Emery; contractors alid builderi, L. S. Muu-l 
roe, George w. tieward, R. U. Dunn, T. H. Clifford; coopers, J. C 
Dearborn, SamH Morrill, G. F, Patten ; m.isons, Ingalls Bunker, Wni.l 
Patten ; dress making Misses Remoe : painters and ^per haugf rs, 
E. £. Winship, Thomas Boncer, VT. varnum : printtfi', J. J'. Lai>e:; 
stone masons, N. B. Martin« Joseph Watson ; undertaker, J. M.: 
Toung; wheelwright, J. W.LoveJoy. I 

Merchants— G. C. UngftSon, W. J. Dudley, C. T. Lane A Co.,' 
A. A. \^'hitridge, F. P. Brown ; auctioneers, J. M. YouUg, F. P. Lang-' 
ford j clocks and watcher, J. M. Yontig. I 

IftiSCelianeous— music, >7ellie M. Eaton, Julia Tbwle, AbMe L.' 
Page; real estate broker8.-J.'L. Barker, Joseph Watson; civil engiiieer/-, 
H. M. Baton,J. L.Fittf*. 

Physicians— L. J. Young, Mrs. J. F. PeaM. 

CAIVTEUBURir. MERfilMACK—Pop., 1034. N. fir. C, 9. 
R, M.JS. — Canterbury, 2^'m. and No. Concor«t, 3m., on B. C. ft M. 
R. R. I^tsige to and fi-otn mall train at Shaker VtirHge. 

OFFICERS— C7«r*. A. H. Brqwn; Treat., J. M. Foster; StIMmm, 
0. W. Dow, E. L. Batflhelder, J. H. Lyford ; fi^pt., CJias. W. Emery. 

Postmasters— Mrs. M. L. Brown ; Shaker VUlagt, B. H. Smith. 

Justices -~£d ward Osgood, Luther Sargent, Davtii Morrill^ D. M. 
Clough, S. C. Pickatd, Sta^e; C. S. Osgood, W. A. Stoue, Chas. Smithy 
A. H: Brown, E. H. Knowles, C. W. Emery. j 

Churches— Cong., Ja«. poldt \ HUtVi Comfr, Chas. ^oper ; F. Bap.,1 
A. D. Smith ; Shakers, J, S. Kalme, H. C. Blinn. 

Exp. Ag*t— Ira W, Arlin. 

Mannfactur^rs^-^raiJi criiaies, P. C. Clough ;' lumber, DAVid Mor- 
rill, G. P. Morrill ; wash mtlli^ and hiangleft for laiindry, N.' A. Briggs. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths. J. K., Taylor, Samuel Hill, E. G. Chase ; 
carpenters, M. B. Meal, 8. A; Morrilt, Sanmfel Qiltilan, J. B. Carter, 
Bhaker ViUage, E. B. Knowles ; mason, B. H. Houser ; paiQter, H. G. 
Baines; wheelwriglit, Eliphalet Gale. 

Merchants— A. H.Brown; meat, E. L. Batdielder, . Mi S. Itorrill, 
G. F. Blanchard. 

CABROIili, COOS— Pop., 632. N. fr. C, 130; B« E. fV. Lancaster 
16. 12. H. &— Twin Mountain, on White Mt. R. R. % m. Fabyanj 
iBonse, 4 ni., on B. O. ft M. R. R. 

I OFFICERS— C/erfc. W. F. Hobhg; Treas., Isaac Thompson; SeUd-^ 
';nun, W*. F. Hobbs, H. E. Whitcomb, Geo. Thompson ; l^pU, Bnimji 
C. Buswell. 

Pestmasters— 7Wn Jfothitaia, Oscar Barron; Ibhyan Boutt^J, 8. 
PrMcott. Tel. Opeir., StMion & Exp; Ag*t— James A. Duhlap. 

I JustiAAS — M. P. RfiRnhrnnk. Wni. V. TTnhhH TT. R. JaUhaiwi 


Boarding Houses— Pine Qrove Hoqm, Wm. F. Hobba ; E[»rdy *• Cot 
jtsffe, D. K. EtArdy. 

Church— Metb., J. M. BufFum. 
I Hotels— Twin Mountain Honse. A. T. A 0. V. Bftrron ; White Mt. 
Honsft, R. D. Ronnserel ; Fabrmn House, k. T. ft 0. F. Barron. 

Manafheturers^noiber, Geo. Stewart, p. o. ad.. Twin Mountain, 
Henrj, Joy M Baldwin, p. o. ad., Fabyan'i ; ■tarcfa, P. Boiebrook ft 

Mechanics — ^blacksmith, S. W. Eeltey; carpenters, H. K. Jenness, 
George Ttiompson. 

Merchants — Henry, Joy ft Baldwin. Physician— Osciw Worthley. 

eClVTCB HABBOkK, 3£LKyAP'-Pop., Ml. N. fr, C. 37; 
N. W. fr. Laconia, 12. B. B &— Meredith Tillage on B. 0. ft M.. R. R. 
itage and ateamboat (in Summer) twice a day, to Weirs and Alton 
Bay, conoeeting with B. ft If. R. H. 

OFFICERS— e/«rl!, Wm. G. Clifton; 3V«as.,J. H. Motion iSeUet- 

m, C. H. Canney, J. H. Clark, F. T. Hawkhis ; SvpU, G. A. Kearey. 

Postmaster ft Ex. Ag't— Rnfns Fellows. 

Justices— J. H. IConlton, U W. Watson, W. ft. Page, p. o. ad. Mer- 
edith Village, Wm. B. ClfftAn, 9UU9\ 0. H. Carney, Wm. Gordon. 

Churches— Oong., G. h. Moody; F. Bap., WuL J. BTskiug, p., 
Meredith Village. 

Hotels St Urery StaMe— Senter House. L. L. Hnatrees; Moulton 
Hoitse, S. F. Bmery. Tel. Agent^-F. II. Morse. 

Manufacturers— meal, B. F. Brown'; layiber, clapboards and shin- 
gles, D. M. Hawkins; lumber, F. A. Brovm.- 

Mechanics ft; Artisans— blacksmiths, 0. H. Weeks, J. L. Merrill, 
G. !f. KImery; boot and shoe makers, T. C Gordon, S. N. Freneli ; 
carpenters, Stephen Wentworth, J. P. Lolghton, f . T. Hnwklns, J. B.> 
Senter; maHons, B. H Nudd, G.W.Smith; painters, lohn Reynolds 
Jacob Reynold, John Locke; irtiotographer, W. C. Jackson; wheel- 
wrights, L. W. Watson, Wm. G, Clifton, Warren Hanscom. | 

Merchants— J. H. Monlton, Rnfns Fellows ; auctioneer, R. L. Ooe; 
clocks and watches, R. S. Keneson; ready made clothing, R. Fellows.! 

Physicians— Geo. A. Peavey, W. A. PM^e. ! 

Summer Boarding Housed— Almou Benson, W. A. Page, B. L. 
Coe, B. F. Kelsea, T. C. Gordon, K. Fellows, Brown Oottsige, B. F. 

OKantl lervllle— See Newbury 

€Hft[KliE9XOWM,iS(7LLrr/<iV-Pop.,158«. W. fr. C, 61; 
S. W. fr. Newport, 20. R. R. <S^.— CharleAown, North C. South C, 
and Springfield, on Snlliy>«n R. R. 

OFFTCBRS— ClerJb, C. 0. Kimball ; IVea;., George Oleott', StUetiMn^ 
H. B. Viall, B J. I>e nary, John C. Taylor; Supt.^ L. W. HiiSkelL 

Postmasters— C. C. Kimball ; Brmth^ Mrs. Albee : Nwth^ W. A. Hunt. 

Justices^K. L.CnshinK. Geo.Olcott, H. B. Viall, 8taU\ BenJ. Whip- 
ple. G. W. Hamlin, C. C. Kimball, Geo. Hubbard, L. W. Albee, Geo. S. 
Bond, D. S. ilamlin, Albert Pitts, Ohtts. Gay, 8. B. Gowing, A. Hunt. 

Boarding Houses— Mrs. T. Si Kraos, Mrs. Chas. Allen, Mrs. F. W. 

Churches — Cong., Geo. H. Dnnlap; Bpis., St Imke*8, R. M*Bei4teley ; 
Unit., Thos. D. Howard; Meth., Norths Joseph Hayo«. 

Exp. Agents — D. G, Stoughton; Norih^Vf. A. Hnnt. 

Hotels— iSagle, Thos. R. Marston; Cheshire Bridge House, C. W. 
Fsfrbrother; Conn. River House, £bu<A, J. G. Wigbfcman. 

Lawyer— B. L. Ouahlng. Uvery S toble— H. B. Vlail. 


Manufacturers— grist nnd saw mills, iVortA. H. Hetcalfs estate 
lumber, Cliarleetown Bteam Mill Co.; SovfA, Eli Adams; pargetise 
cans, Pargetized Can Co.; Tiolin cases, D. S. Hamlin. 

MeehaBicsA Artisans— blacksmiths, H. Smith, Brooks Kimhall 
M. 0. MiUtken, C. L. Blood, Sam'l Fossj Iforlh, D. W. Parks : carpen^ 
ters, 8. ▲. Spooner, J. Bnrtt, jr., W. S. TTestgate, H. C. Bllinwood: 
Ni^rih, A. Clark, W. C. Hobart, W. F. Merrill ; cabinet maker, Norih^ 
C. A. Way ; hair dresser, F. Cunha ; harness maker, W. W. Harris < 
Jeweler, Ellen L. Fletcher; painters, T. R. MelviUei, A. 6. Graham,* 
8. N. Corbin; printer, Geo. I. Putnam ; failoi, C. C. Chadbome. 

MercbantS--€. L. Corbin k Co., W. H. Labaree ; auctioneer, J. C. 
Stebbins; boots and shoes, J. A. Hunt 8. T. Jaeebs: drags and med< 
iciiies, F. 8. Barbour; fancy goods ana notions, C. C. Kimball; gro* 
ceries, Edward Cooley ; stoves and tin ware, Fred 8aker, C. L. Finlay. 

Physicians— 8. Webber, N. G. Brooks; dentisU, E. 8. Taylor; 
SinUh^ L. W. Albee. Restaurant— 8. L. Lawrence. 

CHATHAH, Cifii^OZX— Pop., 421. K. X. from C, 92 ; V. fr 
Osslpee, 40. J2. JE. iSl— Fryeburg, Me., 16 m^ on P. A 0. B. B. Con- 
Teyanoe daily. 

OFFICEBS— Clerl, J. C Eastman: Tr^at,, Asa Chandler; 'SsIeefM^n, 
C. 8. Osgood, W. D. Jewell, B. Charles, Jr.; Btg^ J. Walker, W 
Brack ett,I). H. Chandler. 
■ ^Postmasters— I. E. Clay ; North, B. Chandler ; Seuik, J. Hill Jr. 

Justices— I. B. Clay, StaU ; J. C. Eastman, J. Bill, Paul Chandler, 
C. Binford. 

Churches— Cong., I. H. Llbbey ; Mcth., Xliphalet Weeks. 

Manufiicturer— lumber, I. X. Clay. 

Mechanics — blacksmith, Kdsun Ouptill, F. Willey; carpenterv,' 
Jonathan Johnson, Francis Abbott ; millwright, Jonathan Johnson ; 

€HESTX:B9 •SOC£/2\r&i7u4i^Pop., 1136. 8. X. fr. C, 23 ; W. fr. 
Exeter, 16. S. R. iSf.— Derry, on M. A L. B. B.; Daily stage. West 
Hampstead, on K. A. B. B. B., 6 m. 

0FFICBB8— C7er2;, C. F. Marston ; Trta*^ J. W. Noyes ; Mednun, 
Charles Chase, Geo. W. Wilcomb, Muses Webster ; jSkj><., C. A. Wilcomb. 

Postmaster— C. A. Wilcomb. 

Justices— J. W. Noyes, T. J. Melrin, Woodbury Masters, Lncien 
Kent, BlaU; J. 8. Couch, Quorttm ; C. H. Knowles,C. F. Marston, Jos. 
Webster, Parker Morse, D. L. Batchelder, C. A. Wilcomb, J. Albert 
Hook, A. J. Merrill, H. H. Lane, C. A. West. 

Ctaurehes— Bap., J. W. Merrill; Cong., Chas. Tenney; Meth., J. 
Higgins. Physicians— 4. F. Brown, L. Chesley ; eclec., X. L. Wright 

Exp. Aa'tS— Chas. Canimet, K. Nichols, G. B. Sanders. 

Hotel* LiTcry Stable— FtT/a^D. L. Batchelder. X. Nichols. 

Manufacturers— barrels, C. 8. Wilcomb; boots and riioes,John Un* 
derhiil. A. J. Merrill ; stayes and shingles. Dale Bros. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, Nelfon Gillingbam, J. D. Wiggin, C. 6. 
McDuffee; carpenters, H. L. Pollard, C. B. Hall: coopers, C. 8. Wil- 
comb, Q. W. Wilcomb; mason, J. B. Clay: watcnmaker, C. F. Mars- 
ton ; watchmaker and repairer, J. F. Bobie ; wheelwrights, J. W 
West, 2nd, Hasen Mills. 

Merchants— C. A. Wilcomb, Dale Bros.; auctioneers, N. 8. Morse, 
S. F. Leanard; sewing machines and spectacles, C.F. Marston. 

Tel. Ag'tS— C. A. Wilcomb. C. F. MarRton. 

CHESTERFIELB, CHESBIBE—Vov^ 1178. 8. W. fr.C, 62 ; 
S. W. ft*. Keene, 12. B. R. S— Eeene, on Cheshire K. B.. 12 m. Daily 
stage. Dummerston or Brattleboro for West, on Ti. Yalley K. B. 


OFFIC£B8~C7eri; and Trtat^ Hermoa C. Umrrej ; StJ^cknm, CtooJ 
'Goodrich, Dayid Hoi man, Hnrray IHiTii, Awpft., W. W. Lareoi, H. 
Horgan, J. Hall. 

Postmastei^-J. H. Oood^lcb, 2d. 

JusUees-^. H. Goodrich, G.C. P. Goodrich, J. B. FItko, W. W. Lo- 
rena, StaU; J. M. Richardion, J. W. Chaaibarlain, Jr., Murraj Datii^ 
H. e. Hajnr«7, J. H. Goodrich, 2d. 

Churches— Cone., -———~; Math., W. W. Leaenr^ 

Ex. A^t— H.!Ulbarn. Hotel & UYerf SUhle— 4>o#or«l Lakt, 
Proq>ectHoa8e, A. B. Maaon; Lnciua ;Tbatcher. 

MaDufaeturers— Imi'ber, B. ¥. Pierce, H. Bntlar, T.Bvtler. 

MeehABies—carpestara, J. W. Hildreth, Chaa. Hildreth; 
Geo. Goodrich, P. H. Stone, N. Smith. 

Merchant— J. H. Goodrich, 2d. Physician- B. P. Randall. 

IVest— JZ. B. S— Bammertton, Tt., i m., on Tt. Talley R. B. 

Postmaster— E. H. Colbnm. Church— TJniT., H. B. Morgan. 

Manufacturers— ilonr and meal, 'W. Ford, W. W. Parr ; lumbar, 0. 
R. Parr, "W.W. Parr. I 

Mechanics- blackamlthi, Onetine Peltier, Smith Starkay; carpen-^ 
ten, L D. Parr, L. B. Parr; mawna, W. Parr, Parker Parr, Asa Smith J 

Merchant — groceriea and auctioneer, G. P. Gilaom. 

Factory Tlllair«— Postmaster— J. C. Panrell. 

Church— Union, W. W.'Laeenr. 

Eatlna House— £aie, Ban ton A Parr. 

Hotel A Uvery Stable— Walter Whedler; XaU, Conillaid A Ma- 

I Manufacturers— bits and angers, Beajamin Pferee ; flour and meal, 
B. C. Parr ; lumber, T. L. Powler, H. J. Fowler, J. W. Chamberhtin, J. 
M. G. Wright, Wm. AtheHun, P. L. PuUam, Steam Power Co., G. H 
!* Geo. Goodrich ; sash. Minds and doors, Geo. L. Hamilton ; staves 
and shiaglea, I. P. Buxton; wheel heads, 8. 8. Campbell; wool and 
Hax wheels, P. B. Pierce. 

I Mechanics — blacksmith, P. B. Albee; carpenters, C. S. Campbell, 
;A. Wilson, J. L. Wilsou, H. Starkey, A. Farwell ; masons, D. 8. Wal 
ton, S. Chamberlain, B. E. Bobbins. 

Merchants— J. C. Farwell ; Jewelry, Geo. P. Barling. 

Physician— J. P. Butler. 

CHICHESTEK, jrj?i?£7if^ CJT- Pop., 784. X. ftom 0., 8 m. 
B. R. <$.— Chichester, on Suncouk Talley R. R. 

OFFICERS— ClerJr, Cbas. A. Langmaid; 3Vea<., Edward Langmaid; 
Mtetwun^ Augustas Leayitt, Jacob 8. Sanborn, Albert Sanborn ; Su^^ 
Sam'l Kendall. 

Postmasters— Solomon Leavitt ; Kmik^ G. P. Haines. 
{ Justices — Edward Laugmaid, C. H. Ciirpentfr, B. C. Xnowltoa 
J. W. Severance, SlaU ; Charlea Lake, John Fellows, B. T. Brown, M. 
^. BatcheldOT. 

Churches— Cong., — •— * ; Meth., A. Caswell. 

Manufacturers — Clumber, Q. W. Lane, G. H. Munsey ; wooden han- 
dles, J. O. MerrilL 

Mechanics— blacksmith, J. W. Lamphrey ; carpenters, Albert SAn 
bom, E. A. Miller; painter, C. E. Call ; wheelwright, Ira Sanborn. 

Merchant — Augustas Sheldon. Exp. Ag't — G. S. Sanders. 

Morth— Churches— Adv.. ; Bap., .— . 

Boarding Houses— William Lake, 8. W. Langmaid, Curtis Reed. 

ManufiicUirers— boots and shoes, E. A G. S. SHnders; lumber, CIG. 
Sanders, Eneas Ordway, Joseph Holmes, J. Mason, G. H. Haines. 


Mechanics — blacksniitUii, Jamos Chelsey, John Fellows; carriage 
and sleigh maker, G. U. Haines. 

Merchants — G. P. Haines, Joseph Morse. 

ClMHSOriia— See Albany. 

CIiARBMIOJrT, S^rLi/rJiVi-Pop., 4704. K. W. fr.C, 50. 
it. R. £f.— Claremont on G. A 0. R. %.; Glaremont June., W. Clare. 2>^ 
m., on 0. V, R. R. 

OFFICERS— OltfrXi. F. F Ha^lcell; TVeos., S. W. ToIIes; SeJ^dmen, 
Win. aark, John W. Jewett, I. H. Long; Snpt^ Arthur Chase; 
Agent, Chaa. S. AJlen. . . 

Postmaster^. M. Whipple. 

Justices— Arthur Chase, 0. F. R. Wafte, J, L. Farwell, W. E. Tutber- 
ly, Ira Colby, H, W. Parker, E. D. Baker, Wm. Clark, R. W. Silshoe, C' 

0. EasCman, James Holt, F. A. Briggs, Hermon Holt, F. H. Brown,] 
State ; J. W. SanbOrn, SuraneV Putnam, Geo. G. Ide, Albert KoRsiter. 

1. D, Hall, Wm- H. Drury, I. H. Long, J W. Jewett, G. B. Perley. 
Churches — Bap., Joseph S. Swaim; Gung^ ; Kpls., 

Henry Ferguson; Meth., M. T. B. Knox; R. Cath., Cornelius 
O'SuUlvan; Untr., — : -. 

Ex. Agent— 0. J, Brown. T^h Ag't— Henry Judklnt. 

Hotels— SULLIVAN HOUSE, M. H. YOLK; Belraout House, H. C. 

ins. Agents— C 0. Eastman, Farwell k Bailey ; life, H. Judklns. 

Lawyers— E. D. Bak^r, Ira Colby, H, W. Parker, Arthur Chase 
Hermon Holt, P. H. R^oWn. 

Literary institutians— Stevens High School, A. J. Swain, prin.;i 
Fiske Free Library, 3^00 vols. i 

Uvery Stables— Stowell & Welcome, J. M. Hey wood, Frank Clem- 
ent. Herbert Nichols, L. W. Watriss. i 

Manufticturers— bJindH. doon^ mouldings & ansh, FRBEHAK & 
ONEIL; books. CLAREMONT MT'G CO.; boots and ahiHss, Barrett & 
Tenney, H.C. Noyes, S. E. Noyes, Wm. Redfleld B. F. JoJibson, T. M. Mc 
Quaid, C. B. Gntterson; brick, L. B. Farr, M. Iiarlow; butter tnl»8 and 
pails, R. L. HOWE ft Co.; cigars. Abbott & Hart, G. & T. Hale, carriaRes 
and sleighs, Gell Leuven, H. A., Willard; cottony Monadnock Milla 
Co., D. W. Johnson, ag*t. Home liflll. Pierce, Hardy A Co ; flour an<l 
mill feed, Maoe ft Tililen ; files and rasps S. RICHARDSON, JR ; 
knit shirts and drawers, Herbert Bailey; lumber, Monndnock Mills 
Co.. Sugar River Mill Co., C. H. Swain; mill feed, I. C.Harriman; 
psiper, SUGAR RIVER PAPER MILL CO., J. 1^. Emerson, ag't ; patent 
cone (engine) washers, J. l!. EMERSON; stair rails, mouldings, «fec., 
FREEMAN A O'NEIL; {stereotype plates, Glaremont Mannfg Co.: 
toys, L. A. Durant A Co., woolens and cassimeres, G. L. Bedcom ; 
flannels, Monadnock Mills Co.; water wheels and paper engine wasli- 
eA, JOHN TYLER; wool rolls, R. Sbepardson; wine (communion) 
and vinegar, Albert Hale. 

Mechanic^ it Artisans — bakers, Henry Kimball, F. Paradise ; 
blacksmiths, L. W. Watriss, G.E. Albee, Peter Millett, Charles Ball. 
Wm. B. Henry; bill poster and curator of town hall, A. Rnrrill ; 
carpenters, Orlando Ne«'ton, John Hendee, G. B. Farrington, G. D. 
Osgood, L. D- Hall, 0. A. Bond, Geo. Murphy, G. Mnrpliy, jr., D. J.\ 
Livingston, H. Baker, N. L. Davis, Geo. T. Stockwell, Austin Perry,! 
L. R. Chase, H. R. Beckwith, Wm. Chandler; cooper, A. R. Rnsseil.J 
feather renovator and nphobterer, F. X. LeFebvre; hairdressers, E.! 
H. Jaques, Eugene Millett, P. Cosh ion ; harness makers, T. Dart, B. J ! 
Boweu. L. D. Pattea. H. Dredsell A Son : laundry. L. T. Penseno : ma- 



chinistB, SULLITAN MACHINl! CO., J. P. TTpham.pnfi., M. A. Knott; 
marble workers, BLOOD k WOODCOCK ; iomodc, a F. Tibbels, O. A.I 
jWalker, S. Mitchell, A. Walker, L. 8te«nM, O. Alton ; masic teachera 
Kra. M. B. Partridge, Mlaa M. E. Partridge, Miss M. W. Ide ; paIntera,R 
,B. Tenney, J. B. Fletcher, John Barnard. G. Rowell, T. 1*. Heath, Geo. 
Heath, G. H. Abbott, landscape, R. E. Sliller; photoRraphera, Wm. Cof 
ifrin, J. T. Locke ; printers, CLAREMONT MANUF*G CO., J. Weber, H.; 
IP. Orandy, S. H. Story; tailors, S. F. Redfield, B. t. Houghton, A. VJ 
Hitchcock, L. TS.. Blood,, C. E. Perry; tin, sheet iron and copper plate 
jworkers, A. C. Stone k Co.. S. S. Rand, J. G. Brigga; undertaker, A. H. 
|Barker; watchmakers, Solon Silsby, Renben Spencer, S. I. L. Wood- 

! Merchants— Henry Patten, I. D. Hall ; auctioneer, H. L. Hub* 
Urd; books and stotionery, CLARBMONT STATIOflTERT CO; boots 
and ahoes, J. Woodbury, E. F. Johnson, H. C. Noyea, W. T. Noyes, C. B. 
iGuttenon; dry goods, C. H. WEED k CO., A. M. Dean k Co., Hey-, 
[wood k Co., 8. Banm k Co.; drags and medictnea, Wm. M. Ladd, H. L. 
Brooks, Willis k Baker, F. G. Winn ; flour, Mace k Tilden, I. C. Harri 
man, C. S. Allen, A. Dntton ; Ikncy goods and toys, R. D. Kellogg, E 
S. Rand, R. Spencer; flsh, E. M. Gowdey, C. B. Mitchell, C. H. Sar. 
gent; furniture and crockery, Haskell k Tolles, A. M. Hannaford; 
groceries, Jewett k Peabody, F. k G. W. Jewett, F. Rnfferty, C. 
Jonee k Co., Wm. Bailey, Welch k Sleeper, P. Lynch; hardware and 
^icultural implements, G. H. Stowell, C. Jones k Co.; Jewelry and 
.aiWer ware, R. Spencer, S. I. L. Woodbury, Heywood k Co.; meat, 
IB. F. THRASHER, H. P. Baker, A Co., G. G. Phllbric, Jonas Hastings ; 
,mfllinery, Mrs. M. H. Babcock, C. M. I^eet, Mrs. M. A. 
jDaris, C. E. Moulton, C. E. Lane k Co.; periodicals, E. S. Rand ; 
Iready made clothing, and gents furnishing goods, Fred Hanbrich k 
jGo., Jas. Holt, F. J. Pierce, I. D. Hall ; sewing machines, B. H. Colby ; 
poap and ice, F. Kelsey; tin ware, S. S. Rand, A. C. Stone k Co., 
ir. 0. Briggs. 

I Physicians— 8. G. Janris, C. A. Tolk, A. R. Cnmraings, C. B. Ba 
ker, 0. B. Way, L. J. Grares, C. W. Tolles, Rdw. Barnes, homeo., O. C. 
jEllis; dentists. Smith k Jarris, J.^Back; vet. surg., F.C. WILKIN 

We«t— Postmaster— H. Q. P. Cross. Physician— S. O. Jarris. 

Church— Epis., W. B. T. Smith. 

ifotels— H. G. P. Cross ; Junction House, Geo. H. Chatfleld. 

Manufacturers— paper, (hanging) R. Jarris; wrapping and hang 
ing, West Clare. Paper Co., lumb<>r. R. Jarris. 

€E.ABKSVII<I<E, C0O.*-Ppp 328. N. fr. C, 145. R. R. &— 
Coos or No. Stratford, '20 m., oi^ G. T. R. R. Stage twice a week. 

OFFICERS— C7«rAr, Chas. Young r Tr9ai., N. C. Young; SeUctmen^ 
Josiah Young, Charles YOnng ; Atp(., Stephen G. Fuller. 

Postmaster— C. W. Wiswell. 

Justices-^P. C. Roby, Horace Comstock, N. H. Whedler, J. W. 

Manulketurers~<arriageA, J. M. Crawford: starch, Johii Keyser. 

Mechanics— carpenter, Arthur Aldrich; masons, L. A. Felton, F. 

Clinton OroTe— See Weare. 

COLEBROOK, €003-^^ Shire town. Pop., 1581. N. fr. C, 
150 ; N. E. fr. Lancaster, 35. R, R. &— No. Stratford, 14 m., on G. T. 
R. R. Daily Stage. 

OFFICERS— Clerle, H. B. Parsons ; Tr«iM.,Weeley Wentworth ; Select- 



MMfi, Sidney B. Whittemore, Dan. Fletcher, Freeman B. Goyell ; Supt., 
BenJ. F. Drew. 

Postmaster A Exp. Agent— J. Cooper. Tel. Ag't— H. B. Parsons. 

Justices— H. Bedel, S. Aldricb, Wm. H. Bhurtleff; J. I. PareoDs, 
B. O. Bogers, 0. F. Staey, Albert Barker. A. S. Enstit, Jesse Cooper, 
W. Wentworth, F.6. Cooper Slat4; 8. B. Whitteraore, D. C. Eemick, 
H. W. Woodrow, D. B. Cnmnoingi*. B. B. Gtlmore, Jolm Whfttemore. 
U. U. Leavitt, J. H. Dudley, S. S. Merrill, J. S. Capen, Milton Harri- 
nan, A. M. Oould, C. Colby, G. H. Roby, B.O. Jameson, T. F. John- 
son, Ransom Barriman. C. A. Bridge, C. 8. Aldrlch, Frank Aldrich, 
W* X. Drew, 8. B. Whittemore. 

Churches— Cong., E. P. Stone ; Meth., N. C. Alger. I 

Hotels — Monadnock, Thomas Bowan ; Parsons House, E. F. Bailey, 
Mohawk House, D. A. Tewksbury. j 

Ins. AgentS--J. Whittemore, Dudley ft Bemick, W. H. ShnrtlelT, 
Aldrich k Parsons. 

Lawyers— A. Barker. J. H. Dudley, E. Aldrich, W. H. ShnrtlefT, J. 
I. Parsons, D. C. Bemick, T. F. Johnson. 

Literary Inst.— Colebrook Acndemy, G. A. Di<key. prln. 

Livery Stables— B. F. Bailey, T. G. Rowan, U. Jacobs. C. Camminfrs. 

ManuTacturers — brick. D. T. Noyes.; brooms, Edward Diniick; 
ftarniture, Dan'l SteTens, J. D. Little; leather, O. Hillfard; lumber, 
H. Bedel, Bich A Spencer; plows, sfOTee and CHstings, Graham,' 
ft Gilkey ; rat exterminator, Charles Parron^ ; sn^h, l>limlft and doora^ 
H. Hammond, C. E. Bulfe; starch, 8. B. A 8. B. Merrill, H. Be-^ 
del, LoTsring A Patrick, Harrinian A Co.. I. Toniip. J. W. Cooper, L.{ 
G. Piper, Crawford, Aldrich A Eustis, Gould, Harrinian A Cross ; wool-! 
ens. Jas. Loonits. 

Mechanics & Artisans— blacksmiths, Bobert G. Jameson, Boberti 
J. Christie, Geo. Gleason, David Bdbie, i^umner Cummings, GeoJ 
Clifford, James M. Jordan, Monahan A Dunn, J. D. Little ; carpen-, 
ters, W. 8. Rolfe, F. C. Bolfe, 8. W. Tirrill, A. Hicks, Daniel Stevena, hJ 
Eastman, E. Holden, Daniel Coats ; coffins, Dan'i Stevens ; coopers, H. P.! 
Sliattnck, J. Shatt nek, Bich A Spencer; hair dressers, Oville BuuhI 
ford ; hamefes makers, Thomas Mackey, A. G. Day« C. C. Carletong 
machinist, Jas. W. Spencer; marble worker. G. Levett; masons^ 
Wm. Boli'e, Dan Fletcher, Wm. Lyman, E. Holden ; paintenw Wm 
Phniips. C. 8. Stnnley, 8. F. Whitcomb ; photographer, H. W. Rich 
printers, Albert Barker, J. D. Bridge; tailors, Dan'l Stevens, M. T<] 
bin, G. H. Millen : stone masons, C. Chappel. Wm. Chappel : uplioi 
terers, J. D. Little ; v heelwrights, G. S. Norris, G. E. Bolfe, B. bre 

B. Danlorth. 
Merchants — Merrill Bros. A Drew, J. W. Cooper, A Son, Wen 

worth A Diew, ( hwrtes Colby A Co., £. H. M'illiams, H. C. Yonirg, ~ 
Parkhurst; ag^icnltuial implements, ]<.P. Covell; auctioneers, C. 
Carleton, W. R. Bolfe ; Ixots and phoes, I. Morancy, C. C. Hicks, J. 
Cooper A Son, V. F. Day, Merrill Bros, A Drew; clocks and watch 
D. N. Cliadsey, G. 8. Bemick ; clothing, £. C. Wilder, drugs and m< 
i cines, J. B. Biley, Porter 8. Locke : groceries, F. G. Jacobs A Coj 
Henry Marshall, A. B. Gaskell, W.G. Lyman ; hardware A. Eusi 
A Co.; meat, H. P. Cooper, T. G. Bowun; millinery, Mrs. £. H. W 
liams, Mrs. 8. Cummings, MisscK S. A B. Cooper, V. F. Day. 

Physicians— E. D. Lombard, C. C. Norris, F. C.Harris; dent' 

C. Baymond. 
rOLlMBIA, COCS—Vojt., 762. N. fr.C. 138 ; N. fir. Lane 

"ir, 33. Jr. ir. ;b.>-Kortli Stiatioid, '^y^ ni. fr. 8. line ot towp, 9 m. 



Oolambia post office, and 3 fr. S. C. post office, on Q. T. ft. S. Sftago 
coBoects with morning and evening trains. 

OFFICE aS->Cr«rfc and 7V«u., W. C. Biiffingham; SBUetmem, D. H. 
Cook, C. B. Howe, F. G. Marshidl; Supts.^ JL K. Amaseen, I. T. BaTia. 
Postmasters— David Chandler ; Bouih, Lewis iinow. 
Justlces-^Tonathan Gilman, H. SI. Hobart, B. R. Kelsea, S. Bailey. 
Churches— Gong., Eatl^ 8. K.. Amaaeen; Meth., Soidh, J. T. DmIm. 
W. B. Cone. Lewis Snow. 
Hotel— Golnrabia House, L. C. Welch. 

Maoufaeturers— Iniuber South, Bdward; Kingsley k Oo.; starch, 
Weti, Columbia Starch Co., Hasen Bedel, p. o. ad., Colebrook, Samnel 
HarTej ; South, M. Harshall ; East, Rogers, Libby k Go. 

Hechanics — blacksmith, U. M. Hobart; carpenters, A. L. Day, 
J. W. Weeks ; masons, (stone) S. W. Gartis, S. G. Howe, A. Osgood. 

Herehants — auctioneer, J. F. Locke; com and meal, Willard 
jReach ; groceries, Lewiw Snow. 

CONCORD, MBRSIMACK^Vop^ 13,846. S. B. &— Concord. 
on Concord R. R. Northern R. R.. B., G. k H. R. R., and G. Jk C. R. R. 
OFFICERS— City CXerh, J. A. Cochran ; Cilif Trwu., Wra. F. Thay- 
«r; Mayor, Horace A. Brown; Aldermtjn, lUhervW^, John H. Roife, 
ward 1 ; Jga$t, C. R. Robinson, Ward 2 ; West, B. T. Putney, Ward 3 ; 
.S.H. Griffin, Ward 4; Wm. H. Bnntin, Ward 6; H. W.Glapp, Ward 
16; C. B. Thompson, Ward 7 ; Commrm CkmncU, Albert Saltmarsh, Pres.; 
U. S. Runnels, John Garter, Ward 1 ; J. B. Frye, John B. Sanborn. 
Ward 2; Albert Saltmarsh, A. G. Abbott, Ward 3 ; N. H. Shattnck, 
F. L. Sanders, Ward 4 ; H. A. Ifann, F. J. Batcheldar, Ward 5 ; J. H, 
Lane, 6. H. Emory, Ward 6; G. H. Peacock, J. S. Abbott, Ward 7; 
lAueators, Cyrus Runnela, W. A. Bean, Harrison Partridge, Charles 
;Woodmau, Curtis^ White, G. S. Dennett, J. B. Weeks; CommUHotur of 
iHighways, H. A.Brown; OoUedorof Taxes, G. T. Huntoon: 8upertnr 
itndmg School Committee, W. W. Flint, W. K. Bartiett, Abial Rolfe ; 
goardo/Edueaiion for union School district, OliTer PiUsbury, Prer.; 
|P. B. Cogswoll, H. J. Grippen, Warren Clark, G. P. Sanborn, A. B. Thomp* 
WD, G. W. Oroekett, J. H. George; Supt., D. G. Allen : City Solicitor, 
^. P. Sanborn; OUy Marthnl, John Gonnell; A»tistant Marshal, 
Tiahervitte, John Chad wick ; Chief Bngineer, J. M. Lauder ; Pitlice Cawrt, 
r-JusUce, Sylvester Dana; Justice ^tecial, L. 8. Morrill; Clerk, R. P. 
Stanlels ; I\aiee, J. B. Rand, C. H. Jones, E. A .F. Hammond. 

Postmasters— L. H. Carroll ; East, Sam'l L. French ; West, Joseph 
Eastman ; Mast Yard, D. G. Holmes. 

. Justices— Asa Fowler, J. S. Nuyee, Josiah H inot, W. M. Chase, G. P. 

inborn, B. S. Nutter, J. Kimball, S. G. Lane, L. ttoby, A. G. Jones, 

S. C. Baatman, J. H. G^rge, G. G. Lund, G. S- Blanchard, Darius, 

Merrill, G. O. Fogg, H. J. Grippen, F. & Dodge, N. H Shattuck, G. B. 

Todd, Lyman Jackman, 0. Pillsbury, J. W. Barney, Sylvester Dana, 

W. H. Bnntin, Calvin Howe, Seth Eastman, L. 8. Morrill,! 

,Z.G. Perkins, J. P. Bancroft. B. G. Bastman, G. P. Conn, C. G, Dau-| 

iforth, 6. W. Ela, Joseph Wentworth, A. Hadley, Thomas M. Lang-' 

jWalter Harriman, B. B. Badger, J. B. Merrill, J. B.Raud, I. A. Uill,< 

|£noch Oerrish J. F. Webster, William Butterfield, Lyman Jackman,' 

D. F. Secomb, L. L. Mower, G. W. Crockett, 8. L. French, L. P. Dur> 

gin, Ghaae Whitcher, A. W. Silsby, J. E. Sargent, Arthur Fletcher, 

t. H. Qonld, John Coiinell, J. C. A. Hill, L. u. Carroll, J. M. Jones. 

|I. W. Hammond, C. 8. Danforth, J. K. Stokes, F. 8. Streeter, J. P. 

Jf otter, Qeo. O. Dickerman, J. H. Gallinger, Stillmaa Humphrey, J. N. 

iMcCIintock, Woodbridge Odlin, J. B. Sanborn, W. A. Stone, W. B. 


ebbetts, E, H. Woodniau, I. N. Ai^bott, H. A. Brown, W. A. Cloagh, 
!. R. Benner, Warren Clark, G. P. Cleaves, Harvej Campbell, D. S.j 
orser, P. B. CH^ipwell, G. H. ]>imond, J. G. Dearborn, XL H. Rollins, A. C.I 
tardy, Moses Htimpbrey,Geo. Jones,£.A. Lane, J. Y. Mugridge, A.G- 
ones, J. W. Odlin, J. N. Patterson, H. £. Perkins, R. A. Ray, H. P. 
lolfe, R. P. Staniels, L. J). Stevens, A.' B. Tbompson, Curtis White, 
7. R. Walker, J. B. Walker, H. D. White, M. R. Emerson, W. H. Alli-I 
on, Geo. Abbott^ W. H. Bell, M. »H. Bean, B. H. Couch, H.I 
!. Chamberlain, D. Sylvester, G. A. Kemald, C. E. Foote, J. P.* 
eorge, G. S. Morrill, A. F. L. Norrls, J. L. Pickering, A. W. Rolfe, H. 
LoWnson, H. G. Sherburne, H.W. Stevens, G. P. Underbill, Q. F. Whit- 
ridge, B. H. Woodman, T. B. Martin, State; H. Sanborn, H. B. Foster,' 
.. S. Smith, J. B. Brown, W. A. Bean, J. T. Clough, 0. L. Shepard, 
7. W. Holden, C. R. Corning, T. A. Pillsbory, C. C. DaTis, F. H. 
owler, £, B. Craddock, D. B. Howard, C. T. Dudley, V. C. Hastings, 
1. A. Merrilt, W. W. Flint, Giles "Wheeler, J. WetUerbee, W: W. Hill, 
. R. Robinson, D. B. Donovan, ?, A.. Holt, H. W. Parkex, D. S- Web 
ter, N. E. Aanin, Y. C. Hitstings, F; A. Abbott, F. P. Andrews, S. E 
lifford, G. B. Chesley, Philip Flanders, jQ. S. Locke, C. S. Mellen, J. £ 
.obortson, J. G. Tallant, J. A. Cochran, W. H. Johnson, G. P. Under- 
iU, P. A. Fowler, J. P. Sargent, M. S. Sanborn. 
Churches — Adv., - — ; First Bap., Wm. V. Garner ; Pleas- 
tit St. Bap., Luther G, Barrett, B. B. Cummings ; P. Bap., H. F. Wood,! 
. P. Nutting; Cong., F. D. Ayer ; South Cong., C. E. Harrington, E.j 
[. Greeley, W. R. Jewett; We9t,,G. M. Perry ; Ea$tyW. G. Shoppe, H. 
.. Kendall, Daniel. McClenning; Epis., St. Ptinl's, W. W. Niles, biuh-,; 
p of the diocese and rector ; D. 0. Roberts, vice rector ; MUlville^ U. 
. Coit; j; H. Coit, R. A. Benton, <3. A. Morrill ; First Meth., E. C. 
ass ; Baker Memorial Meth,, C. E. Hall ; J. W. Merrill, S. Holman ;! 

..J3ath., J. E. Barry ; Unita., 8. C. Beane; Univ., . | 

Carroll, Smith A Co^ H. M. 

i Phenix, J. R. Hill ; Elm House,! 
oore & Brown ; American Honse, Mrs. Aar6n Ferguson ; Mfirrimack 
[onse, D. D. Silver ; Birckdale SprinffSf Adams A Co. I 

Ins. Ag'tS— Staniels, Allison & Co., Morrill A Danforth, Lyroau 
Ackman A Co., J. B. Marston, Perkins A Ballard, D. E. Howard, Wm. 
. Stone, M. R. Emerson, S. W. Wallace. 

Lawyers — ^Asa Fowler, J. E. Sargent, A. Fletcher, Sylvester Dana 
oniuhMinot, J. H. George, L. D. Stevens, B. Pi Rolfe, W. L. Foster, 
. Y. Mngridge, U. E. Perkins, S.G. Lane, B. E. Badger, Warren Clark, 
has. P. Sanborn, ,S. C. Eastman, Wm. M. Chase, C. C. Ljind, L. S. 
[orrill, J. H. Albin, F. S. Stricter, A. F. L. Norris, M. W. Tappan,' 
red H. Gonid, Henry Robinson, D. S. Corser, Natt. E. Martin, D. B. 
onovan, H. F. Norris, Ray A Walker, E. A. Lane, F. A. Fowler. 
Literary Institutions— St. Paul's School, H. A. Colt, D. D., prin. 
nion High School, John L. Stanley, prin.; Commercial and Classical 
shool, G. E. Gay, prin.; Female ^oard'g A Day School, Misses Bridge. 
Livery Stables— C. H. Norton A Co., A. S. Dill, A. A G. A. Foster, 
nshey A Bowser, N. A. Duncklee, Poor^ A Brown, J. Marsh, D. Phil- 

Manufacturers — bakerp, Norris A Crockett, South End Bakery; 
sdsteads, N. H. State Prison, G.T. Comins, contractor ; bricks, S. Holt, 
'ast, J. T. Clough ; candles and soap, M. Critchett A Son ; carriages, 
bbott-Downing Co., Concord Carriage, MTg. Co., Flandera, White A. 
onatnh. TTnitiii Oarriaipe Mannfactorv. H. M. Rav A Co.: carriacrei 


Sjn-iags, J. Fnlraer A Co.; carriage whe«It etc., Holt Broa^ car wkeels 
and brass foandem, Ford A KimbaD ; chnrns, P. Blauchard's Bods ; ci-] 
giii^J. S. Hubbard, S. WardDer; Are engine hose, £uf; Sno)*! East- 
maB k Co.; flannels, Wett^ D. Hnlden ft Co.; gas. Concord GaM 
Light Co.: harnesses, J. 9. Hill A O)., Varor k Cirocker, J), W. Long; 
J. D. Johnson ft Son, E. O. Mnrpby; ink, H. B. Foster; leather^ 
and belting, Page Belting C04 East, S. Eastman ft Co.; Mackerel kits, 
West, Moeee Humphrey ; mek>deon and iriano keyi^ James S. Crockett ; 
mouldings, brackets, etc. E. B. Hntchinsott ; organs and melodeons, 
Prescott Organ Co., Ballon ft Cartis; organ, melodeon and piano 
stools, Prescott Organ Co,; 'plctnre frames and looking glnsses, Rob- 
inson ft Smart, ¥. D. Batchelder, S. Blood; plaster, JBa$t, J. T. 
Cloagh ; plows, stoves and castings, Wm. P. Foni ft Co^ silver ware, 
W. B. Dnrgin ; slate and gravel roofli, W. M. Darrah ; sash, blinds and 
doors. A, Banker, Lowell Eastman. 

' Mecbajiics & Artisans— architects, Bow ft Wheeler; artists, A 
Tenney, H. P. Moore, E. W. Kimball ; bookbinders, F.S. Crawford, 6. H.' 
H. SILSBT ft SON, N. Giles ; brick masons and builders, Nahnm Rob-' 
inson, Ot-dway ft Ferris, Lyman Fellows, Charles E. Thompson; batld- 
ere, D. D. Brainard, E. B. Hutchinson, Miller ft Sanboni, Webster ft! 
Morgan, Mead, Mason ft Co^ fresco, painters, W. S. Henay ft Son ; hair 
dressers, C. H. Proctor, W.H. Corning, Jacobs Bros., Knee ft Ney, Bar- 
rett ft Bresnahen, A. J. Sonza. C. R Allen, O.W. Wales, L. W. Tozier ; 
machialsts, John A. White, A. Bean ft Co., N. P. Stevens ; marble work- 
er*, Cummings Bros., H. N. Farley ft Co.; painters, J. C. Tilton, Sa-| 
vary ft Connell, Geo. Abbott, £. A. Moulton, T. J. Carpenter ft Co., 
Geo. P. Glover; photographers, Kimball Bros., E. P. Gerould, H. P.I 
Moore, H, O. Bailey, F. 0. Everett; plnmheis, Geo. Goodhue,' 
Eves ft Mnnns; printers, Republican Press ARSociation, C. 0. Pear- 
son ft Co., Q, H. H. Silsby ft Son, Woodbar>' ft Batchelder, EVANS ft 
SLEEPER ; silver platers. Smith ft Walker, Edmund Aiken : stair build- 
ers, Samuel Wallace ft Son, H. A. Miles; stone cotters. Concord, 
Orsnite Co., Gannon ft Rooney, J. H. Flood, ]>oitnegan ft Baris, 
G. W. Emerton, Granite Railwaiy Co., Walter Sargent ft Co., Gay 
Bros., J. F. Hnnton ; stone polishers, J. H Flood, J. f. Hnnton; tnrii- 
er, M.Donlap; upholsterers, U. H. Aldrich, Wm. Yogler, J. Annable, 
Fernald ft Co. 

Merchants — agrlcultnral implements and hardware, Humphrey, 
Dodge ft Smith, Gust. Walker, J. MOORE ft SONS, W. P. Ford ft Co.; 
sQctioneer and commission merchant, J. L. Pickering; books and 
stationery, J. B. Sanborn, K. C. EASTMAN, J>. L. GUERNSEY, Frank 
P. Mace ; boots and shoes, A. G. Harris, W. A. Tbompsun, F. Marden,' 
Clarke ft Harden, J. Welcomor Knapp ft Co., C. W. Clark, C. Thorn ft: 
'Sou, John Rollins, Geo. F. Whittredge, Geo. H. Moore ; f Arpets, curtains 
and crockery, A. R. Ayors, J. M. Stewart ft S3n8, S. Blood, Frank E.I 
Clark; cigars and tobacco, S. Wardner. J. S. Hubbard ; clothing, A. B.i 
Sanborn, M. Ladd. Lincoln ft Shaw, T. B. Tucker, M. Wolff, Richard-; 
wn ft Adams, B. W. Woodward A Son, J. H.Hill, A. S.Ctirrier, Sleeper! 
A Hood, T. W. ft J. H. STEWART, M. B. Critcliett; coal, wood and ice,' 
Banlet ft Prescott, O. S. Locke ft Co., Brown & Bean : coffins and caskets,' 
ChM. Crow, Femald ft Duren, H. Thompson ; confectiouery, fruit, etc., J. 
IL MorriU, Norris ft Crockett, A. W.-Gale, Teel ft Beynoras L. H. CanoU, 
W. F. Danfortb; clocks, watches and jewelry, N. G. Carr, Morrill 
Bros., E. Knight, Stanley ft Ayer, A. P. Slierbume ; guns, pistols and; 
fishing tackle, E. E. Fisher; dru!;s and medicines, Eastman ft Fitch < 
W. P. Uuderhill ft Co., Underbill ft Kitredge, H. B. Foster, F. B. luglj 


alls, G. H. Martin k Go^ dry goods, Blanchard ft Crapo, D. S. dark, 
BojDton ft Willard, A. A. Currier, F. Bvans, F. B. underhill ft Go. 
James HaBelton, Hammond ft Thurston, Patterson ft Davis, Q. F< 
Whitredge, K. D. dough ft Oo^ A. M. Follett, Amos Blanclutrd, C. E. 
Ballard; Scat^ S. L.! French, A. B. Toung; fText, BastmaH ft Shepard: 
fancy goods, fi. N. Shepard, G. L. Hooper; flour and grain, Whitcher 
ft Stratton, Woodworth, Dodge ft Co., B. P. Prescott ft Co., Fraiikl 
Coffin, Batchelder ft Co., J. F. Hoit ft Co^ O. B. Whittredge, Barron ft. 
Co.; furniture, H. H. Aldrich, Yogler Bros., Fernald ft G04 groceries, J. F. 
Hoit, ft Co., Woodworth, DodKe ft Co., C. G. WEBSTER ft COL, Amos 
Kanchard, N. F. Lund, G. S.. Ballard, P. H. Larkin, H. C. Sturtevant, 
E. D. dough ft Co., A. M. Follett, Batchelder ft Co., A. Webster, C. B. 
Whittredge, O. F. Whittredge, F. Evans, A. A. Carrier, Hurphy ft 
Keen; FTmC, Eastman ft Shepard; hats, caps and. flirs, A. T. San- 
ger, Lincoln ft Shaw, M. Wolff; pressed hay, J. F, Cotton ; iron, 
and steAl Walker ft Co., Humphrey, Dodge ft Co.; junk dealer, J. 
Kimball; maps and pictures, Robinson ft Smar^^. L. Guernsey ft 
Co^ millinery, Mrs. D. B. Jones, Mrs. M. M. Smith, Mrs. J. L. Craw- 
ford, J. Hazelton, Mrs. E. J. Eastman, G. W. Wadleigh, Mrs. D. W. 
Jackson, Mrs. H. N. Newell, Mrs. Hattie M. Wyatt ; optical instruments, 
G. W. Wilson ; paints, oils and glass, Eastman ft Fitch, C. H. Mar- 
tin ft Co.; paper hangings, J. M. Stewart ft Son, A. B. Ayers, S. 
Blood, F.. P. Mace; provisions, G. B. Emmons, Pitman ft Co., J. C. 
Lewis, Perkins ft Dudley, Kilburn ft Toung; provisions, C. W. Drake; 
saddlery, hardware. Smith ft Walker ; sewing machines, E. H. Colby, 
G, F. Searle, W. K. Day ft Son, R. E. Libbey ; stoves and tin ware, 
J. H. Chase. W. P. Ford ft Co., Stevens ft-Dunklee, B. C. Danforth, J. A. 
DadmuD, Wm. G. Elkins ft Co.; toys and fancy goods, J. U. Morrill, 
Q'. H. H. 8ILSBT ft SON, L. H. Carroll; trunks and valises, J. B. HUl 
ft Co., A. T. Sanger, M. Wolff, Lincoln and Shaw. 

Miscellaneous— civil engineers, C. C. Lund, B. E, Badger, E. P. Fos- 
ter, J. B. Eastman ; Matt Yard, Cyrus Runnels ; claim agent, L. D. 
Stevens ; land surveyor, B. F. Gale ; .Meat Ford, Qeo. Ablratt ; music 
teachers, W. K. Day, J. H. Morcnr, Miss Susan G. Sargent, Miss Helen 

B. Robinson, John Jackman, Florence M. Ladd; nurserymen and; 
florists, W. M. Colby, Geo. Main, A. Chandler; real estate, 8. G. Lane ; 
short-hand reporter, J. W. Odlin ; topographical eng., J. N. Mc dintock. 

Physicians— J. P. Bancroft, B. R. Benner, Atylum ; J. W. Barney, 
Wm. G, Carter, Geo. Oook, Granville P. Conn, A. H. Crosby, A. B. 
Dearborn, C. P. Gage, Timothy Haynes, A. H. Robinson, M. W. Rus- 
sell, C. I. Lane, F. A. Stillings,nttrs. Julia Wallace ; hot., B. S. Warren ; 
homeo., J. H. Oallinger, J. C, W. Moore, E. Morrill, 8. C. MorrQl, E. 
H. Foster; special, Mrs. Lucinda S. Hall, B. W- Abbot, H. Q. Mc- 
Intire, Robert Hall, C. A. Lockerby ; dentists, Cummings ft Young, 

C. N. Towle, J. M. Taylor, J. M. Fletcher, B. B. Davis. 
Tel. Hq'^t— Western Unian^ H. H. Morrison. 
Fisbersville — ^Pop., 3000 ; part of Concord and Boecawen but 

distant fr. the city 6 m. J2. B, S, — Fishersville on N. R. R., convey- 
ances to all trains ; and N. Concord, on B. C. ft M. R. R., 1 m., no con- 

Postmaster— S. F. Brown. Lawyer— Xehemiah Butler. 

Justices— George Abbott, Abial Rulfe, J. D. Fife, M. H. Bean,H. D. 
White, U. E. Chamberlain, C. E. Foote, .State ; G. S. Morrill, W. H. 
Bell, C. H. Amsden, J. G. Liuehan, A. W. Boife. 

Churches— Bap.. J. B. Robinson; Cong., J. H. Larry; Meth., H. 

B(7fl»X88 SCBBei0AT. 6 

Wimah-nahaMm RoMc, Oulnitel BMiaity; WsAlagtim Ho«m 
iilman Slutw. 

UBrat^ip— n^herVitfa LtbnirjF lOmoWdion^ O: HL flAiMMa, UbrarIM 

Ut^arV HistltlltMn^PfiiiiaKMiok AMderejr, J. H. Lalrjr, lirln. 

Uvery SUbles— M. Bipkfurd, Q. Shaw, J. Chadwiok. 

MuniaaMtM-'^taA haftw; H. M/ nilMr; wrriatM, A. BMoH 
Barriage MtlM, «tis?, OaQdoRt^iLklfi Op , D. A. Bnwti, •iip*!^ «it«nlar ari 
Mhor M^rs. whi1B4»-t#<»4^ •tR-*oj^, e AGS, PdaTRJEl A CO4 «Mlaiw, J 
i. Brovra, Gofitud^oofeHsii7A Ittfcliaale G(m doo*, «Mk 4ad bUod 
>. M. A A. W. ftdlfe; «xe«>1biut< WiUiub Bli<6ciuuMl A QtK; floifc 
ket, Whtteber,- Siraftoii A Cfo.; •fottiitmv^ & HI Aflnden A Oam 
nmber, J. Whittaker A Co^ C. M. A A. W. Rolfe ; woolena, A. liai 

Heehanics A Artisans— civil engiaeen, J. D. Fife, Geo. S. Met 
TfAi ihato^^t^ftmt, Mr d: LaaphVay; vaittrtklton, J. A^ Ooburi 
Tharber A Haatinn. 
il«^liMtS^-4taikd^, T. a. BAit} booto mal ahoas, J. F. Sat 
n; oIolhfBitf J« P* SMiila#% J, & HobfiWM A Oo.: oafflnit i. i 
^barn, Tharber St U»ttian ; drj good% Vtoots A: Mon4j W. U 
llan. Brown ft Foita, J. 0. Linnehaa, D. H. pQtnuii, dg'tt flnigi 
» C. Topllfl; G. Forfar; eli«l?4, piMM atabto/Afee^ SeianB^ A ODlljr ; tut 
'Ptt9s AMadifb A 800* G.^ IK. iMiillMr; ^iKKMriei, J. CL liaahmi, G 
. Kimball, D. W. Sanborn, Brown ft Foota^ FboCa ft Motae ; hardware 

Eaa, c«IU«r]^,- Ae.« Stauft: A Gale^lMai Ba^^ BrowK A FoMa; Jawrt 
W. a. B«IL S.G. Noyas; nadloiiha, G. a Tbpllfl; G. &. Fowler 
t, AoU Babltd 4niith{ J. Vom, D. Haffj fluUliBery, Wmm JoaM 
|t^iisl««, Haia, Okadwick; p»^r haaglii«i, W. IL AUea, Brown i 
Fooia; tf»%i^ing irfachfntt, a G.Noyea; attfreb and tih waM,Bv«na J 
,6altt, iMae B*ty. 

1 PhysleikiiS-«S. M. ' Bmary^ W. S. ffotoar, A^ B. tttaaty, €. 0. Top 
lifft d^atiaM,. U. D. Wbfta, ;r. U, Francb. 
j CanpiMacat Lake— Sea PitlBbat>g. 
1 0«nilMo^«lt-4l«aHbptiaaoa;' t ' 

I eOW WATi'OA MA<yLL^9op^ S124; V. X. fr< a, 71 ; N. fr. OmI 
pee, 28. S. R. &— Oouway* aw Pv A 0, IL iUaiid JIaatara R. Bi 
j OFFIOKB^S— ClarA F. W. Morton; TVetu., S. B. Shackfbrd i. M«S 
m( S. Hii^iiAa, H« 11. Gbttoa, J. A. Banfak; A^«S fl^«« NtfaftOBt, I 
B. Shackford. X AV FAfriilffton.- 

^OfUnkmr^-^bal M.- Ajf{«r ; Oaft^ J. A; AirHniftoa { Jfaittit^^. 
I Jostieas— IS. P. lAmpsou, L. H. Bastman, H. He Norton, M. W 
fetfe^ a: B; SliacJ^ovA, & Bi lh(im#w>ii,'D. > B. TkewpboB, Matlial 
FUttWir : G. It.> Wetftobtt^iW. TC Thonkpaan, fiMfet F. VL Maaon, H. H 
;PoW, a. Hiia^lton^'J. A. Fak<rih|;toa, L. G^ J. Wood, h. PitMaa, 0. U 
tfanaflald, Jbal fii«tiiiaa, H. W Cbanlboriain, a H. WbitUker^ Ata 
,4rew Dinamore, J. B. Naah, F. B. Oegood. 

i iftArollMMMBgi, 0. G: Nororoai; Hbth;, -J^r^ WAtorlmlaa. 
I HoielS-Ooiiiray BdOM^ Gfova Moaeb, Faqdiket Haada { OMCer 
jCentar Hooaa.' • •'' 

i Lawyers— (%al«r, John B.Nash, Joel Eaalidaa. ■ . a . 

W9MMtiikHitsH<»xt\^^ L. 8. M^rHlH Bktoa ASorielt; iMabar 
iHlea ft Wairr^uj £. Drown;. laaibai' and flbutf, OhiMr, H.i Jk. Oaftton 
feaii, Bi F. MurtavKDtr; i^Hi EL Metcalf:- sUay^ buai^ MertHl A Co 
r MeehaniCS-A ArtiSadS blackeiaitha, J. .A. Clbafntan; .9. Garter 
Cvkltk^ J. M. Naaoitrt»rpantan, O. A. Brotton ; 4ktatrt.O. 8.*ttavd» C 
H. Pantona, T. H. Whitakar, B. B. Parkins; oiril ^b^itunr and laa< 
aurveyor,/. A.Fiirrington} bameti maker and taurrbiBo trlmitiar, C 


W. Wilder; SMBons^ E. R, Jltfitdfr ;. (kMkn M. PetNWOi i:iSiiUwvigMB< 
J. H. Uerry, H. W. Berry ; painter, A. M. Ayer. 

^lievohJUitS'T-J.O. L. W-ood, FttlBier' Sb I^tvrta, -hi 0. -Qvint, Sawyer 
BroH, OarltoQ ftKobertson; CtnLtr^ tmtxmgtuUf lIoi*t9|i ^ Cq*,- J,A. 
Carlton. J. Qarlanri.' . ;• r • 

PhysieUns-^imeon Btsbb, 8. N. OreenlAW, I)ia.Tid.Wa^oft. .! 

Tel. Aoeiit— F. W . Dhtic. Livery SUMe^L. Hi .East man. 

Ji9rt\k*r-M.Ji.8^t-1iQ,O0u'9i9^y,(m P.. A 0. B-K an4 VaBternIl.B. 

Postmaster-^B. D. Kastman. Phfsician-^Wv. H. Brag^up. 

Justices— Kathan Whitaker, M. W. JPease, 8.JD.:ThQnpsQD, W. T. 
ThonipiiOn^ J&aU\ H. H* Pow, C. H. Whfttaker, Ft B. Osgood, L. 
PUiiliu; . . .... 

Boarding Houses— M. Seayey, J. G. Willey, J. A. Barnes, Mrs. Pen- 
dexter.'' .1 ;...•., y. 

Chureheft-^Bam T. C.Oleason.; Goog^ S. 0. Nercvosa;. £pifln H. A. 
Paiker: Meth., Frank W. Smith. . ., ^ 

Hotels— Kearsarge Housej aiitiBeiPa?i1iWi,.l|[cHiUan B^iifeb Wash- 
ington House, North Coaway HoittQ,.lA tarsal -1101194, ^ipMom Hotel, 
EtandaU House, Eastmail- Home. :. . . 

Lftwyer-^F. B. Osgood. • I . . 

Uterairy Inslitution— North Conway A«Ad«fnx»|IrB. Norei»q9. prin. 

Livery StatUe&-^Mudge(tik Sens.. W. aSastmaa. J. W^.Whitaker, 
J. T. Randall, Alfred Baafto^n. 

Manufaeturers^^a«riageB; I. M i Chase ;: l«mh«r» FurVer Bios., S. 
W^. ThoinpsUn, A. Jfw Barnes, C; Harciiuan. 

Mechaiiies'& Artisanst^blacksmSths* W..8. Cftrtar, Mo«m Bandall, 
Timothy Clifford; calbiutft anker, C. H. ]pus.w»U;, c«irpent«|«, , £. JR. 
Bastman, Albert Barnea, J> JkL-J^eavey.- Jose^ T)^'*re, A« W. Baroe«, C. 
9. Eastman, Alpheiis Furber, M. "L. Charles, Caleb Merrill : ooiifec- 
ioiiiT, O. V. Barker;- coiDperv Brig. Sichardsou ; hamass nsm^Jfr^- F 
Boston; mason, Lorenzo Lnnib.; }iainlei\ S/Xll^- Sattn)im ; phutegraph-j 
>r, N. W. Pease ; tailor, J. F; MbUMon: :.:.. *; .. ».,.? ' 

Merchants— N. 8. Davis, N. R. Maaoov B. J). Eastman, %. Wt Jkoc]v;| 
Intg^ and niedlriiito; L. Pitmaa.; ikuUinery; Yfilmm A Qcixtirhi, . B. C- 
^arringtdn rstovea and tiQll-«le,PerniOad Bros.: . v 

CsMNiH^ee Stratford. ' 

r. Newport, 12. if. i?. 5.— Windsor, Vt.t on G. TI..R* Bt : 

P0StiQkSttrs*^W. B. Beialng; GnOre, G. '£. B-llUvd y^oitlh^i^. B. 
''aiybaftiis. ...••• » . ': ' t 

Justiees— Chester Pike;. Orlando PoWert, &. A» Tracy^ Hi Bi. Day, 
Lranaab BunAaii, j; A.Parker, iitat«;.W. aHajrt,'B.&. FletcbervJ. M. 
)avidson, Wm: BitUocb^ B. F. Chellie,0.<]). iK.«ny«n,^. F.JHuggi.aa, 
!. J>. Nevens, C. F. Merrill^.S. H. Greeae, B. 0. l>ay, Q. P. Jenoey, 
\. B. Hilliard. . i . 

Churelies-*B|flB.f B.-N, Qoddard, p. e. ad. Windsor, Tt.; Metb.i iOffP- 
!r, Bdsward Fraatls. > HQtet-rOosnectsont BiTWilEbOusa, M.HaiicMV. 

Manufkcturers— lumber, Chester Pike, G.W.Sargent. ;.. ' 

Merchant— wool, Cfike.- ,i. .. t , • ; . . 

CvnilBh FlU^t— i7> £. 8 — Clarefnoat^ 10 »*, on 0> h 0.. It* B^; 
ebanoB, 10 N. N. U. II.B4 W«nds0r,.Vt.,4<si.on C. Y. R« a. 

0FFICBR8«^CIerJb^ 8. H^ Greene $ THitQ^, fi. A.Bay;: iSWedlnsn, E. 
. Day, 9. W. Smith, B. L. Harlow; ttip^t Miss B* JjeatJU. . i. r! 

Postmakter^J. G. BoyntoB. ClMirohes-^Bap.,-r-T^.; Cong., J. T. 
ftckabn. Hotel<^i^ampafaire Houee, Bred Blkrvin. ' - 

- -.^1 J' III w I \ fm 


k H. H. Day, J. C. Whitaker, Snlliran MachiQa Co^p, Ok ad^Clara- 
luont: leather, Alvin Coming*; patent niedJcinec, & BMrdy'toooa. 

Mechaaics — hlacksmitha, 8. 11. Sherborn, A. JBL fipaalding. 0. T. 
8turter»nt: bridge builder, J. V. T/iaker; carpenteni, Ctiarlea T.vl«r;| 
barneys niHkera, W. H. Siason, K. Jaix>ba ; pHiater, U^ F. Plarkar ; wheel* 
wrighta, J. J. Layasofi, D. B. Kinsman. 

Merchants — Bayiiton jBra'aiSoiUht 0. X. FairbaQka; auctioneer, 
and clocka and watchea, S. W. Bryant; wool, 0. Powers, a. W. Bcyast. 

Physician— G/ W. Hnnt. 

Criaivf •xd House— See Carroll. 

€B0Y1>0|ir, 8trLLlVAN—Fop.,Wi, N. W. fr. 0., 44; K. fr. 
Newport, 7. M, R. S.— Newport, on C. A G. B. &. D^itj stage ; semi- 
weekly stage fr. Lebanon on Northern R. R. 

OWnCKR&^Clerk, Alpnso Allen: 2V«u,Oti8 Qotper: Mectmm, 
Ruel Durkee, 8. J^. Brown, BkrrisQD Sto<ikwell ; Sifpt, SullCvan- Barton. 

Postmaster^— AlonzQ Allen ;- Flat, Mrs. Myrn Flankers. 

Justices— Ellaa Pow^, D. B. Hall, Albina Hall, W. H. Powers, 
John Cooper, Nathan Hall, SteU* ; AJb>iiso All^n, J. C. Oraaily. 

Churches— Cong., ; Ji^tb.n -^-r Windsor, p.p. ad., Qraotham ; 

Flat, Vniy.j . 

Hotel-^roydon Honse, P. A Sargent Ins. Ag'^— JZol, D. R. Ball. 

Hanu&eturers— jlffo^. excelsior and mattress fllliog, M. J. Leaven- 
worth; lumber, Flai, Humphrey 4k Hanson; patent ox yokes, S. Qi 

Mechanics — blacksmith, Harry Leeda; carpenter ao(| mason. Bub- 
bard Cooper ;joiuf IS. P. G. ^inerj S. Orlando Poweiv; mosip te«ieh«cs. 
B. T>. Comings. Mrsu Carrie N. Bmwn ; painters, H. Cooper, Ruel D. 
Hall ; shoemaker, J>. W. Frye; stone mason, A.C. Bactun; taUoress, 
Mrs. Hannah £. Hall. 

Merchants — Geo. W. Dnnbar ; jMWtioneer, J, 8. HnntrH»» P« <>» •<•• 
Newport ; groceries, D. A. Sargen^k ;; .wool, Pliny I}alL 

Physician— ^Wil I iams Barton, 

DAI.TOir, 0005— Pop., &71. K. fr. C^ 112 ;: & fr. Lancaster, 8. 
R. R. S. — ^Dalton, on White Mt. JL R. Stages connect wirh truins 
twice a tey. Lnuenliui.g oo P^ A 0. R. IL, 1 m., tr. Sumner Hoope. 

0FFICEk8-^0Z«rJ!r, F. P. Bond; Trtuu., B. A. Taylor; Seleetment B. 
A. 'Citylor, Geo. Carp<«tt«r, Jeremy Dexter-; AKh^^J. P. 8t«M< 

I*ostmaster^F. P. Bond. Church— J. P. Stone. 

JuSticeS-<-r. J. B. Sumaerj B.Aj .Taylor,. ^(e; ^. M. Lwig, F.P. 
Bond. •. ,. , 

Manufacturers— lumber, Libbey, Gordon ft Co., G. W. A N; W.Lib* 
by ; starch. Littleton Starc|;i Cn« Libby, Sar^well A Co. . , • . . 
I lieobanics— blacksmiths^ B., £. Somew ; : carpent«r8» > #. P. Thcrnt 
.R. Page; mason, R. P. Cushinan ; wheelwrights, T.J. Sipith, A, rK. 
^Iby- MerchantS^F. P. Bond, 0. D. Rwen. 

DAlfBVRT, MERRIMACK— Top., 76(). N. W. ft-. C, 80; 8 
W. fr. Plymouth,^. ' R. JR. £f.— Danbury k $^. .1^Bbui;y,'oii N* R- R 

OPFICRRS— Cferfc, J. C. Webater; 7Vea*.i f. JB; Litchfield; SeU^tA 
mm, J. C. Webster, J. H. Emmons^ W, A. Walker,; ftij^ C. C. Spear 

PestmasterS—SUilnwn Clark ; ^i4</(, Alfred Sleeper. 

Justices^-StiUman CUrk, M. L. Taylor, J. 8. Kpowlton, W. T. Nor 

ris, J. A. Knowlqs, J. H. Smmous, Robert Ford, J. C. Webster, iSfate ; 

L 8. Brown. ■ ■ . * 

Churches— Bc^., Franklin Merriam; Cong;, H. P. Lampijay; Chris., 
Walter Phillips. ^ « . ' 

Hotdi, Uvery Stable, Exp. A Tel. Ag't-Q. H. gordgn. 


68 BO9i*E0iS DiriECTORt. 

tn^. Agftnt—fltilliniiri Cla^k'. 

LawydtSf— BHi l ifiaii Clark, W. T. %rf lir. 

lilahii(ll€^Ulreri--6ool8«itdeiboe9. Q, C, Norrii.'H. y. tiljrTor; cof- 
fiO0«atd ctianteM, 6. K: J^w^tt'; It^fhefJ^. P. Clotig1i,£ Co;; Itimber, 
'£Fretik'Ttii<iiliMii,4. N. Fot^, II<^1& Bnlloiclc, T. J. Ea'sthiati. 
j Mechanics— blacksmith. L, F. BfllIoti» iSbfi^, it. WilkftiB; (»rt>ei]- 
ImM, V^. H. Ti'alrei', N. L^cM, F. S. Rauepnl: codp^, CFeo. SaiiaerB, 
^,J. D. Bf^rr(ioi(; ihittbtb wo^kef, J. 8. Allen; inaft^ii{^ S, T. Stu^^ent, A. 
;J. Phelps ; painter, E. G. Coffin, nrinter, W. H. TraVer^ 

Merchants— J. C. Webster, Sbllman ClArJcrif: P. GhllbVf ^S^u^. Al- 
fri»d ^eepSn- ; tattle afad lior^etr, JSdWln Liteh^eld k Son ; m^t. J. II. 
Kiiowltofi; nii11iii^r3't Mrs. A. J. TiUvert, Mifiris RtTttfy S. Emmius. 
; Physician— J. B. N. GouM. ' 

DAJlfiri&i;!:, R0^KlNi^HAM^1f6^^ 6lft 0. E. fr. C., 33; S. 
W. fr. Bi^Mer^ 10. R. R. A<-^Plar8t6# 9, and Newtott June. 4, 6il ^. 
& M. K. R. 8and6wii'4^ d^ N. & R. K. B. Daili sfa^ to i A. 91. 
trtttn ac"PlAl8t6W /Of) B«ftt(V'n. wdttfiig^ ibr S P. M./rom. 

OFFICERS— (7terflt,L.'Vl'k(do06WM«: JVwii., OHVeV linn*; «cfcc<- 
nUli, A^l ElklDA, H-. P^ OHffin, Qrlr, BM'b^n ; SUpt,,, J. A. ijosH^. 

Postmaster-L. Waldo Collins. Church- FsBfiCr, J; A. toVell. 

Juyti^S^AtirOn diiyitnby', Wifa:^oyt, ElMbM QUihib;^, David Griffin,; 
BtaU ; J. C. Bradley, Fratikliti ^itt«, W. S. Mee^ri^s, L. W. OblHhar, A.' 
A; Collins, Oliter Hnfat;BaiI«y^r^n«. |; 

Manufacturers- lumber and boxes, L. A' Colby ; lumber, M. l3|iof- 
ford k son ; sAoes, GblMnif ft Mg Lane: 

MeiehaklJCS— bI«M;kstiiith,'W. S. M^sefVe^ <iafpe^t(»rB, Btftrfnian' 
SaV-gent, Moses Anderson ;* ooot>er^; Alvah A J.jColtlns, J'acob CdlUnsJ 
A. J. B«ii!fl4yt Ltov; CbUilis;: drctAs tilkker, Ml^s H. A. EaBtiiiati ; wbeel-; 
Wright, J. L. James. ' 

MerehBiHS^-^. d. BnJdIey; L. WMdo CblKnk, A. J. Ph!il>H^k: 

BEERFIEIrB, i20Cl:iAri7Ji^Pot>., 1609. N^ E. fr. C, 20r 
W. fr. Portsmouth. 25. R, R, £(.;— Cund& IJiepot, on* C. ^ Pi.R. R.; 
&i^kgf» eomistels Wini dibrnin^ find 'evening tridns. j 

OFFICKltS— C7rt»*;J. F. PreScoft ; Tred»., J. C. Kand^ iS^cfm«n,* 
J. H. Bli«dhMd«r, G. H. BInlkpsdn, A'. S. Wliftti^r; Sipt^J. U'. t. Butch- 
elder. ' '' 

PostmaSleri^lCi'A. J.Sa^r^f'; OiMer, J; H. Balfbtn;' Sou(h, F. J. 
White. . .! ■ - • 

iuitie«8^L:'B. t»billbiHfek, d&tti^el'Wobdmii'n, Jotifa Grfffin, David 
Stevens, J. H. Yeasey, E. A. Sawver, J, B. Tilton, Sam'l Hohbs, B.B. 
Browii, J.'lfv ti[6rrfeofi,VS^a(^; Jolin Gnrri'e^,' S. 0. HaiiiecC' A'. L. Jen- 
ness, T. W. Cnrrie^ 1>. S."Feftiald, t)ilTid jSttiith, J. J. Deai^born, LiBuls 
A, TmA^, G. b^ Siikipson, T. B; Siniiptton, G. H. Sterens, G. M. Rand, 
J *6 Cli4wi ' .'< •• 
'churches— Bap., n. 0. Walker J Coiikl, tl Whli^r F. J3»p., 0. Pitts. 

'Ex Aa'l^T^ G.'teWbw<i • " .v . -■ . » 

noleis A Uvery SUtifel^GIriiifi'dod HoW, J.\W. Pretcott; -J. 'i. 
Browri; ^Vnfef, ExcliAii^ Hotel, Georgia Pi^ge; Squlkt Win. Hill. 

4ns. Ad'td— Ji. B. Phillbrfctfj L A. Udd. 

Manufacturers— oar riag^ L. D. Ladd ; dodr«. sasli andliilnflfs,' O. P. 
Rand; lumber, Alpheti» RoAgcrs, DeWbon t Snwyer, J. K. Woodman, 
Gilbert Robinson, Geo. J. French f tabs and pai^, W. A. dhtlrchill, 
Augustus Kobinson. 

MebhanlOS— bincksiWitlis, M. B. Emenion; C^niir; A. B.,Cfia9e, 
E. F. Meloon ; carpenters, C. 0. Brown, Q, W. Page, Albert Ltidd, T. WJ 
Currier. Q. W. Letter: cooner. B." P. Moiilton: linlr dres'ser. • Cfenter. 

i'JL 3. Cl^iMa ; )^aM>oti, JSlMdgje Whittier, T. W. QaDborn; j>|Uuten< 
I'D. B. Sihith; tinaVnhbs, H.'J.pHge, k. A. Poltifer; wh«fl«Trigbti 
a 0. ^roYD. L. D. Udd, A. S. PwlBi^eir- ^ 

I JRerchanU— Sitwyer f Siiiipsub; ^i|^r, J. M. Bflloa; Am^A, B. J 
,9uilN^ ; Uuctioqeer, L. .B. PliilVric)(* A. X*, yipiiniM«i fornitura mm 
jp^Biia^.T.Pr^scott. Pby9iciAn--ii0. 0. tqwie. ■. 
1 D£Ep|lJt<;}^ Hlhl^^'okoVGk-^ff^^ i7«, 3- ST. fr. C^ 22 

,Pet«rfM>ro R. li. Stage every other day to Oil HiDt, We^r^ 

JTuSticeil— I^OB^II Tabbs, t. Qoodall, Wm. Forsf^ith, Jtlfa/«; A. J 
Locke, I^^rofl CpAse, CarTejkon dein^b't, T^. C. twjrj^ C. ^. Affjvton 
J. V. ^reiaj^y, J. t, Cha^e,' A. J. Locke. 

Chure|»«tt^^-Co(ii^ — ; Meth^ — r- a^ivpdl^. 

MerclUBt— ^UMell Tubbf . . 
ing Acttd«jmi;MI|^ Jjr^kft, p^fn. 
iTioes, E. W. Barnes ; InniVflT, Hall i 
ConUy; Dow *^ill,.G. Bomj^. . , 

Jiie<^Mli<^.bIackfaMU)s;j>6^ ^ Bill, K^wiunl ^ptqfck ; ^ A 


^tiop on JJ. R. R.']R. St^^ coiyiet;^ wj^h iijll trjiii^ii^fr. Ot>hcor^, >^n 
I OFFlbERS— A«r4lh«f; §?'W. Parker; 3Vea*., East, F. J'. Shepard 

[nnSsti9aslei4f-^Deca P»Ht#e j 2?«!p<>^ iL H. PillsHnr ; JQ»f4 F. W 
.Padcer. " ^ 

' Ju^ClCdS-^. G. Bartlett, J. Priest, Wm. Anderson, Dairfd Carrier 
Jr^ N. B. Preicptt, J. Q. Taylor. F- V- Paffone,!. A. I>il«|iQ> I*. H 
Pflld>ary, SUOejJViW, Poor, 6. W. Bkrker, 0/W.t)lcke>7j^«.CUi;k 
^forge Moore. H. S. JfiMtmuD, J. ^. lioofl, F.^. 8.hepliard» I.JB'. t«ibbey 
a. 8. Wheeler, 0. p. Currier, H. B. Underbill, F. W. Parker, jVtf. ?a||ii 
:er, Q. K, BartTett, J. A. GiwopwoodJ' 

I ChurCJlie^Fi^t Copg , p. W. Bichio-^BQn ; JS^ , J. I^. H/|j']^ f M^t^. 
jW. W. Smith. 

&; A '^-•ft- ^•'^-jpepp*, Jamei* Priest ; -Ri^^ ^. W. ftRr^^^r. 

I..litor»e. Di^y^r— G. C. Barj^leU. ' • "^ - T.y . 

UtttfAry rMatu^pn^s-P^Dkertop^^ca^em^^^ i^p^^l, jjp:i0, 

'.jBSajtf, Adams Fpru^e i|Ca^epiy, Miss, Carrie Cjark. 

LWlHK^'^^V'^t?--^* ♦"^^ «*»^ ^Z'*^'* Clement Co^bum ^ Co. 
?W: CpifUburjr. agr^ ; ^dg^e tools, H. B?Unde¥biii ; rtbe for loom i;seds 

aicp Ik Co. 

,.,„,., ^ .. . ^-, , Joom i^^eds 

BenJ. Cb»»e, fr., ^pmber, Z>«»o«, tfora pros.; Jgoit, Jopas J^erriQk. 

lleeh'a'qi(» — bluiblL^iuitlis, I. G. Goodwj^n ; VepoL t. B. Bobie 
■East, J. A. Kimball, ^'eo. Richards; carpenters, Cjpo. Bdjuton; East, 
Stephen Baynolds: car'mge makers, I.'G. Goodwip, J.' B. Burbank; 
dreesmAkers, HIisA Maria parsons ; hafr dresser. Depot, Jam^ Sutton; 
bAmess mukersi £. M. Boj-d: ^att, John Kimb^H; paipters, (house 
K. ti. Carter : Etut^ C. B. I^ellows, W> Farrow '; (qarriage ^nd sign] 
.iSbifi, ,G. F. BnUnjp, printejrs, T^p ^tar .P^infinjp Co.; und^rla^er 


■ '^^Aana I.i 



- -A — ' -. ,y 

! -1 


yMtitngldn ft., r. K. CbuB; 01»rt« St., R. 

A Tawnj. C(iB(.,0.a.Sp»ldlti«; Bpl*. I. W. 

f». DuBijlfc^mt, *■" » ;,* ^tl*- I. I>rBMiii™ii ind uit.. h. S. 

■iM*Mi—iiiir--riiinrTn- r"-- •■ —"■■ ■ • ' 
70 BU8I*^»S DliECTORY. 

Bak, G.W. Bilttcheldei: ; wheel wrightu, 0.C, Palmer, J. H. Jaqqis ; Eagt^ 
Cha«. Powell. i 

If erchants— Pettee A Cio^Ct^as. AdamB;Z)i^of,W.8. tctM. PUls- 
jbury, G. C. BotliDS ; 3uiy.¥. yf. parlcer : Derry Cash Store, A. *t. Learn- 
ard, ag*t ; cflockB-and watches^ WW. Ilaskini \ coffins^ caskets, and robenj 
Chas, Ad.am8.; oorirand mea), W. W: Poor; fanc;f goods* «£luC, Kiss 
Any Tayior; (ee, 0. 8. Pettee; meat, John Foliwin^ D^^, Rice & 
Noyesi i millinery, Mrs. Lisai'iiard A Miss Oarr ; stoTos aild tinware,! 
D^oty Q. N. Glitter. 

Physicians— J. H. Crombie, T>. G. Glark ; i>epo<, t. B. Ltbbey ; vet., 
I. A. Bntterfield. • 

Summer Boarding IToasies-^I. A. Brntin, H. J; Matthews, i. Tat- 
merton, Wm. Haskins, John Kelsey; JEkutf Mrs. O. F. Billiugp, Mrs. 
6. P. Eastman, A. M. Bowe^^ M. H. Culten, Bbb*t Bogers. ^ 

l)OlK€il[E)»Tfill, OBAPTON^Fop., 686, N. W. fr. G^ &0 ; 
N. W. fr. Plymouth, 18. JB. X. B,—Vffi8t Rntttney, 6^ Vn., Kast Ca- 
naan, 8. Mail stage to STast^Oanaan Tuesdays and 8atnr4i^. ' 

OFFICERS— (7/«rAr, Stnimin M,errrn ; IVeo*., John A. Noi'rfe ; Se- 
leiAmm., |ra B. If orris, jas. I^a Mott, G. G. Jessamaii ; Supt.^ Byx!«>n 
btehardson. . . • : 

. Postmasters— Carrie Norrjs; Abrft, O. F. Gbbnm. 
' jQStices-^B. R. Nort-ls, estate; d. 'W. Clement; Quorum ; 0. V. Col- 
bnrn, J. A. Norris, J. M. Fitts, Alden IToihigman, P. R. Fbilandbee. 

Cburcb- p. Qap^ G. W. Jeeeman. 

Mamifi^ietorers-^sbarccal. Preecott'il Co., p. o, ad.,'W68tRtnnney ; 
Jfhtifif Geo. l!'. Colbnm ; lumber, Peaslee & Dnstin, Albert k S. A. 
Leavitt, L. 8. Fellows, P. B. Powers, Alden Whicfaer; shingles, clap- 
boards, and , building timbers, J. A, Norris; worsted, Beqry Wil- 

MeehaniOS-^blMiksinith, J. M. Fitts; carpenter, 8. W. Clement: 
cooper; , Joshua Rowen, J. M. King, B. A. King. J. F. Austin ; maaon, 
John Qbimby ; wheelwright, Stillinan Merrill. ' - ;* 

MerQbantS->J. M. Fitu,p. o. ad., W^at Rumney ; coal, S.i5. k J. 
B* Heed. 

BOy ]^ll4 8T:RAFFO]SD—Vop., 1W9S. E. fr. a, 40. J?. -». flf— Do- 
ver, on- B, # M. R. R. Dover 'ft Ports^ R. R. D6ver k Win., Jl. R. 

OpFICERS^Elected DeC. A, 1879. Mayor, Joseph D. Ouppy ; CUy 
€9grhahdTS€Ci'yaf'BoardofhMritctian,J. B. S'teVfos. Jr.; City Ti-eatJ 
Frai;^ Freeov^n^ Chairman of Board <t/ Instructiojt, G. B. Spalding; 
<S'ty M&riihali S. 8. Datiie; AxtMant JUanhal, G.T. Jordan;' Jh>tice. 
Jtutice^ John.R. Varney ; Special fTtutice, Charles A» Ti^ ; JMt«»sorsy- 
Qamnel W. Baker, Geo. G. Lowell, NilthM 0. Ilobbh, James R. Datis,; 
Patrick Go'rman, J. S. Glass. Ward l,\<4/(|erMen. T, M.' Steele, ThOmnaj 
Bennett; Cbvnci^mea, J. N. Holt, M, P. Fi^rnbam, James Ashton. 2.i 
Atd^rmeiif G. W. Golbath, G. B. Foots; Ctound//nen,' Timothy Htifsey, 
Cl^arles Porter. 3. Aldermfn J. S. Abbott, B, H. Whitehouse; Cbun-\ 
eilfnaif J. M. Staples. 1. B. liafkey, F. B. Williams, 4. Atdermen,] 
{Dayid Mannock, II. G. Hanson:' CouncUmen^ 0. C. Dorr, Johif Scott, 
Samuel Pray. 6. Aldermen, >Ilchael KiUfn^n, MHttln Flaherty;' 
CouaetZmen. Fraodis Rogers, Patrick Rosslter, J. J. Mc Cann. i 

Postmasters— Joshua Varney ; i\>wi<, G. W. Ford. I 

Justices — B. V. BrewKter, B. R. Brown, Thos. Bennett, B. B.' 
iBrown, W. H. Dodge, C. A. Fairbanks, B. K. Goodwin, J. G. Hall, J. 
^ayes, F. HobiM, C. H. Hortun, Harrison Haley, J. C. Hutching Harry 
Wough, 8. H. Hull, John Holland, J. R. Jackson, J. T. S. Libbey. W.' 
tB. Lyman; M. H! Lothrop,'C. M. Murphy, V. H. Mc Daniel, W. T. Pei^, 

BtTsnrsfls DisBOTomr. VI 

kins, H. A. Bedfield, G. B. Shackford, Wm. SMmt, Jeramiah Smith, T. 
J. Smithy J. B. Sterent, Jr.. John R. Yarnej, D. 8. W»nt, Ch<u. W(H>d- 
Imaii^a ML. Wb«eTer,'J. H. Wbite, C. W. Woddntttn, 0«o. Wihi«sl|rli/ Z.I 
;8. Wallingfbrd, ^SMe; A. B. Bnrtrell, /: B. Bwaei, Jobn Clem«iiti,' 
{Beqjj^ofHns, O: 9. Cormier, W. BL Goitrier, J. T. Demeritt, J. II.D*Yit{»' 
jJ. yf. Drake, P. A. Bodge; O. P.- t)emeritt, Frank Freenuto. 0» W. Vord,< 
iO. r. Foss, J. D.-Gnppy, J. W. Hendenoa, J. W: Hartford, C. & Horn, 
J. M. Hay^, 8.. 8. Jenkins, JohA KfT«l,0. D. Lamoe, 0. O. Lowell, 8. 
;H. Afothea, G. B. Hanock, J. 8. Moalton, J. W. Prar, J. R. Pialmer, 
|B.P. Pierce, J. B. Qtiaid, J. W. B»tie8, J. H. 8uow, B. a."T«dmlily, 
fJnmes Tolpiay, P. 8. Tomkiiis, Joehiia Vmbey, W. B. W^i^rfii, S. W. 
Wendell, B. H. Wendelfi CHiVier Wi^aCi, 9. W. Woodmaii, J. T; Woloh, 
A/. Toanl^ • ' 

Churches— F. Bkp.; WaaMngton 9t., F. K. Chase: Charlee St., B. 
W. Bicker; G. Bap.,C. A.Towne; Cong.,Oi'B. Spalding; Bpi««, I. W. 
Beard; Mefch.,aO. Field; B. Cath.. J. DrnmUond and asst., H. S. 
Blodgett; Unit., W. B. G. M^len; Pair., ' ' ; Belknap' <Sa0g., 
J. DeBhclurakne.' * 

Eating Hoiises^H. D. FreeitiMt, Bd. Uttlelleld; Qieo. F: Woodtui T. 
Brown. ' .' ' • " 

EZB. Agents-^Niles ft 06., Am. Bz. Co., Fmntc Shorey, JaMuon h 
Co.. Frank Hnssey. Tet.. Ag'O— 0. A. Tafta^ A. A. Joiinson. 

iMelS— AMEBIG4N HOUdB, A.T.PIBftOKaCO.; N. H. Home, 
W.J.:^alker;- KimtiaU Kdnse, fi.- Smithy Maaaard HotiMf, ^. If. 
Chaae; New Bnglahd House, J. A. Smith; United States Hotel, • J. W, 
Kicker. ' " 

Ins. Ag'(s--D. H. WeitAett, 0. A. Ttifit, H. A. BSDFIBLD, F. Froo- 
man,0. B. Prqacott, J. 8. Hayes, W. W^. Cttshman. 
. Lawyers— J. H.' White, 8. Jtf. Wheeler, J. O. Hall, J. B. Vamey, T. 
J. Smitli, F. Htfhbs, W. H. Oddge. G. B. Shackford, Gblrln Sindirs, W . 
F. Kason, Colby Carerly. O. 8. Me Lane, B. G. Carter, John Kivel, A. 
|0. Whittemore. ' 

Literary InstitufihttS^Doter High School'; Franklin Aoadeniy. ' 

Uvery Stables— W. &. Brt>wQ, Q. yt. Davi^ 0.- Mitchell, F. jD. lCin-» 
near. n .....,•. . 

ManuCteture^S— boom'and thoieJr,' J. Rra^ey, O. B. Weht worth; 
0. W. Tin(ii, B. G. Kitinear *Go., J. H. Hard 'k Son, G. W. Thnre- 
toR, Strong ft Bart, dkrrfttges, S. H. Randlett, W. B. Walker ftGo., H. 
il. Woithen ; coffins, T. L. Tlbhits, J. A. Otidden ; cottoM, Ooclieoo 
ManaPg C04 hair, S. Mestirve, C- J. Brown; hoop «kiKs,-6/ W.'FUFrijr ; 
M>n and braai Ibunden, Durer Iron Fdandry ; niarbld and^oap stone, 
!8. H. Foy, R. H. Twombiy, Ira Butterfield; sand paper 'and glue, 
l^tefvns ft Wiggins; soap, L. Beitcii' Jr. ft Co.: woolens, F. A. ft J. 
Bawyor; elotbinig, "Dover Clothing Gu '■ ' 
I Mechanics k. Artisans— arckitectn, Edward Btaisdell, d^, Bl'o#n,' 
,0. B. Joy ; bakers, B. A. Frazief.O. H. Lord, 0. H;Tasker ;' blaeUnritHs, 
|J. Hartforid, B. Oanhey, J. B. Hull ; carpenters, B. Blaisdell, W. P. 
iHayes, B. Stewart, T. J. Dearborn, Uanson Bros., Pinkham Bros .; hair 
dre8ser>«, .Oviren Printy, B. Hnntlngton, 0. i. Brown, Sherry ft Qihfmi, 
|A. F. OliUd^ ; harness makers, JAmes Hartf<r>rd, 0. W. Hayes'; H<)iiry 
IIaw; painters, C. M. Warren, J. Bedell, B. Clark, Hiram tfoitt, Chiis. 
!^S^: (Painters and paper liaingers, J. H.' Otis ft Co.; photogrftphers, 
|E. T. Brigham, F. H. Pos3. A. P. Drew; plumbera, W. T. Perkins, 
;J. n. Randiett ; printers, Libbey ft Co.; Q. J. Foster, ft Co., F. W. Bap., 
Bstablisbmant, J. B. Page. State Press; tailors, B. P. Varney,'D^rins, 
Foss, J. M. Staples, L C. Snow ft Co.; tar and gravel rooroni, H. F ' 

■afci^M5BftaBBB^5SS5 r-- i ' i V i» -ii "rf • t -r - i rt i r i - i- i - i ' iAa— 

79 Bi79IIF99e DIBJMTOfrT^ 

Qd<>w: undie^rtfikeni, J. A.61)ddni, T. h. TibMts, ^otin SIciyrdle, E< 

J. C. T»njey> y> P. H>»yw J l»«ot» and wlioep, ,£. V. Brew»t«r, 0. C 
InsnOmm, i. J. ^nw, JO. A. Fw©, J. B.^flMoyr, ^. p. fttrattop, C. 1^ 
^iiQJIfr^P. A. &«ya<»)<M; clotbtofc P. I^tjbrqp A Co., A. y. ffusseyi 

P. y»BDw,S.*«5Mfyi 

dry go?;**, W. lji,Ti;pl>y;(..y..|J.l£ri C^ W. gltVcpW^lwiIkqer ^' 
i,Ti«St>eri Q. IF. T*ll» * Oftvf . .^ yfi»l«y, ,i. R PwW.jJ. W. Viurnr: i 
(drugs and oiediciDet, O. W. Smith; C. A. Tufts, W. H. Tickj^nr, Lothr ' 
jr»p> ^M^Imhh B. V, HaRklv,. '«• .*• Tfwrnfy^ H. 0. Ggoclwin i Co.; , 
ifwcy i^op^ J.C. Yurnior, 0. £. |lor^B, B. I)iJton, W. H. Denqisj! 
n^Wfiftn Ji«PJ»; gwcftrkp^ «. t. ,?r«WHtjr 4 Ca.JJ. ^(fheriti ^ Co- 
IJ. g. IMi^. Jphii JtffiM^rvft a^roqt A .^t^leflfJd, JF- ?C ConWJ, ¥- ! 
^lloren, J. C. Uutchins, J. Uoberts, G. W. Ta8li>A Co^ C T. lleDdeiv 
isoo ;.WbUflfap|i4e A Vfirpej. J. A.:|Vteglp», C. 4. JPuiwa, JjL M. ^wnn, \ 
IN. S. HansoD, CoUman A Cnshing, J7F. Gnffen, Chas. r. Ham ; gro. 

S^M*i)(>.cppckery, fi^p^cfn Bra^M*. »<»«?; :t»i)#.,MlPf ^«J^^^]^M 
. W. TwonjWj. ^ngep« Bpufrt; W^wara, C. U. JpaPfK, JU., 
SmifJi PpotvASoaJI; hajswd c«j?8^.J. t. W. W, Ji H. yiwi\g^l 
A* f . EpiMin^, J. K » purlugipn A $on ; JW/^lrye J« i^* Horn, C. B. Ba-i 
c^,..J, U. Qntj 2 IfaO^f r b^mng, J. p. WUiamP * I^PL^'?"^^""* 
lime and cement. Converse A Uobbs; meat, Bart Rich, Gonpn |s 

.Tf^wl^: mm9m.Mi?^^\^Wl^ Hi. ^we4,T.^iCr.««y.] 

Mrs. T. Sherry, K^^^ I. Plyiw* Q* jt^eserye, lira. ^. Q, ^i>lv9<^on ; 
'mnsic%I ips.tiraiiieptai P- Lpt)far9p'A C04 mlnfral water, Pr.t 
;Ilj9r««b; p^int fWid 9i1^ ?pJ»ofp A Bo>)§rtfu 4, Qp^fVL C. IJe n 
£*••> ».^- .R»«lk>fgr, 0. A- !lp't#; jpuywos, and .prwna, ». M^^rop * 
,Co.; picture frames and artist's materials, T. C.Iiovey, f^viqg |n« 

IV«1| ^ JC9, Mr B«tv, MpiiUon A Cate- \. ^ •„ 

Physieians—L. 0. Hill, A. 0. Fenner, Jeremiah Home, T. J. W. 
Pf^y., J. H; Wl|fel<^r, P. A. mactiP^»l». ¥- (J- I-fttbrop,. J. H. B^v», C. A. 
Tn^tp; £; 0. Berry, fmitk ^ CManiberWn, C. 11. FairbfinfLs : .hj^meo^ J. 
W.J)rjai#,p.0.Worph,|tfrs.PayM: deiitifta, P.^aIcolfB,A.X Vonn^, 
0. W. TasUr, W. W, Dam C. C Cbtnley; ^et* surg^ A. J. fjemvy.. 


PUIlMiW, <?^iS;S^i/Zi^P9P., ^-^4j^JS.^.|C^ene. 

13. j£.ij¥» ^' — Peterboro, and Jaffrey op Mupitdnofjk R^^. Daily styige. 

-^ P»IGKp^<V*»«a iVefi*., W. U ris^e;^e(^qi, J«VQB«f. AJlW>ii, 

C. W. Gowmg, Sam'l Adams, jr^ SupU, Bm^^ £. <^|f^^Q; Jli;fM(«, 

DfHf^terPerliy, J^a. AllijpQ' v 

P9ffAmiast*r, E»p, * Tf I. Aq'^-tP. W. GIsmob. 

Jufticasr-tbpmw Fi#k, H. (^ Piper^ iS^fite; W.^. Pjsk«,||. AUiffn, 
Bj^ry P.Xeanied. ' i- 

£AAVChe»"-Oong.,i — r -' ; Unit., Q, M. Rice. 

J|apufACii|rert---filotbee pips, J. ||. Spo|furfi'; lpn)ber,X.X<*|Iofre, 
J. Hw ^pofford. 

ll^Cibainics— blackspiitl^f, tf^ashington Proctpr; carpenters, ChArlec 
Perry, J.G. Piprr, H. 0. Piper, Franklin Bond; cooper, Cbarlas ^res- 
top , machinist, John "^ail ; painters, J. 0. Josselyn; matfO^Si J. H, 
iMasop,^. F,£Hye«: fhoamakfrs, Jr. Piper, il.Jilpilfie. * n •:,. i.'.' , 

i MenchADts—Q. W. dleasoD. M. B. Mason. ' ^ .. . . 

^V9JJasa» DI^AGTQBT. 7^ 

Rliyfieiaii^p. H./Smit^. 

Sumii^^r ^<Ml^fllQg ^0(ij;^S-7Tli«ddei]f Morse. Mn. J. GleAsoii. /ohi 
H. ia«^9P, J. L. AidiAmB, j^o. 'y^.' ConaQt, Urs. C. M«^i fi- H 
U1(fif(iir^lL G|BO. .^jj^oiiflngi Jqf^^.|U>rM, V. J. Gr^^pwpod, Saniue 
Adamk, jr.t 

cattar,^ #. ^. ^.--IT. MjWd. i bl, 09 0. T. 11. K, 
t(>md«Sp<77<rlr, t.JTfwitcIiill; "Ihw., J. B. UTdoy"; JWfrf 

iMM, CI NT^rckiofd, £. MVG«f biifh. N. W: Beao ; SufLi J.f . 1.ot«Joj 
Justices— p. ff. |f i^K7t »yc yigbt^'a. B. C<pii. 

I M^n^el^r^ni— loutlinr, T, A. T;RRUc)ielI A Cb.,$. W. Thoin|»o] 

I J^Vnj^MTTOn, MEKlUMACK-^Vop^^n. 9. ii-.C- 10. jr.« 
£.— ^. W^re, 3, Go^stown 0, on 1i«ncb6*ter «p4 N. weare R. a 
!Cpn«f7Mice to nynl 'tnSfut jlown. l^iftiKy 8^« Ut ine^t IJMt U^O flrott 
(Wortf to Bgf ton*. ' 

(a3rrGia»&--rt<rAr, W. S. TwJw; 3V«^fc, A. f. "^aita ; flW^cfiifli, D 
P. "Walker; P. M. Lojr^, I*. P. Hidley ; ^i><„ Caltin l^rtin. 
Postmasters— 0'. "P. Wilson ; ' yortfl, D. P. Wklker. ' 
Justices— W. B. Bnmham, W. )(L 8(iiMU)n.. U. JL. Biin)li|up. Al^i 

8.i;H«ninion3'0f.f'.Wil8on,tJ;r.lif.StorJc. ^ ^ 

I Churches — Bap., L. Hnydsn; Cong., -^-^ — ; l^Jf^Mu J>.B 

,Coit, p. 0. 1^0 Goncor4. ' ^ 

H^,|il|]--1>rQ(^l flQwfif jr.' 9. W. IPrsston. 
I ■anufacfurer^— ax handles, Ansel Marshall ; Idnlber, B. A X. JPage 

1 i^hrilicsi ArGsahs--l)1»ck8^rths, 6. O.Walt, ^oi(w Badl^ i 

SoA, J. 9. Ir^an4,,^.. Flanders; c^raenters, B. 3imtem P. t. 

Wbjpple, J.D: Biinton, ;9Iinn8 Qrdwfiy.T. S. Wi^SQti, E. if. Mtf Crillis 

citu engineerVu.'Ii. Burnh'ani ; eQbper, J^'. ^ti;^ii ;' miisons, ^. W. Col 

'by, Joii^ Orofr; music jt,^»^^r, ;Bdsb& Pftg^; pftinUrs,'T. 1^. iWikon 

icanmiffe) H. JL Wilson | i»rjntf r,'0. B. A. Ch^niberlain ; shoemHker 

'L. H. Wilson ;' stone cutfe^, 'A. Sandsrs; irh^elwrights, JLlfioa llftu 

;lej A£on. •'.*.. 

I JleiBCliaiUS— ,0. P. WJlsM ; .apple tfreof, J. p. Jam^op. 

I summer Bdarding Hcuses—wm: B. Bnrnuapi, J. a* Cbanbetlen 

Peter Bulterfleld. n- rr 

I Yftleriliavy SuriUMn— BorSiQe Caldwell, 

I BtJIWAM,S?*J?v4JF|roJeX> — Pop., 962. B, fr. C-34; 8. V\. 

tr,l>mrJb. E. M. iS,— Burliam, ^ In,, op BJfc |4r. B. B- Btase. 

I OTFTCERS— 'Cfi'r*-, Snifiuel Ruiif«'tf;'jr; TVeai., J. W. B. T^mp- 

,i^p ; SeJtOm^t John Mc Ban^el, J. C. Bartl&tt, M. £t. Mitthes. 

f Postmit^tei'— Valentfi^e MHtbips, 2d. Tel. Ag't— J- W. B. Thorn t son. 

I Justice^— Jof, C. Bartlett, J^ E. ^BiiKzeH. ' J^hxafm JeDkibi, W. W. 

'Paf««W^. B. XiSiijrnoaidt J> McDanielf>,ir.,AIuert Demetift, iSta/«; J. 

iB.'^Stnith, J. Xanglty, T. Bathes, E.'M. Unvin, Alft^t Yonng. 

; Churc;h9S--phrw., Bop., — ^ — — ; Cong., H'. L, Tiilbot 

Holel--Q3rster RTr^r Hotel, T. M- Tooey. 

■ant^etuferS— brick, H. A. Matbes. V. MutheR, 24 ; Inmber, 3am- 
rnel Kbnlet, T.'H. Wiswall ; wfcU paper, T. H. Wlswall A Co., p. o. ad., 
Mew Market. 

I Mechanics— blackemilh^ J. E. Bnz^cell, J. R. Giles, Rich Drew; 
iQtachiniet, ^phraim Jcukiiis : wheelwright, J. £. Buzzell. 
1 Merchants— V. bathes; Vd, Alyin Jackf^on; co$l, V. Hathes, 2d 
hay dekrerii,' Jenemilah Lttngley, Alfred Boitt 


KAST KINGSTOBT, ROCKmOHAU—Vop^ 576. S. S. fr. 0^ 
12 ; IS. fr. Ifixeter, 6. R: Ji. 8.^'R. Klngi^ton. on'B. ft M. R. R. 

OfFIGERS— OerJfc, F.J. PbObrlck; Treat., O. W. aanborn; Select 
men, W. S. Titcomb, J. E. Webster, J. H. Bofeweir; -Supt., Q. B, 
Wehater. . . , . , 

Postmaster~J. D. Currier. Ex. k T«l. A(^— J. llrHbrrfll. ' * » 

Justices— B. T. Carrier, B. .K!. Wetyirer, $taU; O. B. .Webster, & 
Sanborn. JB. W, Phjibrick, N. IS. Tuck, N. B. Tilton, J. P. Frvnch. 

Churches^M«th., F.B. White; llnir., -.. ■ 

Man uftcturorS— brick, J. S. Lamprey ; shoes, J. W, Oeeeotj.' , 

MechanfCs-^blacksmith, 0. Ifi. Marsh; earpentertf; B. W. Phllbrick, 
J. L. PbilUrick, F. J. Pliilbrick, J. H. Bnswell^a.,D, 8u»iUi, Dad* 
ATebster, J. O. Nelson, W.S.'RowelL Nathaniel Baidbeftfef'. 

MerchantS^Merrill Bros., B. A. Tiltiin, H. L. Rowell Bakie Bros. 

EASTOM, <?«^FrOiV— Pop., 802. N. W. fr. 0., 86; N. B. fr. 
Uaverhill, 2U. R. R. iS.— JLisbon ft Bath, 12 m., eacli on White Mt R. R. 

OFFICERS— Ctsrl;, 1. J. Whltcher; JPVscu^,' A; Coolejr; Stketmem, 
^too. W. Kendall, Wm. Keod;Ul, John G. A.Wth ;' Supt,, C. M. Cogs- 

Postmistress— Mrs. M. )t. Toung. 

Justices— Ged. W. Cogswell, State; Wm. ICspdatl, WlnflfcirDrnr7,Jr. 
)i. 0. CogsveU, Willis Bowles. 
' Cfiuren— Union, -^ — Joneit. 

Manufacturers— lumb^, Whitchar ft ^ndall, H. K. No/es. panlel 
IVhitcber, JK. W. Xoung, OtU Brooks; starch, Parker, A4wbdd ft 
lVhltn6y: • • • 

Mechanics— blacksmith, Frank J. BSrtlett ; csrpeuters, O. W. Ken- 
lall, T. B. Toung ; cooper, John W. Gray. ' . • 

EATQIV9 CARR0pL^f6p.j, 629. N. 1£.{r.'a69. N. fr. Ossipeer, 20 
S. R^ j^— Conway Corner; 5 m., on Bssteen B. E. Dally Stage, 
irownfleld; Me., on P. ft 0. R. R., 10 m. ' ' 

0FFIGBR$— C¥«rX:. Lucfen Danforth;. ^«a«., B. F. Wakefield; St- 
tctmeu^ Bdwin Snow, A. L. Stuart, $. p. AtUrd ; Stiptn 8. D. Stoaxt. 

Postmaster— C«n<r«, H. H. Robertson. ' 

Justices— S. W. Perkins, Siliw) Snow, Statti Bdwin Snovir, Charles 
lobertaon, p. J3. Allard/ B. M, AUard, 0.9. Sbacl^ford, S. D. Stuart, 
<. Danforth, Clement Drew.' .*....-. 

Church— F. Bap., . • 

Manufacturecs^lnn^ber, boards, shingles. Stores, ftc.,,Bdwln Btiow. 

Mechanics-— blabkaniilh; H^nry Kenneaon; cabltaet^ raakeri, ear- 
enters. Silas ft Alvln Snow; B. M. Allard :'m|tSoaS, B.F. WiOcefteld, 
[. B. AUard, B. M. Allard. 

If erchants — Snow ft Robertson. S. D..Pan(, J. F. Shaickfbrd ; mll- 
nery and fancy gooda, M(s. tl. H. Robertson. 

EFrinraiiCAMc, <>^ft«oj^z^Pop.. 865. n. w, fr. C'.m; w. 

*. Ossipee, 8. R. R. 8.^^. Wakefield and Osslpee Ceuttir, on P. Qt., 
. ft Con . R. R. Daily stage. , 

OFFICERS- C^«r», A. B. Lumper; Treat., A. J. Wedjrj^wood'j Se- 
ctmen, J. W. S. Paiwer, p. o. ad. dfUer ; Q. B. Doane, W. T. DavIs, 
'alls; Supfs., Joseph Lbugee, Falls, A. J. Wedgewood, Ccmler, J. L. 
Take, Center, 

Postmasters— A. B. Lamper; Souih^ B.F.Taylor. 
Justices— John Demeritt, Sla^e ; S. Q. Dearborn, A. Kennifltou.' A. 
[. Drake, B. F. Taylor, Elijah Taylor, J. V. Granville, M. C, M«>r8e, 
. M. Tluirston, J. M. Drake, Chas. Parsons, C. H. Stevens, F. L. 
00k, J. E. Leavitt, C. F. Taylor. 


CharcheS— Cong., J. Pawcett ; F. Bap., . 

Exp. Agent— J. Vf. Champion. Lavryer— 8. Q. Dearborn. 

Hotel and Summer Boarding-^, a LeftTftt, A A. C. Lenvttt. 

Mechanics^ biack8in'itli0, Jamea Bazcell ; S&tUh, Vati Burnn OKd 
den : carpenter. South. Wpodbnry Qliddeo ; harness maker, SotAk, W 
S.Taylor; painter, H. & Brown; Uillor, P. Olidden; wheelwright 
H. s. Bn>%n. 

Mwcbants— A. B. Lam per; clothing, &>»!%, B. F. Taylor. 

Physician— J. Bf . Leavitt. 

C«nter— Ptetmaster— M. C. Morse. Cbarch— Bap., 

Ulerary Institution— Masonic Insticate. 

Mechanics $i Artisans— t»lacksmitbr, Lerl Champion A Son, Joht 
McCellan; carpenters, J. F. Moore, J. A. LetfTitt, Klijah Tkvlor 
hair dresser, C. F. Bo we; masona, Btmoa I^avitt, J. F.tiUe; photo 
grwher, J. L. Drake. 

Merchants— 9. M. Morsa It Son; auctionear.S. M. Uotf; clothing 
~ B. Perkin«. 

FaIIs— Postmaster-*J. Demeritt. 

Chareh-^F. Bap., N. Shaw. 

Manufllcturers— spools, bobbins andiralei, C. 1 0. Panons. 

Heebanics A Artisiins— blacksmirh, R. M. FoJton ; carpenters 
S. T. liougee, O^ B.' Leighton, Oren Stil lings, Beth Uareh ; hAir dress 
er, J. W. Tharston; machinist, John Psraoni; masons, AIooso Ken* 
istOQ, Joseph K«niaton, B, A. Cate,'8tephen Flanders. 

Merehafits-*-J. Demeritt A Son. 

TRlAJiWOWtTWL^ OkAFTON-^Top^909. }^, W.t\r,C:^^^; 8 
E. fr. HaTerhill, 2b, R. R. A— Bnmney. 7 ni., oil B. C. k M. It. R. 

OFFICBBS-^Cleri;, TrmM..and Supt., H. H. Pease ; StUcttntn^ J. M 
Dusttn. Oscar F. BTake, Ira C. Downring. 

Justices— W. Deming, 8tdtt\ D. R. Busaell, W. Denili^, J. H. Duatin 

Cbarctl— F. Bap., Mflton' DeWnin jf. 

Manufiicturer— lamber, B. T. Brown. 

Meehanics-^blacksmfths, Ifi. Currier, B. P, Dqwaing; earp^nttrs 
ilbert Downing, Ssmael.Willey ;. cooper, SamM Willey. 

EirFfCt«O,-Gritil/T0iV— Pop., lea). N. W. tt. a, 42; 8. fr 
Baverhlll, 35. R^ R. &— Enfield on No. N. H. R. X. 

OFFICERS— CTa*!;, OtaUr, J. F. Bryant; Treaty tfyman Pattee 
Sdttlmm^ J. O. dpeiicer, iteary White, J. S. Piltsbary ; Supl^ J. C 
Corrier ; Agtni, D. N. Ladd. 

PoStmastBrs— C. Q. Morgan; West, B. F. Pcttingill 

Justices — ^Wyman Pattee, J. F. Bryant, Tal^ntino Manahan, C. Q 
Morgan, Bben CloniEh, A^ A. Cox, StaU.;V. 8. Wells, Timothy Kidder 
Jr., li. W. Carrier, Kathautel Parmort; J. M. Nelson, H. T, Parmalee. 

Churches — Cong., Francis Parker ;' Metb., H. 8. Parmalee; Shak 
ers, Henry Cnmmin^ ; U'niv., 8, — . ' 

Esri. & Tel. Ag*t-^. b. Foiiansbee. ' 

Hotel— Granite State Honse, 6. W. Clark, . 

Uvery Stahles— 6. W. Clark, J. B. Thomas, C. Houston. 

Manuflieturers — ^bedsteads, HnsA (fc.Berry ; brooms, tubs ivnd palU 
Shakers; batter firkins. Wells & Flanaers ; eave spouts, D. M. Cum 
mings; flannelfl, D<>dge k Daria ; leather, Livingston Bros.; lumber 
A. A. Cox, Wells A Flanders ; sash and blinds, J. C. Currier. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, W. D. Flemmlng, Stephen LafTee; Wett 
D. Sargent ; East^ D. McKinnie ; carpenter, A. P. Plumm^r ; carriA«E< 
maker and pafnter, B. B. SJiattuck; painter, N. 8. Wheeler; wheel 
Iwright, K. B. Sliattnck. _ 

^ - - - . - - I 

Merchants— C. 6. Morgan, Pattee ^ Cpfr^er ; clp<^« iriUcbf|i and 
jewelry, H. JB., Stanley ; drugs and medicinesj GrC. Chandler; iancy 
goodAf»n4. notions, W, C."Cioug>'i' ^rooerjes. G, Jf- ^^t^iftgck t f)o.] 
qjeal ^pd KraiD, vV'jf^an Paitee ; mi^inery, |%. L. KenKUt, ■ 

Pb|f;siei4liS— T^len,ijfi« Jl^^nahap, C, B. Nivhols. 
. €7^|i)^e|^T-1lQl9^— AIoQt Gafpa.ltpnse, P» % JtoraCt 

Vanuueturers— carriages and sleighs, W. a. Leavittt fMmixner^ 

, 8. Marston ; silver polisn,' J. F. Bryant. 


ers """*" 

M^chanif^bia^kfipiithH, JL SvOryss, J. jlc Jilwalf^f jn^r^.'if ofk- 
, GTF/ Andrew^, u.Atwfill; painter, .Z. ja^OnsUn : v^MdxrigbtA, 
^. H. li^vitt, Wpj. WalpbttT ^ ^ " ^^ 

pierfihJ^ll^--^^ ;]^^ ;$fyiypt } ersJn/ind nieal, ^. T, T^epnlf qi| ; ^il- 

k^: K/&Sh?fa iMefcri!f 2^^^^ ^: 

No. Epping on N. & R. R. B. 

OFFICERS— aerAr, C. H. Knox ; ' !ZVea«., ^,. S. Bi|hdjett'; SeUctmen, 
G. £. Folsow. J. fr^pr4^gf^f W. ^. §t|(^i^ey ; ^^1«.» H.,B. Burbhara, 
y. W. Sp.Hiild.i^g, 

jusiices— IS. JT. ^rascott, n. Ji. ^{uninier, j±. if^ *i©yt, fl.JM. liod- 
ft-ey, G. N. Sbe|jard, Natb'l Batcbelfler, J. B. JPe^rson. C. a. ikoox, H. 
|. Jf^prris. n, B.3«rnb<fcifi, iftois; ^. F. Barber, p. F. Bfi^^t, C. W. 
&ntHjrn^V. H. Sl?i*riev, J. C. parley, J. |i. Q: goW, G, W. 
T;itt)'ii, M. a: Fer.HJn*; Josiah Dearborn Ffimk. Cha8ws_G^8^Rai|<»ett, 
C. F'. Kageily, W. H. Tilton, X. J. Qibbs, )V. t. LaVareoce, Jff^'L^dj, 
C.jB.Fotaom. ., . . ' ^' "■' ■ - , 

CbchrcrheS— Cong., J. H. steams ; ^pls., — r^ ; . Jf^ii^^ft — 

; Meth., James Thnrsto^n' 


Pi|;^, Thompson ft l^orHs, Fik€;'& Burley ; Ihmber ft i?ii»^K C. J^li^ k 
Spits ; tneal, plalster and Imnl^er, %Vm, T* ^ T* ^> FMjpom ; rn^ttf^, ^ ^. 
Pearton ; ♦rbolens, C. II.Norrls: 1m^', F. H. Carpei^ief. ' .. 

Mechanics A Arti^^J^s— lf)HckMiiitl>^>W. £. Biin]<ibr,.j;^Yf.Xhpnip 
son. 6. W. Houkinson, li.,Jl. $»I1, G. S. ^'hump^on : j:ur]^^t.Q», ij. m. 
Godfrey, B;Obm Pike, J. P. Sanborn, G«o. M''. tutw»i7* *^* ^««b: 
Wett, V, Tjrue, J. B. l)o\^,; Uind surveyor, ^^^.!^. Sp^pw?d ; .har- 
ness maker, J. Butler ;' tpf^sbns, R. $, JDanie ft Sofas ; 1^^ iC-P. Tot- 
tle; palntfers, A. W.'Nafcbn, G. W^. pr<V>y. J. jH. (^ticlfnfg^, C. D. 
Smith, Levi Warden; planers, C. ^. ft £..E. Mi^es; H«m| ^ner 
and box maker, G. F. Doyf ; printer, d. VH, &(Dl)OTti ; .tailor, IKivid 
Stickney ; whee)wri«btj|, Sam*l Spencer, pHnUSaiibprTuy. S-.^aquis. 

.^MChan^-^. Q. Pike, yt. R. Bunker, Jqhn Leddy ; Fett, J. L, True, 
G. «. j^hepard; auctioneer, F' ifi. Bdan; boots and ^oe«. A'. B. 
Brown; clothing, David ^tic)cney ; drugs and inet!icin<*s, y^. 'U. .5tic)£- 
n'ey; flour and grain (wholesale and retail) A. S. R'obie.; fi|rniture 
and coflBns, Francis H^m ; groceries, A. R. IjCbomp^oii.^wain ^ Jones ; 
meat, S. H. Rand, H. 6. &inboin, 0. 8. I<angley ; ' We^t^ H. H. Thyng: 
millinery. M. A. Hazelwood, Boston StOte; std\es>na tinm^re, 
Wm. Cook ft Co.; watches' and Jewelry, f; P. F^Jt. 

BtTstsess* DiB[2cro&r. 

Tel. Opar.—F. p. Knox. 

EPSOM. MfikRtA4(}X—'Pop,^m, B. from 0., 12. it. S. 5l«L 
B^in mH ifl iBn ort Falls, ob Suijduok Ymtley R. R. 

OFFIC,BRS— C/«r«» J. F. Robihson ; THtai.^ D. O, ObcAsey ; ttle^M^ 
R. C. filtoWD, JftJties Fowl^f, James YemXifai AIM., C. 0. Brbwl 

n^iAaitim-^: T, Cot£efbll ; STioi^ MIU, J. B. Tetitiaiit. 

Justices— U.F. Saobom, Bei\j. Towle, J. II. Dolbear, O. O. WriiH 
Statii Qioliiiei Jnliiln. 

Chureb'te— Chris., ^ ^hlHps ; Odoi^., B. C. Odi^Vell ; F. Bat» 

N. A. Apery. 

WidliCleMrdlrSh-tMix^ 'W. Trlpb; il<mr and m^al, Wih; BarnhWki 
B. Bfctzford ; IntKlutt-. and Shlnileil S. BickTorti, H. B. BieKTord, B 
BldMrd, tt. A amnles. • 

IMdhl^ibs^-blkclchniithiri; J^rka Pliflbri^k, K. Bmanii 0. K. p« 
more: carpeilters, Jaclcsoti Phifbrick, Jofio 86nrl!&, W. T. 8kn<Jen 
F. ICd^den ; riiillWrifcht, H. A. ttolmei. , ^ 

.MarchantSr-Nl. B. TennaqL Silver Be Robhi^ik, 1, 0. raill M 86fe 
H. sTKhbirtes'. PhyittelSn— A. B. FreHeh. 

Stgtioil, Aderfts^Ufcnrv Knox ; Suni FUUt, J. B. f (>n^ll|. 

JBKllOK, €Od;»— Pok, 161. 9. 0.,l40; t. fr. €<il«l»roo1i 
^. ii. JS. &r-N. Stratford, on O. T. R. R:, 33 m. Btagb idso fir. Bothel 
MMinj^, ^ milos, qii Q. 'P. R. R., twice a ^eek. 

j OFFICRRS— <7fer*, Geo. C. l»eriierltt; fi'ette:,!). H. tbrnvfon j SfUq 
men, J. A. Tliiitstdn, Ct B. DaviS, B'. D. Tbbrstdn ; iSkfJt, M. L. Tbun 

P^ttlAiasteii*— 3. It Baiiscoiiiei 

Jdsti6to— Q. H. West, 

HotelS-r-A^^ni Honxe, . 

IMkliira6tUr«tS— luikiber, 
it K. D. Thurston. 

pieehfnies-^blacksmith, B. D. Tliurston; cattia^ lilaKers, W. C 
•84tflioH|. w. A. Bhigig. ■ ," . 

I njeMie,i2ocir/i)r§£rkjr— po[^.»3^60. 9. |'-c.,40. je. ji 

&— Kxeter. on B. A M. R^ R. 

1 . OFFICSR&— .aef4L W. B* TM\ri9.p ytredi.t JR'BF. CW-dWerj fete© 
MKiS W. B. Borrill^ J^weti Coutter, J. /. FolaoiQ ;^ fity^tt., N: B. fiok 
"■E. a Baatmkn, B. Scanitiioii'. 

Postmaster— Oeorge S. Leavitt. 

Justices— Cbas. Cobner, W. P. Monlfon, J.B. Shffpley, W. tf 
Stickney, W. B. Morrill, J. M. Lorering, C. G-. Odmrtif-, J. F. Wijtgir 
(C.B. Bell, J. W;. QdHn. J. J. Bell,. J. J). Lyman, L. G. Boyt, W. W 
]l>*f|t'4,. J. w. Towie, G. W. Weston, B. G. BiMtmfin, Nathaniel Goi 
Mon, S«(e : Orin Bead, (J. E, L»ne, T, |^. Davis, 0. D, TowIe, W. I 
,Patnam, W. H. Belknap, J. D. P. WingAie. A> G. Bhtzell. Mi tileepM 
;T. B. Hcfji\ S. D. Wllw^n, A. 0. Fuller, C.B: K'nl^ht. 

CInlKhes— Gall Bap., -J. N. Cfnise : Coujr., Swift Bylngton; G. I 
Street; Enlii^O. B.'Morgitn; Meth., M. Bbward; R. <).« J. R. P<rwere 
jUnit.,BJF. HcIMntet. 

' Eating Housed— C. B. Foisom,0. l^. Learift, W. B. Bpiitta, B. J 
Molloy, niuk Benrey. ' Exp. iia't$-K*. il. Perkins,!). B. ft»lth 
' Hotels — ^American Bouse, L. G. Towle-; Boytls, C. SteVens, Gorbai 
Hall, 8. H. Dnmai. 

'■ Uwyers— W. W. SUck'iiey, Thomas Leavttt, 9. F. Wl^ia, Gikiia 
Marston, J. Warren Tuwle, A. C. BuzseTl, K. G. Eastman. 

ahscouiei . 

t, Geo. C. Benierftt, W. W. BfftM. 

, .lobu Aken t BHMge» W. W. Bragg: 

ber, Priugee i Cm, John Akdrs; starch, J. A 

I • ■ — 


I Uterftry. Institutions^Philip'* Exeter Academj, A. C. Perkins, 

prin.; RJbiDsoti Female Seniinajry, Anne Kilbam, acting prin.; 

Exeter Hi^h School, Albion Burhank. 

Li very $jiables— L. G; Tt)wle, C. D,Tovl«^. 0. Dutch. 

Man uTacturers— Exeter Bxmb Works, B. Folsoui k Co'.; carriaged, 

E. 6. Lane; cot(un«, Ex/»ter. Manufg Cb„ Henrey Kent, agent: Ex-j 

eter Foundry, J. Carlisle A C^i.vliunber,8initb 4 Fulsom, Frank Chase,] 

jExeter Macbina Works, W. Biuiingnnie, agent; pottiir's ware, 

•Asiv l^ainson. 

] Mechanics A Artisans— blacksmiths, A. J. Fogg, a. W. Greene, T. 
Waberton ; carpenters, Browrn A Warren, C. W. Young, Joeiah Batcbel-j 
der, C. H. Palmer; hair dresBers, H. H. Touiig, S. Brigham, N.P. Gntler,! 
H. Outlet, Witt, Sinith ; hariiei-saiakerB, Tilt«*n A Flemings Wm. Gracey,' 
Dj T. Springer ; n^rble workers. 0. 8. Greeley A Co., t. B. Darls ;{ 
masons, W. P. Weeks, J. Batchelder A Son, G. W. Staples; paint- 
erp,.B. G. Pnrhigton, J.. |^.. Head, J. B» Siuiboro, W. 0, Perkins, I. 
M. Watson, I. T. Purington; printers, Wingate A Shaw, Marseilles 
A Morrill; Uilors, B. C. Thomi^son, G. 'Curter, G. B. Hoyt; watch' 
makers, D. M. Qiiiraby, C. E. Damo. [ 

Merchants— Porter A Thing, Weeks Brothers; auctioneers* J. P.i 
Elkins A Co.,C. B.Towie: Iwoks and stationery G. B. Litne; boots 
and aboca, Earle A Cutii, T, E. FiAeVd, G. T. Stacy- J. M. Towle, Henry' 
Dow; elocks and. watches, W. B. Merrill; clothing, G. B.iCutts, A. 
Churchill A Co., J. P. Elkins A Co,, H. Gobe ; dry goods, G.. C. Lyfoi d, W. 
6. FoUansby, B. Mayers^ ; drugs Aud medicines, 0. A. Merrill, A. 8. 
Wetherell; fancy goo^s and . notions, 8. F.Emerson, J, Q. 'Bartlett, 
Wm. Currier; groceries, N. Weeks^ jr., F. M. Davies, Wilson A Tuck,i 
Kelly A Gardner, Bead A Co., Nath'l Weeks, 8. J^ Dudley,. Dnon A: 
Mnrdock, L Good^in.t hardware, Kdly A OardBer.J. W. Getchel, 
J. Carlisle; hats and OBfi*f A, Merrill A Sons, B. A G. Garter, Chnrchni 
AX3o.i miUinery. C,^ 3&. A ^. W, Brown, ^M^ary 0. Litch, 8. B. Young, 
J. E. Pettingill, J C. Pratt; paper hurigings, G. E. Lane, Porter, 
A Thing; W09I, A MarriUA8pns,H. C. Moses. ! 

Physicans— Wm. Perry, W. G. Perry, C. C. Odlin, Albert Carroll,} 
R. Bartlett, Qharlcf Warren ; dentietst a H. Qerrish, J. |L S« Bnty, 
G. £. Mitchell. Tel. Ag'ts— S: 8. Haynes, ElU Haseltine. . 

r*bwMi Hpw«^— See (?an»ll. J 

JFAllMINeXOS, STHJkFroRZ^Pop , 3014. N. B. fr. C, 35' 
N. W. tr. Dover, 18. J2. R. ;S.— Varmington, on D. A W. &. E., % m.j 
fr. village; conveyance to all trains. ' 

. OFPXCERS— Cieril^A. W. Shackford ; Trea$., J. E. Fematd; Select- 
men, 8. 8. Amazeoii, J. L. Denieritt, BenJ..Bvberts. i 

iPosimast^r— A. C. Newell. • 

JMSticeS— D. T, Parker. G. N. Eastman, D. W. Edger^, 7. B. Ed- 
gerly, H. Barker, E. F. Nute, F. Kraereon, D. C. Mellows* C. W. ThI- 
pey, Stephen Mut^r, C. W. Tehbeta, E. X. Cloutraan, C. U. Pitman, 
Jas. B. Edgerly, P.M. Horn, John Tuttle, A. W. Shackford, Stute; 
W. W. Hayes, J. E. Fernald, J. G. Johnson, B. B. Foss, I. C. Varney; 
A. C. 2«ewdil, F. Leigbton, Charles Leighton, A. D.Otis. 

Churches— Adv., J. G. Smith ; Cong., W. E. Darling; F. Bap^ 0. A. 
B^skford. Exp. Ag'tS— Geo. Tarltou, Frank fiussey. „f . 

HotafS-^Mephanic's, 8. Varney; Wilson House, E. T. Cottott. 

Ins. Ag^tS— C. H. Pitman, J. B. Edgerly. . . 

Lawyers— G. N. Eastman, G. £. Cochrane, F. Emerson. 

Utarary Institutioo— High School, E. J. Goodwin, prin. 

Livery Stables— P. French, S. Nutter, E. B« Mm>ney. 

BUflurses dibbotoet. 79 

Manufkcturers— boots and shoes, h. W. JKinbftll, O. ▲. J«D«t, A 
S. Putnam, laniel Ihise^ A. Note A Sons, J. If. Cluvtin«n, IK. O. Cnr- 
!tis, J. li Berry; Ivsto, Haines A Flaadert ; lamber, W. W. Uayes, J. 
W. Waldron, J. H. Waldron, Amos Tufts A 8od. 

Meebanics A Artisans— blacksmiths^ A. Leavitt, S. B. Jones, 
Alonno ftraw, G. W. Works; carpenters, A. C. TeLbeits, 8. 8. Cloutman, 
-A. A. HhII, O. M. Dixon, Alvin Dixon, W. A. Dixon, I. A. Qnint, 1*. J 
.CbambecteiOf 8. F. Jfinox \ bair diwsars, 8. T. Smith, 0. M. Louftee, V 
■D. Johnson ; harness makers, £. £. Clark, P. E, Bnsk; masons, H. A. 
iWhittsn, James Legro ; jMinters, Frank Kenintpa, B. ?• Avfry, V. C- 
plbntbtS. U. 8i>arrow: nhotogmpher, A. W. 8h«cktord; printers, 
|J. B. JTeroald A Soil B. 8. York; tailors. J. M. Bodwell* J, G. JLillle- 
Jield ; wheelwright, J. P. Tebt)etts, J. D. Otis. 

HsrehantS— Dockluim A Note Bros., Hall A Gaanej* B. T. WUson 
A Co^ J. B. Femald. J» H. Barker A Qa, D. K. Bdfterly; boots A shoes J 
^ L. Pinkham, W. 8. Cooper; civil engineer, G. W. Vemald; clocksil 
wstchcB A Jawelrj,:J..P. 8aiEbrd, J.H^ Bean ;clothinff» J.N. Bodweil. 
jr. C. Tilteo ; drags aqd mfdicines, B. B. BoaSt ^- V* Parker, A. C. Newell ;| 
dry goods, O. A. Hoyt, P. M. Vroet; groceries, Prestoo Pearl, B. T. 
iWilson A Co., C. W. Tapley, O. F. Tebbetts M 8a«s, M. W. Small ; mil- 
]iDery,Hn. GoodaU A Mm. Chef l^y, Mrs. 1.1. A. Small, Miv- Br 8, York ; 
D^ans and pianos. A* C. i(ewell ; proTisioos, A. T. ThompsML Joses^ 
GiK A. Wiggiu.; s^vsa ami hardware^ B. B. Small. 

Physicians— D. T. Parker, B. B. f osii. A. C. Newel), 0. B. Hanson: 
(lentisU,I>.W,NdKocly,A« Garland, Tel, Aa't*-G. W. Wood. 

Fisli«vsiv;ill»HSe« Ooncond.: 

£. fr. Keene, }d. JU. M- ^.^liUwilliam depot, l^m., lujd dtata line 
on Cbpsbire B. B. . 

OFFipKRfr-C/srX;. H. J. Pratt; TVmul, J. M. P^ker; Bdectnun, 
Chas. By am, B. L. Angier, Cluia. D* Bigelow; A<p^., A. B. Gleason, 

A. J. BhAo, 8. Kendall. . ... 
Postmaster— P. 8. Batcheiler. 
Justices—A, J. BbMie. Geo,. Allen, 8. Kendall, SUiUi, Silas Comi 

iDiagp, J. «. Adams, C, B. ?erry, H. A. Allen. John Vorristall, A. B. 
Gleason, P. .8. Batchelder, Danl Burbank, Johu Wkitt^more, G. A, 

Churches— Cong., J. Colby. , 

Hotels— FitvwiUlHm, Abner Gage; CheshiFe,. 0. BU 9|lic^k)ffci Af^-^ 
nadnock Mountain Uoose. Nawton A BaUbfillera. 

Uwyer A bis« Agt— Ufa and fire. A.. J. Blake. 

Llvecy Stables—Abner Gage, 0. K. .W)ieek>c|i. 

Maniifiieturer»^bntt«r lirkias and pailsr.CooUdge A .Whi^amora; 
bracketa and fancy wogdea warts Herbert Taft; lumber, E.£^3teue, 
E. Chaplin; grist and saw mill, 8. 8. Ston^; pails and tube, Jonas 
Damon, p. o. ad^ WJjqolietadoB.JUf^s. . . 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, 8. Poland, M. A. Allen, P. Whitcomb.; 
carpenters, ii.Firmtn, /W. H U,^arker; gran|^9 woiiHera, D. H 
Keed,J.]$. Fisher; hs^Qpsaiiimker, G^ N. Olmstmid; paruters, 0. A 
bmytheaman, B. N. Bak^r ; ih9emaker,,0. X*. Brock-; wheelwrlghu, 

B. A C. Carter. 

^Merehaats-^^ .M^ParkfrA Co., H.J. Pratt A Co.,P. 8. A 8. 
Batchalleri SlaU J^Mf«, J. L GilsoQ^. p. o. ad., W^ncheudon, Hssa. 
meat and proviaioqs, CIT. Mitchell. . 

Physicians— Silas Cummings, A. B. Gleason. 
I Dei^t— Poslvaster-^Elbridge QumminMs. 


80 Bustinifei dIrsoWky. 

ChO«!l-^ileth.i8. 8. Ihidtey." . 

Exp. i Tef. Aa't— Klbr|<h5* Ca'mmlugrf. Ins. ilt^^— C. 6* P4srry. 

Mijivin Wilson, Heu^y Howe, 

^l^reNxntS— F. B. f rye; berff^. C; B. PtJrr/; tttiUfct^^yy Mt^r. Wi{> 
' ion Ai Mrs. Sptiulding. . .^ ; ' 

3., 25 ; W. fh)m HaHch^ter, 2S ; N. W. frodi HaslkuM,' 23 : 
R. A, &'--aIr«enfl0ld, oif Fettfrtwro R. R. 4>^ mifetf, ^Mli* VWlce a 
lay, • • 

Or'fttlSk9-^Ctet^ L, ¥. Atvraod: IVwfs., AilUifiMt't>oihi«; SBAmkek, 
G^. f . Pe^tee, John Q. Morsd, H. N. Whl(iii(^; i^pA, Jttlt.T. W^o^dry; 

PosimasWr— 8. B; Hbdgffe. 
, jUStlces^T.-Bi Bmdford, 8. M.'PiksittdM, A; UJBMhf, 8. K Hod|^, 
3. B, mwbfia. Stalls,; EiraA Patbli,' J. P. W«odUtit^. G. W^ Cuih- 
DiiiiKB, I. B. FaruaM. 

Chuircil-MDonrip., B. M: KilRii^. / • ' j, 

Eitp. , Agents-^ . K. Ch4ij<flf)f , H.- B. Vt^JJ M.- Itan*. 
i Hotel end Livttry $Ul>le-^fVati<i«8to#ti; Wm: H. Mranin. 

Literary ^n$ti^Uii<)ti--FHknc6iito^ Academy, H;; 8. GoweH, prtn.; 
^own Library, lUOO iro[tim«a> . i, 

ManufMtarArs'— carding, .P. 6. KIddw; fldar atid ih«ilf, €teo. gnr-' 

mt, p, G. Kidder; kiKpai'K Ac,, 9. P. GUi-k 4 8«ft*n«tllRi«p« Geo. 

I'rgeilt, H. M. Mdhali&n : sdatiNSTone, n^nceato^o'«^^(<bd4 Quarry, 
iinibik it WiUifltofl; writiag de^ks and faticy -IfoxW, #. '1^. "Bixby, li 

Mechanics A ArtiS^S-i-barber, Oeo. B, MiUf s blaeysoiittift, H. WJ 
Jpaufdifig, G. 0. %pi^ F^itlt' C^worth • dtrp^bterto^ fi. W.' Oolbtirii, 
U. P.- Dowii«8, IL P.'Ord«ray;it^ A. Rbpfctos; lifcfiioris diakWi. 6. B. 
{lodge ; masons, E. K. Batchelder, 8. P. l^ewtoU ; {MrioMt's, ^, But-I 
terfieid, i;^. 8. Henderson, ^.oe.Polecbidj tiho^tlkersV GM<'W HiHs. 
T RMardeik; wbeel'wrrlghCft. DaiifMl l^oddy, G. A. iarfcti. 

Mef cteahM— Anlbtte Dowot, A. Brfulldra ; iractioiMi«ri 8. B. fiodge ; 
imiuery, R. BHidfvrd.' .... n 

Physicians— U. 8. Hutchinson, homeo., T. B. Fisher ; dentist, H. G J 
ISlittredge. , , . : » 1. , - . . j 

r ^ft£Br^^lift A^ <;>ir jfwvV-Piip., sw. jr. f*; c, 86? n. b. 

r^. Haverhill. 34. iS. JT. «L^L?etMt«to^ on W^iite Ifi. R. R:''f>ii6y stage. 
OFFICER*— Cter*, Osi|iaii[; rttrkei-; IVeaf':., W. F. Parl^e^^« /firfitc^: 
en, M. W. Priest, G.B.LeWt^'G.ii Bart; 8upf.;Q,4i:P\tAit(tilmi 
PdStMiuit<Bfs-^R08W«ll Knight tfVd^ flb«c»^, a H. Of eeAfeAT. 
{ JtksMc^s— E. B. Parker, Jo(^ 8|)doker, G. H. GndiihKar, ISUlU; J. N. 
pak^OimiAfa Parkier,- W. F. PA»rker. 

Churches— Advent, N. Wheeler, Qho. 0. Boivlta; Fi Bap.;0. H. 
pInkhWn.- = - • 

^ Hotels —f'i*oflle House, Talt A-6r^nllaaf; Valley- ttosbe, Horace' 
Kiriligiit; LaFiiyette Hott«e, RfehiiMson A Biirtiti^^' FranbdHia^ Blouse,', 
H. W. Priest; Qmiid View House, H. R. PfMet; Riv^raidfl House,!; 
if. H. Yqnug; BdMn House, GhfM. Kdson. I* 

: Ma^luifheTurers— bobbins, Stephen Batot}';'b6l)t^•'an\i^8hb•^1Mri1n'B 
Knftpp; iron, N. H. Iron Oo.{ Cli4Hes Bds^u,'a»«nt(\ himber,>€oo. B.I 
liowis, Otis Brooks, Stephen Baton; starch, Paihkek-j Prieiiif A'€^.;E. B. 
Parker, agent. ' " . ^ . . ^ 

' Mechanics— blacksmiths; W. J. George, R. t. Petriii^ dft^ehter. 

vDsniaBi »i»aotoar. 8? 

DMtar Woods; pftinMr, Im Whipple; wk««IWTlthlt, Boifrr AJdrieb, 
OL W. flrsrrw. 

Marehants— 0«o. H. Bart, B. B. Parker k Sob ; mUliamry, Beete J. 
Bowles. PhysMiM-^W. B. Ilbody^ 

FRAHKLIN.iarffir/ifilCtir— Pop., 3266.,l«. JLJE. 
&-^nmUin. en Nortbem B. Bt. 

OmCBKS— <3lerik, P. 0. HAaeoek; Trem»^ I. K. B^igett; AriaslMMn, 
A.. J. ThoratoB, J. W.B»tU, a a Kettfiek; MMtrd ^ JUhuaUtmt M, B. 
B. ftmbom, F. K. Pmsobs. 

PoStflltst«r~-B; Q. Oolbarn. Bxtt. ikmiC*-& M. PreMott. 

Jofltie^^— A. F. Pike, B. W.Beimelt, DMiiel BenMrd, a. W. BoIUbi. 
I. B. Btodgett, Mexte Procter, B. B. a Beaborai, DbtM OUehrfart, 0. W, 
Nesmith, 6. B. Stone, Miltou Oerriih, Stephen Keorick, B. a Stone. 
M. B. OoodwiB, B. Or. Leaob, J. H. Currier, J. F. FteMea, /Uatt; O. O.' 
Wadeworth, B. S. Hnncoek, F^ H. DBBfel, Freaole Shaw, D. B. Brown,' 
J. G. Story. H. B. Blake, A. L. BntterworMi, Q. 0. Kenrick, W. H. Bar- 
naid, B. B. Tohle, F. B. Rireenfli, J. S. Bowull, B. L Merrill, W. B. 
Ro^en, G. B. Ifathewa, G. H. K^, Ftaak Prootor. 

Ckurehes— Ghrit.. 0. J. Walt; Go&g., W. ■. Hadlejr. 

HMalS— Webater Hooae, O. B. Darie ; Frairidin Hooae, ▲. K. Moon. 

lasurane* Agtt^Leaeh M BaraAitl. 

UwTm->-A.T. Pike, DhbM Barnard, I. IT. Blodgett, B. G. Leach, 

0. W. Hesmith, B. W. Benaett, B. B. 8. SaDbora, W. M. Baraard, 
t. N. PMVoae. 

livery SUblM-^. B. Davia. A. K.liooro. 

■aaufaeturers— beltiac and hoee, J. H. Pettlagill; brick, Hiran 
Colby ; boots and sboei, D. Gllchriet A Co., W. 0. UtUe, ag't, 8. H. 
Claj; oondaelors' punches, J. B. Aiken; foaadry, James Tay- 
lor; hate and caps, W. J. Fortler; hosiery, A. W. Snlloway, 
Iflather, Thomas Mc Geaiiell ; Inmber Joeeph Brown A Go., J. U. 
Bowell, B. S. Oi»lby, Wallace Bnrleigh ; maehlaery. B. C. Stevens ; 
needlee, Jackmaa A FUaders ; paper, Wiaatopiieogee Paper Co., W. F. 
Oaaiell, manager; picture flraraes, I. A. HutehiasoB; stove polUh, 
Rowell A Whitaey; tta ware aod storea, J. H. Bowell; trttsaes, N. 
Wilton A Sen; wagoas, carriages aadslei|^ J. W. B. OieaBoat; wood 
pnip, Oosa Palti Co., W. F. Danieil, manimer. 

Heehanies m Artlians— barber, C. IL French; blacksmith, J. 
B. Galley; carpenter, JMper Gflley; feather bed renorator, John 
Bbaw; granite workers, Peter Dana: harnes^makers, L. D. Daren- 
port. Sleeper A Proctor; masons, F. W. Sargent, B. K. Woodward, Geo. 
L Toang; marble workers, Oummings Bros., D. A. Saiibera, Peter 
Daaa; painters, W. S. Wheeler,- 0. Osgood, G. F. Woodward ; tailors, 
S. B. Heath, H. J. Odell ; wheel wrigbU, A. L. Morrisoa, J. W. fi. 
Clemeat, B. Fi Seavey ; wool dyenr, R. 0. Sawyer, Kemple A Schyner. 

MafChantS—L. Richardson, D. aGilchrist, Asa Morrison, S. Marvin, 

1. 0. Stone; adetioneer, Bdwin» Jndkins; boots and shoes, — ^— 
Morriseuj W. G. Uttle; clothing, H. J. iMell ; coal and ice, B. M. Pros- 
Bott ; oomuid meal, Johnson A Son ; cofllas, J. H. Oilley, H. K. Thonp* 
kon: drags and medicines, B. H. Starterant; fhrolture, E. C. Stone ; 
hardware, L. Btehardson; Jewrtry, Aloaao Messer; meat, I. T. 
Carr, G. B. I*. Davis; milliuery, 8. W. Stone, S. A. Hutchinson; news- 
paper, K. E. Btake. 

Pbysleteas— L. M. Knight; bot., Austin Bnrkee; dentiat, Geo. A. 
Tel. Agent— J. B. Kirk. 
Ftoll»— Postmaster—Walter Bnrieigh. 


Churehas—Adr^ P. U, Lm,yiUiC. Bap., J. F. f iolden ; F. Bap^ B. 
H. Prescott ; Hetb., J. L. Felt ; B. Cath., Jaa. Lambut ; Unit^ F. B. 

Eating House-Jobn Locke. Lawjfer-<-B. B. g. Sanborn. 

Hotel— WinnipiMogee Houii«» P. h. Kennedy. 

Livery StAbles—C. C. Kenrick, J. W. DaTit. 

lleiiunicturerv-cArriaget and eleifhe, Baatman A Bnabey ; corn 
meal, C. H. Uatla ; fancy flannela, Franklin. MilJe, M. T. SteTena, prop.; 
Inmber, Cliaa. Babbitt; machinery, acrews and b<Nli^ry, Walter Aiken, 
machinerv, Cterk ft Baynea; aaah| doora A blinda, L.D. Sleeper A Co.; 
a«iap, H. B.Sni th ; ahirt boarda, H. CGrlflBn; tin ware andatores, J. 8. 
Morriaon J£« . Caakin, Blake ft Bean ; wood fiuu, Wbite Mt. Wood Fan 
Co., O. A. Towne, ac;*t. 

Meehanies k Artisans^blackamitlia, J. G. Carlaton, Laaic ft McDon- 
ald, A. Bnxton - carpentera, John Bailey, J. K. Uonlton, H. G. Wood 
ward,T. V. B. Clongh, 0. S^Knux, W. B. Woodward, D.T. BUiott, J. W 
Bireaaer, Ghaa. M. Babbitt, T. H. Piper, A. P. Hoyt : carriafe maker, 
L. Bnabey ; carriage amith, A. L. Baatman ; gnnamitb, Reuben Beck- 
man ; hair dreaaera,C. P. Kelley, C. W. Pike'; bameaa maker, 0.0. 
Thompaon ; paintera, 8. B. Bickibrd, M. Brodier, jr., Q. A. Harmon, J. 
W. Haynea, Ghaa. Penniman, G. W. Beckman, J« C. Twombly : (sign) 
P. W. Alden; printera, B. P. Baton, 0. A.Vewne, £. A. Jndkina ft Co.; 
ahoemaker, J. F. Avery, T. Carrer; tailora, B,. M. Pavia, J. C. NeaJ, 
J. H. Noal, Ripley ft Davia; wheelwright, Mitchell Brodier. 

Merchants— Bnrleigh Broa., G. W. Sawyer, G., P. Gale, Pet^r Ga- 
hagan, Morria 8. Levien, F. H. &u>born; auctioneer, J. H. Currier; 
bookaand atationery, F. H. Chapman, O. A. Towne ; boota and aboea, 
F. H. Marah, Farrington ft Whitney ; clothing, R* M. Davia, A. 8. 
Ripley. F. A. Roaa ; ooffina, H. K. Thompaon ; cnffina and fnmitare, G. C. 
Paige, C. C. Tonng ft Co.; com and meal, J. W. Davia ft C04 druga aud: 
medicinea. F. H. Chapman, H. W. Brockway; dry gooda, F. L. Mornaon 
ft Co., F. H. Gerry ; fancy gooda, notiona, ftc, 0. A. Towne. F. H. Chap-| 
man, John Fawdry ; flah, Harry Hinda ; frnit and confectionery, O. A. 
Towne, R Thompaon, J. W. Fawdrey ; groceriea, F. H. Sanborn ; hardn 
ware, boota, ahoea and groceriea* Bnrlejgh Broa.: home forniahind 
gooda, Young ft Hill ; Jewelry. G. G. Fellowa, C. L. Hart ; meat, C. Q.\ 
Colby, Babbitt ft Welton ; millinery, Mra.S. P. Bean, M. F. ft J. L. Gil-{ 
cbriat, N. B. Kenneeton ft Co., N. K. Randall ; moaical iuatmmenta 
and aewing machineB,0. U Sanborn ; newa dealera, J. W. Fawdrey, 0. A.' 
Towne ; wood, coal and ice, Cbaa.C Keiirick ; wood, A. C. Tilton ; wool 
and pelta, W. Burleigh. 

Physicians— J. H. Sanborn, G. B. NIchola ; boL, W. W. Sleeper, 
homeo., W. B. Keith; dentiat, A. A. Marden. 

Real Estate Aiient--J. H. Currier. Sale Stabte-^,C. Kenrick. 

Tel. Ag't-H. K. Smith; 

FREEDOM, Ciliii^OXZ^Pop., 760. N. B. fr. C, 70; N. fr. 
Oaatpee, 12. B. M. &— Oaaipee Center, 8 m., onBaatem B. B^ Bald- 
win Depot. 13m., on P. ft 0. R. R. 

0FVICBR8— Oterifc, P. F. Danforth ; IVraj., J. C. Churchill ; Stlecl- 
men, Wm. J. Bennett, Robert Millikon, Daniel Harmon ; Hvpt^ 8. A. 
Mc Daniel. | •/ . ' 

Postmaster— Rannelleur Towle. Church— Cbria.;, — — . 

Justices— Albert Locke, Bliaa .Toale, John Par9ona,fi(oie; Joaiali 
Thurston. Exp. Ag'ts— L. D. Stanley, Mm. C. Milla. | 

Manufacturers— bobbina, C. ft 0. Persona ; brick, N. L. Meaerre ; 

\tber, Churchill ft Broa.; lumber, Joaiah Thuraton, Towle ft KeoaouJ 


JleetaaBies — blacktmitha, K. L. Mills, Aloaao Fowl«r, K. T. Fom ; 
cabinet maker, UrUhTowIe; maaona, W. W. Lord, L. L. Monllun: 
painters; J. A. Bennett, Natt Meaenre, Thoa. Leavitt, Sewall Ward ; 
.tailor, Ghaa. H. Andrews, Alonao Pease: wheelwrights, Alanson Al- 

C'^rd, Uriah Towle, Jona. Farnsworth, Wintbrtw Tjrier. 
Merchants— Geo. F. Lord, A. J>. Merrow, B. I. Tvwle k O04 boots 
d shoes, Cbas. H. Beach; hardware, Jas. D. Fo«ter. 

Physicians— A. D. M errow : eclee., A. W. Uobbs. 

FREMOirr, ROCKtNQHAM'-^o^., ftsd. 8. B. fir. 0^ 90 ; W. 
fr.£xAter, 10. M. R. &— Fremont on N. & B B. B. Daily stage. I 

OFFICBBS—OerJc, T. B. Smith ; 2Vca«., Bsra Currier ; Seleefaim, 
a. F. Beede, C. W. FoUett, A. J. Brown ; A«^ B. T. Sanbora. 

Postmaster— Andrew Brown 

Justices— Perley Robiuson, 0. F. Beede, SUUt ; 0. W. FoUefct, J. B. 
Sanborn, J. A. Smithj G. A. Gore. A. F. Sanborn. 

Churches— F. Bap., Joseph OranTilie; lletb., J. Higglns. 

Hotel — True Bouse, Warren Tme, prop. 

Manu&cturers— carriages, hubs, spokea, Ac., Wbittier Bros.; cai^ 
Iriitge parts, C. B. Howe ; hubs and spokes, BobiaHon A Wilkinson : 
jlamber, Garerly Biill ; palm leaf bats, P. 0. Bobinson ; shoe and pack- 
ing boxes, J. M. Brown ; staves and shooks, Jonas Stianldlng. I 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, J. W. Towle, D. Uartnett; carpenteri, 
'J. C. Sanborn, Perley Robinson, Be^j. Woodman, B. F. Woodqian, G. 
|W. Brown, B. V. B. Lyford, Isaiah Sanborn, Madison Sanborn, J. B. 
^I^ilber ; gunsmiths. Andrew Brown, John Brown; millwright, B. J. 
Smith; painters, & B. Gibson, F. W. Follette. 

Merchants— groceriea, Jeremiah Benlleld, G. L. Sanborn k Co., F. 
W. Clark ; meat, P. R. Currier. 

Geors'e'* Rlllls— See Snnapee. 

GILroBD* S^XJTiV^P-Pop., 2,821. N. B. fir. C, 87; 1. Ir. 
laoonia. 4. R. R. &— Lake Village, on B. C. A M. B. B. 

Postmaster— FtU^ye, S.B. Jones. 

Churches-^F. Bap., ; Meth., — . 

Manufkcturers— lumlier, J. J. Morrill, G. A. Copp. 

Merchant— groceries, H. Jones. 

Physicians— B. Mnnaey . 

lAke Village— OFFICBRS— Cferft, H. O. Bugbee ; fmu^ J. L. 
Odell ; Selectmen, H. F. Bublee, L. B. Pulsifer, G. W. Morrill ; iS^pt., 
\J9ilfnnL, Elvana Sanborn ; Oveneer, BenJ. Wa41e7 ; Sitpenrieort, Benj, 
iWadley, C. C. Busaell, BwfuH Smith. 

Postmaster— B. ^, Blaisdell. 
I Justices— S. G. Clark. 0. H. Key, R. M. Sanborn, A. J. Owen, J. P. 
iHutchinaon, Ben). Wadley, W. A. S(anlK>m, M. A. Haynes, Thoa. Ham, 
!0. W. Sanders, F. M. Rollins, State; Buoch Flanders, J. L. Odell, 8. 8. 
Ayer, Arthur Tucker, & H. Blaisdell, Geo. H. Roby, F. J. Hutchin- 
■on, JR. D. Weeks. 

Band— Highland Brass Band, 24 pieces. 

Churches— Adv., J. H. Clark; Bap., K. 8. Hall; F.W. Bap., Carter 
Qate; Meth., r— . 

Ex. Ag't— W. 8. Taylor. Hotel— Mt. Belknap House, L. B. Brown. 

Lawyers— S. C. Clark, J. P. Hutchinson. 

Livery Stables— L. B. Brown, F. a. Baker. 

Man uTacturers— carriages, H. F. Rublee Jk Son; flonr and m^al. 
J. P. Hutchiniton ; hosiery, R. M. Appleton, Frank Holt A Co.; hosiery 
and leggings, Bedford M/f'g Co.; loom", J. 8. Cram A Co., W. H. Pep- 
Iper ; lumber, Theodore Dodge, Cole Manf'g Co.; needles, Wardwell 


Needle Co., John Aldrich, Treiti., Oox Needle G<».; shoes, P. Bartlett. 
A Son ; shoestrings, braids, tapes ice., Union Lace Co.; twine, wicking,' 
Howard Mnfg Co.; soap, C. W. B. Davis, N. S. Davis | 

Machanfes— blacksmiths, H. F. Rnblee A Son, F. A. Wadley ; ear-! 
penters and builders, 8. M. Tnck, R. D. Bnssell, T. W. Brace A Son ;| 
cItR engineers, Thos.Ifam, C. H. Sleeper, John flome, F. J. Hirtch-i 
inson : founders anH madiinlsts, Cole Maaf g Co., B. J. Cole, Trea».;i 
hair oreasers, S. M. Buxzell. John Osbom, 9. H. Burjaell, Oeo. Nix- 
on ; harness mftker^ A. Crocker ; machinists, J. S. Crane A Co., W. H.j 
Pepper, B. F. Peaslee: painters, C. H. Locke, D. S. Oale, B. F. Glinea,; 
Roirt Mc Knrphy, Q. w. Dearborn, J. B. A C. H. Hendley ; photog-, 
rapher, &. D. Ward ; nrasic teachers, C. A. Hoyt, Orrin Prescott ; priD-| 
ters, M. A. Haynes, B. H. Wilconib ; repair shops, B. C. A H. R. R.V 
Ralph Adams, M. M.; shoemakers, Daniel Daris, Chester Preeton; 
tailors, A. W. Saoders, H. J. Odefl, Q. W. DoUoff; tinsmiths, H. F 
Brown, 8. M. Smith. ■ 

Merchants— boots and shoes, C. D. Robie A Co.^. Bartlett A Son, 
Dauiei Davis; clothing, W. H-. Jones; drugs and medicines, J: h.\ 
Odell ; dry goods, G. H. Smith ; grpceries, A. Tucker, J. H. Bow, A. 
D. Plnmmer, G. L. Sleeper & Co., IS. S. Smart, Cliirk A Tnck, J. R.' 
Leavitt, H. W. ffwasey; Jewelry, B. Loreloy, H. M. Robinson; iee,j 
H. B. Kmery: millinery, M. C. Sanborn. Miss B. N. Wheeler; perfod- 
Icalfl, J. H. Ward ; wood, coaK hay Ac, W. M. Leonard, Qroo. Star* 
devant, O. W. Brown, R. Prescott, H. E Emery. 

Physieians— D. F. A J. C. Moore, O. Goss, Levi Ward. 

OIUH ABTTOSr, BELKIfAP—Vo^,, 1485. N. E. fr. C, 18 ; S. E. 
tt. Laconia, 8. Jt. R. <S^— TfHon, 10 m., on B. C. A M., R. It. Ftom 
Lower Gilmanton to Pittsfleld 6 m., on Suncook Tal. B. R. Daily 
stage to each. Two daily stages fVom Gilmanton to Tilton. 

OFFICERS— C7ef4^ E. Yarney ; 3Vea<., John Connell ; Bdectmtn, J. 
8. Page, R. E. Gate, J. H. Drew ; <Sup^, L« A. Gale. 

Postmasters— L. H. Mudgett; Loioer, U. T. Oilman. 
4f Justices— Thos. Cogswell, Orrin Folsom, J. P. Hfll, B. W. fimxt- 
bom, Renben Edgerly, Alfred Prescott, E. H. Shannon, J. W. Ooga-| 
well, E. A. Sargent, fHaU; J. K. Dudley, J<i«. Brown, H. B. Marsh,! 
R. E. Gale, J. B. Darrell, G. W. Parsons, J. M. Oilman. 

Churches— Cong., 8. S. N.^Oreeley; Meth., A.lIeOregor; X«oi»er, F. 
Bap., C. L. Plummer. 

Hotel— Washington, I.e. Marsh. 

Literary Institution — Gilmanton Academy, F. H. Mc Cntchlns. 

Manufacturers— clothes drien and tents, R. U. Jon<;S A Sons; lum- 
ber, Jesse Allen. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, Darid Fogg, S. J. Gale; carpen- 
ters, H. N. Nelson, D. Be«de. J. 8. Page : mMons, J. W. H'lm, B. T. 
Oilman ; painters, 0. F. Bradley, L. H. Mudgett; wheelwrights, J. A. 
Jones, E..8. Mudgett, M. A. Dennett. 

Merchants— 0. H. Dearborn, E. Yarney ; Zoioer, Joseph 9rown. 

Physician- Nahum Wright. 

Iron Works— A. U. A- Alton, 5 m., on Dover A Winnipiaeo- 
gee R. R. Dally stage. 

Postmaster— C. A. Dockham. Hotel— Central j G. W. Pinkhotn. 

Churches— Cong., ; F. Bap., Geo. W. Pierce. 

Lawyers— Thomas CogswelL 

Manufacturers— doors, itash and blinds, Reuben Giles; plows, J. P. 

ussey A Co.; nikes, Suncook Yalley Rake Co., Wm. Haynes. I 


carpenten, N. & Joiim, Bben Gobii«I» Herao* Edgerly ; luunMts m«Jc- 
er, JS. A. S«i«ei»t: paiatera, O. W. Bmb, A. F. Paige; taUor, J. JBj 
Dustin ; wb»«lwright, Joh^ Fom. 

Uftotjnta-C. A. Dockham, C. A. Hatch, Joko Codh^I, a W. 
^^•*r M»WlelaB«-JaremliA Wake, R. M. Oraj, 8. A. Tajlon 

«f UVM, CMESJJIMS-Pop ,668. fi. W. fr. 0, 60 ; ». fr. Kaene 
9> ix. £. ^V. — Keene, on Cheshire K. R. t>aily itiea. 

OPFICERS-Oar*, L* W. F. Mark: ^Vm#^ ^Tb. Rairaooi Mtct- 
mtn^lK W. mil, O. J. Wikmi, H.^, MolUm^ J9i»pL, W.R. Adaaa. 

Postmaster-J. A. Snith. 

Justices— F. A. Howard, N. O. Hayward, A. D. Hammood, G. C 
Hiit^aid, matt; L. W. F. Mark, O. H. McCoy. D. W. BUI, a W 
Hnghani. Li¥«ry SUbies— 6. H. McCoy, L. flhaftiar 

Hotel — Ashuelot House, L. Shaflher. 

Masofteturers-^-caflBinervi, J. 8. CoUini, Gilsmn Woolea MTg 
Oi»4 tember, O. W. Newmaa, 8. W. Dart. N. 0. H^wood, A. J. 

''*'? it ^ • *»nn«"» Bi<», Rawson A Oo^ trays and wooden 
ware, D. W. Bill ; •» ' -I 

Mtcbeiiics — bfecksmitbs, B. J. Mnllina, Bngena R. Carpenter; 
carptmtBr^ All» Haorward, h, R. Oqillow ; oooper, J. M. Ghapin ; 
millwright 8. W. Dart ; shoemakers, A. W. Kingsbory, Wm. Banks. 

H«elMlM»-^ D. J»ii»ni<Hid, t. W. F. Mark. J. A. Bmitli ; anction. 
^^- Pi Hay ward Church—Ceng., O. W. Rofera^ 

Physician— K. D. Webster, W. H. Aldrich. 

ff^t*9 FaAI«-«ee Manchester. 

2!?5LHi?*S?~^ J*- °' *» «»*«»'* Q«»nt, in Com Oe. 
K^f^^V^^* »ILL8BOROUOH'-'To^, 1690. 8. ft. C 16: 
V 2: 2; Manchester, 8U. B. A iS^-eotbtown, on Manckeeter and 

?!i«^2ir2 *•»•? G©ftitown Center, 3 m, snd Parker's 1% m. 

OPFICBBS— Oer*, O. h. Hooper; IVmm;, Robinson Brown; «e/«et- 
■iw, Benj. Greer, Chas. Worgrago, Henry Moore; Bnpt.^ J. W. Poland. 

Postmasters— D. A. Parker ; Cbnler, Geo. B. Poor*. 

/»''"*«®^5~;^*^f ** ^^""^y^ ^- '^««^' ^- '• '«'»V, J. M. Parker, A. F. 
ST! ^J^- ^^^^' ^' Hoyt, O. P. Hadley, State; D. M. Tt^tgart 
igslrin Wymnn, N. B. Kimball, Jesse Niobola, F. H. PlrilWps, b! P. 
Stevens, J. W.Poland, L. Rewell, Wallace Caldwell, Cbas. Morgmge, 
J. G. Hntebinson, D. A. Taggart, tt Meoni. * ^^' 

iiff."'*Ii*fr^;;'A^ »tehol8 J Cong., S. L. QenNtId; Bpis., H. A. 
Remic; Meth., J. D. Downee. v 

Hotels — New Hampshire Central, Wra. Gnnningham; Bartlett 
|Hons«, L, A. Bartlett. Uvery SUbies-Cbaa, G. Banard. 
I lUaiifiutlirers— boys sleds, J. B. Moore A Co.; eignrs, Alfted Poor, 
J. H. Copp, Erwin Moore; floor and meal, Z. A. Hoitt, Ed Flanders ; 
.boor ointment, A.Mo Dongal ; mouldings and brackets, Kendall, Stark 
? w ' **?*??.* medicines, Otis F.Bnasner; pnlfs P^ C. Cheney t Co.; 
■ash md bhnds, KendaJU. 8tark A C04 eoy the riflsa and bo^ sleds^ 
Ornn Moors.; sleds and rim rockers, J. B. Moore. 
I Mechanics and Artisans— blacksmiths, Moore A Campbell, Am- 

brose Smith. Watson, Albert Hill ; carpentera, Harrison Hart, 

1 2* ^Z^."* George PhiUbrook. Oarleton A Sons, J. G. Ta«rgart ; dress 
jusket. Miss Hattie Johnson; hair dresser, Cbas. Whipple; harness 
maker, Stephen Bloisdell; maohinist, Henry Be Witt; mason, Chwrles 
Morgrage ; painter, Beiij- Saulpangh; shoemakers, R. L. UvingstoneC. 
.Hammond ; tailor, Calrin Richards ; undertaker, John Small ; watch- 
maker, A. Lofkin ; wheelwrights, Henry Bimwiglia, Cbas* Mc Ooilum. 

Merchants— Parker A Co., Altired Story A Co., G. P. Henry, Geoifr- 



Poor; auctioneer, J. M. Parker; clocks and watcbM, A. M. 
Lnfkin; coffins, J. Small & Co.; drugs, 0. F, Sumner; fancy 
goods, R. A. DaTis, E. R. Poor; fish, F. E. Paige; ice, W. Psge; 
lumber, J. U. A D. A. Parker, Johnson k Geer, BntterfieM A Rtoh- 
ards, John Carlton ; neat, !f . W. Richards ; meat and tegetables, A. JJ 
Sargent ; sewing miushines, C. O. Barnard; stoves and tin ware, B. L. 
Rand, J. M. Brown.' 

Physleians— A. F. Carr, 0. F. George, Frank Blafsdell. 

Summer Boarding Hoas^-Shirtej Hill House, S. I>. Johnson. 

Oolden Br<»ok mil*— See Windham. 

Cronic — See Rochester. 

GORHAH , COOS— Pop., 1,383. N. E. fr. C. 06. 8. B. ft. Lan 
caster, 24. B. R. A'-Oorham, Randolph, 6; Glen Uonse, 8, on G. T. 
R. R. Public conTcyance to aJl trains. 

OFFICftRS—Cforft, J. W.Greenlaw; IV«a«.,8. H. LeaTitt; Seltet- 
nun, R. F. Ingalh), Q. A. Hodgdon, P. W. Richardson ; SvpC, T. aif- 

Postmaster— A. S. Twitchell. Tel. Agent— A. T. Ctansier. 

Justices— A. 8. Twitchell, 8laU ; E. M. Wright, R. F. lugalk, A. J. 
Orabam, Thos. A. Adams, Thus. Gilford, Orren Tubbt, A. A. Palmer, 
Stephen Gordon, V. V. Twitchell. * 

Churehetf^~Oong., A.J. Benedict; Meth., A. R. 8>lTe8ter( B.Oath., 
James Gorman ; Utttr., A. Bosserman. 

Exp. Ag't— T. Qifford. 

Hotels— Alpine House, W. k G. R. Bffilliken ; Gorbam Hoase, B. M . 
Gibson ; Eagle House, L. L. Jackson ; Lary . House, A. 0. Lary; 
Glen House. W. A 0. R. Htlliken. 

Lawyers^A. S. Twitchell, A. R. Bvaas. 

livery Stables— G. B. Bllbom, Wm. Jewell, 8. F. Lelghton, 

Manunetafers— boots and shoes, W. Wight. J. A. Twitchell, B. L. 
Smith ; carriAgos. J. P. Danhnm, F. Buck ; coffins and caskets, J. P. 
Dunham, G. H. Howe; lumber, E. Clements k Co., 0. S. Peabody AOo.; 
lumber and wood, A. H. Gerrish. I 

Mechanics ft Artisans— blacksmiths, J. P. Dunham, A. A. Palmer,' 
J. C. Richardson : carpenters, Augustus Evans, A. ft E. H. Hubbard,' 
P. Howland, N. W. Ordway, C. J. Green ; dressmakers, Mrs. B. C. 
Flanders, Mrs. E. Bedell, Mrs. Lucy Edtes. Mrs. F. A. Shedd, Mrs. E.{ 
D. Lary, Mrs. Baileys; Mrs. Green , U. M. Norwood k G04 bahr ditesaersj 
J. Crawford, P. Morgan ; harness mtiker, R. H. Emerson ; machinist, 
Warren Noyes; painters. Buck k Evans, A. B. Watson, E. E. Jackson ; 
printer, Y. V. Twitchell ;- tailors, George Bunnell, N. S. Mc Kenty. i 

MerchrantS^R. F. Ingalls, Stahl Brothers, Gordon k Jackman, D.' 
M. Needham, TwitcheU k Hamlin, A. A. Carter k Co., L. Shedd, C. 8.; 
Peabody k Co., Orren Tnbbs ft Co., F. C. Stevens, John Collins, E.; 
Clement ft Co.; auctioneer, 8. Gordon ; books and stationery, 8. M.; 
Leavitt; corn and meiil, J. Jewell ; drags and medicines, Henry Marble,' 
ft Co.; furniture, 0. H. Howe; hardware, Demond Bros.; meat and, 
groceries, Gates ft Wheeler; millinery and &ncy goods, Mrs. K. J. 
Gifford. Isabella Sonle ; milk, H. P. Smith. 

Physicians— R. M. Wight, N. D. Hyde. 

Station Agent— T. A. Adams. 

eOSHEM, SCTXL/r^ JV— Pop., 511. C, 40. 8. fr. New 
port, 4^ B. B. 8.— Newport, 4^, Chandlervilfe, 6 m., on C. ft C. 
|R. R. 
I OFFICERS— CbrJfc, H. 8. Oilman; TVea*., E. H. Carr ; Selfietmen^ 

Buanms dibbotobt. 87 

Postmasters— H. D. Baker; Mitt VQit^/e^ B. W. Pllce. 

Justices— B. H. Gtar, ante; Deniito Lev, J. W. Bodgan, J. W. 
Soothe, J. A. Bowler. 

Cbiirches—Bap^ ; Meth., Gh«i1« NIcklin. 

■amifketurers— batter firklna, 80I011 Wlllej, A. L. Baker; tmi- 
ber, J. P. Oore, Bsra Porington, Wm. H. Barton. 

Mechanics— blackemitha, Barke Booth. A. P. BiehanU; carpeo- 
ten, J. W. Bogers, Wheeloek Tandy, W. H. Baj ; coopers, Jonathan 
IngalU, S. B. Willey ; harnen maker, H. 8. Ooorge; maeons, N. II. 
Maxfleld, Steele k Banker, F. J. Richardfoo ; painter, AiifeL Danhar, 
(caniage>Vred Stacker ; wh«>elwrtght, Ora Alexander. 

Merchants— B. H. Garr ; com aad meal, B. W. Dodge. 

Physieian^F. P. Jonee. 

ORAFTOir, 0«i4 JPTO^'— Pop., 93S. IT. W. fk-. 0., 40 ; & W. ft. 
Plymonth. 36. B. R. &— Grafton k Center, on No. B. R. 

OFFICBBS— Oerlr, B. G. Smith ; Treaty J. B. Martin ; Bd&clmmt A. 
Stereos. J. B. Page, H. Barney ; Amt., J. B. 8. Walker. 

PDStmasters^Horace Barney \ Cmter^ J. B. Page. 

Justices— A. B. Hoyt, J. B. Walker, BtaU\ N. W. C. BaTts, St^han 
Qcorge, J. B. Page. 

Churches — CmUTy Union, Loreftxo Bailey , AMit/k, J. Webiter. 

Hotel— Grafton Hoo»e,D J. day. 

Manufketurers— charcoid, D. J. Clay ; lomber, W. H. Borleigh, 8. 
W. Barney, J. B. Smith, D. B. Dean; OttiUr^ C. F. Kilton; wooUns, 
H. 8. Becklbrd. 

Mechanics- blacksmiths, F. O. Dimond; B. G. Haskios, A. L. 
Tonng, W. 6. Hnntley: carpenters, Stephen George, J. G, Wilkins, 
H. D. Stevens, B. P. Whittier, D. Martin, A. UnderdlU, D Hook ; coop- 
er, W. P. Me«wer; harness maker, D. N. Chandler; mica workers, 
Cfaiter, Grafton Mining Co.; wheelwrights, D. Martin; OinUr, B. F. 

Merchants— J. B. Martin : Oetiw^ L. D. Williams ; BiMt, B. F. Fol 
M>m ; aactioneer. Peter Kimball ; drover, I. B. Sargent. 

Physicians— A. B. Hoyt, A. B. SUnley. 

ORiUrrilABI, SVLLlVAN-^oi., 540. N. W. ft-.O., 40 ; N. fr. 
Newport, 10. B, R. iSL— Newport 10 m., on C. k C. B. R. Daily 
iti^. Lebanon, 14 m., on No. R. R., semi-weekly stage. 

OFFICBRS^Oerfc, Rafas HaH ; 2V«u.. J. H. Goes ; iSeledntm, L. D. 
Danbar, D. S. Hastings, Wm. WalUce; Sbpf., U B. Hay ward. 

Postmasters — L. D. Dunbar ; Norihy M. P. Burpee. 

Justices— S. C. Sargent, 0. B. Bus well, L, I>. Dunbar, B. G. Bast 
man, Rafas Hall, Staf«. 

Churches— Chris., JEu<, ■.; Meth.. iVorti, T. Wlnsor; 

Union, F. M. Pickles. Insurance Agent— 8. C. Sargent. 

Mauufkcturers— baskets, J. Young ; Inmlier, G. W. Dunbar, M. 
P. Burpee; A^orM, Peafoody k Son, Abram Merrill; lumber and 
ihinglee, H. H. Flanders ; shingles, A. CoUina, Jno. Clark. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, John Hammond. J. W. Spiller ; coopers, 
Wm. Howe, B F. G<iM ; masons, D. 8. Hastings, J. T. Weeks; paint- 
ers, T. Weeks, Abijah Powers; wheelwright, L. N. Sargent 

Merchants— L. D. Dtmbar, F. B. Hook ; clocks and watches, 8. C. 
Sargent. Physicians— F. B. Perkins, W C. Kempton. 

fliireitS Fall* — See Somersworth. 

GREEMFIEf^D, HILLSBOROUGH— If q^., 652. S. W. fr. C.,| | 
38; N. W. tr. Nashua, 26. R, R. &— Greenfield ; Russell's Crossir 
on Wilton Ex, R. B. 


OFf 1CEK8— a<rX;, E. C. BidMtrdaon ; Tretu,, t. C. fleUh^r i Bdeet 
mtn, J. B. Beynolds, L. 8. Holt, \f. D. Bntdy ; Supt^ H. Pai^ 

Postmasters— F. ^. Patch: ^hniift, John R. RnseeiJ. 

JIustices-TTH^race Cndvorth, H. H. Piin)Llee,A. W. SaTa(e,fi;«/«; 
6. S. Peatey. ft. Riisfell, £. 0. Ricbardsoo. 

Sbureb— CoBg^ S B. Partridge. 
otels A Livery Stables— H. B. Dnncklee, G. H. Pntnala. 

Manufacturers — Basb and blinds, Benjamin Jaguiih; wooden 
meaBuras, £. Searies. 

I Mecbanies — biacksmitb, frank Brooks: earpenten, G. 1). Pollard, 
|W. D. Barnham, A. H. Hopkinit ; Bboemakerfe, G. B. Wallace, Jobs' 
Stnart ; wbeelwrfgbts, Rodney Patch, Geo. £. Bailey. 
I MerebantS— tE. C. Rieliardson. G. P. Fletcher, R. Bradford 4 Ce^ 
Sarage k Levis ; curriages, Geo. J. 'Whittempre; m^t, C. F. M G. S. 
Beavey. Pbysfeian— S. H. Partridge. Tel. Agent— B. A- Sheridan. 
I eRKlrBrX.ABID, ^OCir7A&^^Jf-.Po|».r(»3. S. 8. fr.C.,50; 
|W. fr. Portsmouth, 6. £. M, /S^.— areeulan4, on C. A P. B. R., 1 m^on 
B. R. R« 2 m. 

I OFVICBBS— CTerXr, W. 0. Jnnkins ; Selechntn, Jetbro Howard, tieo. 
Weeks, John S. Seavey. 

Postmasters— Bdward Holmes ; Htpat, Edgar 8. Taft. 

Justiees— John Batch, C. W. Pickering, Jos. W. Odell, J. 0. B 
Frink, State ; Edward Holmes, Edgar S. Taft. 

Churches- Cong.,£dward:Roble; Heth., William Bannett. 

Exp. 4( Tek Aj't— B. C. Tuft. Hotel— Brackett^B, G. B. Braekatt. 

Lawyers— J. 5. H. Frink, C. W. Pickering, John Batch. 

Literary Institution- Brackett Academy, Miss XLerrill, t^atiber. 

Livery Stables— J. W. Weeks, Lorenzo Dantley. 

ManuTacturers— boxes and lumber, Byder A. Band; cider, W. 
H. L. A G. £. Brackett, 8: 8. Brackett ; Inmber, S. 8. Brackett; 
lumber, flonr and meal. Union Corp, J. A. Holmes. 
I Mechanics— blacksmiths, K. If. Gookin, J. C. Weeks, K. P. Grd 
way ; carpenters, B. J. Korton, G. Fuss, J. B. Lowd, G. Dearborn, 
F. P, Pbilbrook. C. A.Bearbom, €b«s. W. Marden^ Job printers. Ban'! 
W. Shea, J&rnest Holtries ; masons, Richard Watson, G. W. Bodgden,] 
Geo. Bnntley; millwrights, W. B. Brackett, N. P. Uarston, Wardell 
k Rand ; painters, £. Marston, James Brackett, J. P. Gate, J. G. Ben- 
nett; wheelwrights,' Wm; Beck, W. F. Bennett. 

Merchants— G. £. Br&ckett, J. E. Holmes, B. G. Taft k C04 4rng8 
and florist, W. 0. Jnukins; meat, A. J. Norton, Frank P. Pnrgiin; 
nursery, £. G. Clongh. Real Estate— Nathaniel Wiggin. 

Physicians— .1. W. Odell, W. 0. Jnnkina. 

«Ri:^TII«I«Kt SJllSBOMOVGS—Vop., 1072. 8. W*. fr. 
C^ 48 ; W. fr. Nashua, 22. M, Ji. iSL— Greenyille, on Peterboro' k 
Shirley Branch R. R^ and Xa«t WUton, on 3. L. k N. R. R., 7 mllea. 
8tfl?e to East Wilton twice daily. 

OFFICERS— Cla-l, F. E. Pierce ; Treas,, M. C. Bodge ; Selectmen, 
8. B. Bacon, N. P. Farrar, G. G. Robins ; Supl., F. A. NewelL 

Postmaster & Exp. Agent— U. H. Bardy. 

Justices — F. Morrison, John Kenney, James Tail, State; J. A 
Bartsbom, G. E. Ball, C. B. Harsh. 

Churches— Bap., J. M. Cubnm ; Cong., G. F. Herrlam ^ R. Cath. 
Edward Buckle.^ 

Hotel — Columbian House, Ira Gnstine. 

Inc tn*t — .Tam^aTAn: TaI kn*i A A Stt^lrnAv 



Uirery SUbles— M. H. Hardy, Lovii CiMrbft&o, 1. B. Barrttt, W 
\W. SawtoU, Frank Baahway. 

, MinuCgtcturers— cottons, ColaiBblan HUnafg C!o., Samoel HaisM, 
Ag't ; gioger aJe and tonic be«r, O. A. Hartshorn : flour and feed, Inm- 
bar and rnmitnre, J. L. Cbaniberlin ; lumber, J. II. Vllioti. 

ll«ehAiiic«~black8miUi«,4l. B. Lynch, A«a Vebber, fmnk King; 
carpenters, TbomaB Bays, W. R. Collins, S. F. Blanchard, Ohas. Lynch, 
iFrederick Mansfield, o. W.Sargent; hair dreever^ F. L. Fead«»raon; 
;barnese maker*. Strong ft Braunell; machinist, H. A. Davis; masooji, 
,S. L. Kotting,^. If. LiTingstone, C. G. Blanchard ; painters, W. W. 
iflawtell, E. 6. Bassett, H. 0. Wetherbee ; pritfiter, Chns. X. Marsh i 
shosnakw, G. H. LlTingston ; wheelwright, H. H. Shumway. 
: Merchants— 0. D. Prescott, Hartshorn A Whitney, J. A. flartshom; 
boots, shoes and clothing, G. N. Washburn, G. H. Livingston ; clothing, 
0. A. Hartshorn; coffins, furniture, (lalntsand oiln, W. W. Hawtell; 
drags and medicines, C. B. Hall ; drugs, medicines and 8ta|ion«ry, 
C. B. Hall ; fancy goods, Mrs. A. M. Wetherbee ; Ash, 9. F. Derbyshire ; 
groceries, A. G. Kingsbury k Co.; Jewelry, B. P. Lamb; meat, 6. C. 
Robbins, Geo. T. Jones; millinery, Miss X. Barber; stationery and 
DOTeltieiB, Chas, E. Marsn; tea and Coffee, Amos ikripture ; (in war« 
and stoves, N. P. Farrar. 

Physicians— C. A. Wood, G. E. Hal1» 0. F. Mnnsey ; dentist, G. C. 
Duncan. Beat Estate— John Kenney. 

I eftOTOM, GJUFTOir—^op., M«. N. W. (r. C, tf . W. fr. 
Plymouth, 12. X. B. ^C— Bristol, on Bristol Branch B. B. Dally 
Islageoonnectswith 8 A.M. and 6 P. M, trains. A^ortft — iS.JS. A— 
Rnmney, on B. G. A M. B. B.; stagp connects tnesday, Thursday and 

OFFICERS— ^Serib, B. H. Blackstone, p. o. ad. N. Grotnn'; IVctfi,, 
J. C. Wheet ; 8$ltetmm, Sylvester Wheet, Abel Bailey, jr^ G. H 
Bailey: Smpenritort, H. L. Ingalls, Daniel Kidder, Ira Cnoimings 
<OMeetar, Altred Goodhue; iSharf.,J. C. Wheet. 

Postmaster— iVbWA, J. C. BalL 
I Justices— G. B. Colburn. Parker Follansbee, SlaU; David Hobart, 
Luther Elliott, A. Y. Bagley, J. W. Griffith, N. S. Jewell, J. B. M«a- 
zey ; Norths D. M. Tenney, J. R. Wheat. 
, Chtirch— iVoftfr, tJnioo. — ^. 

> Manul^eturefS— lumber, J. E. Muxsey, I. P. Hardy, 0. W. Hunk 
ins, A. B. Crosby, L. C. Kendall i mica works, Iforth, Hartford Mica 
Mining Co.; patent clapboard niachi&es, L. C. Kendall; patent slide 
blind hangings, Jfofth^ Dan'l Kidder. 

I Mechanics— ^blacksAilths, L. L. Cheever, B. C. Dunbar, A. B. Oroa- 
by; carpenters, J. B. Muuey; JVorf/i, Gao. W. Richardson, J. L. 
Clement, Geo Farnnm ; coopers, N. 0. Phelps ; iVor(A, Jdtham Cum- 
mings, J. Baker. Merchant— 1. N. Ford. Physician— J. C. Wheet. 
, GroTeton— See Northupiberland. 

H AMPSTEAB* ROCKIKGHA M—Vop., 959. 8. B. fr. C, 30 ; 
S. W. fr. Portsmouth. 80. JS. J?. &— Atkinson, on B. A M. R. R. 
Daily staga fr. W. Uampstead, on N. 1 R. R. R., to Atkinson Station, 
7.80 A. M.; to W. Hampatead 6.30 P. M. 

OFFICERS— Cler*, C. W. Peasley; Treas.,C. W. Bailey; SeUet' 
men. A. H. Davis, J. H. Grant, D. N. Hoyt ; Supt^ Albert WaUon. 
I Postmasters— Thomas Foots ; Westf J. D. Ordway. 

Justices— J. C. Eastman, 11. B. Carter, Sanrl Morse^ Nelson Ord- 
way, 0. W.PeasIey, J. D. Ordway, Geo. Marston, Stole ; J. W. Garland, 
A. H. Davis, Eben Hoyt. 


Church— Gong^ Albert Watson. 
^Literary Institution— HuniMtead Hi«:h School, F. E. Merrill, prin. 

Maufacturers— boots and shoes, Gbas. N. Hoy t k Go ; box and planing 
mill, G. W. Pressey k Go.; lamber, F. A. Pike ; WtU^ S. & Carrier ; 
shoe tools, Dan*! Nichols. I 

Meehanios — blacksmiths, J. W. Sanborn; carpenters, WmJ 
Griffin, G. J. Peoneo, D. H. Emerson, J. BL Bmerson, W. A. Little ; 
1FM, 8. Preesey; cooper, L. L. G. Little; mason, James Haseltlne; 
mnsie teacher, Mifs Abble F. Chandler; painters, U. G. Bastman,, 
Wut^ John Little, G. H. Titcomb ; paper hanger, Amos Back ; wheel*. 
Wright, E. Bartlett. 

Merchants— A. W. Foote, D. F. Ordway ; auctioneers, J. D. Ord- 
way, Ghales H. Osgood ; groceries, G. MT. Baker : meat, B. L. Noyea 
k Bro^ millinery, Mrs. E. M. Locke ; millinery and Uncj goods, Miea 
Nellie L. Perley. 

Physicians— J. G. Eastman, Bei^. Woodman ; dentist, Danl Nich- 
ols, summer Boarding House— A. P. Emerson. 

Eas(-S. E. fr. G., 32 ; S. W. fr. Exeter, U. Daily 0tage fr. Plaia- 
tow, on B. k M. R. R., at 6 P. M .; and for Sandown, on N. k B. B. R., 
at 6 P. H^ and for Plalstow on B. A M. R. R^ 7,45 A. BL 

Postmastei^H. S. Martin. 

Manufketurers— charcoal, T. M. Gook; lithographars and art pab- 
lishei^ Globe Publishing House ; pumps, Geo. Allen ; saw and plan- 
ing mill, Wm. Griffin, G. 0, Ring; riaegar, G. 0. Ring k Oo.% wttgens, 
Gilbert Terburght. 

Mechanics— blacksmith, Gilbert Yerburght, Urban TigenaUlt ; c&r- 
penurs, James Johnson, John Johnson ; cooper, J. F. M'GolIlster ; 
machinist, E. G. Eaton ; watch maker, C. B. Morse; wheelwrights,' 
Johnson Bros. ; 

Merchants— horses, J. H. Grant; meat, J. F. ITGolllster; swine! 
and cattle, B. Pearsons. 

Physicians-rthomp., Mrs. aarrisa Grant ; dentist, Sami Morse. 

HAJHPTON, BOCKIJVOHAM—Vop., 1,181. 8. K. fr, G., 47 ; S. 
tr. Poiisinouth, lO. R. R. &— Hampton, on Eastern R. R. 

OPFIGERS— CTerX:, J. M. Akerman; S^eetmen, J. F. Marston, Jos 
Johnson, W. B. Lane ; SupL, II. M. Ldine. 

Postmaster— J. M. Akerman; North, J. Batchelder.Jr.; Souths . 

Justices— Joseph Dow, Urf Lamprey, C. M. Laiuprey, Joeiah S. 
James, Stale; J. M. Lamprey, A. J. Leavitt, Darid Marston, A. S. Cof- 
fln, J. M. Fogg, J. W. Dow. 

Churches— Gong., W.H. Gutter; F. Bap., L. L. Harmon; Meth., 

A. B. Garter. 
Hotels— Union, 0. H. Whittier ; Boards Head, S,^. Dumas; Ocean 

House, Philip Yeaton k Go.: Hampton BeacHi T. k J. L. Leavitt ; 
Eagle, L. P. Nudd ; Granite House, A. J. Batchelder. 

Literary Institution— Hampton Academy, —— , prln. 

Livery Stable— 0. H. Whittier. 

Manunicturer^- lun^ber, Dearborn S^ Berry, J. T. Brown ; shingles, 

B. J. Drake k Son. 
Mechanics— blacksmiths, E. P. Toung, Oliver Godfrey. 8. L. Jen- 

ness, Joseph 8antx>rn, A. B. Jenness ; carpeattirs, J. A. Dearborn, J. 
M. Lamprey, S. W. Dearborn, J. W. Masoa, J. W. Towle, J. 0.' Mura- 
ton, T. J. Towle, M. Ilobbs, J. F. Marnton, D. Y. Monlton, J. W, 
Browu, David Locke, Jor. Locke: cooper, Dearborn Blake; masons, 
•I. W. Dearborn, T. A. Brown : painters, Dearborn Blake k Sons, Ru- 


' Merchants— O. W. Lane A Co., A. D. Brown, T. N. Chase ; auctiA- 
ten, 0ri Lamprey, G. M. Lamprey ; drogf aad medicinee, Fnnk 

Physieian— W. T. Merrill 

C^ 47 : 8. B. fr. Bxeter, 7. B. R. 5.— Hampton Fall*, on Baatem R. E. 
' OFFICBRS— C<erft,C. F. Jone«; IVecu., J. N.8anbom; SeUctm$n, 
;L B. Lftoe, J. F. Jonee, F. S. Greene ; Board <{f Mdmoation^ Wm. A. 
Cram, Wm. W. Curtis, C. P. Akemian ; CbUeetort Orrin D. Green. 
i Postmaster— C. C. Green. Exp. Ag'ts— J. J. Brown, J. D. Brown.f 
{ Justices— C. H. Sanborn, Ofivar Baton. Slate; G. T. Brpwn, N. II. 
'ftobie, J. H. Gove, F. P. Cram, G. G. Green, G. P. Akermao, O. G. 
Brown, H. H. Knfght. 

I Churches — B«p., I. J. Bnrgess ; Chris., — — — ^ ; Unlta., — ^. 
I Manufketiirers— boxea, J. 8. Cram ; lumber; J. T. Batehelder, A. 
S. Coffin, B. F. Weare, Bdwin Janvrin, J. T. Brown, J. 8. Cram ; Tine- 
gar, W. Brown. 

Mechanics — bladcsmiths, Jonwi A Son, L. L. Chase: carpenters, C. 

C. OoTe, duis. Lane, James Jan^rin, L. F. Merrill, G. o. MerrtlL 

i Merchants — J. W. Greene, F. 8. Greene ; auctioneer, M. H. Robie. 

I Physicans— C. H. Sanborn ; ret. J. 11. Hamilton, J. C. Gore. 

H A NCOCK, HJLLSBOnO UGH—Pop^ 689. 8. W. fr. C., 36 ; 

N. W. fr. Nashua, 32. IS. X. fi.— Hancocic, on M. A K. R. R.; Han- 
cock Junction on Peterboro A Hillaboro R. R., and M. A K. R. R. 2\^ 

m. fr. Hancock Center. Daily stage from Alatead oonoactt with tne 

R. R. fr. Hancock. 

' OlTlCKBS^CItrk amd Treaty A. D. Tuttle ; Stketmoit J. P. Hills, 

W. V. Symunds, C. M. Sheldon ; Bupt., H. Gulick. 

I Postmaster— A. D. Tuttle. 

I Justices— A. D. Tuttle, SbOt: OrUnd Baton, J, P. H1U, H. Mo Intire 

J. S. Ukin. 
Churches— CongM H. Gulick; Meth., J. W. Coolidge. 
Hotels — ^Hancock Hotel, J. F. Baton; Foreat House, Jas. Woodward. 
Manuftctttrers — ^blinds, sash and doora, J. M. Johnson ; leather, 

A. 0. Foster; lumber, Danforth A French, J. Newell, J. W. Goolidge ; 

palTs, J. Kewell. 

r Mechanics— blacksmith, 3. R. Hill; carpenters, A. Jaqnith, A 

jCopeland, Geo. Wood, S. M Baldwin; coopers. Remington Tuttle, 

Hartwell Tuttle ; painters, Z. W. Brooks; landscape, Uartwell Tuttle ; 

■wheulwrights, J. H. Wood, Chas. Turner. 
Merchants— A. D. Tuttle. C. W. Farmer. 
H AirOTCR. ORA FTON—Vop.. 2,149. N. W. fr. C, 55 ; 8. fr.Ha 

verhill, 27. fi. R. &— Norwich, Y t., on C. A P. R. Stage to each train. 
0FFIOBR9— OerAr, L F. 1>ewey;' IVmm., N. 8. Huntington; 8^ect- 

-men, J. L. Bridgman, H. F. Hoyt,Jr., A. W. Fellows ; 8upl„ L. W. 


1 Postmasters— C. A. Field ; Omt^^ E. Hurlbutt. 

I Justices— W. H. Duncan, 8. W. Cobb, Jfi. HurUnitt, 'Frederick 

;ChMe, B. T. Qniraby, L. C. Hnribnrt. State ; N. 8. Huntington, J. 

L. Bridgman, JTowph Tenney, DiiTid Camp. 

' Churches— Bap., N. F. Tilden: 1st. Cong., Geo. Smith; 2nd Cong., 

S. ?. Leeds ; Epis., Wm. C. Dawson. 
Exp. Agent— B. D. Russell. 
Hotel — Dartmouth House, Horace Frary. 
Ins. Ag'tS- B. P. Storrs, C. A. Field. 


«Uterary Institutions— Dartmpath CcUegt, Chandler Seiantific 
Depiirtmeut, Medical DepHrtmetit and N. H. College of Agriculture A 
Mechanic Arts, S. G.Bartlett, Pres.; The Parisli School oi St. iThonuut'i 
Church. Wm. C. Dawson* Rector, 

Uvery StablQS— I. B. Allen, H. K. 0wae^. 

MAnunictUr6rs--gaa, Hanover Qas C04 Inmber, Wm. Dawegr. John 

Mechanics & Artisans— blacksmilits, Frank Pierce, Cbristopfaer 

HaHtet-son, C> C. Melsun; bookbinder, G. V. Colby; cabinet! 

•maj^ets, 0. W. Band A Co., L. Boutvell ; carpenters, C- H. Smith,; 

U. Cbambcrlin, 8. Waterman, Wm. Rowe ; harnen maker, M. Daily,] 

B. B. Holmes; hair dresstfr, M. ^. Amaral; mason, Ir. 6oatw«ll; 
patnten, S. Uand,'S. N. Brown, 0. Waterman, (carriage) W. II. fltocker,| 
photographers, H. O. Bly, Carpenter A Johnson : printer. P. H. Whit- 
comb; stone cutter, J. F. Smalley; tailors, £.1). Carpenter; witeel- 
wrights, F. A. Haynes, G. F. Pillsbury. ' 

Merchants — Lincoln A Davison, C. W. Hayes A Co.; boc^s and sta- 
tionery, HANOV£B PAP£R CO., Mc Clary Broa.; boots and shoes, 
iTyler Newton, F. Bergeron, J. N. Chase ; clocks, watches and jewelry,! 
N. A, Frost; dry goods, hats and caps. Reding Bros.; druga, mfldicines 
and fancy goods. L. B. Downing; drugs and medicines, C. D. Perkinc,, 
groceries, 0. McCarthy ; grocetii<« and hardware, S. W. Cobb ; hatd- 
ware atid lia, Brown Bros.; millinery, Mary Deminan. 

PnvSlcianS— C. p. Frost, Wm. White, W. T. Smith; dentist, J. 
Newton. W. 8. Bowles. Tel. Agent— C. A. Fiebl. 

kIAIIlllSVlI.L.£, CS£iiHIRE—Pov^9nO. B. W. fr. C, 42. 
£. fr. Ke«ne, 12. M. R, <S;-HarrisviUe, ofi M. A K. R. &.; PeleriM>ro,j 
on Wonadnock R. R. Daily stage. Keene, on Cheshire K. R. , 

OFFICERS— a«rK and Treas.t G. F. Tufts; StUctmm^ George 
Davis, A, Smith, J.F. Mason: iSufi^ Aaron Smith. 

Postmasters— C. C. P. Harris ; Rut^ H. J. Farwell ; PoUersvOle; 
Aaron Smith, 

Justices— Aaron Smith, Skite: S. D.Bomis, G.F. Tufts, Geo. Wood. 

Churches— Gong., — ; FottersviUe, Bap., w 

Hotel— J. L. Burbank. Uvery Stable— Francis Stratton. 

Manufacturers— lumber and wooden nare, Zopbar Willard; Mast^ 
Farwell Bros.; Pot^erw»//f,.Bemi8 A Siimends; woollens, Cheshire Hills, 
Craven A Willard. Mechanic- blacki>mUh, Geo. F« Tuft. 

Merchants— Wm. H. Jones, Frank H. Pike. 

Tel. Ag't— W. H. Jones. Physician— Geo. M. Perry. 

HAUT'S luOCATlOKy CAM JlOLL—Vo^^W. M. B. ft:. C. 
97 ; N. fr. Ossipee, 40. R. Jt. &— Bemis, on P. A 0. B. B.; and Liv- 
ermore ; P. 0. Mt. Crawford House. 

OFFICERS— Ct«rl;, Hiram Parker; IVeas. afuf iShgil., G. H. Moray ; 
Seieetmnt, Geo. H. Morey, J. T. Button, C. £. Wilson. 

Justices- Hiram Parker, 0. H. Morey. 

Hotel— Willey Uouae, Chsa. Wilson. 

IIAVEM0IIX* OSJFTOS-^hire town, ^p., 2,452. N. 
W. fr. C, 787 Jt. R. S. — Four, accommodating the dilTerent parts ofj 
the town, on B. C. A M. R. R. Semi-daily stage to So. Newbury, on 

C. A P. R. R. 
OFFICERS— C7er](; and Treas., E. R. Weeks ; Seieeimm, E. B. Mann, 

N. P. Rideout, Stephens N. Cummings ; SupU., Wm. F. Westgate S. 
B. Page. 

Postmasters— M.D.Carbee ; But, W»Trae: Pike's StatioH^ A.F.Pike. 

Tiieti<«ac_W W WMtoriLtA. Tra Whitr.hAr. C. Q. flmith G. W r:}»n. 



man, a. T. Fftge, Tyler Wettnte, S. B. Page, K. TL Weeks, B. B.Hkan, 
|A. f. Ptke,€. B. 6ri8wold,0. F. Patnam, SlaU; Caleb Sfells, Chee* 
ter Abbott, G. 0. Jeflfera, H. 8. Baker, N. M. Swasey.' B. 8. Kim ball, J. 
6. Blood, George Wells, W. J. FiMber, H. F. Kine, 8. H. CajM^lofB. 
K. 6 Parker, J. E. Oarr, S. 8. Fellows, W. T. Westcate. 

ChurehM— Gong., J. Q* Bittenger; Heth^ 0. W. Bryaat ; JRuL L. 
W. Pr«MM>tt. 

Ex. Agents— O. O. Smith ; XM, W. T. Tme. 

Hotel k UTery SUble— C. G. Smith. Tel. Aa>t— Ht« 7. Horriwii 

Ins. Agents— tfre, O. F. Pntnam ; life, Henry ilerrill. 

Lawyers— N. ^W. Weetgate. G. W. Chapman, Darid Pkig^ 8. T. 
{P)^e, tf. F. Patnam, Wm. F. We^tmte. 
I Literary Institution— HaverbiU Acudemy, Joseph Donhar. 
! Manulhcturers- lumber, A. W. Patnam ; Hak. A. F. Pike, 8. k O. 
€. JefllBra; scythe stones, A. F. Pike ; starch, DanM Wmt«har; vrap- 
ping paper. HaTerhlll Paper Co., Harerhill Pulp Co. 
{ Mechanics A Artisans— blacksmitht, C. H. Poole, J. M. Harrl- 
nun, Asa Harriman, John Piatt, John Baftey ; JBast, C. W. Man-' 
bnn ; carpenters, W. H. Bnrbeck, J. O. Giflbrd ; hanieM makers,' 
Thos. Leonard, J. A. Page ; marble workera, Bobert Jenkins, H J.l 

I'Saodaft, John Qnlmby ; mason, L. A. BrainHXd ; painters, M. JB. OnrginJ 
Horaos Oarleton; photogMkpher, L. I. Pollard; printer, Syh'ester 
Reding; taitors, G. W. L«Uh, G. W. Whipple; wheelwrights, mchael 
Carlton, N. H. Batchelder. G. K. Garleton, Moses Carpenter. | 

MerehantS— W.B. 8teTens,W. H. Page k Son,Wm. Nelaon, J. L. Bell ;' 
Ead, Pike k Daris, G. W. Richardson ; books, sUtloiiery.drogs, medi- 
cines, fiuicy goods and jewelry, H. Merrill k Son; millinery goods,' 
iMn. J. L. Cook, Mrs. L. Giflbrd ; stoves and tin ware, Fasev k ^n. I 
I Physicians— S. P. Oarbee, Phineas Spauldiug, Moses D. Carbee^ K.' 
J. Brown. 

raortia— ^Postmaster-M. s. Kfmbail. 

Church- Meth., James Cairnes. Physfclanr— H. P. Watson. 

Exp. Ann— Geo. A. Can*. Hotel— Be^le, Parker Metcalf. 

Ins. Agent— N. M. Swasey. 

Manulacturen— boots and shoes, A. Irwin, K. G. Hobbs ; brick, 
;North HaTerhill Brick Co^ lumber, Jaton Blood, Albert Qaaae; 
•tarcb, Meader k Co., Dan*l Whitcher. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, Wm. Bliss, Geo. W. Llbbey, G. B. Bast- 
Wo, J. Martel ; carpenters. A. Tefft, S. W. Keser, C. F. Carr, B. H. 
McOonnell, B. G. Bowe; wheelwrights, G. B. Bastman, Langdon Bail- 
ey, J. H. Getchell, G. W. Mnllikin. 

{ Merchants— E. R. Weeks, M. E. Kimball ; meat, 8. T. Pennock ; 
imilliDery, Mrs. Folsom , organs and sewing machines, W. W. Millen. 

Woodsville^Potstmaster— O. B. Smith. 

Ex. & Tel. Ag't— Geo. A. Davison. 

Hotels- Parker Honse, B. G. Parker ; Mt. Gardiner, J. L. DaTis. 

Lawyers— S. B. P^e. 

Manufkcturers — ^lumber, Ira Whitclier. 

Mechanics k Artisans— bladksmiths, Wm. Sly, E. W. Balkum ; 
iiair dressers, 0. H. Ayer, B. M. Blake ; Jeweler, W. K. Wallace ; 
:o>a«on, M. B. Stevens ; painters, S. C. Tonng, A. W. Monlton ; shoe- 
niaker, A. K. Wallace. 

Merchants— J. Burton, A. H. Leighton k Co., E. B. Miller ; drugs 
aod medlcinee. B. B. Mann k Co.; flour and grain at wholesale, H. B. 
Fletcher k C04 ilonr and lime, Q. A. Davison. 

Physician— G. R. Gibson. 


Bteaen^ mils— 8«« Whitefleld. 

HEBRON. ORAFTON^Vov^ 829. N. W. flr. C, 40; W. from SmilestoBriatol Depot. iS. £.&— Bristol, on Bris- 
tol Br. K . B. Dftily stam. 

OFFIdfiBS—Clerl^ Samuel Wells; TrtM^ If. 0. Ron; Sdectmenl 
J. V, Morse. U. M. Wortbl^, J. F. Jeasenian j BimL^ J. B. Cook. 

Postmasters— Samuel wells; Eattf David Mo Clnrv. 

Justices— J. J. Groehy : BlaU ; G. L. Faga. 

Churek— Union, J. B. Cook. 

Hotels — Union House, Frederic (dement; Central Hoom, Cymi 
iMoure. Merchants— W. p. Beede, M. A. Wella. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, J. W. Sanborn, D. P. Hardy ; caxpenterj 
David Perkine; tailor, G. W. Powers. 

Il£irNIKEiE9 MERRIMACK—Vop., 1326. S. W. fr. G., 16 
R . R. 8 . — Hunniker, on Con. Val. R. R. Staice to every train. 

OFFICKBS— Clerks Q. C. Preston; IVecu., James Wilkins; SeUet 
men, J. Fellows, E. L, C. Colby, G. B. Childs ; Supt., J. A. Slate. 

POStmastei^-O. WUkins. Wul, & M. Currier. 

Justices— D. 8. Garr, J. E. Albin, Nathan .Sawver, L. W. Peabody 
L. W. Cogswell, Wm. 0. Folsom. Jamts Fellows, 0. H. Noyes, SKoic 
8. M. Patten, W. P. Cressv, D. W. Cogswell, John Chase, J. H. Ho0 
man, D. R. Kverett, 8. K. Page, 6. H. Hardy. 

Churches— Cong., J. H. Hoffman ; Heth., J. A. Efteele. 

Hotel Jb Livery Stable— Noyes'. O. H. Noyes. 

Insurance Agents— D. 8. Curr, Wm. C. Folsom. 

Lawyers-John H. Albin. 

Literary Institution— Henniker Academy. 

Manufacturers— cofSns, W. 0. Folsom; dry measures, J. Gage . 
Co.; leather, G. D. Gould ; lumber, O. H. Noyes, D. F. Wjman, O. Vi 
Rice ; mackerel kits, G. W. 8. Dow ; paper, Contooco«>k Valley Papc^ 
Co.: HV^, C. R. Bacon ; tin ware and stoves, C. A. Brown. 

Mechanics— bllicksn)ith^ D. W.Cogswell, W. Chandler, Q. I«. Flin 
Harris Oampbell, L. W.Preston, J. A. Andrews; carpenters Johi^ 
mil, Hiram Marsh, C. R. Bacon, W. Q. Cogswell ; cooper, Moses Ga 
land ; harness maksrs, ^— Sargent ; painters, W. P. .Creesy. i 
C. Hill; shoe maker, H.E. Merrick; tailor, Jesse Webster; whe*^ 
Wright, James WUkins. D. Putney. 

Merchants— Everett A Preston, W. 0. Folsom, 0. H. Nujes ; Wri 
3. M. Currier ; auctioneers, D. W. CogMwell. W. 0. Folsom, D. S. Can 
flour and meal, Nichols A Kimball, John Guttetson ; Jewelry, W. 1 
Sargent ; meat, Jacob 8. Whitney ; millinery, U M. Campbell, Mil 
C, Nichols. 

Physicians— L. W. Peabody, G. H. Sanborn ; dentist, S. O. Bower 

HlK-lllaild— Coos County. 

HI A.L.^ MERRIMACK— Vop^ 667. N. W. fr. C., 26. R. R. S.- 
Hill, on Bristol Branch R. B. Daiibury, 6 m., on Northern R. R. 

OFFICERS- C^rXr. M. F. Little; Treo*., U. P. Eaton; SeUctme 
A. D. Prescott, F. G, Dickerson. J. W. Favor ; Supt, J. 0. Fifield. 

Postmaster— F. E. Mason. Exp. A Tel. Ag't— G. D. Stackpole. 

Justices— G. A. Sumner, J. R. Kowell, G. D. Stackpole, Siate ; M. 
Uttle, E. 8. Rolfe. F. G. Dickerson. 

Churches— Chris., J. C. Fifleld. 

Hotel— J. P. Ladd. 

Manufacturers— carriages and sleighs, G. W. Twombly ; glaas c\ 
ters and light hardware, F. R WooJward; improved riveted lat 
needles, Q. U. Adams A Co.; lumber, Cawley A Blodgett. 





Meelltllies— blacksmitbe, T. L. Smw, n. Morrtll, F. V«mn; «o«p- 
en, R. Galley, J. Tanney ; Job printer. F. B. Woodward. 

Mttrehuils— O. A. SoiuiMr; Jhpot, O. I>. StaekpoU ; Omttt, B. F. 

C^ 26. K. W. fr. NMbii*, 32 ; ». W. fr. ManebMtor, 27 m. JL 1^. A— 
iHillrtHVoagh Bridge, %14 m^ on Con. Tal. B. B. Btagv t«ic« » day. 

OFFICKBS— Oeri, Frank B. MerriU ; Treas^ J. C. Campbell ; tf«<e««. 
Men. J. P. Gibmn, O. F. Saltnaarrta, A. 4. Barney : Bgpt, K. D. Fierce. 

PosUnas terj J u G. Dickey ; OaUer, Bluabeth Nebon; Copper FU- 
!kV<»C. W.Conn. 

Justices— T. N. Ooodale, GomeUq* Ck>olidge, Bdgar Haieo. W. H. 
iMenahaw, J. M. Gnrtia, B. K. Wfbber, F. H. Pierce, J. H. T. Newell, 
ID. F. Whittle, 8. D. Wyiuan, W. G. Buxton, 8. W. Hohnan, Kirk D. 
Pieioe,iSKale; F. B. Merrill, J. G. Campbell, A. G. Bamfaam, M.lf. 
Hoiley, F. W. Gonld, a B. Hoyt, J. B. Whitteraore, G. D. Wood. 

Church— Meth., H. HillmHn. 

Hotel— St. Cbariee, 8. Strickland. Lawyer— H. B. Pierce, 

Mtnufketurers — casketn and ooffina, A. Gil more; leather, 8. A. 
Brown; Inmber, J. G. Bickey, 8. Andrews ; clapboard* and broom 
hAudlea, J. H. Hoyt. 

> MechADics— blacktmithe, 0. F. Thoiupson, Geo. Salrmarih, F. B. 
Abbott; carpenter, OnUery B.C. Hoyt; mason. Upper YUlagt, A. P. 
Ferry ; painter, £. J. Vi iley . 

MerchaJits— Onslow Gilmore, A. Lall, J. P. Gibson; aoctloneer, W. 
H. Mannahan. Physicians— J. Q. A. French, John Goodell. 

BrldC«— Postmistress— Mrs. Martha Lovering . 

Churches— Cong., H. Brickett; Metb., H. Hillman. 

Exp. Agent— la. H. Whittle. Hotel— Valley, A. Childs. 

Lawyers— B. K. Webber, Holoan A Bnxton. 

Literary Institution— Valley Academy, B. & Hard. 

Livery Stables— Bmmons Newman, J. Porter. 

HanuiAeturers— flour and meal, Morrill A Merrill, J. THton ; lum- 
ber, B. B. LoTerin, William Merrill ; machine needlee, H. Grady ; 
IMper iMHcee, W. S. Loverin; boots and shoes, A. MerriU, ag't ; shirts 
and drawers, J. B. Smith. . 

Mechanics & Artisans — bbicksmitbs, J. H. Eaton, G. M. Salt- 
jmarsb ; carpenters, W. Prichard A Son, P. H. BnmriU, C. H. Cloagh, 
|Wm. Bmerson, J. Itaraes; copper, tin and sheet iron workers, New- 
man A Colby : dreiis mnkers, Clara Steele, Mrs. A. M. Kmerson, Mrs. 
Jas. Mc AUister, Mrs Mary Morrill ; hair diesser, R. T. Abbott ; har- 
ness maJiers, F. P. Sleeper A Co.; Jeweler and watch maker, W. H. 
Story; machinists and iron founders, T. Mc Clintock A Son, F. Scribner ;' 
painters, T. A. Burt. Alonseo Codman, Henry I. N. Vile ; photograph- 
er, G. w. Lincoln ; tailors. Baker A Tasker, Luther Baton ; wheel- 
wright, 8. D. Hastings. 

I Merchants — J. S. Butter, Dutton A Kome, H. Marcy. Morrill A 
Merrill, J>. W. C. Newman, G^. D. Peaslee ; auctioneers, J. H. Lovering,' 
G. W. Gpald ; clocks, watches and jewelry, J. B. Russell ; clothing A 
furnishing goods. Baker A Taekurj coffins and caskets, S. D. Hastings 
confectionery and cigars, Chas. R. Jameson ; drugs and mediciueRt 
R. G. Dickey, H. Marcy ; fancy goods aud notions, A. M. Wynian > 
fi«h and oysters. £. L. Carr: flonc and grain, Morrill A Merrill' 

furniture, A. A. Wyman, Tenney ; ice, D. M. Buxton ; meat, Kim- 

tpaM Bros.. W.L. Pickering; millinery, Mrs. S. B. Farrar, Mrs. A J,. I 
Barney, Mrs. A. J. Butler; periodicals, P. I>. Gould. H 


Physieians— A. 0. Bnrnham, M. &. Felt; boA«o^ I. P. Ghaie; den- 
tist, 8. 0. Bowers. Tet. AgH— R. 0. Dickej. 

HIIfSliAI.E^ CHE8HlR3^Top.t 1868. fl. W. fr. O., 7ft ; S. W. 
rr. Keene, 19. JB. JL A—HinstUle, on Asbuelot fi. B. Hack to all 

0FPICEB8— <^crft omd Trta$^ Q. W. Holland; BOeetmen, H. R 
Vaille, Jr., B. W. Steams, Geo. P. Wellington ; Stipk^ IL 0. DU, H. U. 

Postmaster k Trt. Agent— P. B. FIske; 

Justices— /Vortfk, F. J. Barber, W. 8. Bavro#t; It. F.-Herton, I>. B. 
Lamson, State ; 0«o. Wellman, P. W. Taylor, G. 8. Wilder, Sdward 
Stebbins, H. R. Vaille, Jr., G. C. Barber, I 

Churches— Bap., H. R. Mitchell ; Jffinih, — — ■; OoB|r*i H. HJ 

HamilcoD; Metb.. J. 1>. Folsom ; UnfT., —-— — «— • 

Exp. Ag't— Bverett Hale. Hotel— Ashnelot House, H; M. Slate. 

Ins. Agt's— W. & Barrows, F. J. Barber, G. 8. Wilder, T. W. Saben, 
H. R. Vaille, Jr. 

Literary institution— High School, 0. P. Hall,pr. 

LiVery Stahles— S. B. Perham, 0. il. Higgins; 

ManuiheturerS~-bolts, G. B. Hunter; bokesi John Snow; cssfamer 
ets, Haile, Frost A Go^ G. J. Amidon; chisels and drawing kniTet, O.I 
8. Wilder; Granite State mowing nsaehtnes. Newfaati It Stebbins;, 
iron foundry, G. D. Merriman; lomber, M. H. Bardweli, Ansel 
Qickineon, L. A. Parks ; planing mill and water tnbing, L. A. Parks ; 
soap, B. Sc N. Worden A Co.; water wiieels, Holman A- Merriman ,! 
wrapping paper, George Robertson A Son, 0. 0. Fisk. 

Meehanaos & Artisans— blacksmiths, Q. W. Cobh, L. O: Lyman ; 
carpenters, G. A. Day, 8ew«H Day, Helton k Gale, B. Bhtnehard, A. 
Gilbert, Ghas. Smith, J. Holden; cooper, J. Oorles; dress makers, Mi-s. 
Geo. Gnrtis, Miss Sophia Doolittle, Mrs. Mary A. Priest, Mrs. L. Well- 
man, Mrs. Howard ; hair dresser, P. P. Woodbnry, W. F. Paddleford ; 
harness makers. L. H. Knapp, B. L. Walker; machinists, Holman A, 
Merriman, Newhall A Stebius ; mason, Geo. Alexander ; (stone) O. H.' 
Higgins ft Sbn ; millwright, B L. Lamson ; painters, R; O. Eaton 
(carriage and sign) N. B. Pratt, (house) TImoihy Wyman^ G. W.' 
Johnson; printer, L. H. Henry*; shoemakers Z. B. Leonard, H. L. 
Porter; tanner, J. M. Beers; wheelwrights, J. W. Brittle, M. 8. Leach.; 

Merchants— O. W. Holland, F. D. Fisk, G. S. Howe; hooka andj 
stationery, Hnnter A 0>.; boots and shoes, Harris A Co.; coal, graini 
and iised, C. D. Whittaker ; confectionery, H. W. Thayer ; drugs, L.j 
A. Lamson, 0. J. Martin ; fkncy goods, 0. J. Martin, Hunter M Co.; 
Ikncy poultry, P. F. Amidon; fVirnlture, F. Jackson; hardware, 
paints, oils Ac, L. A. Lamson, B. Stebbins ; Jewelry, Frank Jackson, 
H. J. Knapp; lumber, G. A. Mason: meat, P.:W. Taylor, Q. H. Bai^ 
ley; meat and groceries, A. S: Baeon; millinery, Mrs. L. P. WisaJ 
Miss L. F. (}ooper, G. B. Harris; tinware and stores, J. B. MitcfaetG 
John 0*Brien. j 

Physicians- W. 8. Leonard, M. G. Dix ; dentist, I. L: Dunham. 

BToirtta— S m. ffr. Brattleboro, Vt, on G. V. R. R. Daily stage. 

Postmaster— L. B. Lamsun. Church-^Bap., — - . 

Manufacturers— lumber, J. Bstey A Co., L. B. Lamson ; planii 
mill, water tubing, mouldings and wooden ware, L. B. Lamson. 

Mechanics A Artisans — blacksmith, L. B. Lamson ; carpentei 
L. B. Lamson, 0. B. Tyler, S. T. Yeaw; dress makers. Mrs. C.^ 
Thomas, Miss LiHa Barrett ; hair dresser, I. T. Bnrnbam ; mi] 



]tOI<1»KKMESSl, OR A FTON^Pop^ 703. N. fr. O., 00 ; B. ft-. 
Piymoath, 7. JL B. S.— Athlaod, 4 m., on B. 0. A M. E. B. SUg* 
rad-mail tii-w«ttklT. 

OFFICERS— Gr«r* amd 3Vea<., N. B. WhUtan ; aOHtmm, J. B. Buck-' 
ina, H. J. B«6de, Ghfts. A. Barleigh ; SMfrff., Geo. H True, Mra. J. ▲. 

Postmastor A Merchant— N. B. Whiiton. 

Justices— A. L. Shaw, Rnnell Oox, Dan'l Smith, 2d, SM<; V. B. 
Whitt»ii, Perkini Moalton, Geo. M. Trve, J. B. Hackina. I 

MtnofkCtarers—cofllni, G. W. Shepard; excelaior, J. k B. Tom- 
kiMon, p. o. ad. Plymouth; lamber, 8. M. Worthen, Euoeh Ooizant. p.J 
o. ad., Ashland; G. M. Ames, p. o. ad., Plyinoath ; laiDb«r,jpackiDg 
boxet, ahinglM, clapboarda, cloth boards and nit bozM, H. H. Shop- 
ud. Physician— D. B. Tucker. 

MeehaDles^-earpontera, Ohas. K. Ooz, J. 8. PerkiM, John Jawell ; 
cooper, Jamea Lowe. 

HOIiKilS, HILLSBOROUOB-'Tap^ 1080. 8. ft". C 88 ; W. fr. 
Hashna, 8. JZ. B. S— Hollia, on Nashua A Worcester B. B., 8 >^ m. 
fr. Center. Stage three tianes a day. 

OFFICBRS— ClerAr, G. A. Burf^e; TreoM^ Wm. P. Cutter; SeUeimen^ 
Cfaas. S. Spalding: Ohai. M. Stratton, Henry N. Smith ; Sifpe., Leri 

Postniaster--4}eo. A. Bnrge. 

Justices— B. T. Wheeler, B. L. Farley, BtaU ; 1. 9, Colbnm, A. J. 
Paiiey, G. A. Messer, C. S. Spauldlng. 

Church— Cong., D. B. Scott. Ex. Ag't— Darius Badd. 

Manufiieturers— brooms, L. J. Nutting ; coopers tools, Iieri Piarea ; 
pumps, Nathan Willonghby. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, C. B. Richardson, A. B. Lonjoy, J. 8. 
Horton ; carpenters. Noah LoYCJoy, A. H. Bills, Caleb Farley, Nathan 
Willonghby, G. A. Meeser ; coopers, WorcMter Bros., Bdward Hardy , 
Proctor Broa.. G. W. Manning ; painters, Alfred Farley, J. C. Hildreth ; 
■hoemaker, J. Gates; wheelwrights, B. L, Farley, T. French. | 

Merchants — G A. Borge; auctioneer, G. A. Bnrge; clocks and 
watehea, Bbeneser Baldwin. 

Physicians— H. W. Willonghby, Wm. P. Cutter; dentist, Frank 

ReOKSETT, ir^iSiZ/JfilCr— Pop., 1766. 8. B. tr. C, 0. B. 
R. &— Hooksett, on C. B. B. and Snncook Valley B. B.; Martin's Fer- 
ry ottC. B. R. 

OFFICERS— Cfsrft^ J. W. OonTerse; TWot., R. A. Lantry ; StUdmen, 
B.A. Ham, M. L. Whitney, A. T. Martin : SupL, 8. G. Kellogg. 

Postmaster— F. C. Towle. Exp. & Tel. Ag't— R. A. Lantrr. 

Justices— Natt Head, Jesse Ganlt. J. W. Prescott, Ira H. Adams, 
W. a Kellogg, Albe Morrill, W. M. Kelley, A. W. Prescott, R. A. Lan- 
trer, W. F. Head, State ; G. A. Robie, J. 8. Bnriiank, B. A. Ham. 

Church— Cong., Taintor. Physician- 1. H. Adams. 

Hotels— Ayer Honse, Horace Bonney ; Steams House, John Steams. 

Livery Stables— J. W. Prescott, J. 0. Ingalls. 

Manumcturers— bricks, N. A W. F. Head, Jesse Ganlt, Charles 
'Bailey: cambrics, Hooksett ManuPg Co., B. H. Nutting, ag't; lum 
ber. N. A W. Y. Head. 

I Mechanics A Artisans— blacksmith, G. A. Robie; carpenters, 8. T. 
k 0. N. Ooodale, 8. B. Ciiandler: hnir dresser, Horace Parker; harness 
maker, B. J. Gile ; macliinints, D. W. Peaslee, R. R. Hanson ; masonJ 
|W. B. Jonas ; painter, Wm. Head ; shoemaker, C. A. Tenney. ( 


Merchants— F. 0. Towle, 8. D. Mo Affee A Co^ J. Sobjr; groo«ri«0, 
A. L. Daria ; meat, F. 0. TowI«. 

HOPKINTON, MERRIMACK— ^op., 1836. S. W. from C, 7, 
R. R, iS.-^ Gontoocook, on C. ft C. R. B. Daily stage to Ck>iicord. 

OFFIGKRS— aer*, D. L. Gago; Trea$.,I.D. Marrill; SeUdmen, G. 

A. Stevens, £. Dauforth, F. W. Paige, ; Buptt., C. G. Lord, G. A. Stone, 
T. B. Richardson. 

Postmasters— D. L. Gage; Wttl, Isaac Bowell. 

Justices— G. G. Hawthorn, G. K. Goodrich, H. W. Greene, J. M. 
Conner, I. D. Merrill, J. F. Jones, Phineas Glongh, Geo. G. Bailey, W. 
S. Davis, Isaac Story, StaU; G. W. Currier, P. M. Flanders, Quorum; 
C. G. Lord, G. B. Hardy, B. P. Copps, S. S. Page. J. M. Harvev, H. D. 
Dustio, G. 0. Blaisdell, Cbas. Gonld, D. L. Gage, G. A. Curtis, J. S. 

Churches— Bap., A. J. Hopkins ; Gong., 0. A. Stone ; Epis., Hall 
Harrison. i 

Exp. Agt— J. G. Rowell. Lawyers— H. W. Gieen, 0. G. Hawthorn. 

Manufacturers — leather, H. J. Chase. 

Mechanics ft Artisans — blacksmiths, Horace Edmunds, Joseph 
Derry ; carpenter, £. B. Dual>ar ; cooper, A. C. Sargent ; hair dresser, 
8. R. Adams masons, J. L. Hagar; painters, Melvin Colby, Isaac 
Story, G. F. Til ton ; printer, H. S. Chase ; wheel wright«, B. 0. Kimball. | 

Merchants— Kimball & Co., G. G. Bailey ; auctioneer, H.W. Green ; 
meat, B. D. French. 

Physicians — Alexander Rodgers, C. H. Harriman. 

Con toocoolK— Postmaster— B. W. Stevens. 

Justices— I. D. -Merrill, J. F. Jones. Phineas Cloagh, W. 8. Davis, 
State; G. A. Curtice, H. D. Dustin, G. C. Blaisdell, J. F. Burnham, 
Chas. Gould. 

Churches— F. Bap.,—- Parker; Meth., G. A. Leet; Sweden- 
borgian, Charles Hardon. 

Exp. k Tel. Ag't— A. U. Currier. Insurance Aa't— J. F. Jones. 

Literary Institution— Contoocook Academy, A. G. Lombard, prin . 

Manufacturers— carriages and sleighs, B. Upton ; lumber, Harvey 
Chase, J. F. A B. D. Burnham ; lumber and kits, (steam) Kempton & 
Morrill. I 

Mechanics — ^boot and shoe makers, — Kimball, Albert George,' 
— Baker; blacksmiths, F. J. Mudgett, F. Webster, H. Dow; car- 
penter, C. Montgomerv ; mason, J. H. Bacon; painters, Nichols Bros. 

Merchants — G. A. Curtice, Richards & Richardson ; auctioneer, G. 

B. Hardy; fish and meat, Feloh; millinery. Miss J. M. Johnson ; 

stoves and tin ware, G. H. Ketchum. 

Physicians— J. W. Wilson, G. G. BlaisdeU. 

Horn's Iflllls- See Wakefield. 

UVOSON, HILLSBOROUOB—Poit., 1046. 8. E. fr. 0., 38. 
If. R. ;S.— Hudson Center, on N. A R. R. R. 

OFFICERS— CZcrJt; and Trea*.^ James B. Merrill; Sdedmtn^ L. 
M. Tolles, C. W. Spalding, W. 8. Weston ; Bupt., Daniel Gage. 

Postmasters— N. P. Webster; OnUry Eli Hamblet. 

Justices— S. D. Greeley, Stat4 ; Kimball Webster, J. B. Mexrill, a 
A. Steele. Jas. Emery, J. G. Walker, W. P. Walton. 

Churches— Bap., ; Cong., F. D. Austin ; Meth., 0. W. Taylor. 

Manufacturer — lumber and meal, George Woods. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, Allen Mc Mil Ian, a B Cole; carpenters, 

C. S. Brown, W. p. Camraings, H. A. Merrill, I. N. Smith ; file ca^ 
jter, Samuel Walton; wheelwrights, J. Carnes, B. Martin. 

— — — — ^■^— ^— — «— ^■— ■■^■— "^^ ■— "ii— ^■■■i"*^ 


Merehants— N. P. W«bMter, Jftmnt CArnes, 

Physicians— Jami** Bmcry, D. 0. Smith. 

JACKSOIV, CARROLL-'Jfop.,4M. N. B. fr. 0., 90. N. fr. 
;Onfp«e, 40. jB. R. <$».— Glen ttetlon, 3 m., on P. * 0. R. R. Daily 
•stag©. j 

I OFFICERS— Cterifc, J. B. Trickey; 7V«a«.. 0. P. MeMrr«i; Saettmen} 
John Hodfra» Geo. Pinkhain, N. G. Trickey; £fupl., H. C. Went- 
.worth. Postmaster— O. P. Mesenrtt. i 

I Jastlees— Jona. Gala, O. P. MMenre. 8UiU\ J. B. Trickay, M. 0. 
Weotworth, G. W. MesarTe, Joa. Perkins. 

Chareh— 7. Bap., . Physician— Dantal Wnamora. 

HotelS-^ackson Falls, Trickey Broa.; Tborne Mt., M. C. West- 
worth; Glen Bllis Honee, N. T. Stillinga; BagleMt. House, G. B. 
Oale; Wilson's Gottege, J. L. Wilson; Harriman*'s Cottage, J. R. 
Harrlman. I 

I Manufacturers— lumber, Jackson ManuPg Co., J. M. Maearre, J: 
H. Dearborn, C. B. Oale. G. F. Perkins. . I 

I Mechanics — blacksmiths, J. D. Towle, 0. MeaerTe; carpenters, D.. 
F. Drew, Wm. Copp, Chas. S. Meserre ; masons, Silas Peikins, Wm.' 
Copp ; wheelwrights, G. M. Femald, 0. W. Gray. 

Merchants— 0. H. Hurl in, M. L. Mason. 
I JAFFRETv CflBSflfBE-Pop., 1287. 8. W. fr. C, 46; 8. B. fr. 
Keene, 15. R. R. S, — East Jalfrey, on Monadnock R. R. Piiblic con- 
.▼eyance to and from all trains. I 

I OFFICERS— OI«rJi;, J. P. Frost; 3V#!<m., Ea»U C. H. Powers; Bdeci-. 
mtn^ C. S. Bailey, W. B. Bobbins, Geo. A. Underwood ; Bupt.^ W. W. 
Liringston : Agtnt^ J. S. Imcj. 
I Postmaster k Physician— G. A. Phelps. 
I Justices— F. S. Pierce, F. H. Cutter, F. B. Spatter, SUOe; G. H. 
Phelps, J. W. Fassett, Alfred Sawyer, H. B. Aldrich, L. N. Willough- 
by, J. P. Froat, H. A. Tanner, Jehn H. Fox. 

Church — Center^ Cong., supplied by W. W. LlTingston. 

Ex. Agent— H. B. Cutter. 

Hotels — Central House, G. C. Rice ; Center^ Cutter's, Jonas Cutter. 

Literary Institution — ConantHlgh School, G. H. Rockwood, prin. 

Manufacturers— Cim^, leather, Julius Cutter ; chair stnflT, George 
B. Gllmore ; furniture, F. L. King ; shoes, Luke French. 

Mechanics — OmUr, blacksmiths, Joseph Smith A Son ; carpenters, 
Alrah Parker. J. P. Frost ; cooper, Elbridge Baldwin ; dressmakers, 
Onter^ Miss E. R. Gibbs, ; printers, Cmttry Livingston Bros. 

Merchant — Centery J. T. Bigelow. 

East— Postmaster— Peter Upton. 

Churches— Bap., T. C. Gleaeon ; Cong., J. C. Staples ; Unir., F. W. 

I Hotels — Granite State, BeuJ. Pierce, Rodney Brown, prop.; Dor 
cheater House, C. Haskell; Mountain House, Batchelder k Newton. 

Ins. Agents— White A Pierce, F. H. Cutter. 

Lawyers— Spalter and Fox. 

Livery Stable — Aaron Perkins. 

Manuflicturers — wooden ware, A. J. k J. E. Bemis; blue drilling, 
iWhite Bros.: dry pulp, G. A. Shepard k Co., Elijah Stnrtevant, ag't ; 
lumber, J. E. Bemis ; nest boxes, Annett k Murdock ; shoes, G. Fair- 
[banks : shoe knives, Wilbur Webster. 

Mechanics & Artisans — blacksmiths, D. A. Colbnrn, Ira Gard- 
ner; carpenters, L. L. Pierce, Liberty Tuwne, Sylvester Towne, G. A. 
jTowne, B. E. Bartlett, 8. B. Robinson; cooper, N. C. Shedd; ^ 


maker, Mrs. T. Hanscom ; hair drecMr, A. Caldwell ; gansinith, J. SJ 
Dntton; masons, I. C. Ryan, W. H. Ingraham ; painters, Fred Ste-! 
jvera, H. G. Hmit, F. P. Wellman ; printer, W. G. Knowltoa ; shoe-j 
maker, W. G. Knowlton; photographer, 0. S. Bice; wheelwrights,' 
Mower A Allen, Amaxiah Fairbanks. i 

I MerehantS'-^. 8. Lacy, G. H. Powers, Walter Ooodnow A €o.; «ac-| 
;tioneers Pierce it Scott ; lamher, W. E. Goodnow ; meat, Kittredge A 
Robbins, Reuben Pierce; millinery. Sirs. Prescott; milk, J. B. Shedd; 
stoves and tin ware, F. Greisinger. 

Physicians— O. H. Bradley ; dentist, 0. G. Duncan. 

JEFFERSOH, COOS^Pop., 961. N. from G., tl6 ; 8. K. from 
Lancaster, 7. Daily stage. S. B. &— Jefferson, on Whitefleld and 
Jefferson R. R. 2U m. 

OFFIGSRS— C^ri, J. A. Hicks; TVsot., Levi Stal&ird; BeUetaMm, 
C. H. Biiruham, J. H. Plaisted, G. W. Grawford ; Supt., A. DaTls. 

PoftmasUr k Tel. Ag't— A. F. Mason. 

Justices— B. H. Plaisted, JH. R. Perkins, Aate; A. M. Pottle, B. B. 
Kenison, A. L. Berry, J. M. Morse, 

Churches— 0. Bap., ; Meth., James Growlsy. 

Hotels A Livery Stables— Waumbeck House, J. B. Crocker; Mt. 
Adams House, Crawshaw A Co.; Summer Boarding House, Bedell BiobJ 
k Co.; Plaisted House, B. H. Plaisted ; Grawford Honee, B. A. C.*raw-: 
ford : Pliny Range House, G. W. Crawford ; Highhind House^ G. A. k\ 
J. L. Pottle; The Maples, Mrs. M. H. Bowles; Grand View House 

Manufkcturers— Aoar, W. B. Bvans; lumber, Browiw Lumber Co., 
Jeremiah Bicker. Albert Bennett, Parcher & Co., Franklin Reed, Jew- 
'ett k Gray : starch, B. H. PUlsted, Plaisted k Roberts, TuMe k Graw- 
ford, N. R. Perkins. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, Nicholas Tuttle, R. P. Stillings; car-i 
penters, Geoi^e Crawford, W. H. Somers, J. Goodall ; wheelwright,' 
H. M. Grant. Physician— C. H. Bnrnham. 

Merchants— A. F. Musson, G. A. Noyes, H. W. Plaisted. 
I KEEIV£, O£r£;90/i;.e— Shire town. Citt. Pop., 0,78A. 8.W. 
fr. C, 53. R. R. &— Keene, on Cheshire B. B. Ashuelot B. B. A M. 
A K R B 

OFFICERS— Elected Dec. 6^ 1S79. Mayor, H. Kimball, CUy Clerk, L. 
C. Doolittle. As the term of office of other city officers expiree aeon 
after we go to press their names are omitted liere. The elected Ward 
.Officers are. Ward 1, CUrh, A. M. Nims; AldernuM, C. F. Wilson; 
\OauncUmenj Hiiam Blake, Jas. Spencer, M. M. Parks. Ward 2, Clerk, 
J. B. Wright; Alderman, Cyrus Piper; CbttncOmen, J. P. Wellro^n, 
J. W. Russell, C. W. Buckmlnister. Ward a. Clerk, A. A. Woodward ; 
Alderman, Jason French ; Counelmen^ A. 0. Fiske, G W. Mc Dnffee, J. 
H. Fisher. Ward 4, Clerk, J. E. Parmenter ; Alderman, M. G. Ouern- 
sey ; Oouneamen, D. W. Gilbert, G. H. Richards, Chas. W. Shedd. 
iWard 5, Clerk, L. W. Chesley ; AUierman, £. B. Tarbell; OauneUmen, 
Jas. H. Smith, S. A. Morse, H. GouiUard. 

Postmaster— A. Smith. 

Justices— J. B. Abbott, J. J. Allen, Jr.. Isaac Aldrich, J. T. Abbott, 
J. B. Beal, J. L. Bolster, J. W. Babbitt, Hiram Blake, C. H. Whitney, 
!j. H. Elliott. Edward Farrar, F. C. Faulkner, Hosea Foeter, AUeu 
Giffin, R. J. Holt, Silas Hardy, L. W. Holmes, G. H. Hersey, Thos. B. 
iHatch, Andrew Jackson, F. F. Lane, H. S., Martin, F. A. Perry, Ct< 
'^ns Piper, C. F. Roweli, V. A. Wright, G. F. Starkweather, J. W. 

'irtevant, M. T. Tottingham, J. S. Taft, J. Stoples, 0. C. Webstei^ 


D. H. Woodward, a V. Wdbitar, A. T. Batoheldsr, State ; L. WoUlngton 
B. B. AMrich, A. J. Aldrich, W. 8. Brign, F. A. Bukor, A. W. Bmker 
a T. Bnffnm, H. 0. Oool«dg«,0. 0. Dort, L.O. DoolHtla, Qoorge Tildea 
B. P.DoIa, W. R. Danham, W. H. Blllott, J. B. Fifhar, Jmod French, 
G. H. Gilbert, 8. 0. G«tBi, John Humphrey, D. K. Heidejr, J. Q. Fnller, 
J. J. Hoibrook, G. 0. Sill, J. G. Joslin. F. H. Klnfrtkary, B. D 
Knight, A. Kln^iley, B. F. Une, B. B. Loeke, /. 0. Rioe, G. A. 
LMehfleld, J. M. Hone, H. P. Machmore, F. B. Bewoomb, Bunnel 
Nlns, J. 6. Perry, C. K. Pemberton, 8. L. lUuidnll, Barrett Bipley, 
L W. Ronell, T. O. Band, E. 8tewHrt, W. H. Spatter, 8. White. 

Churehe»— Bap^ W. U. Baton; let Oong^ Cyme RiehardMn; 
Sd Oong^ J. A. Leach; Bpie., A. B. Crawlbrd; Xeth., Wa. Bakine ; 
R.Cath^ Patrick Holohan; anit, Albert Walklty; UnW., W. W. 

Eating Housts— H. G. Gaemeey, a LetCenmaynr, A. J. Aldrich, 
Spragne Broe^ A. Baker. 

Exp. Ag'tS— F. T. Barker, Charlei F. Holton. 

Hotels — Cheshire Honte, M. J. Sheraan; Bngle, Wm. Xareh; 
City Hotel, H. 8. Goolliard. 

Ins. Ag*ts— Aldrich A Co., G. F. Starkweather, Geo. Tilden. 

Liwyors— Batchelder A Faulkner, F. F. Lane, D. K. Healey, 0. G. 
Webster, D. H. Woodward, Leonard Welliagton, Hiram Blake, 
SUM Hardy, L. W. Holmes, B. P. Dole^ W. H. Blliott, 0. H. Heney, 
J. T. AbboU, C. F. Webster. 

Literary InsUtution— Keene High School, M. A. Bailey, prln. 

Uvery StablM^ — i^oslln, L. Martin * Son, Darld Rnssell. 

Man ulketarers — book binders and blank book mannfactnren, 
G. H. Tilden it Go., W. H. Spalter; brush and dnster handles, A. 8 
Whiteomb; chairs, Keene Chalt* Co., W. W. Meson, snpt., Cheshire 
Chair GOn Geo. L. Burdett, J. L. OaWery ; cigars, L. J. Banter ; flan 
nsls, Fkuilkner, A Colony; flonr and feed Hope Steam Mills, J. M 
Fsmum, 0. Dickinson; fnmitnre, Keene Furniture Oo., Ashnelot Far* 
niture Co., Beaver Brook Furniture Co., N. G. Woodbury, supt; glue, 
Cheshire Glue Ci>.; leather, Blgelow t Symonds, F. B. Foster; noTelty 
rsfolving flower stands, 0. A. Bingham; palls and tubs, Hope Steam 
Bills, M. G. Woodbury ; pots and earthenware, J. 8. Taft A Co.; snsh, 
doors and blinds, Nims, Whitney A Co.; slere hoops and plant protect- 
na, D. M. Nichols ; Tulcaaiaed cans, Vnlcanlaed Can Co., J. A. Wright, 

Heehaalcs 4 Artisans— bakers, P. B. Haywood A Co, Carlos 
Bearey; blacksmiths, F. B. Benton, T. Jones, W. H. Brooks, 
Jamc^ H. Spencw, Reuben Ray, R. C. Jones; carpenters, G. 
A. Gordon, W. H. Trask, 0. Gleason, Henry Puroelt, A. R. A B. 
8. Foster, W. Bassett, G. 0. Ward well, J. (t Jones, Carlos Quiun, 
p. H. Sawyer, Harrey Ballon ; engraver, Wm. Wood ; hair dress- 
lers. Wood A Stagles L. W. Chesley, A. Hay ward, A. L. Robinson ; har- 
Inem makers, 8. 8. Wilkinson, A Co., John Carpenter, Norman Denio; 
pron fbnnders, Moses Bllis A C04 machinists, Humphrey Machine 
K3o., H. W. Hnbbard, D. B. Piper; marble and granite, Keene Marble 
jand Granite Co., N. L. Woodward ; masons, 8. B. Daris, G. F. Chamber- 
ihdn, Angnstua Trask, IL B. Hnbbard, R. R. Powers, Bdward Lynch , 
Michael Carroll; paintors, Alison Clark, W. F. Whiteomb, A. E.; 
lUstcair, D. A. Newton, D. C. Knight, R. Mc Govern, Simeon Goald; 
jOrin Woods, 8. B. Goinstock, B. G. Metcalf, Albert Kingsbury (car- 
riage and sign) A. L. Harkness, (portrait and landscape) W. A. King , 
painter and paper hanger, James L.Johnson; photognnihers, J. A. 


French, £. M. White ; printers. Sentinel Printing Co., W. B. Alien' 
J. 1). Colony & Son, Bepublicau PrintinK Co., Geo. Wbitteniore; stair, 
buiider, Oren Staikey ; oteam dye honMe, Frank Harlow; onrveyor, 
J. J. Holbrook ; ^Matchmakers, A. B. A S. W. Skinner, S. Wadswortb 
ft Co., J. A. Thayer, H. £. Fay ; wheelwrights, J. A F. French k Ck)., 
C. N. Tottingham & Co., J. S. Steele. 

Merchants — auctioneers, Isaac Aldrich, H.Cooper. Bills &Rfce; 
books, statioBery and periodicals, G. H. Tilden A Co., W. H. Spal-j 
ter & Co.; boots and shoes, Leonard Wright, 8. Spaulding, J. B. 
Fisher, W. Gustioe, C. Cuniniings k Son, A. W. Baker & Co.; clocks and 
watches, 8. Wadsworth k Co., J. A. Thayer, F. £. Eeyes, H. Ifi. Fay, 
A. B. k S. W. Skinner ; clothing, J. R. Beal k Co., J. F. k F. H. Whit- 
comb, Chase k Rlchardfi, J. Aniidon, George M. Willard k, Co., Ball, 
Perry k Co.; dry goods, F. G. Hardy, W. P. Chamberlain, J. F. k V. 
H. Witcomb, 8. L. Randall ; dry goods and groceries, A. H. Grinicf, 
F. £. Keyes; drugs and medicines, Bort A Chandler, Bullarili 
k Foster, Bort k. Fariar, G. G. Sawyer k Co.; fancy goods and 
notions, J. W. Dunn, Alfred Spauldiug, M. Buckminister ; fish, 8.1 
Babcock k Sons, J. D. Stevens; florists, Ellis Bros.; furniture, M. Tj 
iTottingham, Cheshire Furniture Store, Woodbury k Howard ;| 
groceries, C. Bridgeman M. V. B. Clark, W. A T. J. French, J. M. Far-<; 
\uuT^, B. L. Pollard, G. £. Holbrook, P. H. Mc Gushing; hardware, l[ 
|N. Spencer k Co., Knowlton k Stone, Jackson k Haywood ; hats and 
caps^Bill k Tenney, O. M. WiUard k Co., Ball, Ferry k Co.; ladies' fur^ 
juisbing goods, Mrs. 0. H. Gleasou; ice, Richardson k Pratt; meat and 
{provisions, H. M. Barling, A. k J. Bancroft, £. Burr k Sons. Wyman t 
;Co., Nims, Wright ACo.,G. E.Cole; millinery, Mrs. A. £. Bennet,Hn.i 
|£. H.White, Mrs. P. K. Proctor, Hiss S. Heaton, Mrs. L. A. Alexander, 

5. L. Randall; musical instruments and music, O.H. Tilden k Co.: 
Murrill k Maynard, W. H. Spalter k Co., E. Foster, L. C. Boolittle,! 

6. F. Nichols, O. J. Joslin ; stoves and tin ware, Pavis A Wrigbt,! 
Kirk A Sewell ; tobacco and cigars, C. H. Drummer, F. Petts, 0. ^et- 
tennmyer, L. J. Barden ; variety store, Elbridge Clark. 

Miscellaneous— job and express wagons, GW. Buckminister, P. 
How land, Rodney Griffith, 0. Severance, Geo. W. Porter. 
I Physicians— G. B. Twitchell, A. S. Carpenter, T. 6. Kittredge, I. F. 
iProuty, Mrs. G. C. Hill, W. H. Geddes, G. C. Hill, W. R. Dunham, J 
H. Leach ; homeo., G. W. Flagg, H. H. Darling; thomp., J. F. Jenni 
son ; dentists, Orcutt A Loveland, I. W. Russell, G. H. Russell. 

Public Library — 4,000 vols., Mrs. D. M. Converse, librarian. Open 
every day from 2 to 8 P. M. 

Tel. Ag'ts— D. R. Calef, C. H. Cutter. 

KCNSINOTON, ROCKINGHAM— Vo^., 614. S. E. fr. 0., 44 
S. W. fr. Portsmouth, 15 ; S. fr. Exeter, 4. R. R, S.— Hampton Falls 
4 m.; Amesbnry, b m., on Eastern R. R.; and Exeter, 4 m., and East 
Kingston, 3}^, on B. A M. R. R. Stage fr. Exeter to Amesbury. 

OFFlCERiA-aerX;, T. H. Blake ; Treas,, J. A. Blake; Selectmen, 
Laroy S. Sanborn, A. T. Rowe, J. N. Austin ; BupL, Susan L. Brown. 

Postmaster— Francis Hilliard. 

Justices— W. N. Shaw, State ; J. W. Brown, Quorum; 8. Green, J 
T. Blake, A. T. Rowe, T. £. Brown, W. H. Hodgdon* 

Churches— Chris., — ; Cong., Jacob Chapman ; Univ., E. F 


Exp. Ag't— Joseph N. Austin. 

Manufacturers — lumber, Francis Hilliard, Joseph Poor, Geo. A 
Newell Page ; plows, J. French. | 

\. m .. .i.*,..,...,-.i— " 7 '■■■■■ ,■ Mfc I ■ ■ ■ a II ■ *■ 



Heehantos— blackimiths, S. G. Steyeiu, C. 0. GhaM: carpenters, 
J. F. Blake, Jo*. TiUon, J. W. Sbaw, John Puge; niaaoo, Frank 
Brown, Geo. Fellows; painters, T. H. Blake, 8. Lamprejr; wheel- 
wright, J. L. Baton. 

I MerchantS^Francii Hilliard, George Blake; anctioneere, Joseph 
Poor, J. W. Brown. 

KINOSTOir, ROCKINOHA M^Pop., 1080. 8. B. fr. G , 38 ; 8. 
St. Bxeter, 6, B, IL ST— Bast Kingston, 2)^ m. on B.t U.K. R. 
Dailv stage and mail. 

I OPFICBRS— OTerA, W. S. Clark; SeUctm€n, A. J. CiUey, J. P. Ban- 
bom. I. W. Silloway; Aupt., L. G. Uoyt. 
PoSlmastei^L. D. Peastee. Ex. Ag't— W. 8. Clark. 
Justices— S. Webster, A. J. Cilley, 8. £. Woodnum, SlaU; Thos. 
BHSMtt, D L. Goodwin, J. Webster, Jr^ G. W. Sanborn, W. G. Wil- 
lon, D. J. Bakie, W. A. Patten, J. W. Collins, 1. W. Silloway, B. N. 
jBradley, John W. Prescott. C. B. Towle. 

I Cburches— Gong., supplied; F. Bap., ; Meth., W. H. 

Stew&rt, UniT., supplied. 
Motels— Farmer's, A. B. Garter; Kingston House, M. Frost. 
Lawyer^Lonis G. Hoyt. 

Literary Institution— Kingston Academy, F. W. Whitney, prin. 
Manuracturers— body maker, R. W. Peaslee ; carriages, A. G. Chase, 
!D. Towle, A. J. Gilley ft Son, D. O. Clark, J. P. Marshall, 8. C. Marsh- 
al, W. 8. GInrk : carriage stocks, J. P. Marshall, J. W. Sanborn, H. 
'W. Bfanhall ; bubs, A. Goes ; lumber, J. W. Sanborn, I. W. Sill<»way, 
9. Peaslee, J. Webster, jr.,R. L. Prescott k Sons; tiuware, J. T. Clark. 
I Mechanics— bhicksmlths, Thos. Baker, J. S. Collins, Dunn Martin. 8. 
'S. Collins; boot maker, Chas. Clark; carpenters, 8. B. Woodman, 
IB F. Rowe, P. Fifield, G. W. Wright, B. T.^ Webster, J. Stickney; 
jhamesB maker, J. Tuck ; painter, (carriage) A. J. Cilley ; house, J. W. 
Prescott, J. H. Martin, C. fi. Cilley ; wheelwright, W. G. Wilson. 
I Merchants — carriage stock, J. W. Sanborn, J. P. Marshall, H. W. 
lUarshall ; groceries, L. Dt. Peaslee, D. J. <fc W. A. Baker, H. French ; 
[M. J. French, D. Brewer; meat. South, J. W. Collins. 
j Physicians— Thomas Bassett, T. O. Reynolds, G. W. jSanborn, J. H. 

IiACOBTIA, BELKNAP-^hin town— Pop., 8,790. N. fr. C. 
27. B. R, S. — Laconia,on B. C. A M. R. R.: conreyance to evwy 
train. Lake Tillage, 1 m.. Weir's, 6 m. 

OFFICBRS— OsrX;, J. W. Ashman ; TVmm.. D. S. Dinsmoar ; SeUct- 
m«a, F. W. Reeres, 8. J. Lamprey, P. C. Smith ; Board of Education^ 
B. A. Hihbard, W. L. Melcher, J. G. Jewett, N. L. True, C. F. Stone, 
tteo. L. Mead ; Overmet^ 8. H. Lawrence. 
Postmasters— P. Putnam ; Wkir^s Bridge^ B. 8. George. 
Justices— E. A. Ilibbard, D. 8. Dinsmore, G. L. Mead, U 8. Perley, 
T. J. Whipple, B. M. Sanborn, G. B. Lane, I. C. MouItDO,W. L. Melch- 
er, N. B. Smitii, G. H. Everett, B. P. Oale,Richard Gore, A. C. Leav- 
itt, F. W. Sanborn, 8. M. 8. Moulton, Kimball Cole, R. 8. Lewi8,< 
suae; G. R. Somes, Wm. F. Knight, 0. W. Tebbetts, F. W. Reevns.j 
J. W. Ashman, G. F. Leavitt, 8. S. Wiggin, L. R. Weeks,!). C. Batch-! 
elder, Frank Edgerly, A. H. C. Jewett, J. G. Jewett, W. 8. Peaslee, 
S. 8. Jewett, C. H. Pearson, W. B. Fellows. 

I Churches— Cong. J. B. Fnllerton ; P. Bap., G. 0. Waterman ; Meth.,' 
B. R. Wilkins ; R. Cath., J. Lambert ; Uiiita., Enoch Powell. 
Eating Houses— J. R. GhampUn, Holly Tree Inn. E. S. Caleshaw. 
Ex. Ag*t— H. Whitcher. TeL Agent— G. R. Leavitt. ^^ 


Otels— 'WillMtl, G. H. STerett; Laooniftr Blaftdell A Ewellj Cea- 

I Hoiiie, J. B. Bmitb ; Xlmwood Bonse^ W, L. Banbora. 

IS. AgentS^flre and life, W. L. Mclcher * Ca., T. X. Pr«s«ott. 

awvers— W. L. Mekher, T. J. Whipple, S. A. Bibbard, X. P. Jew- 

C. ¥, Btone. D. 6. Dinsmore, J. W. ABliman. 8. 8. Jewett. 

{very SUbles— A. L. Horrieon, Joeiab Bowe. 

UnuTaeturers— brick, VTe^r**, jl. B. Doe; carriages, Osgood A 

I ; coffins and piclnre frames, J. Gilbert, T. C. Moon ; doora, sa^ 

1 blinds, 0. Cook A Oo^ freight and passenger ears, Baiilett MTg 

i hosiery. White Mt. Mills, Granite flosiery Mills; knitting ana- 

aes. W. H. Abel; ladies hose, Pitaian A Tilton's Boslery Mills; 

D*s merino hoee, Gilford Bosiery Co.; Winnipiseogee Bosiery Mill; 

•ddy, W. M. Bnsiel; White Mt. lee Cream Yieeaer Co., T. Sands, 

t; woolens, Lexington Mills. 

lectaanies k Artisans—bakers, C. M. Bvbbard, A. Smith ; black- 

itbs, J. L. Moore, J. L. Mesenre; book-binders and paper box mak 

, X. B. Beaman, X. Tetly ; carpenter, J. G. Jewett ; gnn smith, Wm. 

wrrenoe ; hair dressers, A. Sanborn, W. O. Whipple, M. C. Sanbora ; 

rness makers, X. J. Dinsmore, B. J. Dinsmore; marble worker,: J. 

Merrill, F. M. Boardman ; photographers, T. C. Moon, G. H. Tab- 

tts ; printers, Lewis A Sanborn, Trnland Bros., F. B. CoJDn ; paint- 

I, (house) K. Knowlton, J. P. Baranm, W. J. Webster, A. J. Wil- 

nb ; (sign) 0. L. Andrews; shoe makers, W. Lb Thompson, F. Bnz- 

1 ; tailors, Smith, Longee Bros. A Co., O'Shea JSros., W. F. Knight A 

.; wheelwrights, J. F. Sanborn A Co. 

Merebants— Wiggin A Keasor, Pitman A Tilton ; avctioneera, B 

Sanborn, D. C. Batchelder: books, N. Johnson, Jr^ boots and 
DCS, I. B. Weeks, W. F. Knight A Co., X. F. Bnrleigh, Smith, Lov^ 
B Bros. A Co.; clothing, 0*Sbea Bros., Smith, Longee Bros. A Co., 
EDns and picture frames, J. Gilbert, T. C. Moon ; clapboards, ahin- 
»s and coal, A. C. LeaTitt ; confectionery, G. Thatcher, D. F. Cook ; 
r goods. Smith, Longee Bros. A Co., W. F. Knight A Co., O'Sfaaa 
OB.; drugs and medicines, G. F. Mallsrd, J. B. Story ; fancy gooda, 
Johnson, >r., Frank Champlin ; flsh, J. Q. Adams, C. W. Walton 
rniture, Mnnsur A Knight; groceries, G. L. Mead, J. P. Atkinson, 
, W. L. Swain, Ladd A Keasor, C. K. Sanborn A Co.; harnesses and 
inks, B. J. Dinsmore ; ice, C. B. Lampbrey ; meat, A. J. Farrax, M. 
Dow, Joseph Sanborn ; millinery, Xllen Folsom, Mra. 8. F. Sr- 
»rt. Miss X. J. Bobbins ; stoTSS and tin ware, S. W. Sanden, Wilkinson 
Co.; watches and jewelry, S. X. Tonng A Co., Richard Gore. 
Physieians- G. L. Mason, T. 8. Foster. B. B. Nel«on, B. X. Msee; 
lee, N. L. True ; homeo., A. Lindsay, B. C. Wells ; dentists, G. T 
ckering, A. B. C. Jewett. 
I^alie Villave-See Gilford. 

E.AIICASTEII, COOiS-Sbire town. Pop., 2,728. JX. from C. 
7 ; M.Ji. &— Lancaster, on White Mt. R. R. 
OFFICERS— C(««i;, C. X. Mc Intire ; Treas^ B. W. Smith ; Selectmen^ 
W. Chessman, X. Spauldens, I.W. Bopkinton; BupU., W. 8. Ladd, 
E. Sumnsff. 

Postmaster— C. B. Allen : Sovth, W. A. White. 
Justices— J. W. Weeks, Wm. Bums, Xdmund Brown, B. 0. KentJ 
sian Ray, W. Beywood, W. S. Ladd, C. B. Jordan, I. W. Brew, G. A, 
ssitt, J. S. Brackett, X. Fletcher, B. B. Coming, S. B. Legro, M. A. 
istin^, J. I. Williams, J. W. Fla'ndera, JMcob Benton, Benry Bay 
>od, Wm. P. Freeman, X. R. Kent, B. F. Whidden, G. S. Stoc'kwell 
X. Allen, B..B. F. loung, X. R. Champlin, Stale; Richard Fletcher] 

B0flIVE88 DIBECTOBT. 105' 

>W. D. Weaka, 0. B. Alias, B. U. Darby, O. S. BoMnon* L. 8. Stolblrd, 
jC.B. MelBtfra, F. D. Uatchina, Wm. Olovgh, Zaboloa Black, O. M. 
SteTana, B. A. TwitehelL F. If . Bbodaa, F. B. Sbaw, I. W. Quimbj, 
Harry 8. Hilliard, F. B. Howard, H. B. PMrta^ J. V. Bowall. 

Ciiarchai— -Bap^— ■ ■ ; Cong^ Ohaa. B. SuatBar ; Bpif^ B. P. 
Littia; Math., D. J. Smith; K Cath^ J. 0. MoKaanoa; Unit., J. B. 

bp. Aii*t»— Kattt * Grlawold. Tel. Aot— Mary B. Braekatt 

HoMS it Uvery SUblM—Hillside Oottaga, W. L. Bowall ; BIm 
Cattaga, B. F. Hanlunc, W. H. Smith ; Wllllama Ho«aa. J. M. Hopklaa. 

Ins. Agts.— 4. H. Lagro, Daztar Ohaaa, H. B. Hadloek. 

Ltwjtn—Q. A. Coaaitt, Jacob Baatoa, Wm. Bnma, B. F. Whiddan, I 
Wm. Haywood, H. O. Kant, Bay, Draw k Jordaa, B. B. GhampliajJ 
W. S. Ladd, J. a. Crawford, Haary Haywood, Braratt Flatchar, FT 
D. Hatehioa. I 

Literary iBStltutloa — Laacaatar Aeadamy, Thoa. Macombar, pria.i 

■aBuftet1irar»— boota and ahoan, Thomaa Cannfagham, Bdward 
King, V. B. Smithy fnraitnra, Richardaon A FolatHa; faraitara and 
oarriagea, A. J. Marahalt, Woodward k Parkar ; lambar, O. S. Stock' 
wall k Co., B. C. Garlaad, J. M. Whippla, Sylveatar Hoimaa, 8. G. 
Ivana k Soa, D. H. k T. G. Baattia, H. 8. Hilliard; plowa, a C. 
Brooka ; aaah, doora aad bllada, N. B. Wilaon k Son, Wm. Hibbard A 
G04 starch, Plaaaant Vallay Starch Co., J. W. Waeka k Co.; atraw 

wrapping papar, Lanoaatar Manafiustnring Co. 

■eehJUlies A Artisans— blackamitha, Matthew Moaahaa, B. Hoa* 
nwr, Mc Carton Bros., W. G. Bllia; carpentara, W. L. Rowell, P. N. 
Shorea, John Stona, G. I. Havaa, F. B. Smith, C. Smith, S. B. Congdon ; 
cirll anginears, J. I. WilUama, J. 8. Bracket : founders and nmchin* 
isti, A. Thompson k C04 hair dreaaara, Fred Williams, Volnay fJ 
|Ward ; hameaa makers, H. Whitcomb k Son, Charlea Howe k Co^ 
jflurbla worker, J. C. Hunter; masons, Jacob Hamblin, H. C For-! 
bash; painters, C. A. Larkia, Dooley k Priaat, W. A. Folsom, Qao.{ 
Johnaoa ; photogrrahar, J. P. Haseltina ; printers, £. W. Quimby, J.; 
B. Peavey ; toilora, T. S. Underwood, Cfariatian Dietrich, Nelaon Sparks ; 
wbeelwrighta, A. J. Marahail, J. G* Derby, Woodward k Parker. 

If erehants— B. P. Kent, Son k Co., J. A. Smith k Co.; auctioneers,, 
Geo. M. Stevens; books and stationery, F. A. Colby, P. J. Noyca ; boots' 
and ahoea, Chaa. B. Mclntire k Co.; Norths Grange Store, Haso 
Woodward ; clocks and watchea, C. B. Allen, W. I. Hatch ; clothing,! 
Chriatiaa Dietrich, G. W. Lane ; dry goods, Kent k Griswold ; drn^s 
sad mediciuea. F. A. Colby. P. J. Noyea ; flour aad cora, Fraak Smith' 
A Co.; groceriaa, G. F. Wolcott, B. Brown, D. W. Smith, 8. G. BransJ 
F. Smith k Co., J. R. Parcher, W. G. Baker, Howe Brothers, F. B.| 
Richey; hardware, Cobleigh, Kent k Co., Morse k Davis, James M. 
Rowell; meat, Chamberlain, Charles A Co., W. W. Jones: millinery, 1 
Mrs. 8. J. Brans, Mrs. Jane Natter, B. J. Tinkham k Co^ news! 
lealer, F. A. Colby ; spring beds, A. Cowing ; 6c., lUc., 25c., store, Mrs.i 
W.S. Bailey. I 

Physieiaos—Frank Bugbee, Bzra Mitchell, F. A. Colby; homeo.,' 
D. L. Joaea, Fraak Spooner ; dentista, O. H. Kimball, B*. B. Gnahman. 

I«iiNDAFF, GRAFTOy—Fop., 606. N. W. fr. C. 86. N. B. fr. 
HaTerhill, SU. R. R. &— Lisbon, 3 m., on White Mountain &. B. 
CSoBTejrance from ap trains Wed. and Sat. 

OmCBRS—Cler*. H. il. Noyes; TrMu^ 0. B. Clark; SiUctmen 
J, B. Noyes, W. H. Atwood, L. B. Chandler ; 8apt^ 8. A. Baton. 

PostmasteT'-J. B. Hail; assistant, Sarory Gordon, Jr. 


Justices— Moaeo Clark, J. B. Hall, SaTory Gordon, jr., StaU; Ar- 
chiinidoM Yonng, S. A. Eaton, HirHm Clark, Moses Whitcher. 

Church— Meth., Noblo Fisk. 

Manufacturers— bobbins, F. P. Noyes, Cogswell Bros.; boots and 
shoes, J. M. Dearborn; lime, Samnel Noyes; lumber, J. C. Atwood, 
C. & J. Chandler, 0. L. King, F. P. Noyes, p. o. Lisbon, Daniel 
Whitcher; starch, 3. C. Atwood, J. T. Clark ft Co., Daniel Wbitclier, 
Benton p. o. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, J. C. Atwood, William Harden, J. B. k 
R. Chandler, F. P. Noyes ; carpenters, M. O. Clark, H. H. Noyes 
S. 0. Simonds, C. W. Huntoon ; musons, M. G. Clark, Cheater Chandler, 
M. Clark, K. W. Noyes. 

Merchant— Daniel Whitcher, Benton p. o. 

liANOBODT, SULLIVAN— Vop.,3U. W. fr. C.,66; S. W. fr 
Newport, 22. 22. 22. S.—Bellows Falls, Vt., Jnuc. of Chesh. Vt. Val 
and C. T. K. R.; So. Charleetown, 4 ui., on Sullivan R. R. 

OFFICERS— ««•*, C. M. Lnfkin ; Treas.^ 8. L. felader; ikleetmat, C 
A. Holden, H. M. Elwell; D. P. Davis, p. o. ad., Alsiead; Supt., 
Miss Mary Prentiss. 

Postmastei^-John Cnrrier. Churches— Cong , G. F. Cbapin ; Univ. 
L. F. Tortney. 

Justices— J. S. Walker, Henry Wiley, Sate. 

Manufacturers — lumber, Robert Elwell, p. o. ad., Drewsville; 

MiithaniCS— ^binet makers, A. T. A A. P. Fieh; carpenters, Saiu'l 
King, Benj. P. Hiland, N. Wilson, Geo. King; mason, AsaSmith ; 
wheelwright, David Ramsey. 

Physician— homeo., C. M. Lnfkin, p. Alstead. 

liEBAIVON, GRAFTON~Fop., 3,354. N. W. fr. C, 60; S 
fr. Haverhill, 30. R. R. S.— Lebanon, on No. N. H. R. R. 

OFFICERS— ClerXr, E. J. Durant; Trtas., C. £. Hildreth ; SdeebMUy 
S. A. Pecii, J. S. Freeman, Cbas. B. Drake ; Supts^ J. E. Robbins, J 
M. SteHrns ; Justice of Bolice Coutt, J. G. Ticknor ; Bpedal Justictt i&. 
J. Diiraiit ; Agents Elisha Ticknor. 

Postmasters — £. P. Liscomb ; Ea^, Thomas Cushing. 

Justices — A- M. Shaw, B. J. Durant, J. G. Ticknor, F. A. Cnsbman, 
J. L. Spring, W. B. Weeks, E. P. Liscomb, D. B. Bmersou, G. A., 
Downs, A. L. Spring, C. A. Dole, Wm. H. Cotton, A. W. Baker, Ulram 
[Emerson, G. L. Daiiforth, W. P. Burton. O. W. Burton. W. F. Bryant, 
State; W. P. Liscomb, Joel Raker, P. B. Davis, 8. A. Peck, Ebenezer 
Cole, Solomon Cole, 0. S. Wright, A. S. Eaton, J. M. Perkins, F. W 
Cheney, J. E. Dewey, F. L. Owen, jr., C. A. Thompson. 

Churches— Bap., N. F. Tilden ; Cong., J. M. Dutton; Meth., J. E. 
Robbins ; R. Cath., P. J. Fiuegan ; Unit., Calvin &tebins. 

Eating Houses— D U. Sartrent, F. E. Thompson. 

Ex Ag't— J. E. Dewey. Tel. Ag't— W. H. Richardson. 

Hotels— Hamilton House, Chus. F. Freiicli ; Sayer Hotel, F. Sayer. 

Insurance Agents— E. J. Durant,- J. E. Dewey ; life, A. W. Baker 

Lawyers— W. B. Weeks, J. h. Spring, C. A. Dole. W. H. Cotton. 

Literary Institution— Lebanon High School, E. W. Westgate, prin 

Livery Stables— C. D Jewett, Dau Storrs, Frank Sayer. 

Manufacturers— band saws, C. M. Baxter; colli ns. Chas. £. Mars- 
ton ; doors, SH«h, blinds and chamber furniture. Mead, Mason & Co- 
drag rakes, N. B. Marston ; flour and grain, W. F. Shaw, Frank Tnck-j 
er; lumber, Emeison & Densmore, John Clark ; mops, A. C. I>aniels,| 
Lebanon Mop Co., L. Brooks, Masconia Co.; overalls, H. W. Carter, Car- 
ter & €hmNiMl4- Mke%i^ W^ U*rat»u y MuiUiSy G. W. A M. L. Steonis ; I 


scythes, M. Y. Parmort; soap, G. S. Sliepard, H. L. Townsead: 
watch keys and nickl« plating, Kendrick Daria A Co : water 
wheels aad mill Work, S. Cole AjSon ; wood working machinery, Martin [ 
Back. I 

Hachanies & Artisans— blacksmiths, G. W. Davis, Jordan k Bennett , ' 
D. B. Clark; Bast, Ira Greeley; bout A shoe maker, A. Rock, car-, 
jpenterSyMachmore it Whipple, dress makers. Miss M. B. Jones, Bliss 
[E, M. Camp, Mrs. S. F. Brooks; hair dressers, Tholesybor Benard; 
harness makers, Elisha Ticknor, W. P. He Fee, H. G. Waahbnrn, ma-, 
chiniats, S. Cole ft Son, Martin Buck ; masons, Ziba Cook, C. H. llnut-' 
sr, A. W. Sliapleigb ; marble worker, H. G. Billinjcs ; millwright, Wm. 
Dancan ; painters, Darant ft Perkins, (carriage) W. 0. Greenongh, 
W.SL Morris, (sign and decorative) C. H. Koight ; photogruphers, H. 
U. Paal, C. E. Lewis; printers, A. B. Freeman, Cheney ftCalluy, K. II. 
Cheney ; stair builder, H. P. Goodrich ; tailors, P. M. Keuyon, A. M.I 
Qo?e ft Co.; tin aild sheet iron workers C. M. Uildreth ft Son,; 
Brown Bros^ watch makers, F. B. Kendrick, F. A. Morgan; wheel- 
wright, G. A. filUott; wood turner, D. £: Webb. I 

Merchants— G. W. Worthen, C. E. Delano: auctioneers, J. G. Tick-I 
nor, N. C. Bridgman ; books and stationery, W. H. Richardson ; boots : 
sad shoes, Cragin ft Sturterant, G. S. Jo.^lyn ; clocks and watches, F.j 
B. Kendrick; clothing, hats and caps, P. M. Kenyon, A. M. Gove ft' 
Co.; coal, wood, and ice, A. C. Daniels ; dry good:*, G. C. Whipple, G.I 
W. Houghton ;" drugs and medicines, I. If. Perley, H. P. Kendrick ;' 
jfancy goods and notions, W.H. Richardson; (wholesale) H. W. Car- 
iUr, Carter ft Chnrehill; fish ft vegetables, F. H. Upton; furniture, 
^aper hangings and painters supplies, Dnrant .ft Perkins ; groceries, 
JG. Bennett, F. L. Simmons, PnUifer and Bros.; hardware, C. M. Uil-| 
^Ireth ft Son, Broa'n Bros.; meat, Horsey ft Qnimby ; millinery, E.j 
lit. Ttiompson, Wlggin ft Bryant, C. £. Delano ; ready made clothing,' 
|G. C. Whipple. 

Physieians— J. A. Davis, T. H. Currie, D. G. Brockway, G. W. Man- 
chester; homeo., B. A. Knight; dentists, F. H. Brown, W. S. Bowles, 
Currie ft Clougb. 

Summer Boarding Hotises— Mrs. H. P. Mack, Chiron Springs 
Henae. Station Agent— Joseph Mace. 

We»t— Postmaster— W. P. Burton. 

Church — Cong., . Hotel— E. G. Southworth. 

Literary Institution— TILDBN LADIES' SEMINARY, H. Orcutt, 
prin. Livery Stables— W. S. Stearns, E. G. Southworth. 

Manufacturers — ax helves, E. L. Keiiey; bent felloes and sleigh 
'rnnoerA, and carriage tops, Haskell Walker ; lumber, J. K. Butmnn 
Wood ft Waterman. * 

Mechanics — blacksmith, Thomas Miguire, H. L. Dickerson ; car- 
peuters, A. Bacoii, D. H. Batman ; dress maker. Miss L. M. Fowler ; 
haruess maker Frank McCarty; masons, Sylvester Austin, C. W. I 
Autin; marble worker, A. S. Eaton; miller, John Gray; painter, 
D. Flanders. 

Merchants — ^Dearbom ft Moore, Pierce ft Hutchinson, I. K. Bntman, 
ciockf and watches, millinery and f incy goodt, G. H. Worthen ; dnig- 
gist, W. S. Woodman; meat, C. Gibbs; millinery and fancy goods,- Miop 
L. M. Fowler. 

Station Agent— F. W. Durgin. 

liEE, STRAFFORD^^op., 715. S. B. fr. C, 33 ; "H . W. fr. DoVef 
9. B. ii.S.— Lee and So. Lee, on N. ft R. R. R.; Durliano, 4, Nww* 
market,5, on B. ft M. R. R. ' 



OTFIGEBS— Clerft, D. B. Plnamier : Trecu., D. D. York ; Bdtetmtn^ 
0. 8. Otis, J. G. Bartlctt, Jolin 8. Jenkins. | 

Postmasters— D. £. Plummer; Bomth, Hormc« Scalei; Wadl€g'd. 
FbMs, 1. D. Edgerlj. 

Justices— A. G. Comings, Geo. B. Durgin, T. M. Thompson, Hor- 
ace Scales, 8. W. Lane, State ; B. P. BaTis, C. 8. Sartland, T. O. BaTis. 
Jolin Bartlett. Churches— Ohris^ A. G. Comings ; Cong^ J. W. Lees. 

Manufkcturers— leather, H. M. Olidden; Inmber^ J. Ilathos, C. 
B. Thompson, Job Thompson : medicines, I. B. Edgerly. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, B. 8. Jenkins, W. A. Jenkins, C. H. 
Jones, C. Pease, L. £. Pendergast, O. W. Small, James Bnasell, G. W. El- 
lison ; carpenters, T. A. Bennett, James He Baniels, J. T. Bartlett, Q.F. 
SteTens, J. P. Jones; masons, G. G. Benuet, J. B. Bennett; painter, 
0. W. Small ; wheelwrights, J. P. Jones, Obadiah Baris. 

Merchants— B. £. Plummer, G. W. Plnmer, I. B. Edgerly, J. B. 
Lawrence ; auctioneer, G. W. Plumer. 

E«elffli ton's Comers. 

UBJUpSTER. iSirXXiK^A— Pop., 602. W. ftr. C, 10 ; S. from 
Newport,. 9. M. JR. &— Newport and Claremont on C. k G. &. R. 
Bally stage to Newport, East Lempster and Acwortb, and tri-weeklj 
to Claremont. 

OFFICERS— Cterifc, H. L. Thompson ; 3Wa« , A. P. Perley ; Bdeetmem, 
L. A. Pnrmort, W.C. Sabine, A. J, Parker ; Supt^ Walter Paige ; Sigter- 
viaoTi, W. E. Way, A. P. Perley, Albert Noyes. 

Postmasters— Sarah J. Smith; East, W.E. Way. 

Justices— C. R. Jones, J. G. Robinson, Wm. E. Way, A. J. Mitchell, 
State; Wm. T. Thissell, R. L. Pollard, E. B. Richardson, G. H. Hodg- 
man, A. B. Hall, G. B. Perley. 

Churches— Cong.^. B. Hall; Heth^ Blui; F. Hooper. 

Hotel — Lempster Honse, J. G. Robinson. 

Ins. Ag'ts— W. E. Way. Chas. R. Jones. 

Manufacturers— card board, Sad, Lewis Cntler ; carriages ; Keyes 
Brothers ; casks and tabs, Eaat^ Paige Bros.; luAiber, Chas. Pntnam -1 
Eoilf L. Paige A Pollard, Pollard Bros., C. W. Tandy * picture frames^ 
Ea$t, H. F. Bellows. j 

Mechanics k Artisans— blacksmiths, Michael Sweeney Xa$l, KJ, 
BaTis, CM. Bodge; carpenters, JB. B. Abbott; JBad, Albro Baker ;j 
harness makers. Hasty G. R. Jones ; shoemakers, JEM, L. A. Noyes 
A Son. Merchants— JSbi<, W. B. Way, F. G. Parker. 

Physicians— J. N. Butler; Ea$t, J. Plummer. 

UMCOI.N, GJtA FTON— Vop„ 66. N. W. ftt)m 0., 71 ; N. ftx>m 
Plymouth, 24. S. R. iS— Plymouth, 21 miles, on B., G. A M. R. R< 
Daily stage. ^ | 

OFFICERS- Cf«rX; aiuf Afpt., L. E. Gnemseyj TWot., J. W. B. TntH 
tie; Selectmen^ J. W. B. Tuttle, J. B. Elliott, W. B. Pollard. . 

Postmasters— G. F. Russell. Justice— 8. M. Hanson. 

Exp. Agents— C. Chase, Winter; H. B. Marsden, Btanmer, > 

Holel— Flume House J. B. A 8. R. Elliott. 

Manufacturers^— bobbins, DoUoff A Hanson. 

lilSBOK, OJSA FTOiV- Pop., 1807. N. W. from 0., 85 ; N. B. 
Harerhill, 12. S. B. &— Lisbon on White Mt. R. R. 

OFFICERS— CTcrJb, L. A. Young; lYecu., W. H. Cummings; M^^ 
msN, H. C. Symonds, J. H. Jesseman, Edwin Knights; BupL, Bdn 

Postmasters— A. C. Wells ; Sugar BUJ, Hiram Noyes ; I^orlht B. 



JilStiMS— W. H. CmnmJngi, J. R. Toung, A. A. Woolson, J. L. Fot- 
ter, Joseph PArkor, H. M. Morae, H. Mt PM-ker, SaU ; W. F. Wliitch«r, 
Ami Hiklreth, W.K. PUrker, A. G. W«IIa, Gm. W. Wella, M. H. Bowk«r» 
E. D. Band, CbM. Moffett, J. W. TownMBd, J. W. Colbarn. 

ChureJlM— AdT^ I. H. Bhipman ; Brngat HUi, N, WhMl«r : F. Bap. 
Smr ma^ B. 8. Nickenon ; Coog^ JoMph LeM ; UtUi., a A. OraMojr 

Eating Mouse— G. C. Sanborn. 

E&pn T«i. Ag*t--C. J. KelMa. Hotel— LldMMi Hoom, J. T. Aldrieh.! 

Ins. Ag*tS^A. A. Wool«on,Pterk«r A Yonng, W. P. Whitehar. 

Lawy«rs~E. D. Band, J. L. Fostar, H. H. Mona. 

Lifflry SUbtos J. F. AMrieb, A. W. Moore, L. A. Toang. i 

Manttlkcturers— bobbins, J. K. At wood A Go., J. G. Moors, J. AF. P. 
Nojes,H. H. Gogs well A Go^ boxes, Parker A Toong ; carriages, Muflitt 
Bros^ Sugar HUI, Bojes A JepperMD ; piano boards, Parker A Yoang ; 
■hoe pegSi J. O. Moore ; starch, Pariier, Tonng A Co., Priest, Young A 
Co., Wells A Woolson; A^or HiU^ Sugar Hill Starch Go.; wood pulp, 
J. O. Meorew 

Mechanics k Artisans— blacksmiths, fD. 0. A J. Monlton, BlodgJ 
ett A Weston, H. F. Hibbard ; Stigar HUI, M. A G. Jefferson ; boot and 
■hoe makers, Orsn Gloagh, Leo Little; Amw- HW, Q. W. Wells ; 
carpenters, Wm. Qnimby, H. 0. Chase, H. B. Smith, W. K. Parker, 
Moses Atwood, J. B. Taylor ; hair dresser, D. M. Clongh, B. J. Bich-j 
srdsun ; bameas malwr, O. H. Dow ; msebinists, B. B. Richanlson, 
U. P. Titus, H. Brown ; marble workers, Henry Jesseman ; masons, bJ 
Fisk. LB. Gould, N. Kendall; millwrights, D. S. Richardson, N. W. 
Moultoa; painters, A. II. Elliott, A. J. Cass, Montgomery IIeath,> 
Qeou Pennock : prioten, II. B. Parker ; tailon, George Brummer, N. B.' 
Moore; tanner, G. W.Wells; watchmakers, W. H. Wsston, George 

Morcliants— Wells A Woolson, Day A Oakes, T. B. Howe A Co., 
L. A. Yoang A Co.; JVorfA, B. Richardson ; S^gar HiU^ J. H. Wells ; 
auctioneer, I. B. Gould, M. M. Stevens ; docks and watches, W. H.{ 
Weaton, George Fisk ; oonfBCtionery, 0. C. Sanborn ; drugs and med-' 
idaaa, W. P. Whitcher A Co^ dry goods and mlllmfiy, Mrs. J. Q^ 
Moore A Co.; flour, grain Ac, Grist Mill Co.; ftimiture, G. C. Wood; 
groeeries, C. C. Sanborn, L. A: Young A Co.; papers and periodicals,! 
L A. Young A Co.; tin ware and stOTss, L. 0. Payne A Co. 

Physicians— C. H. Boyutoo, 0. H. Boyuton; eclec., H. A. Ulldreth ;' 
homeo., 6. A. Martin ; thomp., S. P. Brown, J. F. Thompson ; dentists,! 
[D. W. Coolay, M. N. Howhmd. * i 

I UTCHFIFI^I^, HJLLSBOROUOH—Vop., 291. S. from G., 
30; N. from Nashua, 6. B. A. £L— Thornton's Ferry, Merrimack, onj 
Oonoord R. B. 

OFFICBRS— Cferi, and 2Vea«., N. C. Grifln; Sd«c)tm$», F. U. 
McQueeten, F. L. Center, E. Pike ; Sttpt.^ A. H. Powers. j 

Justlees— J. A. Marsh, Isaac Mc Questea, fiCois ; John Parker. 

Churehas— Pros., Charlea Scott. 

Hanufkcturers— boots and shoes, J. JL Barrett ; pine lumber, Isaac 
McQuesteo, Gbas. McQnesten. 

Maehanica— blacksmith, B. Sanders ; carpenters, Edward Parker, 
Qerman Kendall, Nathan Bullock; mason, OliTsr SsItIos; painter, 
&. G. Lydstoo ; plumber, S. J. Coming: wherit^rlght, Dan'l Kennedy ; 
wood tmnwr, G. H. Geodspeed. Marchant— N. C. Griffin. 

I«ITT liKTOir, ORA FTON—Pop. , 2,936. N . W. fr. C, 100 : N . 
rr. BarsrhUl. 9D. R.R, &~Littleton. on White Mt. B. R. 

OFnCERS— Clerk, H.W.Smith; Treai., Alouxo Weeks; Sdeamm, 


W. W. Taylor. H. H. Soutliworth, 0. L. Albee; SupL^ W. H.Mitcbell 

Postmasters— P. R. Ooold ; North, RtiftiB Smith. 

Justices— John Farr, Harry Bingham, E. C. St<iT«Dt, J. J. Barrel 
£. W. Furr, 0. H. Green, J. M. Charlton, W. J. Bellows, John Hitc 
ell, L. C. Wilkitis, G. W. Barrett, W. H. StaTena, A. 8. Butehell 

C. W. BoUea, Geo. Farr, F. A. Gofran, M. L. Goiild, D. 8. Whitch«i 
H.A.Johnson, £.0. Kenney, iStato; M. C. Farr, H. H. Sonthvort 
;il. A. Bishop, G«o. Abbott, .1. H. Bailey, N. G. Smithy O. B. Oopelajii 
W. H. Bellows, W. H. Mitchell. W. M. Taylor, L. B. Dodge, 0. 
Fletcher, F. B. Wright, A. J. Barrett. 

Churches— Cong., : Epis., — — — ; ?. Bap^ F. H. L; 

fbrd ; Math., J. M. Mc Laughlin. 
Eating House — S. OuTerands. 

Exp. Ag't— W. A. Haskins. Tel. Agent^Alden Qnimbj. 
Hotels— Thayer's, H. L.Thayer; Union House, W. A.Kicbardsoi 
Ins. Ag'ts— J. J. A G. W. Barrett. K. W. Farr. 
Lawyers— John Farr, Bingham, Mitchell A Batchellor, E. W. Farr^ 

D. 8. Whitcher, E. G. Stevens. 
Literary Institution— Littleton Hifch School, Harry Mclntire, prin. 
Livery Stables— C. Tonng, W. A. Richardson. 
ManudCturerS — boots and shoes, A. Weeks: coffins and caskets, 

B. F. Wells; gloves and mittens, Ira Parker A Co., Bareka Glove Co., 
White Mt. Glove Co., A. Weeks, Robert Meiner; iron foundry, J. Kil* 
bum A 8on ; leather, 8. Parker A C04 lumber, Littleton Lumber Co., 
jn. G. Redington A Co., A. Holmes; sash, doors A Itlinds, Chandler A 
iFitsgerald ; scythes and axes, N. H. Scythe Co.; stereoecopic views, 
B. W. Kilbnm,G. H. Aldrich A Co.; tin and sheet iron ware, G. G. Smith, 
R. P. White. I 

Mechanics A Artisans— blacksmiths, Ladd ft Bunker, N. W.Ban- 
'lett, Streeter A Morrison; carpenters, fi. D. Dunn, G. U. A H. 11. 
Lovejoy, Simpson Bro's A Co., Bnrnham A Dow, Oirbano Bros., J. D. 
^Ghundier; hair dressers, Pen nock A Leuway,(}eo. Avery, C. Chellis; 
harness makers, A. Gobnm, Trnman Stevens; machlnivts, J. Kilbnm I 
jA Son ; marble workers, Z. Stevens ; mason, M. 8. Gooley, J. Place; 
millers, B. B. Gates, Chas. Rix ; painters, J9bn Hilliker, A. R. Burton, 
IE. Currier; (carriage) Phillips A Fisher, John Shay, H. Burnham;: 
'photographer, Geo. 11. Aldrich; printeis, G. C. Furber, P. R. Goold,i 
D. Wallace; tailors, Clinton Morse, G. M. Day; wheel wrighta, N. W. 
Randall, D. H. French. 

MerotiantS— C. A C. F. Eastman, N. G. Farr, Tilton BroB.,C. A. Farr,' 
Dow Bros., L. P. Cole, W. H. Whiting, Southwortlf, Lovejoy A Ifinglish, 
'Bellows A Son; auctioneer, W. 8. Smith; books and stationery,! 
D.O.Wallace, P. R. Goold; clocks and watches, Elbridge Flint, 0. 
JHodgman, T. M. Stevens; clothing. Bellows, Son A Go., Tilton Bros.; 
jdrugs and medicines, W. F. Roliblns A Co., Robinson Brothers ; fancy' 
Igoods, H. M. Parker; fruit and confectionery, D. 0. Wallace, Mrs. J.| 
ISmillii', 8. Ouverunds ; fnrniture, L. D. Banburn A Co.; groceries. Baton, 
A Greene, L. P. Cole ; hardware, 0. W. Brackett, C. A G. F. JBantman ;' 
hats and caps. Bellows Bros. A Co.; meat, Galhoon, Blake A Bowles,! 
!C. F. Lewis, G. A. Hall; millinery, Mrs. J. A. Stevens, Mrs. H. L* Smith, 
Miss 0. Overaud. I 

Physieians^C. M. Tuttle, Frank Moffett, H. L. Watson, George 
Mc Gregory, Ralph Bngbee, Jr.; homeo., T. E. SANGER; dentists, 8. C. 

Sumnner Boarding Houses— Oak Hill House, Geo. Farr ; Mooataia 



lilTERMORff:, OIiAFTOy-Fop.,103. N. fr. C, 90; M. K.i 
fir. HaTerhill, 45. B. R. &— Liyermore, on P. k. 0. R. R. I 

OFVICERS— Cterfc, 0. P. Oilman, p. o. ad., Bartlett ; AladRMH, 0. P. 
jOilmau, Geo. W. Gordon, E. A. Heard, Henry L. Lewis. i 

I Justiees— O. H. fkirfleld, G. N. Sanadert. I 

I Maniifactorers— cbarcoal, Willongiibj k Rogers; lumber, Orafton 
,Co. Lumber Ck>.,G. W. Saunders, selling a?ont. I 

I liOHrOOBTDBRBir, R0CK]N6ffAM-^¥9p., 1888. 8. K. frJ 

C. 26 ; W. fr. Exeter, 26. R. R. ^.—Londonderry k Wilson's, on M. k 
L. R. R. I 

OFFICERS— CTerl:, JVbrfft, B. 0. Annls; IVeos., TFUmmi's OnsHng^ 
Wsehington Perkins; Mecbtnen^ Jonathan Sarory. J. U. Bnrbauk: 
Northt O. Hinckley ; Supl., IVHaan't Crouing, Jobn Dickey. | 

I Postmasters— D. H. Boms ; Norih, J. W. Mackay ; WUwi** Crou- 
mg^ Warren Richardson. 

{ Justices-^. M. Platte, R. 0. Mack, W. 8. Plllsbury, W. P. Ricbard- 
•OD, Jobn Gilchrist, 0. 8. Pillsbr.ry, Josiah Goodwin, R. P. Clark, Wni. 
Clark, A. M. Corning, Bngene Wason, U. 0. Smith, Ransome Flanders, 
6. 1. Mc Allieter, A. P.Colby, J. F. Twifli, State; Warren Richards, 
Jonathan Mc Allister, John Dickey, Gilbert Hills, D.G. Annls, F. Jttan- 
^ter, F. P. Mc Gregor, G. N. Go4idwin. 

Boarding Houses— C. 0. Butrick ; Norih^ A. M. Corning. 

Churches — ^Bap.,^— Atkinson; Meth., Richardson; Pres., 

|I. C. Tyson . 

Es. Agents— D. W. Barker ; TFt2«m't Orotnng^ Warren Richardson. 
I ManaflCturers— cider, C. M. Watts: feed, Norths C. U. Watta; 
'Inmber, E C. Kendall ; Norths W. P. Richardson ; pnmps, Norths 
Whidden & Son. E N. Mnllins, J. S. Pnrber ; shoes, North, J. D. Has- 
kell J. M. Platts : Derry Depot, Wm. S. Pillsbnry. 
I Mechanies— blacksmiths, W. P. RicbardHon, 8. P. Roble, Joseph 

D. Thomas ; North, Joseph Tnroott, 8. Richardson ; carp«*nters, John 
Gilchrist, Isaac Cobnrn, C. R. Frost, J. W. Greeley, C. 0. Butrick, 
J. W. Peabody» Joseph Roach ; North, G. W. Kimball, Nelson Boyce, 
J.T. Hartford ; masons, S. T. Towns; North, M. M. Boles; painters, A. 
Baker; Nortfi, 0. B. Stokes ; L. C. Paige, wheelwrights, Parker Farley, 
iH. V. Thompson ; North, L. C. Paige. 

I Merchants— D. H. Barnes, Jas. W. Rattray ; North, J. W. Mackay, 
6. W. Boyce; Derry Depot, A. P. Hardy k Sou; North, D. G. k R.; 
' unis. 

Pta jsleian — Eugene Wason. * 

t*«nv Island— See Mo.ultonborongh. 
I JLOUDOir, MERRIMACK— Pop^ 1221. N. E. fr. C, 7. R. R. & 
|— Concord, on C. R. R. Daily mail fr. Concord to London Ridge, by 
London. Mail fr. London Center to Pittsfleld, three times a week. 

OFFICERS— CferA;, K. H. Fletcher; Treas., A. H. Clough ; Select- 
men, J. L. Bnswell, Rinaldo Foster, F. B. Copp ; Supt., J. L. Perkins. 

Postmasters— H. F. Batchelder ; Center, Beivi. Batche1d^r. 

Justices — H. E. Batchelder, Jerem* ah Blake, State; L. W. Sanborn, 
jS. B. Lowering, H. J. Osgood. W. Bmery, W. W. Cate, 0. S. French, 
A. H Clough, W. U. Pattee, W. S. Collins. 

Churches — Cong., Billot; F. Bap., . 

Hotels— Mo Lellan Honse, M. 0. Gntchins ; Elm House, K. H. Fletcher. 

Uvery Stable— Charles Mason. 

Manufacturers — carriages, T. D. Avery ; cnskets and coffins, H. C. 
Horse; leather, Joseph Wiggins; lumber, W. K. Holt; shoes, C. H. 
iWillard. __^_^_ " 



MechanKss & AHfsans— blAckumitlis George J. AtubroBe, S. M. 
Harmon ; carpenters, S. F. Moulton, AIodzo Allay, Engenn Alley, 
J. R. flander* ; harness maker, Albert A Hard ; mason, G. T. Frost ; 
stone workers, Jos. Lyman, J. A. Forrest, £. L. Drew; tailor, H. 
Scammon; watch maker, C. F. Hatch; wheelwrights, James Hodson, 
R. K. Chick. 

Merchants — ^Wm. Harmon, Atkinson Bro's., F. 0. Pearson ; meat, 
Wm. Kennett, John A. Forrest, Qeo. W. Jackson; melodeons, ergans 
Ac, H. W. ELarmOD. 

Physieiaris— D. S. Hobbs, E. T. Hubbard. 

Station A Tel. Ag't— Charles F. Hatch. 

Summer Boarding Houses— Ann B. Atkinson, Nathaniel Churchill, 
R. K. Chick, I. D. Churchill, Achsa Lawson. 

MABTCHESTEB, HJLLSJiOIiO—BhiTetoirn. Pop^ 32,458. 
8. K. fr. C, 26, R. B. <Sf.— Manch. on Con. B. R., M. k L. L. R. R 
Ports. R. R., Manch. A No. Weare R. R.; Amuskeag and Goff's Falls' 
on Con. R. R ; Mnssabesic, on Ports. R. R. 

OFFICERS— Elected to serve 2 years — ^from January, 1879 to Jan- 
nary, 1881. Mayor, John L. Kelly; Oily Cferh^ Nathan P. Kidd6r. 
Pits, of Oommon Council, J. MV. Whittle; Clerk of CoTtvman Cowndl'^ 
8. B. Putnam ; Treat., EI. R. Chamberlain ; Oqllector^ Geo. £. Morrill ; 
Solicitor, Wm. R. Patten: Messenger, John A. Barker; Aldermen, 
Ward 1. R. A. Lawrence; 2, B. L. Hartshorn ; 3, J. F. Kennard; 4, 
J. H. Maynurd ; 5, John Cavanangh : 6, Thos. L. Thorpe ; 7, G. W 
Hastings; 8, Horatio Fnidd: City Marshaly 11. W. Longa; AstH Mar- 
thai, W. B. Patten ; Police Judge, N. P. Ilutit; Police Clerk, J. C.Bick 

ford; School Committee, J. L. Kelly, Bx-Officio, Chairman; 

Clerk; Ward 1, H. C. Sanderson, C. F. Everett; 2, G. L. Demarett, B. C 
Dean ; 3, W. A. Webster, Daniel Clark ; 4, G. W. Weeks, W. M. Park- 
er; 6, C. A. O'Connor, D. F. O'Conuor; 6, A. C. Flandens, B. B. 
Weeks; 7, Ezra Huntington, M. P. Hall ; 8, L. £. Phelps, E. W. 
Brigham, J. W. Whittle, Ex-Ojfficio : Bupt. of PubHc Jnsttnetian, Wm. 
E. Buck ; Attettort, C. S. Fiyher, Chairman ; J. H. Hayiies, Clerk ; 
C. H. Brown, J. H. Haynes, D. 0. Fernald, H. P. Watts, Michael Cav 
auangli, J. Y. McQucston, H. W. Powell, C. S. Fisher; Overteert of 
the Poor, J. L. Kelly, ExOjffieio Chairman ; M. E. George, Clerk ; W. 
H. Maxwell, G. H. Colt>y, C. G. B. Rjder, M. E. George, Dan'l Shce- 
han, Rob't Hall, Wm. M. Plummer, I. R. Dewey ; Chief Bkgineer, T 
W. Laoe. 

Postmasters— J. L. Stevens; Ooff^s FalU, L, N. MOo're; Amotktag, 
|George H. Colby. 
I Justices — G. W. Morrison, David Gross, D. A. Bunion, J. F. James, 
G. A. French, I. W. Smith, D L. Stevens, E. A. Straw, J. £. BeniiettJ 
C. W. Stanley, E. M. Topliflf, Win. Little, J. F. Briggs, D. R. PrescottJ 
E. 0. Woodman, J. H. Haines, S. N. Bell, B.P. ClUey, S. D. Lord, J. B.i 
jClarke, Justin Spear,.!. P. Nowell, C. A. SuUoway, W. R. Patten, H. D.l 
Lord, J. L. Stevens, M. Y. B. Edgerly, Nahum Bmoks, C. R. Morrison,' 
J. D. Patterson, J. H. Andrews, P. 0. Cheney, H. VL: Uuse, C. H. Bart- 
lett, J. C. French, C. C. Sliepard, N. P. Hunt, Moody Cuirier, J. B. 
Daniels. G. B. Chandler, G. C. Gilmore, Joseph Kidder, L. B.Clongh, 
A. W. Quint, I. L. Heath, Waterman Smith, H. E. Burnham, R. Row>' 
ell, D. P. Perkins, J. Hosley, D.. Perkins, W. II. Gate, J. T. Moow, A. Lj 
Walker, G. W. Eastman, Ira Cross, C. T. Brown, 0. A. O'Connor, J.i 
W. Fellows, B. F. Clark, N. P. Kidder, Dudley Roberts, D, 8. Adams, 
C. G. Emmons. J. M. Harrington, lliram Hill, T. W. Lane, J. W. Mooar 
.0. R. Noves, W. C. Offutr, H. M. Putney, E. P. Richardsoii. J, T. Soof. 


Attorneys and Counsellors at Law, 


Practice in State and U. S. Courts in Maine, New Hampshire, Biassa- 
chttsetts, etc 




Builder's Hardware, 

Painting Materials, Glass, iMn, and Steel, 
Cordage, Belting, Mechanics' Tools, 
Agricultural Implements, 
Seeds, Phosphates, 
Stockbridge Manures, Ground Bone, Sport- 
ing Goods, Parker's and other 
JBreech-Loading Guns, 

Table and Pocket Cutlery, or anything usu 
ally kept in a first class hardware store, 

WilldowBll to. csQlupon 





DyeinSf Cleansing and Presshitf done 
In the best manner. 

Hayin^r had nearly 40 yeaors experience, the proprietor to aiare 
,he can suit the moBt fasoidious. 

662 Sim. St, ... Uonolxeatdr, N. H. 






^ *>i 

Asgets, Deo. 31, 1879, ... $6,639,727.39 

Liabilities, do. ... $5,973,289.38 

Surplus (Mass. 4 per cent.), - - $664,438.01 

do. ( N. Y. 44 per cent), about $ 1,101,000.00 

Diyidends Annually, on the 


AU JMieiet KON-FOBFEITABLE, by law of the Siate. 
M. V. B. BDQERLY, Manaflrer, 

MANCHESTEB, N. H. 81 Milk Street, BOSTON, MASS. 
A. W. BAKER, Agent, Lebanon, N. H. 


A. T. PIERCE & CO., Proprietors. 

Good Liyerj connected with the Honse. 


oomcxm$ioaf aiBxtc 

And Shippers in all kinds of 

Oldest and most relia 
ble Ffch Finn in the 



ford, W. V. Sleeper, I. ?. Biiwjer, J. C. Bickft»rd,C. M. Cter, J. T. Cree- 
iscy, 0. A. Clark, W. 6. Sverett, R. J. P. Goodwin. D. V. Healcj, J, W. 
Hildreth, S. B. G. Batien, G. B. Littlefleld, J. G. LiiB4t, D. W. Lmi«, 
:D. L. Perkins, G. W. Preecott, G. B. G. Ryder, H. D. Ryder, M. P. tew- 
ijer, N. H. Wileon, D. K. White, H. R. CbanberliUn, 0. B. BiJch, J. P. 
Bertlett, John Bell, D. P. Clark, J. M. Cramfbrd. H. T. Clark, I. A. 
Kaatman, II . E. George, Jae. Hasen, Jr., J. 8. Keltey,Thoe. D. LnceJ 
J. B. Milli. John Mooar, J. B. Pattee, W. H. Rankin, J. C. Ray, Pred 
Smyth,. J. B. Straw, Jona. Smith, J. A. Weeton, P.G. Walk«r, John 
Gillis, A. C. Osgood, D. T. How. SUUe ; H. Chandler, A. I. Bow, J. D. 
Jones, 8. B. Steams, W. B. Webster, A. B. Page, 8. T. HiU, J. 8. 
Shannon, J.B. Sllinwood, H. B. Monlton, John Hayes, A. C. Flanders, 
!£ben Carr, Xdwin Kennedy, A. J. Lane, Ira Banr, S. 8. Harden, Joseph 
jMicbolfl, G. IL Sanborn, B. P. Dame, J. B. Sawyer, N. H. Pierce, G. P. 
Mooar, J. S. Bodge, B. W. Harrington, P. P. Carpenter, 8. R. Hanna- 
,ford, W. 8. Holt, B. C. Bean, M. P. Hall. G. A. Little, B. H. Palnew 
Alonxo Bnrgin, P. A. Berine, J. H. Johnson, Wm. Perkins, BaTia 
Wadsworth, Lewis Simons, H. R. PeCtee. Wm. C. Blodgett, J. 8. Kid- 
;der, A. B. Clarke. J. P. Tonng, G. H. Chamberlain, C. R. Bnstin, G. B. 
.Oliaes, J. W. Lathe, G. I. Me Alllster, C. A. O^Oonaor, 2d, W. M. Par- 
ker, J. L. Poote, H. P. Brown, J. W. Bean.C. B. Cochrane, John Poster, 
C. A. Gallagher, P. C. LiTingston, G. B. Morrill, B. P. O'Couner, H. B. 
•Pntnam, J. H.^BameB, C. A. Carpenter, J. 8. Carrell, C. W. Bager, M. 
J. Haley, £. T. Jones, C. C. Kenniston, C. F. Morrill, Stephen Palmer, 
•8. B. Pntnam, C. L. Richardson, B. W. Steams, J. B. Wilson, O. W. 
Weeks, J. L. Smith. 

Churehes— Adv., C. R. Crossett, Jr.; Bap., W. H. LeaTell, N. L. Col- 
by ; F. Bap., L. Malvern, I(. L. Rowell ; Cong., B. G. Selden, W. Y. W. 
'DstJs ; Bpis., L. Sears; Meth., G. W. Noriis, O. 8. Baketel ; Chris., 
I'-— > ■; Unita., H. Powers ; Unir., L. F. Mc Kinney ; Reformed 

.Csth., Gideon Anbin; R. Cath., Wm. Mac Bonald, T. B. Kealy, M. J. A 

! Hotels^— Manchester Honse. Wm. Sheperd; City Hotel, G. B. Hast< 
jings ; Warerly Honse, I. A. Moore ; Merrimack Honse, Bei^. Gallan ', 
jlmoskeag, P. O. Micfaand; Haseitiue Honee^ P. W. Hateltine. 
I Ids. Ag'tS— G. A. French, B. P. Richardson, J. G. Lane, J. C. French, 
iW. G. KTorett, Clongh A Clark, C. M. Bdgerly, G. M. Sanbom, M. V. B. 
'EDGEBi^T, A. J. Lane. 

{ Lawyers— Baniel Clark, O. W. Morrison, Bavld Cross, C. R. Morri- 
Ison, J. A. Bastman, B. P. Cilley, I. W. Smith, 8. N. Bell, C. W. Stanlev, 
|L. W. Clark, L. B. Clongh, 8. B. Lord, B. M. ToplifT, J. B. C]ark,C. H; 
iBartiett, Wm. Little. J. W. Fellows, C. A. Snlloway, W. R. Patten, J. H. 
lAndrews, M. P. Hunt, H. E. Bnrnham, H. H. Hnse, C. A. O'Connor, 
IH. 8. Clark, J. B. Straw, N. H. Wilson, J. F. Briggs, B. F. O'Connor, 
J. P. Bartlett, J. B. Mills, B. F. Clark, G. A. Little, B. P. ft B. L. Per- 
kins, M, J. Healey, R. Rowell, Jmb. B. Bodge, T. B. Luce, Bndley. 
Boberta, A. C. Osgood, John C.BIckford, I. L. Heath, J. L. Foote, B. F, 
Clark, John Foster, E. B. Haxsen. C. A. Gallagher, J. M. Harrington, 
COPELAND ft BOBGE, G. W. Preecott, J. B. Pattee. i 

, Uvery SUbleS— Wm. Sheperd, James Bros., Fogg ft James, J. CJ 
Nichols ft Son, J. A. Brown ft Co., C. C. Perry, Caranaugh Bros.,; 
J. N. Foes, F. X. Ch'enet1». 

I Manufacturers —belts. B. H. Chase ; bobbins, James Baldwin ft Co J 
carriagrt, J. A. Sanborn ft Co., C. O'Shanghneesy, J. B. Mc Crillis A 8on,< 
Berry ft Co., A. B. Webster ft Co., Conwayft Vlyun, B. F. PresBey ft Co.,| | 

mil II \m ■■ imm ij iumi n iijlum^-ihi ^^ ^. 


R. J. Sullivan, G. H. Dodge, J. A. Adams; cofBns, J. N. Bruce, Melendy 
'■& Poor, Fairbanka &. PearBon, P. A. Devine, A. G. Uonette ; concrete 
{paring, Cims. H. Bobie, J. Mc Derby A Son ; cottons and linens, Amos-j 
keag Itfanufg Co., Thomas L. Livermore, ag't.; Langdon MTg Co.,| 
W. L. Killety, ag't ; Manchester Mills, C. D. Mc DnfiTy, ag't ; Amory! 
Mills, Gilbert P. Whitman, ag't ; Manchester Print Works, B. C. Dean; 
ag't ; Stack Mills, Pbinehas Adams, ag't ; Namaslu Mills, W. B. Web-, 
4iter, ag't; edge tools, Burpee, Hamilton A Co.; nctory reeds, John, 
jCleworth A Co.; factory cards, Denney A Biaco ; factory fliers, J. A. Y.i 
Smith; files, B.S.Stokes, Geo. Fantom ; hair reatoratives, Tebbetts 
Bros.; Iiosiery, A. P. Olzendam ; loom harnesses, fi. Yeaton A Co., F H. 
Simpkins ; paper makers, John Hoyt A Co., P. C. Cheney A Co.: power' 
loom pickers, B. ¥. Jenkins; shoes and leather, Manchester Shoe A 
I^eather Co., £. W. Bri^ham, ag*t; shuttles,. J. Baldwin A Co.; snap.! 
M. C. Eastman A Co.) M. W. Sawyer, J. S. Holt, Lewis Rlce^ J. S. Har- 
riman ; spokes for carriages, B. U. Piper ; stair rails, W. W. Hubbard,! 
L. N. WestoTer, J. Hodge; stebm dyeing, J. K. ANKABLOO; steam' 
engines. Manchester Locomotive Works ; steam, gas and water pipe,; 
J.S. Bacbeler, T. A. Lane, Henry Fisk; straw goods, Israel Doble. | 
Mechanics & Artisans— architects, G. W. Stevens, J. T. Fanning ;, 
bakery C. Armstrong, Brigham A Pratt, W. Starr, M. Cronan, Paradis Ai 
Co.. F. Hartel, Oolburn A Co, W. Felch: bill posters, J. Q. A. M'Qaesten, 
F. P. Colby A Co.; bookbinders. G.C. Hoitt, Temple A Farrington, J. Bj 
Clarke; brass founder, D. B. Varney ; brewers, F. L. Gray, A. C. Wallace,' 
Carney, Lynch A Co., T. F. Glancy; bricklayer, G.F. Laird; bricklay- 
ers and plasterers, J. H. Nutt, J. J. Bennett, 5^. M. Beniiet, J. C. Hoyt, 
Nutt Bros., €yru8 Whittemore, N. B..Tilton, H. L. Drew, L. B. Stewart, 
James Eastman A Sons, Bennett A Lord, E. W. Coming, E. G. Haynes, 

A. D. Wilson ; carpenters and builders, W. Ireland, Walter Neal, J. H. 
Maynard, G. H. Dmiley, G. Holbrook, H. Gordon, A. Gay,, Mead, Ma-' 
son A Co., Head A Dowst, L. W. Weetover, N. E. Bixby, P. Brown, 
W. Carr, H. G. Furrington, H. 0. Cotton A Co., Knight 4 Seaward.' 
E. B. Yeasey ; civil engineers. J. B. Sawyer, A. G. Stevens, J. A. Wes- 
ton, J. T. AinniDg, G. H. Allen, G. W. Stevens, J. F. Jamea, J. P. 
Youqg; engravers, H. W. A E. A. Herrick, A. H, Paige; gas fitters, 

B. F. Fogg, T. A. Lane, H. Fisk, J. S. Bacheler; granite workers. 
Lamspa A Mard(>n, M. Fitzgerald, H. Johnson, H. Thomas ; gnnsmiths,! 
|G. B. Fogg, C. C. Clark, W. H. Vickery ; harness A saddle makers, B. W.^ 
Kimball, J. C. Clarke, F. N. Mc Laren, H. C. Ranno, George L.*Brown,' 
|W. £. Greeley j iron founders, A. H. Lowell A Co., Amoskeag MTg, 
Co., Manchester Locomotive Works ; machinists Amoskeag Hanurg 
Co., S. C. Forsaitb A Co., Manchester. locomotive Works, Hutchinson 
Bros; marble workers. Palmer A Garmon, M. Fitzgerald; millers, 
Pettee A .Whittle, Baldwin A Tabor, J. S. Kidder A Co., D. Farmer, 
W. H. Martyn A Son; painters, J. J. Abbott, C. R, Colley, Joel Dan- 
iels, J. L. Kelley, B. K. Hoyt, M. O'Dowd, G. W. Hamlin, J. R. Garr, 
J. Bryson, 2d; photographers, S. Piper, S. D. Quint, J. Q. Ellinwood, 
L. W. Colby, A. B. Eaton, — — I^angle^ ; planers, W. W. Hubbard. J. 
Hodge, A. C. Wallace, Austin, Johnson A Co.; plumbers, B. F. Fogg, 
T. A. Lane, Pike A HeaUl, J. S. Bacheler; roofers, J. C. Young, J. Mc 
Derby A Son; printers, Hutchins, Riedell A Co., J. B. Clarke, F. H. 
Challis A Co., Everett Bro-*., W. E. Moore, C. L. Fitspatrick, C. F. Peas- 
lee, T. H. Tuson, Livingston A Kimball ; slaters, J. C. Young, £. J. 
Williams; tailors, Cumner A Co., I. W. Fogg, Plumer A Holton, G. G. 
Williams, C. P. Gardner, D. A. Plumer, E. Adams, E. Leveen, ; 

Wilniiit* tntinopa nriH ovnrtl nilllora K' Jk fifkffiah .T K P.Viaaa I 


HerchantS— agricultural implemente, DANIELS t MEBRILL, J 
,B. Tarick, W. C. Rogers, Barr A Clapp, J. H. Cliundler Sc Co.; auction 
eera, J. B. Jones, G. F. Bosher A Co., 6. H. Dorr, J. Qalacar, books anc 
stationery, T. W. Lane, B.F. Stark, C. P. Trie key; Temple A Far 
ringtoa, £. K. Coburn, Alfred Quiniby, Gordon A Tobey ; boots anc 
^hoes, W. H. Cate, G. W. Dodge, F. C. Dow, Mc Donald A Cody, 6 
W. Thayer A Son, C. D. Thompson, C. B. Wingate, F. T. Weare, Mitch 
ell A Heath, J. Mead, G. B. McLane, James Burrows, John Francis 
Wilson A Moody, P. Primeau, B. H Martin, Festus De\iue ; carpets 
Barton A Co^ Higgins Bros.; clothing and furnishing goods, J. W 
C. Pickering, Plumer A Holton, A.DL. Weston, Edwin Kennedy, D. A 
Plumer, Cumner A Co., H. M. Tarbell, G. G. Williams, Maiichestei 
Clothing Co. J. A. FolAom,H. B. Wilniot, Ed. Lereen, J. T. Donahoe 
M. O'Dowd, C. J. Seuter, 8tar Clothing House ; coal and wood, S. B 
Bodwell A Co., Moore A Preston, £. P. Johnson, A Co., Maxwell A 
Stowell; cofBns, Fairbanks A Pearson, Melendj A Poor, P. A. Df'Tine 
J. N. Biuce, A.G. Monette: coke, Manchester Gas Light Co.; confection 
ery, E, O. Abbott, £. S. Dickerman, E. W. Perkins, P. B. Putney. E. R 
Barry, Wm. S. French, W. Felch ; crockery, D. A. Simons, Carl Shep 
ard, C. A. Smith, Higgins Bros., Barr A Clapp. J.M. Chxndler A Co. 
iiteams A Farmer ; drags and medicines, Z. F. Campbell, J. R. Han 
son. A. F. Perry, Tebbetts Bros., Weeks A Currier, L. K. Mead, G. E 
Hall, J. B. Hall, F. A. James, C. T. Newman, J. S. Heath A Co.. J. A 
Wiley, J. P. Burbauk, E. W. Blake, Conner A Miville, C. B. Liti lefleld 
dry goods, 6. S. Holmes, Barton A Co., N. S. Clark, Piper A Haw]ev,G 
H. Tanswell, J. Ferren A Co., J. M. Chandler A Co., Weston A Hill 
Harley, Bobie A Vandals, Piper A Moore, Johnson Bros., C. H. Spratrue, 
C. J. Senior, Waite Bros., Wm. W^hite, J. S. Masseck, Gazaille A 
Blanchette ; fancy goods, J. S. Masseck, G. S. Holmes. Thos. Morgan, E 
0. Abbott, N. L. Clni-k, Frank Fitt8« Snow A Knowles, Lizsie Oilljs. A 
R. Doane, J. H. Bly ,F. C. Morrill, W. F. Greenwood, G. W. Mi]I(>r ; fish A 
oysters, C. T. Allen A Co., G. W. Bunce, H. F. Daris, P. C. Flandf rs, L 
A. Mc Kean ; florists. H. H. Huntress, A. B. Smith; flour, grair 
and meal, J. S. Kidder A Co., Pettee A Whittle, Drake A Car 
penter, Barr A Clapp, Samuel Coopet-, Baldwin A Tabor, W. H 
Martyn A Son; furniture, Parker A Gordon. D. A. Sinionds, J. Y. M( 
Question, Higrgins Bros., J. Cavanaugh : fnrs, J. Tr^iesdule, M. Nichols ; 
groceries, Barr A Clapp, A. M. Eastman. P. Farmer, Demick A Chase, H 
Oarnion, B. Conner, Eager A Rand, G. H. Stearns, W. F. Sleeper 
A Co., J. 6. Warner A C^*., Fradd.A Follansbee, H. B. Sawyer, Adanu 
A Lamprey, H. E. Stevens. J. M. Chandler A Co.. M. R. Currier, G 
Marchant, C. W. Farmer, H. F. Davis A Co., G. E. Prime, H. J. Holmes. 
Chandler A Tewksbnry, Cate A Mitchell, J. C. Fifield A Son, E. A, 
Moulton, Jas. Biigbee, John Cashman, H. I. Faucher, A. A Chalifoux, 
John Fenton A Co., M. E. Griffln, C. E. York, J. H. Wiggin A Co., Rua< 
Rell White, D. Y. Stearns, J. B. Ellin wood, Mrs. M. Sherry, Martit 
Sherry, Daniel Sbeehan, John Letender, Michael Lane, John Hast 
ings, P. Harrington, S. L. Flandi^rs, Poore A Rowell, C. C. Hayes, 
Murse A Bartlett, 0. D. Sawyer, J. Bean. H. A. Greenleaf A Co., Bart 
lett A Colburn, J. D. Jones. Patrick Cnllity, S. L. Flanders, W. Q 
bargent; hardware, DAN I tiiLS & MKRRILL, J. B. Varick, W. C.Rogers : 
bay and straw, E. P. Johnson A Co.. Leonard Shelters, J. C. Nichols A 
Soil, hoase -furnishing goods, Higgins Bros., D. A. Simons, G.K. Bosh 
er A Co.. G. H. Dorr ; ladies' furnishing goods, G- W. Miller, J. H. How- 
ard. N. L. Chirk,Frank Fitts; leather, J. Stickney ; lime and cement, h 
P. Johnson A Co., J. S. Kidder A Co., Pettee A Whittle, Drake A Carpen^ 


tor ; lumber, A. C. Wallace, E. S. Harrey, W. W. Hubbard, J. F. Kennard, 
A. J. Sawyer, L. A.CloiiKh, J. H. Maynard, J. Hodge, Head A Dowst, 
8. Mc Inttre ; millinery, N. L. Olark, T. Morgan, 8. L. Wilson. Mra. J. H. 
Piatt, F. W. FittB, 0*NeiI k Donahoe, Mrs. A. 0. Barbank, G. t F. John- 
Won, F. 8. Bodwell, Bmma A. Bodwell, Brown A Lane, 8. Q. Fletcher k 
Go.; music, Qordoh J; Tobey, A. Quimby, 1. 8. Whitney, G. H. Kimball ; 
pianos, O. W. Weeks, G. P. Trickey, F. W. Batchelder, B. T. Baldwin, I. 
8. Whitney, G. H. Kimball ; produce, W. Boyd, O. B. Wilson, J. G, Warn- 
er, A. M. Bastman, G. B. Prime, Blaisdell A Go., Eager k Rand, W. F. 
Sleeper k Co., Dodge, Iiaing k Go., J. B. Ellinwood ; provisions, A. H. 
Bastman, G. B. York, Fradd k Follansbee ; pumps,Pike k Heald, H. 
S. Whitney k Go., T. A. Lane, B. F. Fogg, J. 8. Bacheler, W. P. 
Stratton, H. Fisk, J. Donnelly; rubber goods, J. Stickney; sewing 
machines, G. W. Nichols, P. 8. Wiggin, U. McAllister, Plumer k Helton, 
Shepard k Go.,; shoe stock and findings, J. Stickney; stoves and tin 
ware, G. R. Vance, Thorp k Marshall, 0. M. Goodwin, 8. Hovey, Pike 
k lleald, Brtggs k Brown, W. P. Stratton k Son; watches and Jewel- 
ry, J. N. Baker, W. H. Elliott, H. H. Ladd k Go., John Mooar, Straw k 
Lovejoy, Lyman Garr, L. Simons, W. Carter, Alfred Walker, Cyrns 
Dean, 8. 8. Walch, T. F. Shaw, F. J. Weare ; wines and liquors, Hayes 
k Co., John *Baton, Fletcher ft Royoe ; wood, 8. B. Bodwell k Co., 
K. P. Johnson k Co., H. H. Young, A. Mclndoe, Moses Harring^n, 
John Davis, Jr., J. W. Kimball, Geo. H. Porter, G. Sargent, J. 0. 
Webster, A. J. Toung, Howell k Burns. 

Physicians— Geo. G. Gage, J. A. M^jean, L. B. How, H. T. Bont- 
well, J. A. Jackson, L. French, G. A. Crosby, C. F. Bonney, J. 
Ferguson. Ghas. Wells, J. P. Walker, R. J. P. Goodwin, John Fitepat- 
rick, John Bell, Wm. Holland, G. A. Manning, 0. D. Abbott, J. W. Mc 
Donald, L. M. French, D. S. Adams, H.C. Canney, J. G. Sturgis, Luther 
Pattee, Wm. M. Parsons, G. D. Towne, J. W. Mooar, M. Richard, 
C. W. Wilkins, B. B. Aidrlch, H. DeW. Carvelle, W. G. Kimball, 
Tlios. Wheat, W. W. Wilkins, W. A. Webster, James Sullivan, 
C. M. Dodge, A. L. Emerson, Miss Mary A. O. Hunt, Miss EL R. Win- 
egar; homeo., Emil Custer, W. G. Welch, A. D. Smith, G. W. Styles ; 
dentists, Hiram Hill. J. B. Prescott, G. E. Page, Childs k Wheel- 
er, C. W. Clement, Baton k Boothby, W. E. Marden ; vet. surg., J. 
Alexander, W. F. Robie. 

Real Estate Agents— A. J. Lane, G. H. Dorr, A. L. Walker, C. G. B. 
Ryder. i 

HAKIiBOKOVeH, CHESfflBE—Von^ 1,387. 8. W. tr. C, 
48 ; 8. B. fr. Keene, 6. B. R. 5.— Marlboro, 214 m. en Cheshire R. R. 
Stage twice a day. 

OFFICERS— aerXr ond IWof., G. G. Davis; SeleelmeH, Amos A. Ma- 
son, J. K. South wick, L. A. Fuller; Smpti,, Charles Mason, C. K. 
Mason, Carrie C. Fairbanks. 

Postmasters— Wm. M. Nawm ; Dmot, C. S. Moors. 

Justices- Blijah Boyden, Martin Chase, Jainis Collins, Ghas. Ma- 
son, Nelson Converse, SUUe ; G. G. Davis, C. K. Mason, B. F. Merriam 
I Churches— Cong., J. L. Merrill; Meth., A, C.Conlt; Univ.,R. T. 
Polk. Exp. Agent— />e|7oe, C. S. Moors. 

Hotel — Converse House, N. Converse. 

Livery Stable— George THden. 

ManuntCturers— bail boxes, Depots L. A. Fuller; blankets, Cheshire 
Blanket Mills, C. 0. Whitney, W. H. Clark; boxes. Dexter k Richard- 
son ; boxes and toys, Luther Hemenway ; horse blankets and trico 
jcloth, Marllioro Manufg Co., R. 8. Frost k Co.; horse blankets, Mo- 


nadnock Blanket Co., Charles Sbrigley, Ag*! ; knob icrewa, Mwing 
macbinci, «tc^ Thurston ManFg Co.; pails, G. V. Winch, J.. A L. 
,£Dowlton ; Depel, A. Tnller Jr^ patent roof paint, J. 0. White ; wool- 
en yam, James Townshend. 

I Mechanies— barter, V. H. M, Mclntyre ; blacksmiths, J. P. Clem 
oos, C. 11. Dnstin i carpenters, A. A. Adams, J. A. White, A. J. Emer 
son, M. A. Thompson; hamem maker, J. W. Bradshaw; machinist, 
C. Hodgkioa; mason. Chas, W. Bailey ; painters, J. C. Stone, J. L. 
Sargent, A. B. Chase; undertaker, Jaims Collins; watchmaker, 0. K. 
Harrington ; wheelwright, E. W. Mason. 

I MerehailtS— G. G. Daris, Woodward A Nason. N. N. Chase^ C. Col- 
ilins ; boots and shoes, Charles Stay ; dmgs, H. A. Powers ; meat and 
proTisiona. C. J. Hale; mllUnery, Miss B. A. Knowlton; tin ware and 
^toTSM, B. p. Merriam. 

Physieians— 8. A. Bicbardson, €k L. Harrington. 

TeC Ao't— l^^pot, C. 8. Moors. 

BAmLoW, CBESHl&K-Vop^ 701. S. W. fr. C, 60; V. from 
Keene, 1&. M. Jt. 8.—Kwa; on Clieidiire B. B., 16 m., Baneock, 10 m, 
on M. A K. B. B. Daily stages to Keene, Hancock, and Papermlll Till 
I OPPICEBS— Oerl;, B. N. Huwe; Trta$^ George W. Clyde; BeUct- 
■Mn, Onrille 8. Bogera, Increas 8. Bogers, B^ P. Knight ; S»tpL, El|^n 
A. Jones. 

I Pdstmaster^^Hosea Towne. Physieian— Marshall Perkins. 
I Justiees— J. Q. Jones, James Bnrnap, P. B. Fox, B. G. Hnatley, 
State ; G. W. Clyde, Uoeea Town. 

I Churches— Chris., -^ ; Meth., 8. O. Kellogg; UnW., 

' Hotals A Livery Stables— Forest Bouse, G. A. Petts ; Jones', E. 

I Literary InstltutiOB- Marlow Acadeoiy, P. W. Lane, prin. 
; Manufketurers— carringes, B. Bixby ; doors, sash and blinds, J. Q. 
Jouss; leather, James Bnrnap ; lumber, Jas. Bnrnap, E. B. Gee, Hor- 
ace Gee ; rakes. Freeman Phelpe. 

Mechanics A Artisans— blacksmith, H. A. Phelps; carpenten, G. 
S. Phelps, O. 8. Bogers; cooper, Elbridge Phelps; painters, J. H. 
Johnson. G. 8. Phelps, Geo. Hartwell ; photograplier, HenrT Simonds. 

Merchants — HoeeaTowne,Joelin AHenser; drugs, medicines and 
fiftiicy goods, E. N. Howe ; groceries, £. Sbepardson ; meet, Josslln t 
Messer; millinery, E. A. Jones, Mrs. L. D. Jones, Mrs. Melissa 
Goodhue; tin ware, storea, Ac., P. E. Fox. 

M ASOBT, HlLLSBORQUGH-^?ov^ 645. 8. W. fr. C, 40 ; W. fr. 
Nashua, 18. R. M. 8.— Mason Centre depot 1 m. fr. Tillage and 
Pratt's, on Peterboro A Shirley Branch B. K. Stage twice a day. 

OFFICEBS—CYfrlr, J. B. Wilson ; IVcte., H.B. Hosmer; SiitetmM 
J. 8. Bpanlding, C. A. Elliott, H. D. Bicbardson ; BvKfA , Geo. Spalding. 

Pestmaster— Henry A. Goodwin. 

Justices— Jona. Bussell, Daniel Goodwin, J. B. Hill, J. 8. SpanI 
dine, StaU; J. B. Wilson, Geo. Whittaker. 

Cnureh— Cong., W. B. Tisdale. Exp. Agt.— 8. T. Lowell. 

Manufacturers— handles, E. B. Richardson ; lumber, J. H. Elliott ; 
quarrying, A. McDonald, J. Maxwell; saw and grist mill, G. M. Cen- 
ter: soap M. L. Barrett. 

Mechanics— blacksmith, J. Allinson ; carpenters, W. E. Barney, 
L. A. Blood, A. P. Barrett ; masons, F. Nutting, J. P. Nutting, Augoa 
tos W. Nutting. Merchant— James H. Dixon. 

Ulant Yard— See Concord. 

HI el win Tillage— (fee Tuftonborough. 


JHEBEDITH, BELKNAP— Voi^.,\fiW. N. fr. 0., 36 : N. from 
LaeouiH 9 m. R. R. 8.— Meredith Tillage, on B. C. ft M. B. R. Stage 
connects with all traiDi. 

OFFICERS— C/4rJb, J. S. Roberts ; Treax.^ G. Saoborn ; BekettMn. J 
Welmter, J. U. Knowlton» A.E. Leayitt; Suptt.^ U. Palmer, F. H. Ly • 
ford. [ 

PostmtSters— (%n<«r, Lane PInmmer; VUlage^ A. Cotton. 

Justices— S. W. Rollins, John W. Beede, P. D. Blaisdell, Bbenezer' 
Stevens, Hanson Beede, G. G. Hoit, D. B. Baton, John L. Sinclair, J. S. 
Neal, State ; B. F. Wiggin, J. I. Prescott. j 

Churches— Bap., James Graham, p. o. ad., Tillage ; Cong., G. iJ 
Bard ; F. Bap., Ffetoflre, . i 

Ex. Ag't— Bdwin Cox. Tel. Agent— 0. W. Morrison. I 

Hotel— Kim House, G. M. Burleigh; Meredith House, Geo. Dallison. 

Lawyer— S. W. Rollins. i 

Livery Stables— G. M. Burleigh, Edwin Cox, D. V. Bean, F. Brown. 

Manufacturers — cottons, Waukawan Hosiery Mills, Sam. Hodg- 
don ; flour and meal, E. P. Anthony ; lumber, N. B. Wadfeigh, G. H. 
Clark ft Co.; mechanics' tools, American Twist Drill Co.; organs, J. S. 
Robinson ft Son ; patent swivel plow, Wadleigh Plow Co.; piano forte 
cases, J. A. Lang. 

Mechanics & Artisans— barber, B. F. Shepard ; blncksmiths, G. Ha 
loon ft Son, E. W. Prescott, W. M. Rand ; Center, W. H. Cate, S. M. Glid 
den ; carpenters, B. F. Wiggins, D. S. Femald, G. H. Clark ft Co., 

C. P. Wiggin ; Center^ J. S. Sanborn ; carpenters and boat builders, 

D. S. ft John Femald ; coopers, N. B. Wadleigh, J. S. Norris ; hairl 
dresser, F. B. Wilson ; harness maker, S. M. Estes : jeweler, J. R.j 
(iuimby ; masons, B. C. Tnttle, B. S. Tuttle, Smith ft Bartlett; painters,] 
VV. B. Reynolds, J. E. Sanborn, (carriage) L. Hartshorn ft Son, housej 
and sign) Easter ft Chase; photographer. C. H. Colby; picture] 
Trames, Daniel Norris ; printers, G. F. Sanborn, S. A. Ladd, W. Col-i 
Una, S. H. Roby; shoemakers, Village, A. A. Kidder, J. S. Perkins;' 
Center, J. C. Gove, J. F. Caverly ; tailor, J. S. Wadleigh ; undertakers, 
D. A. Ambrose, Dan'l Norris; wheelwrights, Nathaniel Clark, W. J., 

Merchants— E. M. Mansfield, J. H. Knowlcs, ft Co., J. W. Beede,| 

P. D. Blaisdell ft Cr>., Bickford ft Roberts ; Ch«(«r, Lane Plummer ; 

iuctioneer, Hanson Beede; boots and shoes, J. H. Knowles, J. WJJ 

Beede; drugs and medicines, M. C. Brown, F. L.Mason; fnrniture,',j 

D. A. Ambr<^4e; groceries, J. B. French; millinery. Miss, Sva Dear-; 

t>orn, 0. ft B. Knowles, S. J. Brown ; tin ware, stoves, ftc, T. S. Moses.i 

Physicians— George Sanborn, H. Palmer; dentist, F. P. Carey. || 

Ifleridou — See PlainfieM. * 

MERRI^nACK, HTLLSBOROUGBT-^Vop., 1,042. S. from C.,' 

26; S. W. fr. Manchester, lO. N. from Nashua, 8. R. R. &— Merri-'j 

mack. Reed's Ferry, and Thornton's Ferry, on Concord R. R. South 

Merrimack, on Nashna and Wilton R. R. I 

OFFICERS— CJferfc., Beuj. Ela ; Treas.j M. P. Nichols; Selectmen,] 

H. W. Wilson, Joseph Cross, H. F. Herrick ; Supt, W. W. Pillsbury. 

Postmaster & Exp. Ag't— G. H. Bixby. i 

Justices— Beiij. Ela: T/iomt(m*t Ferry, W. T. Parker, State; Harri-| 

iou Eaton, A. Mc C. Wilkins, J. L. Spaulding, David Henderson, N. 

Y. Oliver, Reed'g Ferry ; S. G. Anderson, Isaac Fitts, M. P. Nichols ; 

South, D. 0. Danforth. 

Church— Cong., K. P. Norris. Hotel— Bixby 's. 

Literarv^ Institution— McGawiNormallnstitute. Blliot WhioDle 



Hairafitcturers— exteneion tsblM, Tbomat Parker ; model baker, 
'Joseph Cro« ; repellants and cassinraree, P. F. Lltobfield ; ahoddy, Wm. 
Henderson; woolens, David Uenderaon. 

' Mechanics— €arptnter8,0. Yf. Monlton, W. J. Rockwood, Wm. E.I 
'Brown, F. A. Cbamberlain ; painter and paper hauler. John O. Read ;' 
Bhoemakers, G. H. Bixby, Joseph Iredale; wheelwrighti Henry V. 
Herrick. Merchant— W. J. Ayer. 
, Physicians— H. Eaton, W. W. PfllabnTy. 
I Soatli— Postmaster and Merchant— Aaapb ETam. 

Church— Gong., . Ex. Ao't— Wm. Locke. 

Hotel— Kennedy's Hotel, William Kennedy. 
Mauufaeturers--4amb«r, Rodney Hodgman. 
Mechanics— carpenter, Geo. B. Patterson ; coopers, Hoaea Srans, 
Saoderson A Son ; wheelwright, Wm. Patteinion. 
B«ed9B Ferrjr— Postmaster— M. P. Nichols. 
£zp. Agent— C. S. Nesmitb. Merchant— 8. G. Anderson. 
' Manufacturers — brick, Joseph $c Sri Kittredge ; flab barrela, kits, 
cooper stock and Inmber, Fessenden A Lowell ; OTeralle, J. W. Kit 

' Mechanics— blacksmiths, J. M. Fosdick, J. B. Elliot ; hameas mak- 
era, Leonard Walker, F. F. Waiker : painter, E. W. French. 
, Thornton's Ferry— Postmaster & Exp. Ag't— G. A. Drew. 
' Manufacturers— brick, A. 8. Esty. 

I Mechanics— blacksmith, Q. W. Golston Merchant— O. B. Grlflln. 

I Mll>BI«CTON9 STRAFFOBD—Top., 366. V. B. fr. 0., 40; N. 

fr. Dover, 24. JB. R. A— Union Till , 3 m., on Oon. Dir. Eastern R. R. 

Stage Tnes. Tbnrs. and Sat. Farmington, 7 miles, on J>. A W. R. R. 

OFFICERS— CYer*, 0. F. Kimball ; Treaty B. S. Cook ; Sdeetmen, J. 

H. Tonng, J. C. Penney, S. D. Jones; Svpt., Scth Sawyer. 

Postmaster^G. D. Drawbridge. 

Justices- A. Q. Ome, K. S. Pike, W. A. Baker. 

Church— F. Bap., Seth Sawyer. 

Mechanics — carpenters, W. H. Clontman, America Lane ; painter, 

0. 1). Drawbridge. > 

MII^ANy COOiS— Pop., 894. N. B. fr. C, 130 ; E. fr. Lancaster, 80. 

B. R. &— Berlin Falls. 8 m., daily stage; West Milan, 7, on O. T. R. R. 
OFFICERS— C7erJlr, J. S. Phipps, Treax.j R. A. Twitchel! ; 5ef«efm«», 

C. N. Hodgdon, G. W. Page, Ralph Cole ; 8upt., J. D. Holt. 
Postmasters— S. T. Bickford ; Wett, B. T. Roberts. 

Justices— J. S. Phipps, J. M. Phipps, P. A. G. W. Phipps, F. I 
Bean, State; D. B. York, M. Hodgdon, jr. 

Churches— Oong., T. C. S. Yaile* Meth., Abner Keith. 

Hotels— Hiram T. Ellipgwood; JTest, I. H. Fogg. 

Manufacturers— carriages, D. C. I^can ; lumber, A. A. A R. W. Hig- 
gins ; shingles, R. H. Cole; starch. Milan Steam Starch Mill Co. 

Mechanics-^blarkomiths, S. P. Folsom, J. W. Martin ; Wegt^ 0. S. 
Green; Ransom Perkins ; harness makers, H. T. Ellingwood, S. A. Col 
lini;; milliner and dressmaker, Mrs. S. J. Hay ward; shoemakers, D. 
Q. York, L. R. York ; West, J. J. Barrett. 

Merchants— G. £. Dale, York ft Twitchell, A. Blake, W. A. Willis 
k Co.; We$t^ B. Roberts, F. H. Blancbard. 
I Physicians— R. H. Meserve, J. D. Holt. 

HII^FOKD, HILLSBOROUGH— Vo^t.. 2,29%. S. from C, 26; 
W. fr. Nashua, 11 ; S. W. from Manchester 15. R. if. &— Milford, on 
Nashua and Wilton R. R. Conveyance to all trains. 
I OFFICERS— Ct<r«r, J. M. Laws ; IVeag., F. T. Sawyer; flefeefmen, 


L M. Hatctu J. T. Burna, John Hadlock ; Board of JSdmcatimt 1. W. 
Imith, 8. 0. Cobam, Mrs. Mary A. Loll ; A^fent, Geo. Hatch. 

Postmaster & Tel. Ag*t-^. W. Crosby. 

Justiees-Oilbwrt WaSloigh, William Bamsdell, W. H. W. Hiads, 
1. Wadleigh, O. B. French, F. 8. Hatch, Abel iChaM, R. M. Wallace, 
X 8. ATerili, 0. C. Shaw, 8taU; V. T. Sawyer, J.' B. Foster, O. F. Bart- 
ett, David Hoald, J. B. Bruce, D. K. Marrell, J. W. Pillsbory, 0. K. 
^tark, Levi Curtis, J. W. Crosby, Jas. M. Laws, J. Hadlocfc, 0. W. 
iarns, 8. C. Oobam, G. B. Foster, H. 8. Gilson. 

Churches—Bap., L. J. Dean ; Conf ., W. A r4unb ; Math., J. If oyss ; 
I. Oath., B. Bnckle; Uaita., A. M. Pendleton. ' 

Eating Houses— W. A J. A A. Wetherbea. 

Esp. Jla>t— W. 8. HnnUey. 

Hotel— union, 8. J. Tose. 

Uwyers— Bainbridce Wadleigh, Gilbert Wadlelgh. KM. Wallace, 
L 8. ATerill, Fred 8. Hatch. 

literary Institution— Milford High School, & J. Blanpled, prin. 

liTery SUble— H. A. Barker, a G. Hatch. 

Hanuiketurers — bone meal, Ao^ B. 8. Barns ; boots and shoes, 8. C. 
>>b«rn; extension tables, 8. R. Bmerson; fitncy boxes, etc, Bragg 
kConant; fnmitare, D. Heald, A. 0. Fisher; granite workers, H. 
C. Marrell, T. H. Oarlton, D. A. Bates, F. F. Tamer, Klttridge k 
larlton, Marrell A Weaver; inner soles, Weaver A Son; knittinri 
cotton, M. Kaley A O04 leather, J. Lewis A Go.; lumber, Wsi. Qih 
>on, H. 8. Gilsen, Howison A Marvell, Dow A Gattenon, D. TJ 
Butterick A Co., W. B. Pierce A O04 menl and feed, A. A. Gil* 
len ; mirror frames, A. Fuller ; piano actions, G. L. Darracott ; pic- 
ture frames, J. A. Wheeler; plows, M. U. Stickney, N. H. Brown; 
printer's ftimitare, and p. o. l»oxes, John Mc Lane : soap boilers, MQ- 
ton Parker, A. G. Steams. J. k J. T. Burns ; toys, Burdick A Talbot ; 
irindow springs, D. Goodwin. 

Meehanies A Artisans— baker, D. J. Crosbv; blaeksmiths,MsrT«U 
k (yConner. J.G.Raymond; bleachers, J. Qulnlan; carpenters, Lj 
Duncktee, A. Fifleld, B. Blanchard, C. Weaver, J. D. Cochran, B. C, 
Towae, Cochrane A Saoderdon; concreter, J. F. Grafton; coopers^ 
W. L. Pierce A Co.,H. 8. Gilson ; gravel roofers, Melaer A Lund ; hsi^ 
Iresser, D. N. Goodwin, J. A. Hamlilett; harness makers, A. H: 
tfclntire, Patnam A E«ov^oy; macliinist, Bdwin Smith; marbit 
NTorkers, I. H. Carlton ; mason, 8. (F. Shirley, G. Hamblett, W. L. 
I^inslow : painters, A. J. Lynch, J. F. Baton, N. Jordan ; photograph- 
)r, J. D. Perkins; printer, W. W. Hemenway; tailors, H. F. Warrai, 
Et. B. Bendon, W. F. Tilton; nndertoker, A. C. Fisher, F. W. 8a^ 
sent ; watch makers, H. P. Hamblett, James B. Webster, 0. H. 
iverill ; wheelwrights, Charles Tarbell, B. Shannesy, Geo. B. Giles. 

MerehantS-^ohn B. Bruce, A. A. Gilson, Bartlett A Dod^s; sno; 
ioneers, 0. G. Hatch, B. P. Uatchinson; bakery, D. J. Crotbyj 
>ooks and stationery, Mrs. J. A. Wheeler; boots and shoes, D.I 
Fhompson, 8. C. Cobum ; clocks and watches, J. E. Webster ; clotbj 
ttg, hats and caps, J. A. Ober A Co., F. W. Richardson; coffins, A.Cj 
Pisher, F. W. Sargent; drugs, medicines and hardware, D. 8. Bornha*^ 
Cidder A Whitney; fish. G. H. Needham. Ira Chatie; granite, L.II1 
Burns, J. B. Melendy, G. F. Parker, A. B. Carlton, Bverett Hn " 
nson, Njithan Mnrrill, W. P. Baston, T. M. King, D. A. Bates: 
series, Adams A Wallace; ice, J. B. Melendy, Melzer A Lund ; m< 
Poster Bros., N. W. Robinson ; millinery, Mrs. B. Comstock, B. 

R/^KiMa/kH « aAaHa mnA •.!■»»■ .1 A WhAAlAi'. ••nail wa^aa Ifaa P. 

'■■■■■ ■ ■ ' wmam 


8«bio ; •koTw and tin ware, J. A. Poiran, J. f . BojrntAn i variatj 

itore, Geo. h. Heleniiy. 

I PhysieUns— A. W. Smith, 0. K. ILelley, D. 8. Doarboo; cUir., 

Hn. 8. 8. Mixer : homeo^ W. H. W. Hinds; deatiet, 0. W, WUkm. 

! Hill Villaare— SeeCkwhen. 

I miMTON^^CRAFFORD^Pov^ l,fil8. N. I. fr. (X, 4,010; N. W. 

fr. DoTer, 20. B, R, A^Miiton, on Porta. Gt. f alU * Oonwaj R. B4 

for Milton Millt, Union, 4 m^ connecto twice daily by etaice. 

; OKFICERS— Clerib, 0. H. Looney; l^eat^ Ira Miller; SeleUmem, 

!a. a. Fox, H. B. acatee, P. WUliasford; B^flU^ Otaaa. D. Vox, 0. L 


I Pof tmasters— C H. Looney ; Wed, T. f . Oanoey. 

I Justices— Lather Oayee, H. Looney, I. W. fox, frank Welle, 

H. V. B. Oook, B. f . Avery, State ; J. U. Sine, Joeeph Plnmraer, Joe. 

Oook, Geo. Lyman, J. 8. Heney, J. f . Hart, B. B. Plnmmer, Lta Htlter. 

ChurellM— Chrie., D. B. Goodwin; Gong., J. N. LoweU; f. Bap 

L. Haaer. 

Exp. k Tel. Ao*!— Daniel Goekery. PhysieiaB— H. f . Pitcher. 

Hotels k Uverf SUbles^Rivenide Hooee^ 0. H. Downe; Glen- 
lUle Honee, H. G. Wentworth. 
! Literary ImtituUoil—Milton OUeeleallnetitnte, M iee Clementa. 

MinaCaeturars— boota and ehoee, Wileon A Morgan; excelsior, J. 
H, Arery k Go^ shoe boxes, Ghas. IL Hayee ; shoe knivee, J. H. Dnnt- 
tey ; Innsber, Lather Hayes, flcatee 4; Lynsnn, Wentworth k Piommer,! 
H. T. Wentworth k Son ; L. Plommer, p. o. ad.. Union. 
I Meehanles— blackemiths, U. Dantly k Son, N. B. Tamey ; carpen 
^ Joeeph Mathes, J£. H. Hersom, 1. W. Jonee, D. B. fall, G. A 
i^wsMj ; hatr dresser, —^ Watson ; masons, Glark foes, Wm. f . 
!Wentworth,G. P. Otis; painters, G. f. Uodpion, Timothy Remlck*^ 
piiDter, J. (i. A. Soppin ; shoemaker, Geoi^ Taeker ; wheelwrights,) 
'JoMph Mathes, Daniel Jeunees. 

I MerehanCs-n/. f . Hart, Dan. Goekery, J. D. Willey ; fancy goode, 
[H rs. Im 8. biox, Mrs. J. f . Hart ; milUnery, Mrs. G. M. Roberta. , 
I MUte— Pdstmaster 4 Ex. Agent— B. W. fox. 
I Churehes— Adr., G. S. Shattack; Gong., G. f. Goldsmith ; f . Bap^ 
(L P. Nanstir; Meth., J. H. Bean. 

Hotel k Uf ery Stables— Gentral Honee, G. Remick ; Gentonnial 
Hoase, J. W. Preecott. Lawyer k Ins. Ag*t— B. f . Gloatman. 

Nanu&etlirers— carriages and wheelwrights, John Brackett, A. O. 
Preacott; flannels, Wanmbeck Manufg Go.; felt olotli, piano and U^ 
ble covers. D. H. Bnffum k Go.; plows, W. f . Gotta ; saddle honsings,; 
L. B. Roberta; soap, S. G. Ghamberlain; rubber linings, table and 
^iano covers, Townaend k Go. 

I Meehanles— blacksmiths, Xbeneaer Osgood. Nathaniel Rinee, 8. 
f' KiDss,S. R. Rnnnells; carpentam, J. f . Tftconib, B. 8. Stmee, A. A. 
ijox, 8. Hooper. A. B. Shaw, H. Wentworth, 0. Wentworth, G. B.' 
n'lnef ; dress maken, Gora Lord, Mrs. Jewett ; dyer. J. H. Whiteside ;• 
nsir draeser, B. A. Hargrave; hair worker. Mrs. B. W. Balenttne;' 
{berneM makers, A. Sanborn k Son ; Jeweler, Wm. H. Jones ; maeons,i 
jJO. Rines, Wm. Miller; (stone) B. Richards ; painters, B. a Abbptt,i 
|G. RDrew, J. R. Bstler: photographer, f.R. Baker; plnmraer and 
iroofer. J. B. YUUrs ; printar, B. T. Libbny ; shoemakers, G. W Mer- 
rtll, W. Otterway , J. H. Gharnley ; tailor, B. f . Allbee; nndertaker, I 
J.Bmckett j' 

I Merohants— Asa fox k Son, A. A. fox k Go., J. U. Slmes, Ira Mil- 
il ar; carria ges, J. f . k G. B. Hart ; clothing, A. Jewett * Go.; eonfec 



ionery, A. B. Hargrav«s, W. F. HargntrM ; coffliM and caskets, 
(rackett; dry goods, 6. 8. Lorering, F. Roberts; drags and m 
cines, A. W. Low ; fancy goods, Hiss M. A. Berry; fish, J. F. Ar 
t)ald, E. Trefethen ; groceries, F. H. Lowd, J. Lewis, S. J. Brieri 
ce, Granite State Ice Company, Lynn Jce Co.; Jewelty, 'B. T. Libbe; 
lillinery, Augusta Berry ; millinery and fancy goods, Mrs. J 
'rescott, Mrs. H. L. B. Toter ; periodicals, B. W. Fox, B. A. 
;raves ; protisiout, C. 8. Lowd, J. B. Hayes ; stoves and tin wa 
lurray Bros. 

Miscellaneous— oonTeyancer, clafm and collection agent, B. Wd 
'ox ; niirseiyman, John Copp. 

Physicians— J. 0. Buck, C. W. Gross, M. K.Cowel! ; dentiat, B. 

MONROC, ORAFTON—Voy, 604. N. W. fr. 0.»92; N. fr. Ua-j 
erhilK 18. R. R. A— Mc Indoe's Falls and Bamet. on C. k P. R.R. R.' 

OFFICBRS— Cf«rik, C. B. Paddleford; !IVea«., Edward Bmery; Se- 
xtnun^ C. B. Paddleford ; North, Frank Paddleford ; D. K Ollchrlst. 

Postmasters— J. Q. GUchrfst; Norths Wm. Brown. 

Justices — ^D. F. Biodgett, Horace Duncan, Albert Mason, State', 
)&ul. Sherry, Alex. Marvien, Anson Johnson. 

ChurcNes— Gong., N. F. Cobleigh ; North, Meth., John English. I 

Hotel— Monroe Honne, Mrs. Martha Hadley. I 

Lawyer— C. H. Hosford. Livery Stable— D. R. Gilchrist. 

Manufiieturers— lumber, C. B. Paddleford 3t Co.; Tan Dyk« A Mer- 
ill, p. o. ad., Mc Indoe^s Falls, Vt. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, Frank Somen ; North, R. A. Momne ; car-' 
•enters, G. W. Little, John Little, Henry Cross, Geo. Webster ; har- 
ess maker, D. F. Biodgett; painter, G. A.Holmes; printer, D. F. 
Ilodgett ; shoemaker, B. Thayer ; wheelwright, Geo. Biodgett. 

Merchants— Warden A Page. 

MO r I^TONBOROIJGH, CJ i?i{0££— Pop., 1,254. N. E. f^. 
!., 50; W. fr. Ossipoe, 18. R. R. &— Meredith Village, 9 m., and Gen- 
re Harbor, 5 m., on B. C. k M. R. R. Daily Stage. 9 

OFFICE KS—C7er^, Jas. C. Pitman ; Trea»., J. fi. French: AreeCmen, 
l. F. Brown, W. H. Mason, John Hodsdon; Supt., B. M. Maaon, J. R. 

Postmasters-^. B. French ; Long Tdand, G. F. Brown. 

Justices— J. G. Abbott, B. M. Mason, J. B. Dow, Ju. French 
r. H. H. Mason, H. M. Center, B. B. Blake, 8. Butler, B. J. 
obinson, State; A. P. Jacklard, J. C. Pitman, G. L. Mason, J. F. 
olton, B. Davis, 2d, B. F. Brown. B. H. Mooney. G. K. Brown. 

Churches— i?«d Hill, F. Bap., C. B. Davis ; Meth., J. H. Knott. 

Hotels — A. P. Jacklard ; Long Island, l9\tMd House, Blake A Tod i- 
iil. Long Island House, Geo. K. Brown. 

Manufacturers— flour and meal, W. H. H. A B. Mason ; lumher, L. 

. Bartlett, J. French, B. F. Brown ; shooks, L. D. Bartlett. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, Alonzo Watson, F. H. Chick ; carpenters, 

:. E. & J. T. Hoyt, J. A. Berry, J. C. Pitman ; masons, D. B. k C. F. 

nrland ; shoemakers, J. M. Smith, D. Clement ; wheelwright, G. F. 


Merchants — J. B. French, A. P. Jacklard, F. F. Green, Leandei 

ryant ; tinware, stoves, Sus., A. J. Goodwin ; wholesale (travelling) 

ncy goods and notions, C. H. Blake, E. Blake. 

Physicians— W. H. H. Mason, F. L. Judkins. 

fcnlmer Boarding Houses— J. C. Pitman, BenJ. Mc Donald. 



38. N. W. fr. Nashua, 15. S. B, ^Milfonl, 6 m., on N. A W. R. R' 

.Daily stag*. 

< 0FFICKR8— CZcrXr, Geo. W. Averill ; Trtat.^ Clark Gampbell ; StUci- 

Imen, C. H. Raymond, Alonao Traris, O. G. Batchelder; Supt^ W. H. 

PostOMSter—A. 8. Brace. Hotel— Belleriaw, ^ra. J. H. A. Bmce. 

Justices—^. W. Todd, G. J. Smith, J. H. A. Bruce. State ; Alonzo 
Travis, A. 8. Brace, Wm. A. Stintion, John Trevit, Clark Campbell. 

Church — Cone., . Physician— S. Bauton 

Literary Institution— Mc Collom Inttitnte, W. H. Ray, prin. 

Mechanics — blacksmith, G. LiTingston ; carpenters, Thos. Wind- 
«rs,Tboe. McQuestion, Bani Richardson; painter, P. V. Pike; sboe- 
msker, J. Hopfcinton. 

Merchants— T. U. Richardson; auctioneers, J. H. A. Brace, A. 
8. Bruce. 

nr«iin t IVaebimgrton— A Post Office in Cooe County. * 

Mansonville — See Nelson. 

HhSaVJL^BILLSBOROUGH-^hSw town. Pop., 13,453. 8. 
fr. C 35. R. R. 8.— Nashna, on M. & L. R. R., Concord R. R., Wor. 
ft N. R. R., N. k R. R. R., N., A. & B. R. fi., N. k W. R. R. 

0FFICRR8— CVy CferAr, E. M. Bowman ; CUj Treat., O. S. Gage ; 
Mayor, Chas. Holman ; Aldermen, Ward 1, J. W. Howard ; 2, Chas. B.' 
Jackman, B. G. Bnswell ; 4, J. P. S. Otterson ; 5, P. J. Reynolds ; 6, B. 0.1 
Blont, B. 8. Babcock, W. H. Greenleaf; 7, J. £. Hosford ; 8, Robert Hc-j 
Laren; Pt<trideiU of Common Council, J. A. Merrill ; CUrle of Common 
Cbtmctl, J. H. Chapman ; j|«sessors, D. A. Wilson. G. F. Tolles, John 
Ballard, J. G. Annis, J. M.Flander^ ; Collector <^ Taxet, Luther Kit- 
,tr«dge; Superintendent of Si^iooU, 8. A. Bent; City Marshal, W. 0. 
€ioagh; Aautant Marshal, J. H. Hunt; Chief Engineer, Boiij. Fletcb-i 
erjr.; PoUee Cburt Justice, Ja». B. Fassett; Aloiicttor, K. £. Parker: 
Liounr Agent, M. A. Taylor. 

Postmaster— Henry A. Marsh. 

Justices— S. 8. Gutter, G. H. Whitney, G. G. 8hattuck, 0. T. Saw- 
yer, T. H. Wood, A. W. 8awy^, A. F. Stevens, £. P. £merson, Albert 
HcKean, 8. P. Hubbard, J. B. Fassett, H. M. Goodrich, George 
SUrk, B. F. Emerson, G. v. Dearborn, O. A. Ramsdell, David Gillis, 
{EL P. Brown, B. B. Wbittemore, Chas. H. Campbell, Samuel Evans, 8. 
8. Davis, J. 6. Kimball, Aaron King, S. D. Chandler, G. W. Hoitt, D. 
B. Marshall. G. L. Meloon, 8. T. Worcester, A. H. Saunders, J. A. Spald- 
ing, F. A. m;c Kean, J. F. Whittle, E. Spalding, W. W. Bailey, R. Em- 
erson, M. R. Buxton, D. W. King, F. G. Crowell, J. H. Tburber, W. 
P. Wright, 0. C. Moore, G. Y. Sawyer, jr., H. C. Hitchcock, Caleb 
Richaridson, Oilman Scripture, G. W. Sandnroon, H. F. Courser, E. J. 
Gopp, A. H.Dunlap, £. B. Gould, R. J. llallaren, E. E. Parker, W D. 
Parkinson, Bi. J. Morrill, J. L. Robinson, State; Albert L. S. 
Grosq, C. H. Giowell, A. S. Eaton Lull, R. A. Arnold, E. B. 
Hammond, BenJ. Saunders, F. E. Tupper, J. W. Cooper, C. A. Gillis, 
Stillman Swallow, J. E. Hunt, Y. C. Gilnmn, G. E. Gage. H. W. Gil- 
man, H. H. Eaton, W. S. Atwood, T. B. Crowley, R. M. Sawyer, J. M. 
Saunders, F. A. Eaton, £. F. McQnesten, I. Robbins, J. D. Chandler, 
W. 0. Clongh, W. S. Jackman, M. A. Worcester, W. S. Collins, C. S. 
Collins, Nathan Flint, F. Winch. J. M. Flanders, 0. D. Murray, W. F. 
Pinkham, J.M. Hopkins. D. Sargent, F. A. Marden, N. P. Wliittemore, 
R. C. Duffey, D. F. Ruunells, H. H. Davis, Matthew Barr, J. U. Kent, 
R. M. Blauchard, Geo. Swain, Patrick Lonergnn, J. B. Parker, Geo. W.; 


FlaDden, R. D. BamM, Charlos McGregor, B. M. Bowmao, C. W. 
SterenA, B. W. Farley, £. O. Blunt, P. A. Hammond, W. P. UiuMy, 
G. W. March, J. B. Foiale, J. F. J. Otterton, 0. W. Badger, Jona. Ho»- 
mer, I. F. Harris, H. A. Cutter, W. D. King, G. R. McQneiteo, G. P 
Daufbrth, O. B. Peanon, J. Q. Grayes, A. L. Peckett, H. B. Spaluing. 
Ghas. Holmao, A. W. Trow. 

Churehes— Bap., G. W. Nicholson; Cong., Frederick AHofd^Geo 
W, GroTer ; Epis., J. Leroy ; Meth., (Main 8t.) J. R. Day, (Chestnut St.,) 

0. H. Jai-per; R. Gath., J. Donnell, (Irish); J. H. B. Millette, 
(French): Unit., H. G. Parker; Unir., — - — -. 

Eating Houses— Albert J. Laton, W. F. Wright, 8. J. Land, O. P. 
Swett, T . A. Greeley, Alvah J. Rideont, F. M. Eayr>* 

Ex. Agents— M. G. Cutler, H. T. Morrill ft Co. 

Hotels— Indian Head, Geo. E. Be utell ; Tremont Bouse, OilBMiii 
Scripture ; Willard's Hotel, C. Willard ; ReTue House, G. R. Cnsbing. 

Ins. Agents— E. P. Emerson, J. G. Kimball, Mc Kean ft Andrews, 
G. L. M^oon, Caleb Richardson, J. H. Thurber; Francis Winch. 
E. J. Copp. 

Lawyers— G. T. Sawyer. B. F. Emerson, B. B. Whittemore, A. W. 
Sawyer, A. F. Stevens, W. W. Bailey, H. B. Atherton, G. Y. Sawyer, 
jr.. J. B. Fassett, G. V. Dearborn, E. E. Parker, E. S. Gutter, Geo. BJ 
French, J. B.' Parker, G. W. Hoitt, B. B. Gould, R. D. Baraea, J. F. J 

Literary Institutions— High School, E. B. Powers, prln.; Nashua 
Historical Society, 0. G. Moore, pres. 

Livery Stables— James Wilkins, A. H. Dexter, D. L. Holt, M. W. 

Manuflkcturers— bobblhs, spools and shuttles, Eaton ft Ay«r; card, 
board and glazed paper, Nsshua Card and Glssed Paper Co.; cottons. 
Nashua Manufg Co., R. A. Maxfleld, ag't ; Jackson Manufg Co., W. D. 
Oadwell, ag't ; Vale Hills Manufg Co., BenJ. Saunders, ag't ; edge 
tools. Underbill Edge Tool Co., Nestor Haines, supt; iron, Nashon 
Iron Co., J. D. Swain, supt.; locks, Nashua Lock Co.; lumber. Cross ft 
Tolles, J. B. Proctor; machinist's tools. F. D.Cooke; sash, doors and 
blinds, D. A. Gregg; shoes, F. W. Estabrook-; soapstone stoves, Fnu»J 
cestown Soapstone Co.; suspenders, L. E. Burbank, C. P. Danforth: 
toys, Nashua Novelty works, A. A. Davis. 

Mechanics A Artisans— blacksmiths, Q. A. Woodward, E.Mc Garty ' 
Asa Avery, C. B. Hutchinson, L.Urquhart; carpenters, J.M. FlanderaJ 
Franklin Foster, Hiland Holt, N. O. Prescott, J. F. Wallace, B. bJ 
Putnam ; hair dressers, P. O. Ames, Joseph Lowell, A. Bell, Fred Col-j 
lette, J. G. Wilson ; hartiees makers, Putnam ft Co.. A* E. SandenonJ 

1. 0. Woodward ; machinists, G. W. Davis Co., Flather ft Co.; marbld 
workers, Moses Davis, G. E. Gnmmings, W. F. York ; masons. Weston 
ft Stevens, P. F. Morgan, Daniel M. Smith. Mark Starreit, EHphaiet 
Nye ; painters, G. W. Badger, J. D. Bickford k Co., Henxy Atwiiod, C. F. 
Chase, I. W. Hamblet, D. A. Reed, Y. L. Msson, W. H. Campbell; 
photographers, F. Glenton, J. G. Batchelder, C. H. Lindsey; printers. 
C. E. Clement, 0. C. Moore, B. B. ft V. P. Whittemore, H. R. Wheeler, 
M. Y. B. Greene, E. W. Taylor ; tailors, Emerson ft Maynard, Jas. B. 
Muir ft Co., Geo. P. Brown ft Co.; upholsterer, J. M.Perry; wheel- 
wrights. F. G. Crowell, J. W. Moore. 

Merenants — J. G. Blunt ft Son ; auctioneers ft real estate brokera, 
G. H. Campbell, H. F. Dane ; books and stationery, K. T. Smith, 8. M. 
Morse, M. Y. B. Greene ; boots and shoes, Murch ft Reed, G. H. Noyee, 
J. F. Bnmham : clocks and watches. A. D. BiUKhain. H. H. Baton. C. Ti 


Bid^way, Wm. Lovejoj, A. P. Hendrick, H. J. Walton; clothings 
bats and cape, H. J.Cbaptnun, Russell A Co^ Nelson Tnttle, Greenwood 
ft Whitnimrsh, H.C. Phaueuf, D. F. Riinnells, dry goods, H. 8. Norwelt, 
J. H. Blake, ¥. F. Kimball, G. £. Wheat, Reed i Jackman, Fo8ter A 
Wakelin ; drags and medicines, £. S. Rnsseli k Co., A. E. Wallace, 
N. 8. Whitman, G. W. Carrier ; carpets and psper hangings, S. K 
Jaqnith A Co.; fanc.r goods and notions, Price ft Miss, CheeTer Bros., 
J. K. ffent, Ifn. B. 11. Shepherd ; fk>nr and grain, 8. D. Chandler, He 
Questen ft Co., Shattnck ft Hall, Hedry Stearus ; furnitare, Howard ft 
Co., Fletcher, Webster ft Co., NuTeity Works, John Coggfn : groceries, 
H. A. Taylor, W. J. Cooler ft Co., Daggett ft Cross, A. Jaqnith, O. W. 
Greene, G. J. Little, J. B. HeQnesten, K. M. Sawyer ft Co., Marshall 
Brus., W. H. Greenleaf ft Co.; hardware. Barr ft Co., C. H. Nutt: mil- 
Hoeiy, Mrs. E. W. Johnson, A. J. Tnck, Mrs. 8. 8. Greene, A. 8. Lowe, 
Mrs. L. J. Bingham; periodical nnd newsdealer, Geo. L. Garland; 
BtoTes and tin ware, H. M. Goodrich, H. W. Price, L. S. Gonid, Pow- 
ers ft Clark. 

Pbysiclans— Kbenezer Dearborn,?. B. Ayer, Elijah Colbnrn, S. A. 
Golburn, G. W. Gnrrier, J. G. Garland, T. H. Gibby, J. G. GraTes, J. G. 
Graves, 2nd, £. B. Hammond, E. F. HcQaesten, N. J. Hoore, R. J. 
Hallaren, Edward Spalding, 8. G. Dearborn, G. P. Greeley, Geo. F, 
W^ilber, P. E. Danserean, Robert St. Jacqnes, J. W. Woodward; 
homeo., J. F. Whittle, W. 8. Collins k Son; dentists, Albert Lnll, G. G. 
A. i£ayrs, L. F. Locke, F. L. Twitchell, Geo. Bowers. 

HEUK^BT, CHESHIRE— fop., 438. 8. W. fr. O.,40; N. E. from 
Keene, 10. R. B, S.— Keens, on Cheshire R. R., 10 m., daily stage; 
Greenfield 16 m., dally stage, Hillsboro, 18 m., stage three times a 

OFFICERS— Clerii', F. K. JeWett ; IV«a*., C. C. Atwood ; SeUctvun, 

F. B. Hardy, J. H. Osgood, Oscar D. B^Terstock ; Supt^ Mrs. £. J. 
Toluian; Constable, 9. B. Hardy. 

Postmasters— 0. 0. Atwood ; MuntontUl; 8. A. Greene. 

Justices— F. Taylor, N. W. Hardy, 0. C. At wood, BiaU; V, K. Jew- 
ett, G. W. Osgood. Church— Cong., Richard Burr. 

ManufkettxrerS— carriHges J. II. Osgood ; MunimmUle, chairs, L. J. 
Colony ; clotlies pins, O. P. Atwood ft Son ; lumber, F. B. Hardy, H. 
D. Tkylor, O. D. Bererstock. 

Mechanics— blttcksiiiiths, A. A. French ; MuiuqnviJIe, G. Waldron. 

Merebants— 0. C. Atwood ; Mwisonville^ 8. A. Green. 

]ff£W BOSTON, HILLSBOROUGH— V9p^ 1140. 8. fr.C.22; 
N. W. fr. Nashua 20. R. R. &— Parker's ou Manchester ft North 
Weare B. R. Dftily stage. 

OFFICERS ^C2#TAr, C. H. Dodge ; Treas., G. G. Warren ; Beleetnun, 
David Bernard, Albert Goodwin, Sydney Dodge; Bvpt., A. J.Todd. 

Postmaster— S. D. Atwood. Exb. Agt— J. K. Chandler. 

JUStttto-^ Waterman Burr,C. 8. He I^ne, R. Mc lAne, T. 0. Knowl- 
too. State ; D. A. Tewksbnry Benjamin Dodgt , E. L. Bartlett, B. Good- 
hue, G. A. Wason, Neil McLane, A. J. Bennett, 8. F. Bnrnham, J. M. 

Ciiurehes— -Bap., F. E. Clvtes ; Pres., frank H. Allen. 

Manufacturers — bureaus and fancy boxes, D. N. Butterfleld ; doors, 
N. ft R. McLniie; flour and meal, B. C.Colby; lumber, B.Dodge, 

G. C. Warren, B. Hopkins, A. M. Campbell ; piano fortes, Nathan Far 
ley: shingles. Todd and Whhou ; refrigerators, E. P. Morgan. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, E. Warren, J. P. Todd. F. M. Woods; 
carpenters, Albert Goodwin, F. Fisher; harness maker, J. C. Lease* 


masons, David Kelso, John Marden, Jonathan Harden, A. J. Bennett 
painters, Q. W. Mc Lane, A. P. BriKham; shoemakers, Bzra Dodge; 
water wheel and mill work, D.N. Butterfield; wheelwrights, Q«o. 
Bennett, Joseph Gage. 

Merchants— €. U. Dodge, S. D. Atwood k C04 auctioneers, D. A. 
Tewkebury ; jewelry, K. L. Fisher, F. B. Morgan. 

Physicians—O. H. Hallowell, C. B. Sturtevant. 

BTEWBURT, MERRIMACK— Vo^^ 500. N. W. fr. C^ 84 
R. R. A— Newbury and lit. Sunapoe on G. A G. B. B. 

OFFICBRS— Oerit and Treat., 8. A. Morse; Stlectmen^ D. M. Per- 
kins, C. F. Bartlett, C. C. Messer ; SupU^ 0. J. Blodgett. 

Postmasters— N. G. L*ar ; Stmth^ Mrs. Mary P. Monie ; Chaindler- 
vUle^ Beij. Chandler. 

Justices— Bli Dodge, £zra Gilley, 2d, Jeremiah Morse, S. W. Dana, 
N. C. Savory, N, 8 Johnson, W. W. Muszey, H. C. Morse, SUUe; N. 
Lear, Jona Bowe. Church— F. Bap., — 

Exp. & Station Ag'tS— V. G. Brockway, BenJ. Chandler. 

Manufacturers— carriage rims and pail handles, &>uth. Fowler 
Bros.; lumber, ChandlervilU, S. L. Low ; SouVi, Fowler Bros. 

Mechanios— blacksmiths. South, J. A. Perkins I. F. Blodgett ; car- 
penters, W. W. Muszev, N G. Lear; South, Edward Stevens; shoe- 
makers. Souths J. M. Blodgett, G. F. H. Woodbury. 
- Merchants— £»rm(A, W. £. Gilley, 1. F. A L. W. Blodgett ; auction- 
eer, SotUh, Eli Dodge. 

BTEWCASTIiE. ROCKING H J M-Pop., 610. 8. B. fr. C., 6« 
—R. R. S.— Newcastle, on Eastern R. R. Semi-daily Btpge to Ports- 
month, 3 m. 

OFFICERS — Cler*, 0. E. Whitehouse; Treat., H. M. Curtis; StUct- 
men, Geo. W. Towle, Geo. Vennard, J. V. White. 

Postmaster— H. M. Curtis. Ex. Agent— Ghas. A. Card. 

Justices— J. P. Cooper, G. W. Towle, W. A. Meloon. 

Churches— Adv. : Chris., ; Cong., . 

Hotel— Wentworth, P. W. Hilton A Co. 

Mechanic— boat builder, J. W. Neal. 

Merchants— II. M. Curtis, T. W. Frost, John Locke, R. A. Preble. 

NBW BrRHAH— Sr/?^<FTOieZ>— Pop., 772. N. S. fr. C, 
38 ; N. W. fr. Dover, 24. R. R. J}.— New Durham and Davis's crossing 
on Dover A Winnip. R. B. 

OFFICERS— CW*. G. F. Jones ; Treat., J. S. Colbatli ; Selectmen, J. 
A. Miller, E. E. Berry, A. B. Tebbetts; Supk, J. 8. Neal; ColUctor, 
C, H. Berry. 

Postmaster- 0. F. Jones. Exp. Agent— 1. 8. Bicker. 

Justices— J. P. Berry, E. £. Berry, G.F. Jones, State ; I. 8. Recker, 
F. W. Coburn, G. W. Home. _ 

Churches— Adv., ; F. Bap. J. 8. Neal. 

ManufiBicturers —excelsior, Fred Holton; 61es, N. J. Decator; 
wood acid, coke and chemicals, Wm. H. Swift A Go. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, 11. W. Edgerly, Geo. W. Fletcher, F. W. 
Colmm ; carpenters, T. D. Chamberlin. George Whitehouse, Thomas 
Bachelder; knife makers, F. W. Coburn, Geo, Fletcher; painter, 
Chas. Adams. 

Merchants — G. F. Jones; auctioneers, J. A. Miller, I. S, Bicker. 

Summer Boarding House— Willow, G. F. Jones, prop. 

NEW HAMPTON, BELKNAP— Fop., 1060. N. fr. C, 30; 
W. fr. Laconia, 12. R. R. &— Bristol, 5 m.. on Bristol Branch, JL R 
Daily stage to Bristol, also Tilton, 12 m., on B. C. A M. R. R. 


OFFICERS— Cffrfc, M. C. Burpee ; lVea«., G. D.Tbjng ; Sdeetmen, K. 
W. Smith, W. C. Svfent, J. M. FUnden, Jr.; BtipL, Mias H. A. Gordon 
i Postm&ster— G. D. Thyng. 

I Justices — E. G. Lewis, Augustas Burpee, G. D. Thvng, R. 8. Lewis, 
StaU; T. P. Robinson, K. W. Smith, Ghas. P. St. Glatr. < 

' Churches— Bap.. D. W. Dearborn ; F. Bap., W. H. Scribner. | 

I Hotel & livery Stable— o. S. Knowies. 

I Literary Instuution— Mew Hampton Literary Institution, A. B.' 
Meimrvey, prin. 

I Manufacturers— lumber, F. D. Sanborn, G. H. DIckerman ; Mew' 
'England tniut hatching nest, G. H. Dickerman. I 

> Mechanics & Artisans — i»Ii%cksmUh, E. T. Gordon : carpenters, D. 
;S. Fiftrld. Warren Loud , photographer, H. 8. Kifleld ; tailor, B. U. 
Carlton ; wheelwrights, W. P. Gordon A Son. 

Merchants — A. B. Meserrev, A. Burpee A Go.; books, stationery, 
,drugs and medicines, G. D. Thyng; boots and shoes, C. B. Sargent, 
G. W. SIiHw; millinery, Mfw P. G. Sanlran. 

If EwiireToiir, rockingham—vop., 433. s. e. fr. g., 45 ; N. 

W. ft-. Portsmouth, 6. R. R. &— Newington, on Forts. A DoTer R. R. 

OFFIGERS— CferJtr, G. M. DeRochemont; Treaa.^ Gilbert P. Hoyt; 
Selectmen^ D. D. Badger, T. F. PIckeriuR, Benjamin S. Hoyt. 

Postmaster— Darius Frink. Church— Gong., . 

Justices— Darius FrInk, iStols ; F. W. deBocfaemont, J. M. Hoyt, 
J. A. Pickering, Jan. Hoyt. 

If KW IPSWICH, BILLSBOROUGH'-^p., 1223. S. W. fr.' 
C., 60 ; W. fr. Miiahuii, 26. R. R. iS-^Greenrflle, 8m. Stage to each 
train. | 

1 OFFIGBRS— C7erX;, E. H. Farwell: Treat., F. W. Preston; SeUet- 
'•men^ Wm. Wheeler, J. E. Carr, J. A. Wheeler; Supt., F. W. Jones. 
I l^>Stmaster~H«'ury O. Preston. 

I Justices— W. A. Preston, W. W. Johnson, J. D. Graham, State: W. 
D. Locke, G. W. Wheeler, 2d, Stephen Thayer, H. O, Preston, P. H. 
Clark, Ghariee Wheeler, F. W. Preston. | 

1 Churches- Bnp.. ; Gong., ; Meth., — ;■ 

I Exp. Agent— E. H. Farwell. Tel. Ag't— E. F. Adams. 
' Hotels A Livery Stables— Glirk Hotel, E. G. Smith; Wheeler 
Hotel, B. Sawyer A Son. Stable Keepers— E. C. 8towe,.E. G. Smith.' 
I Lawyer — W. a. Preston. 

i Literary Institution— Appleton Academy, W. A. Preston, prin. 
! Manufacturers — boxen, Warren Pratt ; cigars, Stephen Thayer, 
Geo. N. Lowe, Wm. J. Greenman, H. P. Stevens, Ghas. £. Wallace, M. 
P. Donley, Henry Thaler ; cotton goods, denims and stripes, Golnmblan 
HTg Go.; leather creasing machines, F. N. Gibson ; printers' sticks, 
|Leottard Horse A Son. 

I Mechanics A Artisans— blacksmiths, J. 0. Hildreth, R. Farwell, 
8. A. Russ«n, G. F. Stevens, R. B. Thomas ; carpenters, E. Huwe, 
Cbas. Taylor, Geo. W. Taylor, Ghas. Spanlding, W. R. Knowlton, Al- 
fred Taylor ; harness maker, G. L. Weston ; painters, H. A. Willard, 
A. H. Willard, Jr., Jas. M. Bennett ; shoe makers, Albert Parry, A. 
Hood, A. W. Stowe; tailor, J. Webber; printer, J. G. Emery; tin 
worker, G. R. Fletcher; variety wood turners, A. F. Sb W. M. Walker; 
wheelwrights, R. GouM, K. H.Davi8, H. A. Spalding. j 

' MerChant»~J. G. Adams, G. A. Tarbell, A. H. Wright, J. Silver, 
J. 8. Taylor, D. G. Murphy; auctioneer, W. W. Johnson; clocks and 
watches', M. Ames; millinery, A. M. Porter, L. M. Fox. 
I Physicians— F. N. Gibson, F. W. Jones, F. Jones. 



NEW LONDON, MEHEIMA CK— Pop., 875. N. W. fr. C, 30; 
i.R. S. — Potter Phice, on NortUeru &. R., and Bradford, on G. 4 C. 
l.'R. Daily stage. 

OFFICERS— Cferfc, Geo. Woodward ; Treat., D. E. Colby ; Selectmen, 
•uther McCntchins, C. S. Whitney, J. H. Mesaer; Supt., N. C. Todd. I 

Postmasters— Oeo. Woodward ; ScythevUle, C. A. Everett. I 

Justices — Luther Mc Catchins, N. T.. Greenwood, J. H. Barpae,.D. 
1. Colby, N. C. Todd, 2d, SaJte: C. S. Sarseut, A. C. Burpee, G. M. 
Lnight, C. E. Knisrht, fi. F. Hastings, B. M. Stanley, Geo. Woodward, 
. P. Elkins, J. E. Law, C. E. Knight, K. A. Jones. 

Church— Bap., S. C. Fletcher. Hotel— D. S. Seamans. 

Literary Institution— Colby Academy, Jas P, Dixon, prin. 

Livery Stables— D. S. Seamans, Marcus Nelson, A. H. Whipple, 

Manufacturers — clapboards and shingles, J. W. Taylor, H. D. Har- 
ey ; leather, SeytheviUe, E.A. Jones; lumber, Davis A Blood ; scythes, 
few London Scythe Co. 

Mechanics & Artisans— bhicksmith^, J. M. Dow, B. P. Blood ; car- 
enters, G. P. Woodward, 0. M. Knight, C. W. Woodbury, 0. Wood 
rard ; harness maker, R. Mc Connell ; photographer, H. J, Curri«r. 

Merchants— Fellows ft Co., C. S. Sargent, Mc Cutchins ft Nelson ; 
cytheville, C. A. Everett.; drugs and medicines, A. H. Whipple; fancy 
oods an4 millinery, Adaline Everett; furniture, £>sy<A<ot^e, E. LJ 
Vheeler's estate; organs, C. A. Bverett: sewiingmachiuee, Geo. Wood 
rard. Physicians— S. M. Whipple ; ScythenUle, J. P. Elkins. 

NEWMARKET* jBO(7ir/A'^ffi4i/— Pop., e,369. 8. E. fr,G., 
6; W. fr. Portsmouth, 14. B. B. £1.— Newmarket, on B. ft H. E. R.i| 
nd Newmarket JunctioYi, at junc. of B. ft M. ft C. R. R. | 

OFFICERS— CT«f*, JF. A. Matbes; aVso*., T. M. Joy ; SeUotmmi^ 
^' Wiggin, 8. A. Haley, Alvin KeUey ; Supt., A. T. Severance. 

Postmasters-^- F. Garland ; Jun'Mnn^ Chaa. Leavitt. 

Justices— W. A. Shacfcford. S. A. Haley, A. L. MpIIowb, Talentine 
mith, J. W. Smart. N. H. Leavitt, E. Richardson, Tia^othy Murray, 
!. H. Smith, J. F. Cnapman, E. A. Keep, T. W. Thompson, I.T. George,' 
^L. Dearborn, D. M array. K A. Keep, StaJte; B. F. Haley, (Quorum: 
OS. Pinkham, G. F. Walker, L. F. Hanson, W. R. iXobbs, A. W. Kel- 
ey, J. A. Mathes. | 

Churches— Cong., T. C. White: F. Bap., D. H. Adams; Metli.,M. T.' 
iilley ; R. Cath., J. T. Mc Donald. I 

Eating Houses— A. G. FurUer; Juncen, C. E. Smart, F. H. Chesley. 

Exp. Ag'L^N. C. Smith. Tel. Ag'ts— W. H. Huntington ; JmcUm, 
Ihas. Leavitt. Hotel — Waahington House, J. B. Silver. 

Lawyers— A. L. Mellows, 0. H. Smith, I. T. George, B. A- Keep, 

Livery Stables— J. W. Wigein, F. E. Webster, W. B. Drake, 

Manufacturers— baker, J. 0. Davis; clothin<^ B. F. Haley, Doe ft 
kelsey J cotton batting, C. P. Haines ;• cotton goods, Newmarket Man- 
facturing Co., A. J. NicboU, ag*! ; lumber, J. ^. Smart; railroad 
arnishings, Lafayette Hall. | 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, Reuben Stacl^pole, W.^. ^owqII, Wm.; 
'. Huckins ; carpenters, and builders, C. E. Tasker, Samuel Savage,) 
S. C. Warren ; hair dressers, Neally Morgan, Mitchell & Martin ; har- 
less maker, G, W. French ; marble worker, J. A. Mathee; painters, 
carriage -and sign) T. W. WiUey, (house) J. R. Hodgdou, G. 
). Hodgdon, Allan Pride, David Chapman, Wiitson Bros., John Chap-| 
iian; pattern maker, C. B. Winkley; printer, F. H. Pinkham; photo- 
Tapher, F. L. Hutchins; tailors, B. F. Haley, Doe ft Kelsey, C. H. El- 
ison ft Co.; wheelwright, Daniel Neally. | 

BUsnrEss dieectobt. 13 1! 

,_ , i 

Merchants— boota and shoef, J. L. Boardmin. H. H. Pinkhftm, J. R. ' 
Saaaden ; clocka aad watches, B. 8. Kiagiaan; clothing, hats, cap<i and ' 
Kenta' farniahiag good-t, W. W. dtackpole, A. M. Prie«t, B. F. HaUjr, C. j 
a. Bllison, Doe^ Kelsey ; confectionery and fra t, W. W. Stackpole, 
k. a. Vurber, B. P. Pinkham, J. U. Cuwell ; dry ffouds, B. F. Haley, S. A . ' 
Haley; drugs and uiedicinei. I. H. Tvrombly, 0. L. Dearborn ; fancy , 
good^ and notions, W. W. Stackpole, A. H. Priest, J. M . Ca«iwen, Geo L . i 
Dearborn; fish, Qeo. Kenneison; grjceries. J. R. Sauuderj, Mithits A ' 
Laine, T. O'Brien, Kl. Richard.ion, Q. B. Greeley, Leavitt * Watter- 
Bon, Ai Yarney, L. F. H in«oa, Geu. W. Pilldbary, Thos. Tattle, Co-op- ' 
erative Store, J. F. Ham A Son; JuneU-m^ BUke A Webster; harness- ' 
es and carriages, N. U. Learitt; hardware, Treulwell A Fol8>ni, L. F. | 
Hanson ; meat, Patrick Byan, Ai Varney, B. A. Young, J. F. Ham A 
Son; millinery. Page A Dudley, B. A. Huntington, M. 3. Balger, M. 

A. Wood, 8. B. Durrell; watches and Jewelry, F. Pettigrew; 99 ct. 
>«tore, A. M. Priest ; winei and liqaors, Harry Wbittaker, A.G. Furber, 
r. O'Brien. 

Physicians— S. H. Greene, J. L. B1kin8;-tnn)ti8t, A. F. Severance. 

HE WPORT, £f(rLZ;rr4iV— Shire-town. Pop., 2,612. X. W. fr. 
C^ 4U. S. R, £[.— Newport, on G. A G. B. R. North rille, 2 m.; B. New- 
port 2 m. 

OFFIC BBS— Clerft, H. P. Coffln; Treat.^ F. W. Lewii; SsZscMicm, 
D. Q.Ch:»dwick, A. J. Gould, D. J. Mooney ; Svpt., F. S. Little. 

Postmasters— 0. W. Nourse; NortkvUle, £. T. Sildey. 

Justices- Kdmnnd Burke, W. F. Newton, A. S. Wait, L. W. 
Barton, 8. L. Bowers, R. P. Claggett, G. R. Brown, Jacob Redding- 
ton. Dexter Richards, G. W. Nourse. G. B. Djime, M. A. Barton, John 
Towne, Francis Boaniman, B M. Kempton, B. F. Haven, N. B. Reed, 
SlaU\r. W. Lewis, N. 0. Pag", G. H. Towie, S. H. Hoody, G. H. Fair- 
banks, F. A. Reed, S. M. Richards, W. H. HcCrillis, M. 3. Jack-ton, 

B. £. ;« earns, F. P. Musenre, Win. B. Brooki.O. 0. iSies, Geo. Dodge, 
0. A. Newton, Benj. Tuttie A. P. Welcome, H. J. Barton, H. L. Bur- 
pee. Wm. Woodbury, C. A. Tliompson. 

lurches— Bap., C. H. Hoibrook ; Gong., B. B. P. Abbott ; Meth., 

A. W. Bunker; Unit., . 

Eating Houses— W. L. Reed, 0. H. Richardson. 

Exp. Ag'l— A. p. Welcome. Tel. Ag't— B. C. Conrerse. 

Hotels — Newport House, B. L. Putney ; Phoenix, J. H. Brown. 

Lavyers — Ama<)a Bdes, L. W. Barton, S. U. Edes, Bdmund Burke, 

A. 8. Wait, S.L. Bowers, Q. R. Brown, N. B. Reed, W. F. Newton, Geo. 

Literary Institution— Newport High School, — — , prin. 

LIrery Stables— SI- S. Jackson, G. F. Watts, S. A. French. 

ManuHsiCturers — flannels, Dexter Richards A Son, flannels and 
cotton batting S. H. Eles ; fork, hoe and gai den rake handles, L. F. 
Dodge A Ck).; hay rakes, G. U. Down^i, N. 0. Sage ; leather, J. H. Hon- 
ton A Sou, Lyman Rounsevel ; lumber, 0. G. Fowler, I. F. Chandler, 

B. F.French, S. W. Allen, John Gutting; sash and blinda, W. L. Dow 
k Co.; scythos. SHWey Scytlie Co.; sock^, John Scribner A Son ; woolen 
■Iress goods, cloakin;^ and flannels. Gofflu A Nourse. 

Mechanics & Artisans — baker, B. Smith; blacksmith^ Lear A 
.Maxfteld, R. T. A E. W. Wilkins, C. M. Brown, J. Emerson, jr., L. 
iLithrop, C. A. Mnxfljld ; granite workers, David Leach, Jonathan 
Blake; gnusmith, C. T. Palmer; hair drois'sr, Q. P. Du dloy ; harness 
makers, B. A. Pollard. C. H. Watts. B^dknap A Co.; machinist. S. S. 
Kimball; marble worker, C. A. Puffer; masons, Jamea Carr, Joseph 



Karr, I. W. Sai^ent; painters, W. A. Humphrey, S. A. Williams, W. 
S. George, C. C. George ; pbotograpberg, H. J. Brown, C. B. Clieney ;| 
pripterB, BartoD & Wiieeler; tailors, Mooney A Meserve, John Lyons, 
8. G. Stowell & Son; tinsmiths, C. Wilcox A Son. Stowell & Sun;' 
wheelwrights, L. H. Hunter, Henry Royce, N. P. Gilmore. 

Merchants— Fairbanks & lBU>yce, A. 0. Whitney, J. Barnard, |tich 
ards & Coffin, A. P. Welcome; auctioneers, M. A. Barton, K. P. Clag 
gett; books, stationery, drugs and medicines, E. f). Conrerse, C. Huid; 
boots and shoes, £. S. Chase A Son, D. F. Patch. S. Keinptun, H. F.i 
Deming; coffins and cabkets, B. M. Gilmore; clocks and watches, 
A. 0. A G. H. WoodbMvy: clothiug, hats and caps, Stowell A Son, 
Mooney A Meserve, B. M. Howe; dry goods, S. H. Edes A Son.i 
C. M. Emerson ; flour and grain. F. P. Rowell, Wright A Co.;, 
furniture, W. W. Hubbell, Mooney A Meserve; groceries. F. A. Raw- 
son, Arial Huntoon, £. M. Kempton ; hardware, Stowell A Son, C 
Willcox A Son ; meat, G. F. Liverniore. J. B. Haven, H. M. Kimball; 
millinery, Mrs. A. D. Haward, S. H. Edes A Son, Miss A. M. Foote, 
Mrs. Prescott; variety stor**, NorthvilU, B. H. Wakefield; wool, pelts, 
butter, cheese, Ac, W. W. White, B. H. Dunbar 
I Physicians— J. L. Swett, D. M. Currier, W. W. Darling, J. S. Elkins, 
ThoB. Sanborn, H. D.Gould; dentists, Henry Tubbs, I. G. Nichols. 

KElVTOHr, SOCKJ^-^GBAM— Pop., l,00t', C.,4.'i; 8. fr. 
Exeter, 10. M. R. &— Newton, on Merrimack Branch of B. A M. R. R. 
A Newton Junction, on B. A M. R. R. 

OFFICERS— C/«rfc, W. C. Gale; Trtob., H. N. Gould; Sdtctmen, 
A. F. Di-ake, G. G. Carter, E. Seavey ; Supt.y B. Peaslee ; Contidble, B. F 

PdStnaasters— W. W. wilder ; Junction^ L. N. Davis. 

Justices— Phillip Whittier, John Hoyt, W. W. Wilder, State; W. W. 
Boswell J. G. Gule, H. N. GoxxlA, N. G. Widdeh, L. K. Davfs. 

Church— Bap., N. B. Wilson; Junction, G. W. Clongh ; Chris., Nath>l 
Day. Ex. Ag*t— 6. W. Wallace, Joshua Smith. 

Hotel— Traveller's Home, Wm. Robinson. Tel. Ag't— J. E. George. 

Livery Stable— Favor A Ilayford ; Junction^ W. W. Boswell. 

Manufacturers— carriages, Edward Hayford;, B. F. Wake- 
field; heels and si Ifienings, J. J. Donk; wood and lumber, Junction 
S. Rowell ; steam mill and shoe box factory. Junction^ Curtis A El- 

Mechanics — ^blacksmiths, Gordon A Warner ; Junction. J. B. Good- 
win, Wni. R. Davenport; carpenters, Benj.F. Wakefield, H. P. Heath 
:D. T. Buzzell, W. S. Rowell ; Junciicm, Joshua Smithy A.. N. Nicker 
'son, R. H.Gould; hair dresser, C. A. Fowler: machinist and mill 
jwrightSj Junction^ J. S. Brown ; painters, Stevens Hoitt, Charles Gur^ 
jney ; printers. Pressey & Davis, J.J. Merrill; shoe makers, Junction, 
Ricliard Peaslee ; Gould A Durgin,Carter Bros. A Rowell A Co., A. 
:J. &iwyer, Currier A Co., B. F. Austin, W. A. Bartlett, 0. Paquette, 
|F. P. Currier A Co.. Carter A Nute, T. C. Ingalls A Son. 
I Merchants— W. W. Wilder, Rowe A Marston, J. Pressey, Miron 
Kelley, C. M. Rowell; Junction, H. J. Walker, John Gordon; cider 
and vinegar, D. S. Bartlett; coal and grain, W. W. Wilder; meat 
and produce, S. W. Crafts : market gardening, Rob't Blair, Junction, 
W. A D. Stevens; millinery and fancy goods, Mrs. S. 0. Hoyt. 

Physician— W. C. Gale. 

Nortll Bran cb— See Antrim. 

9fORTIIFlEl.I>, MERRIMACK—Vop., 918. N. fr. C, 16 
R. R. ^.— Northfield, on B., C. & M. R. R. 


OFFICERS— C^Ap, B. R. OUnea; .TVmm., F. J. EMtauin; SeUeimn 
Jn. M. Forrest, J. Fohs, S. W. GliDef. 

1 Postmasters— Z^'jpoe, S. A. Dow. Post Office address of the re4 
dents is Tilton. Tel. Ag't — Depot, Mrs. Wm. G. Freoch. 
I Justices— J. N. Foreet, Robert Martin, D. £. Hill, 0. L. Cross, B. ] 
€ofraa, G. 8. Abbott, A. S. Ballaatyne, Chiis. P. Hill, F. J. Rastinai 
.1. E. Smith, Stain; C. R. Gonld, J. S. Winslow, S. A. Dow. 

Church— F. Bap., J. Fogg, p. o. ad^ Tiltoo. 

iAmyet^Depot^O. L. Cross. Physician— C. R. Gonld, p.o. ad.. Tiltoi 

Manu&cturers — cassimeres and repelbints, Eloi Mills, Ricluu 
Firth, propV; Granite Hill Co., A. S. M. BaUan^ae, ag't; hose, G.I 

Mechanics & Artisans— carpenters, Daniel Page, J. C. Wvati 
Richard Deiirbora, D. C. TebbitU, A. A. Adams, W. G. Hannaford 
cooper, Sben'r Thurston; painter, T. W. Long, printer and station 
er, C. F. Hill; wheelwright, J. M. Johnson. 

fr. C 47 ; £. fr. Kxeter, 6. R. R. •&— North Hampton, ou £. R. R. 

OFFICERS— Cterft, Jonathaa Rollins; Trttu^J. 8. Ilobbs; Select 
■ai, J. S. Hobbs, L. K. H. Lane, F. 0. Brown ; S^tLyC. A Wataon. 

Postmaster— John Batchelder. Tel. Ag't— K. 0. Cole. 

Justices— Morris CoUon, StaU; Sam I D. Lane, J. S. Uobbs, J. W.I 
Hobto, J. W. Warner, J. 0. Wiggin, F. B. Drake. 

Churches— Oh rie., G. D. Garland; Cong., T. V. Haines. 

Livery Stable— 0. K. Batchelder. 

Mechanics — blaclumiths, 8. 3. Warner, C. E. Seavey, Locke A Tarl 
ton; carpenters. A- D. Hobbs, D. P. Moulton, R. L. Moulton, Morrii 
Locke; Bia<(ou, R. P. Locke, F. P. Moulton ; wheelwrights. J. W. War 
ner, T. F. Manton, F. A. Mar^tton. Physician — ^M. L. Hobbs. 

Merchants — Smith ft. Dow. Abbott Norris. 

9rORTH:iJMli£BI«ANl>, COO^S-Pop., 1,063. N. fr. C, 145 ; N 
Tr. Uacaster, 6. R. R. &— Northumberland Falls, on B. C. A M. R. R 

Postmaster— R. L. Adams. Ex. Ag't— L. F. Moore. 

Manuracturers — shoe pegs and straw boards, R. Chase & Co. 

Mechanics — blacksmith, W. H. Poole; wheelwrights, 8. C. Poole 
Wm. Marshall. Merchant— R. U Adams. 
I Gro Teton — R. M, S. — (iroveton and Groveton Jiincton. 
I OFFICERS— C7/«rAr. II. B. Oilkey ; Treas., F. G. Mc Kitlips ; SeUctmen 
jH. H.Richey, R. C. OheMHmi^n, A. H. Frizzell; Supt., I. A. Watson. 
I Postmaster— H. B. Gilkey. Exp. Ag't— W. H. Fowler. 
I Justices— B. F. Bnckman, J. H. Curtis, W. Cobleigh, StaU ; R. L 
jAdiims, H. B. Gilkey, Robert Jaques. 

• Church- Mt^th., ChHs. B. Rogers. Physician— L A. Watson. 
' Eating Houses— J. Welch, A. Converse. 

Hotels— Lafayette House, W. H. Lucas; Meloher House, J. B. Mel 

Livery Stables— W. H. Lucas, J. B. Melcher. 

Manufiicturers— carriages, C. F. Norcott; grindstones, 0. P. Rich- 
ardson : lumber, G. Soule ; spools, C. Richardson. 

Mechanics — blasksmlthe, G. T. Dresser, Alexander Williamson ; 
enrpenters, M. L. Lncas, D. SpreadUnry. F. G. Baldwin ; harness maker , 
N. B. Perkinf : painteirs, C. D. Keeney, G. W. .Montgomery; shoe 
maker, Bell Mc Far land. 

Merchants — J. W. Mc Keen, C. Solomon. G. Sonle, J. B. Spaulding , 
drugs and medieincs, Gilkey J; Watson; millinery, Mrs. Jonas Mas • 
tore, Mrs. C. Solomon. 


llORTHWOOI>, MOCKJA G H J M— fop., 1,846. B. from C, 20. 
N. W. fr. Exeter, 22. £. R. &— Epeom,? m., on Sun. Val. R. B. Daily 
stage to £. JNorthwood ; also from Center to New Market Tuesdays, 
Thursdays aud Saturdays. 

OFFICERS— (7/«rfc, Bidge, F. M. Jones'^ Trea$., Rielffe, Bliapley Tas- 
ker; Selectmen f East, Henry Knowlton; 0;iUer, D. N.Tilton;; i^afroiot, 
Wm. A. Caswell ; Gupt, Venter, J. H. Hutching. 

Postmaster — Narrowi, J. P. Lancaster. 

Justices— I. B. Hoit, J. S. Trkkej, A. 0. Brown, J. J. Pillstmry, 
Slate; H. J. Clark, J. G. Mead, £zi*a Tasker, J. R. Richardson, H 
KnowHoU, A. E. Cotlon, E. S. tasker. 

Churches— Cong., E. B. Pike; F. Bap.; Ridge, Chas. L. Piakfaam. 

£xp. Agents— L. H.Talbert, W. B. Drake. 

Literary Ins.— <7oe'8 Morthwood Academy, E. C. Cogswell, prin. 

Manufacturers — ^lumber, Narrow^ Holmes k Noyes, B. S. k M. 0. 
James, W. M. Durgiu. 

Mechanics — Ifarrowt, blacksmith, C. M. Perry; cmrpenters, Sara 
Tasker, James Bickford, J. R. Bow, G. A. Bickford. 

Merchants — Nnrrows, J. 6. Trickey, Lancaster A Sherman. 

Center— Postmaster— B. 0. Cogswell. 

Hotel— Harney House, Hill & Co. 

Manufacturers— lumber, W. B. & G. T. Sherburne, W. T. A C. B 
Willey ; sleighs, D. F. Tucker. 

Mechanics— carpenters, BenJ. "White, J. B. Clark, 8. W. Ham. 

Merchants— J. G. Mead; millinery, Mrs. C. Bean. 

East-Postmaster— Oliver Cotton. Chureh— Bap., B. Taylor. 

Exp. Ag'tS— L. H. Talbert, W. B. Drake, B. £. Thompson. 

Hotels— Exchanite, B. J. Demeritt, Prospect House, L. H. Talbert. 

Livery Stable— J. £. Batclielder. 

Manufacturers— ladies' boots and shoes, Pillsbury Bros., W. C 
Kimball ; lumber, Cate A Boojdy ; sleighs and puugs, Tasker Bros. 

Mechanics — cabinet maker and upholsterer, J. F. Cotton ; carpan- 
ter, £. J. Cate; machinist, A. A. Hurd. 

Merchants— Kimball Bros. Sl Co., D. Y. Tilton A Co.; auctioneer, 
Henry Kuowlton ; drugs and news dealer, C. A. Brickett ; flour A 
grain, Cate A Boody ; Jewelry, 0. H. Sleeper ; millinery, Mrs. H. L. 
Carter, J. 8. SteTens. Physician— J. W. Pray. 

Ridffe— Postmaster— W. 8. Gray. 

ins. Agent— fire and life, H. J. Clark. Physician— C. W. Hansen 

Literary Institution — Northwood Seminary, J. H. Hntchings,prln. 

Manufkcturers— shoe boxes, steam saw mills, Ac, I. B. HilL 

Mechanics — Itlacksmiths, W. H. Manning; carpenters, V. P. Tas- 
ker, £. 8. Tat^ker, B. W. Smith, 8. £. Preseott ; harness maker, D. A. 
Bean ; pHinter, house, 8 B. Frescott ; tailor, C. A. Hill; whaelwrifbt, 
and machinist, W. H. Manning. - 

Merchants— Caverly, KnowlesA Son. 

NOTTINOIIAM, ROCKI^OBAM-^Vap., 1,096. S. B. fr. C. 
25; Vf, fr. Portsmouth, 22. R. R. S— Mewmarket, on B. A M. B. R. 
Stage Tues., 1 hurs. and Sat. Lee Sta, on N. A R. R. R., 3 m.. daily 

I OfFICERB- CTerfc, 8. A. Watson; Treas., Harrison Marsh: Se 
leetmen, A. M. Chase. J. E. Fernald, A. M. Weare : Supt.^ Willie Batch 
elder. Postmasters— J. H. Cbesley ; West, S. S. Dame. 

Justices— S. 8. Dame, J. N. Cilley, B. F. Qerrish, Steae-, N. O. 
Smith, G. B. Smith, £. T. Bb11,G. W. Libbey, T. B. Bartlett, Horace 


fiota(---Rockmghaa House, J. L. LaiiKley. Lawjer-J. N. Oilley 

■an Ufaeturers— lumber, 0. H. Batohelder, HarrT«on Harsh. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, George Randall. William Shores: carpen- 
ters, J. H. Chesiey & Son, 0. 0. Cheslej, G. B. Smith, Otiaii. Bruce: 
Imasonis A, J. Tnttle, S. W. Bnrnham, John Dame, 8. A. Golcord. Hor- 
ace Colcord, L.C. Tattle, F. H. Dame; painter, H. P.Daniele. 

■ftrelianls— B. F. Qerrish, Watson Bros:; Wesi, B. W. DemerriU 
anctioneer, Wett; N. B. Daniels; groceries, H. P. Daniels. 

PliysiciaD-Ohap, a Downs. 

Oil Mill Tillaipe— See Weare. 

Plyraoath, 25. R. R. S.—East Canaan, on N. B R. 

OFFICBJfcS— Ctert. 0. A. McOoqhaII; IWm.. J. H. French ; SeUet- 
vun^John Fernald, A. W. Sterens, D, S. Folsom; dupL, Miss Bosie B. 

Justices^L-B. Flanders, iStafe; J. H. French, H. G. Hadler, John 
Fernald. Giiurch-^F. Bap., J. C. Waldron. Merehant—J. W. Hoyt. 

Manufiietarers— lumber, J. H. French, a F. Andrews, J. N. Keyes. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, F. G. Dimond; carpenter, H. G. Hadley 
W. H. Perkins; pointers. A, Ford, C. A Ford ; printer, A. Ford. 

ORFORD, GRAFTOI>r-?op., 1050. N. W. fr. , 62. 8. from 
BaTerhiU,ia S. M. flf.— Fairlee, J^ m., on O. A P. B. &. R. cSoq. 
reyance to every train. 

OFFIOBBS-CTsr*, B. F. Trasiell ; Trfa,.. 0. W. Pierce; Sdsetmen, 
C.H. Riley, C. C. Taliman, Huen B. Carr; 8upt^ F. B. Knowlton: 
Agnit EL U. Gpnant. 

Postmaster— Isaac Willard. Lawyer-O. W. Pierce. 

Justices— C. W. Pierce, D. B. Wiilerd, H. H. Oonant, SlaU ; J. M 
Learned, B. B. Strong, B. F. Thissell, Bnoch Oilman, Willard Hosford 
Wm. Brown, 0. H. Riley. Church— Ck)ng„ F. B. Knowlton. 

Exp. Ag't & Livery Stable— B. F. Haxelton. 

Hotel— >Blm House, J. W. Sanborn. 

Literary Institution— Orford Academy. 

-Maaufacturers— boots and shoes, A. D. Pierce; brooms, F. C. Brad- 
ford; Inraber, D. F. Tillotson, Nathan Grimes, Tillotson, Carr A Co. 

Neehanies— blacksmiths, T. L. Dimick, H. W. Libbey; cairpenters, 
J, K. Avery, A. L. Chandler; harness maker, H. H. Conant; mason, 
H. N. Smith ; painter, J. K. Avery; tailor, P. 0. Kenyon ; watchmak- 
srs, 8. W. Hale, John Howard ; wheelwright, J. 0. Carr. 

Merchants— WilUrd Brothers, Wm. Howard, F. F. Worthen * Co.- 
ftonr and meal, M. F. Wyman. 

Physicians— Willard Horford, Fred Burnham ; dentist, S. W. Hale. 

Or|ii»rdville— Postmaster— E. B. Strong. 

Church— Cong., T. C. Pratt. Merchant— J. M. Morrill. 

Manufacturers— chairs, Chair Faotory, Royal Beal, A. A. Clough ; 
lumber, B. Bugbee, B. F. Trussell ; shoes, C. F. Porter, D. F. Smith 
starch, Morrill and Marshall. ' ^ , otu 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, J. R. Pierce, T. J. Page ; carpenters, G. 
W. Lamprey, B. F. Trussell ; coopers, G. W. Lamprey. Samuel Lam- 
prey, Leonard Roberta 

USSIPfiE, CARROLL— Shire town. Pop., 1,782. N. E. fc. C, 
9^ R. R, S.-!-0s8ipee, Center OsBipee,4Jear Camp, West Ossipee, on E. 
a. R. Dally stage. 

OFFICE BS—Cferft, H. C. Carter; T/-ea«., A. Stillings: SeUctmen, 
Xbonias Nute, J. W. Folsom, J. C. Ami«; JS»pls., C. W. Fall, M. A. Har- 
mon, F. S. Lord. 




Postmasters— L. D. Sinclair; MmUUmvilUt J. W. Merrow; OmUt, 
G. Giliuan; Water ViUage^ J. H. Beachani; West, E. A. Whitten; 0$n 
pee Valley, F. K. Hobbs. 

Justices— S. B. Gartur, S. B. Qoariea, J. Q. Roles, F. K. Hobbs, V. K. 
Brown, F. S. Lord. State ; TboB. M. Bean, H. G. Carter, G. B. Sias, 8 
P. Wallace, I. Do Witt Carter, I. L. Sanders, M. A. Conner, J. W. Fol- 
Bom, F. H. Lord, J. W. Merrow, J.H. Jewell, Frank Week*, L6. Moul- 
ton, G. W. TibhetU, C. W. Fall, J. H. Beacbam, F. S. Lord. 

Churches— Bap., Center, ; Gong., E. P. Eastman ; F. Bap., 

; Meth , ■ . 

Exp. & Tel. Ag'tS— W. C. fiinelair; Cenitr, If, Gate; WeU, Aeo 
W. Smitb. 

Hotels— J. H. Plummer, Mrs. M. E. Merrow, B. P. Allen. 

Lawyers— S. D. Quarles, S. B. Carter, Frank Weeks. 

Mauufacturers — Cisn^r, excelf^ior, J.G. Hani, J. M. Canney; flonr 
and meal, J. G. Ham, A. Beaeham ; leatber, Joeepti Hodgdon, Edwiird 
Willard ; lumber, A«a Beachani, J. C. Hum, Smith Dore; Water Viiiage, 
Stephen Jackson, A. J. Thompson ; Ouipee Valley, F. K. Hobbs ; 1iidi-| 
ber, b»>k, wood nnd real estate, J. Q Roles; Oanter, sash, blinds and, 
doors, C. H. Smart; straw boards, Q^tr, J. M. Canney; wooieus,' 
J. G. Ham, L. L. Browne. I 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, W 'H. Dame, W. R. I>ame; MomlUmviUe, D.| 
Abbott; Osgipee Valley, G. W. Chesly, J. P. Hobbs; carpenters, Daniel 
Mc Canney, E. H. Bnswell, Elf Fall, Jabez Moulten, Albert Abbott, 
Aldo Rumney ; wheelwright, M. P. Harriman. i 

Merchants— D. J. Brown, C. VV. Fall, C. 8. Deroeritt; CeiUer, Nathl' 
Grant, M. E. Merrow, 0. Gilman, I. H. Gilnian, J. Ilodgdon A Son;! 
Mmilt4mviUe, J. W. Merrow, 8. P. Wallac*, O. L. White : V<aUy, V. K.' 
Hobbs; Weet, W. H. Hobbe, £. Whitten; boots and shoes, Alonzoj 

Physicians— M. A. Harmon,W. H. Grant. 

PEliHAH, HILLSBOROUGH— Vo^.,%^. 8. B. fr. C.,40; E 
fr. Nashua, 9 m. R. R.8. — Lowell Mass., 6 m., on B. L. ft N. R. R. 
stage daily fr. Windham Janction on M. k L. R. R., to Lowell Mass., 
and return, and for No. Pel. W. Windham, 2m. on N. A R R. R. 

OFFICERS— C/«r*, 0. W. Hobbs ; 3Veo»., John Woodbnry ; Select 
mm. C. W. Hobbs, O. W. Spanlding, £. C. Gage; Supt., Augus- 
tus Berry. Postmaster— F. M. Woodbury. 
Justices — Daniel Marshnll, Staif.; F. A. Cutter, C. W. Hobbs. 
Church— Cong., Augustus Berry. Physician— Amos Batcheldcr. 

Manufacturers^ider and vinegur, C. L. Seavey, B. B. Hillman, 
W.O. Butler, J. R. Griffin; frocking, Marshall k Co.; lumlxr, R. B. 
Ilillman, David Butler, A. D. Kntler. L. Seavey, Gage k Junes. 

Mechanics— blacksniiths, W. A. Couilliard, Wm. Cobum; carpen 
ters, R. B. Hillman, N. 8. Sleeper, C. W. Hobbs, 0. G. Spear; paint 
ers, Cnindall Bnrtt. Daniel Pearsons, George Kin}:; wheelwrights, 
L. Seavey, Benj. Bnttrick. 

Merchants — auctioneer, D. N. Atwood ; gooceries, J. A. Foster, F 
M. Woodbury. 

PEMBROKE, MERRIMACK— Vo^., 2,518. 8. B. fr. C., 6m. 
R. R. &— Suncook, on C. R. R. 

OFFICERS— Cfer^t, A. H. Yeaton; Treat., B. B. Tmesdell; Seted- 
men, C. P. Morse, M. W. Lancey, M. H. Cochran ; Buptt., North, T. 
L. Fowler ; Suneook, M. H. Cochran. 
Postmasters— Mrs. Betij. Doe ; Ikiat, I. G. Russ. 
Justices— Aaron Whittemoru. T. L. Fowler. Warren Martin. Jas. 

BUS15BS8 DIBE0T0R7. 137 

Dodge, A. 6. Whittemore, J. B. Ilazeltoa, J. R. Kimball, M. H. Coch. 
ran, J. E. Ghickertng, ^/o^;; C. H. Sanliorn, J. C. Fellows, A. N. O^-l 
«ood, M. K. Wilson, T. J. French. S. D. Rubinsou, D. F. Merrill, £. E. 
Trnesdell, Wintbrop ¥owler, O. U. Liirabee, S. A. Bates, C. 0. Moul-' 
ton, G. P. Gofran, S. A. H. Weeks, G. P. Liltl^ C. P. Morse, Jj' 
P. Merrill. Church— Cong., C. C. Sampson. Dentist— R. M. Weeks. 
Ex. Ag't — H. Dennison 

Hotels — Suncook House, D. Jones; Opera House, J. J. Hoffsnan. 
Lawyers— J. B. Hazelton, Geo. S. Blanchard. 
Literary Institution— Pembroke or Blanchard Academy, Isaac 
Wftlker, prin. 

Manufacturers — ^brick and Inmber, H. T. Simpson, Geo. Simpwn, 
Sdmnnd Slliott} E'Xst^ lumber, Wm. Knox, I. O. Russ, A..N. Ongood. 
Mechanics — blticksmitlis. H. Head, T. Conway, G. Charon : carpen 
tecs, J. A. Kimball, B. P. Kimball, Curtis Hutchinson; masou, W. 
U. Thompson ; painter, C. C. French. 
Merchants — ^Miller, Johnson, A C.vr, J. Welch. 
Snneook— postmaster— M. L. Span i ding. ^ 
Justices— J. B. Hazelton, J. R. Kimball, M. H. Cochran, J. E 
f bickering, SUUe ; E. B. Trnesdell, G. H. Larrabee, G. O. Moalton, G. 
T. C.Cofran, J. G. Follows. 
Churches— Bap., H. W. Tate ; Meth., G. W. Ruland. 
Ex. Ag't — ^H. Dennison. Lawyer— J. B. H<iselton. 
Hotels — J. W. Hoffman, D. S. Jones. 
Uvery Stables— Bartlett k Hoyt, D. S. Jones, L. A. Hyatt. 
Manufacturers — ^brlck, H. T. Simpsun & Son, B. Elliutt : carriages, 
J. M. Richardson; cotton. Pembroke k Webster Miih, D. L. JewellJ 
ag't; iron foundry. H. Wiljiston; lumber, A. N. Osgood; sash, blinds 
iand type cases, S. k G. P. Appleton. 

> Mechanics & Artisans — bakers, A. LeFobvre, Victor Gilbert ; bar- 
bers, L. A. Hyatt, 8. A. H. Weeks; blacksmiths, Chas. Charron, F.j 
L. Ukbonte; carpenters, S. S. Ordway, John Marden, Chas. EraeryJ 
J. H. Morgan, H. C. Ayer, Chas. Knox, Chas. Woods, Moses San- 
born, J. W. Salter A Son. £. S. Carroll; harnens maker. L. Therien; 
mason, J. T. Parker, A. G. Willey, Stephen Hook; p;iinters, John 
11. Lewis; (carriage) L. Fife, F. J. Fullerton; photographer, J. 
Wilkins; tailors, M. H. Knox, A. H. Yeaton. 

Merchants — Emery Bros.; auctioneer, M. H. Cochran ; boots and 
jshoes, Lncien Pickering, H. Ford k G04 clocks Ac, J. E. Ghickering, 
B. H. Paine ; clothing, M. L. Spaulding, Johnson k Truesdell, Sun- 
cook Clothing Co., A. H. Yeaton, manager; dry goods, A. B. A 
J. P. Johnson, H. Ford A Co.; drugs and medicinen, W. S. 
Palmer A Co.; fl$<h, H. S. Flanders; flour and grain, Seu*geut A Os- 
good; furniture, cofllns and caskets, W. L.Morse A Co.: grocerit'sj 
iiaker A Fellows, SuUivan Bros.; hats, caps and furnishing goods, 
J. E. Ghickering, M. L. Spantding, Johnson A Truesdell ; millinery A 
fancy goods, B. L. Culrer, A. B. A J. P. Johnson, Geo. C. Bunton, G. A. 
Putter; wood, coal and ice, A. Colby. 

Physicians— B. H. Phillips, J. R. Kimball, A. M. Dane, G. H. 

fr. 0.,4»: N. W. fr. Nashua, 31. R. R. 5.— Peterboro', on Munadnock 
R. R. A Peterboru' A Hillsboro' R. R. Daily stage to Dublin; twice 
daily to Greenfield. 

OFFICERS— Cl«rl;, J. H. Steele; Treas., W. G. Liringston; Select- 
men,, WuL Moore, W. 0. Davis, J. F. Nooue. 


Poslmaslers— J. B. Miller ; We.% J. Fraher. 

Justices— Charles Scolt, E. M. Smitb, CLatles Wilder, J. B. Miller 

F. G. Clarke, B. B. IJatcb, P. M. HVbite, A. Fuller, M. L. Morri&CD, 

A.M. Pendleton, fi. N. Porter, State; Albert Sawjer, D. W. Gould, 

James Scott, Jacob I.ongley. J. S. Treadirell, Franklin Field, A 

! A. Farnanrorth, Justus Fibber, G. H. I.oogley, C. A. Jaqulth, TT. S 

I Tieadwcll, Jobn H. Steele, M'. D. Cbase. 

Churches— Bap., E. A. Herring; Cong., George Dnstan ; Heth., J. 
W. Prefebj ; B. Catb., Edmund Buckle; Unit., A. W, Jackson. 

Eating Houses— M. Y. dicoTer, Wm. F. Piatt, G.H. Loogley, Cbas 
Dustin, J. M. Hastings. 

Exp. Ag't— H. K. French. Tel. Ag*t— J. B. Steele. 

Hotels^ French's, T. B. Tucker; St. James, Fred Smith, Phoenix, M. 
v. Cheever. 

Urwyers— Frank G. Clark, E. M. FmHh, D. M. White, B. B. Hatch 

Livery Stables— John Bourke, T. B. Tucker. 

Manufacturers— ban meterfi, tLermtnietero, and lumler, Charles 
Wilder; baskets, A. Cbilds ft Son ; cottony Pl.oeniz Co., Unfoli Co 
cleaier, roller and slasher clotbr, J. Moone's Sons; iron, G. P. Felt; 
puper pulp, P. C. Cheney Co.; paper, Peterboro' Paper Co.; piano 
stools. J. Brigg^ ; truhsts. Carter A Claik. 

Mechanics k Artisans— black^mitls, G. W.Farrar, Erf Spanlding 

E. A. Bobbins; carpenters, 6. B. Gilchrist C. E. Jaquith, 0. \^. 

Darip ; granite viorken>, J. F. Brtnnan, Asa Bat is, D.O'Keeffe; hair 

j dressers, J. 0. Finh, W. P. Averili; harness makfrs, E. W. Mcln 

< tosh ; machinist, G. P. Felt ; maible trorker, H. Brennan ; mason, G. 

jW.Marden; painters, L. P. Wilson, LorenKo Bolt, Datld Nelson 

photographer, L. £. Wilson; printers, Farnum ft Scott; tallon, 

C. A. Bobbe, Ogood ft Martin, F. G. Ttmpleton; k heelvrighta, 

' E. A. Bobbins, Gto. W. Farrar. 

Merchants— W. G. Litingston, 8n:ith Bros., F. Tennry ft Son, A. A 
ft W. E. BaTip, E. L. Eveleth ft Co., C. A. Jaquith ft Co.; auctioneer, 
; Charles Scott : bakeis, G. H. Longley ft Son; books, 'stationery and 
I fancy goods, J. H. Steele; hoots and shoes, F. 8. Bullard, Samuel Bil- 
lings, W. E. Baker; clocks and watcht-8, F. B. C(fBn. A. F. Griniea, 
iBavid Smiley ; clothing, John Wilder ft Co , Osgood ft Martin, Mnr- 
I shall Nay, C. A. Bobbe, F. G. Templeton ; drugs and medicima, 6, 
I L. Forbnsh, J. R. Miller; flour and (iiain, J. F. Noone, C. A. Jaquith 
ft Co.: bats ft ca| s, Marshall Kay, Join Wilder ft Co.; millinery. New 
Yoik Store. T. D. Wine b, Mrs. F. A. Tracy ; meat markets, N. T. SHton, 
W. H.Longhy ; tiiivaie, Augustus Fuller, N.cholsBrcs., F. £.Taggart. 

Physicians— J. H. Cotler, W. I). Chase, D. B. Cutler, M. A. Kim- 
bair; dentistp, S. N. Porter. C. H. Ilajirard 

Pierce's Bridec— See Belhlcbem. 

PIERMONT, GIiAFTO^-Vop.,1S2. N. W. from C, 76. S 
fr. Haverhill, 4*^. S. R. &— Bradford, Vt., tn C. and P. B. R. R. Daily 

OFFICEBS— a«fc, E. E. Grimes; Trefl*.. A.P. Gould; Seleetmm, 
Albert Bogers, H. H. Palmer, J. D. Martin ; Bupt., A. L. Marden. 

Postmaster— W. H. Gannett. 

Justices— Albert Kogers, Btutt j B. C. Metcxlf, E. E. Grimes, W. H 

Churches— Cong., A. L. Marden; Meth , I. J. Tebbitts. 

Manufacturers — carriages, C. C. Ba^-ley ; chair stretcl ers, E. B.] 
Cilley; lumber, H. 8. Anuington, Aaron Barton, jr., E. E.Grimia, 

T» - . ^1. 


Mechanics — LlatkoniithF, J. A. Libby ; carpenter, W. C. Sfmpton ; 
gr anite wurkerf),0. M. Thompson, Lewis Ishum A G).; haraesii niak«n, 
IK. G. Bradford; tnaible Moiker, L. E. Risley, L. E. 8teveD« A Co.; 
jDiaBons, Lysaodbr Bi-Mynard, N. Spencar; ftiu;emaker, Jamaa Piatt; 
wheelwright, C. C. Bagley . 

IfferchantS— W. U. Oiinnett, E. E. Orinies. 

PlTl^SBUBO, COOS— Pop., 581. N. fr. C, 200; N. fr. Cole- 
brook, 17. H. H. &— North Stratford, 30 m., on 0. T. K. R.; aUge 
Ithree times a week. 

I OFFICERS— C/eiAr, J. W. Baldwin ; Setectment 0. 8. Holmea, M. B. 
Hayues, Win. H.Tibbetta ; Supt.^ M. B. Ha> net. 

Postmasters— J. W. Baldwin; Cumwctieut Lakt^ H. S. Shoppe. 

Justices— M. B. Hafnes, SiaU ; E. L. Farnham, E. C. Aldricb, C. 8. 
Holmes, Hirain Hilliard, J. W. l:aJdwin. 

Cburcli— Meth., J. L. We»Iey. Merchant— J- W. Baldwin. 

Hotel— Connerticut Lake House, Couu. Riv. Lumber Co., prop. 

Mechanics— blacksmftliP, Dennis Ledoo, J, U. Bacon ; carpenters, 
Qeo. WttMburu ; coopers. Allen Rowell, L. li. Nutting, 0. fi. Uuggins; 
wheelwright, Qeo. B. Crawford. 

I PITrnFlEIiB, MERRIMACK— Voi^., 1,964. B. from C., 15. 
R. R. &— PitUfield, on Snn. Tal. R. R. Stage to all trains. 
I OFFICERS— C/erJb, B. M. Tilton; Tiea»., N. S. Drake; tidteUiMn, 
J. W. Lo<ke, F. E. Randell, J. N. Carr; tinpt., Frank £. Raudull. 
{ Postmaster & Tel. Ag't— £. Jenkins. 
I Justices — Joseph Harvey, A. Whittemore, jr., R. T. Leavitt, J. M' 
Tucker, D. K. Foster, jr., J, T. Hill, A. W. Bartlett. C. M. Baiiey, H. F. 
Tattle, Truman Snilih, ^att ; '6. R. Drake, T. L. Norris, J. L. F.ench. 
Francis Peaslee, E. L. Carr, J. 0. Tasker, J. P. Watson, G. F. Green, 
£. K. Webster, P. H. Adunis. Hotel— Wnshingtou, H. C. Gale. 
i Churches— Adv., Joseph Hurvuy; C. Bap., E. fironiley ; Cong., 
J. W. Colwell ; Epis., John George ; Y. Bap., J. C. Osgood. 

Eatinq House— H. W. Lawrence & Co. 

Exp. Agt'S— Daniel Greene. N lies A Co. 

Lawyers— Aaron Whittemore, jr.. T. H. Thomdike, A. W. Bart- 
lett. Literary Institution— Pitt^field Academy, D. K. Foster, prii 

Livery Stanles— Geo. M. Moore, T. W. Nutter, U. C. Gale. 

Manufacturers — boots and shoes, J. A. Jacobs, J. M. Mason ; boxes. 

Page k Evans, I^ne 4k Adams ; lumber, A. J. Fogg k Co., Hart 

well. Lane k Adams ; cotton, Pittsfield MTg Co., Geo. E. Kent, agent. 

Mechanics A Artisans — blacksmiths, Goodwin ft Co., W. H 
Blake, H. W.«Batchelder, F. S. Leavitt; caipeutent, Wm. C. Evans 
;W. N. Adams, S. H. Sargent, Chas. Lane, W. B. Evans; hair dresser, 
jThonias Corner; harness maker, B. M. Tilton ; masons, T. W. Nutter, 
fO. E. Mathews ; painters, J. R. C. Daris, J. B. Sanborn, A. G. H. Ring, 
'John Kaim ; photographer, Henry Osjcbod; printer, D. T-^Neal; tailor, 
jK. J. Aikens ; undertaker, Lewis Bunker; wheelwrights, N. C. Tilton, 
■A. T. Prescott, C. 0. Davis. 

I Merchants— B. F. Kaim, G. D. S. Noyes, F. S. Cole, T. P. Tuck, 
;J. T. irm & Co., J. D. Stevens. G. N. Fops ; auctioneers, J. L. French, 
J. M. Tucker; bookn, W. A. Mack; clocks and watches, John Mc 
Dougal, J. M. Batchelder ; clothing, hats and caps, H. A. Tuttle; dry 
Koo<ls, F. H. Gee k Co., Geo.GoSKman, K. 0. Sanderson ; flour iind corn, 
,P. H. Adams, Weeks Bros.; groceries, P. H. Adams, Wm. Yeatou, 
.Solomon Clark ; hardware, C. C. Rogers ; meat, C. N. Green, Swain, 
CIouRh ; millinery, Mrs. J. Mc Dougal, F. II. Gee ft Co. 
Physicians— John Wheeler, J. G. Ladd, E. L. Carr. 


, PliAIHTFIEI^D, 8irLlIVAN—i*op., 1372. N. W. fr. C ,(B;vN.! 
I W. fr. Newport, 20. it. i2, S.— Windsor, Vt. 5m., oa C, V. R. R. 
Dailv BtHKe via Cornish Flat. Daily stage for Lebanon, yia Rut 
Plainfleld. I 

I OFFICERS— Ofer'J-, B. F. Manchester: Trecu., P. J. Spencer; CW- 
Z«ctor, S. D. 8tone ; Selecttnent Sidney Sanborn, W. P. Thrasher, G. J. 
French ; Supt^ Albert Ueald. 
I Postmaster— Wm. Hall. 

I Justices — A. S. Bartholomew, J. A. Spencer, J. T. Duncan, J. F. 
Rayustoid, State; S. D. titone, A. P. VFood, Josiah Dayis, JS. Q. Beers, 
Alfred Woodman. 

Churches— Bap., 6.B. Smith ; Cong., L. A. Austin. 

ManuHiCturers — carriages, G. H. Hill, T. Peterson; colBns and 
caskets, Wm. P. Eggieston ; flour and meal, H. Gibson. | 

Mechanics — blacksmi|>hs, Innly Spaulding, Joseph Stickney ; car-i 
penter, Titus Pierce ; paiinter, 0. Jtnes ; shoemakers, Frank Phillips, 
Nelson Short ; upholstei*er, L. L. Bailey. Physician— C. C. Beckley. 

Merchants — Wm. HhU; butchers,, B. F. k C. Levine. 

Merlden— jR. R. SL— Lebanon on N. N. U. R. R., 7 m.,and Wind- 
sor, Vt. on C. V. K. R., U m,, with daily stage to each, passiug 
through Etist Plainfield. 

Postmistress &. Exp.Ag't— Abbie F. Spaulding. 

Churches— Bap., Albert Ueald ; Cong., C. M. Palmer. 

Hotel — Meriden, , prop. 

Literary Institution— Kimball Union Academy, M. R. Oainea, prin 

Livery 'stables— D. N. Moolton, S. Davis. | 

Manufacturers —flour meal and lumber, Wm. A Geo. Moore. | 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, Harry AdamiB, Joseph Remefacto; car- 
penters and Joiners, B. F. Manchester, J. K. Baldwin, S. Story, H. B.| 
Stickney, Geo. F.«Dotey ; joiner, Frank French ; marble worker, J. Qj 
Sttivens ; masons, B. F. Manchester, C. J. Stevens, E. F. Stickney ; 
painter, Perley Roberts; slioemakers, N. Chapman, A. Spaulding, 8.: 
Spaulding; tailor, C.Cole. 

Merchants— 0. W. Cummings ; butchers, I. W. Westgate A Son ; 
poultry and game, Fred. Moulton. 

Physicians— Hubert Sleeper; thomp., E.G. Beers. 

East— ^. /?. S.— Lebanon, 4 m., on N. H. N. B. R. 

Postmistress— Emma F. Currier. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, Dexter Cntts, E. S. Moore ; carpenters, 
iCiirrier & Son, Wm. A Tolbert ; mason, J. F. Johnson ; wheel wright.l 
W. 0. Currier. » . 

PliAISTOW, ROCKTNOITAM—Vop., 1,003. 8. B. fr. C, 40; S. 
W. fr. Exeter, 14. R. R. &— Plaistow and Atkinson, on B. A M. R.R. 
I OFFICERS— CTerAr, Moses Kiml»all : Treat., C. W. Cass; SeUctmeni^ 
Gilman Il.rris, J. N- George, S. C. Sleeper: 8uj»<., Annie L. Dow. 

Postmasters— C. W. Cass; Atkingon Ikpoty A. K. Hoyt. 

Justices— W. H. Hills, J. M. Davis, State; Joseph Kimball, H. H. 
Cheney, C. C. Cheney, M. B. Dow. 

Churches— Bap., Kyte; North Pariah, Cong., . 

Hotel — Wilcomb House, D. Burns. 

Lawyers— W. H. Hills, C. C. Cheney. Tel. Ag't— C. L. Martin. 

Manufacnirers— brick, Moses Goodchild, Isaac Hall, H. H. Che- 
ney, Gvo. Denoncour, S. S. Hill. 

I Mechanics— blacksmith, M. B. Dow; carpenters, W. K. Seaver, M. 
|R. Dow, C. F. Goodwin ; painter, S. C. Loverin; tailor, John Duffill; 
{wheelwright, M. B. Dow. 


Merehants — auctioneer, D 8. Peasleu ; dry and feney good*, Mary 

iNichots; florfat W. II. Hills; groceries G. W. Cm«, J. M. Davis; 

ioniber, Daniel Pea^lee, I. U. Pollard. 

Physicians— N. K. Kelley R. A. Chittenden. 

Pl^TKOtJVH, GRAFTOy--&Mre-town; Pop., 1,728. N. W 

fr. C, 51. 12. B. A— Ply month, on B.,G. k M. R. R. 

OFFICERS— Cferfc, Yan N. Bhss ; Treat.y John Maeon ; Sdeetnen, 
A. 0. Smyth, Alfred Cook, J. A. Pennanian : Supt.^ O. U. Scott. 
. Postmasters— W. D. Blaisdell -, We»t, R. 0. Stenrne. 
Justices — B. W. Blair, Jos. Bnrrows, Seth Doton, AlTin Bnrleigh, 
{A. J. C. Barnard, F. W. A. Robie. M. S. Brown, Cyrnii Keunistou, O. H.i 
lAdams, C. H. Whittier, H. M. Rodgerfl, A. L. Hazelton, StaU; E. II. 
lOoTe, D. H. Currier, F. C. Longee, Hiram Clark, W. L. Horner, C. M. 
^achanan. W. 0. Hull, R. E. Smyth, S R. Chase. L. L. Draper. 
Churches— Cong., U. H. Scott; Meth., J. H. Haines. 
Eatina Houses— J W. Piper, J. H. Abbott, J. T. Cutttiir, Jr. 
Exp. Ag't-^ames Robie. 

Hotels & Livery Stables— Pemigewassett House, C. M. MorM; 
Plymouth House, Buchanniin A Willis. 

Lawyers — Joseph Burrows. Alvin Burleigh, C. A. Jewell, Geo. II. 
Adams. Real Estate AgHs— W. 6. Rogers A Co., K. H. Oove. 

Literary Institutions— Normal School, H. P. Warren, prin.; Hol- 
iderness School, F. H. Qray, prin. 

I Manutkcturers— gloTes, F. H. Rollins, I. H. Whitten, Olynn, Bros., 
)L A. Ferrin, D. H. Currier A Co^ Draper & Co., A. 1/f. Arery, H. S. 
George, H. D. Smith, C. W. Galley, Plymouth, GIoTe Works, E. K. 
A F. C. Blodgett ; furniture, Rogers k Co. 

Meehaoics & Artisans— blacksmiths, D. C. Wheeler, M. C. Corliso, 

D. W.Grant, A.Clement; carpenters, E. G. Shnmway, Martin Merrill, 

J. Madgett, E. S. Bailey, P, H. Crawford ; dress mnkers, Mrs. J. C.| 

Clnse, Mrs. J. G. L^ngdon; coopers, George Dearborn, Henry Cum- 

I'mlngs; hair dressers, J. H. AblN>tt ; harness makers, G. Hounton, J. F. 

Wiggtn ; marble worker, J. U. Farnnm ; masons, J. F. Sanborn, C. R.i 

Crawford, O. W. Gower; painters, G. H. Harris, Timothy] 

Cheney, H. H. Lougee, AIl>ert Bickford ; photographers, E. B. Hodge: 

P'interH, Van N. Ba8«^C. H. Kimball; tailor. R.O. Wright; tinsmiths,: 

Thos. Pressey , J. k H JSwBurrows ; shoemakers, II. S- Woodbury. S. A.i 

!Go<>dhne; stone cutter, J. C. Berry; watch ni.nkBrs, F. W. B»lIow, 

D. M. Connell, h. C. Hall; wheelwrights, C. G. Batchelder, P. S. 


I Merchants — Web8t<*r, RnsselT ft Co., A. G. Smyth, Cyrus Keniston, 
B. F. St. Clair k Co., Plummer Vox, Mason k Weeks ; coffins, caskets 
land robes, D. M Connell ; clocks, watches, jewelry and t'uncy goods,! 
!J. R. Connell, P. W. Ballon, L. C. Hull ; clothing, L. M. Howe, Rogers 
!A Oo ; drugs and medi- ines, J. S. Tufrs. Bartlett k Co.; fancy goods, 
and notions, Y. N. Bass, F. W. Ballon, Miss B. B. Leighton ; meat, W., 
!G. Chase, J. W. Piper: millinery, Mrs. J. U. Farnbam, Mrs. D. M. 
Connell. Mrs. B. L. Caldon. 

Physicians — Robert Burns. Tristram Rogers, J. A. Sanborn, A. J. 
iMarstou ; dentists, B. P. Merrill, E. W. White. 

I TeL Operators— Pemigewassett House, Miss Mary E. Kingman, 
R. R. olflce, L B. Havward. 

i PORTSMOUTH^ ROCKmO HAM— Shire town— Pop., 0,732. 
8. B. fr. C, 45; R.R. &— -Ports month, on Eastern R. R., Con. & Ports. 
R. R., Ports, k Dov. R. R., Port., Saco k Ports. B. R., Ports., Gt. P. k 
,Cou. K. R. 


OFFICERS— ifayor, Wm. H. Sise; CUy CUtrk, D. J. VaaghAn; Citsf 
Messsnger, J. L. Parker; Atdernuh^ Ward I, W. F. Noyee, C. A. Shaa-J 
ion, Geo. T. Vaughan; 2, J. F. Hall, J. H. Slater, T. E. Call ; 3, Jere- 
niah Sanborn ;4, Wm. S. Hazel, H. S. Hartshorn ; Common CounciUntn^ 
WTard 1, Wm. H. Gardner, F. R. <lafretL N. P. Bryant, J. T. Newton, 
aobert King, G. W. Frott ; 2, J. M. Clark, Charles Manent, W. P. Webster, 
i. M. Lang, C. F. Shillaber^ A. C. Anderson; 8, Geo. A. Jackson, h. 
a. Mill»; 4, C. B. Senter, W. M. Gray, H. C. Rii.osell. Dnniel Geary; 
[I. E. Rich, clerk ; OolUctor and Treamrer^ W. E. Hadley ; Justice o/Fb- 
ice Oour% C. E. Batch elder; AMociate Justice, M. Bufford; City SoUdi- 
or, W. R, Foster ; City Marshal^ Thomas Eniwistle ; Street OommU^i 
ioner, W. F. Ham; CUy Physician, R.C.Qra,nt', Board of BeaUh, KJ 
J. Grant, Robert Shillaber, Anthony Nowell ; /khool Boards Mayor 
(V. H. Sise, chairmiin, ex-offieio' John Pender. Secretary ; Committe«J 
tfrs. Helen C. Knight, J. R. May, Mercer Cfoodrich, W. C. Newton,) 
V. C. Hoyt, J. H. Locke, John Pender, 0. M. Knight; C. W. Gardner,' 
i. B. Shcrbnrne, D. J. Vaugtian, Mrs. Anna B. Wilson; ffigth School 
Tommiftee, J. R. May, A. 0. Hoyt, D. J. Vaagban ; Assessors, Q. W.| 
:*endexter, J. H. Berry, T. J. Mitchell, E. F. Brackett, L. O. DariaJ 
I. F. Webster, A. L. Rand, U F. Wendell, W. P. Bennett; Overseers of, 
he Poor J chairn^an, the Mayor. ^x-offi,cia, H. M. Clark, 8. S. Green, W.- 
I. Canty, B. F. Mngridf^ ; C^te/* fSngineer, S. L. Marstoo; Harbor 
Master, G. W. Peixlexter; Port Wardens, E. S. Vaughan, 0. F. Phil^ 
>rick, W. R. Martin. 

Postmaster— E. G. Pierce. 

Justices— Marceitus Bufford, William Conn, S. Y- Olark, J. H 
)aYis, Samuel Dodge, J.H. Flagg, Ichabod Goodwin, J, H. Gardner,' 
i, R. Hatc^ A. W. Haven, Wiliiam H. ilackett, Wallace Hackattv G.' 
i. Hodf don, A. F. Howard, F. M. Hatch, W. C. Harrlman, F. W. Hack* 
tt, W. Isley, J. H. Kent, J. P Morse. S. H. Marshall, L. (Well, 
). M. Parker, G. W. Pendexter, John Pender, J. W. Parsons, R. G. 
Merce, Calrin Page, W. H. Rollins, J. E. Rider, Samuel Rowe, F. W. 
lunil, John Sise, D. J. Vaughan, H. F. Wendell, 8. C. Whittier, Aaron 
foung, State ; George Annable, C. W. Bailey, J. H. Broughton, C. E. 
tatchelder, J. H. Cheever, B. Cheever, Howe Call, John O'Connors, 
ohn Dame, N. L. Foliom, Wm. R. Foster, A. VlJH.. Fernald, J. H. Fps- 
er, J. H. Gardner, S. S.Qreen, John Hodgdon, 2d, A. H. Hill, C. A. 
lazlett, J. G. Harvey, 0. J. Hoblxs, Wm. C*. Ham, S. W. Hoyt, W. G. 
ladley, Newton Johnston, M. E. Long, A. Laighton, G. H. Men4um, 
V. H. Palmer, W. H. Sise, E. A. Tilton, M. J. Vaugban. I 

Churches— Adv., ; Bap., W. H. Alden ; Chris., J. A. Gots ; 

V)ng., W. A. Mc Giuley ; Epis., 0, A. Holbrook ; F. Bap., Teoman : 

luth., C. B. Pitblado: R. Cath, £. M. O'Callagau; Unit., James De 
formandie; Univ., E. M. Grant. Ex. Agt's— Jackson A.Co., Frye & Co.) 

Hotels— Rockingham Honse, F. W. Hilton; Kearsarge House, J, W> 
loodwin ; Riverside Iluase, G. H. Atkins: Gibson House, J. Grant 

Ins. Ag'tS— 8. Dodge, F. W. de Rocheainnt, Morse A Ilsley, John 
ise, C. A. Hazlett, H. A. Teaton, Wm. C. Robinson, A. F. Howard, 
as. P. Bartlett, C. M. Gignoux. I 

Lawyers— A. R. Hatch, W. H. Rollins, J, 8. H. Frink, William H. 
lackett, A. F. Howard, Calvin Page. G. £. Hodgdon, U. Call, G. E. 
latchelder, John Hatch, W. C. Harriinan, Wallace [lackett. 1 

Literarjr Institutions— Smith's Commercial Academy, Prin., L. El' 
Imith ; Miss Morgan's Boarding School, Prin., Miss A. C. Morgan. I 

Livery Stables— B. W. Cochrane, Stoddard Bros., Woodbury Locks, 

t. H. Rr*Arlin.nn TTurrv l7ri*Aniian ■ 


, 1 

I MtnuflMturers— aIo, Bidreige Brewing Co., Portnmonth Brewing 
Co., Fntnk Jooee; blocks, W. R. Ifartia ; boots and shoes, Portsmoatti 
Shoe Co.; carriages, N. P. Bryant St Co.. G. J. Oreenleaf, Q. M. Hun- 
tress, T. A. Tncker; cigars, J. Sanborn; cod lirer oil, Marvin Bros., 
k Bartlett; cottons, Kearsarge Mills; confectionery, J. H. Thompson 
|iCo., J. B. BBNN BTT ; distillery, Wm. Ward ; drain pipe, Dennis Siiea ; 
tinsiery, T. Letter, Wm. Cartledge, Thos. Kennedy A Son ; lager, £1- 
dredge Brewing Co.; leather, M. H. Goodrich ; masts and span, W. R. 
Martin : patent grapples and anchors, A. 8. Trafton & Son ; planing 
mills, Daniel Littlefield, I. N. Rugg, J. Haddock M Son: sails 
and awnings. J. R. flolbrook, Chas. Drown, T. S. Gay A Coj; sash, doors 
and blinds, Jacob Hiiddock k Son; soip and candles, A. T. Walker ii 
Son, R. S. Cleaves St Son ; soda and small beers, C. B. Boy n ton. 
I Mechanics & Artisans— bakers, C. W. Plumer. J. W. Sowersby, 
Taughan Bros., G. W. Wallace, Geo. Rice, David rlynn ; brass fonn- 
jders, N. D. Miller A Go. ; carriage smiths, G. J. Greenleaf ; dyer, T. Mur- 
Pl>y; gM fitters, J. P. Sweetser, N. D. Miller A Co.; gnn and lock- 
jsmitb, J. F. Shillaber; harness makers, J. S. Til ton, J. T. Larrabee. 
ag't; machinists, Critcbley A Whalley ; marble workers. Silas Pliill- 
brick, J. 8. Treat; painters, B. D. Coffin, J. W. Lofavoar, M. J. A W. A. 
Tftngliaii, W. J. Sampson A Co.; photographers, Davis Bros., 0. H. 
Cook; printers, L. W. Brewster, F. W. Miller A Co., Chronicle A 
iQasette Publishing Co., A. H. Hanscom ; book and Job, C. W. Gard- 
ner, 0. M. Knight; ship builders, Wm. F. Fernald, Daniel Marcy; 
shipsmiths, J. W. Raitt, B. F. Rice. A« 8. Trafton A Son; tailors, 
iB. M. Brown, Peyser A K'*nnedy, J. B. Ham A Co., J. W. Mos^, C. £. 
iMyers A Co., W. P. Walker, Rider A Cunningham, H. Leveen, D. 
O'Leary, Wm. De Courcey, John Malabenden; undertakers. Fletcheri 
A Tanton, J. F. Adams, John Bnckley. 

I Merchants — agricultural implements, Woodbury, Seavey A Co.; and 
tiqae furniture, J. H. Dodge, J. L. O. Coleman ; auctioneers, C. Dwight 
jHanscom A Co.; W. H. Hackett, J. P. Morse, H. F. Wendell ; books 
and stationery, W. G. Myevs, H. B. Buz^ell A Son, Moses Bros., M. 
jOoodrich ; boots and shoes. B. S. Fay, Jas. M. Carr, Oren Bragdoo,' 
'John Kelley, Joseph Pettigrew, A. A. Payne, J. H. Slater, R. K. Lug- 
den, James Walley, John Clark. W. B. Hiis^ey, W. Hoyt, James San- 
liora ; clocks, watches A Jewelry, J. H. U0TCHINdON, J. R. Conneli 
K. W. Ham, H. H. Ham; clotliin;;, W. P. Walker, J. K. lUm A Co,, J. 
T. Brown, C. E. Myero A Co., Rider A Cunningham, J. W. Moses, H. 
Leveen, Peyser A Kennedy, Ephraim Green, Jolin Kelley; coal and 
wood, B. F. Sise A Co., C. B. Walker, J. A. Walker, Russell A Odion, 
U. H. Thompson; commission, C. D. Hanscom A Co^ U. F. 
IWeadel), B. F. Sjse A Co.. Chas. Robinson A Sou, Ruflsell A Odion ; 
crockery, and glass ware, N. F. Mathes A Co., C. D wight Han- 
jsoom, J. H. Slater, H. F. Wendell, M. M. Collis; drugs and medi- 
jciQee, Frank J. Pbilbrick, A. P. Preston. J. H. Thacher, Qfiorge 
;Hfn, F. B. Coleman; dry goods, Mrs. C. H. Clough, A vers Locke, 
C. H. Marston, M C. Foye, G. B. French, D. F. Borthwick, II. Shaw 
jA Co., J. S. Rand, C. N. Shaw A Co., William Benson, Pfeiffcr A 
{Co.; fancy goods, H. B. Buzssell A Son, Lizzie D. Tripp, Pfeiffer 
A Co., M. M. Collis, L. B. Staples, A. Stavard, C. A. AnnableJ 
C. N. Shaw A Co., Wm. Bennon. W. G. Myers ; florists, Amos 
Pearson, Mrs. 'J. B. Haley, M. B. Hutchinson A Co., Jos. Maloon; 
;fish. RANDALL A CASWELL, N. F. Berry, Blvin Newton, SnUivan A 
Co., C. M. Tredick, Q. W. Randall; flour and grtin, J. Brooks A Co.,i 
I Thoqias Neil, Chas. Bobtn^on A Son, W. A. Plaisted ; fruit and con-, 


•ectionerj', H. C. Locke, P. S. Wendell, 3. Whitconib, J. W. GerriBh, 
R. 1). Smart, J. H. Thompson & Co., A. Jtobeck & Sons, T. W. 
Priest J furniture, Shaldon Bro-., B. M. Brown A Co., Fletcher A Tan- 
tone; groceries, Butler A Liiighton, H. M. Clark, Wm. Downs 
A Son, S 8. Frye, H. L. Garrett, II. F. Qerrish, Geo. H. Ab- 
bott, Chas. H. Tucker, J. R.' Teaton A Co., S. G. Hooper, James Jnn- 
Ikfns, C. M. Laighton Dennis Lynch, H. S. Hartshorn. N. F. Mathes A 
Co., W. C. Newton A Son, S. W. Moses, J. U. Slater, H. W. Oxford, 0. 
Grffin A Co., A. A. Payne, W. Sladen, Geo. Stott, A. E. W. Green, B. 
F. MngHdge, C. L. Brown, Mrs. James Norton, T. J. Sheehan, IF. F. 
IRussell, W. H. Canty. Russell Bros., J. H. Well*, 0. H. Joy, Ward 
I& Maddock, L. V. Newell, John Conlon, C. W. Rand, C. H. Tuck- 
er. M. F. PrescQtt, George W. Ptumer, Dlv. 1, Sovereigns of Indus- 
try, Wm.Critchley, jr., ag'f; hardware, Pryor A Matthews, Rider A. 
Cotton, G. T. Vanghan, A. P. Wendell A Co., Fred. G. Moses; hats 
caps and furs, F. £. Dearborn, J. F. Berry, A. H. Tucker A Co.; ice, 
|L. M. Perkins G. A. Perkins, J. L. Downs, 6. Hodgdon; importers, I. 
[Goodwin, E. F. Sise A Co., H. Peyret, C. B. W^alker A Co.; lumber, 
illme and cement, Saai*l Adams A Co., A. A. Fernald, T. E. Call A Sons, 
Russell A Odion ; millinery, A. A. Batchelder A Co., Mrs. A. O. Fondst, 
Mrs C. H. Clough, Misses Hills, PfeifTer & Oo.,C. N. Shaw A, Co., J. M . 
Tebbetts, B, J. Tuckerman A Co., A. M. Parmenter, M. F. Bickford:! 
music and musical instruments, D. H. Montgomery, £. A Tilton, Amosj 
Pearson; nurserymen, D. II. Spinuey, G.' H. Rogers; paints,, 
oils and glass, E. Tripp, M. J. * W. A. Vanghan, A. -P, Wen-, 
dell A Co., J. T. French; picture frames, D. H. Mont^meryJ 
E. M. Huntley, Wrn. Benson, Davis Bros.; provisions, H. M. Ctark, H.; 
|L. Garrett, B. F. Mugridge, Wm. Horn, H. F. Hartshorn, U J. Laigh- 
jton, C. L. Brown, J. H. Wells, Fraok Wiggin; restaurant, J. B. Bennet ; 
salt. C. K. Walker A Co., B. F. Sise A Co.; sash and blinds, J. T. French,! 
B. F. Webster; stereoscopic views, Davis Bros., 0. H.Cook ; stoves and 
tinware, A. J. Badger, Uriah Rlaisdell, J. L. 0. Coleman, J. P. gfweet- 
ser. Dearborn A Co., Matthew Earinff; wall paper and window shades, 
W. G. Myers, H. B. Buzzell & Son, Mercer Goodrich. i 

Physicians—B. W. Curtis, N. L. Polsom, J. F. Hall, S. C. Whittier, 
A. H. Sherburne, J. W. Parsons, Br.iinard Dearborn, R. 0. Qrant, J. 
Bt. May, S. J. Donaldson, F..B. Potter, E. Richter, D. W. Jones, H. F. 
Clarke: denti'^ts, B. B. Goodall, E. S. Ryder, N. L. Folsom, J. S. Per- 
ry, B. M. Jewett, L. A. Johnson. i 
Potter Place— Se^ Andover. I 
Pottenivllle — See Harrisville. j 
Profile House — See Franconia. ' 
RABri>OI.PU, coos-Pop., 138. N. B. fr. C, 12(> ; 8. B. fr. 
Lancaster, 19. M. R. S.— Gorham, 5 m., on G. T. R. R. Post office ad- 
dress, Gorliam. 

OFFICERS— CZerfe omf Treas., Ithlel Scales ; SupL; Joiie Watson ; 
Stlectihen^ P. Watson. A. "6. Mes8( nger, J. W. Bnzzell, ; 

Justrces — A. G. Messenger, StnU\ L. M. Watson, J. B. Leighton. ; 
Hotel — Ravine House, L. M. Watson. I 

Manufacturers— lumber, J. F. Thompson, ,Gilber Brothers, J. 6. 

Mechanics^blacksmith. A., G. Messenger ; carpenters, Habbard 

i RATinOND, ROCKINGHAM— Vc)ip.,l,0&i. S. B. fr. C, 24. 
;W. fr. Exeter, 14; W. fr. Portsmouth, 25. R. R. 5.— Raymond, on 
.C. A P. R. R. • 


OFFICERS— a«rJk, Charles Poor ; Trea$., J. D. Brown ; SeUeimm, 
, O. T. BrowQ, B. F. Tilron. J. W. Dudley : Supf^ D. C. HMtly. 
i Postmaster St Physician— T. M. Ooald. { 

Jastices— S. M. Harn'man. J. T. Dudley, Be^J. Poore, 8. D. Tilton, 
T. M. Qould, O. T. Brown, G. S Smith, Waaley Poore, D. C. liealy, Mark 
I Scrlbner, SUiU; John Hcaly, J. D. QBrown, A. W. Brown, Dudley, 
^ Lane, B. F. Til ton, R. J. Hack, C. A. Shepard, A. Q. Whittier. 

I Churches— F. Bap., Joseph Fallonton ; Cong., ; Heth., 

G. W. Noyce. Exp. & Tel/ Aa't— Albert Story. 
, Hotels— KiverBide, G. A. Pecker ; £iw;le Honsa, Mrs. F. G. Bean. 
' Literary Institution- Raymond High Schuol, J. T. Bartlett. 
I Livery Stables— J. L. Jones, Mrs. K. G. Beau. 

Manufacturers — sugar boxes and hothead stares, E. T. Nutter A 
Co^ tubs, pails, mackerel kits and shingles, H. J. LoTerinK. 
I Mechanics & Artisans— blackt*mitbs, A. W. Brown, Warren Ladd 
&Co., Solomon Ellis; gun smith, J. F. Brown; hair dresser, G. H.J 
iWhitcomb; painters, D. Batchelder, J. L. Poor; (carriage) G. K. 
Waaon t Co., J. E. Felch ; stone cutter and mason, A. F. Keeys ; 
tailor, A. G. Smith; wheelwrights, Warft^n Ladd, £. G. Browo. 

Merchants— C. A. Shepard, B. F. Tilton, G. W. Pre«cott ; auction- 
eer, S. D. Tilton ; drugs and medicines, J. A. Wiley, flsh, 8. L. 
Shepard ; hardware, Wm. H. Bailey ; harnesses, J.D. Whittier ; meat, 
0. S. Wilbur; millinery, G. W. Prescott, A. J. White, 

Red Bill— See Moqltonborough. 
I Reed*s Ferry — See Merrimack. 

RICKMOIirB, CHESHIRE—POP^ 669. 8. W. fr. C, 64. 8. 
Tr. Keene, 13. B. R. 8. — Keene, Fitzwilliam, 7 m., on Cheshire R. R. 
Winchester, 6 m^ on Aahnelot R. R. Daily stage to Keene. 

OFFICERS— C7/erii^ Jarvis Jngalls, Trtas.^ Leason Martin ; SeUd- 

ia«n, E. Starkey, A. Twitchell, Cbas. H. Lyon ; «Sttp<«., Moses Cass, 

Sarah O'Brjant, J. L. Whittemore 

Postmasters^John B. Norwood ; Nnrth, 0. Martin. 

Justices— Wm. Wright, D. B. Aldrich, fi. N. Bowent Nahum Cass, 

G. W. NewelL 

Churches— Bap., J. L. Whittemore; Unir., 
I Exp. Ag't— Orland Whipple. Hotel— iJ. Allen 
! Manufacturers— card machine and axe factory, N. Thayer ; chair 
•tuff. E. N. Bowen, F. 0. Bowen; dimension etnff, Leaaon Martin, FJ 
A A. Amidon, Amos Lawrence; pails. Nutting Bros.; pail staves, G. H.I 
Taylor. Leason Martin, H. M. Carlton, 0. E. Parsons, F. ft A. Amidon, 
Amos Lawrence. 

! Mechanics— blacksmiths, W. Randall, N. F. Newell, AWin Perry, 
A. W. Newell ; carpenters, E. 0. SUrkey, George Taylor, D. B. Al 
drich, Edson Starkey ; gunsmith, Andrew I>odge ; mason, D. B. Al 
drich; painters, Edwin Amidon, K. P. Flsber; stone cutters, A. 
^Twitchell, N. Naromure, F. E« Naromore ; wheelwrights, Harvey Mar- 
,tiB, Alvin Perry. 

Merchants— Charles Noswood, North, J. L. Newell ; auctioneer, J. C 

RIBrDGi:, CHEBHIRE^Vop., 936. 8. W. fr. C, 60; 8. E. fr. 
Keene, 18. B. R. 8.— West Riudge, 2 miles on Munadnock R. R. 
Stage connects with every train. 

OFFICERS— CterA: dnd Trea*., W. W. Emory; adeetmen, G. W. 
Steams, Joel Wellington, W. G. Brigham ; Supt., J. S. Perry. | 

, Postmasters— W. W. Emory ; Wm*, H. E. Wetherbee ; EaU^ Miss 


Justices— G. W. Stearns, B. S. Sf earns. Z. Converse, W. W. Emery,' 
State ; Joel Wellington, 1). 8. Walker, W. G. Jones, J. B. RobbinsJ 
U. E. Weatherbee. C. F. Platts, N. Tbranher, A. S. Coffin, H. B. 
Wheeler, K, S. Kimball, J. B. Perry, J. C. Towne. 

Churehes — Cong., E. J. Rlges; Meth. I. AinswQrth 

Exp. Ag't— D. S. Walker. Hotel— Center H. B. Wheeler. 

Manufacturers — ^boxes, Eagt, Union Box and Ltiniber Co., B^ Barns- 
del 1 & Co., Couverseville, Smith & Bancroft ; brooms, L. F. Hale, H. P.| 
Lamb, C. W. Huse; fancy wooden ware, fTecC, 0. P. Bntler; mw4 
horses, Wtst. A. S. Sawtell; spools and bobbins. Center, A. S. Coffin; 
wooden vare, W. F. Sawtell, B. S. Kimball, S. W. Kimball. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, J. A. Stearns, C. F. Sft-nrus, E. H. Con- 
Terse ; carpenters, D. S. Walker, W. G. Jones ; niasons. O. H. Kor- 
cross. £. P. Woodward; painters, J. T. Bunt; East, W. H. Smith 
wheelwright, £. B. Cntter. 

Merchants— W. W. Emory,G. W. Stearns ft Co.; 7 art, F. B. Tbajer;' 
ll'exf, H. £. Wetherbee ; niillerp, ConvenetUle^ 0. B. Converse A Son.: 

Physician— render, H. A- Watson. * ! 

Roby's Corner— See Warner. 

ROCHEfilTER, STRJFFOKV—Vop.,6JBS. C.,40; N.frj 
Dover. 10. M. JR. fi.— Rochester, on P: G. F. & Con., P. A R. NashJ 
A Roch. and Dover A Winnip. R. B.; East, P. A R.; Gonic, Nash. 
A Roch. Dov. A Win. 

OFFICERS— C/erfr, A. T. Cotton ; Tteas., A. W. Hayes ; Selectmen, 

A. S. Parsbley. H. W. Roberts, J. 0. Hayes ; Supt., Henry Kimball. 
Postmasters— 0. B. Warren; ISatt, James Walker; Gtnic, Nahnmjl 

Yeaton ; JSorth, — . j 

Justices — C. K. Sanborn, Wm. Rand, J. H. Worcester, John Legro,i 
E. J.Mathcs, J. H. £dgerly,C, B.Gtifuey,C. S. £la, T. J. Leavitt, G.! 
H. Sanboin, J. Greenfield, D. J. Parsons, Silas Hnssey, J. E. Edgerly.! 
State', D. B. Waldron, Henry Kimtall, L. S. Dume, A. Twombiy, P- 
Varney, W. H. Ftlker, A. U. Naton, C. A. Giles, A. T. Cotton, Geo.j 
D. Lamos ; GhniCy C. S. Whitehouse ; T. 0. Hennem, J. J. Hender- 
son, A. S. Parthley ; F. H. Orr. G. D. Nowell,C. F. Home, C. K. Hodg-' 
don, J. A. JackEon, K. F.Gage, H. F. Walker, I. D. Bodgdon. Sam-^ 
ael Meserve, John Blake, W. S. Staudify, KahumTeaton; £a«t, SJ 

B. Hayes. 

Billiard Rooms— S. H. Bnmham ; Easi^ A. D. Gerrish. 

Churches— Adv., J. G. Smith; Cong., A. J. Quick; F. Bap., E. P 
Moulton ; East^ W. H. Ward, P. Chesley ; GoMc, W. W. Browne ; Hetb.,. 
J. M. Durrell, £««(. W. C. Bartlftt ; Quaker, J. H. Pratt. i 

Eating Houses— S. H. Bnmham, 0. A. Davis A Co. ; 

Exp. Ag'tS— E. C. Neal, J. F. Brock, Fl-auk Shorey. i 

Hotels— Dodge, J. T. Dodge ; Mansion House, S. H. Wentwortb, Cas- 
cade House, L. F. Roberts. i 

Ins. Ag'tS— A. S. Parsliley, E. J. HiithM, J. A. Jaekson. , 

Lawyers- C. K. Sanborn, Worcester A Gafney, Henry Kiiuball, D 
J. Parsons. Chas. 8. Ela. * 

Livery Stables— Jona. Wentworth, S. Wentworth ; iSa<<, J. W. Teb 
betts, J. T. Dodge. 

Manufacturers — nx handles, Warren Wadleigh ; baker and con- 
fectioner, John Schlcnkvr; blankets, Norway Plains Co.;. boots an di 
i^hoes, £. G. A E. Wallace, J L. Duntfey; carriages, N.Corson, T. II. 
Bdgerly ; cigars, H. L. Beecher ; cunfuctionery, C. A. Dtivis A Co.; flan- 
nel8, Ecat, Cocheco W«olenMill Co.; flonr aiid n'lfai, G. E. Varney; 
leather. £. G. A E. Wallace : lumber. Hunscom A Co.: Eazt. Btenhen; 

^ ■ 1 — - • 


Sborey; GomCf M. H. Wentnorth; saeh, blinda asd ntoftldingi, J. 
n. MeeerTe. 

Mechanics A Artisans—Mark^miths, M. Y. B. Wentworth, B. 
Hall ; cat penterti, C. M. Dt meritt, D. H. Mc Dnffee. J. W. Dane, Francis 
B108., A. Mutter, A. Twcmbly, Nute ft Went^orth, W. A. HeBdcrsoii, 
8. A. J. Wentwortli. J. W. Telibetts; carriHge maker, T. 11. Kdgerlj ; 
hair dreseera, W. biu^ham, L. Brann, W. P. Maraliall ; iron founder, H 
Boule; faarneea mukers.E. A.Bmith, C. H. Clark; macbiniat, 0. £. 
Clark; ^oniCjB. H. Parker; masona, D. Legio^ F. C. Manaon, A. G. 
Chadbome ; marble worker, R. M. Perkina ; paiatera, G. H. Iticker, 
Dennett ft Keele, H'. T. Nntter, X. H. Header, G. T. Teaton ; pho- 
tographers, A. J. liVhilmore, S. Swain ; printers, Fifleld, €. W. 

Foteom, G. G. Berry; tailors, J. Trie, F. Feiuelinan, J. J. Header, B. 
Wolfe ft Co.; watch makers, W.8. Lewis, H. H. Osgood. 

Merchants — auctioneers, S. F. Yainey, John Greenfield, 
Vamey ft Jackson : books and stationery, D. Hanson, C. W. 
Howe, A.T.Cotton; boots and shoes, W. G. Bradley, L. Wingate, M. 
L. finrr, L. M. Donglasv ; clocks, ftc, W. 8. Lewin. H. H. Osgood ; cloth 
iDg.F.Feineiman,J. J. Header, Sr Wolfe ft Co., Fifield ft Filleld; coal, 
D. Hayes,J. CuftbiDg,A.U. Nusin ; crockery and rocm paper, F. E 
Wallace ft Co.; drngsand medicfneo, P. Hanson, C. W. Howe, 8. F. San- 
lierson, 8.F. Shorey ; £W, Chas. filaso ; dry goods, I. Salinger, C. K. 
Cbafie, L. ft S. Barnch, M. L. Burr; fancy goodf, A. T. Cotton; flour 
and^rain^D. Hayes ft Co., W. 8. Stanley ; g»nts' furnishing goods, C. 
S.Chase; groceries, P. H. Hartigan, W. 8. Stanley, Jos. 8ayward, Bov- 
ireigns of Industry, Rochester Grange, No. 86, Beli ft Co , D. Ha^es ft 
^0., T. E. Burnham ft Co^ hardware, Ela ft Kelley^ Tebbetta Bros., F. 
E. Wallara ft €0.; hats and cupp, C. 8. Chase, 8. Wolfo ft Co.; ice, S. 
H. Dame, B. Hayes ft Son; lumber, coal and lime, A. IT. Nason; 
Qieatsand provisions, D. McDuffee ft Co., GroTer ft Quinlan, Gilman 
k Hall, Parshley ft Walker; millinery, Hrs. F. C. jHayes, Hrs. G. F. 
Kicbardsou, Miss, 8. A. Sanborn, Hrs. T. H. Edgerly ; house fiuieb< 
iags, J. H. Heserve; tinware, £. L. Glidden. 

Physiefans— JamcB Farrington, I. W. Lougee, H. R. Parker, F. G 
>)inn, M. R. Waritin, T.J. Sweat t, B. F. Gage, F. P. Virgin; Ea$t, 
^hfu. Blazo ; dentists, J. H. Folsoito, F. H. Lunt, L. W. Sibley. 

Tel. Agt'S— G. F. Richardson, 0. W. Brown, C. H. Hayes. 

ROJLLllfSFOBB, STBAFFOHD'-Pvp., 1,712. 8. B. fr. C, 
K ; N. fr. BoTer, 4. JR. J?. fi.—RoIlinsford jnnc, 1 m.; Salmon Falls, 
>n B. ft M. and Ports, ft Con. R. R. 

OFFICERS— C7«t ond Trea*., W. H. Horten; Seliehnen, J. Q. A 
Went worth, J. D. Roberts, L. Stackpole; Supt., Rob'tG. Pike. 

Postn»iStress— i^arnicm lalU, Emma R. Butler. 

Justices— E. 8. Nowell, C. D. Allen, T. F. Hodgdon, Wm. fi. Uor- 
»n, B. E. Nowell, 6. H. Teaton, R. G. Pike, J. G. White. 

Churehes--Cong.; B. G. Woodbridge ; Epis., ; R. Cath., 

^ X. Bonyier. 

Exp. Agt's— Goodwin ft Co., £ast«rn Sxp., John Horrison. 

Hotel— Jones House. C. F. Jones. 

Literary Institution— High School, Albert Somers, prin. 

Livery Stables— Joseph Dudley, J. H. Goodwin. 

Manufacturers — sheetings, drllliuge and fancy cottons, Salmon 
?»n» Manafg Co., O. 8. Brown, ag't. I 

Mechanics k Artisans— barber, Frank Wilkinson ; shoemaker,! 
)ha8. Halloy. 

MAri*hflnlc— hnn^a ftiid *hnika^ T? WAnt^-nrth ; drv ffnede. J. R 


Cressey: druggist, E. (I. Wheeler: grocerie:), Union Store, R. C Fer- 
nald, Hg't, Temple Lord, Albert Shorey; hardware k tin, A. 0. Ualej ; 
meat, E. A. Ham. 

PliysicUns— Horr k Bobbins, W. B. Mack ; dentist, Alphonzo Serer- 

Station Agents— B. S. Nowell, A. C. Bennett. , 

Tel. Ag'tS— B. B. Nowell, A C Bennett. l 

ROXBURir, CHESfflRK-Vop., 126. S. W. fr. C, 45. B. fr., 
Keene. 5. B. R. 8. — and p. o. ad., Keene, on Cheflb ire B. R. { 

OFFICERS— C%«rX;, Blbridgo Kingsbury; Treat ^ Brigham Nims ; 
SeUetma^ BIbridge Kingsbury, A. A. Davis, D. B. Nims ; SupU, BJ 

Justices-— Brigham Nims, Slate; BIbridge Kiagsbnry, O. Q. New-' 
comb. Church— Gong., M. D. Hyde. ' 

BIJlIf NE V, ORAFTOf^— Pop., 1.050. N. W. fr. C, 51. R. J8. SJ 
— Rumney, West Kumiivy and Qnincy, on B., C. k M. R. B. . 

OFFICERS— C^rft, C.A.Chase; 2Was., J. L. Dearborn ,'-iS(2ectmen,' 
O. W. Simpson, J. M. Claris, E. 0. Doe; fiupt^ J. W. Heath. 

Postmasters— A. J. Sterens; Wlut,0, B. Simpson; Dqaot^S, £m- 
ma Chapman. 

Justices — S. H. Quincy, J. L. Dearborn, Samuel Herbert, S. D. 
Baker, State; Lyman Merrill, C. B. Simpnon, 0. W. Stereos, J. W. 
Pease, ChM. Pease, C. W. Herbert, A. J. Sterens, Alvin C. Hill, D. L. 
Simpson, G. H. Adtuns. |; 

Churches— Bap., I. W. Combs; Baker*t Atvfr, J. D. Tiltoa; Meth., 
C. N. Krook; Univ., Westy U. S. Firtke. 

Exp. Aa'tS— il. W. Herbert; Wiut, J. R. Swain. 

Hotel & Livery 'Stables — Stinson Hou-^e, O. 0. Jones. 

Lawyer— S. Herbert. Tel. Ag't— H. W. Herbert. 

Literary Institution — Public Library, Kate Merrill, librarian. 

Manufacturers — bobbins. J. P. Keyes; brick, Chas.Spanlding,C.C. 
Smart; coffins and casketn, H. R. Ford; flour and meal, W. H. Keniff- 
ton ; gloves and tannery, 0. W. Fletcher. G. B. Greeley, & Son, M. M.- 
Emerson; hoe, fork and mop handler, Beiij. Davis, B. P. Hardy ; lail-^ 
ders, J. W. Peppard, Elliott Bros.; leather and rubber cement, P. W.i 
Tenant: lumber and charcoal, Chas. Spaulding A Co.; lumber, Elliott 
Bros., W. W. Fates, C. H. Elliott; mops, 0. R. Brairton; rakes, T. P. 
k H. 0. Nutting; tin ware, 0. B. French; veneer boxes, .1. Chapman. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, C. C. Craig, S. D. Abbott, H. H. Johnson; 
carpenters, D. K. Pillsbur^ , T. R. Ford, E. Ford, P D. Hart ; O. P. Fales :' 
miisons, W. J. Spaulding, Otis Blanchnrd; milliners and dress makers. 
Misses Doe; painters, J. C. Biirnham, N. S. Siiuborn ; "photographer, P. 
W. Tenant: stone cutters, 0. W. Stevens, G. D. Kenistoa. F. JFellows, 
Jacob Keniston ; veneer cutter, BenJ. DHvi<*. 

Merchants — Joseph Abbott, G. D. Fowler, Lyman Merrill, Chaa. 
Spaulding; tVetty C. B. Simpson; auctioneers, A. C. Hill, J. Abbott; 
meat, John Morrill, A. K. George; WmI^ J. A. Odburn. 

Physicians— Daniel Ditrlin^:, A. C. Hall, J. W. Heath. 

RYE, ROCKINGHAM— Vop.y 1,116. S. E. fr. 0.. 60; S. fr. Ports- 
mouth 5 ; Exeter, 10. R. R. iS.— North Hampton, 4^, and Green 
land. 2V<, on EaHtern B. R. Daily stage through the Summer. 

OFFICERS^— ClerJI;,E. W. Marden ; Treat., David Jenness: SeUctne9i^ 
B. D. Batchelder, Orin Drake. C. D. Garjamt ; Supt , N. R. Gross. 

Postmasters— J. T. Walker; BfJichy G. H. Jennans. 

Justices— T. J. Parsons, E. B. Philbrick, State; C. J. Brown, J. D. 
Marston, J. T. Walker, L. B. Panous. 


Churches— Adv.. C. B. Smith ; Chris., Ira Jobm : Gong., J. W. Kings 

Hotels — ^Parragut House, J. G. Pbilbrick A Son; Ocean Wave, H. 
Knox; Sea View, G. O. Loagee; Wtuiliiugtoti Honite, J. B. Leavitt; 
Proepect House, D. F. Foss ; Star Island, Oceanic, Leigbton Brothers 
& Rynee. 

; Livery Stables— F. A. Philbriek, G. G. Loagee, D. W. Dalton, J. H. 
Perkins. H. Knox. 

I Mechanics — ^blackemitlis, F. IL Marden, W. J. Rand, A. T. Scary,] 
J. M. RHnd, Oliver JenneRS, Wm. J. Walker, H'trtin 8It?eper; curpt-n-' 
ters, h.J. Bnnker, Jac^'b Marston, R. G. Shapley, W. R. Mace. ErTin' 
W. MardcD, T. W. Rand, William Trefethen, W. U. Locke, J. E. Lea?- 
itt, R. L. Locke^ A. J. l>rake, Amos Jenness, B. D. Batchelder, J. T.j 
Harden, Joseph Berry, D. M. Foss, John Odion, Jos. Odion, 0. L. Fove,; 
a. L. Trefetlien, S. Trefethen, R. W. Philbriek, Ira Harden, D. W. 
Iland, Chas. Trefethen. J. T. Walker, W. II. Tripp, Woodbury J ennessJ 
W. J. Marden, R. T. Tarrell ; masons, 0. B. Philbriek, Henry Rand,! 
GilaiHU Trefethen, Winslow Trefethen, J. A. Moulton, Walter Phil- 
brick, Lewis B. Fobs; painters, 8. R. Spenr, G. W. Spear, A. J. Johnson. 

Merchants — ^T. J. Parsons, Jed. Rand, W. E. A S. L. Chesl^y, W. 
Jenness, E. C. Jenness, Charles D. Garland. PhysiCian^Warren 

I Summer Boarding Houses— E. B. Philbriek, G. H. Jenness, Daniel 
Dalton, D. W. DhUou, C. A. Jenness, 0. P. Jenness, Mrs. R. P. Jen* 
ness, Ira Marden, Albion Philbriek, A. Drake, Ilorare Sawyer, R. 
!L. Locke, Sheridan Jenness, J. D. Jenness, O. S. Jenness, L. T. San- 
born, J. H. Perkins, A. P. Brown, R. W. Philbriek, Jacob Moulton, 
;J. r. Rand, J. H. Fops, S. W. Fo«s. 

I SAI4EM, ROCKINGHAM— Top., 1,809. S. E. ft. C, 88: 8. E. fr. 
Exeter. 20. E. R. &— Salem, on M. & L. R. R., 1^ m. Daily atnge. 
; OFFIGBRS— C/«rfc, J. Webster; JV««., L. CInff; 6^ee<m«!«i, Rich 
fct^ Taylor, C. T. Maxwell^ J. C. Carey ; Supt.^ B. G. Berry. 
I POStmastei^-^has. I. Bowker. 

1 Justices— G. C. Gordon, Thomas Dnstin, L. W. Taylor, M. H. Tay 
lor, StaU ; SUhs Hall, Isaac Thorn, W. G. Growell, J. A. Troy, James 
Aver, J. C. EWens, O. J. Bowker. 

Churches — Cong., G. K. Perkins; Meth., B. G. Berry. 

Insurance AgentS--Geo. C Gordon, John F. Smith. 
, Uverj Stable— G. i:. Sleeper. 

Manufacturers— boots and shoes, 0. G. Woodbury, C. T. Maxwell, 
T. M. RiiSs, W. H. Kelley ; cider, B. R. Wheeler ; flour and meal, J. 

F. Halt ; Inmber, W. G. Crowell. 

' Mechanics— blacksmiths, Henry Strong, D. F. Hull ; carpenters, 
;J. H. Liancaster, W. B. Ayer ; ma«0h, R. Russ; painters, A. H. Mer- 
rill, W. Haight; wheelwright, J. Maine. 

Merchants— G. I. B(»wker, N. G. Abbott. 

Physician— G. G. Howard. 

I>epot— Postmaster-^. A. Troy. Ex. & Sta. Ag!t— R. A. Tijton. 

' Churches — Cal. Bap., — -; Meth., C. M. pinsmore. 

I LlYery Stable— Silas Hall. 

I Manufacturers — cider and vinegar. Gage k Jones ; enamelled cloth; 
C. A. BTans ; shoei*, I. Woodbury, jr., T. A. Nofris M. G. Woodbury. 1 
I Mechanics— blacksmith. 1>. Ho^«'e: carpenters, A. Goodwin & Go.,' 

G. W. Thom ; mason,J. B. Colby ; painters, I. W. Foster, Geo. H. Web- 
ster, J. H. T. Dunlap; wheelwright, George Lord. 
1 Merchant— J C. Carey. Real Estate Ag't— L. P. E. Richards. 


' M^ ' - ~ 'tk<^ V B ' miMW ' ^i^ ' m^i tttt mw^'^m t m mt^ t 


IITvrth— Postmastei^-M. H. Taylor. 

Church^Meth., G. H. Ha«ting8. 

Manufaetur^rs— frocking, J. W. Wheeler A Son.; kimtMr, &. Tay- 
lor; repeltants and shawls, T. Dastin; yarn, C. T. buatin k Co, 

Mechanics— bUclumith, Ghas. Smith; wheelwright, J. W. Hall. 

Merchants— L. W. Taylor A Go. Livery Stable— J. H. Taylor. 

SAliISBUBY, MMRRJUACK-^Pop^ 795. N. W. ft. G., 16. 
R, R. & — North Boscawen, on Northern N. II. R. R. Daily sta^ 

OFFIOKRS— Cterfe, W. C. Webster; 7V«a«., D. Sw Prince; aelr':*men, 
T. H. Whittaker, G. £. Sn^ith, J. W. Fiaeld; Supt., Edward Wayne. 

Postmasters^W. B. Parsons; Weat^ WilUiim DanUp; Center^ S. W. 

Justices— Nathaniel Sawyer, J. 0. Smith, B; B. Eoaerson, M. P 
Thompson, M. J. Stevens, T. D. Little, 8taU ; G. G. Rogers, ^tarttm ; 
Wm. JOnnlap, J. Arey, D. J. Oalef, I. S. Biaiadell, S. W. Oreeu, T. U. 
Whittaker. > 

Churches— Bap, and Chris., A. H. Martin; Gong., S. P. Baronm. 

Ek. Agent— G. K. Smith. ; 

Literary Institution— Salisbury Academy, " — prln. 

Manufacturers— drag rakes, T. D. Little; liiml>er, G. U. Prince,! 
Holmes & Son ; pnmpfi, P. A. Fellows. i 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, Daniel Golby, S. B. Swe%t, Jonathan' 
Arey, Samuel Kmursoa, P. A. Fellows; carpenters, W. U. Parsons,' 
A. U. Parsons; mnsons, Richard Fellows; painter, S. A. Minard, Q. F. 
Galef; tailor. M. P. Thompson ; wheelwright, M. H. Fellows. i 

Merchants— W. B. Parsons A Son, < Chapman; Wut^ Wm. 

Dunlap; auctioneers, J. G. Smithy M. P. Thompson. 

Physicians— J. J. Dearborn, G. P. Titcomb. ■ 

Salmon Falls— See R»liin«ford. 

Sanborn's MilUi— See Wakefield. 

HA^^BOtVLHiTOISf t BELKNAP-^Pop., IU2,,21. S. f r 
Laconia, 7. R. R. i8.— Tilton, 4 m. on B.,G. k, M.R. R. Daily stage. 

OFFICERS — ()/erii(, J. J. Bnrley ; 2V<4U., S. P. Calef; SOedMrnti, 
Wm. S. Woodman. R. D. Johnson, A. M. Osgood; Su}^,^ E. H. Wright,- 

Postmasters— B. M. Lane; North, Thomas Webster. 

Justices— J. M. Taylor, Thos. Webster, 8taU; J. N. JSanborn, J. J.' 
Burley. I 

Chrches— 1st Bap.,. A. A. Bickford; 2d Bap., -^— ..■; 8d Bap.,' 

y. K. Bunker; Cong., M. T. Runnels. I 

Manufacturers— coffins and caskets, H. K. Thompson ; elevating 
refrigerators, J. J. Bnrley; flour, meal and lumber, B. S. Colby,t 
Moses Weeks. Physician— A. W. Abbott { 

MechaniCS^blacksmiths, J. M. Taylor, P. G. Quimby, T. J. Gate ; 
caruenters, D. L. Morrison, G. 8. Morrison, G. Osgood, N. M. Presoott, 
N. H. Wadley ; masons, A. J. Crockett, J. 0. Morrison. j 

Merchants— J. J. Burley ; clocks and watches, R. 8. & R. D. Johnson.' 

Summer Boarding Houses— Miss R. B. Bodwell, Miss B. G. East-; 
man. I 

SAM^DOWBT, R(>CK[NQBAH^Vop» 500. 8. E. fr. G., 3(>.i 
S. W. fr. iSxeter, U. R. R. &— Plaistow, on B. <fc M. R. R. Daily, 
stage. Sautlowu Centre, on N. k K. R. R. i 

0FFICi£R5— C^rfc, A. S. Clark; Treat., Abner Clark; Sdectin€n,\ 
A. J. Currier, Geo. Sanborn, Wm, French; Supt.^ C. H. Smith. I 

Postmaster— George Sanborn. Church— Xetfa.. C. U. Smith. i 

Justices— Wm. French, Geo. Sanborn. F B.Sanborn, 8taU; J. S.' 
Kelley, G. H. Smith, Goo. F. Griffin, Geo. W. Hunt, B. G. Mills. i 


Manufacturers — limber, L. L. Hook, SanboriHBroi.; ttaTM, J. W 

Meehanies—blftcksinithf, B. H. Band, D. B. Holt; carp«Bt«r, Vf. 
Wortben ; coopers, Jonas Wheeler, O. W. Boble. 

Merchants— A. 8. Stmborn; grain, A. S. Clark, Abner Clark; gro-' 
IceriM, B. E. Band. 

Physician— dentiat, Fred I. Drovo. Station AMDt— A. 8. Banboni.' 
SAHDWICH, CABROLL-Vop., 1,701. N. fr. C , 50 ; N. W. fr. 
Ossipee, 24. M. R. &— Meredith ViUage, 12 m., on B. C. A M. R. B. 
Wsat Oaaipeet K. on Kastem B. R. Dafly ataga to and from Centre 
;Harbor or Meredith Tillage and West Oiaipee. Daily stage. 
: 0FFICSB8— a«ris A. B. Talker: TVear, 0. N. Dorr; SeUetmtn,* 
C. W. Donovan, B. V. Fellows, AsaSererance ; Bt^t.^ Emma H. Sanborn; 
I Postmasters— Arven Blanchard; JVi0r<A, Simeon Johnson; €Wilr«, 
iCharles Blanchard. | 

Justices— J. J. C. Brown, A. Blanchard, M. H. Mantes, D. H. 
^Hai, N. W. Mason, B. Q. Fellows, J. H. PluBier, W. A. Heard. Wm. MJ 
Weed, Bsra Gould, Paul Wi-ntworth, N. M. Mason, State ; G. W. Done-; 
'van t*. B. W iggin, Aaron Beede, G. N. Dorr, E. M. Hi>ard, A B. Tank- 
er, 8. F. Severance, J. B. Hilton, B. 8. Batchelder, L. 0. Clark, Oil-- 
man Moalton, Hanson Libby.Exp. Ag'tS— F. Nelson, Cfaaa. Sanborn. I 

t Churches— Cong., ; F. Bap., Chas. W. GriflBn ; Norih ^ ' i 

Friend, >__• Meth., Wm. Woo<la. 

I Hotels— Pleasant Honse, J. G. Burieigh ; Maple Honse, Xsra Gonld. 

i Lawyers— D. H. Hill, Paul Wentwonh. W. M Weed. 

I Literary Institution— Sandwich High School, Mrs. A. B. B. Beede 

Hfiss Bmma H. Sanborn. 

; Livery Stables- G. Hanson, J. G. Burleigh. 

Manumcturers— baskets, John Fogg, A. C Fogg, J. W. Bennett. 
J.G. Atwood ; (flower and frnit), J. A. Marnton ; boots and shoes, D. M.i 
Skinner, George Perkins, G. B. Monllon, X. Manton, 0. A. Gllnea ; 
chairs, Smith A Cook; cigars, W. O. Cook; lumber, U. J. Hoag, S>1- 
i^ester Cag^er, N. M. Bean, J. French; Wm. Heddle, Stephen Fogg, 
lAwrence A Son. I 

I Mechanics & ArtisaBS~black»miths, O. T. Lawrence, H.G.Chlok,i 
J. P. Chase, M. B. Sanborn, C. H. Atwood, C. M. Qaimby, J. F. Web-j 
ber, W. Gleason; carpenters, A. H. FulRom, G. T. Lawrence, J. HJ 
Qaimby, A. W. Qaimby, 0. H. Bthridge, B. H. Fogg; hair dreeser,< 
Cbaa. Scriggins ; mason, L. Abbott, Isaac Smith ; millwright, G. T.| 
Lawrence; paintern, B. B. Locke, H. B. Bam; printers, G. G. Fellows; 
C. B. Blanchard ; umlertakei s, A. B. Folsom, 8. Dine more ; watcb^ 
makers, S. Weed ; wheelwrights, B. J. Smith, C. 8. BUckey A Bros. I 
' Merchants— Charles Blanchard, F. K. Bnrley, A. Blanchard, Simeon! 
Juboson, Gh««. W. Hill, N. M. Mason ; auctioneer, G. Moalton ; drogs,{ 
medicines and fancy goods, C. G. Felkms; groceriee, J. M. Smith ; mil- 
linery, Irene Mc G&ffey ; pictures and frames, CI. Blanchard; tin 
ware, D. M. Skinner, J. M. Smith. 

< Physicians— Joseph Huntress, J. M. Prcsby ; homeo., H. N. Hart; 
dentist, 8. B. Wiggin. 
8«ytlirwllle— See New. London. 

ft€«U'» mills— A p. o. In Dalton. H. J. Walker, P. M. 
SEABROOK, JiOCKlAGHAM— Fop., l,^45. 8. E. ir. C., 60 ; Portbmuuth, 14; 8. B. fr. Exeter, 8. R. R. S.— Seabrook, 1 m., 
00 Eastern R. R. 

OFFICERS^ 07erft, J. T. Philbricfc : Treas., J. B. Green: Selectmen, 
Joseph Chase, Wm. H. Walton, D. F. Boyd ; Supt., Frank Haley. 


Postmasters— J. -N. Brown ; South, Reese Oweu. 
Justices— J. M. Weare, SUUe; C. 8. Dow, Joshua Janvrin, Robert 
^oUinis J. M. Brown, H. C. Chaae, W.' A. Rand, Reese Owen, J. Chase. 

Churches— Adv., ; C. Bap., Geo. Ober; Cong., Frank 

3aley, Wra. A. Rand; Jriends,. ; Meth., J. P. Frje. 

Exp. Agents— G. W. Rendall, CUvin Baswell, C. A. Barton, John 
:)arey. Tel. Agents— G. T. Crowlej, A. A. Locke. 
Hotel— Washington House, Mrs. Lydia Parker. 
Ins. Ag't— ). N. Brown. 

Literary Institution — Dearborn Academy, Miss M. Sanl^oro. 
Manfuaciurers — ^boata, BenJ. Perkins, C. A J. A. Lo^e, Lowell 
}rowD, Jr.; boots and shoes, Staples it Adams ; lumber, G. A. Weare 
•'rank Brown, W. H. Noyes, Jeremiah Jf. Locke. 

Mechanics St Artisans— artist, Mies G. A. Perkins ; blacksmiths ; 
f. F. Felch, C. F. Felch, J. 8. Lane, R. L. Worthley ; carpenters, Jos. 
^hase, Enoch Cbase, K. D. Gove, D.Gove, Jas. Sanborn, C» Locke, J. A. 
^ocke, Lowell Brown, D. A. Barton, G. 8. Dow, Jacob Dow, Roh't L. 
iVortbley, J. S. Janvrin, Atmon Saton, A. C. Di>w ; macbiniata. B. D. 
i^ove, A. S. Chase, Clarence Brown, R. L. Worthley ; paiutera, 8. J. 
Jmith, Wm. F. Smith; wbeelwriKhts, Enoch Chase, John F. Felch. ! 

Merchants— J. D. I^ocke, J. W. Locke, A. A. liocke, J. N. Rrown, 
r. Ghasa, U. C. Chase, J. 8. Smith, Washington Eaton, Ananias Few- 
er, jr., Reese Owen, Chas. Fogg; auctioneers, J. M. Weare, J. Chase ; 
rrain, N. Robbins. Physician— D. W. Colcord. 

Shaker Village— See Canterfoary. 

SHARON, HJlLSBOHOUGH-^Pop., 203. 8. W. fr. C, 4S; 
S. H. & — Greenville, 7 m.,on Peterlioro and Shirley R. R, Peterboro, 
) m., on Monadnock R. R. 

OWVlGEB»—CVerk, TVeas. and Supt^ B. H. Sanders, p. o. ad. Temple; 
kltcimen, J. A. Uadley ,p. o. ad., Peterboro; Win, £. Young, p. o. ad., 
Sast Jaffrey ; James Gpeen, p. o. ad. Peterboro. 

Justice— B. H. Sanders 

Manu&eturers— clmir stock end lumber, B. H. A G. A. Sanders, 
I. o. ad.. Temple; Glenson, Wright & Hardy; lumber and cloth box- 
8, Preston A Emery, p. o. ad.. New Ipswich; shingles, D. R. Porter, 
). o. ad. East Jaffrey. 

Mechanics— carpenter, Wm. S. Cogswell, p. o. ad. Peterboro; ma- 
un, S. O. Biyan, p. o. ad.. Temple ; L. I. Ryan, p. o. ad^ Peterboro. 

SHEIiBIJRNE, C005-Pup., 250. N. E. fr. C, 150, E. fr 
Lancaster, :^. B. R. £».— Shelbume on G. T. R. R. 

OFFICERS— a<rit;, H. G. Green; Treat., L. B. Evans; SeUetnun, 
L. (3. Evans, B. F. Lary, E. P. Green ; SupU.^ S. B. Hubbard, Fannie 
. Pbilbrook, K. P. Green. 

Postmaster— Jms. Hebbard. 

Justices— A. R. Evans, State ; 8. B. Hubbard, Darius Green, Fletch- 
r Odell. 

Church— Cong., T. P. Williams, Exp. Ag't— M. O'Reilly. 

Hotel-^Winthrop House, C. C. Hebbard. 

Lawyer — A. R. Evans, p. o. ad., Gorham. 

Mechanics— blacksmith, I. W. Speller; carpenter, Hoses Wilson. 

Summer Boarding Houses— Mrs. T. J. Hubbard^ H. P. Gates. C. E. 
hilbrook, A. E. Philbiook. 

Short Falls— See Evwom. 

SOMERS WORTH, 8TRA FFO RD—Poj>., 4604. B. fr. C, 45 ; 
f. fr. Dover. 5. R. R. &— Great Falls, on Porta. Gt. F. A Con. R. R. 


OFFICERS— Clert. Albert Thwing: 2V«a«., W. D. Knapp ; Stteet 
mm. C. A. Blood, D: Wentvorth, C. S. Joneii; bupU.. L. M. >ttte, R. W. 
Mason, J. R. Horn, C. L. Chapman, S. A. Beavey ; AgtuA, 8. 8. 
Went worth. ' 

Postmaster— ^«af FaUt^ C. L. Chapman. Tel. Ag't— W. W. Naaon 
Justices— 0. S. Beacham, W. D. Knapp. J. B. Hfaapleigh, D. W. 
Quimliy, E. M. Webber, S. S. Chick, W. P. Moees, R. W. Nason, J. A. 
Stickney, State; O. H. iord, W. B. Martin, J. A. Rdgerly, £. A. Craw- 
ford, £. J. Randall, J. 8. Haiues, C. I7. Chupman, C. 8. Jones, W. F 
Harmon, W. R. Bnrleigh, J. B. Nelson, A. L. Bartlett, C. H. Wells, 

C. A. KUiott, .1. M. Tebbitts, £. B. White, Albert Thwing, B. O. Lord, 
H. A. M(K>re. 

Churches— Cal. Bap., D. H. Stoddard; F. Bap., P. W. Perry ; Cong., 
S. W. Webb; Meth., High St., R. L. Green, Main 8t., N. P. Philbrook; 
R. Cath., Clement Mntsaers. 

Eating Houses— T. M. Wentworth, Charles Ramsay, T. T. Mars 
ton, C. A. Locke, Henry Chellis, J. R. Langley. 
' Exp. Ag'tS — American Express Co., Bracket k Co. 

Hotels— Great Falls, M. Wentworth; Grant's, E. Grant; Granite 
State, T.^. Wentworth. 

Ins. Ag'ts— Knapp A Mores; Great FaU$^ Crawford & Tolles. 

Lawyers— W. D. Knapp, W. J. CopeiUnd, W. R. Burlefgh. James 

A. Edgerly, C. H. Wells, Geo. £. Beacham, R. W. Naaon, H. Y. Moore, 
J. Getchell. 

Literary Institution— Great Falls High School, Chase Libby, prin. 

Livery Stables— J. 0. Lord. B. F. Hanson, C. K. Drew. 
I Manufacturers- bobbins, I. A E. Blood: boots and shoes, L. M 
k D. H. Nute ; carnages. E. W. Clark, Merrill k Co.; cigars, £. A. 
Lewis, £. A. Cram, L. F. Hatty ; cottons, Gt. Falls MTg Co., J. Cum- 
nock, a^'t; cotton ties, O. B. Morse; doors, sai)h and blinds, 0. W. 
Hubbard k Co.; lumber, J. R. Home; meal, E. B. Blood k Co.; reeds, 

D. Scott k Sou ; soap, 0. H. Butler; stores and castings, Somcrsworth 
Machine Co., M. C. Bnrl<>iKh ag't; wool, L. B. Hersom ; woolens, Great 
Falls Woolen Co.. D. H. Buffum, ag't. 

Mechanics k Artisans— baker, F. Hussey ; blacksmith, W. D. Mer 
rick, I. ClielliH. C. Gordon ; caTp(>nteas, D. L. Hodsdon, 8. P. Home, 
L. £. I>ecatur, W. B. Clark, Freeman Cbick, C. F. Mitchell, I. Hodsdon, 
J. E. Frost, Tibliets k Welch, A M. Pettiftgill; hair dressers, C. B. Jen- 
ness, N. M. Ricker, J. F. Peavey, J. La Flam, R. B. Crook, R. L. Lord ;' 
harness makers, P. L. Ward, D. M. Howard, A. W. 3tevens; marble 
worker, J.Emery: masons, H. Wentworth, Geo. Wentworth, M. Foss. 
J. B. Lord, 6. F. Davis, C. C. Wentworth, £. Frye ; painters, D. Wingate 

B. 0. Martin, J. M French, M. 8. Brown, J. Lord, 8. Grant, Alfard k 
Stewart, G. W. Johnson ; pboiographers, Q. C. Gardner, £. J. Deland, 
H. W. Sargent; printers, Jonrnal Publishing Co., H. F. Dixon ; shoe* 
makers, J. A. Smilie. M. Brien, W. Knight, D. H. Meade; tailors,! 
H. Terehoff, D. B. Deuoison, J. B. Clarke, O'Lrien Bros., T. Duffill; 
undertakers, A. B. Spencer ft Co., A. D. Faunce. 

' Merchants — auctioneers. J. G. Hill, J. B. Shapleigh: books and 
stationery, A. Thwing, W. W. >Hson, L. A. Goodwin. Wm. F. Harmon ; 
boots and shoes, J. W. Bates, J.Martin, 2d.: clothing, D. Lothrop k Co., 
Peyser k Kennedy, J. R. Johnston ; coal, Richards k Co., J. M. Haines ; 
cotton waste, J. S. Haines; crockery, J. Stewart, jr.; drugs & niedl 
cines, Geo. Moore, W. W. Nason, L. A. Goodwin, K. M. Carlton, W. A. 
Ham, F. H. Wingate: dry goods, M. Bates k Co., Wlmptheimer k Co., 
S. S. Chick k Co., A. Carter, E. R. Bartlett, W. A. Moore k Sous, F. 


Wetherbne; fancy goods & QOtiona, U. fiatas A Co., G. L. Lord, W. H. 
Bayles, M. D Volsom, J. M. Lord ; fish, W. HerrioVL.' B. Smith ; flour 
Rad meal, K. B. Blood A Co., J. B. Merrill. J. Martin, 0. A. Pierce; 
furniture, Chas. Sanborn ; groceries, G. S. Blaisdell, cooperative store, 
No. 6, A. K. Downs, J. F. Robinson A Go., W. D. Gtark, T W. Wood-' 
man, Wm. Symea, G. E. Akerman, G. Watson, Wm. Plumm<tr k Go .J 
S. James A Sons, G. F. Blake, Somers worth Protectire Union, No. 1, 
Hard A Gate, J. Bickford, J. A. Bagley, H. Locke, Went worth i Ghap- 
man, 0. L. Farnham A Go., J. T, Bickford : hardware, Tebbetta A Bro., 
S. A. Seavey ; hats A furnishing goods, Bates k LeGro, F. G. Jordan : 
meat, J. S. LeGro, W. F. Libby, G. L. B^tas, J. A. LeGro; millin- 
ery, Mrs. A. J. Watson, Mrs. G. H. Ilarmou A Go., Miss O. A. Loa^ee, 
Miss L. M. Fellerton, Miss L. B. Bicker, Miss U. J. Andrews, Hiss 

I. 8. Gt«nt; stoves and tinware, ttodsdon Bros., H. G. Gilpatrick, J. wJ 
Allen; watches and Jewelry; J. J. Woodward, W. MuUoy, B. W. Fol- 
Bom k Go. 

Physicians— J. A. Hayes, G. B. Swasey, L. D. Hamblett, A. Jenkinq, 
G. A. BUIotf, B. BdgAoomb, G. E. Quiraby,a. H. Gardner, a H. Boyn. 
ton, 0. G. Hill, W. Wadsworth; hoineo., J. Gonant; deniista, O. Q. 
Shapleigh, Julius Guttman, G. I. Sonle. 

Tel. Ag'l— W. W. Nason. 

ftOIJTJH HAHPTOir, BOCKmOBAM—Vo^., 883. S. C. fr. 
G., 40 ; S. t'r. Bxe^er, d. B. B. .9.— Bast Kingston, 5 ra., on B. k H. R. 
R.; Amesbury, 3 m., on Bast. R. R. Tri-weekly mail to Amesbury, 
Sf M>M Tue0, Than, and Sat.; leave So. H. at 10, and Ameabary at 

II, A. M. 
OFFIGBRS— <^rft, P. P. Whitehouse ; Treat.^ F. B. French; Snleet- 

men, Jacob Baton, Mosea J. Baton, Frank M. Jewell ; 8upt^ B. R. 

Postmaster— -Phillips While. Merchant— Jonathan Presaey. 

Justiees — N. H. Brown, J. Baton, ii. Kwlly, F. B. French, S. S. 

Church— Cal. Bap., S. P. Everett. 

LIt'ry Institution— Barnard School. 

Manufaeturers— carriatces, B. P. Downing, G. Go<4S, G. GoUtns, 
'Jacob Baton; machinist, Albert^. Baton; tortoise shell worker, J. C. 

fr. G., 35; N. fr. Bxeter, i. B. B. &— South Newmarket, on B. k M. 
R. R. 

OFFICERS— C7erft, A. H Terney ; Treas^ Geo. 0. Paul; SeUctm^n, 
J. B. Simpson, D. G. Langlands. D. F. Davis; Stipt^ B. Smith. 

Pos4masters-:-Albert Field; junction; G. H. Leavitt 

Justices— A. H. Yarney, B. Hersey, StaU; S. P. Badger, Albert 
Field, Samuel Neal, Wra. R. Hobba, Geo. 0. Paul. 

Churches— Gong., A. Fits; Meth., 0. G. Gole; Univ., Benton 

Hotels— Shute House, 0. G. Sanborn ; Elm House, A. M. Wiggin. 

Manufacturer— lumber, D. G. Heal. 

Mechanics— blackiimiths, John Foss, J. G. Stevens; carpeutera. 
HoUis Pease, John Pease; michiiiists, G. B. Fifteid, G. B. VViggins, 
Swampscott Machine Go., Arans P.tul, ag*t; maioiiH, L. S. Pease, G. K. 
Smith, H. 0. Smith; painters, J. M.B win, J. H. Hanson; wheelwright, 
J. Foss, jr. 

Merchants— J. G. Hanson, Albert Fiell, D. G. Wig/in, J. Coffy . 

Phvciftijin — A IT V>t.rnAV TaI knani — T V. aim.x.»n 

BUfllHESS SI&SOTO&T. 155, 

§PaillfOFIEI«D, ^ftr/^LrrAiV^Pop., 731. N. W. frO^SS; N. 

,S. fr. Newport, 15. M. R. &^W«»»t Aodover, 11 m., oa Northern 

R. R. Daily stage. 

, OFFTCBES— ^^rfe, IC. M. Wigsina; Tn(U^ J. T. Colby; Sdect- 

men, Witt, EL W. Steveiu; Joha H. Johns }Q, U. Af. Wiggins ; 8upt., 

'O. Mc Diiiiiels; 

[ Postmaisters — H. T. Sanborn*; Etut, » Bar:ihani. 

I JusUees — Charles llcDanieU. D. N. Adanaa, H. V. Goss, Stale ; Jos. 

D&ris jr., C. P. Wells, S. P. Colby, J. T. Colby, D. P. Ooodline, M. M. 

;>Vif;gin8, WilI:irJ R^ed, M. 0. Boyce. 

HanufacturATS-r-iainber, A. J. Kidder, P. P.George, J. T. Colby, 
[Sar^reat death. Mech»nics—black«mitb«, J. H.Collins, C.V.Randall. 
' Merchants — boots and shoes, H. T. Siiubom ; flour and meal, M . 
T. Chase. 
t West— Posimtsiress— Krs. D. N, Adams. 

Chureh— (Chion) Chris., L. Biiley ; Meth., L. Howard. 
I Macliaiiies— caryeotera, J. C. Nichols, W. H. Qiiimby, John Wiggin ; 
carri.ige maker, K. Stocker; mason*}, Tallant Boyoe, J. C- Nichols. 

Merebaat^D. N. Adams. Physician ~D. P. Qoodhne. 

ST A.RK. COOS— Pop., 690. N. fr.C^l54; M. fr. Lancaster, 16. 
R. R. S.— Stark k ^tark water, on Grand Trunk R. R. 
; 0FPICBR3— Oe«rJk and Tre'is^ A. J. Smith; &^<Jiiei», J. A. Pike, 
m. e. Hintte, 9. B. Potter; Sapt.^ J. H. Brown, 
i Postal isters— Clifford Cole; Stark WudT Station, G. W. Perkins. 
I JusticeSr— Win. T. Pike, State ; Albert Thompson. Jos. A. Pike. 

Church — UiiioB, J. H. Brown. 

Exp. Agents— A. J. Smith, P. J.iQ'Connor. 

MantU^oUirers — flour tind meil, Andrew Jackson; lumber, Sylres- 
ter Cole, Dexter Cole, B. Hickney ft Co., Milan Steam Hill Co., P. A. 
Pitcher, ag^t, J. M. Pike. 

; Mechaiiies — ^blacksmith!!, C. R. Rich; carpenters, Sylvester Cole, 
F. T. Potter, Aaron S. Cole, D)xter Cole; machinist, A. Thompson; 
painter, Aaron S. Cole. HerchisintS— Geo. M. Smith, JB. Green. 
I T«l. Ag't— P. J. 0*Jonnnr. 

BtArk Water— Sje Stark. 
: S rEWABMTO WBT. coos-Pop., 95?. N. fr.C, 150; N. fr. 
€olebrook, 6. R. R. A— North Stratford, 20 mli, on G. T. R. R.| 
Daily stance, • 

1 OKFtCBRS— CZ«rfc. J. C. Pjor; r.'«x<., Oicar Lang; Selectnun, 
A. W, Drew, Hiram Piper, B. H. Flanders; Supt-, Walter Drew. 
, Postmaster— S. M. Jordan. 

Justices- A. W. Drew, B. W. Drew, I. H. Pickard, State; S. H. 
Jordan, J. M. Rid'ler, H. Tewkdbury, J. C. Poor, Loreazo Faruham, 
Alanson Ownn, H. D. Flanders, Walter Drew, D. A. Flanders, Jast 
A. Murrill. Osc^r Lang, S..G, Hannafbrd. I. W. Tyler. 
i Churches— Btp., W. H. fit. Collins, Chris.,— ; Cong., . 

Manufaeturers— starcli. Layering & C«>., Bustis k Co. 
' Mechanies — blaok'imith, A. J. Jordan; carriage repairer, G. B. 
Tewkbnry; painter, S. H. Tibbetts. 

We^t— Postmaster— L. w. Alger, Physician- P. E. Henderson. 
' Church — Cong.. Culman. 

Hotels it Liv. Stables— Coo!) House, W. W. Lindsey. 
' Manufacturers — clapboards. W. F. Allen ; flour and meal, G. 
Beacher k Son; lumber, Scott Harriman, A. Owen. 
, MdChaaiCS-~>barber, 0. Flin;; blacksmith!*, B. Blodgett ft Co.; 

[ise BrawEBi 




tHtng, I. r. Juoha ; drnjo. T. LofoiDiil 1 

ftimiliire and cofflu, K. 8. Pn 

»n. 0. L.RiDg. 1 

1 8TODDAKD. CHenHIRE-Vao..^ii. 

8. W. fr. C, 4U: N. ■. 

tr.K«»».16. «.H.S^K« 

B. on Cb.iblr, 

R. R,.15inlU;Or«iiJ 

fldld. on N. » L. R. R., IBni. D«llj >U|ie to Q 

-g.ntlold. Hlllgboraiirh.' 

on tha OiDK-ocwk Vil. B. R. 

Sniilu. Dlllvi.tMotaHu«Kk.d>4l 

. Or^CKM-Cteri; J. H. Br 
1 'poilmislBre-Henry W. R 


.J. 1 

D B>n:ont: AIhUMuJI 


od; &™tt,J.n. 

1 Juillcas—SUM Dininion, 

Ico, B. B.Dod»^ J.H 

1 CliirohH3on«- B. 8onih« 

HoWU-C.oir.1 Hob.., B. 

. HMTtngton 

»mth. 0. H. H«4Idb: 

'UCI ViUagt, I.lud HoHK. R 

oiheTpin.. k 

ro>.u tnbi nd pall. 

SiKy ; pn[p, 

. Wbllnoy 

■ultr. 0». Last: »■!* 

Ullioit W.ldrcra i arp,nl.r. 

;: B-BoV;-^ 

aop«r, S. 1. Rjdet; lu 

tons. W. fi. Tullln. K. W. U 

n. Solon Eilf ; i[ll»l. 

..rijLt.. Alfrsd Beckwith. fio 

omuii BI.OW. 

'.Villas', a. BInloo. aro. L. Cu 


S*KAFfo«I>,OTSJMP0»»-Pop,1^8. B/fr. C. M. N.i| 

y.(r.,l>ov«r.l6, a.R.S.-TL 

»>or, 15, DO B 

1 H. R. R Tri-«»kl7 

1 :' 1,^1. H 

PnTTj.ftlM^nn, J. 0. 

■Boofly,W.H,p.rtl« *i^.O. 

H, wElchor. 

Justlces-M. C. Twomblj 
'j. B. Smith. Bdword Wulfc 

Borr)-; fforW 

O. T. Fu« ; aiiK H*U^ 

J. W. Jew.ll, 

. 8, FOM. H. A. D«w, 

r, Psm P«* 

nt, J. 0. Rood)-, aiauf 

. J. H. Perry. A™rt.hl 

W,Wron. H-amil, 11. B. F 

Vox.. J. 0. Cu-oll, C. K. Uu 

dT, Abnin £ 

uu, 0. M. FD...J. C 


-; F. B.P., 

Comer, Km Tutll., 

J»orW, . 

Hotel-tbriKr.Blo. HilICo 



lI,J.,*l<in.,pHn. ' 

Mtinubcturers— AWM, Lumber. PhuI Pott 

[at; mm. B.J. FoT*. 

toiw. r. Rob« 

tU, S.II. fl<irT71 JVortt, 

D>ni.l Bobb. 

MorchantS-J. W. J.W.11. D. 8. Woodnun 

JFsrtfc. D. B. Arttj. 

Pti,si6iins--Kol.en.l.bC.T..-oinb1j. H.CCobi.r.. || 

»en If r— PoilmMler— D. 

meritl Pt.c 



OFnCSRS— a«ri. Hollow, W. G. Fuller; Treof., B. B. OukioKton 
SdtctmaL, Wm. R. BrowD, H. B. Hinman, ti. W. Joboion ; BupU., ¥ 
N. Day, J. C. Potter. » 

Justieas— Chafl. Mahorin, StaU ; W. R. Brown, 8. Browo, V. N. ly^j 
h C. Pftttea, Gea R. Eaton, Lowell Simonda. 
Hollow^JZ. R. &— Stratford Hollow, % inlle. n 

Chureb— Meth., A. B. Rasaell. Exp. Ag4— F, N. Day. 
ltonttfaetur«rs-*-can-ii^es and bobUins, M.. W. Biabop: flour anc 
dwh], Henry Saanden; lumber, £. V. Merrill. 

MeclUBics — ^biackamitba, Jerry I^rocbe, Joel Oloiigb,-A. H. Jffar 
tin: painter, J. C. BobinaoD. 

MerehantS— N. B. Watera, L. B. Blodgett ; lumber, J. M. Butters 
millinery, Mlaa Sopbia Bolton, MLra. Carrie Gckington. 

C«M>s~iK. R, 8.— North Stratford. Stage leavea for Golebrool 
every day at %\^ P. M. arriTea 7 A. M. 
Exp. Ag't— Jamea Toohey. 

Postmaster— J. H. Danforth. Churcb— Bap., ^~ -— s 
Hotels— Hinman Houae, H. B. Hinman'; WUlord Houae, Moaea A 
Qoold ; Percy House, C. £. i^mitb. 

Manufkcturers — ^flonr and meal, J. B. Alger; lumber, 8. M. Smart 
itareh and laat blocks, J. H. Danforth. 

Mechanics— blackamitba, G. W. Hlninan, J. R. Sterena, Wm. Ogle 
earpeotera, Joseph Amy, N. B. SchufT, 0. P. Schofl*: hurneaa maker, 
Fred Aoby ; machinist, J. B. Alger; painter, G. P. Scboff. 

Merchants — J. H. Danforth, G. R. Eaton ; drugs, medicinea k fancj 
goods, Carpenter Bros.; groceries, H. B. Hinmau ; millinery, Miss Hat- 
tie Willard. 
Physicians — Guy W. Johnson ; homeo., Moaea Whitcomb. 
STRATHAIH, ROCKING HA M-^Voi^., 720. S. S. fr C , 40 ; E. 
fr. Exeter, 4. R. R. &— Stratham, 2 m., on C. A P. R. R4 Newmark- 
et 2Wn. 

OmCEB9— OerX;, J. S. Staples; Trtas.^ S. S. Chase; SeUd, 
nen, J. E. Odell, I. S. Wiggin, G^ W. Chaaej Supt., J. J. Scam- 
mon. Postmaster— J. 8. Staples. 

JustieeSr^. 0. A. Wingate, Levi Barker, J. B. Voung, JStaU ; J. J, 
Scammon. G. C. Brown. 
Churches— Bap., Noah Hooper; Cong., A. B. Peabody ; Chris., 

-— ■; F. fttp., — . 

Manufacturers — meal and lumber, E. B. Jewell, George Wingate ; 
thinglea, Geoi^e Wingate. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, N. B. Norton, E. L. Place; carpenters, 
D. P. Batchelder, I. W. Tuttle. 
Merchants — florist, A. Craig; grocericia, J. S. Staples. 
Summer Boarding Houses- Mrs. Geo. U, Odell; Higklafud Got 
tage, Ambrose Wiggin. > 

Sn^f^r Rill— See Lislion. 

SUl«I«I¥AN« CHESHIRE— Vo^., 382. S. W. fr. C, 48. N. £. fr 
Keene, 7 m. R, R. ^.— Keene, on Cheshire R. R. Stage Mon. Wed 
and Friday, returning alternate days through East Sullivan. 

OFFICERS— C^ifc, East, A. C. Ellis: Treaa., Amos Wardwell ; St 
ledrnen, Lymau Davis, H. C. Rawson, E. E. Bugg; SupLy A. A. Nims. 
Postmaster- A. G. Nima. Church— Cong., H. W. L. Thureton. 
Justices — John Locke, L. H. Goodnow, East; George Kingsbury, 
R. H. Billiard. 
I East— Postmistress — Mrs, Lois M. Leland. 



Manufacturers — chain, Goodnow Bros ; flonr bucket hoop«, A.| 
K. Ellis; lumber, A. A. Ellis, Goodnow Broe., Geoi^e Kingsbnrjr; 
leathf r, £ R. Locke : (fbodnow Bros. | 

Mechanics — ^blacksmltb and machinist, Lyman DstIs; carpentenj 
B. E. RuKg, George KiDgsbiiry, A. N. Holt, L. W. Towne, Fred L.! 
Parker; hairdresser, L. W. Towne; shoemaker, Nahum Br1<}g«. 

SCNAPEE, SULLirAy— Pop., 897. N. W. fr. C, 87 ; Efriwa! 
Sewport, 6. B. K. iS.^Sunapee, on C. <fe C. R. R. 8emf-daily *C«sv. ■ 

OFFICERS ^ C£^;k. F. A. Young; Treea., J. P. Smith; Bdtdj 
men^ J. M. Cooper, F. A. Young, D. A. George ; Supt.^ 0. £. Syder. 

Postmasters—W. C. Stocker; iSo«{/i, AsaI.el Lear: George* s Jh1l»,\ 
Wm. RuAStfll. Station Ayent^H. Batchelder. , 

Justices—^osiAh Turner, T. P. Smith, W. C. Sturoc, Bradford Cor^ 
rier, Nfrani Sargent, 8(ats ; J. B. Smith, Wm. Russell, D. 0. EaatlUan, 
John Young, J. P. Knowlton, G. H. Bartlett. < 

Church— Meth., S. C. Keeler. Ex. Ae't— J. F. Davis. { 

Hotels— Simapee Lake Uo«ee» Seek luung; Runals Hoiue; Lake 
View House, G. T. Putney. 

Lawyer— George Dodge. 

LiTOfy Stables*^J. Y. Gaardner, F. Blodgett. 

Manuracturers — boots and shoes. J. W. Merrill; clothes pins,J.F 
B.Smith; coffins and cabkets, L. H. Goss; excelsior, M. M. Fisher 
ft Son; flour and meal, J. C. Purington; fork handles. Sleeper & 
Lang; fork handles and rakeo, B. R. Sieger; granite, Bailey, C.B.' 
Boyce ;hiimfs, Granite Hanie Works, €owl<'S A Bartlett ; laoe ie«tfaei*,| 
Runals Jk' Angel I; lumber, Runnals Blodgett, K. P. Stickney; n£kee[ 
and hnndles, Alexander A Perkins ; shingles, Trow k Lear; .6eofff^i> 
MilUy Martin k Oiase, B. P. Stickney, H. ¥. Eastman: shoe atiffenhigs 
Hud inner sOles, J. A. Tucker; -telescopes, J. B. Smith; threshing; 
machittee, Joeiah Turner', wallets, M L. Sargetit. i 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, Muzzey k Games, AKshel Lear, E. SidJ 
ell ; Imrber, A. W. Paige; carpenters,- M. A. Young, J. T. Sargeat, S 
Woodward, M. L. Sargent, S. W. Abbott, C. S. Young ; cooper, fi. W 
Page; founder, B. M. Leavenworth; machinists, Josiah Turner, J Bit 
Smith ; painter, J. B. Smith ; wheelwrights, M. A. Youngs, Stephen 
Woodward ; grist mill and meal, J. C. Purington, Georif^t MUtt, D. 
A. George; j 

Merchants— N. P. Baker, D G. Knowlton k Son, Wm. ltu68e1I,M.' 
J. Adams; boots and shoes, N. Lear; fbmitnre, J. B. Fmith ; Qtekt, 
A. P. Ri'chaids; paints and oHk, J. B. Smith ; tin ware, H. CuitniBrimni.' 

Physician— C. F. Leslie. Tel. Ag't— K. P. Baker. ^ I 

Steam Boat — Lady Woodsum, Woodsum Bros. ! 

Suncook — See Pembroke. i 

Bt; BRY. ChEBHIRL^Vov, 326. S. W. fr. C, M ; N. fr. Keene, 
7. R. B. 1^.— Keene, on Cheshire R. R. Daily stage. | 

OFFICIRS— C/«rAf aitd Treat.. W. H. Porter : Sef'ecfm^, J. H. 
Rodgers, L. M. Carpenter, 8. H. Cltinent ; (ivpt.. Mrs. S. W. BrHten. | 

Postmaster— B. A. Kenion. Justice— G. K. Harvey. 

Church— Metb., . ftotel— D. J. Cheever. I 

Mechanics — blacksmith, J. W. Gushing ; carpenters, Holland 
SteveuB, M. A. Carpenter, John Rodgers; carriage maker, ('. W. Wil- 
cox ; mining, Grnuite Slate Gold k Silver Mining Co., M. MeliiSon, 
Bupt.; wheelwright, George Wilcox, j 

Physician— W. H. Potter. "I 

SlTlTOHr, MEBBJMACK—Voit., ^9Z. N. W. fr. C,,23. S, BAi 
fi.— Bradford, on C. k C. R. R. Daily staee. IB] 

BxrsiicBas dibsotobt. 159 

OFFICERS— CfZcjtf; and TWov., A. D. Oolcord ; B^tmtltnm, M. L. 
iPiltebary, G. Gage. Qro. Gliadwiok ; A*;?^., Beiij. JohMon 
[ Postmasters — Truman Putney; Nort/ty Joseph Greeley; South, 
J. B. McAllister. 

Justices — J. K. Smilej. Moaea •Haxen, A. Page, Enoch Page, Slate ; 
|Erasttia Wadleigb, J. M. Sargent, Jfreemaa Putney, 6. G. Eaton, A. R. 

I CInireheS— AdT., Souths Frank Tamey ; G. Bap., NinrifK Wm. Llbby ; 
F. Bap.. A. B. Draw ;-fibufA, I. Peatlee. 

Mxnufacturers-'-carriim^ and sleighs, D. B. Abbott, G. G. Manhall, 
,6. Chadwick ; Norths H. Howe A Go.: clothes pins, William Little ; 
excelPior, J. P. Nelaon; Itunber, D. W. Conch A Son, H. 8. Blaisdall ;> 
\A'orth, J. Kezcr. I 

t Heehanies— 4>lac1umtlha, W. L. Morgan ; Jfartk^ W. P. 8ai«eiit,| 
B. T. Fiti«ld4 carpenters, J. Knowlton, Asa Page; South, Fmnk 
'Cbase; Narth, Mlliiam Ho«.e ; cooper, 11. Burpee; Snioii, Asa White ; 
Imason, North, Levi Flint ; pHinters. (carriage,) G. G. Marshall; Norths 
'R. R. Wheeler ; ftwO, W. G. Hoyt ; sboeinaker, J. O. Rogers ; wheel 
jwrights, W. H. Martliall . iVort/i, T. Wiiliains. 
I Merchants— Traman Putney A Son, J. B. Richards A Go.; Norths Joa 
ureetey: SotUh, J. B. McAIiUter A Son; floor and grain, H. W. 
Ciiadwick; meat, G* L. Andrew, M. V. B. Shutiuck; millinery, 
\North, Mrs. J. M. Sargent. Physicians— S. N. Welch ; North, J. R. 

S W ANSET. CHESHIRE— VoV", 1>^1- & W- <r. a, 55 : S. from 
Keene. 5. R, M. E— Swansey, oq Ashuelofc U. R. 

OFHCBRS— C/er*, Wtst,Q. I. Gutler: Trtat., ITesf, Geo. E. Whit- 
[comb; Sel«immt Josiab Par40ns: W«i, Daniel Snow, H. Abbott; 
SupCi.. A. A. Ware; Weal, Qt. I. Gutler. 

I Postmasters— & Howaa; Wutport, G. W. Brooks; East, A. B 

I Justices— T. T.Wetberbee; ires«|yor<. Stephen Faulkner ; IFetf.Jos. 
Hammond, S. Bartletfc, State; F. Downing, Enoch Howes, A. A, 
jWare; East, G. I. Gntler, Q. W. WUlis, Volney Woodcock, J. Par 
tons; West, Henry Eamea. 

Church ^Goug., II. H. Sanoderson. 
' Hotels— O. W. Howe; Prospect Houiie, A. N. Howe, p. o* ad 
Ke<«ne. Mechanic — blucksmith. East, M. Elmore. 
I ManuflBictUFers->*cIo4hes pins. East, B. Wilcox; nest and lance 
backeta, lumber and ptaTes, JEast» Q. F. Lane: psil stock. L. M. Stone;! 
pails. East, Gal via Alexander ; Westport, Jamra Marsh, Ephfaim Mur- 
dock, jr., p. o. ad., Keene ; toy and quarter pailfl and knife trays, G. O. 
'k R. R. Blinsdeil ; wool mattresses. East, h. S. Lane ; pail stock and 
lumber, L. M. Stone. . 

I Merchants— Harriet Ghamberlain ; Westport, James Marsh A Go.; 
auctioneer, G. N. Hills. 

We»t— Postmaster— S. H^ Fox. Exp. k Tel. Ag'tr-4. H. Fox. 

Churches— Bai).* E. J. Emery; Meth., T. Fowler; Univ., — . 

Hotel — llomer Eva- B, Mansion Iloase, Mary L. Wilson. 

Manufacturers— beavers and cashmerets. Stratton Mills Co., H.. S. 
jMnrtin, Treas.: courectionery lK>xe8,.Snow A Go.; leather, A. S. Ken- 
,()a]l; lumber. G. L. Russell A Go., S. H. Holbrook, F. F Lombard; 
pails and butrketi, G. L. Russell A Co.; pnil stock. W^alter Perry. 

Mechanics— Uacksmiths, L. R. Ilolbrook, A. II. FMemnn ; Center, 
John F. tlunt. Physician— G. I. Gutler. 

Merchants— West, S. S. Fox, G. G. Brooks ; auctioneer, B. H. Howard, 


TAMWORTH, CARROLL-^Fop.,l,^A. N. IS. fr. 0., W; N. 

fr. Osiipee, 13. B. R, &— Wevt Oadpea, 4 m., on Porta., Gt. F. A Oon.| 
R. R. OaUjr sta^e. 

OFFIGBRS—aerik. Joseph Gilman; Treat., 0. H. Rt^niGk ; £b»f«cl- 
m«f^ G. P. CkK>k, L. B.Ramick, J. H. Nickonon ; Supt., FnuikliD DftTia. 

Postmasters^Miw Mary J. Gilman ; SonUt, J. T. D. FoiMOt ; Inm\ 
Work$^ James Emery. i 

JttsUCM *- G. P. Gooke, L. B. Haaon, 0. G. Hatoh, L. S. Eem! 
ick, Jos. Gilman, State; Jas. Qoward, Andraw Naally, P. Mitohell,' 
H. M. Bartlett, J. P. CasMng, Alonso Nickerson, J. Q. Hatch, N. F. 
Hoa«. I 

Churchies^F. Bap., J. S. RnnxMls-; CoBg., F. Umrin ; Math., L. D. 
Dniper. Hotel — Gllman's, J. Gilman. 

ManufiiAturers^ boots aad shoes, F. N. Bartalgh; «iMt«ft« bad- 
steadH, card boards, dry goods boxes and hitober, 0% 8i Hforrili,. 
excalsiorl Geo. S. Varney ; thread spools, Wiggln A Haley, Jackion t 
jGHnian. i 

I Meohantes ^ blncksmitbs, N. H« Tamey, Thos. Wimphi, Bbck A 
Mitchell, A. flay ford; carpenters, S. S. Remiok, N. H. Vainey, T. D.i 
fWhUten, Wyatt Bnrnnt, machinists Geo. Varney, D. 8. Merrill. i 

Merchants— C. P. Gook, U £. Remick, G. Robert ; SevA, L. D. Mas-; 
on k Son, W. Kaetman ; Iron Works, Hath & Emery ; auctioneer, B. 
8. Beede. 

Physicians— J. 8. Bassett, E. T. Hnbbard. 

TElll PUB, HJLLSBOROUGff—fop., 40S. 8. C. fr. C, 45 ; W. 
ft-. Nashua, 22. R, R. S.~-Greeairillet on Peterboro* k Bbir. Br. R. B.l 
DaUy stage. 

I 0FFIGER8— Oenfe.C. P. Hayward; 2Veas., 0. N. OolHnmi Sdect-^ 
men, Isniah Wheeler, Jnmes R. Burton, B. M. Heald ; Board of .fifu-; 
eafo'oa, L. W^ Felt, Joseph Howard, N. R. Sheldon, Waiter Jaq«(tfa, O. 
P. Barker, G. N. Golbuin. 

I Postmaster— P. Hayward. Hotel— <Centml House, L. D. Hinds. 
I Justices~^oiiat!ban M. Spaolding, G. P. Hayward, Lewis Howard, 
Isaiah. Wheeler. Churoh--Gong.. J. Haley 

Manufacturers— lumber, J. E. Burton : saw atid grist mill, Bacon 
A Walton. Exp. Ag*t & Merchant— C. P. Hayward. 

I Meelianiev— blacksmtths, Geo. F. Barker, John Nash ; carpenters, 
J. 8. Tuttle. Georg>* Ctem<nt. 

I THOKIfrOBT. GRA FTON-^Vop., 7T4. N. W. fr. C. 65 ; K . fr. 
Plymontb, 14. R. A. &— Plymouth, on B. C. A M. R. R. Daily sfag<«. 
I 0FFIGER9— Oerfe. C. P. Sargent, p. o. ad.. West T;: Trea$., W. G.j 
Merrill ; SeUdmeH, 0. F. Jaii>es, Jeremiah Gilman, 8. P. Maeoq ; Su]^., 
'J. P. Toffing; Aff^nt J. W. Pattee. 

Postmasters— O. F. James ; Wett, G. H. Weeks. 

Justioes*~M. R. Gene, J. E. Pattee, A. Lyford, M. 7. Haseltine, J. 
Gilman. H. V. Hart. I 

I Boarding Houses— West Thornton Honse, G. H. Weeks: Merrill 
Ho«ise. William Merrill ; (ktmpton Village, George Foes, 0. G. Poss, H. 
F. Burgin. 

Church— Bap., 8. P. Toffing. Merchant- Enoch Emmons. 

Exp. Ag't— C. Chase. Physician— S. G. Guilford. 

Hotel— ir«jt<. G. H. Weeks. 

Man ufiietarers— bobbins and dimension Inmber,. D. A M Foss; 
'canriagies. Garter Fiiss, J. W. Pattee ; brush stock, C. F. Plummer.. 
I Mechanics— blacksmiths, H. H. Firteld. C. F. Gbamberltn ; carpeu-| 
ters, H. y. Hart, Jas. f<>g^', painter and wheelwright, J. W. Fattee-i 


Vli«rji («!■*■ Fcrffjr-^itSM Morrimaok. 

TII^TOJr, BXLKtiAP-^Fop,, l^»i2. N. fr. 0. 18 ; 8. W. fr. La 

conia. lf». H. R. R-^Tilton and Siut Tilton, on B. C. k M. K. R. 

{ OFFIGSRS— OerAc, O. A. Stovens; TVeai^J. F. Taylor; Mmhnen^ 

E. 0. Philbrick, J. B. Batchelder, W. G. Madgott: fiupe, J. Lyford 

I Fostniisiers-^O. fi. Wll;»^ Cba-ta Rollina. 

! Jusitcef— & 8. Philbrick, B. T. Brown, J. B. flanbom, W. P. Lang, 

iW. S. Oaa«, CL C. Rogars, D. K. Kemp^ B. 8. Pvrkina, J. P. Daarbom, 

|Jhs. 0. Lyford, Jfidwin Hoorebonaa, T. U. Voas, Aoto; Haury ^ Dal- 


i Ckurcbes—F. Bap., Eaul^ ~~-; Gong., F. T. Pevkini; Bpit., 

jLttcias Wnterman ; MoOl, N. M. Bhul^ ; &«!, ^^ •— ~. 

Eating Housei— W. A. Colbv. Mrs. MarT Uolmes. 

txp./gU— Z. 0. PMrkkM. Tel. Ag't— MUi UbsU A. BUfea. 

Hotel— J>aater Hooaa, J. L. LoTaarmc. Lftwyer— €. C. Xogars, J. O 
JLyford. . I 

' Utoritfy hwtitutian— N. H. Gontaranca Saminary and Vemale 
.CollUKVf ptM-« 8. 8. <inimby. A. H.; praoaptraM, X. B. L. Uobbs.! 

Uvery Stables-^. L. LoTarin, F. P. 8argent. 

IUiltllkOluref»— aotton, C. Almy'a ootton millii, himbar, B. PJ 
ISimonda, B. T. Brown, EaH, B. W. Brown; ■pcotaclea. Lord Broii.;' 
woalaoa, Tiltofi'a woaiea mllla, Selwyu Paaboily, an^t., Oranita Mills 
jCo.. A. 8. IMAaiUyiw. tt^t , Ifilm mill*, R. Fbrth, ag't 

Mechanics A Artisans— blaAkaaaithfl, a B. darmon, M. 0. Abbott, 
jcarpeatedB, D. II. Paga, D. 8. ^l^ilmaD, J. F. EAStnmn, L. Conant. A 
jFleteher; drasa mak«r8, Mrs. Gao. nonius, Misi Nelll; hair 
'draamr, Qao. Nalson ; ImrnaM amken A. R. Wyatt ; aMMon, B. L. San- 
bom; paintars, O. S. Reed, A. J. uarman; JBeM<, H. €. Fifleld; pho- 
tograpbar, F. J. Koolton; printer,. 0. F. Hiil; whealwrigbts, H. 
N. Atkinson. W. Sanborn, J. W. Sanliorn. 

MereiianU— J. F. Taylor, Philbriok A Dill, W. A. Golby ; JBb«<, 
Chiiae itdllina; auctioneer, B. T. Brown; books aaU stationary, 0.| 
A. 8taTans; buots and ahoet, 8. Condon, G. W. Abbott; clocks and 
watches, A. G. Lord; drugs and mediuinea, Ot. A. Staraas, C. P. Rer- 
riukA Coj;; dry:goad8, Q«o. Whitoher k Co.; ftinaitura, J. Hill ; fancy 
gooda, S. Condon.; meat and •egetablet, W. P. Hill; millinery. Miss 
,11. Page; stoves and tin ware, Fred B. Thorp; tailor, readyuinade 
clothing and famishing goods, A. Daris ; vafcotabletr nod variatias, W. 
A. Colbj, T. W. Loag. 

I Physician9--J. P.Osborn, G. R. €k>ald, A. A. Moulton ; dentist, F. 
tJ. Aiken. 

I TAO¥» OffESffJBE—Poii., 7{)5. 8. B. fr. G., eO ; 8. fr. Keene, 
10. B. R. B.^Tny^ on Cheshire R. R. 

j OFFIGi£RS^C(er&, M. B. ilTriKbt; Tr«(U., A. G. Dart; S^wtmm, 
J. R. SUnley, (1. W. Farrar, Bdmund Semis; Bupi., D. W. Goodale; 

Postmaster-^;. W. Whitnoy. • 

JusUees^B. Buttciek, SUM ; D. W. Farrar, B. P. Kimball, Ed- 
mund Bemis. W. N. Watoion. J. R. jStimley, Tfaas. Tolman. 

duirehes— Bap., p. R. T. Harrlck, J. 8. Herrick ; Cong., D. W. 
I Ealing House— J. N. Bmoks. 

Exp. it Tel. Agent— A. O. HnrUmrt. 

Hotels— MonHdnock, F. a. Aldrich; Kimball Honsa, J. M. Brooks. 

Livery Stables— B. P. Kimtwll, Bxekiel Starkey. 

Manulkotorers— 'bootv nnd shoes, James Caprou, Ransom Ingalls ; 
jbrooma and brashes. H. T. Brown k Co.; clothes pins and pail .handles,! 


B. F. Fox A Co.; earthen wiure, Aldrich k McOonniiet O. A. 1A«mir; 
|ttour and meal, Wintbrop Knigbtk; leather, W. O. A R. ML tildby; 
puild and tui«, Kdwin Biittrick ft Co.; iwilii and nest bucket*, G. 
ji). Farrar; woolenn, Troy Blanket Co., Barrett Ripley, ag't; pail 
jhandlas, Webstor G«>rey.' j 

I Mechanics — blHckemith, D. W. Farrar ; carpenters, I. E. Royce,' 
,C. H. Qove. Ainoe Ingulls; painters, Wm. Hnrris, John W. Taylor ; 
{printer, H. C. Newton; atone tnaaons, J. R. Stanley, Lnthor Whitte- 
more, A. B. Gates ; wheelwright, Winthrop Kniffhta. | 

{ Merchants— C. W. Whitney, B. F. Kimball ft Sum ; anctloneerj 
m. W. Farrar; books, stationery and yankee notiotts, H. O. Nawton ; 
'carriages, grain and mill feed, Rsekiel Starkey, J. L. fitaotey ; meat 
;6. A. Starkey. 

;45; W. fr. Os^ipee, 6. R. R. &— Wolloboro Bridge, 6 m., on Ports.' 
Gt. F. ft C. K. R. Daily SUge. | 

OFFICRRS— CVsrik, J. A. Bennett ; Trtat.^ Tkotma FrencH: SOtd-. 
men, J. O. Morrison, J. B. Fox, John C. Fiwids; Supt.^ CknUr^ D. KJ 

Postmasters — a»mer,O.S. Palmer; MiMm Yilta^t 0. Ricbard- 
son ; OmteTy A. L. lleisey. 

JustiCM-^. F. 8tockbridge,Wm. D. Haley, D. R. Palmor. StvU; 
A. D. Fox, T. F. Hodgdon, C. G. Rdgerly, Peter Stackpole^ W. 0. 8. 
Hodgdon^ a W. PiakliHm, C. W. Davis. 

Churches-^Adr., T. W. Piper ; Chris.. D. A. Wiggin; IstGhrb., 
John Tilton ; F. Bap., W. H. Catting; Meth., Bean. 

Exp. Agent-^R. B. Neal. Physicians--T. A. Hal«y, D. R. Palmer. 

Manufteturers— bobbins, D. W. Homer; boot* and slioet. B. A. 
Bhick: cofilas and famitnre, MibaiUe ViUage^ Piper Bros.; staTes,' 
Moses Stnndley. I 

Mechanics—blacksmiths, Geo. Hilton, Abner Gny, H. B. Fernald ; 
CMrpeuters, 0. H. Dtirgin, J. B. Piper, Chas. G. Rdgerly, A. L. Edger> 
ly; coopers, N. H. Copp, Clark ft Hodgdon; machinist and whetd- 
wrIght, Bverett Piper. I 

MerchantS^Cbrvier, Charles Hnm ; Cknt^f A. L. Hersey ; Metvin 
ViUage^ D. Fernald. Richardson Bros., Dan'l Cavorly. { 

Twin ]IIoaiitatn-~See Carroll. 

Un lots— See Wakefield. 

V Ji IT Y, B ULLl VA iV— Pop., 814. W. fr. C, M ; 8. fr. Newport, 
10. R. R. £(.**~ClaretiKmt and Newport, on Con. ft Glare. R. R. Tri- 
weekly 9trige to Claremont; daily fr. East Unity to Newport. | 

GFFICRKS—CSerJk, J. M. Perkins ; Trea*.^ Amos Perkins; 8dltet^ 
men, A. H. Gonid, I. P. Breed. A. A. Gllman : 6mp<., J. M. PerkioH; A(- 
Iparot'wrt, John 'Panl, Amos Perkins, F. L. Quimby; OMrreer, Selem 

Postmasters— Chiirles R. Lewis ; Ecut^ C. A. Clough. 

Justiee»~E. W. WoodelU *Sfo<«; J. M. Perkins, Harrey Sanborn, 
Moses Johnson, John Paul, B. F. French. 

Churches—Bap., — — ; Meth., — — Cloud ; Wes*,— - ■■ 

Hotel — Unity Springs House, Moxes Fairbiinks ft Co. ' 

Mechanics — ^blucksmiths, 3. Smith. C. H. Cammet ft Son ; carpen- 
ters, C. Straw, I. Oillingham, L. Whittemore, A. A. Oilman. John' 
IjCuriier, Harvey Bonway ; coopers, R. J. Hall, Luther Hall, L. Whitte- 
jniore ; wheelwrights, A. B^iiley, H. B. Wnlker ft Sons. ( 

I Merchants-^groceries, J. P. Whitaker; jBSft«(, C. A. Clough : lam-, 
her, C. ft G. B. Oilman. I 

B08IVSB8 DiEBOtO&T. 16^ 

W»llle.T*S Falls— Soe Lee. 

WAKEFIELB, CARHOLL^V^^., 1,992. M. B. fr. C^ 43; 8 

!rr.UB'<ip«9. 1(1. le. A. S.-^Uuion, Wulfoliuro Jnnot{*»ii, WKkeAvid, No 
Kod Biwt Wakefleld Depot, on Port*. Gt. F«II« A G. R. R. 

LOPi^ICERS— Cfe»-Ar. H.a. Satryer; Tr^ag., Rob't II. Pike; fleleef 
, m, U. U. Oage, A. M. Bracken, O. L. Weotworth; Supl., S. W. Rub 

i Postmasters—rifratn PanI ; Xtut^ TiK>m%< Wood; North' Mn. J. 
Hill; iStutHpot, I. 8. r^^d; '8sni!Mri»'c ifiUt, O. F. Piper; fTmion 
Klijnh Wadlefgli; ffom** MiUs, John O. Sanborn. 

JusUees — C. A. Vamey, J. W. Sanborn, G. W. Sanbtirn, D. 8. Bar 
I«7, J. E Scriiton, Sfixte; Geo. II. G-«ge, Geo. G<4ce, J. lIoN. Cook, .1 
H. Clontmai., M. B. Siuith, S. U. Smitb, I. 8. Lovrd, A. J. Millikio, W 
F. WellvH.F. Barnani. 

I Churches— Cong., ^^ ■ ; BpU., Wolfeboro Junction^ Win 

|S.Tiick-r; F. Bap., (Tninn, Gjidtiititli. 

Exp. Agt*s--B. W. Juukins, A. 0. RobifMou, HMiry Hnil, T. S 
Lowd, J. W. M itliec. 

Hotels— National Honie, Sirs. Q. H. Wlg^in ; Wnlfeboro Jum^tlnn 
Santtom House. J. P. Thraelier; Union, K. H. Pike; £euC, 8. Kershaw 

Lawyer— I*. D. Sawj'er. 

Uvery SUbles— H^{/e6oro JuncHm^'O. W. Saaborn ; JBad Depot^ 
iSainnel Kershaw. 

Manufacturers — chairs, R. Snnbom*, excelMor, S. R. BncseH: 
felt cloth, John .\fiekle; ct'iirestonea, II. F. Stevens: Innftber, J. W. 
Sant>orn. Win. Moserre, Pine River Lumber Co.; (Tnion, R. H. Pike. 

Meohanlcs — ^blaek»rafths, J. H. Juukins, A. Rnnneli, J. P. Ffl- 
il"ws. Q. L. Wentworth, M'><<es Brown; carpenters, T. 0. Bnrley. G. 
iW. Dr9\v A Son, Jackson Home, B. D. Teaton, I. N. Fellows, J. W. 
Hill, G. R. Dore, II. A. Neal ; hitrn«<s.4 maker, G. W. Sawyer ; mason, 
'N. K. Nutter : tailors, Asa Brown, B. F. .Albee. 
I Merchants— A. J. MilUken, Geo. A. Yeaton; (TfUon. A. F. Wood k 
m, B. Wndlelgh, J. P. tillman; co-operative store, Andrew IIhII; 
'iro{/eAoro Jicncfton, P.O. Cottle J. W. Garvin A Co.; Norths J. W. 
'Mathes ; Eatl Depot. F. D. Sawyer ; auctioneer, J. W. Sanboru ; hard- 
ware. Union, Union Hardware Co. 

Physicians — S. VV. Rolxrts ; Unt'niy J. L. Swinerton, J. B. Scmton 
I Tel. Agt's— B. W. Juuklus, A. 0. Robinson, I. 8. Lowd, Wm. J 

j WAliPOLB, rH'ESH'/R^-Pop,2,'»18. 8. W. fr. C, 60. N. W 
I'r. Keene, 18. R. R. 8. — Walpole ^ mile, and for Drewsville Ac. 
iGuld RiT«r. 1 m., on Clieshire R. R. Public C«mT«yaffce to all trains, 
I 0FPICBR3— (7^rfe, A. P. HichMr<l4on ; T«-«(M., T. B. Ruffum; Stlecl- 
Inwa, H. R. Putnam, J. H. Heild, A. W. Bnrt; 8upt., Wm. Bntwn. 
I Postmasters— R. L. Bail ; North, H. G. Hawkins ; DrewioiUe, W. A 

I Justices— B K. Senbnry, A. H. Bellows, Stat^ : If. B. Patnam, J. G 
,Bellows, Wm. P. Mason, R. L. Ball, Scott Wellington, A. F. Nims 
J. II. HeaM. 

I Churches— Chris., Clark Simond^; Cong, Fred L. AU<*n: Bpifi.. 
'N. G. AUen ; Dr^-wnUU. St- Pnter's, B. A. Renouf, p. o. ad., Keene : 
R. G ttb., M. F. Galvin ; Unit., Wni. Brown. 

Exp. Agent— H. a. Perry. Tel. Ag*t— W. G. Barnett. 

Hotel — DrewmiVe, Bfountain Uoose, Thomas Taunt. 

Lawyer— J. 6. Beiiowi^. 

Literary Institution— Walpole High School, C. R. Omwell, prin. 




BJmivtaa direotost. 

Livery Stable— W. A. Maynard ; ^oHh^ J. M. Rolaton,^. Bica. 

MftnuniCttirf rs— cbftir stock, ^orth, Monroe A MfiaiiA ; J^ger beerj 
Walker, Oewey, Blakt; ii Co.: leather. A. F, Maynard ; lumber, C. fi.HalI,J 
John Selkirk.; turned wood boxef>, W. A. Bund. i 

MechaniOS & Artisans — blHcksmitk, ¥ied Lebonrvean, Thomas! 
Walab ; Drew$vifle^ A. A. Beckwjth ; earppoters, A. W. Burt, llnbl«rd 
Newton, M. J. Hale, £. A. Watkins; carpenter and juiner, Ih-ewstilU^ 
Qias. M'ift; dreitt makers, Mrs. H* Wntkiaa, Miaa Jennie Julier;' 
hair drecser, RHshard Kn/ipp ; harnees makers, Henry Allen A So&;l 
painters, Herod Brown, Wm. Warn; printer, C. C. Davis. 

Merchants—^. P. Porter, £. K. Seabnry ; Drewnille, W.A. Bond; 
NorUk. H. O. Hawkins, J. M. Rolston ; auctioneers, S. H. Porter, C)iM&; 
Fisher; hooks, stationery, drugs and medicines, -CC. Davis; bf)otB ft 
shoes, R. L. Ball ; hardware, B. P. Owen ; meat, 0. H. A K. M* Boldeo,, 
L. OfaandJer A Son ; millinery, tienuji fuller. 

Physicians— Q. A. Blake, A. P. Richardson, W. B. Porter. \ 

WAB2ir£B« MJCBBJJUJCK—Fov., l^ftT. N. W. fr. C, 18 m. 
JR. R. &— Warner, on C. k C. R. R. 

0FFICKR8->C!erl;, L. H. Adams: 3Was.,L. J. Clement; SeUetmen^ 
L. W.Collins, Bei^. Flanders, RenbenClongh; <Sup<.,S. S.Ueai}. | 

Postmasters— £. H. Carroll ; Roby's Cbmer, M. H. Rohy. 

Justice*— N. 0. Ordway, 8. S. Bean, J. R. Coe»» eU, &imue1 DaTig, 
G. C. George, Robert Thompson, ^au; H. R. Sargent. J. G. £la, P. C. 
Wheeler, O. N. Tewskbury.G. C. Cole, A. Oilmore,.£. M. Dunbar, L H. 
Brown, A,p, Carroll. R. £. Walker, J. M. Harriman, S. W. Davi**. 

Churches— Bap., W. n. Walker; Cong., ^; Meth., 

Ex. & TeL Agent-^A. R. Putnam. Ins. Agent— A. P. Davis. 

Hotels-^ Warner and Kearsarge, A. C. Carroll. 

Lawyers— Samuel Davis, A. P. Davis, ^. K. Paige. 

Manufacturers -^ baskets, W. Haskell; bedsteads, John Bogers-; 
hoots, John Osgood; boxes, F. M. Watson A Co.; card board, Davis 
Bros., p. 0. ad., Coiitoocook ; chairs, S. C. Pearce, p. o. ad., Brailtord: 
clothes pins and hubs, 0. P. it C. W. Redington ; excelsior, John Kog< 
ers, Bartlett Bros.; elevator buckets, F- M. & B. H. Watson; Hour an<i 
meal, J. G. Ela, Davis it Co., Samuel H. Dow, Dan'l Bean k Co.; patent 
boxes. Page Bros. 

M«elianics— blackamitht, X. H. Harriman, P. G. dough. 'W. D. 
Chase, N, Chase, F. B. Turner; caryenters, W. K. Morrill, A. Rowe 
G. F; Edmonds, Edgar Davis, W. C. Johnson ; harness makera, J. g 
Rogers, Ingalls k Davis ; masons, W. W. Brownj Ge^ge Jiurk ; paiiRt 
ers, H. Busweil, L. N. Chase, J. C. Bean; (carriage) M. C. Harrijoaan; 
printers, J. G. E|a^ J. Gil more, E. C. 0>le ; tailors, C. A. Benton tc Co. 
watchmaker, J. U. Morrill ; wheelwrights, B. F. Harriman k Son, W 
Johnson ; wool carding, J. G; Ela. 

MerchantS-^R. Thompson, A. C. Carroll k Son, B-F*. Heath, S. W 
Davis, Hubbard A Trussell, p. o. ad., Contoocook ; J. W. & L. J. Olen 
ent, S. H. Dow, F. Robbins ; auctioneer, A. P. Davis; clothing;, C. J 
Benton k Co.; meat, J. Sawyer k Son ; millinery, xMrs. W. W. Browi 
Miss Mary S. Porter; tin, sheet iron and stoves. Smith Bros^ IB. I 

Physicians— J. M. Rix, J. Cogswell ; homeo., W. H. Walkar. 

WAKREN, Cr'«^FrOJV— Pop.,78e. N. W. fr. C, 70. IS. fro 
Haverbill, 18, fr. Plymouth, 20. R. R. &— Warren, Warren Sumxtu 
on B.. G. k M. R. B. 

OFFICERS — C/erJfc, J. E. Davis; Treaty E. B. Eaton; SdecMane^ 

• ' " ■ - ' ■ - ' ' » ■■ " ■ ■ I 


Postmasters— J. S. Jew«tt ; SammU, N. T. CM«r»li. 
llafie«S- J. S. Jewett» I. Bf . W«ek«, J* M. WllUaiiia, ttde; JBara 
LiUry. J. F. MorrHl, H. A. Little. * 

Ciliireil— Meth., C. W. Dackrill. Ex. Al|H-*-J. B. Dwrit. 
iletttl— liboJiikMik HoiiM, Btucy Bi-oa. Ins. Aa'C-^. M. WillUtts. 
llMiu(kctur«rs-^b<ditibit, h, V. Jevell, lCi»rrin & Clark ; lamtor, 
Joel iDgslls; shoe lastn, bobbins and cbair stock, G. B. Woodward; 
window sliades, kc^ Merrill. Jt. Clark. 

MeeliAoies k Artisans— blacksmiths, W. Libbey, B. A A. H. Piils- 
l>ary ; cKfiieiiter:), G. M. Oloogik, N. Whltmaa, J. W* B4tobeider; har- 
piees maker, J. O. Siuelair; painCera, D. T. Bastiarw, H. N. Merrill, 
]A. M. BMrber; photographer, Charles Bracy ; shoemakers, B. B. Lib* 
2)ey, NelfOa Shamj^eaii; wkeelwrichta, Jk Y. Bastman, J. M» Uttle, 
m. S. Merrill. 

I ll6««l|MitS*-Be^|. Bixby, J. SI Jewvtt. K B. Baton, M. W. PUU- 
bary; Sammit^ N. T. Caswell; Jewelry, Alonao Moyesj waati A. 
Pftysicians— B. B. MOrrill ; eelee., J. F. Willey. 
Samatar Boarding HousOf—AAui J. MerriU» Baotnan A Upton, 
Breezy Fvtirt Hoase, A. B. Merrill, proprlet<w. 
Tel. Afent*^. S. Jewett. 

WASHIJTOTOlf, SULLIVAIf^VoVi,, 682. W. fr. C, 8S. S. 
. Newport, 14. JL iZ. &— HiUsbbrough Bridge and Nowport, on €. 
C. R. B. Dally Btag» to eack. 

OlfFlOKKB—aerk^ V. R, LuH; 2Ve<tt., N. A. LuU; SeUttmm, H. J. 
age, M. H. Dole, S. W. Hurdi 

Postnaster«^iL R Muzkoy. Piiysieian— edea, Byl^eoter Wood. 
Justices— A. J. Cutting, J. 0. Metealf, StaU; N. A. Lall, Supply 
lacBoy, Levi HAthorn, H. J. Oage, 8. W. Beard. 

Cliurcli— Gong., ^^..^ MotM— Lovell Honse, M. H. Wooda. 

Literary InstUntieA— Tabbe Union Academy, H. O. Hill, prln. 
ManufifeeturerS— €ai>d boarda,.0. f. Fowler; oolilna, J. L.8otf»cd; 
amber, O. W. QHge, J. Q. Dickey, M. H. Dote, Alonio Macehall, J. L. 
utMrfield; water Muheal^, O. L. Mbllen; woolen gooda and men's 
ckt, ^own A Yonirg. . . 

Meehftaies— blackiunitha, 0. T. Crane, G. F. Fowler, fiilao Tandy ; 
rpeotera, B. Bradtord, O. W. Newman; eooper, Alooao Knight; 
Arble worker, L. A: Mellen; maaon, Qardner Millen; painter, T. D. 
ood; ahoeiaaker, S. W. Hiird; watch and clock, nipairer, J. B. 
abba. Merchants- B. F. Mutaey, N. A. Lull A Son. 
Bant— Postmaster— J.. BL P. Friend. 
Charehes-^. B^^ L. M. Powers; F. Bap., J. WUHl. 
Manufacturers — ineal, N. Q. Junes ; lomliiar^ Andrews A Thlsaoll, 
IC Carr ; rakes^ Me IItId A Fletcher. 
h, ^1 lieclianiefs.-*idackanlth, Chns. Jones ; Mfpenter and millwright, 
j.OC. Gh. Benton; carpenter, Will S. Eaton; painter. C. B. Seavey; tailor, 
e, Cl Qt. Woodward. MerchantSt*-& /. Oage, A. J. Catting. 
Br4WATeRVffLI<E, &A^ JTOiV— Pop., 54. N. fr. 0.^68; N. fr. 
Bfymoiith. IB. A. R. 5— Piymoutii. on B. C. A M. R. R. 

0PFICBR3— a«!rXr, LovlDuliotr; Trtat. a»i a»pt.. Merrill Oreoley; 
,r. becstoi«n« SUinnel Dolloff, M«rrill Oree&y, S. 0. Drake. ^ 

K. <> Justice— M. areole^'. 
go0i Hotels — for snmmer boarders, Morrill Creal'ey^ A. S. Drake. 

Manufacturers— tnmber, A. Bk Drake, C. Joalyn. . 
,Udf Meebaaies— Unckamilh, JL 8. Drake; carpenter, Samnol Dolloli; 


H'EABIS, HJLLBBOROVGH'-'Tap.^ 1,82». W. ft, C. M: H. W. 

fr. Miiiuliebter, 18. B. If. !S.—Oi\ Blills, £. Weure, and N. WeMre» 
on Mnn. iind N. Weaie K. R. 

OFKIClEnS>^a<ii^ and Jrea$., €. E. Ileiigr; Sehefmtn^ A. L. Sleep 
er, W. T. Moi-se, J. H. Mc Alpine ; Suptt., J. P. Dearborn, A. 3. John- 
Bnn, h. H. Ftn-r. I 

Posl masters— I. Uoag; fast, A. B. Johnscn; Oil Mill VUlage, 

A. Frost. 

Justicet— J. 1*, Iladley, D. P. Woodbqry, DasUJobneoB, Preeident 
JFelch, A. D. Jolmton, A. P. Cotlina. M. A. Hodgdon, State; O. D. Saw- 
:»er. Abner Frrat ; la ft, h. V. Laney, C. B. %ood, C. X. Hoag, M'. L. 
Collina, W. T. Iforae, J. II. KkboU. C. J. Badley, O. W. Colby, A. H 
Churches~-Bap.. ZcM, L. Latbnn : F. Bap., G. C. Bona ; PaW. ^ - 
Exp. A«'t<~J. F. Cbate. Hotel— fa«<, W. W. Tanca 
Manufacturers— medicinee & flNVoring extrncts. Eatl, L.E. Philbrick 
A Co.; egg casM*, Z. Breed ; flour and meal. Oil Mill*. John Vance : Bawl^ 
|I> C« Jonae j. nurntinre, CoItIh, Black ft Moore; Innber. U. F. Breed;, 
JCotttJ. H. Day; OU M'/Za, C. £. Gove; aleigba, Q. F. Badlej; toye,! 
^aat. Toy MauuPg Co., F. Montgomery, iirea.; wbeclbarrowa, C. H 

Mechanics**! lackpinitht, A. C. Badlock, T. Saltmarsh, H. Cmm ; 
East, B. Bf'M'ie; raiiunter, J. B. Undley ft Sons, D. B. JLeigbton ft. 
i^on^ H'. D. Cbaf>e;lialrdreiver,'U'.B.Jouea; harness maker, T.Bogeiv;! 
tnafion, £uft, H. Foster; painters, C. Booth, A. F. Bnnd; £a»t, Aj 
Itfafon Hamilton; wheel wrtgkts, D.B. Loigbtoit, O. F. Hadley; fosT, 

B. W. Qonld. 

I Merchants — C. E. Iloag ft Co., Chaae Bros.; Sad, A. B. JuhaaoB 
Oil Mith, H. Bimons ; meat. EaH, H. M. F«fleh. - 

Physictans-->bonieo.. J. P. 'Whittle t Eatt, F. Eaton. 

H«nii— Poslaiaster— O. D. Sawyer. Hotel— A. P. CoUias. 

Church«*«F. Bap.. C. C. Bofs. 

ManufBdurers— ladies' boota, L. M. Sawyer, J. W. Hanson : cider,* 
8. S. Claik ft Son; cottons, Bockland MHnufg Co., Charles K«Uey,! 
ag't : fai cy caesimere*, Smith ft Converse; knile, file and chisel bund- 
les, D. G. Chase; leather, A. F. Paige: litmber^ Bobert Peaslee, J. 

bmiidike, 8. 8. Clark A Son; meal. A.Flanders: fkiving machines, 
rm; toys, J. H. Wallace ; wooden boxes, C. H. Thorndike; wool 
Und wooTellyfiroods, Weare Woolen Co.. J. £. Jones, ag't. 
I MechanicSkr- blacksmith, — Wan en; Jeweller, J. P. Paige; 
|machiiiist, DiiiKl Hanson : tailor. L. B. Chapin ; wheelwright, John 
'Gove ; wool carder, Geo. W, Woodbury. 

j- Merchants— D. Sawyer, Bocklond Mannf 'g Co., J. H. Paige, Mrs 
C F. Chase; auctioneer, C. B. Wood ; stoves and tin ware, Bieharda ft 

Sonfh— Postmaster— C. W. Buxton. 

Churches— Cong., John Eowell. 

Hotel— J. P. Dearborn. Merchants— Philbrick ft Buxton. 

ManuftlcCurer— clothing. A. 'ihorp ft Son; lumber. H. B. Nlchola 

Mechanics— blackso:lth. C. L. Colbum : oirpentere, A. J. Stoninfr, 
p. W. Coil -y. 8. L.Gove; mason, James W. Barrett; painter, Frank 
.Flanders ;. wheelwright, M. CoHium. i 

WEBSTER, MERJiJMACK'^Vnp., 647. N. W. ft-. C., 1Z. 
'JR. S. «^.— .Btttawen, 7 milee, on Nor. B. B. Stagea Taea.» Thvrt. and 
'^at. Mast yard 6 m., on C. ft C. B. B. | 


OFFlO^VtS "Oierk eut'l TVeiff., Atlierton S^Tentt; SdMstnun, Sher- 
man Little, Sf. A. Pillsbary, J. II. TriiinbitH ; Sunt., D. O. Hjlmsi. 
Postmaister— Atlierton SvTjaU. Physician— N. H. Arey. 
Justices— T- J. C>n«^r, D. 8. Cor-ier, C. B. Patudy, J. f*. 0>noh, 
.State; M. A. PilUbury, C. L. aerri«h, W. W. Barbaiik, J. H. Trtimball, 
A. F. Burbiink. 

Churches— Ohrifl., ————— ; Ooag., BdMrord Buxton; Heth., 
GtMt. O. CwMiby. 

M an uracturers— lumber, f. L. Bnrbank ft Sou; leather boarJ, 
Black water Mille Oa. 

Mechanics— blacksmith, J. B. Chase, J. W. Morrill; carpenter, 
G. C. dtune. Merehants—^^orge Litire, Geo. H. Barnes. 
Weir'H Brldffe— See I^icoula. 

\¥fi5rTHrOBrH, OKAFPOy—Vop., W9. N. W. fr. C, 66; 
N. W. fr. PlyrAoiith, 16. H. R. J*.— Went worth, on B. G. k U. R. R. 
OFPIOEBS— C7({erA;, W. H- Davis; r<*«(u., J. A. D^ivis: Selectmen, Or* 
lan:lo Bjyd, A. M. CoarAwell, N. B. Foster; $iipt., E. O. Tenney. 
Postmaster— J. B. Brown. Lawyer— W. A. Flanl^rs. 
I Justices— W. A. Flanders, H. S. Ffake, Stole; H. D. Horey, Darid 
JQore, L. W. Carrier, J. D. Os^od, J. Blodgett, A. M. Oo^fswell. 
Church— Cmg., T, W. Darling. Exp. Agt's— BiMtman ft Brown. 
Hotel & Livery — Union II(Hi<ie, Bleaz 'r Smith. 
Manufacturers — ^bobbin^, Knisht ft Omsby; carriages and sleiglin,' 
0. (^ Cole; coal, Jom. Breck; coffiiis and caskets, H< D. Morey ; glovea 
and mittens, T. B. Merrill; lumber, W. W. Bftwn, John Whitcher^ 
T. P. ft H. 0. Nutting, B. W. Brown; miner of gold, 8. A. Aldrich;' 
table legs ft chair stretchers, Savatre ft KeHea; tinware, Alfred PaxeJ 
Mechanics— blacksmiths, S. F. 8 trage, Hiram Bishop, D. Q. ft 0. Q. 
ICole; boot and shoe makers, A. S. Smith, W. F. Richardson ; carpen*| 
I ters, Newell Stanyan, jr., Allen Kimball, Jona. Stanynn, Kbenezer 
Qove, A. L. Kimball: cooper, A. L. Kimball;. grist mill. 8. F. Savage,' 
hiirnese ntaker, James Godfrey ; m isons, John Foster. Ralph KostHr ; 
millinery ft dress making, Mr^. L. A. Kimball* Mis9 E. M. Spaaldinji:; 
pointers, H. D. Morey, J. P. Dana, Newell Stanyan, Jr.; surreyor, L. W^ 
Carrier: tiiilor, Ti. D. Li ving<iton. [ 

Merchants — Eaton, Davis ft Co., Eastman ft Brown; J. M. OolbornJ 
p. 0. ail.. West Rnniney: auctioneer, H. D. Morey ; clothing, G.^; 
Dean; dnigi and medicines, Eastman ft Brown; fnmilure, Dttan,' 
iSantman ft Brown; meat, D. H. Coitiy, A. Whicher, AtwoQd Colbnrn^- 
ready made clothing, sewing machines, woni, ftc., Eaton, Davis ft Co,' 
Physicians— John Whitmore, A. A. Whipple ; bot., F.. A. D.nrkee;' 
dentist, Qiiincy A. Ballon. ' 

Tel. Agents— Ea<)tinan ft Brown. 

wesr.noRefi\ND, t7fl^/rfRK-Pop., 1,103. s. w. fr: 

C, 65 ; W. fr. Keene. 10. R. R. S.— Wf«tmorel^n.d, and East West* 
oioreland, on Clieshire R. H. ' ' * ' I 

OFFICERS— Ctifrft, E. J. Ooodnow; Treat., John Oow^efy; Sdect" 
rwn^ Willard Bill, Jr., J. B. Bnffum, B. G. Aldrich ; Supto., J. B. Mason, 
Jehi<l Claflin, I. A. Loveland. 

Postmasters— Jos. Shelley ; JBtMt, 8. C. Hall ; Vfpnt^ C. H. Cook. 

Justices— Willard Bill, Jr., Stntt; I. A. Lovelnnd, J. B. Mason, J. E. 
BnflTatn, W. N. Patten, Jasper Hall, Albert Thompson, G. W. Daggett, 
B. J. Goadnow. 

Churches— .fitst, Chris. J. Ciaflln ; Cong., F. P. Grimes ; Univ., H. B» 

HntAl — nnnnAtt TTonsA. TToITand Bennett. 


Wtwq— ^— ^— WB-iJL. i. J^l UUU—J ■*! ■■- - 1- .J" 


Manafactuperi^floiu- and mml, L. Wilcox, I. Hall; Ivmber, L. 
Wilcox, Jfi. B. Butterfleld, J. Hall ; saw mbiI plaaii^ mill, Ji. J. 

Mechanics— blaokfiinitkB, Geo. Well?, B. Leach, C. L. Keyser' H. J-. 
Dtittou, Geo. I»eaeb, A. G. Brj-ant ; carpenters, J. Cowdrj, Fred Park- 
er, G. F. Kathan, Wm. P. Slocnni, D. Burnhani; masoua, C. t. Aiken, 
D. Bornbam; ahoemakers, A^ Abbott, J..C. Farubam, WarreD Street- 
er ; tinnien, John Cowdry, Hugb Kennedy ; wbee)wrigi»U, J. D 
Goodnow, E. A Farr, G. W. Daggett. 

Merchants— Depot, A. Burt {JBast^ Albert Thawpflon ; neat, D. W. 
Cole, A TboniMon. 

Physician— I. A. Loreland. Tel. Agent— C. H. Cook. 

IVestport— See Swansey. 

WHl'M*fiFiEI<», COu»-Pop., 1,828. N. fr. CL 120; 8. fr. Un- 
caAter, 10. E, R . fi.— Wbitcfield, on W. A J. B. R., Iirbitafleld, % m J 
on White Mt. R. R,. 

OFFICERS— Ci^erJk, J. L. McGrogor; SeketnuH^ D. U. Aldrieh, Wm 
T. Jones, S. L. Bray. 

Postmaster A £xp. Ag't- M. H. Gordon. BoMem'tMiUt, t. T. HaaenJ 

Justices— I. S. M. Gove, J. G. Trulan, W. F. Dodge, JoM-ph Colby, 
W. N. Araiington. Julina Bond, mate; T. C. Oxoy, W.B. Hutohiaa, J.! 
<i. A. Libbey, H. C. Bond. 

Churches— AdT., C. Pike ; Bap., Tbo«. Spooner, Jr^ Methn 8. P. 

Eating House— H. Q. Cram. Hotel-^Garletoa HonBO» C. P. Carleton. 

Lawyer— W. N. Armington. 

Livery Stables— L. F. Follensby, Brown k Moore. 

Manufiieturers— boots and sboeit, A. J. Fowler, H. Shehan, €. Gib 
son; butter tube,H. L. Cole, M. £. Snow; carriages, J. D. A A. M 
Colby ; churns, Whitney Wooden Ware Co.; flonr and meal, Batchel 
der A Co., J. Q. A. Libbey^ taoiber, L. D. A L. T. Hazeq, G. W. A N.i 
W. Libbey, Browns* Lanber Co., Gordon, Allard A Co.; starch, G. W.j 
Libbey A Co., Sinclair A Noyes, p. o. ad. Betlilehem. j 

Mechanics A Artisans— artists. Win. B. Gleason ; barbers, H. O.; 
Cram, A. M. Walker, J. Hill ; blacksmiths, L. C. Aldiich, Wm. Welib, 
£. Weare, L. F. Smith ; carpenters, H. Connor, D. S. Snow, I. F. Sfcurte*] 
Tunt, A. W. Miner, Moses Mo Donald, M. B. I>odKe, A. C Clark ; drees 
makers, Mrs. Sarah Barnard, Mrs. F. D. Bell, Mrs,, Sam'l iKmeraon;; 
harness makers, B. M..l>ame, C. J.Colby.; machinists. J. 8. Coffin, C. J.; 
Palmer, Wm. T. Jones ; masons, 0. Bnnker. Geo. Miles ; mill-| 
Wrights, C. J. Wk^e«ler, Wm. T. Jones; painters, Biggina, Hutchins A, 
Co., Wm. F. Aldricb, A. M. Libbey, (carriage) printer, A. M. Walker;' 
tailors, J. G. Trulan, L. D. Whita; undertaker, D. S. Snow. | 

Merchants— Lane A Qnimby, H. W. Fiske, Batobaidar A Co., Byrne 
Brofl., Libbey Bros. A Brown, O.S. Blood, G. G. McGregor A Co, W. B. 
Hutcbius, L. D. A L. T. Hazen ; auctioneer, I. 8. M. Gove; clocks and 
druKS and medicines, J. L. McGregor A Co.; fkimitnre, D. F. Proctor; 
milinery, Mrs. B. Eastman ; Mrs. L. J. Eastman, Mrs. L. French ; tin 
and haitlware, D. F. Proctor. 

Physicians— Geo. 8. Oovo, O. R. Bngbeo, J. L. Patton. M. Woodbn- 
ry ; homeo., G. E. Bnntley, Geo. Morrison, A. E. Alexander. 1 

Tel. Ag't— E. H. Weston. 

WII.MOT, MERRIMACK— Pov.y 1,081. N. W. tt. C, 30.; 
R. R. 8 — Weat Andorer, 2.m., on No. B. R. Daily stage. ' 

OFFICERS— CZerX;, S. Goodliue ; Treas,^ W. F. Langley ; BeJecimtn, 



Postmaster— O. 8. Woodward. 

Justices— M. Stearns, W. W. FUnd«r«, W. F. Langtey, 0. H. Perk- 
Ida, Curtid Langley, State j Qbo. Shepherd, J. P. Bean, O. K. Wood- 
ward, 8, «. PhUbrlck. 

Churches — Gong^ snpplied; F. Bap^ Oeo. Tavksbory; Uetb., 
8. 0. Curtice. Physician— M. C. Spauldin^ . 

Literary Institution— Kearsarge School of practtce, J. H. Larry, pr. 

MiuaractUrers— lumber. Dodge Brothers. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, W. T. Ootb, 0. H. Langley ; carpenter 
and undertaker, Sath Goodhue ; watch maker. G. W. Whittemore. 

Merchants— JaoM Steams, 0. £. Woodward Jt Son. 

Fliat— £. R. 5.— Potter Place. Daily stage. ' 

Postmaster— J. R. Oreeley. Lawyer— w. W. Flanden. 

Church — F. Bap., A. Sargent 

Nanufkclurersr—leather, Clough ft Xmonf ; woolenB, Johawn ft 
<8on. Merchants— H. Qreetev ft Go. 

Mechanics- painter, T. Clark ; tailor, H. Flaher. 

Wilnon's CrossUifC- See Londonderry. 

WlliTOBr, BfLLSBOROtrOff—rop., 1,748. 8. W. fr. C, « ; W. 
fir. Naskna. IS. R. R. &— B. WHton» on B. L. ft N. R. 

QTFtXSKKS^CUrk, W. D. Stearns ; Treax.^ 0. W. Wallace ; SeUei 
nea, John McQregor, Geo. H. Keyev, C. H. Lewis ; SupL, I. S. Lincoln 

Postmasters— A. B. Jaques ; OMter^ Mrs. J. Eaton ; Weat, H. 0. Sar- 
gent. Ex. Aaent— Levi W. Perkins. Tel. Ag*t— Henry Awes. 
; Justices— Josiah Fleeman, Hoses Clark, C. H. Burns, Slate ; Jacob 
iPutaam, A. A. Ramsey, A. J. Putnam, Wt A. Jones, D. B. Proctor, 
pas. Ilesseltdn, Philander Ring W. F. Pinkbam. 

I Churches— Bap., ; Gong., A. B. Tracey; Unit., 

Ricard ; tJoit., EoMt^ J. J. Twiss. 

Eating Honse— F. P. Kent. Hotel— Brerett House, 8. V. Center. 

Lawyer— C. H. Bums. Livery Stables— Joseph LangdeU,F. P. Kent 

Manafhcturers- bouts and shoes, C. B. ft K. P. Duscomb; butter! 
ADd cheese, D. Whiting ft Sous: cotton yarn and twine, D. War- 
ner ft Co.; fancy boxes, H. W. Hopkins, H. A. Holt; knobs, Wett} 
S. W. Smith ; knobs and milk can bungs. West, J. H. Holt ; leather,! 
Pntnam ft Co.; lumber, D. Whiting ft Sons, Levi Putnam, J. ft H. H.' 
.LiTemrore ; plows, W. N. Patterson ft Co.; ready made clothing, Levi 
W. Perkins ; wooden wares and toys, Daniel Gragin. 

Meolranfcs^blacksmiths, G. A. Bales, N. Gray, W. P. Putnam, 
jearpeoters, C. ft H. Emerson, J. L. Hardy, W. D. Stearns, Francis 
Green; coopers and box makers. Whiting, Barker ft Barnes; hair 

Eressprs, A. li. Smith, F. W. Lovejoy ; harness makers, Lewis Tingley, 
ii Curtis; Jeweler, A. H. Smith, masons, J. ft G. Hasseltine, John 
age; pafntera, D. Snmner, Henry Bianehard, John Quinn ; (carriage) 
W. C. Ingalls ; photographer, F. E. Bugbee ; shoemaker. F. M. 
Land; tailor, G. W. Wallace; tinman, 8. K. Foster; wheelwrights, 
J. Q. FHnt, W: A. Holt, C. N. Gray. , 

Merchants— A. £. Jaqnes, C. L. Tarbell, 8. N. Center A Son, F. 8. 
■Hutchinson, D. E. Proctor, G. A. Garter; auctioneer, Moses Clark: 
jbooks and stationery, A. B. Jaques; boots and shoes, G. A. Garter; 
clothing, G. W. Wullace, R. B. Brandt ft Co.; L. W. Perkins; drugs ft 
jmedlclnee, Henry Trevett ; fancy goods and notions, F. P. Kent ; gro- 
cerlet, Stanton Bros., A. B. Clark ; meat, 8. H. Dnnbar ; millinery, 8. 
|M. Smith; stores and tin ware, N. D. Foster. 

I Physicians-rJoeiah Fleeman, Benry Trerett; homeo., Wm. A. 
Jonas ; dentists. Frank M. Pearey; B. Wood. 


\VINCHEST£R, CHESHJRE^Vov» M^ 8' W. fr.. G^ 66;; 
S. W. Kt^ur, i;i. Jt, H, S^^'W incUfuXer ou Askuelot K. K. 

OrFlCKKfcJ— C/eiA, G. H. Snow; Trea*., Henry Abbott; SfJectmen,, 
A. A. Hntiinm, J. D. Atiierton, A. G. Eaton ; Bupts.^ Kllerj Albee, 
Klijiilt Uariuoiu A. H. Itirt. 

Postmaster— W. H. tiuernMy. 

Justices ** fillery Albee, E M. Forbeg; GaWJn Bnraap, £. P. 
Teiiuey, Siate; fiveraun Gock, bright HV'uod, 0. yf. Pierre, ¥. K. 
Feten. Uarvey Garleton, G. Barber, J. T. Bin nap, E. Hutchins, ?. 
II. Eamen, BJ. D. Sitaulding, Levi Sabeo, A. W. Bull, 8. M. Morse. L.| 
M. Kent, D. 8. S»«u, Henr.v Gould, A. J. Iforber. i 

Churches— Cung., Klljali Hai nion ; Metli., 0. P. Wright ; Univ., — ' 

Exp. Agent— K. Alexander. Tel. Agent— Geo. H. 8nuw. 

Hotel — Wincbeitter.Geo. E. RichMros. 

Lawyers— E. M. l>'orbe8, Ellery Allbee. 

Literary Institutions— Vinchevter High School, J. K. Hallory, pr.; 
Public Liiirary, 1,700 voli>., Misa Jennie L. Week* Librarian. i 

Livery Stables— 0. L. Hownrd^. Wilbur. ' 

ManutllCiurers — boxes, A. M. Howard. G. W. Norwood, Smith ft 
Metciilt, Stbwell A Morse; leather, N. E. Steveuv; lumber. W. H.| 
JenniuK". I). X. SMbin, Stoweli k Morse, A. M. Howard ; palm leaf hats, 
E. 8. AdnniR, H. B. Swan. j 

I Mecbanios A Artisans— blacksmiths, II. B. Bobbins, J. Adams, 0. 
Thayer ; carpenters, L. B. Seaver, O. W. Hosford. G. Seaver, Ame8| 
Eaton, Uenry Gould, Y. K. Morse, G. U. Kendrick. M. p. Spuuldiug,' 
Frank Hildieth, L. G. Morse, G. £. Alexitnder, A. A, Uowiird; huir 
dresser, W. N. Hsskell : "liarness nmkers, C. BiirDap A Co., L. UJ 
Kent; jewelers, J. A. Powers, F. R. Peters; mason, Edwin Stiui-' 
sun: painters. A.T. Nasun, Ghns. Ellis, (cnrriage) W. B. Lewis; sboe 
makers, L. Felt, E. P. Tenney^ A. Capron ; tailor, E. W. Leith;>heul- 
Wrights. L. 8. Bri'Wn, E. W. Bei>t. 

Merchants— if. We. kx ft Go.. W. L. Rixford, B. P. H. RandHlI, F.j 
P. Willis, Chas. W. Scott; auctioneer, Henry L^nian; books and sta-, 
tioner>,W. II. Guernsey; clockH and whicIips, F. K. Peters, J. A. 
Powers; clothing, W. A. Alexander; drugs & medicines, .). A. Pow-l 
ers, M. G. Pierce ; Inrniture, J. A. Lasnre; meal, £. JJ. Brown, F. P: 
UilliH; meat, W.L.Rixlord, Wood Bioo.; millinery, Miss M. 0. BaD- 
croft, F. E. KuKsell ft Go.; Rtoves and tin ware, J. Uutchins. I 

Physicians— E. Evans, G. W. Pierce, A. B. Talt; homea, 8. 0. 
Gregory ; dentist, H. 8. Mc Reyes. 

Ashaelot— 8. W. fr. G.,67; 8. W. fr. Keene, 16 u. JB. B. <SL— 
W. Ashuelot, 2^ m., on A^llnelot It. B. 

Postmaster & Tel. Ag't— Wriglit Wood. 

Justices— Wright Wood, A. W. Ball. Bentlst— W. C. Barrett. 

Exp. & Station Ag't— J. F. Howard. | 

Hotel & Ijvery Stable— S. 0. Hawkins. | 

Literary Institution— Ashuelot Union Library, 700 vol.. Mrs. E. A.j 
jPickeriug, librarian. I 

! Manufacturers — cotton warps, Ashuelot Warp Go., lumber^ Aniel' 
'Dickinson; pumps, A. H. Holman, John Burk ; woolens, Ashnelutj 
MTg Co., Tliuyer A Turner. | 

I Mechanics— blacksmiths, £. G. Harder, John Glavin, John Cun- 
iningbiiui ; carpenters, E. F. Stiuison, L. W. Goss, R. C, 8tin>fiOii;; 
mH^<on, E. E. Stimson; painter, E. A. Pickering; shoemaker, P. B.' 
,Starkejs ) 

Merchants— Wright W^ood, Ball ft Felch, Howe ft Pratt. J 


IVlJIOHAflK, ROVKINOHAM—Vixp,, 095. S. «. fr. a, 83; 8. 
W. ir. Jtaetei, 28. &. Ji. iS.—WiDdbam, 2^^ m., on M. A L. R. K. 
aofl N. & K. K. K. West Windbain, 3 m., on N. A II. R. R. DaU/ itngti. 

OFFICERS— €7e»'Jc, L.J. Griffin; 3Veu«., J/P. Crowetl ; &iec<Mcn, 
W. D. Cochran, G. B. Seayey, Chns. Smith ; Ai.p<.. B. B. BUnchard. 
, Postmasters— U J. Griffin ; i>epo(, Jfi. N. StkkiMj; Mm<, Charles 
Smith ; &oMen ilrooi 4ft//<, G. S. Neal. I 

Justices— J. P. Crowell, B. K. Blnuchard, li. O. Frye, SlaU; W. C. 
Hurii^jT. W. Simpson, L. A. Morrison. i 

Church- Pi'es.fC. Pikckara. Ex. Ag'tS— B. H. Hiigltes, G. A. Rand. 

Manufacturers— flnonel, Golden Brook Mill>«tt. 8. Neal ; lumber, 
T. w. SiiupBun, D. Crowell ; Dtpot, G. B. SeaTey, J. N. Colman. i 

Mechanics — blticksmttiis, Richard Bsty, Cbtu. Perkins; I^mX, B«n> 
toil Bros.; carpenters, S. B. Smitli, K. O. Dinsmoor, J. W. Diosmoor, F. 
Omupbell; Imruess maker, G. L. Bugbee; mason, />cpo(, B. F. Wil- 
■oo, 2ud ; Eatii U. A. how. 

' Merchants— L. J. Griffin ; TFe«/, Cbas. Smith : Depots B N. Stick- 
Dey; auctioneer, J. G. Bradford. Physician — ^D. W. Dimock. I 

; Summer Boarders— Mrb. G. W. Hanscora, J. S. Clark. 
I WimOSOK, BILLSBOSOUGU-'Pop.,eb. S. W. from C, 30.' 
N. W. fr. Maiichesti-r, 32. k. R. £1— HilUborongh bridg«» 7 mis, on 
Peteriiorough and Hillsborough R. R. | 

; OFFICBRS— CVerJk. 0. M. RuKsell ; Treos., H. B. Rivsell ; M^trmen, 
J. C. Chapman, J. D. Wheeler, G. M. RiidSf U : Svpt., Mary B. BresserJ 
! Justices— Hornco Atwood, J. C. Chapman, Mark Cbapuian, J^te. 

Manufacturers— lumber, J. G. Dodge. 

Mechanics— cooper, Horace Atwood, Mark Symonds, Q. M. Bus 
8«11 ; mason, Silas Chapman. | 

I WOJLFROROVUH) CJBHOLL^Pop., 2,222. K. E. fr. C. 
fiU; S. fr. Ossipee, 10. R. R. &— Wulfborough, on Porks., Gt. Fallsi 
k Con. R. R. Burins naTlgation direct e<>mm»nication with B. A M.' 

B. R., by steamer Hc. WuBliington, and with B. C. A M. R. R., by, 
Rteaiuer Lady ofthe lAke; Mill Village 1 m., Cotton Valley, 6 ni.,' 
Centre, 3 m. i 

OFFICERS— a«rfc. G. F. Horn ; Treat,. C. F. Parker ; Selectmen} 

C. F. Cba-e, J. W. Piper, J. H. Martin ; Supt.^ Sumner Clark. | 
: postmasters— Otias. F. Piper; JV'trth, Huxekiah WelIau4;.&m(A, J. 
B. Rnsi; Matt, T. L. Wbitti>n; Cmtret 8. Reynolds. 

' Justices— T. L. Whitton, Jos. Stevenson, J. R. Rust, L. T. Haley, 
J. M. Brackett, Bverett G. BanfieM, Thus. Rust, J. G. Cate, 
Wm. C. Fox, C. F. Parker,!. B. Manning, B. C. Carter, A. P. Dodge, W. 
r. l^ason, & M. Garfnud, SltOe; J. h. Avery, J. H, Murtln, If. 0. 
■Home, HezekiahWillard.J. H.Bitkford, F. P. Adams, J. 1. Gold- 
'smith, A. 8. Libbey, C. F. Piper, 0. 8. Pari<i8, S. D. Fox, C. F. Jones, 
R. R. Davis, Ira Baufield, M. T. Cate, Chtis. Remick. 
I Churches— €. Bap., Lewis Phillips; Cong., G. A. Christy; F. Bap^ 
!lra Bmery^; Metlt^ Jtes^ «— *--^, 

Eating Hsuse— II. Lnces. 

Iju Ag'ls— a. li..Bickibr4, G. F. Horn. 
I Hotels— Pavilion, H. T. Barney ; Lake, George Kenniston ; Belle- 
view, Daniel Home; Glendou, I.N.Andrews; Glen Cottage, Levi 

lawyers— W". C. Pox, K. C BanQeld. 

Livery Stable^-^F. B« Cook, L. T. Hnlvy. 

Manufacturers— blankets, Su. WolfboronKh Woolen M'^^g Co., I. 
W. Springfl«ld, ag.'t ; lioots md. sho^a, M. 9. Cnte; catrlaaes. C. H, 


1172 BtrSIKlSSS DlRECfrOET. 

Oage; furnitKr«, W. B. Ilodire; 1«Hther« Moses "Vamey ft Ci., Jo- 
seph Varney; CetUr^Q. E. Chamberiftin ; l«iii{i«r, 7. B. Wittey, Lib* 
bey, Yarney & C(k« Mill Tillage Liiinber Co< | 

I Mechanics— blacksntitha. A. W. Dnrgfn, F^ L. Sanborn, A. F. T«b- 

b«ttfl, G. H. 6ag«i, Wentworth; e(»oper, N. I^lason ; hanwvs iiinlt- 

er, 0. F. Synionds- marl)J<» worker, Jacolif HitTiMon-; ntaaonaf Joseph 
Stevenson, J. R. Hayes, S. J. Reynolds; palnrers, Lcnrenso Ilorne, 
Chas. Home, Or«n Dix<oo, H. A. Smith ; priuter, 0. H. Parker; taJlor, 
C. F. Piper. I 

Merchants — Oti« Evans^ J. P. Heath., R. B. Parker. M. F.' 
Thom|«8on, J. B. Hafaee A Son, E. D. Barker ft Co., O. F. Piper: Iforth^ 
jH. Welland, O J. Biirfc ; Bouih, Daniel Yonugr : East. S. W. Clon ; nnc- 
tioneer, W. G. Fox; lioots and shoes. John Rogers, Ott» Evans, M. T. 
|Gttte, F. Willand; clocks and Jewelry, 0. W. Smith; dmg» and medi*. 
Icincs R. H. Kinfc. H. R. Parker;- lancy goods atid notions, I. B. 
Manning; Mill Village^ fnrniture, W. B. Hodge*; hardware, B. Fol-' 
Bom ; millinery, I. H. Manninf?. I 

Physicians— H. R. Parker. R. H. King:; dentist. 0. Bowlln. I 

WOOB8VOCK, GRAFTON— Pop., 997. N. W. fr. G., «2; E. 
fr. Haverhill, 17. iZ. JT. &— Ply month, on B. C. A M. R. ». Baily: 
stage in summer; tri-weehly in winter. 

OFFICERS— C/«!rfc. T. V. Smith : Tnas., J. B. Campbell ; SeTeetltteit, 
T. V. Shxlth, J. W. CampbHU A. Hunt ; Supt., Nell e P. Bryant. 

Postmasters— 0. 6. Baston: Nm-th\ G. F. Rnssell. 

Justices— J. W. Campbell, G. R. Davis, StaU.: T.J. Gilman. Arthur 
flnnt, C. L. Parker, R. B. TnckSlr, Daniel Dearborn, W. A. Baston. 

Churches— Adv., — ——^; Bap.,— ; F. Bap., D. Connell. 

Manufacturers— leather. J. W. Ciimpbell; Inmber, J. M. Itfonlton, 
Isaac Fox-, C. L. Parker. E. M. Gordon. Merchant— T. J. Otftnnn. 

Mechanics— boots nnd shoes, John Fi^k ; blacksmiths, B. Fifield, F. 
W. SeMnierham ; carpenters, N. Botntnn. N. Gray. J. Btyant; 

Summer Boarding Houses— i^aac Fox. J. Bryant, O^. O. BnvtoD, 
G. F. Rnssell, S. S. Sharr«n, K. L. Dearborn, B. A. Sawyer, Jas. Barling. 

Woodsville— See Haverhill. 

Authors I Publishers 

Will consult their own interests by writing to the 



Before they maJke cotatracts for the 


Send your Magazines to the 

Claremont Booktoindery, 

to be bound. You will find that 

IT •wiXiXi i^^ir. 


Goierieiit of Kei -HeBsMre, 1879-81. 


R ATT HEAD, Hookaett, Governor from June 1879 to June, 1881. 
District So. I — WarrIn Brown, r. Hampton FdW, **' 

•* •* 2— HiRAV A. TuTTLi, r Pittsfleld, " 

M «« 3— Nathan Parker, r. ISlancheetM*. ** } Ooancillon. 

" « 4 — Jambs Burnap, r. Harlow, 

" ** 6 — Jo:{BPH Burrows, d. Plymonth. 
A.B'. Thompson, Concord, Secretary of State. 
Isaac W. Hammon*, Concord, Deputy Secretary of State. 
Solon A. Cartxr, Ketine, l^tate TreaKitrer. 
JoBX "B. Clarkb, Manchester, Public Printer. 
B. F. Racklst, DoTer, CommiHSHry General. 
John K. Stokes. Concord, Janitor of State Home. 
A, B. Atling. Nashua, Adjntant GenerHl. 
T. S. Doi>OB, Concord, Warden of State Prisoa. 
Outer PtLLssuRT, Concord, Insurance Comroissioner. 
J. W.' Patterson, Hauover, Superintendent of Public InttmotioD. 
VtnjLUM H. KiMBAU^ Concord, State Librarian. 


TJite ft0ii«te, to Jvne* lS8t« 

District No. l-<^herbum» R. Merrill, d. Culebrook. 

• *f ** 2^Kdward F Mann, d. Beutoii. 

•• •• 3— Albert U. Shaw. r. Ubanon. 

« <• 4— mriim Hudgdon, r Ashland, 

" " 6-^l8anc N. Ulodgett, d, Franklin. 

" " 6— Dudley C. Colman, r. Brookfleld. 
" •* 7— Albert Pitts, r. Charlestown. 

** " 8— Cornelius Coolidge, d. HUIsborongh. 

•• " d^Neheniiah G. OrdwHy, r. Warner. 

** *' 10— Jacob H. GiiUinger, r. Concord. 
*• " 11— Charles F. Cate, r. Northwood. 

" '* 12— Luther Hayes, r. Milton. 

(* . ** 13— Edward Gustiue, r. Keene. 

•* ** II— Ciiarles J. Amidon, r. Hillsdale. 

•* « 15— Charles H Burns, r. Wilton. 

- " 16— George W. Todd, r. Mont Vernon. 

" " 17— Orin C. Mpore, r. Natihna. 
*« " 18-^£lbridge G. Haynes, r. Manchester. 

** 19-»Wiiliam G. Pvrry, r. Mancliestor. 

" 20— William U. SItepard, r. Derry. 

M » 21— Greenleaf Clarke, r. Atkinson. 

" " 22— Bmmons B. PUIIbrick. r. Rye. 

« " 23— Cliarles B. Smith, r. DoTer. 

•' *' 24«-John H. Bikynghton, r. Portsmouth. 

For Governor, Councillors, and Senators elect., see pp. 180-81. 




of Represent* tive«9 jrui»e> 1881«'83« 

Democrats in Italic. 

Atkinson, Herman Noyes. 

|Auburo, Vmnk F. Dearliora. 

iBreutwood, Steplien Fellows. 

Candia, Andrew J. Edgerfy. 

Cbester. Heury H. Laue. 

Danville, • Robert S. Frencli. 

jDeertield, Saronel G. Dauforth. 

Derry, Nathan B. Prescott, 
Randolph R. Merrick. 


Fremont, 1 
Sandown, j 

BenJ. W. Hoyt. 

Gilnian Marston, 

Winthrop N. Dow. 

Charles O. Moses. 

QeQrge W. Hunt. 

John Hatch. 
Albert L. Eastman. 
'Jacob T. Brown. 
Hampton Falls, Henry Bf . Knight. 
Keusingtou, Ltioi B. Tilton. 

Kin;!Ston, Lnther D. Pea«ilee. 

Londonderry^, IVilliam P. Nevina. 
Newcastle, Oliver V. Randall. 

' Ktpnblioaas, :I8; Jdomoerats, IS. 

Newington, John A. Pidcering , 
Newnarkel, NalhonUL B. UaniU 

James Munroe. 
Nawtoa, Wm. W. Wilder. 

No. Hampton, ALel T, Brown.' 
Northwood, Samuel F. LeavitL 
Nottingham, John Dame. 

Plaistow, iTliomaa J. Nichola. 

PortHMiouth,— ! 

Ward 1, Edward S. Ryder, 

Samuel A. Hnwks. 
Alfred C. Hoyt. 
Ward 2, Washington Freeman.^ 
Jubn Laighton.' 
Robert C. Pierce. 
Ward 3, Edward B. Coffin. 

Ward 4, BhirUy B. Cunninyfiatn. 
Raymond, Aaron 6. WhUtvtr. 
Rye, Warren OaswelL 

S:ilem, Gilmun D. Keliey. 

Seubrook, Ebeti F. Smith. 

So. Newmarket, SamM P. Badger. 
J^tiHtham, l»aac 8. WigginJ- 

Windham, Horace Andertion.' 


Dover— Ward 1, 
Ward 2, 


Ward 4, 

Ward 6, 

Jhhn W. Berry. 
Ralph Hoagh. 
Ja«ob H. Blaisdell. 
Alonzo H. Quint. 
Edward M. Swan. 
John C, Tasker. 
Geo. S. Frost. 
Thoniue M. Pray. 
Patrick DetKn. 
John W. S. Thompson. 
John Oanney. 
Geo. E. CochroM. 
Lee, ^ H&muei E, Vtmeritt. 

Madbury, Jonathan Jenkins. 

Republicans, 17 

New Durham 



Oscar F. KitnbaU. 

Alonsso A. Fox. 

, Cyrus C. Rollin*, 

Wilbur F. Warren, 

John D. Fogg,i 

Nahum Teaton.,' 

Sitmnel Hale. 

Cbrfstop'r H. WcIU.t 

Charles M. Dorr, 

Edwin P. Unrd. 

Jared ]P. HnbbardJ 

' Geo. H. Beacliam.; 

Cyrus O, ScoiL 

Democrats, 9. 


Alton, QliTer J. M. GUraan. 

Barns tead, Chmles E. Walker. 

Belmont. Elbridge G. Fulbom. 

Ci'nter Harbor, George Fogg. 

Gilford, Ghas. B. Buzzell, 

Chas. H. Sleeper, 
Hasen P. Weeks. 

llMk\««>ilti»atMa T • T\utin/w«M>4ai T 

Gilmanion, Lewis Jenkins* 

Laconio, B^j. P. GaU-< 

Bylvester 8. Wijffin-^ 
Meredith, Janus Pike- 

New Hampton, Elijah H. Prescott- 
Sanbomton, Arthur C. Taylor- 
Tilton, Belwin B. PtaMy 











Jackson, ) 

Livermcite, J 



Concord, — 
, Wardl, 
I Ward 2, 
I Ward 8, 
! Ward 4, 


! Waidfi, 

' Ward 7, 
Dunbar ton. 


DoM not elect. 

John BcMman. 

Does not elect. 

Irhlel E. Claj. 

TreemoM H. Mason. 

Edufin 8now. 

Cyni* jr. Champion. 

John PUrsons. 

Onflow i*. Gibman. 
Jamee J. Durkee. 

Republicans, 8 ; Democrata, 10. 


Honltonboroagli, Clta«. H. Btake, 
Owipee, Frank K. ifobb$j 

JoM^h Q. JMomJ 
Sandwich. Cteo. N. Durr,' 

Gllmnn MitiiUon^ 
Tamwortb, James J. OlMMlejT 
Turtonlmrootigh, Thotmu French, 
Wakefield, tftrfcAel We^ht. 

Wolfeborongh, John L. PeaTey^ 
Chaile* W. TouQg. 



Wm, K M^ilendg. 
Samuel Chuate, 

Hwrg a CUmgK 

Dana, G. t*ea*lu. 
Toted not to send. 

David T. Broton. 

Nathaniel S. Gale, 

Jiu/us Virgin, 

Voted not to send, 

Henry Robinnou, 

Enoch Gerrisb. 

Howard A. Dodge, 

Wm. £< Chandler. 

Walter Harrimnn, 

Leland A. Smith. 

Jeremiah S. Abbott. 

John Taehsr. 

Nathaniel J. Culby. 

Bpflom, Jacob F, AoMwon, 

Vranklin, Edward B. 8. B^ftbom. 
Luther T. /'Vosf, 
Henniker, Francis HillsJ 

Uill, Horace P. Eaton. 

Hdoksett, Joseph O. Ingallfl. 

Hopklnton, Herman W. GreeoeJ 
William Mont^omeryJ 
T»ndon, Cjfrufi Bateheldrrl 

Newbnry, Frederick 8. Mutt*ff. 
New I/)ndon, Daniel £. Colby. 
Nortblleld, Adam S. Ballantjne. 
Pembroke, Bdsiund E. Trneiidell 
Pittsfleld» Ira N. Blake. 

Ballslmry, Pliny A. Ikllomt. 

Sutton, Otarye L. Brown. 

Warner, Jugtutue B. Putntm. 
Webster, WiUiam W. Bnrbnnk. 
Wilmot, John M. Carr. 

Bepabllcans, 21 ; Democrats, 15. 









Albert A. Roteh. 

Ghas. W. KelHea. 

CharleM B. Beal. 

Wm. B. Darrah. 

Edward T. Hall. 

Chat. F. G&vt. 

Geo. E. D«iwiu. 

Oofftitown, SylTanus B. Gilchrist. 
GreenYille, Charles E. Marah. 

Hancock, ,Zopber W. Bro'iJa. 

UiUsborongh, Geo. D. Wttod. 

Hoi lis, Chas. Richardftoq. 

.Ilndfion, Justin E. Hill. 

Litchfield, Korrit C. Griffin. 

Lyndeborongh, Charles Tarbell. 

Ward 1, 

Ward 2, 

Ward 3, 

Ward 4, 

Ward 5, 

Israel W. Dickey, 
Rufus Wilkinson. 
John C. Ray, 
Nehemiah S. Bean. 
Isaac I^. Heath,' 
Reed P.'SiWerj 
Leri L. Aldricli,' 
Benj. P. CInrk,! 
Wesley E. Holt,! 
Waterman Smith,! 
John G. Bickford,! 
Horace Gordon.! 
Jolin Canannvgh j 
John K. Baxter^ 
Edviard lianagan. 


ssnxnr of rnnansBVTJETiWB. 


Ward 8, 
Ward 7, 

BenJ. G. EeodaH, 
Charles W. Eager. 
Horace P. 3in)|)Son, 
Qifeley W. HHstings. 
Ward 8, Cbarlea £. Uodgnmo. 
klaaon, Doea not eleet. 

dexrimack, Mittthew P. Nichols. 
Hilfbrd, iStepben C. Cobtirn, 

. David Hnald. 
dent Tornon, IBUbridgt F. Tirtw. 
<faAbna, — 

James H. Dvnlsp, 

Lavi 8. Crosif. 

E&ener«r B, Totont. 

JtoTi W. Grodrkh, 

Afar J,R^fwM», 

Ward 2, 
Ward 8, 
Ward 6, 

Ward 0» Aaron V. SteTem, 

Edirard 0. Biuut. 

Warre^J. Cooper. 

Ward 7, -Harvey A. Alliee. 

Ward S, Charles A. KHtredge. 

New Boston, Iltfw. 0. Knowltou. 

New Ipswich, Charles Wbeeier. 

Pel ham, Luther Ci Kichardson. 

Peterboro*, Mortier L..Morrl8oii. 

Lewis P. Wilson. 

Sliaron, J^tneat B. Taggart. 

Temple, Does not elect. 

Weain^ Warren L. CuUins. 

Jas. P. Whittle. 

WiltoM, Gjto^H, Blood. 

Daniel B. Proctor 

Bepublicans, 14; Democrats, 15. 












Ward I, 
Ward 2, 
Ward 8, 
Warl 4, 

Orr Wallace. 

Murray Davis. 

Warren L..Fiske. 

Aaron R. Okasoa. 

nbridffe N. Taft. 

Om, F. T^fU. 

Geo. W. Holland. 

Sbomas Annett. 

Wm. N. Prentiss. 

Oren D. Pratt. 

Cordis D. Harris. 

Henry O Cooled]^e. 

John Sy moods. 

Ifarlboroagh, George G. Davis. 
Marlow, Geo. W.Clyde. 

Bicbraoud, Toted not to send 
Rindge, Harbart B. Wetberbee 







Christopher Robb 

Doeif not elect. 

Rtffw Tan. 

AsaC. Do'rt. 

James H. HeaJd. 

fieo. H. Holdeo. 

Theodore Coie. 

Henry Lyniau, 

Charles E. Slater 

Bapablicaaa» 29 ; Demoorats, 6. 


icworib, Hiram N. Hayward. 
harleetown, Robert R. Allen. 



Ira Colby, 

IFrederIck Haubrick, 

Jobu f. Jones, 

Geo. W. Hant. 

Hubbard Cooper. 

Blisha H. Cbrr. 

Albina H. Powers. 

Republicans, 13 ; Deaioerats, 




Toted not to send. 
Lucius A. PurmortJ 
Thomas B. Sanborn,! 
Augustus Wylie.i 
Bamuel Bean.' 
Ho6ea B. ChaKe.; 
JurtMiah W. Merrill. 
Morris Lu/Ioh. 
Jonathan Severance. 










jEMion. ' I 





GrotOD, \ 


(Berlin; "> 

Bandcuph', j 


!flarkavni«, \ 

iPitfHburfir, / 







Orrin B. Gate. 

Jeremifth M. Cnlley. 

Benj. IT. P>oot. 

G«o. W. llann. 

Jouph A. Barrett. 

Does not elect. 

Wm. A, Beckford. 

Joseph Cook. 

mtmnF. Wilim. 

Josqpfh D. WkI'9. 

Toted aot to 


Mm/us W. Young. 

Bavid L« Diivis. 

Otm&n 2*btrker. 

Story C. BoVmt. 

J'cihw Walhet. 

Gharlee Bi Dow, 

Uisbm T. Qnioiby. 

John E, Ckmrr. 










WoodBtock, ) 
Ellsworth, / 

Ifln. C. MartUm 

Ofiver P. Drew' 

Alitert M. Shawj 

Charles A. Dole; 

Horace French,' 

Geo. W. CtiblHgh^ 

Jonathan Bowles 

Harry Bingham, 

Wm. A. Bithardaon ! 

John JWHwmt SAenaan.' 

Benj. P. OilktertJ 

Duel not elect,' 

Dotf not elect.! 

Charles H. Kilay 

Bmikab Fleteliar. 

John MMSon. 

Lynian Merrill. 

JoAa Johnton. 

Geo. E. Leonard. 

AUrmi Page. 

ChriHo. P. JFVitoMr. 

Bepnblicans, 14; Democrats, 22. 

Lahan M. TFotom. 

Do«8 not elect. 

Moody B. Hamae. 

Senoea S. Merrill. 

Da rid H. Cuok. 

Jonathan At. Lang. 

Does not elect. 

John Akert. 

Wallaee Mason. 

Jefferson, Alfner Davi»> 

Lancaster, Chester B. Jordau,' 
Jaoies ManahniiJ 
Milan, Toted not to send.' 

NoithnmbVrnd, Jrvutg A . Wattim.l 
Slielburne, Martin L. BurbankJ 
Stark, Geo. M. SmilhJ 

Stewartstown, James M. Kidder.' 
.Stratford, John C. Paitee.\ 

Whittffleld, Alson L. Brown.' 

BeimblicaQS^ 9 ; DemocMtSy 10. 


RapaMiaans, 170. Damocratiy 114» 

a Xotiil,293. Minority, 147. Two tliirdft, 196. 


of New Hanipefafre iv chosen biennially sinoa NoTember 18T8j accord- 
ing to Statute of June 1877, on the Tuesday next after the first Mon 
day in November, by a majority vote. In caaa of no election by the 
people, the Legislature elects one of tlie two persons having the 
highest nnmber of votes. The oonstitutional title of the Qmremor is' 
His Exeelienc9t \ 

To be eligible to the office of Govemor, one mnat be thirty yaars 
Id, and »« inhabitant of tba State for seven yean last preceding his^ 

Eiaognration. In mm of tha daath, disability or reslguatioox of the' 
OTAimar tb»ofllAAi« «1lAiLbv-thB PrMudAUtof thAfiesKta. I 


The EzecntiTe Conncil conri«tsot 11t«. Councillors, elected by dis- 
tricts, »( the iaaie time and in the same manner m the Governor. 

The Qovernor' and Council apttoiiit all judicial olBcers-^tlM) attor- 
Jney general, notarl«s, corouers, Judgev of prabate and general and 
field o£Bcers of the militia. 


First District comprises the counties of Rockingham, Strafford, 
Belknap and Carroll. Rep., Joehna G. Hall, Dover. 

Second District comprises- the counties of Uerrimack somI Hills- 
borough. Rep., JameK F. Briggs, l^ancliester. ^ 

Third District comprises the counties of Cheshire, Sullivan. Oraftmi 
and Coca. Rep., Evarts W. Farr, Littleton. Died Hoy. 30, ISbU, mak- 
ing another election necessary alter we go tu press. 


Counciller district nnmber one is composed of and contains the 
county of Rockiogbani and the county of StmlTord, except tlie towns 
'of Mfddteton, New Durham and StrHfibrd, in the county of .Btrafford, 
and the towns of Anburn. Candia, (Chester, Deerfieid, Derry, London- 
|derry, North wood, Nottinglium, Raymond, Salem, and Windhaui, iu 
the county of Rockingham. 

Councillor district number two is composed of and oontains the 
towns of Alexandria, Aiiburn, Relmont, Bristol, CnndiM, Chester, 
Deerfleld, Deering, Gilnmnton, Gilford, Goffstovn. New llaKiptoo, 
North wood, Nottingham. Raymond, Sanlmrnton, Tilton, Weart* and 
the r< unt.v of Merrimack, except the towns of Bi-adfurd and Newbury. 

Councillor district number three is composed of and contains tlje 
towns of Amherst, Bedford. Bronkline. Derry, Francestown, Green-} 
▼ille, Uollis, Hudson. Litchfield. Londonderry, L>'ndeb<»rough, Mhd- 
chenter, Mason, Merrimack, Milford, Mount Vernon, NhsIiuh, Neu- 
Boston, New Ip«wicli Pelliam, Peterborough, Salem, Sharon, Temple, 
Wilton and WImlham. , 

I Councillor district number four is composed of and contains the 
counties of CheHhireand Sallivan, and the towns-of Antrim, Benning- 
ton, Bradford, Canaiin, Enfield, Grafton, Greenfield, Hancock, Hanover, 
Hillsborough, Lebanon, Lyme, Newbury, and Windsor. 

Counciltw district nnmber five is composed of and contains the 
counties of Osrroll and Coos, and the towns of Alton, Barnstead. Cen- 
ter Harbor, lAConia, Meredith, Middleton, New Durham, StruffbnlJ 
and the county of Grafton, except the towns of Alexandria, Bristol, 
Canaan, Sofield, Grafton, Uai>over, Lebanon, and Lyme. i 


The. state coataine twenty 'fonr aenatorlal dlstrlcta, each of which 
may elect one senator to the le^cislnture once in two yeait. 

No. 1, OdoB, contains Coos Count}'. 
I No. 2, Grafton, Contains Albany, Bartlett, Barti, Benton, Bethlehem, 
Cliatbion, Conway, Kaston, Eaton, Bllswurth, Franconia. HfUffe Lora- 
tion, IlaveriiUl, JackBon, Landaff, Liliuoln, Lisbon, UttletOD, Liver- 


more, Lyman. Monroe, Xliorutoii, Warrea^ lilTiitervnie, Wetitwortb, 
'auil Wofxlstock. 

No.. 3, L»baiM>n.'cont»in« Grdmii, Dorcheeter, Ktofleld* Ormnflwa, 
Hanover, Lelmuun. Lyme, Orlord, Pierniont, and Plaiiifield. 

No. 4, Plymouth, containii AlexandriH, Asblaiid, Brldyvwater, Bris-; 
tol, CamptoD, Centra IhirlNir. Dniibilry, OihifRm, QK>ton, Hebron,] 
'Itill, HoidemttM, Mudt9on, Monltonbgrongh, Hew IlMtiipton^ New 
London, OfNiige, Pljmouth, Rumuey, Sundwicb, Springfield, Tam-i 
,worth, and Wilmot. 

I No. 5, Laconia, contains AndoYer, Belniunt, Trnnklin, LacouW 
Hrreditb, Nortbfinid, $ali«l»ui-y, Snni>ornton, and Tilton. 
! No. 6, Winnlpiseu»!«e. contninii Alton, lirookfleld, KfRnghani, Free- 
,d(>m, Gilford, Uilmanton, Middleton, New Durliam, 0»sipee) Tufton- 
borongh, Wnkefield, and VroltVb«>rongti. 

I No. 7, Sullivan, contains Acwortb, Charleetown, Claremont, Cor* 
Dish, Croydon. Langdou, Newpurt, Snnapee, and Unity. 
J No. 8. Hillsborough, contains Alstead, AntriiQ, Bennington, Brad-] 
ford, Deering, Oilflum, Cusben, Hancock, HUlHborouteb, Lenipster,* 
■Marlow, Newbury. Stoddani, Walpole, Washington, and Windsor. I 
' No. 9, Merrimack, contains Bi»sca\\en, Bow, Canterbury, waVd nam* 
,ber one of Concord, Dunbarton, Uenniker, Hopkinton, Pembroke,' 
Satton, Warner, and Webster. | 

j No. 10, CoBuord, contai^ia, wards tbrae, four. Are, six, and seven! 
of Concord. 

I No. 11, Pittslleld, contains Allenstown, Barnstead, Barrlngron, Chi- 
chester, ward two of Concord, Deerfield, Epsom, Lee, Loudon, Mad-' 
.bury, Northwood, Nottingham. Pittsfleid, and Straflbrd. 
I No. 12, Soraersirorth, contains Farmington, Milton, Rbchoeter, and 
Somers worth. | 

I No. 13, Keeue, contains Keene, Nelson, Boxbury, SulIiTan, Surry 
I and Wto'tmorelstnd. 

I No. 14; Cheeliire. contains Cheeterfield, Dnblin, Fitswilliam, Harria- 
▼ille, Hiusdnle, Jaffniy, Marlborough, Richmond, Rindge, Swanaey, 
jTroy, and Winchester. 

I No. 13, Peterborough, contains Brookline, Francestown, Greenfield, 
Greenrjlle. Hollis, Lyndeborough, Ma»on, New Ipswich, Peterborough,' 
Sliarou, Temple and Wilton. 
I No. 16, Amhentt, contains Amherst, Bedford, Go(rstown,Merrimftck, 
iHilford, Mont Vernou, New Boston, and Weure. 
I No. 17, Nashua, contains tlie cicy of Narvhua. 

I No. 18. Manchester, contains wards three, four, flTe, six, seren, and 
'eijjht of Mancliester. _ " " 

I No. 19, Ainoi>kc>ag, contains wards one and two of Manchester. 
; No. 20, Londonderry, contains Auburn, Candia, Chester, Berry, 
;Fremonfc llooknett, Hudson, Litchfield, Londonderry, Pelham, Ray 
nond, Salem, and Windhum. 

No 21, Rockingham, contains Atkinson, Brentwood. DauTiTIe, East 
Eingst/>n, Exeter, Hampstead, Hampton, Hampton Falls, KeuKing- 
too, Kingston, Newton, Plaistow, Sundown, Seabrook, and South 

No. 22, Newmarket, contains Durham, Epping. Greenland, N^wcmr- 
tle,NeMrington, Newmarket, Nol Hampton, ward three of Portsmouth,' 
ftyo, Sriuth Newmarket, and Stratliam. I 

I No. 23, Dovar, contains the city of Dover and the town of Rollins- 
:ford. I 

No. 24, Portsmouth, «oM»&M>vac4p jMAtk two a»A four of PorUmont*^ 



OBtkXLBB HI BELL, BseUr, G*T6rnor«lec( froai Jon* 1881 1» 168S. 

Senatorial Vote^ IVav* 1880. 

KTo. 1. Ck>os BiSTKiOT.— Gilbert 8ool«, 1,848 ; Sherburne B. HerriU, 
2T51; Scat 6. 

No. 2. Obaptox Disteict. — Alexaader Warden, 2,018 ; Ktlward F. 
Mnnn, 3,288; Scat., 119. I 

No. 3. LUAif05 DiBTUOT.— Alfred A. Oox, 2,170 ; J. A. Honlajr, 1,618 ;: 
Scat., I. I 

No. 4. PLTMoxnm DiSTftiCT.— Joseph M. Clongh, 3,127; Cbas. A. Jew-: 
611,2,732; Scat, 22. I 

N6. 5. Lacohia DiST&iCT. — Moses Sai'geat, 1.818; Richard Gore,! 
2,250: Scat, 13. i 

No. 6. Wi5ifiPi8«oo» DiSTBiCT.— John W. Currier, 2,043 ; Joseph C.i 
'MOT)re, 2,174; Sett., 50. | 

No. 7..SDLUVAX DtST&iCT.— George H. Valrbauks, 2,083 ; Albert 8. 
Walt, 1,533 ; Scut., 13. j 

No. 8. fiiLLSBOROUGB DisTUCT.— James F. Grimes, 1,664 ; Cornelins 
Gooledge, 2.048; Scat. 16. | 

No. 9. M£KS»fACK DiBTRioT.— Grovenor A. Curtice, 1,981; 
Anieden, 1,823 ; Scot. 13. { 

No. 10. C03ICOBD DiSTUCT.— John Kimball, 1,641 ; George P. deares, 
1,190; Scat., 3. | 

No. 11.— PiTsnxLD DisfBicT.— Joseph N. Cilley,l,9S8 ; Geo. B. Towie, 
2,438; Scat., IS. 

No. 12. SoM!:bswobth Di9tkiot.— Chas. W. Talpey, 2,153; James Far- 
rinicton, 1,617 ; Scat., 21. 

No. 13. Kkxmb Dutkict.— Edward Guatine, 1,371 ; Horatio Kimball, 

Nt) 14. Crbsriec District.— John M. Parker, 2,281 ; Harvey C^le-i 
ton, 1,355; Scat., 77. | 

No. 15. PsTEBBoao* DisncoT. — Gdo. W. Cnoimlngs, 1,610 ; Daniel 
Ctagin, 1,346 ; Scat., 3. 

No. 16. AMHBB4T DiSTjuoT.— Timothy Kaley. 1,841 ; Clinton S. Ave- 
rtll I 274 * Scat. 7. 

No.* 17. Nashua Distxxot.— YlrgU C. Gllman, 1,364; Alfred M. Nor- 
ton, 1,176 : Scat., 47. 

No. 18. Makchcstee DnTKiCT.— Geo. B. Gllinore, 2,174 ; Samuel W. 
Parsons, 1.911; Qcat., 4. 

No. 19. Amoskiaq District,— Darid B. Tamey, 728 ; Samuel B. For^ 
saitU. 2.34 ; Scat.. 1. 

No. 90. fjoif DONDEKRT DISTRICT. — Sllas F. Leamird, 2,181 ; S'.kes B, 
Smith, 1,731 ; Scat., 28. 

No. 21. RoOKiNGHAH DISTRICT. — AmoB 0. Cbase, 2,347 ; Geo. W.i 
Sanborn, 1.610; Scat., 11. i 

No. 22. Nbwhaekbt District. — Samuel A. Haley, 1,382; LafayetttJ 
Hnll, 1.580: Scat., 9. , 

I No. 23. Dover District.— James F. Seavey, 1.421 ; Joseph W. Koherts.' 
.974 ; Scat., 19. 

No. 24. Portsmodtb DisTRXof.— Titus 8- Tredlck, 1,037; John 8 
Treat, 1,046.; Scat,!, 

ftepfUblicsHM, 18; P —o rtat t, 8. 

II I ssssssssasam 




ThoBM ft. jRin«M>n, 7,787 ; 0«o. W. task, 6,270 ; Biemttvring, 81. 


D. Storens, 8,511 ; AfpfaaJ. Piltabniy, 6,729^, Boatterins, 8. 


John W. Wheeler, 7,811 ; Tboe. P. Pierce, 4,354; ScatUring, 14. 
€eo. H. StoweU 8,281; Daniel W. Johnson 6^017 ; Scattering, IM, 


Albert G. TwitcheU, «,ft82; Arthar L. Mesenre, 8,438; Scat., 26. 


Jpslma O. Hall, 16,288 ; J. W. Sanborni 16,124 ; Soattering, 294. 

sxcoan district. 
James V. Briggs, 14,492 ; Alrah W. Sul)oway,12,7M; BcatteHag. 184 

TBimn MSTRier. 
Xvarts W. Farr, 13,803; Geo. A. Bingham, 12,002 ; Scattering, 232. 


R. H. RpUinc, Conconl, to Mar. 8, 1W3. > o^^,,,^ 
H. W. Blair, Plymouth, to Mar. 3, 1886. J «*»»«'<»»*• 

Joshua G. Hall, Dover, % »*»»-,*«*««-^ 

James F. Briggs, Mabchester, l ««22S?ft ijSk 
See page 178. » J <o Mdreh 3, 1888. 


The State militia now known as the New Hampshire National: 
'Guard, is organised as one brigade nnder the commaud of Brigndierl 
JGeueral J. M. Clongh, with head quarters at Concord. It is diridedl 
'into three regiments of infantrj often companies each; two troops of, 
*e«Tnliy, and two four gun batteries of two platoon^ each. The firstj 
'regiment, Col. J. J. Dillon commanding, is assigned to thHt section of 
|the State south of Conctfrd and east of the Mernmack river. The sec-| 
jond. Col. D. M. White commanding, cooslfets of 633 men and is assigned; 
|to ttie section south of Concord and west of the Merrimack. Tlie! 
[third Col. J. N. Patterson comnMnding, consists of 618 men and ie as- 
icigned to the section north of Concord. The three regiments namber 
li^ men, whioh with 6 nnaitached companies are consolidated In a 
pingle brigade. The unattached companies have an aggregate of 220 
imen-Hnaktng, with field and staff ufficers, 1,779. The enrolled militia 
tmounte to ^,869 men, distributed among the counties as follows; 
Rockingham, 4.949; Stratford, 8,837 ; Belknap, 2,08^; Carroll, 2,217 ; 
iHerrimack, 4,860; Hillsborougii, 3,769 ; Cheshire, 8,637 ; Sullivan, 
2,112; Grafton, 4,924; Coiis, 1,482. Commander-in-Chief, HU Kxcel- 
ency. The Governor. AuguHtns D. Aylmg. Nashua, is A4juUBt,Gen- 


GOV. VOTE — K>tUl«ATICnsr---VAL-«-ATIOH ^. 

'jHckson, 1'^ 

JMadiBon, 127 


OMipee, 211 

{Sandwich, . 270 
'Tamworth, 235 
iTnftonboro', 1(W. 
Wakefield, 147 



















































MEBKEItfAGK OOITNTT. 83 towm Md wt^dn. 


Allenfltawn, 62 101 

Andover, 97 251 

BoACawBB,. 198 136 

Bav, 90 134 

Bradford, 108 190 

jCanterbury^ 154 134 

Chichetter, 9Q 137 

Cunoord (ag,) 19 54 1521 






68 88 
2U 36 





78 26 
94 31 



18 1823 1116 ^9 13^845 14.675,561 



2416 2610 60 1780 2076 461 18^291 7,068,061 84.t)9 






Ward 1, 
"Ward 2, 
Ward 8, 
Ward 4, 
Ward 6, 
Ward 6, 
Ward 7, 



4 206 
1 91 
1 115 
4 480 
8 374 



69 19 

22a 82 

189. 39 

246 13 

188 4 

DaKbnry, 96 133 1 94 111 9 

PunbartoB, HO 96 . 2 103 70 10 

Biwom^ 116 165 1 121 127 17 

Franklin, 380 462 4 342 434 20 

Hennikar, 297 181 . 3 177 178 6 

Hill, lf)2 79 2 91 70. 25 

Hookiiett, 168 120. 14 196 64 31 

Honkinton, 286 240 233 191 12 

London, 117 212 79 166 27 

Newbncy, 42 136 82 117 1 

Vew IxNidon, 160 89 141 82 8 

Ko£(hfteld« 139 106 135 77 7 

Pembroka, 233 221 6 ^9 13a "35 

Pittsfleld, 2ki 275 18 211 155 122 

Salisbury, 110 128 76 108 16 

Button, 130 169 186 160 

Warner,. 234 237 6 227 247 

Webflter, 120 74 2 U5 65 

IWilmot, 132 159 94 154, 17 



152 L 
















































6894 6877 76 6433 4652 79146,29133,186,744159.46 

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTT. 48 town! and wanla. 












.aOY. VOrS— ?0P9I^XJQS — ^valuatios «0. 














86 16 







7 47 

119 8 




¥i HULcetowii] 

, 164 



67 -8 







7 218 

137 76 















2 101 















4 193 

270 6 







1 168 

131 2 








130 10 








49 2 








84 2 






24 2382 1032 924 



Ward 1. 



1 253 

58 47 


Ward 2, 



2 318 

96 46 






4 449 

195 98 


Ward 4, 



2 497 

159 113 


Ward 5, 






Ward 6, 



12 311 

145 103 


Ward 7, 




e* 47 





9 195 

103 72 






70 13 







3 175 

SS 5 







2 391 

132 46 




.Mount TemoB, 63 



88 4 




Niwhna (ag.) 



40 1233 1«07 '\2» 




Ward 1, 



6 206 

130 11 





6 148 

121 11 



Ward 3, 



3 66 

89 22 





6 136 

77 2 





4 63 

158 12 


Ward 6, 



8 301 

246 S3 


Ward 7, 



7 156 

89 19 





13 167 

97 23 


iNew BoetoD, 



1 160 





ff Ipswich, 












101 16 







1 313 

182 22 























14 254 

176 27 








182 63 








• r 







123 7548 5159 1420 

75 583 47,549,096 235.6! 


27 towni and wards. 




1 ill 

139 18 







1 144 

















70 21 








108 7 








88 6 






HlnsdAle, 290 135 

Jaffrey, 207 130 

K«i>na (ag.) 099 666 

2 257 83 
I 190 08 17 

8 877 438 130 

1868 094,563 4M\ 
1267 9t>0,767 4.67 
6786 7.721.268 S7.ri2 

Ward 1, 
Ward 2, 
Ward 4, 
Ward 5, 





3 2Ui 


1 185 

i 175 


122 M 

43 16 

00 28 

64 11 

117 38 


Marlborough, 276 






















WeatmorelM, 176 
WlQcUMlor, 327 















1 241 


25 86 
6 177 

81 153 

2 210 

14 234 

38 8 

56 33 
62 6 





167 68 

66 1 
224 6 
134 1 
218 60 


























912 270 






4321 2963 74 3729 2423 398 ^3,846 21,240,539 102.63 

SULUTAN COUNTY. 16 town*. 

Acworth, 159 142 

Cliarlestown, 228 176 

Claremout, 788 340 












WathlDgtOB, 103 111 1 




























143 97 25 OW 

204 126 44 1586 

663 253 29 470 i 

179 122 5 1157 

108 46 12 608 

64 73 1 611 
73 49 12 610 
43 25 22 364 
02 90 1 602 

828 361 80 2612 

148 170 3 1372 

93 97 13 731 

128 124 10 897 

65 97 18 8U 
99 a 12 6S2 




• 703»718 




321,7 U 








2720 2174 18 ^420 1844 225 18,16210,407,984 

GRAFTON COUNTY. 80 towns. 

832 251,774 

960 460,171 

1083 606.728 

378 1-20920 

1400 673,607 

884 161,834 



































3< (dgf^water. 





14.21 i 




































PlymoHi h, 







































































160 102 28 

235 165 12 

2 34 82 14 

,5 69 .10, 

1 43 2 

1 166 175 15 

30 72 18 

98 125 22 

2 43 51 11 
267 124 38 

50 215 224 118 

32 52 2 
6 63 97 35 

33 76 17 
526 259 30 

8 8 

1 239 253 13 

6 312 364 28 

5 9 

52 74 24 

6 182 92 20 

1 66 22 23 

40 20 33 

158 83 39 

1 106 63 10 
193 227 11 

2 123. 93 53 
. 60 149 2 

40 135 43 

2 7 

55 187 87 

23 52 


4950 5321 153 4185 4208 842 






































































• 1050 






















. 812.548 





38»602 8^7.661 


COOS COUNTT. 22 towu. 

Bertib, 04 

iCainbridge, did not 


12 , 




Unc'aster; , 

iNortliwmbTd, 112 
|Pittabtirg, 78 

|Runflolph, 11 

phAlburne, 45 
«tark, 57 

98 52 46 


81 28 65 

57 8 . 46 

248 2 169 230 

. 107 86 90 

87 44 81 
50 37 31 

A». r 10 28 

166 76 109 

174 4 36 136 

349. 2 228 322 

84 95 77 

148 7 77 71 

65 82 59 

35 11 25 

22 38 11 

88 1 61 69 


















• 752 







.. 6$ka3;fr 
I!r4 6l5 





















«0V. yOTB-*^P(W«WiATH)l!r-^-YaLUAtK)ff (M. 

Stewartstown, 46 183 • 20 Ul 

Stratford, 88 165 68 09 24 

Wentworth's Loc 8 - 

Whitftfield, 2U 104 40 139 124 103 

Beau's Pnrefaase. 

Chandler's Purchase. 

Crawford's Grant. 

Crawford's Purciiase. 

Cults' Grant. 

Dix's Grant, 


Brvin's Grant. 

Qilmanton k Atkinson A^eademy Gramt. 

Gore between Gilmanton & Atkinson Academjr 

Green's Grant, 


Low & Burbank*8 Grant. 

Mnrtin's Location. 


Nash k Sawyer's Loc 

Odell's Township. 

Pinkhani'K Grant. 

Sargent's Purchase. 

Second College Grant. 


Thompfton M Meftenre's Purch ase 



































1837 2461 60 1285 1868 502 18,615 6,276{560 84.79 







B«ll. JoBM. 49teat, 

^27 6056 ISO 

4526 3953 101 

2323 2472 102 

2416 8610 00' 

6897 f»887 76 

8620 6082 123 




-S 11. Jones. Beat. 

4321 2960 741 

2720 2174 18l 

4950 5321 153 

1837 2451 56 

144,435 40,86ft 802 



































East Kingston, 










«6S ^96 

88 88 

25!$ 197 





106 12 




83 1«0 14 

Portomoiitii- (ag.,] 

1121 1297 W 

134 IW 

Ward 1, 

407 980 4; 


22a 143 1 

Ward 2, 

600 396 8 

jHampton TtJls, 

109 43 S 
78 80 

Ward 3, 
Ward 4, 

78 218 8! 
138 283 2; 


196 180 


105 213 9 

202 142 1 


92 198 1 


94 94 2 


«9 179 lo! 


9« 75 2 


73 81 J 


255 272 8 

172 245 7* 

';Kewt0B, • 
(gortti Hamptoa, 

150 159 

South Hampton, 

64 6!i 

106 139 2 
2Q» 212 

Sputh tilewmaiket, 173 63 H 
fitratham, 101 102 1 


133 163 ^ 


126 08 


m 78 3 





220 241 1 


92 121 1 

18131175 16 
244 169 4 


72 90 
81' 74 


373 26B 3 


280 154 V 

Ward Si 

233 196 1 

New Durham, 

92 167 9' 


480 25B 1 


806 683 37 


33 299 


25a 81 


x62 105 


631 399 r 


440 026 


169 287 11 

, , 

1. jBtBUENAP cousnrr* 


237 199 7 


376 826 a 

141 297 8 


241. 772 5 


166 199 

New Hampton, 

170 99 34 

77 82 8 


138 187 3, 


896 890 13 


168 187 1 

GUxnanton, ' 

240 189 



39 07 

84 m 1 


14 118 
129 90 

67 99 1 


194 176 1 
213 246 U 

97 99 



283 294 

270 200 




39' 121 


299 m 

124* 189 1 
49 178 


105* M) U 
U7 206 

Bailfa Looatton. 


381 254 9 




65 109 


81 198 


07 250 


114 101 1 


200 137 

Ward 4, 

46» 373 


90 135 


411 222 3 


106 191 1 

Ward 6, 

420 326 



154 135 

Ward 7, 

248 167 

90 138 1 


9f 133 

.Condord (fits-) 

1960 1582 6 

110* 96 2 


221 186 2 


116 156^ i 






STB «64 ■ 





10 181 



380 * 


m i» i 



3» I 


7S IM 1 



BA asa 






M3 1< 

48 138 


. m 


leo M 




12S IM 




178 m 


. Ji 

M ll 
MS 3 

« 77 , 



ITS 1 


Mount VenOD, 

Kaehua (8^.,) 



ua. sa . 

.wardr^ ' 


143 4 

2GS 2SS 1 



111 1 

u las 



117 W 

90 1 

87 n 



IIS 4 



iSl s 

m 40 

Ward 7, 

113 6 

iin 40 



131 1 

U K 

Now BosMo. 



10E ua 

New IiMntdi, 


PelhaSu ^ 



Ward 1. ^ ■ 

«SI. M 


SOI 1 

Ward 2, 

438 165 





644 SET 




MS ass 




130 TIB 



m ISO 



ward 7, 

sea 108 



IM 103 1 


a 1 

188 144 1 


100 1 








ffi 89 





MB 131 1 




S09 140 1 




UKU 658 S 




Ma 190 2 




"% *^ 


s'i I 


374 3 

131 1 


les iss 



m u 


158 IJ3 

Croydon, i ' 


04 3 




7U 310 S 

Goiheu, . 





to s' 


Lempster, 96 93 


124 147 2 

Newport, 889 870 1 


74 126 

Plalnfleld, 173 191 

106 108, 1 

Springrfleld, 104 103 



Alexandria, 70 151 


89 78 

Ashland. U7 93 6 


672 294 

Bath, 122 151 6 


8 10 

Benton, 12 66 6 


217 277 

Bethlehem, 96 831 


856 411 4 

Bridgewater» 56 47 


1 18 

Bristol, 247 146 2 


80 8S 

Camption, 189 138 


244 119 4 

Canaan, 222 241 

83 48 1 

Dorchester, 66 05 2 


61 89 

Easton, 9 80 * 


17S 180 

Ellsworth, 6 48 


117 78 

Enfleld, 221 107 1 


948 227 

franoonift, 46 92 


154 146 8 

Graftmi, 113 157 


72 162 

Groton, 67 74 2 


66 166' 23 

Hanover, 314 200 


8 7 

BaverhiU, 263 847 40 


62 908 28 

Hebron, * 30 68 


87 61 

Holdemesa, 77 135 5 > 


BerUn, 64 08 


862 848 2 



131 84 

Carrol, 22 83 


112 148 7 

Clarksville, . 22 57 


78 66 

Colebrook, 170 248 2 

11 33 

Columbia, 114 107 


46 22 

Dalton, 61 87 


67 83 1 

Dmnmer, 44 50 


46 182 

ErroJ, 12 42 


89 154 

Gorbam, 126 169 

Wentworth's Loc 

•» ^ 

Jefferson, 60 174 4 


217 198 82 

STATS riN AMCJS8, as reported to the gOTernor fn Jane 1880. | 

There was In the Treasury, June 1, 1880, $ 63,756.96. 

Received du4 

ring the year, $1,202,838.17. The State whs in debt, ovor and above|| 

assets, June 1, 1879, $^,673,550.90 and, June 1, 18S0, 


a 6eentae6 of $61,084.75. The revenue was derived. 

$389,888.00 in 

1879. und in 1880 $309,880.00, from Stute tnx ; an>i, in tlie year ending] | 

'June 1,1880, from Railroad tnx $87,915.63; from 

Insurance tax 

$7,380.79; from interest, 3,456.01; fiom Prison ftind $10,000.00; 

irum premium on bonds $28,704.00; and from niiscellHneoos sources. 

$9,999.13. State Bonds were paid, during the year, to the amount of 

$258,1100.00: and oi State note, $ 53,5(K).00. Tlie amount credited to 

towha on aceoant of Savings Bank tnx was $239,143.10. on account] 

.of B. R. tax, $90,197.45 and on ac 

count of Literary fond $23,911.71.' ■ 




Judiciary Department. 


Charles Dole, Rollinsford, Chief Justice. 
William L. Foster, Concord, Associate Justice. 
Clinton W. Stanley, Manchester, Associate Justice. 
'William H. H. Allen, Clareroont, Associate Justice. 
Isaac W. Smith, Manchester, Aseociate Justice. 
Lewis W. Clark, Manchester, Associate Justice. 
Isa^ N. Blodgett, Franklin, Associate Justice. 
Mason W. Tkppan, Bradford, Attorney General. 
Edward A. Jenks, Newport, Reporter. 
























Charles G. Conoer, 
George £. Durgin, 
Martin A. Htfynee, 
William A. Heard, 
Luther S. Morrill, 
George A. Ramsdell, 
Edward Farrar, 
Geo. E. Dame. 
Charles B. Griew<dd, 
Moees A. Hastings, 


W. C. Harriman, 
Charles B. Shackford, 
C. C. Rogers, 
Paul Wentworth, 
Herman W. Greene, 
Charles H. Bums, 
Daniel K. Healey, 
Ira Colby, 
John M. Mitchell, 
J. H. Dudley, 



Lake Tillage. 











Til ton. 








Elected to serce from June, 1881, two years, — ^Merrimack Co., K. G, 
Leach, Franklin ; Chesbire Co., E. P. DoIe,|Keene ; Grafton Co , A. S, 
Batcheller, Littleton. Old Solicitors iu other Counties i*e-elected. 


At CoHOORD, on the first Tuesday in Jnne and the lint Tuesday iu 
December. There are also adjourned terms in March and August of 
each year. [ 


For the County of Rockinqhaic, at Portsmouth, on the third Toss- 
day of October ; and at Exbtkk, on the third Tuesday of January aod, 
the second Tuesday of April. ' 

For the County of Strafvord, at Dover, on the second Tuesday of 
February and the first Tuesday of September. I 

For the Conaty of Bslkrap, at Laconia, on the fourth Tnssday of 
March and ths fourth Tuesday of September. 

For the County of OarrolIh at Oisipbi on ths.tliird Tnssday^of 
April and the third Tuesday of October. 



For the Goniity of Mbrrixack, at Oovcoed, on the tint Tuesday of 
October and the flrpt Tnesday of April. | 

For the County of IlaLSBOROiTOH, at Hanchutke on the fint Tues- 
day of January, aiid at Nashua on the Drat Tuesday of Hay and 
|8eptember. I 

For the County of CHeSHiRB, at Kbbhb, on the ilrst Tuesday of 
iApril Hiid the third Tuesday of October. I 

I For the County of Sullivan, at Nkwport, on tho fourth Tuesday of 
January and the first Tuesday of September. 

: FA- the Conuty of Grafton, at Havsrhill, on the fourth Tuesday of 
|March and the fourth Tuesday of September ; and at Plymouth on the 
iflrst Tuesday of May and the first Tuesday of November. 
I For the County of Coos, at Colxbroox. on tho first Tuesday of Veb-| 
imary and the third Tuesday of Angnst ; and at Lamcabtbr on the 
second Tuesday of April and tlie second Tuesday of October. 


















Hillsboro, ' 







Thomas Leavitt, 
Jacob D. Young, 
Samuel W. RolUng, 
D. H. HilJ, 
Neheniiah Butler, 
K. £. Parker, 
Josiah 0. Bellows, 
William Clark, 
Frederick Chase. 
Wm. D. Weeks, 


Woodbury M . Dnrgiii, 
John B. Vamey, 
Vrauk Edgerly. 
Jeremiah A. Farrlngton, 
John P. Kutter, 
Elbridge J. Copp, 
B. 0. (>x>ledge, 
8. L. Bowers, 
Samuel T. Page. 
Geo. H. Emerson, 

























Rockingham County, 

At BxxTxm on the Wednesday next following the third Tuesday of 
February, March and August, on the Wednesday next following the 
first Taetday of April, and on the Wednesday next following the] 
•scond Tuesday of every other month. 

At Portsmouth on the third Tuesday of March, and on the second 
Tnesday of January, May, July September and November. 

At Dxbrt on the third Tuesday of February and on the second 
Tnesday of June and October. 

At Rathokd, on the first Tuesday of April, and on the third Tnes* 
ay of Angkist, and on the second Tuesday of December. 



Strqfford OotaUy. 

At PoTBft on the first Tuesday of January, March, ICaj, August and 
^October, and on the second Tuesday of April, July, September and 

At RocBESTEft on the first Tuesday of July and December. 

At SoMERSWORTH OQ the first Tuesday of February, June and No- 

At FARMiiroTOir on the first Tuesday of April and September. 


Belknap County, 
At-LAOOiru on the third Tuesday of each month. 

CdrroU OourUy. 

At GoNWAT on the first Tuesday of January, May and September. 

At West Osszpeb on the first Tuesday ,of February, June and Octo- 

At OasipsB CoBirsR on the first Tuesday of March, July and No- 

At WoLFBOROVGH JuNQTZON on the first Tuesday of April, August 
and December. 

Merritnack CoufUy, 

At CoNOORV on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month from 
10 A. M. to 6 P. M., and on Wednesday next following, from 10 A. M.I 
to 12 M., with such special sessions as may be necessary. In the! 
forenoon of Tuesday applications for appointments and matters in| 
which no previous notice is required will be attended to. Settlements' 
of accounts and all matters in which previous notice is required, 
will be attended to in the afternoon of Tuesday. It will ordinnrilj 
be convenient for the Court to attend to special hearings on Wednes 
day y the second day of each term. 

Hitlshorough County. 

At Maitohester on the third Tuesday of February, April, June,' 
August, October and December and on the fourth Tuvisday of Jan 
uary, March. May July, September and November. 

At Nashua on the fourth Tuesday of February, April, June, 
August, October and December. 

At Francestowm on the Friday next following the fourth Tuesday 
of August. 

At Amherst on the Friday next following theft>Qrth Tuesday of 
June and December. I 

At MiuoRD on the Friday next following the fourth Toesdayof 
March and September. 

At Peterbo ROUGH on the Friday next following the fourth Tuesday! 
of February May and November. I 

At OREENViLLEon tho Friday next following the fourth Tuesday 
of April and October. I 

At HiLLBBMioiMkH ou the Friday next following the fourth Tuesday, 
of January and July. I 


Cke$kir€ OowUif. 
At Kuirs on the flrat aad third Fridsyi of aaeh month. 

ShtUwcM County. 

At NEWPORT on the last Wednesday of Febrnarj, Aprlli Jnne 
Aagnst, October and December. 

At Claiuemoitt on the last Wednesday of Jannary, ICaroh, May, 
Jnly, September and November. 

OrafUm OnttUy. 

At Lkbanon on the first Tuesday of March and September. 

At UsBox on the third Tneaday of April and October. 

At Plvxoutb on the first Tueeday of May and November. 

At Hatxkhill on the fourth Tnesday of March nod September. 

At WoonsviUB on the first Tiiesday of July. 

At BaisTdL on the third Tuesday of July. 

At LrrTLBTOif on the third Tuesday of January. 

At Oarofto on the third Tuesday of February. 

At CvxAAV on the first Tuesday of June and December. 

At WinTWOETa on the third Tuesday of August. 

Cbos Gmntp, 

At GoLnnooK on the first Tuesday of Febrnary and September. 
At GoRHAH on the first Tuesday of April and October. 
At Lancastbr on the first Tuesday of January, March, May, July 
uid November. 

Papniatlon •! Ifew BCami^liiref 1800— 1880. 



OmnUet. 1830. 1870. I860. 1850. 1810. 1830. 1820. 1810. 1800 


Belknap, 17971 17681 18549 17721 
Carroll, 18291 17332 20465 20167 

Cheshire, 288(6 27265 27434 30144 26429 27016 45370 40988 38825 
Coos, 18615 14932 13161 11S53 9849 8388 5549 3991 
Qrafton, 388(»2 391U3 42260 42343 42311 38682 82989 28462 23093 
Illllaborongh, 7558:) 64238 62149 57478 42494 37724 53S84 49249 43899 
Merrimack, 4629L 42151 41408 40337 36*253 34614 


Rockingham, 4^110 47297 50122 49194 45771 44325 651i)7 50175 45427 
Stratford, 35593 3)243 31493 29374 61127 5<<910 51117 41595 32614 
SttHivan, 18162 18058 19041 19375 211340 19669 

ToTAtoiSTATB, S4781I 8L830O 828073 817976 884674 888328 S440'i8 UMBO 188838 
* All other persons, except Indians not taxed. 1 


Countjr Officers, Notaries Public and Goronen 

Note — Justices of the Pence will be tonnd in o<mntetioo witb thAt 
respective towns, immediately after towiMtacers. 


Begister— George W. Weston, Exeter. 

IWajKrer— Geoi^e £. Laue, Exeter. 

CbmmtMion«r<— Newton Johnston, Portsmouth; Wells C. Under 
hill, Auburn; Joseph G. Bnrley, Epping. 

8fteriff-~J. H. Kent, Portsmouth. Deputy Sheriff§--09O. E. Eaton 
Candia; Ezra A. J. Sawyer, Deerfiold; Isaiah A. Dnstin, Derry; 
George W. Tilton, Epptng; T. B. Hoyt, J. W. Odiin, Exeter ; 8amii«i: 
E. Woodman, Kingston ; William Clark, Londonderry ; John W. Smart,! 
Newmarket ; Joeeph A. Trickey, Northwood Narrows ; Clias. A. 6hep-| 
ard, Baymund ; John N. Brown, Seabrook ; Deputies for BockiiigbHU, 
residing in other Counties — Harrison D. Lord, Daniel L. Steveua,' 
Daniel R. Prescott, Manchester; Alvin 8. Eaton, Nashua. | 

Jailor*— J. H. Kent, Portsmouth ; T. B. Hoyt, Exeter. 

Coroners— A. F. Fox« Auburn ; William A. Shackford, Newmarket ; 
S. C. Whittier, Portsmouth; T. M. Gould, Raymond. 

fieairr^-J. R, Clark, Deny. 

JVblarto— John H. Nutting, Candia; JohnW. Noyes,< Chester ; 0. 
0. Bartlett, Geo. C. Currier, De^ry; J. M. Godfrey, Epping ; W. B. 
Morrill, William P. Monlton, Warren F. Putnam, George £. Lane, 
A. J. Hoyt, Exeter; John Hatch, Greenland; Timothy Murray, Wm. 
A. Shackford, C. H. Smith, Newmarket ; I. B. Hoitt, Northwood ; W. H. 
Hills, PlallBtow : J. P. Bartlett, W. H. Hacfcett, John Sise, M. Buffbrd, 
J. E. Rider, B. M. Parker. G. T. Taughan, Calvin Page, Alfred F. Ho«M 
ard, F. M. Hatch, W. C. Uarriman, Wallace Hackett, Chas. E. B^tch-j 
elder, Portsmouth; T. M. Gould, Raymond ; Warren Parsons, B>e; 
G. C. Gordon, Salem. 

JShcted' to serve from Juiu^ 1881, to Jme^ 1S88. 

Segister—Qteorge W. Weston. Exeter. 
Trecuurer — Ckorge E. Lane: Exeter. . 
Oomtnittioiurs — Newton Jonnston, Portsmouth ; Wells 0. XJndvrhill, 
Anburnj Joseph C. Burley, Epping. 
Bheriff—^. H. Kent, Portsmouth. 


Regi$ttr — Frank S. Tompkins, Doter. 

3VMt«w«r— Harry H. Hough, Dover. 

Ctommun'on«r«— Oeorge Lyman, Milton ; Cymt Littlefield, Dorer ; 
Sam'l A. Seavey, Great Falls. 

Shtriffi—^ohn Greenfield. Rochester. Deputy Sheriffs-^J). C. Wig 
gin, J. H. Davis, J. W. Hartford, Dover; Wm. Pitt Moses, Gt. Falls; 
iEben'S. Nowell, Salmon Falls; Asa A. Hall, Farmington; Asa A. Fox, 
Milton Mills; P. A. Hurd, Rochester; L. C. Critchett, Strafford ; Jod-| 
atlian Dnstin, Barrington ; Chas. B. Meserve, Madbury. Deputy Sher- 
IfTs f^m other Connties-^A. J. Milliken, Wakefield ; John W. Smart, 
Newmarket; Dudley P. Evans, Alton. 

Jailor — Samuel J. Smith, Dover. 

Qtroners—T. W. J. Pray, J. R. Ham, Jason W. Drake, C. A. Fair-, 
banks, Dover. 

! OOUKTT 0FPI0BB8. 197 

Sealtr — David Hajes, Dorer. 

NQtarUt^C. W. Woodman, GalTin Hale, Harrison Haley, H. F. 
'Gerrisli, J. R. Varnej, E. A. Brown, W. J. Morrill, J. F. Hanson, 
{V. H. Mc Daniel, Calvin Sanders, 0. A. Dodge, John Kivel, Saui'l M. 
[Wheeler, Dover; D. W. Bdgerly, G. L. Whitehouse, K. F. Cloutman, 
Farmington ; B. W. Fox, Milton ; John Mc DnfTee, Franklin Mc DaflTee, 
A. D. Whitehooae, a B. Qaffney, C K. Sanborn, Rochester ; H. M. 
Plammer, Wni. H. Morton, RoUinsford S. S. RoUina, J. A. SUckaey, 
W. JL Burleigh, B. J. Randall, A. A. Perkins, Somersworth. 

JBUcUd U tervt/rvn Juau, 1881 to JioM, 188S. 

S^^Mer^— Frank S. Tompkins, Dover. 
ntOMmnr — ^Harry Hough, Dover. 

CbMMiMJofMrf— Cyras Littleton, Somonworth ; SmmwI ▲. Qm,T9J, 
Dover ; George Lyman, Milton. 
Slk«n(i^-Johm Qreenileld, Rochester. 


RegUUr — Rafun S. Lewis, New Hampton, p. o. ad., Laconla. 

TnaturtT — Oren W. Tebbetta, Laconia. 

CbMjni<moiMr<— Charles Rollins, Alton ; Frank M. Rollini» Ollford, 
p. o. ad.. Lake Village; Cbarlea W. Naal, Meredith. 

Sheriff-^ttxmM W. Cogswell, Oilman ton, p. p. ad., Laconia. Depftiy. 
Sheriff*— J. Irville Prescott, Meredith, deputised in Qrafton Co.;i 
Dauiel B. Tattle, Barnstead Centre; D. P. Bvans, Alton, deputised, 
in Strafford G04 W. P. Lang, Tilton, deputized in Merrimack and 
Carroll Cos.; B. A. Sargent, Gilmanton Iron Works; Joseph P. Whit»j 
tier. Lake Tillage ; Walter C. Wells, Belmont. Deputies for Belknap! 
residing in other Counties— John H. Plnmmer, Sandwich; Georgf G. 
Woodsworth, Franklin ; James T. Sanborn, Bristol. 

Jotior— Rufns Clark, Laconia. 

Cbroncr— David C. Batchelder, Laconia. 

Seaier—^ W. Sanders, Laoonia. 

iVbtartes— John W. Carrier, Alton; Charles A. Hackett, Belmont; 
Thomas Ham, J. P. Hutchinson, Lake Village; A. C. Leavit, D. S. 
Dinamoor, F. W. Reeves, Laconia ; S. A. Ladd, John Smith, Jr., Mere- 
dith; W. T. Cass, C. C. Rogers, Tilton. 

JBecUd to urot from Jime, 1881, to Junt^ 1883. 

i^>llr{ffe^— RufuB S. Lewie, New Hampton, p. o. ad., Laconia. 
IWofMrer— Oren W. Tebbetts, Laconia. 

CbmrnitsioiMrf— Charles Rollins, Alton; Frank M. Rollins Ollford. 
p. o. ad.. Lake Village; Chariee W. Neal, Meredith. 
j8lker(^:-^ames W. Cogswell, Gilmanton, p. o. ad., Laoonia. 


Begister — Sanborn B. Carter, Ossipee. 

Treasurer — Chas. W. Fall, Ossipee Comer. 

Cbsi]»imo»er«— Hesekiah Willand, Wolfborough; John H. Plnm 
er. Sandwich ; Charles H. Osgood, Conway. { 

iS^srt;^Levi T: Haley, Wolfeborough. Depuity SAeri^V^-John W 
Plummer, Sandwich ; A. J. Milliken, Wakefield ; Geo. B. Sias, Ossipr 

196 OOUHTT 0?riOEB8. 

Goniity Officers^ Notaries Public and Coroners. 

Note — Justices of the Pence will be tonnd in oOim^etioD witb their 
respective towns, immediately after towMsfficera. 


SegUter—Qeorge W. Weston, Exeter. 

2VeaMrer~QeorRe E. Laue, Exeter. 

CbmmtMtonerf— Newton Johnston, Portsmouth; Wells C. Vnder- 
hill, Auburn; Joseph G. Burley, Epping. 

8/teriff—J. H. Kent, Portsmouth. Deputy SIieriff»—G90. E.EatonJ 
Candia; Eara A. J. Sawyer, Deerfield; Isaiah A. Dnstin, Derry; 
George W. Tilton, Epptng; T. B. Hoyt, J. W. Odiin, Exeter ; Samiier 
E. Woodman, Kingston ; William Clark, Londonderry ; John W. Smart J 
Newmarket ; Joeepfa A. Trickey, Northwood Narrows ; Clias. A. Sbep-. 
ard, B«ymond ; John N. Brown, Seabrobk ; Deputiee for RocklngbMBi,' 
residing in other Counties— Harrison D. Lord, Daniel L. SteTeiis,; 
Paniel R. Prescott, Manchester; Alvin S.Eaton, Nashua. 

Jailors— J. H. Kent, Portsmouth ; T. B. Hoyt, Exeter. 

Coroner$—A. F. Fox, Auburn ; William A. Shackford, Newmarket ; 
8. C. Whittier, Portsmouth; T. M. Gould, Raymond. 

BedUi^-J. R. Clark, Derry. 

JViD(art««— John H. Nutting, Candia; JohnW. Noyes,' Chester; 6 
C. Bartlett, Geo. C. Currier, PeQry; J. M. Godfrey, Epping ; W. B. 
Morrill, William P. Moulton, Warren F. Putnam, George E. Lane, 
A. J. Hoyt, Exeter; John Hatch, Gi-eenland; Timothy Murray, Wm. 
A. Shackford, C. H. Smith, Newmarket ; I. B. Hoitt, Northwood ; W. H. 
Hills, Platstow ; J. P. Bartlett, W. H. Hackett, John Sise, M. Bufford. 
J. E. Rider, B. M. Parker. G. T. Taughan, Calvin Page, Alfred F. How. 
|ard, F. M. Hatch, W. C. Harriman, Wallace Hackett, Chat. E. Batch- 
elder, Portsmouth; T. M. Gould, Raymond ; Warren Parsons, Bye; 
G. C. Gordon, Salem. 

JSUetett to 9erve from J«me, 1881, to Jwne, ISM. 

JB<^t«6cr— George W. Weston, Exeter. 
Treasurer — George E. Lane: Exeter. 

Commissioners — Newton Jonnston, Portsmouth ; Welb C. Underhill, 
Anburnj Joseph C. Burley, Epping. 
BheriJBr—J. H. Kent, Portsmouth. 


Register — Frank S. Tompkins, Doter. 

IVeanirer— Harry H. Hough, I>over. 

0Dmmi««ton«r«>-Oeorge Lyman, Milton ; Cyma Littlefield, Dotot ;' 
Sam'l A. Seavey, Great Falls. 

Sheriff— iohn Greenfield. Rochester. Deputy Sheriffs— J). C. Wig- 
gin, J. U. DaTis, J. W. Hartford, Dover ; Wm. Pitt Moses, Gt. Falls; 
Eben'S. Nowell, Salmon Falls; Asa A. Hall, Farmington; Asa A. Fox, 
Milton Mills; P. A. Hurd, Rochester; L. G. Critchett, Strafford; Jon- 
athan Dnstin, Barrington ; Cbas. R. Meserre, Madbnry. Deputy Sher> 
IfTs from other Connties-^-A. J. Milliken, Wakefield ; John W. Smart, 
Newmarket; Dudley P. Evans, Alton. 

JlBt'Ior^— Samuel J. Smith, Dover. 

Qfroners—T. W. J. Pray, J. R. Ham, Jason W. Drake, 0. A. Faii^, 
inks, Dover. 

,- ■ — • 


SeaZer— David Hajes, DoTer. 

NQtann—C. W. Woodmam, Galvin Hale, Harrison Haley, R. F. 
^Gerrish, J. R. Yaraej, S. R. Brown, W. J. Morrill, J. F. Man«on, 
V. H. Mc Daniel, CaWin Sanders, 0. A. Dodge, John Kivel, Saui'l H. 
Wheeler, Dover; D. W. Bdgerly, O. L. Whitebouse, K. F. Cloutmaa, 
Farmington ; B. W. Fox, Milton ; John Mc Dnffee, Franklin McDaffee, 
A. D. Whitebouse, a B. Gaffnej, C. K. Sanborn, Rochester ; H. M. 
Plammer, Wm. H. Morton, RoUinsford S. S. Rollina, J. A. SUckney, 
W. R. Burleigh, & J. Randall, A. A. Perkins, Somerawortb. 

JBZectotf ie s<rve/rom Jiine, 1881 to Jvau, 1888. 

RiS^isfor— Frank 8. Tompkins, Dover. 
Trtamnrtr — Harry Hough, Dover. 

OMimittiMMr*— Cyrus Littleton, Somersworth ; SuMitl A. SiATty, 
Dover ; George Lyman, Milton. 
Bhar^-^ohn Qreenileld, Rochester. 


RtgitUr — ^Rufun S. Lewis, New Hamptoo, p. o. ad., Laconla. 

Treatwrer — Oren W. Tebbetts, Laconia. 

amiiu<non<r«— Charles Rollins, Alton ; Frank M. Rollins, Qilford, 
p. o. ad.. Lake Village ; CbariM W. Neal, Meredith. 

Skaiff—JtjatbB W. Cogswell, Qilmanton, p. o. ad., Laconia. Defi^. 
Sheriff§—J. Irville Prescott, Meredith, deputised in Grafton Co.;| 
Daniel S. luttle, Barnstead Centre; D. P. Bvans, Alton, depntixedi 
in Strafford C04 W. P. Lang, Tilton, deputized in Merrimack and 
Carroll Cos.; B. A. Sargent, Qilmanton Iron Works; Joseph P. Whit*-! 
tier. Lake Village ; Walter C. Wells, Belmont. Deputies for Belknap! 
residing in other Counties — John H. Plummer, Sandwich ; Georg* G. 
Woodsworth, Franklin ; James T. Sanborn, Bristol. 

Jailor — ^Rnfns Clark, Laconia. 

Coroner — David C. Batchelder, Laconia. 

BeaUr—a. W. Sanders, Laoonia. 

iVotariM— John W. Currier, Alton; Charles A. Hackett, Belmont; 
Thomas Ham, J. P. Hutchinson, Lake Village; A. C. Leavit, D. S. 
Dinsmoor, F. W. Reeves, Laconia ; S. A. Ladd, John Smith, jr., Mare- 
dith; W.T. Cass, C. C. Rogers, Tilton. 

EUded to teree from June, 1881, to June, 1883. 

R»g%tttr — ^Rufufl S. Lewis, New Hampton, p. o. ad., Laconia. 
IWonir er O ren W. Tebbetts, Laconia. 

aNiii»is«<oner«-~Charlee Rollins, Alton ; Frank M. Rollins Gilford. 
p. o. ad., Lake Village; Charles W. Neal, Meredith. 
Skaiff-^UBSit^ W. Cogswell, Qilmanton, p. o. ad., Laoonia. 


Begisler — Sanborn B. Carter, Ossipee. 

Trecwurer— Chas. W. Fall, Ossipee Corner. 

Cbjm»tmo»er«~He8ekiah Willand, Wolfborongh; John H. Pliim- 
er. Sandwich ; Charles H. Osgood, Conway. 

S/Horif-rh^ri T: Haley, Wolfeborongh. Deputy Sheriffk-^ohn W.l 
Plummer, Sandwich ; A. J. Milliken, Wakefield ; Geo. B. Sias, Ossip' 

198 couKTT orriCERS. 

John PanoDi, J«rob Maner'D, Frfedom ; J< bn Cbaee, Conway; Wm 
F. Th< ntpeon, Koith ConwHj; WiDiftni Pitman. Lower Itertlett; 
Sanfoid K. \l liltteii, Burtlett ; Janieci O'G en y, Madison. 

Jailor — 8. PoitiT Phillbrick, Oesipee. 

Coroner— Irn Bunfield, Wulfiorough. 

Healer— 1. H. Jewell, Ossipee. 

/yoiaries— Geo. W. M. Pitman, Bartlett; J. W. Thompson, 0. W. 
Wilder, Wm. F. Thomson, Geo. H. Westcott, Conwny ; C. C. Fellows,! 
Sandwich ; J. F. Stockbridge, Tuttonborough ; Frauk Weeks, Ossipee;! 
Bnel C. CArter, John M. Brackett, J. G. Gate, Wolfeborough ; J. £. 
French, Houltonbero; Lycurgns Pitman, S. P. Thompson, 

JSIected to ierve from June, 1881 to June, 1883. 

Rtffi9ter'-%»Tihofn B. Carter, Osaipee. 
IVeattirer— Charles W. Fall, Ossipee Comer. 
Qmrnissicners — Jnrob Manson, Ossipee; Lowell Ham. Tamworth;' 
James 0. Gerry, Madison. 
Sheriff— Leyi T. Uaiey, Wolfborongh. 


Eegitter—J. 8. Kimbal), Concord. 

l\-ea$urer — Edwird Osgood, Cauterbnry. 

Cefmniwioners — T. L. Fowler, Pembroke ; Jos. D. Philbrick, An 
dover : Jos. C. A. Hill, Concord. 

Sheriff— Tlnw^, 8. Podge, Concord; Deputy fiAeriJft— Jonathan L. 
Pickeriiiir, Concord, O. 8. Locke, Concord ; John C. Peariron, Fisher*' 
Title ; George N. Watkins, Hopkintun ; George B. Hardy, Contoocook :{ 
Geo. 0. Wardswortli, Franklin; James G. Fellows. Suncook; David 
C. Harrimaii, Warner' G. Irnnk Green, ^itt^lJeld; Henry W.Killiim,' 
Fast AndoTir; Kit Bodge, So. N'ewbnry ; Fiank W. Flanders, Wil-, 
mot Flat ; Phin G Fargent, Bnnbury ; Frank M. Tappan, Bradford. 

Jailor — Frnnk 8. Bodge, Concord. 

C&roners—'B.. W. Kilburn, Audover; C. P. Gage, Concord, W. H 
Berry, Pittsfleld. 

Sealer — Bamuel F. Morrill, Concord. 

iVV)(art'«x->Charl€S F. Uildreth, Allenstown; J. M. Shirley, F. W 
Proctor, Andover; Arthur Fletcher, Lyman D. Stevens, Samnel C. 
£astnian. Geo. S. Blancliard, Asa Fowler, Juhn H. Albin, J. B. KaDd,| 
8. F. Brown, (p. o. Fluherville) H. J. Crippen, Isaac A. Hill, Geo. A^ 
Fernnid, Wm. F. Tliuyer, George Jones, A. B. Thompson, Z. G. Per- 
kins, James Minot, Wm. P. Fi.-ke, W. M. Chase. Isaac W. fiammood,' 
S. G^ Lane, J. £. Robertson, N. £. Martin, F. 8. 8tie«ter,.F. P. An- 
drews. Concord ; K. B. 8. Sanborn, Alexic Proctor, 11. W. Bennett, Bsn-I 
iel Barnard, F. N. Parfoiis, Frnnk Proctur, Franklin; J. F. Jone*,' 
Ilopkiuton ; F. J. EHStman, Nurtbiield ; C. T. Cram, W. H. Berry, T. B. 
Thurmlike, J. A. Gosa, £. A. Lane, Pittsfleld ; O. C. George, A. P. 
Davis, Warner. 

Elected to terve from June, 1881 to June, 1883. 



Xegisttr—Tnnli D. Woodbury. I These in doubt at time ofgoiDg 
Treajtwrer— John S. Jonep. TtopreFS. 

(\>mmi9tioner9^yiM. 8. llarrod, John A. Peaalee, Isaac G. Bass, 
fi/icrt^— Jonathan L. Pickering. 



Seffister—JhMA W. King, Nashua. 

Treasurtr — Kdwin P. Richardson, Manchester. 

ODmmiuionerM — Henry Parkinson, Nashua; Geo A. Wilson, N«i 
Boston ; U. B. Pntnam, Manchester. 

fiAeri^— Charles Scott, Peterborough. Depuljf Sher\fi—Xi, L. Stei 
•ns, Daniel IT. Uealy, Qeo. W. Nichols, H. I>. Lord, D. R. Prescoti 
Manchester : A. 8. Baton, M. R. Buxton, D. R. Marshall, Nashua 
\V. W. Gould, UillsborouKh ; J. A.Hartshorn.GreenTiIle : Moses Clarl 
iBast Wilton ; Wallace Caldwell, Goffatown ; D. K. MarTell, Mllford 
iCiias. V. ilolt, Antrim; I. A. Dustin, Derrjr; Ralph J. UolC, Keeue. 

Jailor— David Wadswortli, Nashna. 

Cbroncrx — B. B. Whitteraore, Nashna; Jacob 7. James, Maneheetei 

&a/er— Wra. H. Vickery, Manchester. 

JViilarie«— Gtiarles Richardson, Amherst ; Isaac N. Riddle, Bodford 
A.. H. Bixby, G. W. Cnmmings, Francestown ; A. ¥. Carr, Ghifbtown 
James Taft, GreenTille; J. C. Campbell. Hillsborough ; Daniel Good 
win. Mason ; 8. N. Bell, Joseph B. Clark, C. K. Balch, D. W. Lane 
B. P. Cilley. L. B. Cbmgh, J. A. Riddle, G. B. Chandler, B. U. Paine 
\W. R. Patten, C. n. Bartlett, Nathan P. Hunt, Harris P. Morse 
JJas. L. Foote, A. C. Osgood, B. W. Harrington, B. F. Clairl:, J. F..Janiefl 
J. H. Andrews, J. B. Dodge, N. H. Wilxon. H. W.Tewksbnry, R. J. V 
Goodwin, J. B. Mills, U. B. Biirnham J. P. Newell,, Manchester : C. S 
Averill, 7. T. Sawyer, Milfurd; A. W. Sawyer, A. Mc Kean, J. A 
SpauMing, J. G. Kimball, G. B. Gage, F. A. Mc Kean, J. W. White 
B. a Wbittemore, C. W. Hoitt, F. A. Baton, B. S. Cutter, G. B. Frenct) 
B. B. Gould, L. L. Tilden, Henry H. Daris, Nashna; W. A. Preston 
New Ipswich: Ezra M. Smith, R. B. Hntch, Frank G. Clark, M. L 
Morrison, Peterborough ; C. H. Bams, Wilton. 

Eleeted to serve from Jwu^ 1881 to Jum, 1883. 

Register — Dana W. King, Naslipa. 
TViMcturer — Edwin P. Richardson, Manchester. 
Cbianu'ssMnert^-Harace B. Pncnaui, Manchester ; George A. Wason 
New Boston ; Joel C. Aiinis, Nashua. 
iSV^i^— Charles Scott, Peterborough. 


Rei^ts^— John J. Allen, fr., Keene. 

Treasurer — Geo. A. Litchfield, Keene. 

Commissioners — Chas. R. Sargent, Hinsdale ; Gardner C. Hill, Keene 
Levi A. Fuller, Marliior:>. 

8hei<ff-^liaAph T. Holt, Keene. Deputy Sfierijfs—S. 0. Gaten, J. C 
Rice, J. W. Babbitt, Keene; D. S. Swan, Winchester; F. S. Pierce, 
Kast Jaffrey; H.A. Perry, Walpole; J. S. Walker, Alstead; B. P. 
Kimball, Troy; Ctwrle-i Scott, Peterborough; Johu Furristall, Fitz- 
William ; B. P. Clairgett, Newport. B. S. Wood, Winchendou, Blass. 

Jailor — Jonas C. Rice, Keene. 

Q>rett«r — 0. F. Rowell, Keene. 

/iea/«r— Virgil A. Wright, Keene. 

Notaries—BoVirKC Ijovell. Alsiead; A. J. Blake, G. A. Wbittemore 
Fitzwiiliam ; L. B. Lianison, F. J. Barber, O. S. Wilder, Henry R. Vaille 
ijr., Hinsdale ; Peter Upton, Jaffrey ; A. T. Batuhelder, Utram Blake 



A. F. Bigelow, F. G. Flanlkner, H. S. Martin, O. O. Nims, R. H. Porter, 
Keene; J. G. Bellows, E. S. Steams, Rindge ; Walpole; Henry Ab 
bott, B. H. Forbes, Winchester. 

Elected to serve from June, 1881 to June, 1883. 

Begiiter-^ohn J. Allen, jr., Keene. 
Treasurer— Qeoige A. Litchfield, Keene. 

Commissioners — Leri K. Fuller, Marlborongb ; Jotieph B. Abbott, 
Keene ; George W. Steams, Rindge. 
Sheriff— Horace A. Perry, WMlpole. 


Segister^-Wm. B. Brooks, Newport. 

Tmuurer — Charles H. Long, Claremont. 

Oommissumers-''Wm. S. Tntherly, Claremont ; Sam'l E. Goweo, No 
Cbarlestown ; HOTace F. Goss, Springfield. 

Anditors—<ieo. K. Ihime, Newport ; Stephen F. Rosslter, Claremont; 

i&S^iert^—Rufas P. Claggett, Newport. Deputy SherWs—^. P. ORgood. 
Charleotown ; James Holt, H. L. Hnbbard, K W. 1(01108, Claremont, 
(Lemuel Martindale, Cornish ; J. S. Walker^ Langdon, p. o. ad., Alstead ; 
|M. A. Barton, Newport ; J. F. Raynsford, Plainfield ; Wm. H. H; 
jCowles, Snnapee; Samuel B. Strickland, Washington. Deputies lir- 
ing in other counties ; Heni-y W. Kilbom, AndoTer; Frank H.Tap- 
'pan. Bradford; A. A. Cox, Enfield; F. W. Gould, Hillsborough; N. C. 
Bridgman, Lebanon ; Eli Dodge, Newbury; D. C. Harriman, Wamei; 
Frank W. Flanders, Wilniot. 

Jailor— ^Martin A. Barton, Newport. 

Cbroner—rNathan Hall, Croydon. 

Aa/er— George W. Fitch, Claremont. 

iVotoriM— C. C. Kimball, George Olcott, Cbarlestown ; J. L. Farwell, 
0. F. R. Waite, Hermon Holt, E. D. Baker, Ira Colby, Jr., Albert 
Rossiter, Geo. N. Farwell, 2d., Claremont ; F. W. liowia, N. X. Reed, 

Mected to serve from June, 1861 io Jtme, 1883. 

Mefftster — Wm. E. Brooks, Newport. 
Trecawrer — Elisha Carr, Goshen. 

Oommusioners — William E. Tntherly, Claremont ; Horace F. Gobi, 
Springfield ; Lucius A. Purmort, Lempster. 
iSfAcrilf— W. H. H. Cowles, Sunapee. 


Megister—Chna. H. Day, HaTerhill. Treasurer— A. G. Smythe. 

Commissioners— Chne. G. Smith, Hayerhill ; Geo. T. Crawford, BriB 
tol ; Henry H. Wilson, Canaan; Jonn. Keyea, ; BenJ. Dow, Lyman 

iSft«ny— Lewis C. Pattee. Deputff Sheriffs— Scott Fellows, HaTer-l 
hiIl;N. C. Bridgeman, Lebanon; H. A. Johnnon, Littleton; Dsnieli 
Patterson, Bath ; B. F. Hazt-lton, Orford ; J. D. Osgood, Wentworth;' 
J. F. Sanborn, Bristol; C. M. Buchanan, Plymouth; S. R. Swett, J.' 
jC. Pattee, Canaan ; B. F. Pease, Asblnnd ; J. H. Foster, Hanover; Joell 
Eastman ; Lisbon. Deputies living in other Counties, J. F. Raynft- 
ford, PlHinfleld; Phin G. Sargent, Danbnry; 8. E. Wbitten, Bartlett,! 
J. H. Palmer, Sandwich ; J. I. Pifscott, Meredith ; H. W. Kill>ura. 
Auduver; Rufus P. Claggett, Newport. I 


JaiZor— Scott Fellows, HawrhilL 

Owwwr— B. B. Huse, Enfietd. 

S0difer--HarIaii P. Goodrich Lebanon. 

iVbtoriM— Jona. F. Keyes, T. P. Cheney, AjihUad: Philip Carpentei 
Bath; G. T. Craft, Bethlehem; Samuel K. MasoB, K. B. Dearbon 
6. A. Bmenon, Bristol ; G. W. Murray, Cauaan ; Carter Huu«toK 
B. B. Hose, Bnfield; NewtonS. Hnatington, Qornelius A. Field, Fred 
Brick Chase, Hanover; G. W. Chapman, GeoTF. Putnam, HaTerhill 
Spring, B. J. Dorant, Pliny B. Davis, Bdward A. Kendriok, J. S 
Derry, Lebanon: A. A. Wooliion, Lisbon; Oscar C. Hatch, B. W. Fan 
John Mitchell, £. C. Stevens, Littleton; H. H. Holt. Lyme; Chas. W 
Pierce, Orford ; Jos. Burrows, Plymouth ; Samuel Herbert, Rumney 
W. A. Flanders, WenturortJi, S. B. Page, Woodsville. 

JEUeUd to serve from Jtmt^ 1881 to Jmim, 188S. 

Ae^Mfer— Henry H. Clark, Bath. 
2Ve<Mt<rer— Alexander G. Smythe, Plymouth. 
OMnmisstofiert— Henry H. Wilson, Canaan ; Bei^. Dow, Lyman. 
Robert A. Homer, Bristol. 
SA^nC^— Lewis C. Pattee, Lebanon. 


B«giaer-^QM!p\i W. Flanders, Lancaster. 

IVecuttrer— Jamtts M. Bowell, Lancaster. 

S/ieri^— William T^ Pike, Stark. DepvJty Sheriffk^k. A. Palmer 
Gorham ; L. S. Stalbird, Geo. M. Stevens, Lancaster ; H. M. Leavitt 
Colebrook ; J. Q. A. Libby, Whitefield ; George Farr, Littleton. 

Cbwmuisofterf— N. B. PerKins, Jefferson ; J. P« Evans, Gorham 
Geo. R. Baton, Stratford. 

JaxUtr — John S lugerson. Oorcner^-Oieo. S. Leavitt, Colebrook. 

Sealer — B. Y. Cobleigh, Lancaster. 

Notaries — Albert Barker, J. L Parsons, Colebrook ; M. A. Hastings 
Oorham, B. H. Plaisted, Jefferson; Richard P. Kent, A. J. Shurtleft 
Lancaster; Alfred B. Bvans, Shelbume; J. G. Trulan, Whitefield. 

' EleeUd to tervo front June 1881 to Jime 1883. 

fic^rufer— Jsseph W. Ffainders, Lancaster. 
IWomrer — James M. Bowell, Lancaster. 

CbmmunoiMrs— Geurge B. Eaton, Stratford ; Bert A. Taylor, Dalten ; 
Jonathan Gilman, Columbhi. 
Mer^— William T. Pike, SUrk. 

Commissioiiers in otbier States to solemnise 
marriage in New Hampshire* 

» Under the Act of 1877. 

Abiel W. Sibley, Providence, R. I.; Dauiel B. Rnndall, Berwick, Me 
Orange T. Moulton, John Collins, South Berwick, Me., F. J. B. House 
Hetheun, Mass.; Geo. N. Harden, South Weymouth, Mass ; Horac< 
Burchard, Brattleboro, Yt.; 8. Ingersoll Bryant, Hartford, Yt.; Ed 
raand Edwards, Boston, Mass.; John Malvern, Haverhill, Mass. 

— — ^— M^— — 1^1*—— III *i ■■ ra « 




U* S* Commliisloiiers. 

C. H. Bartlett, MuBchester; W. B. Hackett, A. B. Hatch, Ports- 
month; H. A. Fletcher, LaDcaster; Edmund Bnike, Newport; C. Wi 
H'oodman, Dover; Heury Heywood, Lancaster; A. P. CarpeBter, 
Bath ; Asa Fowler, Coucf>rd. 

Comiiiissloiiers for etlier Stutes. resldlnir in 

AnxAHSAB— Sylrester Dana. 

i/ALiroRNiA'>'Wm. Henry Unckett, Portsmouth. 

DisTBicT OF Columbia, Willianj Henry Uackett, Portamonth. 

iLUNOis—Ghas. W. Woodman, Dover. 

Kansas — Chas. W. Woodman, Dover. 

MAifTK— Albert S. Twitchel'l, Qnrham; 
DhiiM. W. Woodman, Dover; W. H. Uackett* Portsmouth. 

MassacrubKTtb— Mosee Hazen, Sntton ; Asa Fowler, Concord ; Chat. 
W. Woodman, Dover; Wm. U. Hackett, Portfcmonth; Cbai. A. 
Carpenter, Mancht^ater. 

MicniOAN — Lyman D. Stevens, Concord. 

MisBuuRi^Chas. W. Woodman, Dover. 

Nkw York — Lncien B. Cloufch, Manchester; Cliaa. O. Connor, Bxe-| 
ter; Chaa. W. Woodman, Dover, Arthur P. Dodge, Manchester. 

KosTH Carolina — Chas. £. Batchelder, Portsmouth. 

PxNNBTLVANiA— W. U. Hackett, Portsmonth. 

Commissioners for Neur If ampsliiref 

Residing in ottier States. 

Arizona Tzrbitort— iVe^coff, Will D. Sonthworth. 

Caupornia— iSacramento, W. B. McCIelliin; San FrandscOt L. D.| 
[^ralg, Ed. Chattiu, Jay £. Bussell, E. y. Joice ; San Jou, J. B. Lowe;; 
Oakland City, Wm. UoskinR. 

Colorado — 2?«nrer, Oabriul Nctter. 

CoNNECTicui — Hartford, F. M. Patker, D. G. Gordon. 

E.NGLAND — London^ Alfred Ilealea. 

Florida — Ftrnandinaj R. M. Smith. 

GzoRGiA—iStivaniia/i, J. W. Burroughs, Wm. B. Adams. 

iLUNois— C7ftca^o, S. S. Willard, P. A. Uoyne,S. W. King. 

Iowa — Des MomtM^ Henry W. Paiker. 

Kansas — Florence, J. W. Butterfield. 

KzNTUCKT — Xoutuvtl/e, Harry Stncky. 

Louisiana— iV«w Orleans, J. G. EnKtis, Geo. A. Hero, Chas. T. Soniat. 

Maine— Berten'c*, Wm. J. Copeland ; Portland. J. O'Douuell ; ^e- 
turpj S. W. Fife. 

Maryland— fia/<»mor«, P. H. Hoffman, G. B. Reaidon, James 8. Key. 
Unrray Hanf>on. 

Massachusetts— .^fnefbtery, Geo. W. Cate, Geo. Turner; BoiUm, 
Bdward J. Jones, J. W. Chapman, II. I. Rnrbank. W. H. Powers G. T. 
ingell, J. Q. A. Brackett, D. H. Coolidge, C. Wheeler, J. £. Butter, 
laa. P. Goddon, B. M. Fernald. C. U. Adams, Sumner AlUee, F. l.\ 
Morrill, W. P. Kowler, G. A. Shaw. A. E. Pillkbiiiy, W m. W. Doherly,' 
Samuel Jennikon, W. K Dyer, Chas. £. Goodwin, Arthur P. Dodge,! 


B. O. Rnasell, D. B. Whittier, J. B. Brnman ; HoMrhUl, J. K. Jen-^ 
DeM; Jjotortneey C. U. Bell, H. F. Hopkins; Lowell, John Dt»Ti«, Geo.j 
II. Stevens, John H. Ames ; Lj/niit B. E. Porter; A'ewburyport, EdWMid, 
Smith; Bornercillty J. C. Moore; Worcester, J. H. Hill. Jos. Mason.: 

MiCHiOAir — DetroU, Win. J. Wiiteroian ; H<utmg», 6. M. Dewey. 

M1B8OUEI— S<. LouUy C. S. Chariot, C. D. Greene, Jr., J. W. flodgskin,[ 
Julius Robertson. 

Nebbaska — Omaha, Watson B. Smith. 

Nxw Brunswick— 6<. Johns, John Kerr. 

Nxw JsBSsr — ElixabeUif H. J. Struthmeyer; Jersey City, Wn. J. 

Nbw York— iVeio York City, W. H. Glarkson, J. J. Sullivnn, 0. W. 
Collis, A. C. Anderson, Wm. F. Lett, C. H. Hatch, G. U. Wood 
bury, C. W. Anderson, Thos. Kilvert, Alex. Oetrander, G. V. Unctdn, 
Charles Nettleton, L. W. How, S. B. Goodale, Rufus K. MeHar^, 
II. C. Banks, J A. Hillery, F. J. King, G. £. Mills, A. F. McMickle. 
jW. G. Oppenheim, T. B. Clifford, M. B. Mttcla.v, Eleazer Jackson, 
F. A. Burnhani, Geo. R. Juques, B. M. Bruno, B. F. Hillery, 8. C 
,'Doty. J. B. Nones, Jacob Dn Bois, C. W. Klebisch, F. S. DriKcoIl, C. H. 
Smith, W. H Bowers, K. W. Fraucis, W. 0. Wetherbee. N. P. Schench, 
Will. M. Adams, Louis Beckiiardt, Augustus Biickingbam, Louis 
Fucot, Frank Saunders, F. P. Burki*, I. S. Smith; Albany, Edward 
Wade: Brooklyn, Wni. S. Osbom, Chni. B. ^ule, H. G. Taylor; 
Coming, Chas. H. Thompson ; Goshen^ John H. Corner ; Xoehetisr, Geo. 
H. Elwood. 

North Carolina— vRa/e^/i, John M. Sherwood. 

Omo—Cineinnati, S. S. Caipenter. 

Prunstlyania — l^hiladelphia, Charles Chauncy, J. P. Direr, S. L. 
Taylor, H. P. Roche« Henry Reed. F. C. Fallon, H. K. Garsed, Thos. J. 
II not, T. D. Rand. 

Yxrhont — Bratileboro, Wm. S. Newton. 

Wabhinotom— F. W. Hnckett, Samuel C. Mills, J. I. K. Plant, J. C 
Starkweather, J. E. Beall. 

WiscossiH — UUwaukee, Francis Bloodgood. 

Rallr«Mft<l fDommlnif 

O. P. Conn, Concord ; D. E. Willard, Orford : J. B. French, Moulton 

boro. Elected for the term June 1881 to June 1883. J. E. French, 

Honltonborough ; C. A. Smith, Manchester ; E. J. Tenney, Claraaiont. 

Internal ReTena«« 

Andrew H. Toung, Dover. 


First Ditisiof.— (Rockingham, Strafford, Belknap and Carroll Go's.,) 
Aaron Young, Portsi'iionth. 
Srcord D1TI8ION.— (Hillsborough Co.,) Henry M. Putney. 
Third Divisioir. — (MerrmiHck Co.,)' Isaac A. Hill, Concopl. 
FooRTQ DiTisioM.— (Cheshire A Sullivan Co.,) Chester Pike, Cornish 
FX>ttf DiVttxoH.— (Grattoh A Coos Co.,) Rich*d W. Gragin, Lebanon.. 



Agent topaypenUonf in Vfrmont^ New Hdmpahfre and Maine.-^'E. L' 
Whitford, Coucord, N. H., Main St., over P. 0., White's Open House.^ 

Suryeont to examine penstonen in New Hampihirt. 

B&t1i« William Child ; Clarcmont, Osnion B. Way ; Colcbrook, Free 
man 0. Harris; Concord, Clia-t. P. Oage, Albert II. Crosby, Granville' 
P. Conn; Berry, James II. Cr-ombie; Dover, James H. Wheeler;! 
Epping, Uosea B. Bumham; Exeter, Wm. Q. Perry; VranceHtowii.' 
Silas M. Diunmoro; Franklin, Lnther M. Knight; Great Falls, JohD; 
A. Hayes ; Haverhill, Samuel P. Curbee; Keene, Thos. B. Kittredge;' 
Lacouia, David B. Nelson; Lancaster, Frank A. Colby; Lebanon,; 
James A. Davis; Littleton, T. E. Sanger ; Mauchd^ter, Lyman B. IIow, 
W. W. Wilkins, Wm. H. Webster; Milan, Richard H. Meserve; Moul- 
tonborough, Wm. H. H. Mason ; Nashua, Evan B. Hammond: New, 
Ipswich, Francis N. Gibson ; Newport, David M. Curlier; Peter, 
borough, Willard D. Chase; Portsmouth, J. F. Hall; Plymouth, 
Jesse A. Sanborn ; Wakefleld, S. W. Roberts ; Wolrborongh, Bnfns' 
H. King. / 

Insurance i ompaniea* 

At th« close of the year 1879. according to thr* Annual Report of 
the Insurance Commissioner presented to the Governor in June; 
1880, there were in the State sixteen Town Mutual Insurance Coni>| 
panics. They then carried risks to the amount of $2,207,693. The, 
losses and expenses of the preceding year had been $4,166.78. Aij 
ithe above date there were five State Mutual Fire Insurance Compan-. 
lies. They carried risks to the amount of about nine millions. Tbe 
New Hampshire Fire Insurance Company Manchestor, had a paidupl 
Icnpital of $26(1,000. At the closeof 1879, it carried risks to Ihenraount 
of $20,813,629. There were at the above date, sixty-seven Foreignj 
Fire and Fire and Marine Companies licensed according to law to du 
business in the State. These companies carried risks to the amonnt' 
of $49,561,376. The premiums received amounted to 410,944, and tlie 
losses of the year to $ 14,945.16. Twenty-one Life and Life and Ac-j 
cident Insurance Companies had, at the close of 1879, issued to partiM 
in the State 7,041 policies. Insuring $10,211,872. Premiums received 
in 1879, In cash, amounted to $254,368.40, and the losses, annuities 
and endowments paid, to $288,668.27. The amonnt of tax paid by; 
these several companies to the State, according to law, ii one pei 
cent, of the whole amount of premiums received. 


Similar style to this book, mailed on receipt of 25 
cents, by 

S. L. FARMAN, Pablisher, 

Claebmont, N. H. 



PanitlTe and BeformaUirir* 


Frank S. Dodge, Warden; Angastns Bean, Deputy Warden! PbTil' 
,cianH» A. H. Crosby, J. W. Barney; Cliaplain, Snlliran Holman; Ka- 
jtron, Mrs. J. JB. Kiltnm. Prisoners employed in making bedsteads 
prtoa receired for each man's labor, per day, 46^ cents. Earnings, 
1 20;990.06. Kzpeases $ 16,065.20. Whole number of convicts in prison 
May 1,1879, 180: Commitments daring the year 48; whole nomber. 
228. Discharged 62L Mnmber in |>ii«OD April 30, 1860, 180. Wliole 
Dauber committed to prison since its establisment, 1,963. Whole 
nomber escaped daring same time, 20. Wholn namber who have 
died in prison 160. ^hole namber pardoned, 624. 


Tmusms.— President, G. A. Ramsdel'l.Bsq., Nashua: Secretary, Judge 
Daniel Clark, Manchester ; Oliver Pillsbury, Esq., Gonoord ; Horatio. 
Kimball, Esq., Keene; D. W. Johnson, Esq. Claremont; J. W. Pep-j 
pard, Esq., Rumney ; A. C. Clement, Esq., Plaistow ; Trees, and 8npt.,| 
John U Ray; Mairon, Mn. John C. Ray; Teachers, Bell Scoville, Mary 
■CleiMent, E. J. Blanchard. Whole namber in school during year, 173 
.Whole number admitted to the Institution since its organisation, 1,021 
iM amber in school May 1, 1880, 115. Ordinary expenses for year end- 
JingMay, 1, 1880; $17,861.64. ReceipU $23,fi73.31. 

The Trustees report the school as prosperous and doing a most ex- 
cellent work. 

I The parentage is said to have been, French, 33, American, 51, 
Irish, 89. 


There were In the Institution May 1, 1879, 268 patients, of whom 
;]26 were men and 142 women. Fifty-four men and 57 women were! 
Jadmitted during the year ending March 31, 1879. Number In the 
jAsylum March 31, 1880, 129 men and 156 women. All but 41 of 
those admitted during the year were bom in the state. Of the men 
admitted 16 were farmers. *Two only are supported by the state and 
jtenonly by their counties. Deaths during the year 17. Superintend- 
ant. J. P. Bancroft. Tmstees, Dexter Richards, Newport ; David Gil- 
•lis, Nashua; B. A. Hibbard, Laccmia: W. G. Perry, Kxeter ^ Water-^ 
man Smith, Manchester ; Joseph Burrows. Plymouth ; Jos. B. Waik- 
,er. Concord; Geo. B. Twitchell, Keene; Joiin II. George, Concord; 
Carlton P. Frost, Hanover; Jeremiah V. Hail, Portsmouth; Chas. A.' 
Tufts, Dover. 


Webster Ihrm, Franklin^ N. H. 

Inaugurated Oct. 19, 1871. This institution is for the destitute and 
ihomeleas Arphans of the State, without regard to sect, and is support- 
ed entirely by voluntary contributions. 

' Prea., Hon. Geo. W. Nesmith, Franklin; Vice Pre^.,Hon. Frederick 
Smyth. Mancliester; Trees., Hon. John Kiml>all, Concord: Sec'y,! 
Isaac K. G^e, Fisherville ; Financial Ageut, Rev. O. A. Mack. I 






Oeo. W. NeamUh, Franklfu, Pres.; Frederick Bmytli. Manebeirter, 
TreHs.; Joseph Kidder, Manchester, Sec'y; Bam'l €. Bartlett. Han- 
|c'ver; Bd ward Spalding, Nashna; Benj. F. Pn^cott, Epping; W. H. 
,H. Masuit, Mofultonborongh ; Hiram ilitchcock, Hanover; John J. 
Morrill, Gilford. Superintendent of Farm, J. W. Sanborn. 

Receipts, $10,016.70; Expenses, of which about $3000 paid towards 
old debts, $9,604.58. The Income is derived from interest accruing 
jf^om sale of lands fnrnished by the general government, flrom inter- 
|est on Mr. Conant's donations, from rents of buildings and from tiie 
State. The number of students Is increasing. The course occnpies 
jthree years. The farm contains three hundred and sixty acres in 
the immediate vicinity of the college, which is located at Hanover. 


Rooms at the State House. 

Members. Moses Humphrey, Concord, Chairman ; Jere. W. Sao* 
born. Lower Gilmanton; W. H. H. Mason, MotUtonbqrough ; Hiram 
Parker, Lempeter; Barton 0. Towne, Lancaster; George K. Harrey, 
iSurry ; Wm. H. Hills, Plaistow; Albert DeMerritt, Durham; David 
|II. Goodell, Antrim; Charles M. Tiittle, Littleton; James 0. Adams, 
Manchester, Secretary, — may be addressed at Concord or Manchester. 


Librarian, Wm. H. Kimball ; TrnstceSf Wm. M. Chase, Concord, 
Wm.L. Foster. Concord, Austin F. Pike, Frnnklin. Volumes added.— 
by pnrcliase, 200'; by regular exchange, 881; by special exchan£e; 
ior by donation, 61 — total 1,142— special issues, 65. Expenses $ 1,888.23, 

NORMAL SCKOOL.— Plymouth. 

Trnstees. Geo. B. Spalding. Dover; Daniel C. Roberts, Concord, 
Wm. E. Rnck, Manchester; Hosea W. Parker, Claremont ; Chas. A. 
Jewell, Plymouth ; Principal, H. P. Warren. 



Tiocated at Tilton on thn B., C. ft M. R. R., 16 miles north of Con-j 
jcord. WHS established in 1846, and chartered as a Seminary and Fe-j 
male College In 1862. It employs eleven teachers and has bad an aver-' 
We attendance for the last academic year, per terim tif one hnndredj 
r There are eight regular courses of study : Ladies' College, ClaRSicsi.j 
Ladles' College, Belles Lettrea, College Preparatory, Professional! 
School Preparatory, English ScientiAc, Industrial Science, Oommer-! 
jcial. Musical Instruction is given in all departments usual is Acad** 
iamies and Seminaries. t 


The tchool year coDdiBU of three terms of thirteen werki each. 

Winter term b^an bee. 1, I88f>, and ends Hiirch 1, 1881. Spring 
term begins March 16, and ends June 16, 1881. AnniTersaries, Jane 
12, 18, 14 and 15. Commeacement, June 16. 


Pljfmouth, y. ST. 

The Rev. Frederiik M. Onfft JMndpat, 

The Holdemess School for Boys was established in 1877 and f ncor- 
pomted by an Act of Lefcisiatnre in 1878. It is located in the Femi- 
fewnsset Valley opposite Plymonth. 

The premises occupied are tlieoid Livermore Haosion^distant about 
A mile from the station at Plymouth on the B>ston, Goncord and Mon* 
treal R. B., 125 miles from Boston. Tlie first term of the school was 
formally opened on Thursday, Sept. 11, 1879. The second school vearl 
began Sept. 9. 1880 and will close June 16, 1881 with a recess of four 
.week^ beginning Dec. 23. I 

j Boys are received at any age between eleven and eighteen years, andj 
jsre fitted for college, or cnn taksLsnch other studies as nisy be desired.) 
I The terms are $ 200 per annum for residents of New Hampshire, and. 
1 250 for others, payable in three inttallntents, each in advance. 
I The Rt. Rev. W. W. Niles D. D. is President of the boazd of Trustees 
P. 0. Address, Concord, N. H. 


organised in 1823, has for ltd object the preservation of the history of 
the State, by addresses, essays and papers read at the meetings ot tlie| 
Society, by publication of important docninents which might other-j 
wise lie lost, and by bringing together in a library, both printt^d books 
and manuscripts relating t>» the towns, counties and state, and aho to| 
indiriduiils and charitable and religious organizations. Its library 
^consists of about 5000 volumes and a great number of pamphlets. An- 
'nniU reports of towns and all printed pamphlets relating to the state 
are earnestly desired. They may be sent l)y mail to tiie librHrian nt 
CSoncord. All persons, whether uieml>er8 or not, are invited to use the 
library on Tuesdays when it is open. t 

■ OrricBBS, President, Hon. Charles H. Bell, Exeter; Cor. Sec'y. John 
jJ. Bell. Esq., Exeter ; Librarian. Samuel C. Eastman, Esq., Concord ; 
Bee, Sec., Amos Hadley, Ph. B., Concord. 


WAS incorporated and organised in 1701, with the Hnn. Joeiah Bart 
lett then PreneUnt of th« State, as its President. 

TheanuuiU meetings are held iu Concord on the third Tuesday of, 

I The ofRcert for 1880 and 1881 are president. GvanTille P. Omin,' 
iCoDOoni; vice president, HiftdloyB. Fowler Bristol: treasurer. Lym:in 
B. Huw, Manchester; sec'y Moses W. Rns^tell, Concord; anniverHaryi 
cliairman« Chaa. A. l^nfta, Dover. With a council of twenty members, 
aud ten censors. I 






N. H. BAPTxn OoNTSNnov< — GompoMd of mfniiton and delflgatai 
from the churches. The last annnel meeting wm at Concord, Oct. 20^ 
21. The officers are, Freaident, Bey. W. V. Ckmer, Concor^ ; Secre- 
tary, Ber. Wm. Hurling, Antrim ; Treasurer, A. J. Prescott, Concord, 
The Board of TrueteM is conipoaed of twenty-four persons in addition 
to the aboTe. Churches, 84; Members, 9,062; baptised during the 
year, 103. Ordained ministers, 90; licentiates, 14 ; serenteen church- 
es were aided in supporting pastors; and two mission stations were 
sustained. Total appropriations about $ 1.700. The next meeting is 
to be at Dover, Oct. 19, 1881. 

GoNrsBKNOK or Baptist MiiriaTKBS in N. H. — ^Annual meeting at 
Concord, Oct. 19, 1880. Offlcen, President, Bot. B. E. Gummings, D. 
D., Concord; Secretary, Bev. A.J. Hopkins. Hopkinton; Treasurer,! 
Bev. N. Hooper, Exeter. One of its objects is to raise a fund to aid] 
indigent and disabled ministers in N. H. This fnnA now amounts to, 
about $ 6U0. Next meeting at Dover, Oct. 18- 1881. j 

N. H. Baptist Sundat School Contkntion. — Annual meeting at 
Concord, Oct. 19, 1880. Officers, President, Bev. J. B. Robinson,! 
Fisherville. No. of Sunday Schools, 74; officers and teachers, 794; 
scholars, 8,944. Next meeting at Dover, Oct. 18, 1881. 


The Oeneral Association of N. H. is composed of delegates from the| 
Congregational and Presbyterian ministry and churches of the State. 
It meets annually in September. 

The officers are, Secretary, Bev. 8. L. Oerould, Qoffstown; Treas., 
Bev. J. M. Dutton, Lehanou. 

Number of Congregational churches, 187 ; Presbyterian, 6 ; mem- 
bers, 20.468 ; connected with Sabbath Schools, 24.047 ; ministers, Oon- 
gregational, 193; Preflbyterian,4. 

Benevolent contributions last year, $ 33,791.24. 

The next meeting of the Oeneral Association will 1>e held with the, 
church in Manchester, Sept. 13-15, 1881. 


This denomination, now numbering 76,000 bad its origin in New 
Hampshire. The irat church was organised in New Durham in 1780. 
The New Hampshire yearly meeting held its last session in Pittsfield 
and embraces 117 churches, 144 ministers and 9,208 members. 


This Institution was incorporated in 1846, and fc located in Dover,' 
I. D. Stewart being Agent and Treasurer. It runs several steam] 
presses, and publishes the Morning Star, a large religious weelily| 
paper of eight pages, Geo. F. Mosher, Editor. It is now in its LTth' 
vol., and is the organ of the denomination. I 


The LiTfLi Stab and Htbtlb are Sabbath School papers pablUhed 
alternate weeks, the former beinff dealj^ned for aa older cUm of read- 
ers than the Kyrtle. Mrs. F. S. Bfosher, Editress. 


The New Hampshire Aniina] Oonference of the Itethodist Bpiseopal 
;Gharch held its fifty-first session at Great Vails, April 8-12, 1980.' 
[This conference includes the towns in Massachasetts north of the 
'Merrimack river, and does not inclade that portion ef New Hampshire 
least of the White MonnUins. 

I President, Bishop, E. G. Andrews, D. D.; Secretary, Rer. 8. E. Qnf m. 
p)y; Presiding Elders— Concord district, Ber. J. W. Adams. Tilton; 
JCIaremont district. Rev. G. J. Jndkios, BriHtol ; DoTsr districr, Ber. 
jJas. Pike, D. D., So. Newmarket. Members of Conference, 134; Proba- 
jtiouers, 2; Pastors in charge of churches, 117; Msmbern, 12/iS4; Pro* 
.bationers, 1102 ; Local preachers, 82 ; deaths, 229 ; baptisms, children, 
77; adults 281; churches, 119; probable Talne, $633,150; parsonage-*, 
71; probable iralne, $111,400; Paid for buildings, repairs, or debts, 
$47,727 ; indebtedness,^ $95,690; Sunday Schools, 138; ofllcers and 
teachers, 1,857 ; scholars, 14,801 ; aggregate of pastors' salaries, $ 73,443. 

The next session will be held at ClaremoRt, April, 1881. 


There are two Societies in New Hampshire. One In Canterbury. 
Pott ofllce address Shaker Tillage, Merrimack Co., N. H. 

Trustees, or business agent for the Society, N. A. Briggs and Joseph 
jWood. For Shaker Magaxine published monthly, address N. A. Briggs. 
I One Society at Enfield— P. 0. address. Enfield, Grafton Co., N.ll. 
rCmstees, John Bradford, Hiram C. Baker, Harry Gummlngs. 


M. W. -Grand Master, Andrew Buntin, Manchester; R. W. Deputy 
^rand Master, Frank A. McKean, Nashua; R. W. Senior Grand 
{Warden, Alpheus W. Baker, Lebanon ; R. W. Junior Grand Warden, 
jJ. F. Webster, Concord ; K W. Grand Treasurer ; Joseph Kidder, 
Bianchester ; R. W. Grand Secretary, George P. CleaTes, Concord. 

S. W. DUtriet Deputjf Grand Masters.— District No. 1, John Pender, 
PorUmouth ; District No. 2, Henry A. Bailey, Manchester ; District 
No. 3, Geo. 0. Woodcock, Cluremont: District No. 4, Robert Ford, 
Dsnbury ; District No. 5, Thus. S. Ellis, Lancaster ; District No. 6, 
Charles A. Varney, Union Tillage. 

R. W. StaU Grand Xccfurer— Daniel W. Bdgerly, Farmington. 

R. W. Grand Lecturers.— Dintrict No. 1, W. 0. Junkins. Greenland, 
District No. 2, M. R. Buxton Nashua; District No. 3, F. A. Rtiwson, 
Newport ; District No. 4, Geo. K. James, Meredith ; District No. 5, 
Warren C. Clough, Enfield ; District No. 6, G. E. Beacham, Great Falls. 

R.' W. Grand Chaplains. — Rev. James Adams. Candia; Rer. Henry 
Powers, Manchester. 

W. Senior Grand Deaeon — Henry E. Bnrnham, Manchester. 

W. Junior Grand Z>eaeoN~W. R. Burleigh, Great Falls.' 

W, Grand fitstsards — Dantal A. Clifford, Manchester; Chas. H 
Webster, Nashua; F. D. Woodbury, Concord; G. W. Flagg, Keer 


W. Grand Jfars^ia/Z— Joseph W. Dildreth, Manchester. 

W. Grand Bwont ^«arrr— Qeorge C. Perkinc, I^banon. 

W. Grand /W-mtvafito— John K. Wilson, Mancheete ; C. C. Danfortli, 

Grand Tyler — Samuel "W. Emereon, Concord. 

Tlie Annual convociition ot the Grand Lodg« is held at Concord, 
on the third Wedneeday of May, at 11 o'clock in the fnreuoon. 

orriGKBg or tbi oband kotai. amm ghapvek of mew bamfbhibx. 

Albert 8. Wait, Newport, M. K. Grand Ilijch Priest; Chas. N. 
Towie, Concord, S. Deputy Grand Hi^h Priest ; A. W. Baker, Leb- 
anon, £. Grand King; J.F. Wei ster, Concord, E. Grand Scribe; Jos. 
\f. Uildreth, Manchester, E. Grand Traasnrer ; G<-orge P. Cleaves, 
Concord, K. Grand Secretary ; Rev. Jaui« s AdMnis, Candia, E. Uraiid 
Chaplain ; David R. Pierce, Gre*tt Falls, £. Grand Captain of the Bo>t : 
J. H. Claik. Nashua, Grand Principal Sojunrner ; Geo. 0. Woodcock, 
Claremont, Grand Royal Arch Captaiu; A. Bunton, Manchester, 
Grand Master of the Third Veil;H. P. Goodrich, Lebanon, Grand 
Master of the Second Vail ; J. A. Glidden, Dover, Grand Ma<iter i>i tlie 
First Veil; G. W. Fla^f^, Keene, W. H. Rajnicnd, Plymouth, Grand 
Stewards ; Samuel W. Emerson, Concord. Grand Tyler. 

The annual convocation of the Grand Chapter is held at Concord, 
on the Tuesday preceding the third Wednesday of May, at 11 o'clock 
iu the forenoon. 

orriOBBS OF tbe couivcxl of bigb pbikstb of new bampshxbb. 


M. E. John J. Bell, Exeter, President ; E. Albert S. Wait, Newport, 
Vice President ; E. Elisha Ayer, Kecne, Chaplain ; E. Alphcus W. Ba- 
ker, Lebanon, Tres'f urer ; E. George P. Cleaves. Ctincord, Secretary ; K. 
i Frank D. Woodbury, Concord, Master of CerenioniV'S ; E. Benjamin F. 
Webster, Portsmouth, Conductor; B. Harlan P. Goodrich, Concoid, 
Herald,; B. Edward Dow, Concord, Guard. { 



Frank D. Woodbury, Concord, M I. Grand Master; Edward H. Cur- 
rier, Manchester, Deputy Grand Master; Rensselaer O. Wright, Ply- 
mouth, Grand Prin. Conductor of the Work; Joseph W. Hildreth, 
Manchester, Grand Treasurer; George P. Cleaves, Concord. Grand Re- 
corder; J. A. Glidden, Dover, Grand Captain of the Guards; F H. 
Chauiplin, Laconia, Grand Conductor of the Council ; Jnmea Adams, 
Candia, Grand Chaplain ; F. S. Manning, Manchester, Grand Maiphall ; 
J. H. Clark, Nashua,' Grand Steward; Samuel W. Emerson, Concord, 
Grand Sentinel. 

The annual assembly of the Grand Council is held at Concord on: 
the Monday ]>receding the third Wednesday in May, at 8 o'clock, P. M.' 




Sir Beitjamin F. Peckley, Dover, R. E. Grand Commander ; Sir 
Natlian P. 'Hunt, Manchestrr, V. K. Deputy Grand Connnauiler; 
Sir Milton A. Taylor, Nashua. E. Grand G*tier«lit8inio; Sir J. F. 
Webster, ConcOrd, E. Grand Captain Gineral; Rev. Sit Daniel C. 



Boberts. Concord, E. Grand Prelate; Sir Andrew Bnnton, IfADcbe*- 
ter, E. Grand Senior IVHrden ; Sir Wiiibili]gioiiFreein«o, Porti>niouth, 
£. Grand Jnnior Warden; Sir Ftank A. McKean, Nashua, E.Onind 
TreaBiirer; Sir Geo. P. ClcaTes, Concord, K. Grand Ki^order; Sir 
Edward B. Kent, Lanciister, £. GrHud Standard Benrer: Sir Chaa. 
K.TowIe, Concord, E.Grand Sword Bearer; Sir Don BermonWoo<l* 
ward, Keen*. E.Gmnd Warder; Sir David R. Piarce, Great lalla, K. 
Grind Captain of tbe Guards. j 

Ihe aiinnal ccncInYe of the Grand Comirandcry la held at Con- 
c ord on the last Tuesday in September, at 11 o'clock in the foraoooii. 

Odd CellowsMp. 

The order of Odd Fellows has become a nnmerons and inllnentfal 
organisation tn tbe Stttte. It linsaGmnd Lodge and sixtj-four sub 
ordioates. Its membership is over fight Ou'Ufamd, nut women and 
ciiildTen, bnt men who are IoichI voters iind prominent anions otl»er 
citizens in supporting and iipboldltig tbe best interests of the Srate. 
Tbeoeaixty-foar Lodges, in addition to owning many thousands of dol- 
Ursin furniture, fixtures, and working niatermls. have surplus funds 
amounting to nearly two hundred tbousitnd dullnrs, every dul ar of 
vhich is pledged<o benevolent purposes. There is also an EncHmp-' 
nirnt Branch with twenty-^eveu focal organizationR and a member-j 
ship of nearly twenty-five hundred. Year by year llie order is gain-, 
lug in strengtli, popularity and usefulnei'S. 

TBS aBAKn Lonaa oFnciBS 

for the year 1881, are as follow: 

George A. Robie, M. W. Grand Master* Ilonkseft; Frank A. ltaw< 
<on, R. W. D. G. Master, Newport; James W. Odiin, R. W. Grand 
Warden, Exeter; Joseph Kidder, K, W. Grand Secretary, Manchester; 
Robert C. Fvrnald, R. W. Grand TreHsnrer, Salmon Falls; Mones M. 
Borbank, R. W. Grand Chaplain. Franklin ; Henry A. Farrington and 
ReT. L. F. Mc Kinney, R. W. Grand Representatives, Manchester ; John 
P. Dunham. W. Grand Marsliall. Gorham; W. S. Cooper, W. Grand 
Coiidnctor, Farmington ; P. S. Elliott, W. Grand Guardian, Pittsfield; 
John G. Trnlan, W. Grand Herald, Whitefield. Annual meeting at 
Mauchester, October 12, 1881. 


Sylvester C. Gould, M. W. Grand Patriarch, Manchester; John E. 
Colw)Wl, M. K. Grand Iligh PMest, Portsmouth ; William H. Plummer, 
R. W. Grand Senior Warden, Furmington: Joseph Ki<'der, R. W. (Irand 
8<ribe, Manchester; Lorenzo K. Peacock, R. W. Grand Treasiirer,' 
Concord ; John Gillii', R. W. Griind Junior Warden, MaocbeBter; Rev. 
Ciia«. A. Downed, W. Grand Inside Sentiml, Lebanon : 'Wm. W. Cot- 
ton, W.Grand Outside Sentinel, portPmonth; John W, 8»"\ |;^^": 
month aud George D. LwnioP, Dover, Grand Representatives. Annual 
meeting at Manchester, October 11, 1881. 


I Paitron« of Haiibaiidr|r« 

Ifational Orange. 

I Officers— Master, J. J. Woodman, Mich.; Overseer, Put 
Darden, Miss.; Lecturer, H. Eshbaugh, Mo.; Steward, A. J. 
Vauglin, Tenn.; Assistant Steward, W.Sims, Kan.; Chaplain, 
,8. BlT Ellis, Ohio ; TreasurerjF. M. McDowell, N. Y.; Secretary, 
I W. M. Ireland. D. 0. ; Gate Keeper, O. Dinwiddle, Ind. ; Ceres, 
Mrs. Woodman, Mich.; Pomona, Mrs. Darden, Miss.; Flora, 
.Mrs. Nicholson, N. J.; Lady Assistant Steward., Mrs. Sims, 

I EXBCDTiVB Committee.— H. James, Ind.; W. G. Wayne, 
N. Y.; D. W. Aiken, S. C. 
Annual Meeting for 1880, Nov. 17, at Washington, D. G. 

New Hampshire State Orange, 

Officers for two years— elected Dec., 1879. 

Master, Geo. A. Wason, New Boston; Overseer, Frank L. 
Taylor, Danbury; Lecturer, John D. Lyman, Exeter; Steward, 
|Geo. A. Spofford, West Chesterfield; Assistant Steward, E. C. 
|Hutchinson,Milford; Chaplain, Isaiah Wheeler, Temple ; Treas- 
,urer, Edward Osgood, Canterbury; Secretary, Wm. H. Stin- 
'son, Dunbarton; Gate Keeper, Frank H. Weld, Cornish; Ceres, 
'Mrs. G. A. Wason, New Boston; Pomona, Mrs. G. A. SpolTord, 
I West Chesterfield; Flora, Mrs. John Gage, Henniker; Lady 
Assistant Steward, Mrs. Kate E. Miller, Portsmouth. 
I Executive Committee.— Dudley T.Chase, Claremont; Isaac 
Story, Hopkinton ; Stephen C. Pattee, Warner. 

Officers of the Patrons Reli^ Association, 

President, Dudley T. Chase, Claxemont; Vice President, 

; Treasurer, Geo. A. Wason, New Boston:! 

Secretary, O. C. Shaw, MUford; Directors, The President an<j| 
Vice President, ex. off., Isaac Story, Hopkinton; Frank L. Tav.i 
lor, Danbury ; Edward Osgood, Canterbury ; Thomas H. Harvell, j 
Amherst, Geo. A. Spofford, Chesterfield. 


The following is a list of the Presidents of the United States, with 
the yeiin of the oommencement of their terms of office. 

Qeorge Washington, 1789 and 1793 
Juhn Adams, 1797 

Thomas Jeflerson, 1801 and 180d 
James Madison, 1809 and 1813 
James Monroe, 1817 and 1821 

Jolin Qnincy Adams, 1825 

Andrew Jackson, 1829 and 1833 
Martin Tan Buren, 1837 

William Henry Harrison, 1841 

(died Apr. 4). 
John Tyler, (elected m Y. P.) 1841 
James Knox Polk, 1845 

Zacliary Taylor, 

(died July 9, 1850) 
Millard Fillmore, 

(elected as V P) 
Franklin Pierce, 1 

James Buchanan, 1 

Abraham Lincoln, 1801 and 18 

(uBsassinated Apr 14, 1865} 
Andrew Johnson, 1868 

(elected as V. P.) 
Ulysses S. Grant. 1869 and 187t 
Botherford B. Hayes, 187T 

James A Garfield, of Ohio, President-elect for 1881-85. 



With pnblicatloii day, corrected up to Nor. 80, 1880. 


Ibwnt, Names ofJPegpen. 

Amherst, Farmer'M Cahbidt 

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{Cftnaan, E., Canaan Reparttr^ 

iGIaromont, National EaaUf 

• ** NortJum AdvoeaU, 

I *• The Narrative, 

ColebrojOk, Northam SmttnO, 

I ** News, 

1 M 



Boylston A Botcb, 

R. W. MnsgroTe, 

G. 0. Barney, 

Hiram P. Grandy, 

J. Weber, 

8. H. Story, 

Albert Barker, 

J. D. Bridge, 

Bep. Press Association, 




Jndependeni SUUesnum, 

The People dt N. H. JPaU. G. C. Pearson, 

People t FMriot^ 

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GranUe Jtonthlsf, 

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Morning Star, 

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J. N. Mc Cltntock, 
Libbey k Co^ 
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jKesne, N«(w Hdmp. Sentinel, 

I ** Cheshire lUpublioan, 

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ilAoonia, Democrat, 
Uke ViIlage2Vin«s, 

*• Lakeside News, 

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\ " Lancaster Gazette, 

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S. J. Pub. Assn., Montlily 

R. B. Collins, Friday 

V. V. Twitchell, Friday 

Free Press Pub. Co., Friday 

Journal Pub. Co., . Friday 

Wm. M. Sargent, Thursday 

Sen. Gtass.Dart. College,Thursday 
Harrison C. Ferry, Thursday 
Banner Publishing Co., Monthly 
Sentinel Printing Co., Thnrsday 
J. D. Colony k Sons, Saturday 
Republican Printing Co., Friday 
Lewia k Sanborn, 
Martin A. Haynes, 
E. H. Wilcomb, 
J. S. Peavey, 
I. W. Qnimby, 
E. H.Choney, 

Littleton, W. Mountain Republic, Furber k Wallace, 

Livbon, Globe, 

Manchester, Mirror dt American, 
Mirror A Farmer, 
M<tfi. Daily Vnion, 
The Union Democrat, 
Manchester Times^ 

Harry Parker, 
John B. Clarke, 


Union Pub. Co., 


Everett Bros., 





Wednesday I 













Milford, EnUrprUtf Geo. E. Foster, 

Meredith, We^ly Newt, Geo. F. Sanlwm, 

EoffU^ C. H. Kimball, 

SevieWf S. H. R >bee, 

Nashua Da. Tdegraph, 0. C. Moore, 

JV. Weekly Telegraphy « 

N.Gag.4§ HUUb. Oo.Adv. B. B. ft F. P. Whittemore, Thnr 

Nashua Daily Oazette, ** Daily 

Real Estate Joum%l, J. B.Parker, 
Newmarket, Advertiser^ F. H. Pinkham, 

Newport, N. ff. Argus <£ l^tdator. Barton ft Wheeler, 









N. Goiiway, WhUe Mt. Record, 
Pembroke, Suncook JovmaX, 

** Banner, 

Peterboro, Transcript, 
Plymonth, Orafton Oo. Journal, 
" Oraflon Co. Democrat, 

'* Republican Star^ 

Portflmoath, Pnrtsvuouth Journal, 
N. ff. OazetU, 

BtaJtcx and Unitm, 
Portsmouth Weekly, 
Rochester, Courier. 

"■ Ana Monopolist, 

Troy, Home Ctnnpanian, 

Wilmot, Kear sorgo Sentitul, 
Wilton, Wilton Journal, 

Wolfeboro, Granite State News, 
Woodsville, Haverhill Herald, 



G. F. Bingham, 
0. S. Eastman, 
J . J. Lane, 
Farnum ft Scott, 
O. U. Kimbnii, 
Democrat Pab. Co., 
Repb. Star Pab. Co., 
Lewis W. Brewster, 



Chronicle ft Gazette Pnb.Co., Daily 
" Thursday 

AlpheuR A. Hanscom, Daily 










Frank W. Miller ft Co^ 

C. W. Folsom, 

Geo. G. Berry, 

H. C. Newton, 

J. H. Larry, 

Geo. E. Foster, 

C. H. Parker, 

Wm. A. Jones. 


Location. ' 









jDerry Depot, 



''itz William, 


Alton Flve-Cts., 
Ashland Savings, 
Bristol Savings, 
Connecticut Riv., 
Sullivan Bav. InsL^ 
Merrimack Co., 
N. H. Savings, 
Loan <£ Trust Sav,, 
Omway Savings, 
Derry Savings, 
l^r Go.o/Strapird, 
Dover Five Cents, 
Citcheco Savings, 
Enping Savings, 
Union Five CetUs, 
Squamscntt Sfiv., 
Furmington Savings, 
Penacook Savings, 
FUzwUliam Sav., 

IHasurers. D^poi?ors. 

A. L. Rollins, 211 

Frank Scribner, 805 

G. M.Cayis, 719 

George Olcott, 1,050 

Albert RfMsiter, 2,772 

John Kimball, 2,173 

Wm. P. Fiske, 4,202 

Geo. A. Fernald, 1,932 

S. B. Shack ford, S253 

G. C. Currier, 189 

C. Woodmtm, 4,439 

CaWin Hale, 1,133 

Harry HouKh, 1,015 

G. S. Rundiett, 182 

Geo. B. Lane. 1,574 

Francis Hilliard, 65 

Thos. F. Cook, 765 

8. F. Brown, 1,405 

S. Batcheller, 312 

Am'nta dae 

$ 52,1(X)! 






























I " 








Meredith y^ 





New Ipswich, 







Framcitlnwn Sa9^ 
Franklin Savi»tg$f 
OMHpte Valley, 
Gorham 6 cUSav., 
Maton Vil. Sav., 
VartmeuOi Bav-y 
J3m$dmle SavingMt 
Monadnock Sav^ 
Ches. Ftov. Jnat., 
Xeene tSve Cmtt, 
Laeonia Savingw, 
Btlknap Bavingt, 
Lake VUlage Sav., 
Sav. B. oj Com Co., 
Lebanon Savingt, 
Littleton Savings^ 
Amoekeag Savingg, 
Manekester Sav^ 
Guaranty SavingHf 
Jlerrimaek Siver, 
Mockanufi Sav., 
People's Savingt, 
Meredith VUUige, 
UQf&rd Five Omte, 
Meehaniee' Savinge, 
Haehua Havingt, 
CUy Savings, 
yew Ipswich, 
Hewmarhit Sav., 
Kewport Savings, 
Ptt^rharo* Savings, 
JHtlsJUld Savings, 
Port*m*ik Savings, 
Port. T. tf Guar. Cb. 
Piscataqya Sav.^ 
^ortoay Plains, 
Gonio Pixe Cents, 
Pochester Savings, 
PoUinsfora Sav., 
Sandnoich Savings, 
Somertworth Sav.^ 
China Barings, 
Jona Savings, 
Walpoie Savings, 
Kearsarge Sav., 
Wilton Savings, 
Aslmelot Savings, 
Wo{fetoro Savings, 

Treasurers. D^posiiors. 

Sam'l D. Dowse, «14 

Alexis Proctor, 1,021 

Ellas Towle, 2W 

R. V. Ingalls. 207 

Milton U. Hardy, 264 

Cliao. P. Chase, 1,157 

G. Wellman, 837 

Peter Upton, 637 

0. O. Nime, 6,066 

O. A. Litchfield, 4,176 

W. L. Melcher, 1,732 

Benj. P. Gale, 906 

Thomas Ham, 606 

H. O. Kent, 606 

£. A. Kendrlck. 1,684 

0. C. Hatch, 1,084 

Moody Currier, 6,133 

N. Parker, 7,838 

J. A. Weston 23 

Fred'k Smyth, 8,453 

J. Carpenter, 242 

G. B. Chandler. 848 

Seneca A. Ladd, 610 

C. S. Avetill, 1,649 

C. Y. Dearborn, 843 

Tirgil C. Gilman, 8,661 

B. P. Brown, 1,807 
F. W. Preston, 264 
S. A. Haley, 331 
Fred. W. Lewis, 1,802 
M. L. Morrison, 1,764 
W.H. Berry, 720 
J. H. Foster, 7,010 

C. H. Rollins, 636 
R. C. Pierce, 436 
Frank, McDniTeo, 1,080 
John Legro, 114 
8. D. Wentworth, 621 
Wm. II. Morton, 1,467 
W. A. Heard, 280 
A. A. Pel kins, 1,771 
C. F. Ilildreth, 318 
Wni. T. Caf>B, 626 
Josiah G. Bellows, 308 
Gilman C. George, 313 
HoFesClnrk, 410 
Ellery AlLee, 876 
Iru Banfield, 186 


I ** 



8and« ich, 






Wilton, East, 




Nnmber Saving Banks in State, 67. Kvniber drposftrrs. 89,634, an 
increMBe of l,b55. Anioui)t deposited. $ 28.204,791, nn lnci('ai>e of 
1,922,655.11. 'ioial antouut ol huns nndinTPt>inientH,inclndiiig Bonds 
and Stocks, $27,528,881.06. Auioiiut ot Stutu t«x paid in 1870 «as 
j$263,u54.81. Amount of National tax paid for the year 1870, $ 2,999,6'' 


























* ————^M^——^—i— —^11— —————— 



With namet of Presidento, Gashien and amount of Capital p«id in — | 

according to report of Bank Gommisioners, Jane 1, 1880. j 

Loeatum, Banks. Ftetidentt, CkuMers. CapUal. 

Charleston Conn, Riv. NaL Rob't Elwell, George Olcott, $luO,000 

Ciaremont, (Fremont Natl Geo. N. Farwell^ John L. Farwell^ 150,000 

Goncovd, First Kational, A. C. Pierce, Wm. P. Thayer, UO.OUO 

" Meckanics Aa<., Joeiah Minot, James Minot, lOO.Oot) 

«* N, Slate Capital^ Lewis Downing Jr., U. J. Grippen, 200,000 

Derry Depoti>etTy NaUimaL, John W. Noyes, J. P. Newell, 60,000 

Dover, Strafford NaL Wm. 8. Stevens, K. K. Brown, 150,000 

'* Docer NaUonal, Oliver Wyatt, Calvin Hale, 100.000 

** Ooeheeo NaL J. E. Lotfarop, Harrison Haley, 150,000 

Exeter Nat. OramU &, B. L. Merrill, W. P. Putnam, 100,000 

Farmingt*n, ^ir. National. J. F. Cloutman, Tho's. P. Cooke, 100,(iOO 

Frauceeto'n, First Natimaiy J. D. Butler, O. W. Cujnming«,100,aoo 

Gonic,* First National, C. S-Whitehouse, A.D. Whitehoose, 60,000 

Great Palls, GPt F. National, D. H. Bulfum, Jos. A. Stickney,! 60,000 

Hanover, />a)-<iiw>utA iV«U. N.S.Huntington,Cbas. P.Ohase, 50,000 

SUHsboro. First National, Steph. Kenrick, J. C. Camp'bell, 50,000 

Jaifrey, lE^)Monadnoek Nat. Beig. Cutter, Peter Upton, 100,000 

Keene, Cheshire NaL John H. Elliot, Royal H. Porter, 200,000 

■•* Citizens' Nat% O. G. Bort, H. S. Martin, 100.000 ! 

** Keene NatiMtal, Edward Joslin, J. R. Beal, . 100,(X)0 

<* Ashuelot Nat. G. A. Wbeelock, H. 0. Coolidge, 160,000 

Laopniis Laconia Natl, J. C. Moulton, D. S. Diasniore, 150,000; 

Lebanon, National of, William S. Ela, E. A. Kebdrick, 100,000 

Littleton, LiUletoh Nafl, John Farr, 0. C. Hatch, 100,000 

Manchester, Amoskeag Nat. Moody Currier, G. B. Chandler, 20O,OOU 

** First National, W. Smith, Fred'rick Smytli,150,00o| 

*< ManchesttT NaL, Nathan Parker, Chan. E. Balch, 150,000, 

<* atjf National, Jas. A. Weston, D. W. Lane, 150,000' 

** Second National, Aretas Blood, Josiah CarpenterlOO,000; 

Milford, Souhegan Nat., R. R. Howison, Fred. T. Sawyer, 100,000: 

NsjBhua, First National, E. P.^merson, J. A. Spalding, lOO.OOO, 

» Second l9at\ J. W.*Whlte, F. A. Baton, lOD.OOO' 

M Indian Head JV:,CaIvin a Hill, F. A. Me Kean, 120,U00; 

Newmarket,iVetomarJke<Aa^, J. L.Lawrence, Sam'I A. Haley, 80,000 

Newport, Urst National, Dexter Richards, Fred. W. Lewis, 100,000 

Peterboro', First National, F. Livingston, C. P. Richardson, 100,000 

Pittsfteld, Pittsfield Nat% 0. H. Carpeoter, J. A. Goes, 50,000 

Portsinouth,Ftr«e National, Ichabod Goodwin,£. P. Kimball, 800,000| 

*« N.3ieeh.diTrad., John Sise, Geo. W. Butler, S00,000; 

** Rockingham N, J. J. Pickering, John P. Hart, 200,000, 

•* N.H. National, E. P. Bartlett, L. S. Butler, 150,000 

Rochester, Rochester NaL, John Mc Duffee, Frank. Mc Duffee, 60,000 

Rollinsford, Salmon FallsS. BO. W. Roberts, W. H. Morton, 50.000 

Som.>r8w'th,iSoiii«r«to'£A Nat., Oliver H. Lord, S. S. Rollins, 100,0()0 

Tilton, Citisens' NaL, B. Davis, William T. Cass, 70,0») 

Warner, Kearsarge Nat., N. G. Ordway, G. C. George, 50,00'), 

Winchester, Winchester Nat.,E. C. Thayer, Henry Abbott, 100,000 

WolflK>ro', Lake National, Blake Folsom, C. F. Parker, 175.000 

•■ Town of Rochester. 

There are in the State forty-six National Banks, having a capital 
of about five and a-half millions of dollars, and one State Bank--Sal- 
Tion Falls State Bank—having a Capital of $50,000. 




Goirco&D R. R., S5 m. 

Double Track,— J. Thomas Yoee, 

iBoBton. Prea't; Natban Parker, 

iManch«8ter, TreoB.; H. S. Cham- 

berliB, Goneord, Snperlnt«ndeiit. 

|From Bosfon, Mast^ Miles. 

iTo Nashna is ^.40 

I Thornton's Ferry.........^..6 — 46 

Merrimac...... 3 — 49 

I Read's Ferry 

GolTs Falls......„ 4— 53 

I Hancbester 4 — 67 

I Martin's Ferry ......^— 62 

Uooksett .4 — 66 

I Suncook 1 — 67 

Robinson's.. 3 — 70 

I Concord 6— 75 

Con. ft Portsmouth R. R.,40.5 n. 
Leased by the €k>ncord R. R. 

Prom Ck>ncoTd, Miles. 

To Snncook is......^ 7— • 7 

Hooksett.... . 1— 8 

Manchester...... 10 — 18 

^UlaJUaU* «••«••««•*•• ••••••••••• »«v"'* 350 

Candia. .4— 30 

Raymond ;......6— 36 

Ifest Epping 

£pping 6 — 41 

New-Market Junction .....8 — 49 


Bracketf 8........ 

Greenland 6 — 55 

Portsmouth .4— 59 


22.39 m. 

'From Manchester Miles. 

To Londonderry is 6 

Wilson's 2— 8 

Derry 3—11 

Windham....... 3—14 

Salem , 5—19 

Messer's 4-^23 

Methum, liau ....1—24 

Lavfrenee, ** — 2—26 

Boston *♦ 26—62 

Mahchzbtxs a Vo. Wkars, 19 m. 

Leased by Concord R. R. 

From Manchester Miles 

To Bedford is 1 

Qoffstowu Center is 6— 6 

Goflstown 3— 9 

Parker's.,. 1—10 

Oil Mills 1—11 

Raymond 4 — 15' 

E. Weare. ....1—16 

North Weare .3—19 

SUNOOOK Tallet R. R , 18 m. 
Leased by Concord R. R. 

From Hooicsett Biiles 

To Snncook .<«< 2^ 

AllenstowR is 4ll — 7 

Short Falls 3 —10 

Epsom ........^..2^^12U 

Chichester ^.2>2— 15 

Webster's Mills. 2 —17 

Pittsfleld •2J4— 19H 

NoRTHKRir R. R., 09.6 m. 

H. G. Sherburne, Concord, Pres, 
Geo. A. JKettell, Boston, Mass 
IV.; George £. Todd, Concord, 

From Concord 

To FisberYille is 7— 

Boecawen 3 — 10 

North Boscawen 4— 14 

Franklin 5— 19 

East Andover 6— 25 

Andover 5^ 30 

Potter Place .2— 32 

West Andover. 1 — 33 

Sonth Danbnry ...3 — 86 

Danbnry 3 — 39 

Grafton 5— 44 

Grafton Center 2 — 46i 

Canaan «, 6 — 52 

West Canaan. •••..... ......3 — 55 

Enfield Ji-^ 68 

East Lebanon 3 — 61 

Lebanon 4 — 65 

White Eiver Junction, FiC.6— 70 

Bristol Bra>ch, 13.41. 

Oi>erated by Northern R. R. 
From Franklin 
To Hill 7 

Bristol i 6—13 



Concord A Claremont R.R. 56 m. 
Geo. E. Todd, Sttpt. 

jFrom Boston^ Man., Miles. 

To Concord is ^....74 

West Concord.... .3 — 77 

Mast Yard 6— 82 

Cotitoocook Ar-^ 86 

Dimond's Corner 3 — 89 

Warner' Ji — 93 

Waterloo 3— 96 

Roby's Corner «.....2 — 98 

Melvin's Mills 2—100 

Bradrord ^«2— 102 

Newbnry 7 — ^109 

Mt. Sunapee 2 — 111 

Sunapee 2 — ^113 

Newport 4— rll7 

Northville 3—120 

Kelleyville ..........2—122 

Clareniont 6—128 

Glaremont Junction 2 — ^130 

ContoocookRitbr R. R., 15 m. 
Branch of Concord A Claremont. 
From Contoocook Miles. 
To Henniker is 8 — 

Hillsboro Bridge........ .7—15 


Operated by Northern R. R. 

From Concord Milee. 

To Contoocook is 12 — 

W. Hopkinton 3 — 16 

Henniker fi— 20 

W. Henniker 1—21 

HilUboro 6 — 27 

Antrim 7 34 

Bennington 2 — 36 

Hancock Junction 2— 38 

Peterboro , 7—45 

OflKSHiRB R. R., 42.81 ni. 

Wm. A. Rnssell, Lawrence, Ms., 
Pres't; F. W. Everett, Boston, 
Tr.; R. Stewart, Keene, Munager. 
From BelUnot Falls, Vt., Miles. 

To Cold River is I 

Walpole ......3— 4 

Westmoreland 6 10 

Bast Westmoreland 4 14 

Ke-ne 8— 22 

South Keene 2 24 

Marlborough 4 — 28 

Troy 4—32 

Fitzwilliam Ji— 37 

State Line., 6— 43 

AssuBOLOT R. R., 24 m. 

Leased to Conn. R. R. R. 

From Keene Miles.! 

To Swanzy is 5 — 5 

Westport. ................3 — 8 

Winchester. « 5^13 

Ashuelot 2 — ^15 

Hinsdiiie 4—19 

South Vernon, Matt 5—24 

Boston Concord k Hontrbal R. R. 
93.50 m. 
J. Tiiomas Yose, Boston, Presi- 
dent ; J. A. I>odge, Plymouth, Gen- 
eral Manager. 
From Concord Miles. 

To East Concord Is 2— 

North Concord ...., ....5— 7 

Canterbury ; 3— 10 

Northfleld 3— 13 

Tilton 5— 18 

East Tilton ..............4— 2-2 

Laconia 5— 27 

Lake Yillage „2- 29 

Weir»8 5— 34 

Meredith Yillage 4— 3S 

Ashland 8— 46 

Plymouth 6— 51 

Rumney ..........«— 59 

West Rumney» 3— 62 

Wentworth .5— 67 

Warren .......m....... .4— 71 

Warren Summit 3 — 74 

East Haverhill....... 5— 79 

Haverhill, A 2Vei06ury,F<.5— 84 

North Haverhill 5— 89 

Woodsville ft W. iWo., R4— 93 
From Wella Biver, VL 

To Batli 6— 98 

Lisbon 5 — 103 

No. Lisbon „..5— 108 

Littleton 5—113 

To Wing Road 7— 120] 

Betitlehftm .4—12^ 

Profi le House 5—129 

Twin Mountain I 12!^ 

Base Station... 7— llL 

From Littleton 

To Whitefteld 10—123 

Dal ton 5—129 

So. Lancaster.... 2—131 

Lancaster ..4—131 

Guildhall «. .6-Ul 

Groveton June... 4—145 




Operated by Vitchburg-R. R. 

Prom Aj/er June, Ma$s^ Miles. 

To Mason id 17 

Pratt's „ .3—20 

Greenville. «...3— 23 

MONADHOCK R. R., 13.76 m. 

Leased to Boston, Barrel Oftrdner. 

From Peterboro Miles. 

To Jaflfrey is ^....7 

Rindge....^ 4 — 11 

Wmchendon^ Mast., 6 — 17 

BosTO^r k MAI5B R. Rl, 34.75 m. 

jN. 6. WhitA,-lAwrence, Ms., Pres. 

I Jas. T. Farber, Sapt. 

iFrom Btnton^ ifcus., Miles. 

To Atkinson ia ...« 37 

Piaifltow ^ 1— 38 

Newton Jnnc 3 — 41 

Sast Kingston llepot...M.4 — 45 

Exeter 5— 50 

Sonth Newmarket. 4 — 54 

Newmarket Jane, 1 — 55 

Newmarket...^ 2— 57 

Durham ..^.^^ 5— 62 

Mndbary J2 — 64 

I>OTer „ 4 — 68 

Rollinsford 2— 70 

ureat Falls ..••......••...^...3— • 73 

BaHland, ife., 41— lU 


29 m. 
I Leased to Boston & Maine R. R. 

[From BoiloHf M(U$., Miles. 

To Dover is 68 

Pickecing «6— 74 

GoDic , 2 — 76 

Rochester „...2— 78 

Place's 4—82 

Farmington .4 — 86 

Davis .4 — ^90 

New Durham «2 — ^92 

Altiin ....,3—95 

Alton Bay 1—06 

I Bastbrx N. li. R. R., 15.9 m. 

\ Leased by the Bastern R. R. 

From Boston Mass. Miles. 

iTo Salisbury is « 38 

Seabrook 4— 42 

Hampton FalU 2— 44 

Hampton .2— 46 

North Hampton 3— 49 

Greenland .....^ 2— 61 

Portsmouth.... 5 — 56 


WOLTEBORO R. R., 12. m. 
Leased to Eastern R. R. 
From Wolr'eboro Jnnction Miles 

To Cotton Valley U 6 

Fernald's • .1— ( 

Mill Village 2—11 

Wolfeboro ....•.,...,1 li 


Managed by the Rastem R. R. 

From Portsmouth Miles. 

To Conway J u nction .......... 1— 

South Berwick 12 — 12 

Salmon Falls l— i^ 

Great Falls 3 — n 

Rochester 6 21 

Hayes 5— 2^ 

South Milton. 1 — 2fl 

Milton «.......2 31 

Union 6 — 37 

Wolfeboro Janction.,.......4— 3S 

Wakefield ........a— 41 

Bast Wakefield .....4— 4S 

North Wakefield............2— 47 

0«s»pee .^...5— 52 

Center Ossipee 7 — 5fl 

West Ossipee ..».............6— 65 

Madison 4 69 

Conway 7— 7^ 

North Conway 6— 81 

W0ROB8TBR k Nashua k Nashua 
k R00HB8TBB R. R., 05.44 m. 

F. H. Kiniiicut, Worcester, Ms., Pr. 

From WitrcesUr^ Mass., Miles. 

To Hollis Is .39 

Nashua 7— 4fl 

Hudson 3 — 4a 

W. Windham „ 4—6.'! 

Windham -.4—67 

Hampetead ^............6— 63 

Sandown ^ .2 — 6€ 

Fremont ...5—70 

Rpping 4—74 

Lee 6—80 

Barringtoo 8 — 88 

Gouic 5—^3 

Rocliester 2—95 

Portland^ Me 52-147 

Gi^AND Trunk R. R. 

J. B. Brown, PortLvnd, Me., Pres. 

From Portland^Me. Miles. 

To Gurbam is ..m.*.. 01 

B-rlin Falls 7— 98 

Milan ....M 5—103 

West Milan 6—109 

Northumberland 13 — 122 

North Stratford 12—134 



Portland AOgdinsbubo R.R.63in. 

Jonas Hamilton, Portland, Snpt. 

From Portland, Me. Miles. 

To Conway is 55 

North Conway 5—60 

Intervale 3— (>3 

Olen Nation 3—66 

Upper Bartlett 6—72 

Livermore 4 — 76 

Bemis 6—82 

Crawford ". 9—91 

Fabyan's.„ 4—96 

Scott's Mills 20-115 

Manchksteb & KisNS R. R. 
From Eeene Miles. 
To Marlboro is 7 — 

West HarrisTlIle .4—11 

HarrisTille -3—14 

. East HarrisTille 3—17 

Hancock........ .5—22 

Hancock Junction 3 — 'lb 

So. Bennington 1—26 

GreeuHeld 4—30 

SULUYA^ COUMTT R. R., 26 m. 
Leased by Central Vt. &. R. 

From Bellows /U7/«, Vt^ Miles. 

To So. Charlestown fs. 4 

Charlestown. ...'. 4 — 8 

Springfield 3—1 1 

North Charlestown^.... &— 14 

Claremont 4 — 18 

Windsor, Vt., 8—26 


Besides the roads of which we give the Distance Tables above, there 
are the following, most of which are In complete mnning order. 

Mount Washington R, R. From the base to the summit of MonntI 
Washington, three and one third miles. Avei age grade 1,290 ft. to tlie 
mile. Sylvester Marsh, Concord, Pres.; E. D. Harlow, Txvaa., Boston, 
Mass., Walt«r Aiken, Manager, Franklin. ' 

Peterboro R. R. From East Wilton through Lyndeborongh to Green- 
field 11 m. Operated and managed by the Nashua and Lowell R. R. Co. 

FUchburg R. R., passes a distance of 9.48 m., from Mass. line to 
Oreenville, within this State. Wm B. Stearns, Prea.; M. D. Benson, 
Trens.; John Adams, tien 1 Sapt., all of Boston, Mass. 

AosAtto, Acton dB Boston, passes, from Nashua, a distance of 4 ^! 
miles over our territory before it strikes the State line. Operated by 
the Concord R. R., on a ten years lease from Jan. i, 1876. 

Nashua db Lowell passes fr. Nashua, a distance of 4.76 mis. ova- N. H. 
territory, to the Mass. line. Double Track. C. £. Paige, Lowell, Snpt. 

The West Ameslmry Branch, from State line, Mass., to Newton, is 
only 2^mil«s length. It is leased to the Boston k Maine. 

ThT WilUm R. R., from Nashua to Wilton is 16.43 miles long. It 
was leased to the Nashua A Lowell in 1873, for 20 years. 

PorUnumUi <k Dover, R. R., nniting those two cities is 10.88 miles 
long. It is leased to the Eastern R. R. for 60 years from 1874. 

Pbrtland dk Roettester i* 62.5 miles long, bnt only S miles in N. H. 
Geo. P. Westcott, Portland, President. 

The Wing Road is an extension of the Boston, Concord k Montreal 
from Wing Road SUtion to the base of Mt. Washington, 20.39 miles 
Operated by B., C. & M. See White Mountain extension. 

Whitefield <£ Jefferson R. R. , 10 m. Aaron Ordway, Pres^ E. D 
Harlow, Boston, 'I reas.; A. L. Brown, 'Snpt. | 

Profile <£ Franconia Notch R. R., 10 miles ; 3 ft. gauge. Rich'd Taft,; 
Franconia, Pres.; C. H. Greenleaf, Treas.; C. C. Lund, Concord, Clerk. 
I The total length of railroads, in operation within the State at the' 
time of last Report was 1,006 miles, and thi*« Is above the proportion, of 
any other New. England State to the inhabitants or wealth of the 
respective. States. ' 

The city of Manchester has a horse R. R. of 2.37 mis. length, and 
the city of Concord has Ik charter for a road to be built this year. 

Thirty>five dilTerent co-oporationa made returns to the Secretary 
of State for the last year. » 

POP. OP U. 1 

8. POB 1870.. 



States »Bd Territortoa. 


White. Colored. CUn«M. 



QDA «v»a 
















. 537,454 














Geoiigla, - 










1 Indiana, 








































































• 867 US 


New Hampshire, 





New Jersey, 






iNew York, 






North Carolina, 














346 3,380 







Rhode Islftnd, 





iSonth CarolixA, 


















830,661 . 




Virginia, ^ 






West Yirginla. 










:The States, 

88,205,596 33,208,128 

4385,106 66479 lll,ia'S 






















Dist of Columbia, 









60 4.274 


Indian Country, 








183 1.949 


New Mexico, 


























61,281 7,076 372,527 

Total in the U.S., 

tS83S.608 33,692,245 

4386387 68,264 888,712 

222 u. 8. govi;enme»t — u. s. oottbtb. 

llBlted 0t»tM «^Tev 


RUTHERFORD B. HAYES, of Ohio, Preeident, Salary $ 50,000 
Wm. A. WHEELER, of Kew York, Vice-President, " 10.000 

For raooeiri >n of PreiidenU from the organisation of tho GoTemtteal to the 
elMtlon of Mr. Qarfleld, IBtsO, set page 312. 


Wm. M. Evarts, of N. Y., Secretary of State • " $ 10,000 

John Sherman, of Ohio, Secretary of tiieTreas., " " 

Alex. Ramsey, Minnesota, Secretary of War, ** ** 

R. W. Thompson, of Indiana, Secretary of the Navy, " " 

Cari^Schurz, of Missouri, Sec'y of the Interior, " " 

Horace Matnard, of Tenn., Postmaster General, " " 

Charles Bevens, of Mass., Attorney General, ** " 

CommisHoner of AcfricuUure, Wm. G. Le Due, Washington. 
Commissioner qf Education, John Eaton« Washington- 
Sunt, of the Census of 1880, FRANCIS A. WALKER; w ashlngton. 
LiSrartan of Congress, AiNS worth R. Spofford, Washington. 
Public Printer, John D. Defrees, Washington. 


U^prmwHk^ Court of tlio ifnitod States. 

Morrison R. Waite, of Ohio, Chief Justice, Salary $ 10,500 

associate Justices— salary $ 10,000. 

Ward Hunt, of South Carolina, 
Katban Cuiford, of Maine, 
:Koah H. Swayne, of Ohio, 

Samuel F. Miller, of Iowa, 

Stephen J. Field, of California. 
William Stronff. of Penn., 
Joseph P, Braaley, of N. J. 
James Harlan, of Kentucky, 

Id. W. Mlddleton, of Dist. Columbia, Clerk, fees; Wm. T. Otto, 
'of Ind., Reporter, $2,600; John G. Nicolay, of Illinois, Mari 
shal, $ 3,600. 

U* S« Circuit Court Jndg^es* 

circuits. judges. 

1 Me., N. H., Mass. and Rhode Island, John LowinX Boston. 

2 Vt, Conn, and New York, Samuel Blatchford, J!f. Y. City 

3 New Jersey, Penn. and Delaware, Wm. McKennan of Pa. 

4 Maryland, Va., W. Va., N. and S. Carolina, H. L. Bond of Md. 

5 Ga., Fla., Ala., Miss., La. and Texas, Wm. B. Woods of Ala. 

6 Ohio, Mich., Kentuckyand Tennessee, John Baxter cyt Tenn 

7 Indiana, Illinois and Wis., Thcimas Drummond of Illinois. 

8 Minn., Iowa, MO., Kansas, Ark, Geo. W. McCr«ry of Iowa. 

9 Calilomia, Oregon and Nevada, Lorenzo Sawyer of CaL 

Court off Claiuis off tlie United Stafeo* 

Chas. G. Drake, of Missouri, Chief Justice, Salary, $ 4,000 

!j. C. Bancroit Bavis, of Massachusetts, Judge, " 

I Wm. H. Hunt, of Illinois. " " 

Charles C. Nott. of New York, «• 

iWm. A. Richardson, of Mass., •* " 

Archibald Hopkins, Clerk, 3,000, 

U. P, S£SIAT£. 22; 

. Forty*Sixtli ConiT^ 

First Se$sion commenced March 18, 1879; Second Session 
' --^ Ikso^ 1, 1679; Thifd Session, Dec 6, 1880, 

UNITflD ^TTis^rSS S£NAT£. 

[Dems. in italic, Bcps. in roman.] 
Wm. a. WwrrlbHi of New York, President oi'tbe Senate. 
Sob's C: Burch, Secretary, salary, I S.w 

BiCHABifj. Bright, Sergeant at Anne, salary, f 4,S2i 

Aktbamor-John T. Moraan, 1883; James L. Pugfh 18S5. 
Arkansas^Augusttis M, Gftrldnd, 1883; V<w. D. Walker, 188Q 
CaUfornior-Jame^ T. Farley, 1885; Newton Booth, 1881. 
Colorado-It. M. TeHer, 1883; Nathaniel P. HiU, 1885. 
Connec«ica«— OrviJleH. Platt, 1885; JTm. W. Faton, ISSi. 
DHaware—T. F. Bayard, 1881; ^^i Saulshiiry, 1883. 
Florida— CharUs W. Jones, 1881 ; WUlHnson Call, 1885. 
Georgia— Joseph Brown, 1886; Benj. H, Mitt, 1883. 
iBffipia— John A. Logan, 1885; David Davis, 1883. 
Indiana— Daniel W. Voorhees, 1885; ^. £. McDonaXd, X88I. 
/dira— William B. Allison, 1885^; Saipuel J. Kirkwood, ,1883. 
Kaiisas— John J. Ingalla, 1885; Preston B. Plumb, 1883. 
jCentucJiif—John S. Williams, 1885; James B. Beck, 1888. 
Louisiana— Vim. Pitt Kellogg, 1883; BexiJ. F. Jonas, 1885. 
ifat»«— Hannibal Hamlin, 1881; James G. Blaine. 1883. 
Maryland— James B. Groome, 1885; WitHaaii P. Whyte. 1881. 
MassachuseUs—H&nxy L. 0awes, 1881; Geo. F. Hoar, 1883. 
Michigan— llhovasi% W. Ferry, 1883; Henry P. Baldwin, 1885. 
3«»W«oto-S. J. i. McMillan, 1881; Wm. Wli^doA, 1883. 
Mississippi—^. K. Bruce, 1881; L. Q. C. Lamar, 1883. 
Missourir—F. M. Cockrell, 1881; Geo. G. Ves^, 1885. 
yebfiiska^A. S. Paddock, 1881; Alvln Saunders, 1883. 
ITevada^J. P. Jones, 18$5; Wm. Sharon, 1881. 
S'euf Sitmpshire—^. H.BoUins, 1883; Heniy W. .Blair, 1885. 
New Jersey— T. F. Randolph, 1881; John B^ MacPhfrson, 1883 
Kew f'ork—B^&cOQ, ConkUn, 1885; Francis Kernari, 1881. 
North Carolina— ZehvXon B. ranc«, 1885; M. W. Ransom, 1883 
Ohio—Gio. M. Fmdleton, 1885; Alien G. TKurma^ 1881. 
Oregon^James H. Slater, 1885 ; Lafayette Grdver, 1883. 
FennsylvHsiia—J^B, D. Cameron, 1885; Wm. A. Wallace, 1881 
Shodt Island— Henry B. Anthony, 1883; A. E. Burnside, i881 
South Carolina— M. C. Butler, 1883; Wade Hamptfm, 1885. 
Tennessee- James E. Bailey, 1881; Isham G. Harris, 1883.' 
Texas— Richard Coke, 1883; Samuel B. Maxey, 1881. 
Termoni— Geo. F. Edmunds, 1887; Justin S. Morrill, 1885. 
Virginia— Jphn W. Johnston, 1883; R. ^, Withers, 1881. 
West Virginia-Frank Hereford, 1881 ; Senry G. Davis, 1883. 
n^con«if^— Mathew H. Cai-penter, 1885; Angus Cameron, 1881 


SAMtJEL J. Randall, Pennsylvania, Speaker. ' 

Qto: M. ADAsrd, Clerk; John G. Thompson, Serg't at' Arms 

Bepublicans in roman; Dem^csata ia:itaUc The names ari 
given in order of Congressional distzicts. . ' . 



Alabama — Thomma JS. Hetna&n^Biktry A, Herbert^ Wm. J, 
Samfprd, Charles M. Shelley, TJiomas Wimams, Burwell B. Lew- 
is^, Tnn. Jf. Forney, Wm. M. Lowe. 

ArkansoM-^P^ndextar Dunn, Wm* F, Slemicm^ .Jordan E. 
Cravens, Thomas M. Gunter. 

Cali/omia — UcTtuse Bavisi Horace TF. Taige, CampbeU P. 
Berry, Romualdo Facbeoo. 

Cocoriulo— James G. Belford: . , 

Connecticut— ^Soseph R. Hawley, Jamei PJuips, Jo&nT; Wait, 
Frederic Miles. 

Delaware— Edward L. Martin. 

JFhrida—E. B. Jf. Davidson, Noble A. BvU, 

CTeorgia—John C. Nichols, Wm. E. Smith, Fh(gp Cook, Benry 
Persons, N. J. ffammond, James B. Blount, Wm. B. FeUon, 
Alexander B. Stephens, Emory Speer. 

Illmois —Vfrtk. ^.Wrich, Geo. B. Davis, Hirtun Barber, jr., 
John C. Sherwia, Bob't M. A, 0awk, Thos. J. Henderson, Phflip 
C. Hay^es Greenbury L. Fort, Thomas A. Boyd, Be^j. F. Marsh, 
Jas. W. Singleton, Wm. M. Springer, AdUU E. Stevenson, Jos, 
G. C»9noQf Albert P. Forsythe, (National) Wm. A. J. Sparks, 
Wm. Jt. Morrison, John B. Thomas, Richard Jt. Totansend. i 

lAdiiina,—Wm. Heilman, Thomas E. Cobb, Geo: A. Bicknell, 
Jeptha 2). N'ew, Thomas M. Browne, Wm. E. Myers, Gilbert De 
La Matyr, Abraham J. Bostetler, Goodlove S. Orth, Wm. H. 
Calkins, Calvin Cownll, Walpole G. Colerick, John H. Baker. 

JotMi.— Moses A. McCoid, Hiram Price, Thomas tJpdegraff,| 
Nath'l C. Beerimi^, Wm. G. Thompson, Jas. B. Weaver, (Green-l 
ba($ker) Edward B. GUlette, Wm. F. Sapp, C. C. Carpenter. 

'Kansas.— J (Am A. Anderson, Dudley tf. Haskell, Thos. Bptn- 

Kefsiucky.— Oscar Turner, James A. McKenaie, John W. Cold- 
well, J. Proctor Knott, Albert S. Willis, John G. Carliste, J, C. 
S. Blackburn, Philip B. Thompson, jr., Thomas Turner, Elijah, 

C. Phister. 

Louisiana^E^nddU L. Gibson, E. J. EUis, Jos^h B. Ackten,] 
Josofh B. Elam, J. F. King, Edward W. Robertson. 

Maine— tmminA B. Reed, Wm. P. Frye, Stephen D. Lindsey, 
Geo. W* Ladd, Thompson B. Murch, (Greenbackersj . } 

Maryland.— Daniel M. Benry, J. F. C. TaXbott, Wm^ Kinrnei; 
Robert M. Mc LanetE. J. Benkle, Milton G. I7mer. j 

Massachusetts.— Wm. W. Crapo, Benj. W. Harris, Walbridge, 
A. Field, Leopold Morse, S. Z. Bowman, Geo» B. iLoriog, Wm. 
A. Russell, Wm. Claflin, Wm. W. Rice, Araasa Norc^ss, Geo. 

D. Robinson. 
Michiganr-Jo'hii S. "Newberry, Edwin WilUts, J. H. Mc Gow- 

an, Julius C. Burrows, John W. Stone, Mark S. Brewer, (h&ar 
D. Conger, Roswell G. Horr, Jay A. HubbelL 

Minnesota.—'M.. H. Duunell, Henry Poehler,W. D. Wddhbum. 

Mississippi.— Benry L. Muldrow, VanB. Manning, B. D. Jlion-. 
ey, Otho R. Singleton, Charles E. Booker, James R. Chalmeri. 

Missouri. — Martin L, Clardy, Erastus Wells, Richard G.\ 
Frost, Lowndes B. Davis, Richard P. Bland, James R. WaddiU. 
John F. PhUips, Samuel L. Sawyer, Nicholas Ford (National,)! 
Gideon F. Rothwell, John H. Clark, Jr., Wm. Benry Batch, Ay- 
2eff B. BvKkner. 

NebtroMha^^Edwtatd K. Valentine. 

.Aret;ada.~Rollin M. Daggett; ■> 


JSTew Hampshire,— J. 6. Hall, Jas. F. Brigvs, 

yew Jert%.— <MJb. ^. -lldbesAn, BkxaSak B, Bwdth^ MOe 

Ro89, Al9^ A. dark, CharlM H. Yoorhia, John L. Blok^t Lew 
is A. Brigham. 

IfeiD Terk.^-James W. Covert, Daniel CfReUhi, (IndepoidMit 
Simeon B. Chittenden, Archibald M. Blise, NichoUu MtUUr 
Samuel S. Cox, Edwia Einstein, Anson 6. Mc Cook, Fertumd* 
ffoodf James O'Brien, (Anti Tammany.) Levi P. Morton, WaX 
do Suichins, John H. Cetcham, John W. Ferdon, Wm. Louns 
berrv, John M. Bailey, Walter A. Wood, John Hammond, Am 
aaian B. James, John H. Starin, Pavid Wtlber, Warner Miller 
Cyras D. PrescotC, Joseph Mason, Frank Hiscock, John H 
Camp, Elhridire G. Lapham, Jeremiah WT Dwight, David P 
Riohardion# John Van Voorbis. Richard. Crowley, Bay V 
Pierce, Henry Van Aernam. 

JlTtrf A Carolina.— Joseph John Martin, Wm. H, KUchin, Danle 
L. Bnssell (National,) Joseph J. Davis, Alfred M, Scales, Wal 
ter L, Steele, Robert F. ArmfieUL, Robert B, Vance. 

Ohio. — Bei^. Bntterworth, Thomas L.Tonng, John A. McMa 

Joseph W. Keifer, Benj^ Le Fevre^ W. D.JSiU, Frank H 

r.' jB'. 

Swrrf, E.IB: Finleg, Geo. L. 'Converst, Thomas EMngt, Henry £ 
Dickey, Henry 8. Keal, A.J. Warner, Gibson Atherton, Geo. W 
Geddes, Wm. McKinley, Jr., James Monroe, Jona. ¥. Upde 
grair, E. B. T»/lDn Aamm Tewssend. 

Oregon,— JoMi Whiteaker. 

Fennsylvevnia.—RenrY H. Bingrham, Chas: O'Neill, SamiuH J 
Randall, Wm. D. Kelley, Alf^d C. Harmer, Wm. Wjird, Wm 
GodschaUc, Blester Qlumer, A. Ketv Smith, Ret^en K. Bachman. 
Robert JtMz, HemArtck B. Wright, John W. Ryon, John W 
KilUnger, Edward Overton, jr., John I. MltcheH, Alexander Ji 
|C(#ro«ft, Horatio (J. Fisher, Frank E, BeUzkoover, Seth H 
jYocam, Morgan R. Wise, Bnssell Errett, Thos M. Bayne, Wm 
8. Shal^enberger, Harry White, Samuel B. Dick. J. H. Osmer. 

Rhode Island.Sel9on W. Aidrich, Latimer W. Ballon. 

South Carplina.— John S. Richardson, M. P. OCownor, D. W, 
Aiken, John H. Evins, Geo. D. TiOman. 

Tennessee.— Robert L. Taylor, Leonidaa C. Honk, Geo. G. DVf 
rtU, Benton Me MiUin.John M. Bright, John F. House, Wash 
ington C. Whmome, John D. C. AtktM, Charles B. Simowton, 
Casey Tmnng. 

Texas.— John H. Reaaaiu David B. Culberson, Olin Wellborn, 
Roger Q. MtUs, Geo. W. Jones, Columbus Upson. 

Fermont.— Charles H. Joyce, James AI. Tyler, Bradley Bar- 
low, (National Bepnblican.) 

I Urginiam-R. L. T. Beale, John Goode,jr,, Joseph E. Johnston^ 
Joseph Jorgensen, Geo. C. Cabell, John R, Tusker, John T. 
Harris, Eppa Huntoni James B. Richmond. 

West Virginia— Benj. Wilson, Bern. F. Martin, John E. Kenna. 

IFttcofMm— Charles G, Williams, Xucien B, Caswell, Geo. C. 
Hazelton, Peter V. Deuster, Edward S. Bragg, Gabriel Bouck, 

Penman L. Humphrey, Thaddeua C. Pound. 
Terhitorial Delegates.— ^rt>ona~ John G. Campbell, 
■Independent. Doitoto.— Granville G. Bennett. Idaho.— Georgt 
Ainsiee. Montana. — Martin Maginnis. New Jlfarico.— Mariano 
,8. Otero. CTto/U'-Geo. Q. Cannon, Mormon. Washington.— 
jThofl. H. Brents. WyovMng—^. W. Downey. 



' JHiiM«ters to Forel|ifj|i Ctbniitrie** 






Great BrlUfn, 




Ger'n Etnirire, 





Rio do Janeiro, 








8t. Petersburg, 




Henry W. Hilliard, Mass, 
James 6. Aiigell, Miph.» 

Edward F. Noyes, Ohio, 

iamea Rnssell Lowoll, Mass. 

Q«orge P. Marsh, 
Philip H. Moi^n, 
Ira P. Ghristiaocy, 
Andrew D. White, 
^ohn W. Foster, 
Ijewis Fairchild, 


N. T., 


ArgentiQS IfLap. Boonos Ayxes, tthomas 0. O-Hborn, lU. 

Belgium,... • Brussels, Wm. C. Ooodlooi, . 

Coutral American States" 




G uat. CNy, CordolhiB A. Cogah, III. 10,000 

of Costa Rica, Guatemala, 

Honduras, Nicaragua and 


DMmarl^ Copenhagen, 

Ha^i^aiian XsUs* Honolulu, 

Japan, - Tolcei, 

Netherlands, Haguog 

Paraguay, and ' 

Uruguay, . Monterideo, 

Portugal, < Lisbon, 

Sweden * NorV.Stockhotn, 

Switoerlandy Berne, 

l*nrkey| Con8tantinople,JamdA |iOngi»treet 

V-^nezuela, Caraccas, Jehu Baker, 

M. J. Cramer, Ky. 

J. M. Comly. Ohto^ 

John A. Bingham, Obio^ - 
J^me«Birnay , Uich, 

John C. Caldwell, M«w 
Benj. Moran, 

John L. Stievens, Maiaei 

Nicholas Fish, ' N. T..- 



Bengali . 










millSnBfl KianUBVT and OOVBUU OUrSftAL,. 

Port au Prince, John M. Lanjfston,, D. O. ' 
Monrovia, ^ John H. Smyth, Mo. 


Alexandria, C. M. Salvago, 

Beirut, Johti T. Edear, 

Calcutta, A. 0. Litchfield, 

Con«tantinop1e, G. II. Heap, V. T. 

Florence, J. ^. Crosby, 

Friinkft-on-the Alfred fi. tieo, 

Havana, [Main, Henry C. Hall, ' • K. Y. 






Adam Badeau, 
John Q. Smith, 

APKtistns J. Cassard, 
David H. Bailey. 










United States Courts in Ifeir-Hnaipaliire* 

(Xreuvt Omrt Judge — John Lowell, Boaton. 

Olroutt OmH Cltrk—m. H. Haokett, PortsoMrath. 

Ditiriet Cburt Judge^-DtuiM Clark, Manchester. 

DUtriet Court CVerlP-^burles U. Bsrtljstt, IbkoolieBter. 

Marshal — J. N. Pattergon, Concord. 

ikpm^ Mtctnkait-^. Uoi«ce Kent, /. P. Morse, P<yrttiiioQt1i. 


CireiKU Omrt at PortHraonth, 8th day of May, and at Eteter, Sth day 
of October. 

JHttricl Cmwrt at Portsmouth, 3d Ttiefday of March and Se|^mb6 r ; 
at Bxeter, 3d Taeedays of June and December. * 

Postal cards, one eeat each, ta all parts <tf the United Statsa, and 

Letters, and all other mailable matter of other classes sahleet to 
letter postage by reason of a violation of the postal laws, 3 cents per 
ludf-oance to idl parts of the United States ana Canada. 

On registered domestic letters and third class matter an additional 
fee of 10 cents is required. 

Local or ** drop" letters, that is, for the c>ty or town where deposi 
toil, 2 centii if delivered by carriers, and 1 cent if there is no carrier 
By stem, per half ounce. 

Maanscript for publication in books, (oxc^pt when accompanied 
by proof sheets) newspapers and magazines chargea1)le as letters. 

Newspapers, to each actual subscriber, In the coanty where pub- 
lished, free of postage. 

Newspapers and periodicals, transient ei^cepted, to. he prepaid at 
the pffloe of publioation, at 2 eta. per pound, or fraotioa Ibenso^ 

Packagse of mail matter must ^ot exceed fonr {konji^i e*oh In 
weight, except in cases of single rolnmes. 

One eetU for two ounces. — Almanacs, books (printed or blank), 
caleadarl, eatale^ues, borreeted^f ooft^'ttotth copy aeeoupany fng, hand- 
bills, magazines, when not sent to re^lar suttscrlbers, maps— litho- 
graphed or engrared — music (printed' sheet,) new^apers, when not 
sent to regular subscribers, occasional publications, pamphlets, 
posters^ pro6f-sheets,.prospectuses, and rdgtklar publications design- 
ed primarily for adrertisltig purpos^s^pr for free citculation at nom- 
iaal rates. , 

One tent for each ounce. — Blank cards, drawings, defnghs, plans, 
card boards and other ' flexible material, cUromo-lrthographs, 
circulars, engravings, envelopes, flexible patteni^ letter envelopes, 
letter paper, lithographs, merchf^idise, models, ordaihented paper, 
postal cards, when sent in bulk and not addressed, photographic views, 
pbotographic paper,' printed blanks, printed cards, sample cards, 
lamples of ores, metal^i minerals, and mercnahdl/ie, feedii, buttings, 
bulbs, roots, and scions, stereoscopic views. 

Undelivered letters and postal cards can be re-sent to a new address 
without additional charge. 

Senders may write their name on transient newspapers, books, Ac, 
preceded by the word " from." . 


Stamps cut from stamped enTQloj^eB are r^ected by t)ie post oflce. 
Sta&qj0(} tmTelopes ana wrappers; postal cards, and stmnpfe of differ- 
ent denominations for sale at post*offlces. 
Stamped envelopes accidentally q^lled redeemed at any poet oflloe, 


PostHificee Bsar^ed B,, in 4he list of money order oficev *n antbor-i 
ized to issue postal orders on the Postmaster at New York for pay- 
ment in the United Kingdmn of Oreat Britain and Ireland, at the fol- 
lowing rates;.. Orders noi exceeding $10, 26 cent» ; over $1Q npd not 
excee«ung $ 20,' 50 cents ; over % 20 and not exceeding $ 30, 70 cents -, over 
$80 an(} n9t. exceeding ^iO, .85; over $40 and not exceeding $50 
1 1.00. No single order issued for more than $50. 

Ordbbb Patablx in Switzskland and Italy. — ^The Fbit Office 
marked S. is authorized to issue money orders not exceeding $00 on 
the Postmaster at New York, payable in Switxerland, or Italy, at the 
following rates ; not exceeding $10., 25 cents ; over $ 10 and not ex- 
amd»^f2a^tO cents; otm- $20 and not exceeding $S0,7& oouts; 
OTer $ 30, and not exceeding $ 40. $ 1 : over $ 40 and not excewHwg 

oanxu f ▲TAJBJK ur tax euMAif xxpixs. 

^e I^st Cfficet marked Q, are authorized to issue orders payable 
in the German Empire, through the New York post oifice, as above, 
at the following rates: not exceeding $5, 15 cents; over $6 and not 
exceeding $10, 28 cents ; over $10 and not exceeding $20, 30 cents; 
over$ 20 and not exceeding $ 30, 45 cents ; over $ 30 and noi exceeding 
$40, 60 cents; and oTer $40 and not exceeding $50, 75 cents, pay 
able in the paper f;urrency of the United States. 

Canadiaic, FxxircH Airn GxuiAir Batu. 

Not Mteeeding $ 10. 15$ oVer $ KTand not exceeding $20, 90; over 
$ 20 nnd not exeeodf ng $ 80, 45 ; over 80 and not exceeding $ 40, 80 ; 
OTer $ 40 and' not exeeedtng $ 5(S 75 ; Trench and Italian oJBoee matk* 


Andover, PisherviJtle, B. Lisbon, Pittsfield, 

Aotrim. franklin, B. Littleton, Plymouth, 

Anhland, franklin Falls, Lyme, Ports*h^B.O. O.I 

Bradford, Oorham, Hanchester3*CClRocheeter, 

Bristol, B. Great falls, B. C.Meredith VilIage,Kumney. 

Charlestown, , Greenville, . Meriden, 8andwica,C«nt«r, 

Claremont, h, 'Hampton, Milford. Quncook, B. 

Colebrook, Hanover, B. Hilton Mills, Tfitton, 

Cpncord,B.C.0.S.IBaverhiIU Nashua, B. C. G. Troy, 
Coos, . Binsboro Bridge.New Hampton, Warner, 

Oerry, Hinsdale, B. New Ipswich, "Warren, 

Dover. B. C. Hopkinton, New London, West Lebanon, 

Enfield Center, Keene, B. C. Newport, B. C. Whitefleld, 

Eaqt Hampstead, Lftconii^, B. North Conway, Wilton, B. 

East Northwood, Lake Tillage, Ossipee, Winchester, 

Exeter, B. lAucaster, C. Peterborough, Wolfborongh. 

Farmington, Lebanon, B. 



l^ATBS OP Covnssioir p«b Boxsistk lloKEr ORASftS.— On orders not 
exceeding $15, 10 c«nt8 ; orer $ 15 and not exceeding $ 30, 15 cent* ; 
orer $ 30 and not exceeding $ iO, 20 cent* ; over $iO and not exceeding 
$ 50, 25 cents. 


Ate^ Beer, Lager^ nrUry and all Fkrutiented Lifwon, per b1>l. of not 

ore tksn 31 gallons, $ l.OO; wholesale dealers In, $ 50, retail $20. 

Bofdf 0%eofef, cfui Bankerf and TruH Ob. Cheeks, drafta, orders or 
ronehera, and on anjf otlier eorporatioli, company, or person for any 
Rmonnt, 2 cents each. 

Bankt, National^ on average amount of deposits, pay f eati-anouaJIy 
^ of I percent.; on ^rerage anionnt of cirenlation, semi-annually, V^ 
of 1 per eent ; and also on amount beycnd 9t || ct^ of their capital, y^ 
of 1 ^ ct.; .on notes of Statie banks used tor circulation, 10 |l ct. — 

ittfirifcert, on capital employed beyond amount invetited'itt 17. S 
bonds, 1^ of t Ifk ct. semi-annvially. 

Brandif^ made from applefi, peaches, or grapes, par gaflon, M etk. 

Brtwtrs, less than 600 bbln. $50j0e. Brewers of 500 bbls. or more 
$100 00. 

Cigar LighU^ 1 cent fo««Tety 2S, or fraction of 25. 

agar*, made of toba<MM> or any substitute, per 1000, $6>;.manufac 
tnrers ot, special tax, $10. See Tobacco. 

CStnreUeM, not exceeding 3 lbs. per 1000, $LT6 per 1000 ( if UFolghteg 
mom per 1000, $6 per 1000. . 

OhtmcAics, por ralne pf 35 cents or loss, 1 eont ^ and Ibr #rnrj 25 
cents addition to the ^ne, 1 eent^ 

DisUUad i^HU, per pmof gallon, 90 eentBL->See Whalaaala Lifmor 

Dniyis.-«-9M Bamk Oheda. 

LsgaeU*. and Sufieemtom an tiMe. afptrtont dieaastd an Oraftar 
Julf 1, 1862, amd ^fore OcL 1, 1870. < If property goes by legacy, to 
liBMl anoeator, brother or sister, at;the rate of $ 1 for every htfndrOd 
dolltrs in cash Talae ; to descendant of brdUier or sister, $•2 for each 
hundred; to bnither or sister of tlie Ihther ot- mother, or'detcendant 
of a brother or sister of the fiither or mother, $4 per hundred ; to 
brother or sister of the grand^father or grand-mother, or ideecendant 
of brother or tfster of graud-fatlier or grand-mother, $5 per h kindred ; 
to person In. aay other degree of • consanguinity, er to a stratiger,^ $ 
per hundred. Legacies or property' peesing by will to husband or 
wife of the person deceased, free of tax; also if passing to a minor 
child, unless the amount lexceeds one f iiouiand dollars, when the ex- 

ess is liable to taxation. If the property goes by nuice$tian the tax- 
are in the same proportion to the several classes. 
I Mmnfacturtn of StUlt, for each still or worm, $20, and special 
tax of $50. ., . , 

MoMuSy 1 cent for evevy 100; or4hie%ioi]^of lOO, per package. 

MttKeCnes, PerfvuMry an4 i>epar(c|i0ns| see. Oumdifis. . t 

Or'detSj see Bank Checks. 

Playing CUrdSy each pack, 5 c^nts. 

Rectifiers of distilled spiriU leas Ihaa 500 babels, $ 100; of 500 or 
mote 1 200. » . * *. ! i .. ' ♦ 

BUcM JJealers, In liquors, special tax, $25 ; in malt liquors, $20. 


Savingt Banks and Trust CompanitSt with coj^rital, ^ of 1 1^ ct., on 
capital and entire deposits. Bat all such lanks paying not leu tbau 
4 ^ ct. to any depoaitor and malUDg a dividend on tbeir stock not ex- 
ceeding fi yfi ct. annually, are treated aB Savintrs Banka m itbout capital. 

Snvff^ manufactured of tobacco or any aubstitute, per lb. ,16 cents 

SpiritSf JHstilUdj per proof gallon, 90 cents. 

Taper tf wax, double the rate; on Hatches. 

TobaocOf manuA^etared ehewing and amoking* of every description, 
per lb., 16 ; BpeciaL taxes— retail dealers in, cigars and tobacco, $5. 
dealers in lea^ $26; maaofaeturers of, $10: peddlers of to-i 
bacoo, snuff, or dgan, with more than two horsey, $60, with two; 
horses, $25, with one horse, $15, on foot or by pvblic conveyance, $10 :, 
retail dealers in leaf, $ 500, and if annual sales exceed $1(MM), 60 cents^ 
for every dollar in excess. I 

Y<mchers^&%^ Bank Chtffss. I 

Wholesale. Li^or Dealers^ special tax, $|00; retail. $26. I 

TFine«, tiquors or Omptms^ in iwitatioa of wine, not, n ado ftoni, 
grapes^ currants, rhubarb, or berriea, grown in the U. Sn butby< 
being mixed with distilled spirits, or the infusion of any matter iu 
spirits, to be sol^ as wine or its 8ubBtitttte--per bottle or package ol] 
not more tbasi one pint, 10 cents; more than a pint and not over a 
quai-t, 20 cents ; ana in the same proportion for any larger quantity 


fitetti.imtf fime. LimtJL 
Ala., 2 T. Nov. f 50 ds. 
Ark.-2 M .-. Jan. 00 daya* 
Cal., 1 M. Dec. GO '" 
CoI.,lW:Jati. -^o" 
Conn .,* 2 "W. Jan. none 
Del. 1 T. Jan. none. 
Flor. 1 W. Jam. fiOilaya. 
Geo. N©T/3t40 
Ilk 2 W. Jan. none. 
Ind. 1 Th. Jan. £6 days 
Iowa, 2 M. Jan.f none. 
Kan., 2 M. Jin. 60 days 
Ken., last M. Dec. ttO '* 
Lou.,* IM. Jen. 90 '* 
Me., * I W. Jan.,non<'. 
Md.,1 W.Jan.t90days 

SUdes akd time. ZAmit. 
Mass.,* 1 W. Jan. none 
Mich., 1 W. Jan. ndne. 
Miss.,* 2 T. Jan. none. 
Mo., 2 W., Jan. ^0 days. 
Neb., 1 T., Jan. 40 »♦ 
Nev.^ 2 M., Jan. eo •* 
N. H.; 1 W. June none. 
N. J..* 2 T. Jan. none. 
N. Y.,* 1 T. Jan. none. 
N. €.^ 2 W. Jan. €0 days 
<Miio, 1 M. Jan.f none. 
Ore.,;2 M. Sopt.f 40 ds. 
Penn., 1 T. Jan.^ none. 
B. I. last Th. in May k 
4T. in Jan. none. 

eiate» amd time* Limit J 
6. C, 4 T. Nov. noneJ 
Tenn.l W. Jan.Tftdaysl 
Texas, 2 W. Jan. eo '* I 
Tt., 1 1¥. Oct.t none. | 
Ta.. 1 W. Dec. 90 dayu 
W.Ya.,2W.Jan.45 " 
Wis.,* 2 Tb. Jan. none 

Aria., 1 M. Jan. 40 days. 
Dak., 2 T. Jan. ** 
Ida., 2 T. Jan.f •* 
Mon., 1 M. Jab. ** 
DtHb, 2 T. Jan.f 40 ds. 
Wash.,! M., Oct. ** 
Woy.,1 T.Nov. " 

* States and territories having annual sessions. All others biennial. 

f States and Territories having biennial sessions in the oven yean. 
Biennial sessions npt thus marked meet in the odd years. 



Price reduced to $6.00. 3 Volumes, 8vo., 1200 
pages each, now ready. 

, Address the Publisher, 
S. L. FARMAN, Clabemont, N. B. 

poPTTi^Tios, aovsKaraiff, bto. 



\ OF THB m s. iir 1^70. WITH Z^s^S^S^J^I '^5'I!LSAf" 


Flap. '70. Capitals. 



Ruliu W. Cobb.* 
Woi. R. Miller.* 
Geo. G. Perkiiii, 
F. W. Pitkin, 
Chaa. B. Andrews, 
Jobu W. Hall,* 
Oeo. F. Drew.* 
A. H. Colquitt,* 
Shelby M. Cnllom, 
A. G. Porter, 
John H. Qear, 
H. St. John, 
Luke P. Blackbnrn,* 
L. A. Wlltz,* 


Wm. T. Hamilton, 
John D. Long, 
Chas. M. CroBwell, 
John S. Plllsbury, 

























iN€^ Jersey, 

jNew York, 

No. Carolina, 




jBhode Island, 

^o. Carolina, 







iNew MejUco* 

Dist. of Cot., 
Indian Ter., 
I Total Pop., 































» 83^,56 














Little Bock 
Dea Moines 
New Orleans 
St. Paul 
327J>-22 J««kso« . . , 
l,721V295|J6ffer8on Cit 
CarHon City 
Coin m bos . 
Newpt k Prr 
Nash vine 






Boise t?itT :> 

Virginia City 

Santa Fe 

Salt Lake CU 





*■ Democratic. 

blin "h. PhelJ)8,* 
A^binjis If atice, 
J. H. ^inkead, 

' ffiki Head, 

l&eo. C. Ludlow,* 
AlonKo B. Cornell, 

• T. J. Jtinrls,* 
Charles Foster, 
W. W. Thayer,* 
ft. M. ^oyt, 
A. H. XHttlefTeld, 

A. S. Marks,* 
R.^. lIubbvtL* 
Roflwelt fncrtiinfcm, 
F. W. M-Hollhlay,* 
U. M. Matthews,* 
Wm. JC Smith, 

J. C. Fremont, 

H»«Km ikftyi9in, 

Bet\j. F. Potts, 
Uen. Lewis WaUaM, 
George W. Emery, 
filisha F. Perry^ 
John W. Hoyt, 

L MAug. 
1 M Sept. 
1 Tu Sept. 
S«f not«. 
See note. 
See note. 
See note. 

1 WOct. 
See note, 
a Tu Oct. 

2 Ta Oct.f 
See note. 
I M Ang. 

M Not. 
% M Sept. 
See note. 
See note. 
See note. 
See note. 
See note. 
See note. 
See notsb 
See note. 
See note. 
See note. 
See note. 

1 Th'r Ang. 

2 Tu Oct. 
1 M June. 

.See Note, 
1 W April, 
See note. 
See note. 
See note. 

1 Tu Sept. 
See sotei 

2 TnOct 
See note. 

See note. 
See note. 
See note. 
See note. 
Bee note. 
1 M Ang^ 
See note. 
1 Tu Sept 

Kora— ToeJ. after llrtt Moa. la Kov. 

AU Others Republicans. 
t Sxcept In PrMi^eniUl year. 



rax WVKK •T8TSM. 




Vo. Graan. 

Minier or t(Mme8U= 1,(X)0,000 

Qdintol ^ IWfiOO 

Mfiiagram = 10,0()0 

Kilogram or kflo = l,(no 

Hectogran =s lOO 

Dekagram s 10 

Gram = 1 

l>ec%ram = .1 

Centigram s jOI 

Milligram a> jm 


WfUfgkt of i^at qaaati^ 0t 
water •« maximiUB dcantf. 

:= 1 cubic meter s= 
= 1 hectoliter s 
= 10 liters = 

= inter 

= 1 deciliter s 

= 10 c. centimeterB = 
= 1 c. centimeter = 
= .1 c. oeotlmeter = 
= 10 c. mUllmeteia = 
= 1 c. millimeter = 


220.40 ib^ 
22.016 lbs. 
2.2046 lbs. 
3.5274 ozs. 
0.3927 oz. 
1.5437 grs. 
: 0.1543 gr. 
04)154 gr. 


Itotrle I>eiMm(i»lfamf» and YaTo^ 









10,000 mcjter9 

lyOOO meteam 

100 meters 

iO meters 

1 meter 

.1 of a Dieter 

of a meter 


KqtriTsleikt* In DvoomimMoitm tn 

ss 6.2137 miles. 

;= 0JSfi!137m»or8,280ft.l0in 

=s 329feetaB<]lincli. 

s 89^7inQbe8. 

=s= 38^ inches. 

SJaa^ inches. 

04W37 inch. 



.MEiAtfUUBS av'svikWACv. 

MitriiT DvMttfiMrtirai 

Kqnf raloBt* fai Dewnftisatioiw te nm, 
"iters s 2.471 acres. 

m and Tatiies. 

10,060 e^i|iiare aeiers =s x.«m acres. 

lOO square meters «= 119.6 sqnare Tarcto. 

1 square meter = 1*650 sqnare inches. 



Nanet. ITo. Lltwrt. 

EUoUter =s 1,000 : 
Hietdlitersn 100: 
Decaliter ssss 10 : 
Liter =x 1 : 

Deciliter =ss .1 ; 
O&tlUter :^ .01 : 
Milliliter =a .001 : 



]et)^ meter 
.) emi^-aMtier 
10 e. deefmctera 

1 c. decimeter 

.1 e. decimeter 

1 0. e«atimeter 

Dry Ueanre. 

Bs I.30SovMoTanls 
=33 7 baib. S.SSi pks. 
ass O.OSqttarta 
5SS 0.90S quart 
=ss Cioncutiefo. . 
= 0.6102 cohfe III. 

fa use. 
Wine Xeatnro 

: M4,1T gmlla. 

26.417 galls. 

2.641 Tgmna. 
i 1.0567 qrta. 
: 0.946 KiU. 
r 0.S38 fluid oa. 
! O.ST fluid dr. 


.' TSDlJia.T10HAtiDCBT,N<it.l.ltaaL 

Bonds at per (Mat, • $217,«»^80 

Bonds at 5 per cent, 400,661,050 

Bonds at 4U per cent, _ 2fiO.O00.0«^ 

Bonds at 4 per cent, 738,368,600 

NaryiMn^ioAfoBdatSpereaal, . 14,0O0,9ii0 
aefiiAdJii^ cer|iflc|Ret, 



■^ ^ T6tAl^i4n«ipal, 
Total interest. 



•OR wucff nrri 



1 761 6«t.8S 


Old d^ntand «nd legal tender notes, - 
Certificates of deposit, , . 

Fractional entreoey. 
Gold and silrer Certificates, 

ifotkL priDcIf»sl, 


■aa 4BjLflB» 8I1I0B Hitpftm. 

$ 6,615,665.26 



Total unclaimed Pacific B. R. interest, $8,077,03. 






Interest, ^ 


Total cash in the Treasury;. 
Debt IfiOB cadi In* tbe Vraasnry^ • • 
♦* " » •• Not. 1, 187P, 

Decrease of debt daring the year. 


Interest dae and nnpaid, 

Debt on wtaiell fnterest has ee«se4, * - 

laterest tlieren, 

Gold and silver certificates, 

U.3. mteslibld for redsmptioii of ^lfiHAc*IU0>ot deposit, 8,765,000.00 

CMikbAlaiMSeandlablellov.l, 150,843,878,21 

18,464,687 .091 

$ 2,112.035,914.721 





$ 8.000,886.42 






$ 203,5(45,486.74 
CasTi in the trsMory, • 203,646,488.74 



Prtecfpal outstanding, 

laterest accrued and nut yet paid. 

Interest paid by the United States, 

Interest repaid by ti^Dftportation of mails Ac, 

By caA pi^jmeats, 6 per cent, of earnings, 

BiAsnoe of Interest paid by the United ftfates 






$ 33,095.799 .62j I 


Wbokuleud Rilul Dslcnb 


TVravpins Paper, Tanbee NaUojis, 

Twines, SUndard Diaries, 

New Uawpsfalre and Temumt Beglstwg, 

Paper Bags, Cigars, Cutlery, Etc 

Orders for Frinting and Binding pTOiup% 

attended to. 

History of tlie [Julted States, 

It autl ti ll lT lUuetrated with nearly 300 eDgTBTinga ; In one 1 
otmB, hanaadoialy boiind, also 

lie Dlustrat«d Family Commentary, 

,r Snnday School Teachcn, Bible SCudeots, uid aJl ChTltOsii 

Dell , 

Descriptive circulars nlth Miitliiionitia and 

Dellvereil to subaciibers complt^onthelDstalnieDt plai 
. ■ _. gf^^ 

•a KBpUcaUau. Agents 
A. >k HAKNES di C«. pi: HI.INHER8, 

2S3 WaaUngtoD St., Bo 


■arDtora, FBnnlns Mill*. Wood Ba n— I S 

g*i ^mm ^i.., ifc ..^■■—1 ■^ » .i« ^ 

Skillings, Wliitneys & Barnes 

umBer Mompan^^ 


Canada, Michigan & Southern 

Quebec Spruce, , 

Black Walnut, 

Cherry, Oak, Ash, 

Chestnut, Butternut, 
White wood. Maple, 

Birch, Bass wood. Etc. 

Pine and Cedar Shingles, 

Clapboards and Lath. 

stsAM MILLS f6B smsiir&. 

D. W. ROBINSON, Manager. 



w^MjWAmm KXAimMB tme urirvr ]ha.p. 






iew-Hiipsliife Register 



Business Dii^bgifoi^y 




Manufacturer and Wliolesalo Dealer in 

|um6crj poors, |a8^, §fmbs^ 


U. A. 'irOOlimJRY, lllwattgrer» Barliitgtott, Vt. 




Yards and Dressing Mills, 



General index last pa^e of Book. 



Manufacturers of 

» ' " , -, ' 

Blank Books, 



32 Bromfleld Street, 

Messrs. Halt & Whiting invite the at- 
tention of the trade, to the increased' 
and varied stock they now carry. 

Orders by mail will be promptly and 
carefully filled at bottom prices. 

JIew Hampshire I^egigtei', 






inf lecond ifier bissniile or kap jar, and ddsing the one himdr 
IiK)<^endni« ^ ihe United Smiej. 





f OH. tux: ITKAR ISSIi. 

Qolden Numberi 

Ct&ronolojpical Cycles. 

2|8olar Cycle, 15|Roman Indiction, 10 

ll| Dominical Letter, A | Julian Period, 6595 

Charactem off the Planets. 


]) # <( Moon, 


cf Mara. 

Cliaracters of tbe Sigrn* 


10^ Jupiter. 

K Satnrn. 

|i^ Uranus. 

tbe Zodiac* 


^ Aries, the Ram. 
9 Taurus, the Bull. 
II Gemini, the Twins. 


G Cancer, the Crab, 
n Leo, the Lion. 
HR Virgo, the Virgin. 


11 :r 

12 K 


Libra, the Scales. 
Scorpio, the Scorpion. 
Sagittarius, the Archer. 

WINTER 'signs. 

Capricornus, the Goat. 
Aquarius, the Waterbearer. 
Pisces, the Fishes. 

Commencemeiit of tlie Seasons. 

Ternnl Equinox— Spring begins, March 2Uth, Oli 11.2m Evening. 
Slimmer Solstice — Summer begins, June 21st, 8h 28.9m Morning. 
Autumnal Equinox — Antumn begins, Sept 22d, lOh 58.7m Evening. 
Winter Solstice — Winter begins, Dec. 21bt, 5h 8.8m Evening. 

lOfoTable Festivals and Fasts of tbe Cburch. 


Septuagesima Sunday, 
Sexagesima Sunday, 
Quinquagesimk — Shrove 

Sunday, Feb 

Ash Wed.— lat day of Lent, •* 
Quadragesima. — Ist Sun- 
I ' day in Lent, Feb 

Palm Sunday, April 2 

Good Friday, •* 7 




Easter Sundat, 
Low Sunday, 
Rogation Sunday, 
Ascension Day — Holy 

Pentecoi<t — W hitsnn-day, 
Trinity Sunday, 
Corpus Christ i. 
Advent Sunday, 


" IG 

May 11 

May 18 
'* 28 

June 4 

** 8 

Dec. 3 


In the year 1882 there will be two eclipses, both of the San, and a 
transit of Venus. 

I. — A total Eclipse of the Sun, May 17th, invisible in the United 
States. It will be visible from the whole of the eastern continent, 
except the southern parts of Africa and India, and a small jiart of 
Siberia, near Behring Strait. 

II. — An annnl»r Eclipse of the Sun, November 10(h, invisible in 
the United States, but visible from Australia and the adjacent islands 
and from the greater part of the Sobrh Pacific and southern oceans. 

III. — There wiii be a transit of Venus over the Sun's disk, Dec. 6th, 
visible as follows : 

First external contact, Dec. 6th, 9h 10m 8 sec Morning. 

" internal " 9h 30m 29 sec " 

Least distance of centres, 1(K 41" Oh 18m 13 sec Evening. 
Last internal contact, 3h 5m 57 sec ** 

" external ** 8h 26ra 20 sec »• 

Whole duration of the transit. Ah in 9 minntoa 


6 FHday. 

7 Saturday* 

8 Sunday. 

9 Monday. 

10 Tuesday, 

11 Wednesday. 

12 Thursday. 

13 Friday. 

U Saturday. 

15 Sunday. 

16 Monday. 

17 Tuesday. 

18 Wednesday. 


» ^ ____^ 

19 ThuTsd&j. 

20 Priday. 

21 Saturday. 

23 Sunday. 

28 Monday. 

24 Tuesday. 

25 Wednesday. 

26 Thimday. 

27 Friday. 

28 Saturday. 

29 Sunday. 

80 Monday. 

81 Tuesday. 



28 days 



Full Moon 3d day Ih 12 .liu M. I New Moon 17th day lOh 3.7m E. 
Last Quar. 11th day 3h 47.8 M. First Quar. 24th day 4h 44.8 m E. 

rise sets 


Sun I Sun 
southl dec'n 





































6 58 
6 57 
6 55 
6 54 
6 52 
6 50 
6 49 
6 47 
6 44 
6 42 
6 39 






























h m 
9 62 
9 54 
9 57 
10 2 
10 5 
10 7 
10 10 
10 13 
IP 15 
10 18 
10 21 
10 24 
10 27 
10 30 
10 32 
10 35 
10 38 
10 41 
10 47 
10 50 
10 53 
10 56 

10 59 

11 2 
11 6 
11 8 

h m 8 
13 53 
14 6 
14 12 
014 16 
14 20 
014 23 
14 25 
14 27 
14 28 
14 28 
14 27 
14 25 
014 23 
14 20 
014 16 
14 7 
14 1 
13 65 
13 48 
13 40 
13 31 
13 22 
13 13 
013 2 
012 51 
12 40 

o / 

16 69 
16 41 
16 24 
16 6 
15 48 

15 29 

16 10 
14 51 
14 32 
14 13 
13 53 
13 33 
13 13 
12 62 
12 32 
12 11 
11 8 
10 46 
10 24 
10 2 

8 66 
8 34 
8 11 
7 48 

h m 
11 22 



1 31 

2 12 

2 54 

3 37 

4 21 
6 9 

5 69 

6 53 

7 60 

8 48 

9 48 

10 46 

11 44 

1 34 

2 28 

3 22 


6 54 

7 45 

8 33 

9 20 

h m 



6 3 

7 2 

8 1 

9 1 


11 1 


1 7 

6 45 

8 2 

9 17 

10 30 

11 40 


1 44 

2 37 

3 22 

4 1 







(^ sta. 
Puri£ of B. Virgin. 

(0 inn 
( <[ crosses eq. South 
Septuagesima Sunday 
$ aph. [St. Agatha. 
[5 elong. 180 12'E. 
$ in perihelion. 
% south 6h. 43m. eve. 
f^ south 4h 58m ere. 

( $ stationary. 
Soxagesima Sunday. 
d dec. 2lo 49' South. 
St. Valentine. 
cf south 8h. 8m. eve. 
% south 5h. 19m. eve 

d 9 ci (Shrove Sunday 
Quinquagesinta — 
9 Bup. (5 

(1st day of Lent 
Ash Wednesday — 
<l%6 (St. Matthias 
( <[ dec. 21° 43' North, 
(1st Sunday in Lent. 
Quadragesima — i 


( South 



28 days. 

1 Wednesday. 

2 Thursday. 

— -Si — ?;: — . ^ 



3 Friday. 

4 Saturday. 













Friday. _ 















17 Friday. "^ 

18 Saturday. 

19 Sunday. 

20 Monday. 

21 Tuesday. 

22 Wednesday. 

28 Thursday. 

24 Friday. 

25 Saturday. 

28 Sunday. 

27 Monday. 

28 Tuesday. 


6 Monday. 

7 Tuesday. 

8 Wednesday. 

9 Tbursdt^. 

10 Friday. 

11 Saturday. 

12 Sunday. 

13 Monday. 

14 Tuesday. 

15 Wednesday. 

16 Thursday. 

17 Friday. 

18 Saturday. 


19 Sunday. 

20 Monday. 

21 Tuesdayv 

22 WcMlnesday. 

23 Thursday. 

24 Friday. 

26 Saturday. 

26 Sunday. 

27 Monday. 

28 Tuesday. 

29 Wednesday. 

ao Thursday. 

81 Friday. 

12 APRIL. aodayt. 


Fall Moon 3d day Ih 0.8m £. New Moon 17 th day 4h 62.1m E. 

Last Quar. llth day Ih 44.0m M. First Qnar. 25th day 2h 10.0m U. 










< rise sets I'gth 




r.& s. 



h m 

b m 

h m 

h m 8 

o / 

h m 

h m 




5 41 

6 27 

12 46 

3 60 

4 41 

10 61 

4 24 


d crosses eq. South. 



5 39 


12 49 

3 32 

5 6 

11 34 

4 49 


Palm Sunday. 



5 37 

6 29 

12 52 









5 35 

6 31 

12 55 

«0 2 66 

5 60 


7 48 


St. Ambrose. 




6 32 

12 58 

2 39 

6 13 

1 4 

8 61 


9 BO. Oh 45m ere. 



5 32 

6 33 

13 1 

2 21 

6 36 

1 52 

9 62 


ri so. Ih 42m ere. 




6 34 

13 4 

2 4 

6 68 

2 43 

10 52 


Good Friday. 



5 28 

6 35 

13 7 


7 21 

3 37 

11 47 


<r dec. 21° 21' South. 



5 26 

6 37 

18 10 



4 31 



Easter Sunday. 



5 25 

6 38 

13 13 


8 5 

5 27 



[i^ in perihelion. 



5 23 

6 39 

13 16 


8 27 

6 22 

1 22 


9 so. Oh 49m eve. 



5 21 




8 49 

7 17 

2 1 


(f BO4 6h 62m eve. 



5 19 

6 42 

13 22 


9 11 

8 10 

2 37 

1^ 80. 2h 17m eve. 



5 18 

6 43 

13 25 



9 8 

3 9 


f^so. Ih. 14m. eve. 



5 16 

6 44 

13 28 

11 59 56 


9 56 

3 41 


d crosses eq. Nortli. 



5 14 

6 46 

13 31 

11 59 42 


10 50 

4 13 


Low Sunday. 



5 13 

6 46 

13 34 

11 59 28 

10 36 

11 44 



a9d dhd 



5 11 


13 37 

11 59 14 

10 57 


8 4 




5 9 

6 49 

13 40 

1159 1 


1 36 

9 12 


St. Alphege. ^h& 
d dec. 21° 18'mrth.i 



6 8 

6 50 

18 42 

1158 48 


2 32 

10 11 




5 6 

5 51 

13 45 

11 68 37 


8 27 

11 7 




5 4 

'6 62 

13 48 

1158 23 

12 19 

4 19 

11 53 


cf BO. 6h 34m eve. 



5 3 

6 64 

13 51 

11 58 12 

12 39 

5 9 



2d Sun.after Easter. 



5 1 

6 56 

13 64 


12 69 

5 67 



ddd [St. George. 




6 56 

13 67 

1157 50 


6 41 

1 6 


St. Mark. 



4 58 

6 57 

13 69 

11 57 40 

13 38 

7 24 

1 35 


5 in 6 

9 south Ih Sm eve. 



4 57 

6 58 

14 2 

11 57 30 

13 67 

i 6 

2 1 




4 65 


14 6 

11 57 21 


8 48 

2 27 


C crosses eq. South. 



4 53 

7 1 

14 7 

11 57 12 

14 36 

9 SO 

2 61 


11 so. Ih 29m eve. 



4 52 

7 2 

14 10 

1167 3 

14 63 

10 13 

3 17 


3d Sun. after Easter. 

1882. XEMORANDA FOR APRIL. 30 days. 

1 Saturday. 

2 Sunday. 

3 Monday. 

4 Tuesday. 


!^ ' 



5 Wednesday. 

6 Thursday. 

7 Friday. 

8 Saturday. 

9 Sunday. 

10 Monday. 

11 Tuesday. 

12 Wednesday. 

13 Thursday. 

U Friday. 

15 Saturday. 

16 Sunday. 

17 Monday. 



30 day8.|| 

18 Tuesday. 

19 Wednesday. 

20 Thursday. 

21 Friday. 

22 Saturday. 

23 Sunday. 

24 Monday. 

25 Tuesday. 


26 Wednesday. 

27 Thursday. 

28 Friday. 

29 Saturday. 

30 Sunday. 


w«. MAY. 1 


Full Mood 3d day 3h 44.9m xM. New Moon 17th day 2h 46.7m M. 

Last Quar. 10th day 7h 48.8m M. First Qtiar. 

24th day 7 h 55.1m E. 



Sun t day 







4 rise setstl'gth 



1 sou. 

r. As 



fa m|h m|h m 

h in R 

o ' h m h m 




4 61 

7 3 

14 13 

11 66 56 

16 11 10 69 

3 44^2: 

(Oiop. (5G 



4 49 

7 6il4 16 

11 66 49 

16 29 

11 47 

4 12 


5 1n n 



4 48 

7 6 


1166 42 

16 47 



in.Inv. of the Cross. 



4 46 

7 7 

14 21 

1166 36 

16 4 


8 45 /Id dec. 21° 16' South. 




7 8 

14 23 

11 66 30 

16 21 

1 32 

943/i!^'Vrf rcb^ 



4 44 

7 9 

14 26 

11 56 26|16 38 

2 27 

10 35 / 

Uohu Evanirelist. 



4 42 

7 11 

14 29 

11 66 21 

16 56 

3 23 

11 21 

l/>l 4th Sun. after Enster 



4 41 

7 12 

14 31 

11 66 17 

17 11 

4 18 


V>\ 6tb, Oh (5 [ in per 




7 1314 33 

11 66 14 

17 27 

5 12 


TS:, 9 so. Ih ITm eve. 



4 3817 14il4 36 

11 66 12 17 43 

6 6 


1 (f south* 6h 2m eve. 




7 1614 38 

11 66 10 17 68 

6 57 

1 10;K l^ south Ob 53BI eve. 



4 36 

7 16 

14 40 

1156 8>1814 

7 49 

1 42KIKI crosses eq. North. 




7 17 

14 43 

1166 7!l8 29 

8 40 

2 12 q 

19 south Ih 22m. eve 



4 34 

7 18 

14 45 

1156 7118 43 

9 32 

2 441 T 

1 Rogation Sunday. 




7 19 

14 47 

1166 7 18 67 

to 26 

3 19-8 

17 th, a 1/(5 



4 32 

7 20 

14 49 

1166 819 11 

11 21 

sets, y. 

17 th; eclipsed, in v. 



4 31 

7 21 

14 51 

11 56 10 19 25 


7 68 III 

( H dec. 21° 15' North 


4 29 

7 23 

14 64 

11 66 12 19 38 

1 13 

8 6511 

Ascension Day — 



4 28 

7 24 

14 66 

1156 15 19 51 

2 7 

9 45 III 

[Holy Thursday 



4 27 

i7 25|14 68 

lfi56l8 20 3 

2 69 

10 27 


[St. Buns tan 



4 267 26 


11 66 22 20 16 

3 49 

U 3;a| 

Sun. after Ascension 



4 267 27 

13 2 

11 66 26i20 2S 

4 35 

11 35,a 

18th, (19 6 a d 



4 2517 28 

15 3 

11 66 30!20 39 

5 19 

morn XI 




4 24 7 29 

15 5 

11 66 36:20 50 

6 2 

29, lis! 

9 so. Ih. 37m. eve. 

25 5 

4 23730 

15 7 

1] 66 4221 1 

6 43 

(St. Austin 

28 6 

4 22 7 3115 9 

11 56 48'21 12 

7 25 

64, no 

<[ crosses eq. South. 

27 7 

4 22|7 32!l6 10 

1166 54 2122 

8 7 

1 IS'rO: 


28 A 

4 21 

7 33;i5 12 

1167 1 


8 52 

1 45;->: 

Penticost — 

,291 2 

4 20 

7 34115 14 

1167 9 


9 39 

2 13|rTl 

rf so. 4h 29m eve. 




7 36 16 15 

11 67 17 21 50 

10 29 

2 46 HI 

Q'U 'i 9 in per. 
9 so. Ih 47m eve. 



4 19 

7 36 15 17 

1157 25 2158111 22| 

3 24IT\ 


82. MEMORANDA FOR MAT. 31 days 





3 Wednesday. 

4 Thursday. 

5 Friday. 

^ —m 

16 MEMORAl ffDA FOB MAY. 81 da^ 

6 Saturday. ~" '. 

7 Sunday. 

8 Monday. 

9 Tuesday. 

10 Wednesday, 

11 Thursday. 

12 Friday. 

13 Saturday. 

14 Sunday. 

1ft Monday. 

16 Tuesday. 

17 Wednesday. 

18 Thursday. 



19 Friday. 

20 Saturday. 

21 Sunday. 

22 Monday. 

28 Tuesday. 


24 Wednesday. 

25 Thorsd^y. 

26 Friday. 

27 Saturday. 

28 Sunday. 

29 Monday. 


3D Tuesday. 

81 Wednesday. 






Fall Moon Ist day 3b 47.3m B. I New Moon 15th day Ih 47.2in B. 
Last Quar. 8th day Oh 23.5m E. | First Qnar. 23d day Ih 15.4m B. 

rise s0tH 

day I Sun j Sun 
I'gthl south Idec'n 




r. As. 


































h m 

mlh m 
36 15 18 



15 2U 
15 22 
15 23 
15 24 
15 25 

15 26 

16 27 
15 28 
15 28 
15 29 
15 29 
15 30 
15 30 
15 31 
15 31 
15 31 
15 31 
15 32 
15 32 
15 31 
15 31 
15 31 
15 31 
15 31 
15 30 
15 80 
15 29 
15 29 

h m 
11 67 
11 68 
11 58 
11 58 
11 58 












h m 






6 36 

7 27 

8 19 

9 13 

10 7 

11 2 
11 57 

1 40 

2 28 

3 13 

3 57 

4 39 

5 20 

6 2 

6 45 

7 30 

8 18 

9 10 

10 4 

11 1 
11 69 

h m 

8 29 

9 19 
10 2 

10 39 

11 13 
11 45 



1 19 

1 64 

2 36 

3 22 

8 23 

9 1 
9 35 

10 4 
10 31 

10 66 

11 21 
11 46 



1 18 


2 53 

3 57 






([dec. 21° 16' South. 
l8t, elon. 230 27' B. 
Trinity Sunday. 
St. Boniface. 

(C crosses eq. N.; 
Corpus Christ!. 
9 so. Ih 59m OTe. 


IstSttu. after Trinity. 

(f south 4h 6m eve. 

(1%(S ?J sta, 
C dec. 21° 16' North. 

St. Alban. 

2d S. after Trinity. 

(9gr.he.ltN. [<[9c5 

difd >n »P*»-i 
entt Q Summer 

d cr. eq. S. fbegins. 
cf south 3h 47m. eve., 
St. John the Baptist.' 
3d S. after Trinity. ; 
9 south 2h 19m eve. 
(f so. 3h 40m eve. 
inf. c50 1 

d dec. 21° 15' South.! 
[St. Peter. 



30 days. 

1 Thursday. 

2 Friday. 

8 Saturdby. 

4 Sunday. 



5 Mond^ ' 

6 Taesday. 

7 Wednesday. 

8 Thursday. 

9 Friday. 

10 Saturday. 

11 Sunday* 

12 Monday. 

13 Tuesday. 

U Wednesday. 

15 Thursday. 

16 Friday. 

17 Saturday. 


80 days. 1 

18 Sunday. 

Id Monday. 

20 Tuesday. 

21 Wednesday. 

22 Thursday. 


23 Friday. 

24 Saturday. 

25 Sunday. 

26 Monday. 

27 Tuesday. 

28 Wednesday. 

29 Thursday. 

80 Friday. 

J ■ - 





PHA8U or THB MOOll. 

Full Moon l8t day Ih a2.4in M. I New Moon 15th day 3h I5.4m H. 
Last Quar. 7th day 5h 5.9m B. | Firat Quar. 23d day 5h 81.6m M. 
_ Full Moon 30th day 9h IS.G m M. 

»| Bun I day I San I Sun I <[ I <( |C 

K { < |rige Bet8|rg:th|80Pth Idec'nfaon. |r. ft 8.|pl 























b m 









b m 8 



3 56 





18 22 



4 28 
4 38 
4 47 
4 56 
6 5:22 
6 13 22 
5 21 21 
5 28 
5 41 
5 47 21 
5 53:21 
5 58'20 
6 2I2O 
6 6'20 
6 9120 
06 1120 
6 I3I2O 
6 14;i» 
6 15il9 
6 16!l9 
6 14il8 
6 7II8 

(Yif. YirgiD Mary. 
4th 8. after Trinity. 
(f 8outb 3h 29ni ere. 
C cnMses eq. North. 
% 8onth lOh 8m morn. 
>2 Bonth 8h 24m morn. 
( ^ 8tationary. 
6th S. aft. Trinity. 

ah <i 

H dec. 2P 13' North. 

<L ^ 6 

ri south 7h 59m morn. 

St. Swithin. 

6th S. after Trinity. 

1^ 8oath 9h 34m mom. 

(L99 .(<Icfc5 

d crosses eq. South. 
St. Margaret. 
$ south 2h. 36m. ere. 
(f so. 2h. 58m. ere. 
7th San. after Trinity, 
St. James. Dog Days 
d dec. 21° 9' South. 

9 south 2h 39m ere. 

in n (9 i? C5 

8th Sun. aft. Trinity. 
(f south 2h 43m eve. 



31 days. 

1 Saturday. 

2 Sunday. 

3 Monday. 

4 Tuesday. 

6 Wednesday. 



31 days. 

6 Thursday. 

7 Triday. 

8 Saturday. 


9 Sunday. 

10 Monday. 

11 Tuesday. 



12 Wednesday. 


13 Thursday. 

U Friday. 

15 Saturday. 

16 Sunday. 

17 Monday. 


18 Tuesday. 




19 Wednesday. 



20 Thnrsday. 

21 Friday. 

22 Saturday. 

23 Sunday. 

U Monday. 

26 Tuesday. 


26 Wednesday. 

27 Thursday. 

28 Friday. 

29 Saturday. 

30 Sunday. 

31 Monday. 


AUGUST. » aays. 


Last Qnar. 6th day 

llh 27.1m E. 1 First Qnar. 21st daySh 8.9m B. 

New Moon IStfa day 4h 24.1m E. Full Moon 28th day 4h 32.7m Ejl 












rise sets 







lb mi 

h m h nil 

hm 81° ' 

h m 

h m 8 



4 47 

7 25 

14 38 

6 4 

17 67 

1 82 

8 19H 

Lammas Day. 



4 48 

7 24 

14 36 


17 41 

2 26 

8 61 


C crosses eq. North. 



4 49 

7 23 

14 34 

6 55 

17 26 

3 18 

9 24 


Oinp^. [V<fc5 



4 50 

7 21 

14 31 

6 60 

17 10 

4 12 

9 59 


1^ so. 8h 39m morn. 



4 51 

7 20 

14 29 

6 44 

16 54 

6 6 

10 37 





4 53 

7 19 

14 26 


16 37 

6 69 

11 19 


9th Sun. aft. Trinity. 



4 54 

7 17 

14 24 

6 31 

16 20 

6 63 



e dec.210 4'Hoi3i 



4 65 

7 16 

14 21 

6 23 

16 3 

7 46 





4 56 

7 15 

14 19 

6 15 

15 46 

8 39 






4 57 

7 13 

14 16 

6 6 

16 29 

9 30 

1 65 


St. Lawrence. 



4 58 

7 12 

14 14 

4 67 

16 11 

10 19 

2 54 


cf so. 2h 25m ere. , 



4 59 

7 10 

14 11 

4 47 

14 53 

11 6 

3 54 




5 1 

7 9 

14 8 

4 37 

14 35 

11 60 



loth 8. after Trinity.! 



5 2 

7 7 

14 « 

4 26 

14 16 


7 4111 

"up. c5 



5 3 

7 b 

14 3 

4 15 

13 .•>7 

1 15 

7 29 





5 4 

7 4 


4 3 

18 38 

1 66 

7 64 


({ crosses eq. South. 
<[9c5 [$inU 



5 6 

7 2 

13 67 

8 50 

13 19 

2 38 

8 19 




5 6 

7 1 

13 54 

3 37 


3 21 

8 46 


9 so. 2h 43m ere. 



5 8 

6 69 

13 52 

8 24 

12 40 

4 5 

9 17 




5 9 

6 68 

13 49 


12 21 

4 52 

9 51 


11th Snn. after Trin. 



5 10 

6 66 

13 46 

2 55 

12 1 

5 41 

10 32 


1| so. 7h 46m mom. 



5 11 

6 54 

13 43 

3 40 


6 33 

11 19 


^2 BO. 6h 35m mom. 



5 12 

6 53 

13 41 

2 25 

11 20 

7 28 



([ dec. 20° 55' South. 



6 13 

6 51 

13 38 

2 9 


8 24 



St. Bartholomew. | 



5 15 

6 49 

13 35 


10 39 

9 21 

1 181^ 

01 so. 7 h 32m mora. 



5 16 

6 48 

13 32 


10 18 

10 19 

2 28,r: 

Vi BO. 6h 20m mom. , 



5 17 

6 46 

13 29 


9 57 

11 16 

3 42, r: 

r2th Sun. af. Trinity.; 



5 18 

6 44 

13 26 


9 36 


rises. X 

St. Augustine. | 



5 19 

6 42 

13 23 


9 15 


6 49;k 

7 22 q 

(( crosses eq. North. 



5 20 

6 41 

13 20 


8 53 

1 6 

[John Bi^). beheaded. 



6 21 

6 39 

13 17 


8 31 

2 1 

7 58i<) 

9 so. 2h 44m eve. 




L Tuesday. 

2 Wednesday. 


3 Thursday. 

4 Friday. 


5 Saturday. 



6 Sunday. 

7 Monday. 


8 Tuesday. 



9 Wednesday. 

10 Thursday. 

11 Friday. . . 

12 Saturday. 

13 Sunday. 

U Monday. 


15 Tuesday. 

16 Wednesday. 

17 Thursday. 

18 Friday. 


81 days. 1 

" 19 Satarday. 

20 Sunday. 

21 Monday. 


22 Tuesday. 

-23 Wednesday. 

24 Thursday. 

25 Friday. 

26 Saturday. 

27 Sunday. 

28 Monday. 


29 Tuesday. 

30 Wednesday. 

31 Thursday. 





LMt Qoar. 4th day 8h 40.3m M. 

First Quar. ZOth day 8h 42.0ni M. 

New Mm>d 12th day 8h 12.7m M. 

Full Mood 27th day Oh '24.0m M. | 

rise sets 


ttao Sun 
south dec'n 



a a 

T.k B. pi 



lb mih ra, h m 

hm8° ',hm, hm 


'l 6 

5 23 

6 37 


11 59 48 


2 66 

8 36 





5 24 



1159 29 


3 57 

9 17 





5 25 

6 33 

13 8 

11 69 10 

7 26 

4 47 

10 4 


I3th 8. «fter Trinity. 



5 26 

6 32 

13 5 

1158 60 

7 4 

5 42 

10 65 


d dec. 20° 60^ North. 



5 27 

6 3U 

13 2 

1168 30 

6 41 

6 35 11 61 





5 28 

6 28 



6 19 

7 27 



in y 




6 26 

12 67 

1157 60 

5 67 

8 16 



'f)- stationary. 

;8i 6 

5 31 

6 24 

12 54 

1157 30 

6 34 

9 -k 

1 6oni 

NaUv.ofB.V. Mary. 1 



5 32 

6 22 

12 61 

1167 9 

5 11 

9 49 

2 48'n i 9 BO. 2h. 44m. eve. 



5 33 

6 21 

12 48 

1166 49 

4 49 10 32 

3 47 n '14th 8. aaer Trinity. 

u; 2 

5 34 

6 19 

12 45 

1166 28 

4 26 11 14 

4 46,TlB,.0M6 

12! 3 

5 36 

6 17 

12 42 

1156 7 

4 3 11 65 sets. 'IIE 

C crosses eq. South. ' 
Holy Gross. 

13 4 

5 37 

6 15 

12 39 

1166 46 

3 40eve37 

6 23 - 



5 38 

6 13 12 35 

1155 26 


1 2U 

6 51 ^ 



5 3b 


12 32 

1166 4 


2 3 

7 20,-2: 


16! 7 

5 10 

6 9 

12 29 

11 64 48 


2 49 

7 63;iri 

(St Lambert. 


5 41 

6 8 

12 26 

11 64 22 

2 7 

3 37 

8 31 


16th S. after Trinity. , 

18 2 

5 42 

6 6 

12 23 

1164 1 


4 27 

9 15 


(9 in aphelion.' 

19 3 

5 44 

6 4 

12 20 

1163 40 


5 19 

10 5 


d dec. 20° 41' South. 




6 2 

12 17 

1163 19 


6 13 

11 4 







12 14 

11 52 58 


7 8 



St. Matthew, (begins. 

22 6 

6 47 

5 58 

12 11 

11 62 37 


8 3 



enters £^ Autumn 

23 7 

5 48 

5 56 

12 8 

11 62 16 


8 68 

1 17 


24 J 

5 50 

5 5412 5 



9 63 

2 31 


lOth S. after Trinity. 

25! 2 

5 51 


12 2 

11 61 34 


10 48 

3 47 


(9 elong. 46^ 3V E. 

26 3 

5 52 

5 51 


11 51 14 


11 44 

5 4 


<[ crosses eq. North. 



5 53 



1150 54 





[St. Cyprian. 



5 55 

6 47 


11 50 34 

2 10 


6 29 


belong 25° 45' £. 



5 56 



1160 14 


1 37 

7 10 


St. Michael. 



5 57 

6 43 


1149 54 

2 56 

2 34 

7 67 


St. Jerome. Hh 6 





1 1 Friday. 



2 Saturday. 


3 Simday. 




4 Monday. 



30 days. 

5 Taesdaj. 

6 Wednesday. 

7 Thursday. 

8 Friday. 

9 Saturday. 

10 Sunday. 

11 Monday. 

12 Tuesday. 

18 Wednesday* 

14 Thursday. 

15 Friday. 

16 Saturday. 

17 Sunday. 


18 Monday. 

19 Taesday. 

20 Wednesday. 

21 Thursday. 

22 Friday. 

23 Saturday. 

24 Sunday. 

25 Monday. 

26 Tuesday. 

27 Wednesday. 

28 Thursday. 

29 Friday. 

80 Saturday. 



31 days. 


Last Qoar. 3d day 9h SLftm E. i First Qaar. 19th day 7h 8.6in E. 
New Moon 12th day Ih 16.5ni M { Full Moon 26th day 9h 47.7m M- 

rise sets 






r.i 8. 






































6 12 
6 14 
6 15 
6 16 
6 17 
6 19 
6 20 
6 21 
6 23 
6 24 
6 25 
6 28 
6 29 
6 31 
6 32 
6 35 
6 36 

ni,h m 



11 32 
11 26 
11 23 
11 20 
11 17 
11 14 


11 8 
11 5 
11 2 
10 59 
10 56 
10 63 
10 50 
10 47 
10 44 
10 41 
10 38 
10 35 
10 33 
10 30 
10 27 
10 24 
10 21 
10 19 
10 16 

h m 
11 49 
11 48 
11 48 
11 48 
11 47 
11 47 
11 47 
11 46 
11 46 
11 46 
11 15 
11 44 
11 44 
11 43 









8 20 





6 47 

7 10 
7 32 

7 56 

8 17 

8 39 

9 2 
9 24 
9 46 

10 7 
10 29 

10 60 

11 12 

11 83 

12 14 
12 35 

12 56 

13 15 
13 35 

13 65 

14 14 

h m 

8 31 

4 27 

5 21 

6 12 

7 1 

7 46 

8 30 

9 13 

9 54 

10 36 

11 18 

eve 2 


1 34 

2 24 

3 15 

4 8 

5 1 

5 54 

6 48 

7 41 

8 85 

9 27 

10 22 

11 18 



1 14 

2 12 

3 9 

4 3 

h miS 

8 48 III 

9 43 II 

10 42I23 

11 42 s! 


2 38 

3 54 


5 10 




6 44 


6 86 


7 30 


8 29 


9 30 


17th 8. aft Trinity. 
<[dec. 20<^ SG' North. 


(f south Ih 3m ere. 

( Q gr. heli. lat. S. 

% south 5h 2m mom. 
18th S. after Trinity. . 
([ crosses eq. South. | 
I^St. Denys.1 
9 gr. heli. lat. S. 
Vi south 2h 12m morn 

19th 8. after Trinity. 

a dec. 20° 31' South. 

St. Etheldreda. 

St. Lukn. 

% stationary. 

% south 4h 12m momj 

( 5 inf. 6 0, 
20th S. after Trinity. 
([ crosses eq. North. 1 
\l so. Ih 21in morn. 
St. Crispin. I 

«t h '&. 

(St Simon ft St. Jude. 
(<[ dec. 20° 29' N. 
21st S. aner Trinity. 

Xi stationary^ 



31 days. 

1 Sunday. 

a Monday. 

3 Tuesday. 

4 Wednesday. 

5 Thursday. 




6 Friday. 

7 Saturday. 


8 Sunday. 

9 Monday. 

10 Tuesday. 


U Wednesday. 


12 Thursday. 

13 Friday. 



U Saturday. 

15 Sunday. 

16 Monday. 

n Tuesday. 

18 Wednesday. 



19 Thursday. 

20 Friday. 

21 Saturday. 

22 Sunday. 

23 Monday. 

24 Tuesday. 

25 Wednesday. 

26 Thursday. 

27 Friday. 

28 Saturday. 

29 Sunday. 

30 Monday. 

31 Tuesday. 




Lut Qnar. 2d day 2h 12.0in S. 
New Mood 10th day 6h 33.7m E. 

First Quar. 18th day 8h 65.6iii M. 
Full Moon 24th day 9h 16.6in E. 

rise sets 




Sun I <I 
dec'n son. 

r. As. 




















tti h 
37 1 
30 4 
414 _- 
43 4 46 

45 4 43 

46 4 42 

48 4 41 

49 4 39 
514 38 
53 4 36 

55 4 35 

56 4 34 

57 4 33 
59 4 32 

4 31 

3 4 29 

4 4 28 
7 4 27 
84 26 
9 4 26 

10 4 25 
114 24 
12 4 24 


4 24 
4 2& 

h m 
10 lU 
10 8 
10 5 
10 2 


9 55 


9 50 

9 47 


9 42 


9 38 

9 3511 

9 33ill 


9 2911 


m SI'' 
43 41 14 
43 4014 
43 40,15 
43 4115 

43 43 



43" 46 
43 49 
43 54 

43 59 

44 5,17 
44 12 17 
44 19 17 
44 28;i8 
44 37118 
44 48118 

44 59I18 

45 11,19 



6 27 





9 15 

9 58 

10 43 

11 30 

9 27 
9 24 
9 22 
9 20 
9 19 
9 17 
9 15 
9 13 

45 23 
45 37 

45 51 

46 6 

46 22 






11 46 39;20 

11 46 56120 




9 12ill 

9 8 


47 14 
47 33 

47 53 

48 34 
48 56 










6 26 

7 18 

8 10 

9 3 
9 59 

10 56 

11 54 


1 49 

2 42 

3 33 

4 20 

h mi S 

10 31 o 

11 31 n 


31 lip 

1 29' KB 

2 28 TIE 

3 2610: 

4 251:^ 

5 24,111 

setfl. I it| 

6 12 in 

5 59;/ 

6 64|/ 

7 52ll> 

8 66, k)- 

10 3 r, 

11 12 TS: 


1 35 

2 48 
4 2 
6 15 
6 26 





rises. 11 

6 i2;ii; 

7 12|£3' 

8 15 

9 18 
10 18 


All Saints, 
i All Souls. 

1st, 9 gr. brilllanoy. 
(C dec. 22027'^ 8. 
22d S. after Trinity. 

V south 2h 1 4m ere. 
5 elon. 18° 65' W. 

$Rr. heli. lat. N. 
eclipsed, invisible. 
at. Martin. <Ld6 
23d Siin. after Trinity 
a dec. 20° 29^ South. | 

Oh8 [a 9 6, 

IX south 2h 25m morn 

V stationary. 

I2 so. llh. 35m. ere. 
( C crosses eq. North. 
24th Sun. aft. Trinity. 
'^ south 2h 3m morn.' 
}l south llh 18 m ere. 
St. Cecilia. | 

St. Clement {Chd, 
(St. Catharine. I 
(d dec. 200 29' North., 
26th Sun. aft. Trinity. I 

% so. Ih 28m morn. 
Vl south Oh 44m eve. 
St. Andrew. 



SO days. 

1 Wednesday. 

2 Thursday. 

3 Friday. 

4 Saturday. 


30 days-, 

6 Sunday. 


6 Monday. 

7 Tuesday. 


8 Wednesday. 

9 Thursday. 


10 Friday. 

11 Saturday. 


12 Sunday. 

13 Monday. 

U Tuesday. 

15 Wednesday. 

16 Thursday. 

17 Friday. 




18 Saturday. 

19 Sunday. 

20 Monday. 

21 Tuesday. 

23 Wednesday.' 


23 Thursday. 

24 Friday. 

i 25 Saturday. 

26 Sunday. 

27 Monday. 


28 Tuesday. 

29 Wednesday. 


30 Thursday. 






6 Wednesday. 

7 Thursday. 


8 Friday. 

9 Saturday. 

10 Sunday. 


11 Monday. 


12 Tuesday. 

13 Wednesday. 

U Thursday. 

16 Friday. 

16 Saturday. 

17 Sunday. 

18 Monday. 



31 days. 

19 Tuesday. 

20 Wednesday. 

21 Thursday. 

22 Friday. 

23 Saturday. 

24 Sunday. 

25 Monday. 

26 Tuesday. 

27 Wednesday. 

28 Thursday. 

29 Friday. 

30 Saturday. 

31 Sunday. 


Alphubetioally Airranseii. 


z. The names of all the Towns and all the Post Offices in the State, 
except those which have North, East, South, West or Center prefixed to 
the names of the towns of which they are a part, are here alphabet- 
ically arranged. 

I 3. For villages above excepted, look under the name of the town. 
But East Kingston, North Hampton, South Hampton, South Newmark- 
et and Westmoreland are iov/iu. 

I 3. After the name of each town, you find the name of the county in 
which it is located, the population in 1880, the direction and approxi-; 
mate distance from Concord and firom the Shire town of the county,' 
the way of reaching it by rail, the town officers and the professional 
and business men, arranged under different heads, as nearly alphabet- 
ically as is convenient, some regard being had to economy of space.! 
I 4. Merchants are supposed to keep a general assortment, and physi- 
cians to be ** old school" unless otherwise specified. 
I 5. All these items are referred every year, usually between Aug. i, 
and Dec. x, to the Town Clerks, Postmasters or other prominent men 
,of the several towns and villages for correction. 

I 6. We eamesdy solicit corrections from all other persons who may 
notice things which they kn&w to be errors. 

j 7. Of course changes are made, in March, of Towm Officers, and 
other changes are constantly occurring, so that one need not exi>ect to 
find this Directory absolutely correct all the year round, but use it with 
this imderstanding and you will find it very valuable. 

ACHrORTH. SULLIVAN-^Vo^.99Z. W. fr. C.60; 8. W. fr. 
Newport 14. It. H. S. — Gharlestown, ^ m. on C. V. R. R. and New- 
port, on C. A G. R. R.; Daily stage to Gharlestown; daily stage to 
Newport via. So. Acworth, also to Bellows Falls, Vt., 12 m. | 

Of FI0ER8— a/erJk, William Brooks ; Treat., John Graham ; Sftlect-\ 
men, James M. Davis, Geo. W. Lathrop, Geo. W. Buss ; Supt, Carl A. 
AUen. I 

Postmasters-"Wil]iam Brooks; East^ Mrs. R. Bqbb; South, D. A. 
George. | 

Justices— J. B. Richardson, J. H. Dickey, J. A. Wood, G. K. Brooks,! 
StaU; J. M. Reed, J. N. Davis, D. G. George, J. H. Glark, G. H. Dodge, 
G. W. Buss. V I 

Church— GonK.>A. H. Johnson. Physician— G. A. Allen. 1 

Manufacturers— £(u<, handles, boxes and lumber, J. M. Reed; 
lumber, J. H. Boynton, Kemp Bros. • 

Merchant— William Brooks. 

Soutik— iZ. B. .ST.- Cold Riv. 11 m., on Cheshire R. R. and New- 
port, 15 ni. on C. A C. R. R. Hotel— S. A. Reed. 
j Church— Meth., E. R. Perkins. 

! Manufacturers — lumber^. F. Hawkins ; meal and lumber, R. S. 
Murrison ; patent road scrapers, J. Leavitt Mo Keen ; shoe pegs, G. B. 
Cnmmings A Son; tin ware and sap bucket covers, H. C. Beard; 
woolens, Ghas. Haskell. * i 


Merchants-^. B. Richardsen, D. 0. 6«orge; AactiouMr, J. ▲. 
Wood; millinery, Mrs. T. B. Hayward. 

AL.BAN Y, CAHROLL—Vox^. Sfll. N. B. fr. 0. 74; N. W. ft. Oa 
si pee 27. R. R. S.— Conway, 10 m., on Baalern B. R. Tri- weekly 
stage to West Ossipee. 

OFFICERS—Cfc**, Thnnton Smith; TreoM. and flk«p«., G. W. Pur- 
ringtoD ; Selectmen^ J. M. Shackturd, B. S. Kent, J. G. Head. 

Postmaster— C*ocortia, Alrah Blackey. Churc*i—F. Bap., T.Brown, 

Justices— J. R. Parrish, G. W. Pnrington, B. S. Kent. 

Hotels— Shackford House, J. H. Shackford, Prop.; Trout Dale 
House, Oscar Sauborn, prop. ' 

Manufacturers- lumber, J. Donglaas, A1I«& ft Warren, A. MonltonJ 
James Moore, Swift River Lumber Go. ] 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, J. M. Shackford; carpentera, J. R. Par- 
rish, H. B. Eastman, J. N. Piper ; coopers, T. k N. Brown ; aboemak- 
9r, A. Blackey. 

Alder Brook — See Bethlehem. 

A I.EX ANORI Ai ORA FrOJV— Pop., 832. N. W. fr. C. 34. 8. W. 
fr. Plymouth, 12. R. R. E— Bristol, on Br. Br. R. R. Daily stage. 

OFFICERS— (Serik, O. 8. Gale; TVeax., G. A. Bullock; SdeOmm, 
3. B. Sleeper, Warren Tucker, C. K. Davis ; 8upt., C. M. Flumer. 

Postmaster— Horace Saunders. Exp. Ag*t— W. F. Siiuonds. 

Justices— H. J. Welton, Btcde ; O. S. Gale, W. F. Simonda, 8. B 
Sleeper, A. P. Cheney, F. C. Perrln. 

Church— Union, David Galley. Merchant— Horace Saunders. 

Manufocturers— lumber, S. S. Patten, T. T. Drake, J. P. Berry, B. 
r. Hutch ins, J. W. Saunders, G. H. Berry. I 

Mechanics— bliicktmiiths, L. A O. 8. Gale; carpentara, Harvey 
Locke, H. J. Welton. S. Kirk, B. M. Tenney. 

ilI^L.&:NST<>WN9 MERRlMAC^Fo^. 1,708. 8. £. fr. C. 7. 
R. R. S. — Allenstown A Suncook on Sun. Val. R. R. 

OFFICERS— C/«rik and Treas., C. F. Hildreth ; Selectnunt S. B. Cof- 
ran, E. H. Holt, C. N. Fowler; 8upL, G. B. Hildreth. 

Postmistress— Miss Mary E.^ Evans. 

Justices— H. H. Hartwell, Wm. Hazeltine, 0. F. P. Hildreth, D. L. 
Jewell, J. B. Hazelton, N. Kenison, State ; C. B. Hildreth, H. B. Buiery; 
8. B. Cofran. 

Churches— Meth., H. H. Hartwell ; R. Oath., J. H. 0. Dowignon. 

Exp. Ag'ts — Harvey Dennison, Warren Martin. 

Lawyers— Johu B. Hazelton, C. B. Hildreth. 

Manufacturers— brick, P. ft W. Sargent, Jabaa Green; efgars, C. 
H. Noyes ; cottons, China Mannfg Co., D. L. Jewell, ag*t ; lumbar. A.; 
N. Osgood ; lumber and wood, S. B. Cofran. 

Mechanies— carpenters, R. Brown, K. D. Stoart, F. Batcheldar '; 
painters, John Littlefield, E. Y. Fife. 

Merchants— books and stationery, O. H. Xoyea ; boots and ahoes, 
Joseph Lacaaee ; clothing, Richardson ft Co ; dry goods, Appleton 8is-| 
ters; drugs and medicines, C. F. Hildreth; furniture, stoves and tin 
ware, C. P. Morse ; groceries, Bartlett A Dalton, J. Sawyer A Co.; bard 
ware, Williams A Hosmer, David Hayes. 

Physicians— O. F. Hildreth, A. Gouthi^. 

ALrST£A.I>9 CHESHIRE— Fop. ^l,m. 8. W. from O., M. N. 
fr. Keene, 16. R. R. E— Cold River, on Cheshire R. R. 

OFFICERS— C^eHfc, F.J. Marvin; !ZVeou., £. A. Turner; Sdtelwun, 
E. A. Huntley, G. 8. Egertoa, Andrew Morrison ; Supt.^ G. A. Mayu; 
£lttp«rviA)r«, J. F. Dicker. Aiken Giimoro. A. S. Thnraton. 


Postmasters— A. B.SiB«rwm; CenUr, S[ju7 Bh«pard; JBagt^ S. M. 

I'i Justices— BoliTar Lorell, Ghaa. S. Cooke, ▲.Gilmore. B. M. Smith. 
StaU; Tiiuo. Tofts, A. S. Tbarstoa, J. A. Brown, Q. A. Majo, H. A. 
LoTell, Whitoey Breed. 

Cburches — Cobk., Geo. F..Chapin, East, Q. B. Ricbardeon; UdIt. 

Exp. Ag't— F. P. Huntley. Hotel— Humphrey House, F. J. Surge. 

Lawyer— E. M. Smith. 

Livery Stables— £. J. Surge, S. O. Andervon. 

Manufiicturers— cider »nd cider rinegar. Chat. S. Bgertoa : edge 
tools, O. A. Brooks; flour vnd meal, F. W. Nourae; iron ware, plows, 
etc., C. E. Cooke ; lumber. J. P. Forristal, Q. Q. Banks, John Holmes,! 
■SS. 6. Anderson; plows, C. M. Lufkin; pumps, S. Morrison; 
^toTesand tin ware, H. S. Weeks; JBast^ rakes, E. P. Kidder; scythe 
nibe and pail handles, W. H. Messer ; scythe sticks, Lewis Denierse. 

Mechanics & Artisans— blacksmiths, H. L. Rice, H. P. Ware, E. S.| 
Rabbins. Wm Cheerer ; JBagt, H. £. Taylor; carpenters, H. D. Dickey,' 
G. V. R. Watts, J. S. Wo«>d. G. C. Webster, W. H. Howard, jr.; East, 
G. H. Burroughs, R. P. Bnrrouichis S. Morrison; cooper. Peletiah 
|Clarke ; harness maker, Samuel Powers ; hair dresser, J. R. Prentiss ;' 
.painters, J. Kyder, S. 0. Ball, A. H. Ryder ; photographer, A. P. Y. 
Rice ; printer, C. S. Egerton ; wheelwright, C. S. Angier, H. P. March ; 
Jittd^ D. F. Brown ; wool carding, W. 3. Cadj. 

Merchants— H. A. Lovell. Timothy Tufts, E. A. Huntley ; East, 
Jneett Chandler; boots and shoes, H. D. Randall, Wm. Howard ; drngs 
and medicines, C.K.Vilas; fancy goods, jewelry, eto., D. P. Kings- 
,bury; meat, Henry Moore; picture frames and fancy goods, L. F. 
Kortney ; stationery, confectionery, fruits, nuts, tobacco, cigars, etc.,; 
A. R. Emerson; pianos and organs, A. R. Emerson; rariety store, 
school books, etc. B. H. Fisher. 

Physicians— S. T. Smith ; homeo. C. M. Lufkin. 

ALTON, BELKNAP— Pop. kl,477. N. E. fr. C. 28 ; S. E. fr. La- 
conia 2U m. JB. R. & — Altou and Alton Bay, on Dorer and Winne- 
piseotree R. R. Conveyance to OilmMBton Iron Works daily. I 

OFFICERS— a«r*, J. W. Currier ; IVeas., A. H. Sawyer ; SOecimtn, 
A. L. Rollins, Morrison Bennett, J. £. Smith : 9upt.^ H. I. Nute. I 

Postnnasters— A. H. Sawyer ; Bay, C. P. Emerson ; West, C. H. Foss.' 

Justices — A. L. Rollins, J. E. Smith, G. D. Sarage, Charles Hayes, 
J. W. Currier, StaU; J. E. Berry, A. H. Sawyer, 0. J. M. Oilman, i 

I Churehes— Adv., ; East, ; Cong., F. D, Chandler ; F. Bap., 

H. J. Jones, C. AL Emery. I 

Exp. Ag'ts— G. Tilton ; Bay, J. M. French, also Td. Jg't. \ 

I Hotels — Winnepiseogee, A. 0. Phillips & Co.; Cocheeo, Geo. F.' 
Savage; Fifield, J. H. Fifield. 

Lawyer — J. W. Currier. 

Livery Stables— A. 0. Phillips ft Co., Geo. F. Sarage, J. H. Fifleld. 

Manufatourers— flour, I. Wentworth; lumber, I. Wentworth, J 
j Wood man; shoe boxes, L. Woodman. I 

I Mechanics & Artisans— blacksmiths, H. F. Muszey, Gray <k Hnrd; 
carpentov, A. P. Hanson, T. Berry, J. C. Dexter ; hair drssser, G. S. 
Bassett; j>ainterB, H. C. Avery, 0. Freeman; shoemaker, Enoch 
iHorne; tailor, J. K. Boynton: wheelwrights, JD. P. Evans, A. Cham- 

I Merchants — Mooney ft Tarney, Jones ft Sawyer, H. I. Nute, C- K. 
Rollins : Bay, C. P. Emerson, 0. H. Downing ft Co. 

Physician— P. H. Wheeler. 


ARIIIERST. niLL8B0ROUGff—Pop, 1,225. S. fr. C, 30., N. 
iW. fr. Nanhaa 10.; S. W. fr. Manchester 10. R. R. &— Amherst on 
NHsliua k Wilton R. R., 3 m. coach to and fr. all trains. 
I OFFICERS— C/eri, A. A. Rotch ; Trttu.^ R. T. Knisht : Selectmen^ 

D. W. Trow, Mark Putnam, William Pratt ; Board of Educatinu^ J. O. 
IDjvvis, G. W. Bosworth, H. Mc Intlre, Goo. W. Patnam ; A^ent^ G. W. 


Postmaster— W. D. Forsaith. Tel. Ag't— B. Aiken. 
I Justioes— Chas. Richardson, Perley J>odg«, A. A. Rotch, ^ate ; J. B. 
Fay, A. 8. Wilkins, J. O. Pulsifer, H. Mc Intire. 

Churches— fop., — — ; Gong., W. D. Lelabd ; Meth., I. Aing- 

worth. Lawyer — Perley Dodge. 

Exp. Ag't-^¥. R. Chfcrk. Ins. Ag't— Chas. Richardsoil. 

Hotel — Amherst Honse, J. B. Fay. 

Manufkcturers — flour and meal, J. P. Nourse. Gyms Gross ; kits,' 
Gyrus Cross ; i)icture frames and axe helres, G. S. Parker. I 

Mechanics & Artisans— blackHmiths, Geo. Walker, Gilbert Sn>aU, 
J. F. Osgood, jr.; carpenters, E. R. Burtt, £. K. Burtt, If. P. Phelps ;> 
masons, L. Smith, James Cochran ; printers, E. D. Boylston. A. A. 
Rotch. I 

Merchants — H. C. Dodge ; auctioneer, J. G. Haseltine ; broker, A. A. 
Rotch ; groceries, W. D. Forsaith, A. F. Sawyer; groceries and provis-i 
ions, G. W. Osgood ; meat, G. W. Osgood, G. K. Walker ; stoves and tin- 
WHre, J. B. Fay. 

Physicians— W. H. Dinsmore, Horatio Mclntire, Edward Aiken. 

AinoskeaffT — S^^ Manchester. 

AN DOVER, MERRIMACK— ^01^. 1,204. N. W. fr. 0. 22. R. 
R. .Sf.— We^t And., Potter Place, And. Gen., and E. And., on N. R. R. 

OFFICERS— C7<fr*, 11. M. Bosworth; Treat, l>. B. Weymouth; 
Belectmeny H. R. Hamilton, C. H. Emerson, C. W. Stone; fht/if., S. J. 

Postmasters— W. S. Qnimby ; Ea$t, C. G. Perare; West^'VL.V. Helendy. 

Justices— J. W. Kenniston, C. G. Pevare, F. W. Proctor. G. H. Mor- 
rill, J. M. Shirley, C. E. Carr, Wm. E . Melendy. J. F. Emery, John 
Proctor, C. M^Clay, II. W. Kilburn,«<rfe; J. D. Philbrick, H. A. Wey- 
mouth, S. M. Ellis, Clark Dargin R. J. Stearns, G. W. StouQ, J. E 
Babbitt, C. Ni Emerson. 

Churches — Ea^^ Cons:., Howard Moody ; F. Bap., J. G. Mansey. 

Ex. & Tel. Ag'tS— £n< W. B. Durgin ; Wtst^ Dan Sheehan. 

Manufacturers— hosiery. East, H. M. Busiel ; hubs, CUUym^e, G 
J. Wliite ; lasts, John Wadleigh ; lumber, dUeytville, Daniel Dowses. ', 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, GiUtysville^ E. B. Hubbard, J. R. Bates ; 
EaMt, Yeaton A Son ; carpenter, iSast, J. B. Wadleigh ; coopers, East\ 

E. G. Chase ; dressmaker. West, Mrs. R. N. Messer ; harness maker,j 
CilleygvilUy J. F. Hazen; painters,. W. H. Grey; (carriage and signji 
CM^wille^ W. L. Perkins ; wheelwright, CiUeyuritte, J. F. K^nerson.l 

Merchants— TTiMt, Taylor ft Babbitt, Melendy ft Emsraou; East, 
C.G. Pevare, C. W. Cole; C'dUygviUe^ E. Loverin, Fellows ft Davis; 
Huctioneer, CilleysvilU, G.J.White; drugs, and medicines, Eatty C. W. 
Bartlett ; flour and meal, Cilltysvitle, Daniel Do wnes ; groceries, pat- 
ent medicines, etc., Eatt^ Clark Durgin. 

Physician- H. A. Weywortb. 

Center— Church— Unit., . 

Hotel & Livery Stables— John Proctor, W. D. Thompson, ag't. 

lawyers— John M. Shirley, C. E. Carr, F. W. Proctor. 

Literary Institution— Proctor Academy, , ptin. 



Manufacturers — clothm driers, Samuel Morrill ; haiues and sad 
die tretifl. Baker, Garr A Co. 

Mecbanics — blacksmith, A. W. Baker: earpentan, W. D. Wood-j 
bury, A. R. Hamilton ; hairdresser, Carlton Hall ; mssons. D. M.| 
Davis, BenJ. Merrill, C. C. Monlton; printer, J. T. Woodbury; shoe-! 
maker, J. S. Tucker; stone cutters, John Baswell, Lyman Currier. > 

Merchants — Qaimby k Weymouth; auctioneer, CilUytville. 0. J. 
White ; drugs and medicines, C. W. Bartlett ; Krocei||es, F. E. Baker ;' 
meat, A. C. Fifleld ; stores and tinware, J. H. Brown ; whips and 
potatoes, R. N. Messer. 

, Potter P I au^e— Postmaster, Ex. A Tel. Ag't— F. P. Goss. 
• Hotel A Livery SUble— J. B. Hill A Son. 

I Mecbanics — blacksmiths, Jesse Baker \ dross maker, Mrs. Ira Bar- 
'uey. I 

I ANTRinr, JJILLSBOROVGH— Pop., 1,171. 8. W. fr. C. 30,1 
N. W. fr. Manchester, 30, and fr. Nashua, 33. B. iZ.^S.— Antrim, on 
HilUboro' and Peterboro R. R. — an extemtion of Gontoocook YsUej R. 
R. Greeufield 8 m. on Nashua and Wilton R. R. Stage to Greenfield 
twice daily. Daily stage from, Greenfield to North Branch. i 

OFFICERS— Cfer*, C. B. Dodge; 7V«af., 8. 8. Sawyer; Seltcttnm, 

C. W. Kelsea, E. C. Paige ; Geo. E. Whlttum ; 8upt., I. G. Antoine ; Super- 
visors, A. H. Ingram, G. H. Cleaves. | 

Postmasters — £. D. Putney ; North Branch, Almus Fairfield. | 

' Justices — D. H. Goodell, N. C. Jameson, Morris Christie, Josiah' 
Loveren, C. B. Dodge, N. W. C. Jameson. A. H. Ingram, A. Fairfield,' 
StaU; E. D. Putney, Imla Wright, W. R. Oarr, A. A. MiUer, R. P. 
Whittemore, E. W. Baker. 

Churches— Bap. H. F. Brown ; Meth., Q. M. Curl ; Pres. W. R 
Cochran. •Lawyers — Holman ft Buxton. 

Exp. Ag'tS— li. S. A C. Ex. C<»., R. P. Whittemore; Morrill A Co., 
,J. N. P. Woodbury. Station Ag't— A. H. Ingram. 
; Hotel — Carter House, Chao. H. Neal. 

Livery Stables— J. N. P. Woodbury, Chas. H. Neal, Chas. Bass, R. 
P. Whitiemore. 

Manufacturers— fruit parers, cherry «toners, seed sowers, wa- 
ter proof Cutlery, silver plHting, knife and file handh>8, Goodnll A Co.; 
biHisteads, Dodge Bros.; cribs and cnidles, A. F. True, Daniel Story ; 
cribs, cradles and spring bed bottoms. £. Z. Hastings; cribn, 
cradles, rustic window shades J. G. Abbott ; excelsior, M. D. A A. M. 
Poor; washing machinen. J. G. Abbott; lumber, C. F. Holt, Thomas' 
Poor, W. A. Hildreth, M. D. A A. M. Poor ; North Branch, D. J.| 
Parkhuret, Joniah Loveren ; pail and tub handles. North Branchy D. jj 
Parkhorst A Son ; paRteboard boxes, S. R. Robinson ; rocking cradles.' 
E. C. Paige; picture frames, Geo. Wilkins; sewing silk and tram,! 
J.N. Kelsea; suspenders, C. B. Cochrane ; tassel spools, Ac, Thomp- 
son Manufg Co. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, L. W. Hill, J. A. Bryer; North Branch, 

D. P. Bryer; boots and shoe makers, A. Stephenson, C.J. Whitney; 
carpenters, J. M. Ducan, P.W.Clark, Henry Kimball, S. N. Worthley; 
Ed. Worthley; NoHh Branch, G.F. Mcllvin, B. F. Kidder; cooper, 
Rodney Sawyer ; hair dresser, Norman Morse ; harness maker, B. F. 
Upton ; masons, J. C. Butterfleld ; North Branch, H. S. Lawrence, 
painters, Chas. Champney, C. H. Griffin ; (carriage) F. L. Nay ; job. 
printer, £. J. Thompson; tailor, F. F. Roach; undertaker, John GJ 
Abl)Ott; wheelwrights. Dodge Bros., A. U. French; North Branch,^ 
W. B. Curtis, H. B. Mcllvin. 


Merchants— J. B. Woodbnry, £. D. k L. W. Patn«jr, C. B. Cocbrmne ; 
North Branch, G. P. Little, Alums Fairfield; auctioneen, 6. A. Coch- 
rane, Eben.Basv, N. W. G. Jameeon, J. N. P. Woodbary; grocer- 
ies etc., Dodge A £aton; millinery, ILra. B. F.Upton; itovea and tin- 
ware, Sqairet Foraaith. 

Physicians— I. Q. Antholne ; bomeo., Morris Christie. 

Summer Boarding Houses— £ben Buss, Mrs. Sdward Whitdy, 
Mrs. S. £. D. Perry, J. M. Duncan ; North Branch, Mrs. M. McIIvin. 

ASH li AND, GRAFTON-^Vo\i. 960. N. ft. G. 46. 8. B. fr. 
Plymouth, 6; R. R. <$.— Ashland on B. C. k M. R. R. { 

OFFICERS— C7(e-ft, B. B. Worthen ; Tfot., F. L. Hugbea ; Gduimm, 
Edwin B. Currier, E. Q. Clapp, Calvin Swett ; Supt^y Chas. Shepard. 

Postmaster— E. ti. Clapp. Tel. Ag't.— W. F. Harris. 

Justices — Hiram Hodgdon, J. L. Wilson, E. F. Bailey, T. P. Cheney,' 
B.B. Wovthen, J. F. Keyes, R. R. D. Dearborn, StaU ; B. F. Pease, £. 
G. Clapp, F. M. Hatches, J. H. Eastman. 

Bankers — J. F. Keyes k Co. 

Churches— F. Bap., W. L. Noyes ; ^is., Frederic M. Gray. 

Ex. Ag't— T. P. Woodman. 

Hotel A Livery Stable— Sqnam Lake House, J. M. Cotton. 

Ins. Ag't— B. B. Worthen. 

Lawyer — J. L. Wilson. 

Mauufkcturers — leather board, S. F. Bailey. Fred CoUius; lum- 
ber, Lake Co. Mill, H. Page; car and ship timber, T. N. HuRhe-o : 
raanilla wrapping psper. Wilder k Co.: Plymouth buckskin and kid 
gloves. F. Draper k Co., J. G. Morrison, Blodgett Glore Co.; leather' 
and straw board, S. C. Baker. i 

Mechanics & Artisans— boot and shoe makers, S. Hodge, D.C. Mer- 
rill, blacksmiths, Jas. G<>rdon, C. A. Huckins, B. F. Pease ; carpenters, G 
jW. Baker, Frank Thompiion, S. C. Shepherd, Ruel Ladd, Lunis Mon- 
eutte; dress makers, Mrs. S. D. Whitt>'n, Misses Rowe k Heald, E.T.' 
Warner; hair dresser, M. C. Blake ; jeweler and photographer, C. F.' 
Bracy; machinists, contractors and builders, Shepard k Fletcher; 
masons, C. Heath, F. T. Warren ; painters, L. A. Ham, A. D. B. Dear-' 
born ; tinsmith and stove dealer, £. G. Clapp. 

Merchants — Hodgdon k Pollard, E. Rodgers. Hughes k Hackins, 
Levi Clough, Anna Dean ; auctioneer, B. F. Pease ; drugs and medi- 
'cines, A. E. Porter; fancy goods and small wares. Miss M. J. Huck-; 
iins; fancy goods and millinery, Mrs. S.J. Brown, Susie Dean; meat 
and vegetables, Calley k Hughes. 

Physicians — J. A. Dana. Bnos Huckins, S. H. Gawey, A. R. Gray. 

Asliuelot — See Winchester. 

A'l'KINSON, ROCKING HA M—Vov. 601. S. E. fitim C. 36; 8 
,W. fr. Exeter, 16. R. R. &— Atkinson, on B. A M. R. R. Dailv stage 
I OFFICERS— C/«rJk. S. B. Mason ; TVcos., W. W. Hatch ; SeUdmtm 
E. P. Hoiit, C. P. Trefry. Charles Fernald ; Supt., John Dow. 

Postmasters— G. P. Dorr, Depot, M. F. Hoyt. 

Justices — Grcenleaf Clarke, Samuel G. Chandler, John Dow, &aU.\ 
Gilman Greenough, John V. Hazeo, Isaac R. Hovey, Chas. Fernald. 

Churches— Oong., E»ra B. Pike ; Univ., . 

Ex & Tel. kq^i— Depot, M. F. Hoyt. 

Literary- Institution— Atkinson Academy, B. H. Weston |yrfn. 

Mechanics— carpenters, C. B. Sargent, Nesmith k Mmbou, J. M 
Nesmith, 8. B. Mason, W. H. Wason ; masons, James Knight, J. K 
Mason, painter, B. H. Steele. Merchant— O. P. Dow. 



AUB17BX, ROCKIXOHAM-^Vov. 720. 8. B. fr. 0. 18; W. fr 

Eseter. 18. R. R. &— Auburn, 1% m. on G. d^ P. R. R. 

OFFICERS— 0;«rA, S. O. Prescott ; Tr«a»,^ W. G. Underbill ; S^Ucbne^ 
A. ¥. Vox. Edwin Plummer, A. B.Emery; Supt.^ Carrie M. Eastman. 

Postmistress— M. A. Wiley. Ex. Ag't— Henry Saltmarah. 

Justices— A. F. Fox, W. G. Underbill, Wm. M. Neal, fiCote; Har 
rlsoQ Barnbam, A. p. Emery, Charles Spofford. 

Churches— Cong., C. E. Houghton ; Meth., Bailey. 

Manufaeturers- lumber, G. G. Griffin, G. P. Clark. 

Mechanics— blacksmith, A. E. Preston; carpenters, Stephen Sm 
ery, J. P. Chase; mason, Hidden Brown ; painter, J. E. White; wheel 
Wright, Cbarlee Goodwin. 

Merchants— Preecott A Clarke: grain dealer, O. W. Bead; gro 
jceries, Henry Saltmarah, Henry Dockham, Chaa. W. Calef; meat, Wm 
Emery, Alfred Sanborn. 

I BARBTSTEAD, BELKNAP-^Vop. 1,317. N. B. fr. C. 20; 8. E 
fr. Lacoiiia, 18. R, R. £1.— Pittsfleld, 4 m., Alton Comer, lU, Dover, 2s 
Rochester 18 and Farmington, 14 ; conveyance to each. 

OFFICERS— Oerfc, Center, A. F. Shackford; Treaa., N. 8. Nutter 
Selectmen, South, I. L. Berry, Horace Walker; Barade, A. P. Nnt 
ter ; iyupt, John Geoige. 

Postmasters— C. W. Blanchard; Center, T. H. Hnse; South, 1 
Hanson ; J^orth, W. C. Berry. 

Justices— S. Shackford, G. W. Emerson, J. P. Blaisdell, C. 8. Qeorg( 
H. N. Goibath, I. L. Berry, Wm. H. Rizford, T. M. Huse, State; D. t 

Churches— Chris., ; Gong., Bircufe, W. 0. Carr; F. Bap 

; Nortfi, Charles Deland ; Center, John George. 

Hotel— Shackford's, S. G. Shackford. Lawyer— C. 8. George. 

Manufacturers — Center, boots and shoes, G. N. Chandler; lumbei 
Ezekiel Babb, Odcar Foes, T. K. Proctor ; South, David Houstin ; wool 
en goods A hosiery, Babcock & Pickering. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, Moses Emerson, Frank Emerson; Centei 
Timothy Emerson, E. H. Foss; Norths BenJ. Cole, G. A. Hall, SouO 
Thomas Grieves; carpenters, 0. H. P. Toung, J. H. Jenkins, Joh 
ri^aldo, F. S. Jenkins, F. .E. Palmer; coopers, Jacob Aiken, G. W 
Blake ; Center, Jefferson Chesley, David Chesley, Henry Cbesley ; ma 
^on, S. D. Nutter; painters, N. 8. Nxttter, D. H. W^hitcomb; Oente^ 
|G. E. Nutter; wheelwrights, CefiUer, Frank Blake; North, Stephe 
Pendergast, G. A. Hall. 

Merchants— C. W. Blanchard; SovUh, Eben Hanson; Center, G. ^ 
Huie, W. B. Young, J. F. Chesley ; auctioneer, J. P. Biaisdell ; Paradi 
F. S. Jennis; clocks and watches, Daniel Tuttle. 

PhysieiaBS— Onlsr, G. H. Hawley ; dentists, James Rowe, Geo. W 
Emerson, 2d. 

BABRINGTOrf) STRAFFORD— Vop. 1495. E. fr. C. 3C 
W. fr. Dover 8. R. R. A— Barrington, on N. k R. R. R. Daily raai 

OFFICERS— CWJk, W.H. Smith; 7V<m., J. R. Culef; SeUetmtn, F.I 
Clark. Chas. F. Winkley, D. W. Locke ; Supt., Chas. W. Weeks. 

Postmasters-Jeremiah Waterhouse ; E(ut, G. B.Haley; Norii 
Daniel Cater. 

Justices — L. A. Brown, J. 8. Daniels, Wm. Waterhonse, Jona. Dm 
tin, StoU; H. G. Cater, H. Thompson, Gil man Uall, J.C. Caverlj, Joh 
Watson, A. J. Moody. 

tlhurches— Cong., S. F. Borcher; Bap., ; F. W. Bap 

C. C Kimball ; Meth., 




Manufacturers^-basketfl, Eben Capen ; exceltdor, Wm. O. Bticzell 
hoi'He blankets, Carpenter Bros,; lumber, Anderson A Cochran, W. U 
BuKzell, H. W. & J. M. Locke, J. F. ft J. W. Berry, Pierce Broe. 
Elina K. Hall. 

Mechanic ft Artisans— blaeksmiths, O. O. A, Chesley, Nat. Brook 
Chas il. Brown, J. U. Cliesley ; carders, Carpenter Bros.; carpentern. 
Daniel Lea, John Arliu. L F. Berry; nason, J. M. Chesley ; painterx. 

B. Clark, F. H. Clark, J. Chesley, E. S. Clark ; shoemaker, Chas. Halt 
wheelwrights, A. Drew, O. 8wain, Andrew Smith, Wni. II. Buzxell. 

Merchants — grain and flour, O. B. Haley ; groceries, J. R. Calef, 
T. R. llHll, W. E. Watcrhouse, £. B. Brown. 

Physicians — Wm. Waterhouse, David Mc Daniel, J. S. Daniels, 
John Oilman. 

BART LETT, CABROLL—Vop, 1,043. N. E. fr. a 85; N. W 
fr. Ossipee, 45. R. R. &— Bartlett and filen Station, on P. A 0. R. K 

OFFICERS— C7er A, J. Jl. Gillies; SeUctmm, C. F. Buffum, B. W. Wy 
man, Chas. W. Nute. 

Postmasters— Edgar A. Sterens; Lower^ BenJ. W. Wyman; Onttrt. 


Justices— G. W. M. Pitman, A. L. Meserve, M. W. Pierce, E. M . 
Hall, &tate : R. W. Weeks, Frank George, J. R. Gillies, Wm. Pitman 

Churches— Adv., J. B. Deariag ; F. Bap,, Spencer Kenison ; Metb., 
3. Cornwall. 

Hotels— Bartlett House, Frank George ; East Branch House, Pit- 
man Bros.; Pequjiket House, Hazen Pitman ; Pendexter Manf iqp, 

C. C. Pendexter. Exp. Ag't & Tel. Operator^-J. R. Gillies. 
Lawyer— G. W. M. Pitman. Physician— G. H. Shedd. 
Manufacturers— carriages, A. W. Towle; lumber, Bartlett Land 

xnd Lumber Co., Kearsarge Peg Co. 

Mechanics — blacksn'iths, Perkins ft Wilson ; Center^ Timothy Per- 
kiuj), Woodbury Perkins ; carpenterB,«Freenian Stillings, A. M. Hall, 
E. M. Hall, Q. W. Peck, H. P. RIchHrds, E. T. Rogers, Samuel Muir; 
^enlttr, Joseph Mead ; tailor, S W. Peak ; painters, J. F. Robinson, L. 
H. Babb, Geo. P. Dinsmore. 

Merchants— Mewerve A Gillies, W. 8. Foster, Gardner Buffum & Co., 
). W. Peaks; Center^ Joseph Mead ; Xoi&er, G. W. M. ft A. Pitman, L 

BATH, GRAFTON— Vop., 1,033. N. W. fr. C. 80. N. fr. Haver 
lill. 14. R. R. &'.- Bath, on B. C. ft M. R. R. 

OFFICERS— CZ^rA:, C. C. Foster; Treat., Edward Woods; Seltctynen, 
i. J. Leighton, J. D. Child, J. C. Noyes. 

Postmaster— D. G. A. Foster. Ex. & Tel. Agent— H. P. Ross. 

Justices— J. II. Johnson, J. L. Carlton, A. Pi' Carpenter, Spragur 
larlton, C. N. Krook, State; Daniel Patterson, E. Woods, H. C. Carbt-e, 
►Vni. Minot, M. S. Woodward, Moses Abbott, J. C. Noyen, Philip 
arppnter, A. H. Carpenter, J. A. Davis, H. H. Clark, A. F. Bartlett, 
. C. Foster, W. B. Blandin. 

Churches— 13ong., Daniel Philips; Meth., Claudins Byrnes. 

Eating House & Livery Stable— W. H. Hubbnrd. 

Lawyers — J. L. Carlton, A. P. Carpenter, Edward Woods, Philip 

Literary Institution— Bath Academy, prln. 

Manufacturers — Itoots and shoes, B. F. Elliott; cloth dressing and 

ool carding, M. S. Woodward ; lumber, Swiftwater^ Swift water Shjv-' 

lill Co.. Woods ft Weeks, Daniel Wliitcher; starch, Wm. Southard; 

ood pulp, Conant .v Co. 




Mechanics A Artisans— blacksmiths, S. H. Hastings, H. D. Glonj^h ; 
Zadock Reuiick ; carpenters, Moses Lnn)i:, Richard Cross, J. D. Norn's, 
0. P. Rollins; painters, J. N. Lyons, Chas. H. Foster, tailor, J. M. 

I Merchants— D. G. A. Foster, Silas W. Plimpton, Joel Tucker* 
I Physicians— Wm. Child; eclec, J. Brouson. 

I BEDFORD, HILLSBOROaGH'-Pop., l,20i. 8. fr. C.21;S. 
W. fr. Manchester 6. H. R. 8. — Manchester, on C. R. R. I 

i OFFICEBS— Clerk, S. A. Riddle; Treat., John Uodgman; Select- 
men, N. B. Hull, 2d, J. N. Riddle, H. Townseud ; Supt.^ John Uodgman. 
I Postmistress A Merchant— Mrs. Mary J. Kendall. I 

' Justices-^. A. Riddle, I. N. Riddle, T. A. GoflTe, State; S. A. Rid- 
^dle, John Hodgraan, Clinton French, R. M. Rollins, W. B. Kendall, 
H. R. Barnard, F. U. Brown. 

' Church— Pres., . Physician— D. P. Campbell, 2nd. 

' Manufacturers— boots and shoes, O. L.AC. H. Kendall; bricks, 
Daniel Parker ; lumber, S. C. Damon, £. K. Woods, G. W. GoflTe, G. 
F. Shepard, B. Beal, J. R. Leach. 

Mechanics A Artisans— blacksmiths, T. F. Kendall, J. S. Park-'> 
harst; carpenters, Clinton Bixby, James Gardner; mason, E. G. Gil- 
more; wheelwright8, C. P. Farley, Senter Farley. | 
, BELHONT, BELKNAP~Fop., 1,226. N. fr. C. 18. 8. fr. La- 
conia, 6. R. R. &— Tilton, d m.. East Tilton, 4 m., on B. C. A M. B. R. 
,Daily stafre to Tilton. 

OFFICERS— 0^«rik, E.G. Bean; Treat., W.H. Shepard: SeUotmm, 
Isaiah Piper, J. 6. Gate, H. C. Woodward ; Supt., 8. J. Gould. 

Postmaster— £. C. Bean. Exp. A't— C. H. Aikens. 

Justices— W. C. Wells, C. A. Hackett, A. P. B. Currier, p. o. ad. 
Eaitt Tilton, Isaiah Piper, A. J. Hackett, J. G. Cate, J. W. Wells. E. 
P. Thompson, G. E. Clough, D. W. Jndkius, Ira Mooney, State; E. C. 
,Bean. C. E. Moody, J. B. Mathews, M. H. Philbrick. 
' Churches— Chris., £. S. Monlton; Ist F. Bap., T. G. Wilder; 2n'l 
F. Bap., S. G. Gould. 

I Hotels — Brown's Hotel, A. W. Brown; Belmont House, Ira 
iMooney. Lawyer— E. P. Thompson. Livery Stable— Hay den Grant.! 
! Manufacturers— brick, A. W. Brown; hosiery, Gilmanton Mills, 
iMoses Salient, jr., a^'t; lumber, Arthur Brown, N. D. Gannon ; lum-l 
rber and wood, J. M. Folsom. I 

I Mechanics & Artisans-^blacktimiths, Hazen, Abbott k Co.; car-l 
'penters, C. L. Akely,G. W. Riley. Jewett Maxfleld, Cyrus Norris, R. P.! 
.Willard, W. Lamprey, R. Allen, C. H. Thompson; hair dresser, H. J.I 
Fuller; harness maker, Alfred Webb; marble worker, W. R. Gale;! 
masons, Nath'l Ellsworth, p. o. ad., Laconia, J. M. Knowles ; (paint- 
jer, G. W.Cole; wheelwright, Beuj. Johnson. 

I Merchants— T. E. Clough & Son, G. W. Hunt, R. G. Hoyt k Co.; 
Jdrags and medicines, E. G. Bean ; meat, N. S. Piper. 

Physicians — 3. A. Merrill, Wm. A. Bucklin. 

BEMNINOTOir, HILLSBOROUG ff—Vop. 493. 8. W. fr. C. 
|32; W. fr. Manchester 30. R. R. S. — Bennington, on Hillsborough & 
Peterboro B. R., and Manchester & Keene R. R. 1^ mile. 
I OFFICERS— aeri, M. M. George ; Treat., William Eaton ; Selectmen, 
iWesley Wilson, W. H. Darrah, J. C. Dodge ; Supt., J. H. Flemings. 

Postmaster — G. A. Whittemore. Hotel — ^JoUn Muzzey. 

Justices— J. C. Dodge, State ; J. W. Flagg. 

CHureh — Cong., James Holmes. Exp. Ag't— John Woodbury. 

Livery Stable — Amos A. Martin. 


Manufacturers — boott and shoeB, Ldwis Martin; cutlery, O H. 
Ooodell ; boM and cutl«ry, G. J. Kimball A Son ; lumber and meal, J. 
£. King. 

Mechanics — ^l^lacksmith, Frank Twitchell ; carpenters, W. Wilson, 
W. Ea^OD, Luke Proctor; watchmaker, H. Lakin. 

Merchants — W. £. IXowns, Chas. E. Eaton; clocks aqd watches, 
Hartwell LaJcin ; lumber. King & Co; meat, G. P. Oriswold. 

Summer Boarding Houses-«-J. C. Dodge, James FaTor, John 

BKNTON, GBAFTON—?op. 378. N. W. ft. 0. 65 ; E. fr. H»t- 
erhill, 10. R. n. &— North Hayerhill on B. G. A U. &. R, 7 m. 
Stage Wednesdays And Saturdayti ; East HaTerhill, 10 miles. 

OfFlCEBS— C/<r^. £. L. Cox; Treas.i 0. A. Yeasey; Seltawitn, Geo. 
W. Mann, E. T. Hardy, E. M. True ; SupL, P. W. Allen. 

Postmaster— P. W. Allen. 

Justices— E. F. Mann, titale ; B. H. Tyrrell, P. W. Allen, W. B. Page 

Churches— Meth., 

Manufacturers— lumber, Chase Whitcher, J. H. Keyser, D. Bitii- 
ardson ; starch casks. J. H. Keyser ; shingles, S.W. Cowen. 

MeotaaniQS — carpenters. E. L. Cox, G. W. Mann, James NorriST 

B£RJLIN9 COO£^-Pop., 1,144. N. E. fr. C. 140; £. tr. Lancaster* 
35. R. JR. &— Berlin Falls on Grand Trunk R. R. 

OFFICERS— C/erA;, 8. D. Green; Treaa., J. B. Noyes; Bdecimen} 
Jacob Dreseer, J. Tuttle, L. H. Clark ; Bupt., J. Tuttle. i 

Postmaster^i^aUf, C. C. Gerrish ; Hilts, J. W. Parker. | 

Justices- A. K. Cole, Daniel Green, State; Jesse Tuttle, G. CofBn,i 
S. D. Green, J. W. Parker. j 

Churches — ^R. C, J. Gorman ; Univ., A. Bosserman ; Christ., A. J.| 

Hotels— Mt. Forest House, S. F. Leigbton ; Cascade Hotel, H. F.i 
Marston. Exp. & Tel. Agent— A. K. Cole. I 

Manufacturers- boots and shoes, Wm. Moffett, Louis Larertne:: 
lumber, Berlin Mills Co., Jericho Mills, C. H. & Z. £. Gilbert, J.WJ 
Green ; paper pulp fr. wood. Forest Fibre Co.; spool stnff and s«lt| 
boxes, S. D. Green, W. M. Wilson, Daniel Green ; shingles, L. M. Claik.' 

Mechanics— baker, Wm. Landry; blacksmiths, C. C. Leijfhton, 
Wm. D. Sanborn, J. H. Carney, S. D. Blodgett; carpenters, H. A. 
Blodgetr, H. Y. Mason, A. L. Winrhester, O. Bush : masons, H. G . 
Rowell, G. Coffin; millwrights, Franklin Wbeeler, pniuters. £.; 
VV. Scribner, W. A. Green; printers. Eastern Coos Printing k Publisii-! 
ing Co., S. D. Green, manager ;. wheelwrights, J. S. Gates, C. C. Leighton.' 

Merchants— Berlin Mills Co., Ira Mason, Stahl Brothers, G. C' 
Gerrish ft Co., A. C. Jewett ; drugs, H. F. Marble it Co.; cranberry, 
culturist, Daniel Green. 

BfiTIII^EIIEJIf, GRAFTON— Pop,, 1,400. N. from C. 90; NJ 
E. fr. HaverhiU 35. R. R. S.— Bethlehem, on Wb. Mt. R. R. Stages 
connect with all trains. 

OFFICERS— Cterfc. H. W. Wilder; 2V«a*., B. Swett; Sdectmen^V. 
B. Sawyer, Wm. £. Sanborn, C. E. Swazey ; SupL^ D. P. Goxdon. 

Postmasters— G. F. Abbott ; Alder Brock, H. C. Libbey ; MapUwood, 
G. T. Cnift; Pierces Bridge, F. Gordon. 

Justices^C. E. Baker, D. P. Gordon, H. W. Wilder, G.T. Cmfl, 
State ; Milo Bak«r, M. C. Noyes, Benj. Tucker, F. B. Sawyer, J. S { 
Blandin, H. C. Libbey, J. L. Wesley. 1 

Boarding Houses— Turner House, J. N. Turner ; BehtTne, DUvid 

illips; Strawberry Hill, J. K. Barrett; Avenue, Kelly ft Son; Mt. 



AgaasiB, H. Nye ; Prospect, Q. W. Phillips; Hillside Home, D. 1^. Da 

vis; Bethlehem, J. B. McGregor; Sunset, Geo. L. Ruaeell; Ceotennia 

House, H. W. Wilder ;■ Howard House, C. £. Bunker; AlpiiK 

House, C. H. Clark ; Mt. Washington House, C L. fiartlett, High 

land House, J. H. Clark, Upland House, C. li. Abbott. 

I Churches— CuriK. H. Norton ; Kpis. -— ~- ; Meth., C. J. Fowler. 

I Hotels — Sinclair House, Dnrgin A Fox ; M aplewood House, I. S 

Croft ; Rsmlet's, Daniel Baolet, prop. 

[ Uvery Stables— H. W. Wilder, G. H. A J. H. Clark, W. Smith 

Chas. Morrison, Ford k Allard, Cogswell Bros., J. B. Hnntoon. 

Manufacturers — lumber, John Pierce, Jr., Noyes, 1 Co., Libby Co. 

Mechanics & Artisans— blackainiths; Q. K. Morrison, SewellSliatn 
John Pierce, jr., T. W. Bean; carpenters, Joseph Fbilbrick, Johi 
Mc Gregory, S. Tamey, "Wro. Bunker, L. Woodman, Hollow ^ D 
I. Abbott, F. Abbott; cooper, John Ijovejoy; hair dressers, Ezri 
Knapp, L. D. Moi^an; masons, Wm Sanborn, Jas. Aah ; painters, A. 
Watson, Wm. Simpson. S. Sweet. 

I Merchants— J. S. Blandin, C. O. White ; auctioneer, H. W. Wilder 
Idrugs, G. F. AbltottyH. P. Smith A Co. ; groceries, Ezra G. Knapp. 
, Physician— H. A. Hiidreth. 

BO»C' A WJEN, if £i2/i/if^C^— Pop.. 1,380. JX. ^. tr. C.,10 
B. A. S. — ^Boscawen and North Boscawen, on Northern K. R. 
I OFFICERS— Cr«rJi;, C. E. Cbadwick; SeUctmen, J. C. Pearson, p. o. 
ad. Fisherville ; Sam'l Choate, F. L. Qerrish; Btq*t$. J. C. Pearson, p, Fisherville, F. Haley. 

Postmasters— e. E. Ghndwick ; Northy C. B. Dimond. 

Justices — Nehemiah Sutler, L. M. Chadwick, 1. K. Gafre, J. C 
jPeaxson, Chas. W. Webster, Luther Gsge, H. C. Adams, StaU ; E. £. 
Graves, G, W. Fisber, F. L. Gerrish, S. Choate. 

Church— Cong. J. H. Larry, p. o. ad. Fisberyille. 

Manufacturers — brick, J. £. Rines; leather, E. Raymond; lum- 
ber, H. W. Flanders, C. i J. Gajre, p. o. ad. Fisberville; 
I Mechanics^-blacksmiths, H. S. Annis, E. W. Durgin; carpenten 
'Bradley Atkinson, G. L. Pillsbury; granite worker. Jiorth^ C. W 

Merchants — JP/ain, C. W. Csrter, Foot & Morse, p. o. ad. Fisberville ; 
Geo. £. Kimball, p. o. ud. Fisberville; carriages, David Fellows, C. J 
Cbadwick ; fancy goods, C.E. Cbadwick. 
! Physicians — £. B. Graves, S. M. Emery, p. o. ad. Fisherville; 

homeo.. Alexander. 

' UOW,MEJfItIMACK-^Vop., 734. S. fr. C 6. £. S. S.—Oon- 
cord and Robinson's Ferry, on C. R. R. 

I OFFICERS — Clerk, Rodolphui< Green ; TreOi. Enoch Alexsnder ; 
SeUetmen^ John W. Goodhue, Harrison P. Brown, C. B. Rogers ; Supt. 
U. A. Hadley. 

Postmaster— ^T. C. Hammond. 

Justices— J. W. Goodhue, H. M. Baker, H. K. White, StaU ; H. S. 
Hamilton, J. C. Hammond, C. G. Brown, Leonard Kendall, H. Colby. 

Church es^Bap.. ; Meth. 

I Manufacturers— lumber, Geo. W. Colby, Hiram Colby, Moses Per- 
kins. T. Udd. 

! Meehanies — blacksmiths, J. Brown, Wm. Dunklee; carpenters, 
Asa. G. Hammond, D. M. Hammond, Geo. H. Elliot, W. L. RoRers, 
J. B. Elliott; mason, J. C. Hammond; stone cotters, J. W. Goodbne, 
Geo. W. Allen, James Palmer, G.H. Palmer; tailor, J. J. Buntiu; 
wheelwright, G. H. Elliot. 


B4»w Mills— Postmistress—Mrs. J. L. Colby. 

Manufacturers— brick, John Brown 2ncl ; cigars, M. M. BinBmore, 
M. A. Hadie.v ; lumber, Horace Call, James £. Brown. 

Mechanics — blacksmith, Willoughby Colby; carpenters, Seriah 
Morgan, George Sanborn ; mason, Albert Ordway ; miller, I. E. Dow ; 
stone cutter, Seriah Morgnn. 

Bo'W Eiake—See Strafford. No Post o£9ce. 

BKAl>FOKD, MERBIMACK—Fop. 950. W. fir. C, 25. 

B, R. iS.-^Bnidtbrd and Blolvin's Mills, on C. & C. R. B. Stage to New 

OFFICERS— C7crA:, C. H. Morrill; Treat. H. K. Martin; Selectmen, 

V. H. Gillingham, M. W. Tappan, A.F. Smith ; ^/><., Elbridge Pepper. 

Postmaster— W. A. Carr. Ciiurcli — ^Bap. Elbridge Pepper; Cong., 

E. D. Curtis. 

Justices — E. H. Eaton, J. W. Morse, T. P. Jones, M. W. Tappan, 

F. K. Felch, F. M. Tappan, Slate; W. A. Carr, Joshua Eaton, C. 
F. Davis, H. C. Felch, G. W. Tucker. 

Ex. A Tel. AgH— G. L. Mitchell. Ins. Ag't— T. K. Lund. 

Hotels — Raymond House, Charles Gillis: Bradford, Martin Bartlett; 
Springs, Mc Coy & Nichols. Livery S tables— Uarvey Colby, R. Bates. 

Lawyer— M. W. Tappan. 

Manufacturers — bobbins, M. B. Presby; chairs, F. A. Brown; 

lumber, Blood, D. G. Peanlee; lumber, chair stock and picker 

sticks, ThorndikeA Gould; cider, C. H.Morse; tin, A. L. Marshall; 
vinegar, A. W. Cheliis. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, C. M. Newman, E.H. Hadley ; carpenters, 
Bates & Jones, E. M. Bailey, J. C. Bailey, John Hoyt; dress makers, 
|D. P. Emerson, Emil.y Hu'dtey, M. O. Smith; harness makers, Silas 
Sawtell, A.E. Ctioate; marble workers, W. L. Day & Son,; masoos, 
0. K. Ring, E. J. Ring; painter, Marshall Eaton; tailor, J. F. 
BuBwell; wheelwrights, C. B. Osgood, £. Lewis. 

Merchants — A. B. Jenney, J. W. Morse, W. A. Carr, Silas Colby ; 
clothing J. F. Bnswell; dentist, J. E. Nichols; drugs and medicines, 

C. R. Nichols ; jewelry, W. M. Carr; millinery goods, Mrs. M. Hall, 
Mrs. C. R. Nicliols ; periodicals & news, F. R. Felch ; sewing machines, 
(agents) W. M. Carr, H. C. Felch & Co. 

Physicians — J. H. Martin, B. F. Peaslee. 

BRE N T W OO O, RO CKINQHA if—Pop. 999. 8. E. fir. 0. 30 ; 
W. fr. Exeter, 6. R. R. S. — Epping, 4 m.; Exeter, 6, on Boston k 
Maine R. R.: Fremont, 3 m., on N. & R. R. R. 

OFFICERS— C^CT-fc, G. R. Rowe; Treas., William Morrill ; SOectmeny 
Frank H. Rowell, W. D. Robinson, H. W. Yeazey, p. o ad. Ep- 
ping; Supt., George Ober. 

Postmaster^-G. D. Bartlett. Physician— M. W, Caverly. 

Justices— J. B. T. Graves, Orriu Sanborn, E. Q. Flanders, 0. S. 
Stevens, J. W. Robinson, H. L. Scott. 

Churches — Bap., Geo. Ober ; Cong., W. C. Jackson. 

Manufacturers- boxes, Stephen Fellows ft Son, W. R. Smith; Inm 
ber, J. A. A W. D. Robinson, R. H. Fellows, J. W. Sanborn, p. o. ad., 
Kingston; paper boxes, 0. S. Currier: soap, J. H. Taylor, p. o. ad. 
Epping; wlieels and carriage wood works, Robert Rowe& Sons. | 

Mechanics— blacksmith, W. 8. Meserve ; masons, E. G. Brackett, 
Herman Veasey. I 

1 Merchants- E. B. Wood, p. o. ad. Kingston; D. 0. Waldron, p. •.] 
ad. Epping ; B. G. Flanders; meat, J. R. Smith ; nursery plants, &c., 
J. W. Smith, J. T. Smith & Sons. 


BRIBQE WATER, GBAFTON—Top. 384. N. W. ft-. C. 30; 
S. W. fr. Plymouth 4. R. R. 6*.— Bridgewater, ou B., C. A M. Ri R. ; 
' OFFICERS— Ci«rfc, J. E. 8. Fifield ; IV«rt«., Uriel Pike; tkUctmen, 
G. B. Dolloff, II. W. Tilton, L. C. Tilton; Supt., J. L. MorriBon. 
I Postmaster & Merchant— J. V. Morrill. 
I Justices— Chas. Woodman, Slate ; D. B. Clement. 
I Church— Union, E. H. Wrig)it, Chris. 

Manufacturers— Inmber, Richard Brown. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, A.F.Wheeler; carpenters, G. D. Cross-' 
S. S. Pajze, Odlin Sleeper, B. J. Pillsbury; wheelwright, £. L. Plum, 
mer ; coofmrs. Wm. Moranville, Jos. Heath ; patuter, J. A. Woodman,! 
' Summer Boarding Houses— David M. WeUter, Mrs. Walter R. 
Webster. G. B. Dolloff, 0. L. Dolloff, Lake View House, Beede. 

BRISTOI^, GRAFTON— Pop., 1,353. N. W. fr. C. 30; S. from 
Plymouth, 16. R. R. <S.— Bristol, at terminus of Bristol Branch R. R. 
, OFFICERS— e/«rifc, R. W. Mnsgrove; Treat., L. ^A. Ballou; Select- 
men, J. H. Brown, R. S. Danforth, S. S. Brown; Bupt., Geo. H. 
CaUey ; Pidice, C. N. Merrill, J. W. Wells ; Board of Education, L. W. 
Fling, J. M. Bishop, G. H. Calley, C. H. Calley, Margaret Fling, Em 
ily A. Drake. 

Postmaster— A 1 bert Blake. Jr. 
; Justices— L. W. Fling. 0. F. Fellows, K. B. Dearborn. S. K. Mason, 
C. H. Day, C. G. Emmons. H. A. Randolph, Ira A. Chase. 
Albert. Blake, W. A. Berry J. T. Sanborn, F. H. Bartlett, B F. Per- 
kins, D. P. Preecott, Stale; Frederick Bartlett, L. W. Hammond, J. U 
Brown, L. W. Ballou. 

I Churches— Cong;, F. Bap., B. A. Sberwood : Metb, 

H. S. Thompson. 

Ex. Ag't— O. F. Morse. Tel. Ag't— C. H. Dickinson. 

Eating House— Roimrt Horner. Hotel A Livery Stable — Bristol, 
House, O. K. Bucklin, Brown's Hotel, G. G. Brown. | 

Ins. Ag'tS — ^fireand life, K. E. Dearborn, J. G. Whitcomb, I. A. 

' Lawyers— L. W. Fling. 8. K. Mason, K. E. Dearborn, T. A. Chase. 
, Literary Institution— Public High School, prin., Lizzie M. Hale. 

Manufacturers — bobbin stock, M. B. Pray ; buck gloves, A. M. 
Draper Co., M. A. Kent ; carriages, 0. K. Bucklin, J. D. Kelley, ci- 
der, G. A. Robie, T. T. Mussey, E. Sanborn; coffins and caskets, G. A. 
Robie; croquet sets, ten pins and chair stock, E. D. Crosby & Co.; 
crutches, Calley & Simonds; flannels. Hold en & Co.; flour and meal,' 
Taylor & Siiaw, A. H. George, G. G. Brown; iron, George AJ 
Robie; leather, E. K. Pray, Warren White's estate; lumber, LHke.| 
Co., E. Sanborn, T. T. Drake: lumber rules, G. B. Sanborn; mittens,! 
suspenders and yam, F. M. Beckford ; sleigihs, G. Boardman ; strawj 
board and paper. Mason, Perkins & Co., Mason A Wooster; wood 
polp, Mason & Berry, N. H. Chemical Pulp Co. 

Mechanics & Artisans — blacksmiths, M. H. Johnson A Son, 
Anwn Buxton, C. A. Pearson; carpenters, Gideon Bnardinan, B. L.l 
Wells, R. S. Hastings, Taylor A Gordon ; custom carder, Frank Beck-j 
ford; hair dressers, C. B. Talbot, C. L. Follansbee; harness makers, 
C. II. Tukey, Frank Bingham ; jeweller, A. B. Pray ; laundry, W. W. 
Benton; machinists, G. A. Robie, Mc Daniel & Blake; marble worker-^, 
L. D. ft C- H. Day ; masons. S. S. Sanborn ft Sou ; painters, G. H. 
Knight, F. W. Simonds, H. B. Quint ; photographer, F. H. Briggs ; 
planer, B. L. Wells; printer, R. W. Musgrove. 

Merchants — G. M. Cavfs, Chas. Boardman, L. W. Hammond, L. A. 


Balloa. Cyras Taylor; auctioneer, J. W. Griffith, S. FoUaoabee, Lock 
Rice ; clucks and watches, A. B. Fray ; clothing and gent's famishing 
goods, C. H. Dickinson, Connor A Co., 0. B. Bay ; dry goodJ^ booto, 
and shoes, W. George ; drugs and medicines, J. W. Preston; fish and 
oysters, J. D. FoUansbee; furniture, Qt. A. Robie; turs and pelts, £. 
Follansbee, meat, T. H. Daniels, Solon Dolloff, Ca»B A Locke ; mil-j 
linery, Miss M. M. Mullen, Mrs. 8. M. Bullou, A. A. Buttrick k Co.:' 
music, R. W. Mus^rrove; sewing machines, A. Blake, jr.; tin ware, Ac. 

F. W. Bingham, 8. W. Call. I 
Physicians— H. B. Fowler, L 8. Chase, O. H. Galley; eclec., J. M. 

BiMhup ; dentists, F. C. Butrick, C. W. Coolidge. I 

BROOKFIEIiD, CARROLL— Vop. 428. N. E. fr. C. 60 ; S. E.i 

fi-. Ossipee, 12. R. R. & — Pike's Crossing, 1 m., Wolfeboro' junc. t 

m.. Union vil. 6 m., on Ports. Gt. F. & Conway R. R. I 

OFFICERS— C^i, F. A. Hanson ; Treas., D. C. Coleman ; Selecimen,. 

ChaH. Churchill, K. M. Gate, J. F. Robinson ;iSiup(. 8. H. Hutchins. i 
Postmistress— Miss Abbie G. Hutchins. j 

Justices-^. N. Gate, D. C. Coleman, H. M. Libby, G. H. Robinson, 

SticUe ; Bickford Rand, Charles Churchill. I 

Church — Bap., P. Levering. j 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, John Hackett, J. H. Fnrgerson; carpen-' 

ters, 8. 11. Plummet, C. A. Hackett, J. H. Willey,D. W. Lang; m«soD,< 

G. Allen ; painter, F. A. HanHon. 

BROOKLI N E, HILLSBOROUGH— Vop. 608. 8. W. fr. G. 40J 
W. fr. Nashua, 13. R, R. 8, — I'epperell, Mass., on Worcester tf Nash-, 
na R. R. Daily stage. i 

OFFICBRS— C7/«rA:, W. P. Rockwood , 2Wa*., W. J. Smith; Seleet- 
mm, Chas. N. Corey, R. G. Russell, C. 8. Dunbar; Sup^., F. D. Sargent 

Postmaster— U. B. stiles. Hotel— Chas. W. Dix. I 

Justices— BenJ. Gould, J. W. Presby, Slate ; G. W. Bridges. 

Churches — Cong., F. D. Sargent; Meth.,C. Presby. ' 

Mechanics— blacksmith, G. W. L. Hobart, W. H. Wright ; cabinet 
makers, Ilobart, Kendall A Co.; carpenters, J. Baldwin, J. Whitcomb, 
N. Hobart; coopers, J. A. Hall, D. S. Fessenden; painters, 6. Gria^ 
wold, F. Jenness ; wheelwrights, C. E. Shattuck. 1 

Merchants— C. P. HkU, Samuel Swett, W. F. Rockwood. j 

Physician— A. 8. Wallace. ; 

CAIIIBKIDGG9 COOS— Pop., 36. N. E. fr. C, 113. R. B. 8.— 
Upton, Maine on Grand Trunk R. R. Semi-weekly stage. 

This town has lost its organisation. 

CAMPTOHr, GRAFTON— Vop. 1,163. N. W. fr. C, 62; N. B. fr. 
Plymouth, 6. R. R. S.— Plymouth, 6 m., on B. C. M. A White Mt.. 
R. R. Stage to train daily. I 

OFFICERS— (7/«rfc, 8. J. Philbrick ; Treeu.,Q. 8. BartUtt; Selectmen, 
ErastUR Dole, J. R. Foss, M. Spokesfield ; Supt., Qiiincy Blakely. | 

Postmasters— C. W. Cook ; West, E. H. Sanborn. > 

Justices— T. J. Sanborn, State ; T. 8. Pulsifer, C. W. Cook, J. W.' 
Morrison, 8. J. Philbrick, C. W. Nelson, G. 8. Bavtlett, C. W. Johnson,, 
jr., D. S. Perkins. • 

Churches— Cong., Q. Blakely ; Wett, F. Bap.. 0. W. Kimball ; C. W., 

Exp. Ag't— C. W Chase. Livery Stable— T. H. Plumer. 

Hotels & Summer Board— J. C. Blair; West, T. J. Sanborn. 

Manufacturers— bobbins, 8. M. Cole ; West, G. W. Merrill ; lumber, 
y. E. Morse, J. S. Bump, H. W. Blair; WesLQ. W.Merrill; ahin-. 

'es, H. W. Blair; West, Q. W. Merrill. 



I Mechanics A Artisans — blaeksmithii, W. H. Fellows ; carpenter*, 
|W. S. Bicktbrd, Davis Percival ; hair dresser, Nicbolss Brown; harness 
maker, J. R. DaTui ; painter, G. F. Blaisdell ; shoemakers, Geo. H. Hall, 
D. M. Moses. 

MereliantS— C. W. Cook ; Wett, E. H. Saabora. 

Physician — West, A. D. Muchmore. 

Vi 1 lag^e— Postmaster— G. W. Robinson. 

Church— Bap., ^—^ Physicians— W. A. Smith, John Lance. 

Hotels & Summer Board— F. Cha^e, C. G. Webster, Mitchell & 
Howard, G. Gutter, S. G. WUley, F. A. Mitchell. 

Manufacturers— carriages, R. J. Pliimer, clothing, Jos. Cook ; coffins 
and caskets, doors, naah, blinds, E. F. Emerson ; excelnior, John South- 
niayd; farnitvre. Nathan Pierce; flour, meai, shingles and woolens, 
|£. Dole A: Co.; lumber, Daniel Morrill; woolens. Mad River MiUs. 
I Mechanics & Artisans— blacksmiths, 8. J. Philbrick, J. R. Foes, 
!L. D. Glover; carpenters, D. Morrill, Frank Hart, G. D. Mitchell; 
jdress maker, Eva Boynton ; hair dresser, M. B. Holmes ; painter, R. J. 
JFlammer: shoemaker, G. S. Whitney. 

I Merchants — G. W. Robinson, Cook & Adams, J. W. Morrison k Son ; 
!clothiug, Joseph Cook; millinery, Mrs. M. P. Packard; stoves and 
tinware. S. D. Kinsman, ag^t. 

CAWAAH, GiZ^/TOiV- Pop.l,7«3. N. W. fr. C. 43. S. from 
Haverhill. 30. R. R. iSf.— Canaan, East and West Canaan on N. R. Rj 

OFFICERS— a«riir, A. M. Shackford ; Treat., Giias. Day ; Stleotmen^ 
Isaac Davis, A. H. Wilson, L. C. Foltanabee : Supl., J. D. Graham. | 

Postmasters— L. S. Davis; J&ut, Cbas. R. Cobum ; We^ Warren 
jHoit; Street, Frank Carrier. Ex. & Tel. Ag't— A. M. Shackford. 
j Justices — Eleazer Barney, S. R. Swett. G. W. Murray, J. D. Weeks, 
F. D. Cnrrier, StaU\ H. F. Wooster, W. A. WalUce, H. H.Wilson, 
'M. T. Colby, Elijah Smith, David Barnard, J. M. Barber, C. 0. Barney, 
iHarry Leeds, Horace Kinne, Isaac Davis, Dexter Richardson, W. G. 
iFogc, J. C. Pattee, W. £ Hoitt, A. M. Shackford, G. E. Cobb. L. S. 
'DaTis. A. F. Jones. 

I Boarding- Houses — Jerusalem Spring House, A. A. Purinton ; 
'Pinnacle House, H. B. Teni^ey ; Crystal Liake House, Mrs. M. A. Derby 

II Son. 

Churches — Bap.,' J. D. Graham ; F. Bap., Fhetory Village^ Nathan 
iJones; Meth., J. E. Steele; East^ H. S Parmlee. 

Hotel & Livery Stable— Cardigan House, A. 11. Brown. 

Lawyers — G. W. Murray, J. D. Weeks, Frank D. Currier. 

Manufacturers — boots and shoes, E. H. Shaw, C. D. Wsshbume, 
n. G. Elliot, W. A. Norris; hammers, Nathau Jones; strawtraard, G. 
M. Dudley & Co. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, Joseph Hebert; West^D. M. Harrigan; 
E(ut,¥. W. Stickney, H. W. Bishop; carpenters, H. A. Cole. G. H. 
Lathrop, A. G. Lowell, Nathan Willis; harness makers, faa^, G. R. 
Coburn, H. B. Woof ter ; masons, Stephen Smith, £. W.Johnson; 
^painters, Ea$t^ G. W. Fogg; J. A. Greene : printer, East, C. 0. Barney; 
wheelwright. .Ea«<, F. S. Parker; Factory Villiige. P. H Stocker. 

Merchants — F. Currier; F-ictorif Village^ L. S. Davis; East, 
0. L. Band, A. E. Barney, H. M. Milton, A. E. Smith ; Wsst^ W. E. 
Hoit; auctioneer, S. H. Swett; drugs and medicines, J. B. Coburn ;j 
jniiilinery, Mrs. E. D. Muzzey, Mrs. Mary £. Sanborn ; mineral spring 
jvatnr, W. H. Towne & Co. ; stoves and tiuware, C. 0. Barnes, C. S. 
I Physicians— Ara Wheat, G. B. Leet ; EaM, E. M.Tucker, J. L. Rogers. 


CAlfDIA, ROCKING BAM^Vop.lfiVi. 8. E. fr. C. 16; N 
'Exeter, 2U m. R. R. S. — Camlia and East Candfa, on Concord A Ports. 
K. R. Stage from Deerfleld connects with traias in the morning, and 
with down train at night. 

OFFICERS— C^r J;, Frank W.Eaton; TVetu., George Emerson ; 8ci 
lectnuMyA.J. Edgerly, Jesse W. Sargent, John H. Nutting; Siq>t^ 
S. F. Colcord. 

Postmasters— G. C. Lang ; Village, W. J. Dudley. 

Justices— Jonathan Martin, U. M. Eaton, J. H. Nutting, J. L. 
Fitts, State ; J. C. Langford, Edmund Hill, J. H. Philbrick. M F. Em- 
erson, W.J. Dudley, Wni. Crane, F. W. Eaton, G. F. Casd,F. P. Brown, 
H. W. Moore, J. R. Fitts. 

Churches— F. Bap., John N.Rich; Goflg., Wm. C. Reed; Metb., 
\f B[ Stewart 

Exp. Aa't— J. H. Philbrick. Hotel— Union, Geo, W. Whittier. 

Ins. Ag'tS— J. U. Nutting, J. L. Fitts, Moses Palmer. 

Manufactufers — lamber, E. E. Smith ; lumber, flour and meal,' 
French & Eaton, J. Johnson, S. A. Davis. I 

Mechanics — blackHmiths, W. S. Healy A Co., Lewis Remos, J. F.l 
Hackett, C. £. Dumore; butcher, T. B. Turner; ceu-pentei-s, P. HJ 
Towle, J. R. Batchelder, S. A. Davis, Frank Hall ; carriage Jobber,! 
J. K. Bstchelder; contractors and builders, L. S. Munroe, George W. 
Seward, R. M. Dunn, T. H. Clifford ; coopers, J. C. Dearborn, SamMj 
Morrill, G. F. Patten ; dress maker, Miss Dudley ; msisons, Ingtills Bun-| 
ker, Wm. Patten ; painter and paper hanger, W. Varnuni : printer,' 
J. J. Lane; stone masons, N. H. Martin, Joseph Watson; undert»ker,< 
J. M. Young. ! 

Merchants— G. C. Lang & Son, W. J. Dudley, Alonso GrifiBn, F. P.' 
Brown ; auctioneers, J. M. Young, F. P. Langford ; clocks and watches,' 
J. M. Young. I 

Miscellaneous — ^music, Nellie M. Eaton, Julia Towle, Abbie L 
Page; real estate brokers. J. L. Barker, Joseph Watdon; civil engineer:}, 
U. M. Ertton, J. L, Fitts, G. W. Crane. 

Physicians — L. J. Young, Mrs. J. F. Pease. 

CANT£UBUR¥9 MERRIMACK— Pop. 1,034. N. Tr. C. 9. 
R. R. a. — Canterbury, 2]^ m. and No. Concord, 3m., on B. C. A H. 
U. R. Stage to and from mail train at Shaker Village. 

Ol'FICERS— (;;4!rJk. A. H. Brown; TVecu., J. M. Foster ; Selectmen, 
M. F. Emery, G. W. Lake, A. J. Dearborn. 

Postmasters — Mrs. M. L. Brown ; Stoker VUlage, B. U. Smith. 

Justices — Edward Osgood, Luther Sargent, David Morrill, D. H. 
Clough, S. C. Pickard, SlaU; C. S. Osgood, A. H. Brown, £. H 
Knowles, C. W. Emery. 

Churches — Cong., Jas. Doldt; HUre Comer, Ghas. Roper; F. Bap., 
A. D. Smith ; SbakeVs, J. 8. Eaime, H. C. Blinn. 

Manufacturers — Grain cradles, P. C. Clough ; lumber, David Mor 
rill, G. P. Morrill; wash mills and mangles fur laundry, N. A. Briggs. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths. J. K. Taj'lor, Samuel Hill, £. G. Chase; 
carpenters, M. B. Neal, S. A. Morrill, Samuel Gilman, J. B. Carter, 
Shaker Village, E. U. Knowles; mason, H. H. Houser; painter, H. G, 
Haines ; wheelwright, Elipbalet Gale. 

Merchants— A. n. Brown ; meat, E. L. Batchelder, M. S. Morrill, 
G. F. Blancliard. Exp. Ag't— J. W. Williams. 

CAB ROIit, CO OiS— Pop. 632. N. fr. C. 130; S. ft-. Lancaster 
R. li. &— Twin Mountain, on White Mt. R. R. % m. Fabyan 
ie, 4 ui., on B. C. & M. R. R. 


OFFICERS— C/«rJ(^ H.E.JenneRB; Treat., Isaac Thouipflnn; Seleci- 
m«n, W. F. Hobbs, Fruuk Worthley, Geo. Thumpion; Bupt, Siumu 
|C. BuRW(>]l. 

Postmasters— 7Vi7tn Mounlain, — - — ^ ; liibycm Houte, J. S. 
iPr»8cott. Tel. Oper.. Station & Exp. Ag't— James ▲. Dunlap. 

Justices— VTm. F. Hobbs, Q. E. Jeniiess. 

Boarding House— Hardy's GotUge, D. M. Hardy. 

Cbureh — F. Bap., —— > Henderson. 

Hotels— Twin Mountain House. A. T. k 0. F. Barron ; Wliite Mt. 
House, R. D. Rounsevel ; Fabyan Honse, A. T. ft O. F. Barron. 
I Manuracturers — Inaiber, Geo. Stewart, H. E. RichardHun, p. o. ad.. 
iTwId Mountain; Iumb«r and cbarcoal, Henry k Baldwin, p. o. ad., 

Mechanics — ^blacksmith, S. W. Kelley ; carpenters, H. E. Jenness, 
George Ttiompson. 

Merchants — Henry A Baldwip, C. L. Goodell. | 

Physician— Oscar Worthley. 

CENTER HARBOR, BELKyAP—Pop. 621. N. fr, C. 37. 
N. W. fr. Lacuuia, 12. B. R .ST.— Meredith villHge on B. G. & M. R. R. 
stage and steamboat (in SuoMner) twice a da}', to Weirs and Alton 
Bay, connecting with B. ft M. R. R. I 

OFFICERS— C/«rik, Wm. C. Clifton; TVeof., Jas. M. Pain ; Sfltel- 
mm, G. H. Canney, J. H. Clark, F. T. Hawkins; Supt., G. L. Moody. ' 

Postmaster & Ex. Ag't— Ruius Velluws. I 

Justices— L. W. Watson, Wm. C. Clifton, J. H. Moulton, C. H. Car- 
ney, W. A. Page, p. o. ad. Mere^iith Village, Stale; Wm. Gordon. | 

ChiArche^— Oong., G. L. Moody; F. Bap., We*t J. Ersking, p.,' 
Meredith Village. i 

Hotels & Livery Stable — Senter House, L. L. Huntress ; Moulton 
House, S. F. Emery. Tel. Agent — F. H. Morse. i 

Manufacturers— meal, B. F. Brown ; lumber, clapboards and shin- 
gles. D. M. Hawkins; lumber, F. A. Brown. | 
' Mechanics & Artisans— blacksmiths, G. H. Weeks. J. L. Merrill, 
0. N. Emery ; boot and shoe makers, T. G. Gordon, 8. N. French ; 
carpenters, Stephen Wentworth, J. P. Leighton, F. T. Hawkins, J. E. 
Seuter; masons, E. H. Nudd, G. W. Smith; painters, John Reynolds' 
Jacob Reynolds, John Locke: photographer, W. G. Jackson; wheel-, 
Wrights, L. W. Watson, Wm. C. Clifton, Warren Hsnscom. I 

Merchants — J. H. Moulton, Rufus Fellows ; auctioneer, R. L. Coe; 
clucks and watches, R. S. Keneson ; ready made clothing, R. Fellows. 

Physicians— Geo. A. Peavey, W. A. Page. [ 

I Summer Boarding Houses— Almtm Benson, W. A. Page, R. L.^ 
Coe, B. F. Kelsea, T. C. Gordon, R. Fellows, Brown CotUgs, B. F. 

Ckandlerrille — See Newbury 

CHARtESTOWlf, 5trLL/r^iV— Pop. 1,58«. W. fr. C. 51; 
|S. W. fr. Newport, 20. R. R. .S.— Ohurlestown, North 0.. South C, 
and Springfield, on Sullivan R. R. 

' OFFICERS— C7<rfc, C. C. Kimball ; Treas., George Olcott ; StUctmm, 
H. B. Viall, S J. Deinary. G. Way ; Supt., T. D. Howard. 
' Postmasters— G. C. Kimball ; 8(nUh, Mrs. Albee ; Nnrth, W. A. Hunt. 

Justices— K. L. Gushing. H. B. Vixll, George Olcott, L. J. Brookn,' 
StaU ; Abel Hunt, G. C. Kimball, L. W. Albee, G. S. Bond, D. S. Ham- 
lin, Ghas. Gay, S. E. Gowing. I 
' Boarding Houses — Mrs. T. S. Evans, Mrs. Ghas. Allen, Mrs. F. W.' 
Harris. ! 


Churches— Cong., Gea H. French ; Bpis., St. Luke's, R. H. Berlbilej ; 
Unit., Tbos. D. Howard; Meth., Norti^^ Geo. N. Bryant. 

Exp. Agents— D. G. Stoughton ; I^orth,W. A. Hunt. 

KoieiS— Kagle, Thos. R. Marston ; Conn. Biver House, South, J. G 

Lawyer— B. L. Gushing. Livery Stable— H. B. VialL 

Manuracturers— grist and saw mills, Norths Daniel Farwell; lum- 
ber, Charletitown Steam Mill Co.; iSoiOA, £li Adams; pargetised cans, 
Pargetized Can Co.; violin ca3e8, G S. Bond. 
I Mechanics & Artisans — blacksmiths, H. Smith, Brooks Kimball, 
M. C. Milliken, C. L. Blood, Sam'l Foss; North, D. W. Parke; carp«n 
iters, S. A. Spooner, J. Burtt Jr., W. S. Westgate, H. C. Bllinwood 
iNorOi, A. Clark, W. C. Hobart, W. F. Merrill ; cabinet maker. Norths 
C. A. Way; hair dresser, F. Cunba ; harness maker, W. W. Harris; 
jeweler, Ellen L. Fletcher; painters, A. G. Graham, S. M. Corbia; 
''tailor, C. C. Chadborne ; printer, G. W. Foggett. 
I Merchants — C. L. Corbin & Co., W. H. Labaree ; auctioneer, J. C. 
^Stebbins; boots and shoes, J. A. Hunt; drugs and medicines, F. S. 
Barbour; fancy goods and notiou8, C. C. Kimball; groceries, Ifidward, 
Cooley ; stoves and tin ware, Fred Sakar. 

Physicians— J. M. Wbituker, N. G. Brooke; dentists, £. S. Taylor; 
Soutii, h. W. Albee. Restaurant— S. L Lawrence. 

IJHATHAai , CARROLL— Vo^. 421. N. E. fr. G. 92 ; N. E. fr. 
Ossipee, 40. R. R. S. — Fryeburg, Me., 12 m., on P. A 0. R. R. Con- 
veyance daily. 

OFFICERS— aerlb, L E. Clay; Treas., Jonah Hill; Selectmen, J. M. 
Weeks, M. N. Fife, C. Binford; SnpL. Dana Hill. 

Postmasters— I. E. Clay ; North, R. Chandler ; SotUh, J. Hill, jr. 

Justices— I. £. Clay, SUUe; J. C. Eastman, J. Hill, Paul Chandler, 
C. Binford. 

Churches— Cong., Clarence Pike; Mcth., Eliphalet Weeks. 

Manufacturer— lumber, L E. Clay. 

Mechanics — blacksmith, Kdson Guptill, F. Willey; carpenters, 
Jonathan Johnson, Francis Abbott ; millwrif!;ht, Jonathan Johnson,' 

CHESTER, ROCKINGHAM— Vop., 1,136. S. B. fr. C.23; 
Exeter 16. R. R. S.—T>erTy, on M. A L. R. R.; Daily stage. Westi 
Hampstead, on N. &. R. R. R., 5 m. 1 

OFFICERS- C/frfc, C. F. Marston ; Treat., J. W. Noyes; S^ledmen) 
C. S. Wilcomb, Addison A. Bean, A. P. Morse; St^t., C. A. Wilcomb. j 

Postmaster— C. JL wucomb. 

Justices— Wood bnry Masters, J. W. Noyes, State; John Under-j 
liill, C. H. Knowles, C. F. Marston, Jos. W««b8ter, Harry Moore, Parker 
Morse, C. A. Wilcomb, A. J. Morrill, H. H. Lane, J. A. Hook, C. A. 
West, A. T. B. Edwards. 

Churches— Bap., J. W. Merrill ; Cong., Chas. Tenney; Meth., W. H 
Stewart. Physicians->1. F. Brown. L. Chesley ; eclec, B. L. Wright. 

Exp. Aa'tS— E. Nichols, G..B. Sanders, J. U. Smith. 

Hotel & Livery Stable— FiY/a^e, D. L. Batchelder, B. Nichols. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths. Nelson Gillingham, J. D. Wiggiii, C. G 
Mc Duffee, H. B. Smith ; carpenters, H. L. Pollard, C. B. Hall ; coopers. 
;C. S. Wilcomb, Q. W. Wilcomb; mason, J. H. Clay: watchmaker, 
,C. F. Marston ; watchmaker and repairer, J. F. Robie ; wheel- 
•wriKhts, J. W. West 2nd, Hazen Mills. 

1 Merchants— C. A. Wilcomb, Dale Bros.; auctioneers, N. S. Morse, 
*^. F. Leanard ; sewing machines and. spectacles, C.F. Marston. 

'^el. Ag'ts— C. A. Wilcomb, C. F. Marston. 


CHESTCRFIKIiO* CHESHIRE— Po^. 1.173. 8. W. ft. C. 62 

S. W. fr. Keene, 12. R. R. 8— Keene, on Gheuhlre R. R., 12 m. Dail. 
stage. Duranierston or Brattleboro for West, on Vt. Valley R. R. 

Qli¥lG\&B&—Vlerk and TVetu., Heniion C. Harvey; Selectrntn 
David Hoi man. Hurray Davis, Larkin Farr ; Supi.^ H. Morgan. 

Postmast6r-~J. H. Goodrich, 2d. 

Justices— H. C. Harvey, CO. P. Goodrich, J. B. Fisks, J. H. Good 
rich, atau ; M array Davis, J. W. Okiamberlain Jr., William Bennett 
J. U. Goodrich 2d, S. F. Rugg. 

Churches— Cong., Meth., J. M. Buffum. 

Ek. Aq*!— H. Kilbnrn. Hotel k Uvery SUble— ^wj^bnf Xdtc 
Prospect Hoase, A. R. Mason ; Lucius Thatcher. 

Manufacturers— lumber, B. F. Fierce, H. Butler, T. Butler. 

Mechanics— carpenters, J. W. Hildreth, Ghas. Hildreth; maseni 
Geo. Goodrich, P. H. Stone, N. Smith. 

Merchant— J. H. Goodrich 2d. Physician— D. F. RAndnll. 

W^mt—R. R. ^^-Duinmerstun, Yt., 1 m.. on Vt. Vulloy R. R. 

Postmaster— R. H. Golbum. Church— Univ., H. B. Morgan. 

Manufacturers— flour and meal, W. Ford, W. W. Farr : lumber, 
;R. Farr, W.W. Farr. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, Oneslne Peltier, Smith Starkey ; carpen 
ters, I. D. Farr, L. D. Farr; masons, W. Farr, Parker Farr, Asa Smitli 

Merchant — groceries, L. D. Farr. 

GliesCertitfld Pacterr— Postmaster— J. G. Farwell. 

Church — Union, J. M. ButFum. 

Eating House— ^o^ke, L. D. Farr. Physician-^. F. Butler. 

Hotel & Uvery Stable^ Mason. 

Manufiicturers — bits and angers, Bepjamin Pierce; flour and meal 
B. G. Farr ; lumber, T. L. Fowler, H. J. Fowler, J. W. Ghamberlain, J 
M. G. Wriglit, Wm. Atberton, F. L. FuUam, Steam Power Go., G. H 
|i( Geo. Goodrich; sash, hlinds and doors, Geo. L. Hamilton; stave 
and shingles, I. P. Buxton ; wheel heads, S. 8. Campbell ; wool am 
flax wheels, F. B. Pierce. 

! Mechanics — blacksmith, P. B. Albee; carpenters, G. S. Gampbell 
A. Wilson, J. L. WiUou, H. Starkey, A. Farwell; masons, D. S. Wal 
ton, S. Ghamberlain, D. K. Bobbins. 

Merchants— J. G. Farwell ; jewelry, Geo. F. Dnrling. 

CHICHESVfiR, MERRIMA C7#C— Pop., 784. Jfi. from G., 8 m 
R. R. S. — Ghictiester, on Suncook Valley R. R. 

OFFICERS— Cferfc, Ghas. A. Langmaid; 7Vea«., Edward Langmaid 
Sflectmmy G. W. Warren, N. G. Edmunds, Benj. Shaw; Supt.^ S. f 

Postmasters— Solomon Leavitt; JVorCft, G. P. Haines. 

Justices — Edward Langmaid, G. H. Carpenter, H. G. Knowltor 
J. W. Severance, M. S. Batchelder SUxU; Charles Lake, John Fei 
lows, D. T. Brown. 

Churches — Gong. Thurston ; Meth., . 

Manufacturers — lumber, G. W. Lane, G. M. Munsey ; wooden han 
dies, J. 0. Merrill. 

Mechanics — blacksmith, J. W. Lamphrey ; carpenter, Albert Sar 
born ; painter, G. B. Gall ; wheelwright, Ira Sanborn. 

Merchant — Augustus Sheldon. Exp. Ag't — G. S. Sanders. 

North — ^Churches — Adv., Bap., — — — . 

Boarding Houses — William Lake, 8. W. Langmaid, Curtis Reed. 

Manufacturers — boots and shoes, £. k G. 8. Sanders; lumber, G. C 
Sanders, Eneas Ordway. 


I Mechanics— blacksmiths, Jamos Ghesley, John Fellows ; carriage 
and 8lei^h maker, G. U. Haines. I 

Merchants — Q. P. Haines, Joseph Morse. I 

C'faocorUH— See Albany. 

ei.AHKSlOXT^ SULLIVAN— Pop. AJOi. N. W. fr. C, 60; 
W. fr. New(A>rt 10. R. R. <S.— Glaremont on C. A C. R. R.; Claramont 
June. W. Clare. 2^ m. on Sullivan R. R. ' 

OFFICERS— C2«rik. F. F. Haskell; TVetu., £. W. Tolles; Selectmen, 
Wra. Clark, John W. Jewett, M. S. Rossiter; Supt^ Arthur Chase. 

Postmaster-^ ohn M. Whipple. I 

Justices— Arthur Cbase, 0. F. R. Watte, J. L. Farwell, W. E. Tutber-; 
Ij, Ira Colby, H. W. Parker, B. D. Baker, Wm. CUrk, R. W. Silsbee,C.' 
iO. EHstman, James Holt, Hermon iiolt, F. H. Brown, H. C. Sanders, 
Marshall S. Hossitor, Edwin Vaughan, F. A. Briggs, StaU ; J. W. San- 
born, Sumner Putnam, Geo. G. Ide, Albert Rossiter. I. D. Hall, I. H. 
Long, J W. Jewett, G. B. Perley. i 

Churches — Bap., Joseph S. Swaim; Gong., A. J. McGown; BpisJ 
C. S. Hale; Meth., M. Y. B. Knox ; R. Cath., P. J. Finnegan ; UniT., J 
M. Johns. 

Ex. Agent— 0. J. Brown. Tel. Ag't— Henry Judkins. 

Hotels— SULLIVAN HOUSE, Geo. H. Hammond; Belmont House, 
H. C. Filch. 

Ins. Agents— C. 0. Eastman. R. C. A H. S. Osgood; life, fl. Jodklns. 

Lawyers— E. D. Baker, Ira Colby, H. W. Parker, Edwin Vaughan, 
Artbur Cbase, Hermon Holt, F. H. Brown. 

Literary Institutions— Stevens High School, L S. Hastings^ prin.; 
Fioke Free Library, 3,800 vols.. Librarian, Miss Abbie Field. I 

! Livery Stables— F. H. Eddy, J. M. Heywood, Frank GUment, 
Herbert Nichols, L. W. WatriHS. 

I Manufacturers — blinds, doon, mouldings, sash, telegraph phis,' 
'stair rails &c. FREEMAN A O'NBIL; books. CLAREMONT M'F G 
CO.; boots and shoes, George Barrett, S. £. Noyes, Wm. Redfield, E. F. 
{Johnson, C. B. Gutterson ; brick, M. Harlow, F. Densereau, Welch A 
Sleeper: butter tubs and pails, R. L. Howe A Co.; carriages and 
Hleighs, Gell Lenven; cigars, Abbott A Baker, G. A T. Hale; oottona, 
Monadnock Mills Co., D. W. Johnson, ag't, Home Mill, Pierce, Hard/ 
!A Co ; flour and mill feed, Mace A Tilden ; files and rasps, S. RICH- 
jARDSON, JR.; knit shirts and drawers, Herbert Bailey; lumber, Mo- 
Inaduock Mills Co.. W. H. ELLSWORTH, C. H. Swain ; mill feed, I. C; 
Harriman; paper, SUGAR RIVER PAPER MILL CO., J. T. Bmenon,' 
ag't; patent cone (engine) washers, J. T. EMERSON; toys. Union. 
Toy Turning Works ; tricots, cassimeres, doeskins Ac. G. L. Balcom ; 
vinegar and wine, (communion) Albert Hale ; water wheels and paper 
engine washers, John Tyler; wool rolls, R. Sbepardson. | 

I Mechanics A. Artisans — bakers, Henry Kimball, F. Paradise . 
blacksmithri, L. W. Watriss, C. E. Albre, Peter Millett, Charles Ball; 
Wm. B. Henry; bill poster and curator of town hall, A. Barrill; 
carpenters, Orlando Newton, John Hendee, G. D. Osgood, L. D. Hall. 
;0. A. Bond. Q. Murphy, jr., D. J. Livingston, H. Baker, N. L. Davis, 
Geo. T. Stock well, L. R. Chane, H. R. Beokwith, William Chandler, C. 
P. Bailey ; cooper, A. R. Russell, feather renovator and upholsterer, 
\V. X. LeFebvre; hairdressers, E. H. Jaques. Eugene Millett, D. Cush- 
ion, George Millett; harness makers, T. Dart, E. J. Boweu, L. D. Pat- 
ten, DRES8KLL BROS., R. C. Bradford; machinists. SULLIVAN 
MACHINE CO., J. P. Upham, pres., M.A.Knott; marble workers, 
|Blood A Woodcock; masons, C. F. Tibbels, G. A. Walker, S. Mitchell,' 


A. Walker. L. Steamn; masic tenchera, (inatrumental) Mrs. M. 1 
Partridge, Mis^ M. B. Partridge, Mis« M. W. Ide, Mrs. P. F. HHskell 
painters, R. B. Tenney, John Barnard. O. Rowell, Oeo. Heath, U. U 
Abbott, James B.'O'Neil; (landscape), R. E. Miller: photographen 
iWilllam Cofifrin, J. T. Locke; printers, CLAREMONT MANUF'< 
[CO., J. Weber, H. C. Fay, P. A. Carpenter, S. H. Story; tailors, 8. I 
iRedfield, E. F. Houghton, L. M. Blood, C. E. Perry ; tin, sheet iro 
.and copper plate workers, S. 8. Rand, A . C. Stone, J. G. Brigga 
undertaker, A. H. Barker; watchmakers, Solon Silsby, Renben Spec 
cer, S. I. L. Woodbnry, Joseph Way. 

I MerehantS^I. D. Hail ; auctioneer, H. L. Hnbbard ; F. F. Hai 
kell; books and stationed-, CLARBMONT STATIONERY CO; boot 
land shoes, J. Woodbnry, B. F. Johnson, W. T. Noyes, C. B. Outterson 
,dry goods, C. 11. WEED A CO., Cobarn & Dean, Heywood i 
Co., 8. Banm k C6.; drags and medicines, Wm. M. Ladd, H. I 
Brooks, F. 6. Winn, Geo. A. Briggs; flonr, Mace A Tild«>n, I. C 
Harriman; lancy goods and toys, R. D. Kellogg, E. 8. Rand 
R. Spencer; fish, B. M. Gowdey; furniture and crockery, Haskell i 
ITolles, A. M. Hannaford ; groceries, Jewett A Peabody, ¥. A Q. \9 
IJewett, Hamlin & Co., C. Jones A Co., Wm. Bailey, Welch A Sleepei 
I P. Lynch, H. M. Jewett; hardware and agricultural implements, Q 
H. Stowell, C. Jones A Co.; jewelry and siWer ware. R. Spencer, S. I. L 
Woodfoary, Heywood A Co.; meat, B. F. Thnisher, H. B. Baker, A Co. 
jO. O. Philbric, Jonas Hastings ; millinery. Mrs. M. H. Babcock, C. M 
•fjoet, Mrs. M. A. Davis; musical inetmments, Mrs. M. B. Partridge 
.periodicals, E. S. Rand, CLAREMONT STATIONERY CO.; read; 
■made clothing, and gents furnishing goods, Fred Haubrich A Co., Jas 
[Holt, F J. Pierce A Co., I. D. Hall; sewing machines, O. F. Whitoomb 
;J. B. Campbell; soap and ice, F. C. Kelsey; spruce lumber, G. G. A 
L. N. Ide* tin ware, S. S. Rand, A. C. Stone, J. G. Briggs. 
' Physicians— 8. G. Jarvis, C. A. Yolk, A. R. Cnmmings, G. E. Ba 
ker, 0. B. Way, L. J. Graves, C. W. Tollee, Edw. Barnes; homeo., C. C 
'Ellis; dentists. Smith A Jarvis, J. Back; vet. surg., F. C. Wilkinsoi 

UTest— Postmastep^H. G. P. Cross. Physician-'S. G. Jarvis. 

Church— Epis. W. B. T. Smith. 

Hotels — H. G. P. Gross ; Junction House, Geo.. H. Chatfield. 

Manufkcturers^paper, R. Jarvis, West Claremont Paper Co. 
lumber. R. Jarvis. 

Merchant- C. 8. Eastman. 
I CL.ARKSVII.IiE, coos—Fop., 328. N. fr. C, 145. N. E. fr 
Colebrook 10. K. B. B.—€oob or No. Stratford, 20 m., on G. T. R. R 
;Stage twice a week. 

I OFFICERS— CZcrA!, Chas. Tonng; Tr«cu., N. 0. Young: Selectmen 
Josiah Young, H. 'A. Schoff, John Keyser ; fiapt., Stephen G. Fuller. 

Postmaster— C. w. Wisweli. 

Justices— P. G. Roby, Horace Oomstock, N. H. Wheeler, J. W 

Manufacturers— carriages, J. M. Crawford; starch, John Keyser. 
■ Mechanics — carpenter, Arthur Aldrlch; masons, L. A. Felton,F 

' Clinton Crove — See Weare. No post ofiQce. 
I COIiEBROOK, C00S—}4 Shire town. Pop., 1581. N. fr. C. 
150 ; N. £. fr. Lancaster, 85. Ji, S. ^S'.— No. Stratford, 14 m., on G. T 
R. R. Dally Stage. 

OFFICERS— ClerA;, H. B. Parsons; rr«a*.,We8ley Wentworth ; Select 
m«n, 8. B. Whittemore, Dan. Fletcher, F. B. Covell ; Supt. B. F. Drew 


Postmaster & Exp. Agent— J. Ck>oper. Tel. Ag't— H. B. Parsons 

Justices— H. Bedel, Wm. H. Shurtleff, J. I. Parsons, 0. T. Stacy,'- 
llbert Barker, W. A. Onhani, SlaU; 8. B. Whitt«more, D. G. Remick, 
I. W. Woodrow, D. E. CnmrningH. B. K. Gilniore, John Whittemore, 
I. M. Leavitt, J. H. Diidle}-, S. S. Merrill, J. S. Capen, Milton Harri-' 
nan, H. B. Parsons, G. S. Glark, R. 6. Jameson, T. F. John-j 
ion. Ransom Harriman, G. S. Aldrich. W. B. Drew, 8. B. Whittemore. 

Churches— Gong., N. W. Qrorer ; Meth., A. V. Baxter. 

Hotels— Monadnock, Thomas Rowan ; Parsons House, £. F. Bailej, 
kfohawk House, D. A. Tewksbury. 

Ins. Agents— J. Whittemore, Dudley A Remick, W. H. Bhartleff, 
ildrich i Parsons. 

Lawyers— A. Barker, J. H. Dudley, W. H. Shartleff, J. I. Parsons, 
y. G. Reniick, T. F. Johnson. 

Literary Inst. — Colebrook Academy, G. A. Dickey, prin. 

Livery Stables— B. F. Bailey, T. Q. Rowan, H. Jacobs, C. CnrominffS. 

Manufacturers — brick. D. T. Noyee; brooms, Edward Dimick ;[ 
'urniture, Dan'l Steyens, J. D. Little; leather, 0. Hilliard; lumber,! 
[I. Bedel, Rich A Spencer; plows, stoves and castings, Onthans,; 
k Gilkey ; rat exterminator, Charles Parsons ; sash, blinds and doon^l 
i. Hammond, G. E. Rolfe; starch, S. R. A S. 8. Merrill, H. Be-; 
iel, Lovering A Patrick, HaiTiman A Go., I. Youngs J. W. Cooper, L.| 
}. Piper, Crawford, Aldrich A Bustis, Gould, Harriman A Czces ; woolJ 
ins, Jas. Loomis. | 

Mechanics A Artisans — ^blacksmiths^ Robert G. Jameson, Robert 
F. Christie, Geo. Gleason, David Robie, i^nmner Ciimminga,' GeoJ 

Clifford, J. M. Jordan, Monaban, J. D. Little, G. 0. Baker, A. B. 

Elaynce. carpenters, W. S. Rolfe, F. C. Rolfe, S. W. Tirrill, A. HickeJ 
Daniel Stevens, H. Eastman, £. Holden, Daniel Coats; coffins, Dskn'ij 
Stevens ; coopers, H. P. Shatttick, J. Shattnck, Rich A Spencer ; hair 
iresaers, 0. Bumford ; harness makers, Thomas Mackey, A. 6. Da7,| 
u. G. Garleton ; machinist, Jas. W. Spencer; marble worker, G. Levettr 
masons, Wm. Rolfe, Dan Fletcher, Wm. Lyman. E. Holden ; paintera, 
Wm. Phillips, G. S. Stttnley, S. F. Whitcomb ; photographer, H. W. 
Flicb ; printers, Albert Barker, J. D. Bridge; tailors. M. Tobin, Q. H. 
Millen; stone masons^ G. Ghappel, Wra. Chappel; npholsterera, J. D. 
Little, Daniel Stevens; wheelwrights, G.S. Norris.G.E. Rolfe. B. Drew,' 
R,. DanTorth. > 

Merchants — Merrill A Drew, J. W. Cooper, A Son, Wentworib 
k Drew, C. Colby A Co., G. H. Lang, E. H. Williams, H. C. Yotinf;, L. 
Parkhurst, M. Jacobs, Geo. Riley; agricultural implements, F. P.! 
[Novell; auctioneers, C. C. Garleton, W. 8. Rolfe ; boots and shoes, I. 
Morancy, G. G. Hicks, J. W. Cooper A Son, V. F. Day, Merrill A Drew ;) 
blocks and watches D. N. Chadsey, G. S. Remick; clothing, B. C.| 
Wilder, drugs and medicines, J. B. Riley; groceries, Felton A Hodge,' 
Henry Marshall, A. B. Gaskell, W. G. Lyman ; hardware. A. Euatisi 
fc Co.; meat, H. P. Cooper, T. G. Rowan; millinery, Mrs. E. H. Wil> 
liams, Mrs. S. Cnmmings, Misses S. A B. Cooper, V. F. Day. I 

Physicians — B. D. Lombard, C. C. Norris, F. C. Harris, Guy! 
Elolbiook ; dentist, C. Raymond. 

COI^VMBIA, coos-Pop., 752. N. fr. C. 138 ; N. fr. Lancae-' 
ter, 33; S. W. fr. Col brook 6. B. B. S.—North Stratford, 2\^ m. fr. S.. 
line of town, 9 m. fr. Colnmbia post office, and 3 fr. 8. C. post office,* 
>n G. T. R. R. Stage connects with morning and evening trains. 

OFFICERS— CTerfc aiid Treat., W. G. Biifflngham; Se2«cfmen, D. H. 
[!ook, F. P. Lang, C. J. Tibbetts; Supt., S. M. Harvey. 


Postmasters— David Cbaodler : South ^ Lewis Snow. 

Justices— S. M. Harrey, H. M.. iloUart, Jonathan Gilman, State, 
£. R. Kekea, Lewis Snow, W. £. Gone. 

Cliurcbes— Metta., SotUh^ M. Hayes. 

Hotel — Oolntubia House, L. C. Welch. 

Manufacturers— lumber Soulht Edward Eingaley k Co.; starch 
TFesC, Columbia Starch Co., Husen Bedel, p. o. ad., Colebrook, Samne 
Hurvey ; &miA, M. Marshall ; £ast, Sogers, Libb> A Co. 

Mechanics— bhicksniith, II. M. Hobart; carpenters, A. L. Day 
J. W. Weeks ; masons, (stone) S. W. Curtis, S. C. Howe, A. Osgood. 

Merchants— auctioneer, J. g. Locke; oom and meal, Willarc 
Reach ; groceries, Lewix Snow. 

COJSrCORD, ir^'i2£/irv4CJr— Pop., 13,84ft. £. iZ. 6\— Concord, 
on Concord R. R. Nortbttrn R. R., B., G. & M. R. R., and C. A C. R. R 

OFFICBR&-Cay Clerk, J. A. Cochran ; City 7V«a#., Win. ¥. Thay 
er ; Mayor, G.^A. Cummings, Aldermen, FUherville, J. Carter, Ward 1 
\Efat, J. 8. Lucke, Ward 2; West, O. L. Shepard, Ward 3; JB. N. Shep 
ard. Ward 4 ; K. Dow, Ward 5 ; J. T. Batchelder, Ward 6 ; J. H. Lamprt^y 
iWard 7 ; Common CouncU, F. L. Sanders, Prea.; H. Rolfe, 8. P. Colliy 
jWard 1; C. H. Sanborn, J. N. Hill, Ward 2; J. Frances, G. B. Dimoiid 
.Ward 3 ; P. L. Sanders. 0. Y. Pitman, Ward 4; I. 8. Ring, B. F. Cald 
|well, Ward 5; J. H. Lane. G. H. Emery, Ward 6: G. H. Peacoclt 
;H. £. Evane, Ward 7 ; Asse$sors, J. G. Warren, D. A. Morrill, HarrinuE 
Partridge, Chas. Woodman, Curtis White, 0. 8. Dennett, J. B. Weeks 
[Oommitsioner of Highway i, G. A. Cummings; Collector of Taxee, C. T 
Huntobn; Superintendmg School CommUlee, W. W. Flint, W. K. Bart 
leit, Abial Rolfe ; B^ard of Education for Union School district, Olivei 
Pillsbary, Prefl.; P. B. Cogswell, H. J. Crippen, Warren Clark, C. F 
Sanborn, A B. Thompson, G. W. Croekett, J. H. George, C. R. Corn 
ing ; ^pt., D. C. Allen ; City Solicitor, Robert A. Ray ; City Marshal 
John Connell; Aasistant Marthal, Fiakerville, Geo. W. Corey; Chie) 
Enffineer, J. M. Lander ; J-olice Court, Juetice, ^ylrester Dana; Justiet 
Special, L. 8. Morrill ; CUrk, R. P. Staniels ; i^ios, J. S. Rand, C. H 
Jones, B. A. F. Hammond. 

I Postmasters— L. H. Carroll; East, A. B. Toung; Weti, 0. L 
Shepard ; Mast Yard, D. G. Holmeo. 

i Justices— Geo. Abbott, I. N. Abbott, W. H. Allison. B. E. Badger 

W. H. Buntin, J. P. Brown, W. H. Bell, J. W. B«rney, J. P. Bancroft 

H. A. Brown, William Butterfield, F. H. Bruwn, M. H. Bean, B. R 

Benner, W. M. Chase, W. A. Cloiigh, II. J. Crippen, John Counell 

Warreo Clark, G. P. Cleaves, H. E. Chumberlain, B. H. Conch, L. II 

Carroll, E. B. Craddoc-k, G. P. Conn, Harvey Campbell, D. S. Corser 

|P. B. (>}gswell, G. A. Cummings, Sylvester Dana, F. 8. Dodge, C. C 

Danforth, G. II. Dimond, L. P. Durgin, D. B. Donovan, G. S. Danfortb 

Geo. 0. Dickerman, S. C Eastman, Seth Eastman, £. C. Eastman 

:M. R. Emerson, Arthur Fletcher, Asa Fowler, G.. G. Fogg, G. A. Fer 

nald, W. W. Flint, C. E. Foote, W. L. Foster, J. H. George, Enocl 

Gerrish, F. H. Gould, J. H. Gallinger, J. P. George, J. C. Grandy, I. W 

Hammond, Walter Harriman, Moses Humphrey, Calvin Howe, A 

Hudley, Stillman Humphrey, L A. Hill, D. E. Howard, J. C. A. Hill 

'A.C. Hardy, A. G. Jones, J. M. Jones, Geo. Jones, John Kimball, S. G 

'Laoe, T. M. Lang, E. A. Lane, J. Y. Mugridf;e, Josiah Miaot, J. B.'Mer 

rill, Darius Merrill. L. L. Mower, T. B. Martin, G. S. Morrill, J. N 

jMcClintock, L. 8. Morrill, E. 8. Nutter, A. F. L. Norrls, H. F. Norris 

fWoodbridge Odlin, J. W. Odlin, J. L. Pickering. H. fi. Perkins 

'J. N. Patterson, Oliver Pillsbury, A. J. Prescott, J. B. Bobertson 


H. P. Rolfe, Abial Bolfe, J. B. Rand, Henry Robinson, R. A. Ray, 

E. H. Rollins, H. 6. 8argent, H. C. Sherburne, L. D. Stevens, C. P.t 
Sanborn, D. F. Secomb, N. U. Shattuck, R. P. Staniels, A. W. SilsbyJ 
J. K. Stokes, P. S. Streeter, H. "W. Stevens, J. E. Sargent, J. B. San-I 
born, W. A. Stone, A. B. Thompson, W. B. Tibbetts, G. E. Todd, G. F.\ 
Underbill, J. B. Walker, H. D. White, Q. F. Whittridge, Joseph Went- 
worth, J. P. Webster, Chase Whitcher, E. H. Woodman, Curtis White 

C. D. Warde, W. R. Walker, 8. Y. Wallace, R. E. Walker, BlaU; P, A 
Abbott, P. P. Andrews, W. A. Beau, 0. R. Corning, J. T. Clough, S. E. 
Clifford, G. E. Chesley, J. A. Cochran, Geo. Cook, C. C. Davis, D. F. 
Dudley, U. B. Poster, Philip Flanders, P. A. £owler, W. W. Uolden, 

F. A. Holt, V. C. Hastings, J. A Haight, W. H. Johnson, J. C. Line-t 
han, G. S. Locke, N. E. Martin, C. S. Mellen, A. W. Rolfe, C. R. Robinson,. 
A. S. Smith, 0. h. Shepard, J. P. Sargent, M. S. Sanborn, J. G. Tallant,) 

D. 8. Webster, Giles Wheeler, J. B. Weeks, F. D. Woodbury, J. H. 

Churches— Adv., L. P. Baker ; First Bap., Wm. Y. Garner ; Pleas 
ant St. Bap., Luther G. Barrett, £. E. Cnmmings; F. Bap., H. P. Wood, 
J. P. Nutting; Cong., P. D. Ayer; South Cong., C. B. Harrington. E 
H. Greeley, W. R. Jewett; West, CM. Perry ; Eaa.G. L. Tappan, fi. 
A. Kendall, Daniel McClenning; Epis., St. PhuI's, W. W. Miles. bi«h 
op of the diocese and rector ; D. C. Roberts, vice rector; Millvilley H. 
A. Coit, J. H. Coit; First Meth., L. C. Field ; Baker Memorial Metb., 
Charles Parkhurst, J. W. Merrill, 8. Holman ; R. Cath., J. E. Barry ; 
Unita., 8. C. Beane; Univ., A. P. Rein. 

Eating Houses— A. W. Gale, L. H. Carroll, Smith k Co., "H. M 
Sinclair. Exp. Ag't~C. W. Pierce. 

Hotels— EAGLE, JOHN A. WHITE ;Phenix, J. R. Hill; Elm House 
Dutton & Moore ; American House, iirown & Otis; BvrchdaU Bpring^ 
Adams k Co. 

Ins. Ag'ts — Staniels, Allison ft Co., Morrill k Danforth, Lymai 
Jackman k Co., J. B. Marston, Perkins k Ballard, D. E. Howard, Wm 
A. Stone, M. R. Emerson, S. Y. Wallace. H. W. Bnrgett. 

Lawyers— Asa Fowler, R. A. Kay, R. £. Walker, J. H. George, 
L. D. Stevens, H. P. Rolfe, W. L. Foster, J. Y. Mngridge, H. B. Perkins, 
S. G. Lane, B. E. Badger, Warren Clark, Chas. P. Sanborn S. C. East 
|man, Wni. M. Chase, L. 8. Morrill, J. H. Albin, F. 8. Streeter, A. P. L, 
JNorris, M. W. Tappan, Fred U. Gould, Henry Robinson, D. 8. Corser, 
N. K. Martin, D. B. Donovan, H. F. Norris, F. A. Fowler, Bingham & 
Mitchell, J. E. Sargent, JosiHh Minot, Sylvester Dana, A. Letcher, 
A. W. Silsby. 

Literary Institutions— St. Paul's School, H. A. Coit, D. D., prln.' 
Union High School, John L. Stanley, priu.; Commercial and Claasical 
School, G. E. Gay, prin. 

Livery Stables— C. H. Norton k Co., A. S. Dill, A. k G. A. Poster 
Bushey k Bowser, N. A. Duncklee, J. Marsh, D. Philbrick, P. E. Stew- 
art, G. A. Brown. 

Manufacturers — ^baker, Norris k Crockett, Chas. Noyes; bed 
stPHds, N. H. State Prison, G. T. Oomins, contractor; bricks, 8. Holt, 
\EaAt^ J. T. Clongh ; brown earthen ware, J. F. Chirk; candles and 
soap, M. Critchett & Son; carriages, Abbott-Downing Co., Concor<< 
Carriage M'fg Co., Flanders, White & Houston Union Carriage Man- 
ufactory, U. M. Ray k Co.; carriage Springs, J. Palmer k Co.; carriage 
wheels etc.. Holt Bros.; car wheels and brass founders. Ford k Kim- 
ball ; churns, P. Blanchard's Sons ; cigars, J. S. Hubbard, S. Wardner ; 
4re engine hose, Eatt, Sam'l Eastman k Co.; flannels, Weti^ D. Holden 


& Co.; gR8, Concord Gas Light Co.: harnefiwe, J. R. Hill St Co., L. A. 
Crocker, D. W. hong, J. D. Johnson St Son, E. O. Murphy ; leather, 
and belting. Page Belting Co.; East, S. Eastman & Co; nHckerel kito 
Wext, Moses Humphrey : mouldings, brackets, etc. £. B. Hutchinsuii ; 
organs and melodeons and organ, niclodeon and piano stoolH, Prescott 
Organ Co.; piutnre frames and looking glasse*, Robinson A Smart. F. D.' 
Batchelder. S. Blood ; plaster. East, J. T. Clougli ; plows, stoves and, 
castings, Wm. P. Ford A Co.; silver ware, W. B. Durgin; slate andi 
grayel roofa, W. M. Darrah ; sash, blinds and doors, A. Bunker, Lowell! 

\ Mechanics A Artisans— architects, Dow A Wheeler; bookbinderaj 
F. S. Crawford, G. H. U. BILSIiY A SON, N. Giles ;fbrick masons and' 
builders, N. Robinson, Ordway & Ferrin, L. Fellows, C. E. Thompson;' 
builders, D. D. Brainard, £. B. Hutchinson, Miller A Sanborn, Webster 
M Morgan, Mead, Mason St Co.; fresco painters, W. S. Henay A Son ; hair 
dressers, C. H. Proctor, W.H. Corning, Jacobs Bros., Knee St Ney, Bar- 
rett A Bresuahen, A. J. Souza, C. £. Allen, L. W. Tozier; machin-; 
ists, John A. White, A. Bean A Co., N. P. Stevens; marble workem, 
Cumminga Bros., H. N. Farley A Co.; painters, J. G. Tilton, Sar 
vary A Gonnell, Geo. Abbott, £. A. Moultou, T. J. Carpenter A Co., €ieo.' 
Prescott, G. P. Glover ; photographers. Kimball Bros., £. P. Geroiild, 
H. P.Moore, H. C. Bailey, F. 0. Everett; plumbers, Geo. Goodhue, 
fives A Manns; printers. Republican Press Association, C. C. Pear- 
son A Co., O. H. H Silsby ASon, Woodbnrv A Btitchelder, EVANS A 
SLEEKER ; silver platers, Saiith A Walker, E|,diDuud Aiken ; stair build- 
ers, Sanauel Wiilla<% A Son, H. A. Miles; stone cutters, Gannon A; 
Rooney, J. H. Flood, Donnegan A Davis, 6. W. Emerton, Sargent A 
Co., J. F. Hunton; stone polishers, J. H. Flood, J. F. Uunton; uphol- 
sterers. H. H. Aldrich, Wm. Vogler, Fernald A Co. 
, Merchants — agricultural impl'-meuts and hardware, Humphrey, 
Dodge A Smith, Gust. Walker, J. MOORR A SONS, W. P. Ford A Co.;! 
anctioneer and commission merchant, J. L. Pickering; books and, 
Stationery, J. B. Sanborn, £. C. Eastman, D. L. Guernsey, Frank, 
P. Mace ; boots and shoes, A. G. Harris, W. A. Thompson, 1^. Marden,' 
CIark« A Marden, J. Welcome, Knapp A Co., C. W. Clark, C. Thorn A 
Son, Geo. H. Moore; carpets, curtains and crockery, A. R. Ayers, J. M. 
Stewart A Sons, S. Blood, Frank £. Clark; cigars and tobacco, S.l 
Wardner, J. S. Hubbard ; clothing, A. B. Sanborn, M. Ladd, Lincoln A! 
'Shaw, T. E. Tucker, M. WolfT, Leopold, Morse A Co., Richardson & 
Adams, E. W. Woodward A Son, J. H. Hill, A. S. Currier, Sleeper A 
Hood, T. W. A J. H. STEWART, M. B. Critchett; coal, wood and ice, 
Ranlet A Preacott, Locke A Co., Brown A Bean : coffins and caskets,! 
Chas. Crow, Fernald A Dnren, H. Thompson ; confectionery, fruit, etc.,! 
Norris A Crockett, A. W. Gale, J. H. Teel, L. H. Carroll, W. F. Dan- 
forth ; clocks, watches and jewelry, N. G. Carr, Morrill Bros., E. 
Knight, Stanley A Ayer, A. P. Sherburne, J. Giilloway ; guns, pistols 
and fishing tackle, E. E. Fisher; drutrs and medicines, Eastman A 
Fitch, W. P.Underhill A Co., Underbill A Kitredge. H. B. Foster, F. E. 
Ingalls. C. H. Martin A Co.; dry goods, Blancbard A Crapo, D. £. 
Clark, E. W. Willard A Co., C. M. Boynton, C. R. Schoolcraft, F. Evan?, 
F. B. Underbill A Co., Jas. Hazelton. Hammond A Thurston, Patterson 
A Davis, £. D. Clough A Co., A. M. FoUett, Amos Blanchard, East, 
A. B. Young; West, Shepard A Co., Harrison Partridge; fanc.vl 
goods, E. N. Shepard, S. G. NOTES; flour and grain, Whitcher A 
Stratton, Woodwortb, Dodge A Co., E. P. Prescott A Co., Savage! 
.Bros., Frank Coffin, Batchelder A Co., J. F. Hoit A Co., Barron A Co.; 



ftirniture, H. H. Aldrich, Togl«r Bro*., Fernald ft Co.; groceries, J. F. 
Hoit ft Co.^ Woodworth, Dod^e ft Co., H. W. Brlckett ft; Co., Amos 
Blanchard, N. h\ Lund, P H. l^Hrkin, H. C. Sttirtevant, G. R. School- 
craft, J. S. Esies, E. C. Cluugh ft Co., A. M. Follett, Batchalder ft €k>.v 

A. We(>«ter, C. B. Whittredge, F. Evans, Gnstavus Bartlett, Mnrpliy Ay 
Been ; West, Shepard ft Co.; hats, caps and furs, A. T. Sanger, Lincoln, 
ft Shaw, M. Wolff; iron and steel, Walker ft Co., Humphrey, Dodge A 
Ho.; Junk dealer, J. Kimball; millinery, Mrs. D. B. Jones, Mrs. M. M.' 
Smith, Mrs. J. L. Crawford, J. Hazeltcm, Mrs. E. J. Eastman, 6. W. 
IWadleigh, Mrs. D. W. Jackson, Mrs. H. N. Newell, Mrs. liattie M. 
jWyatt; mnsical instrnmcnts, etc, W. K.Day, S. 6. NOYES; optical 
Instruments, G. W. Wilson ; paintings ft pictures, Robinson ft Smart; 
'paints, oils and glass, Eastman ft Fitch, C. H. Martin ft Co.; paper. 
jhangings, J. M. Stewart ft Son, A. R. Ayers, 8. Blood ; provisions,' 
6. R. Kmmons, Pitman ft Co., Perkins ft Dudley, Kilburn ft Young, 
fi. M. Hillsgrove, C. W. Drnke; saddlery, hardware, Smith ft Walker; 
sewing machines, E. H. Colby, O. F. Searle, W. K. Day ft 8on, R. K.' 
Libbey ; stoves and tin ware, J. H. Chase, W. P. Ford ft*Co., Steyena ft 
iDunklee, R. C. Danforth, J. A. Dadmun, Wm. C. Elkins ft Co.; toys 
land fancy goods, O. L. Hooper, G. H. H. SlI^BY ft SON, L. H. Carroll; 
jtrunks and valises, J. R. Hill ft Co., A. T. Sanger, M. Wolff, Lincoln ft 
Shaw. I 

Miscellaneous — bnilding-mover, G. L. Theobald; civil engineers, 

B. E. Badger, Foss ft Merrill , Ma$t Tard^ Cyrns Rnunels, Geo. Ab>, 
bott; dye house, J. D. Perisins, music teachers. W. K. Day, J. H. 
Morey, Miss Susan G. Sargent, Miss Helen E. Rdbinson, John Jack-, 
man, Florence M. Ladd; portrait painter, U. D. Tenney ; nurserymen, 
and florists, W. M. Colby, Geo. Main, John Hawkins; real estate, 
S. G. Lane; short-hand reporter, J. W. Odtin; topographical eng., 
J. N. McClintock. i 

Physicians — J. P. Bancroft, B. R. Benner, C. 0. Pearsons, Atybim ;, 
Wm. G. Carter, Geo. Cook, Granville P. Conn, A. H. Crosby, C. P. 
Gige, TiiQothy Haynes, A. H. Robinson, M. W. Russell, H. M? 
French, C. R. Walker, F. A. Stillings, S. C. Morrill, J. C. W. Moore, 
Miss Julia Wallace; bot., B. 8. Warren; homeo., J. H. Gallinger, E. 
Morrill, E. H. Foster, C. I. Lane; special, Mrs. Lucinda S. Hall,' 
E. W. Abbot, H. 0. Mclntire. Robert Hall ; dentists, £. Q. Cum- 
mings, G. A. Young, C. N. Towie, J. M. Fletcher, £. B. Davis. ■ 

Tel. Ag't — Western Union, H. H. Morrison. I 

Fisphers'Fille — Pop., 3,000; part of Concord and Boscawen but' 
distant fr. the city 6 m. R. R. i9.— Fishersville on N. R. R., conrey 
ances to all trains ; and N. Concord, on B. C. ft M. R. R., 1 m. 

Postmaster— Luther Gage. Lawyer— Nehemiah Butler. 

Justices — Nehemiah Bntler, Isaac K. Gage, J. C. Pearson, Qeorge 
Abbott, Abial Rolfe, J. D. Fife. M. H. Bean,H. D.White, H. B. Cham-i 
berlain, C. E. Foote, Luther Gage. StaU ; G. 8. Morrill, W. H. BeU,i 

C. H. Amsden, J. C. Linehan, A. W. Rolfs. 
Churches— Bap.. G. T. Raymond; Cong., J. H. Larry; Meth., S. R.' 

Wilkins ; R. Cath., M. P. Danner. 
Hotels — Pennacook^Uouse, Hannibal Bonaey; Washington Honse 

Gilman Shaw. I 

Library — FlBhervllle Library Association, 0. H. Sanders, Librarian.- 
Literary Institution— Pennacook Academy, J. H. Larry, prin. 
Livery Stables— M. Bickford, G. Shaw, J. Chad wick. I 

Manufacturers— axe helves, H. M. Fisher; carriages, A. Elliott ;! 

carriage axles, etc.. Concord Axle Co , D. A. Brown, sup't.; i^ronlar and 


other s:iw8, whiffle-tree spriagR, G*AGB, PORTKB & CO.; cottons, J. 
S. Browu, Contoocook Mau'f & Mechanic Co.; doors, aaith and blinds, 

C. M. A A. W. Rolfe; exc<'Isiur, William Blanchard A Co.; flour, 
'&c,, Wtiitcher, 8tratton A Co.; fnmitiire, H'. H. Amsdeu & Sons; 
itimber, J. Whittaker & Co., C. M. A A. W. Bulfe; woolens, £. S., 
Harria A Co. I 
I Mechanics k Artisans— civil engineers, J. D. Fife, Geo. S. Mer- 
rill: mamins, H. W. Knowton. A. W. Knowton, Georire Nellie, Fred 
Williams ; photographer, M. S. Lamphrey ; undertakers, J. A. Goburn,! 
J. F. Hnstings. I 
I Merchants — ^bakery, V. £. Bean; boots and shoes, J. P. San- 
iders, Lucian Pickering; clothing, J. P. Sanders, J. B. Rol»inson A Co.:' 
coffins, J. A. Coburn, J. F. Haatings ; dry goodM, Foote A Morse, W. H. 
Allen, Brown A Fo'ite, J. C. Linnehan, D. H. Putnam, ag't ; drugs, 
J. I. Hoyt, C. Fowler; furniture, Amaden A Son, M. B. Dudley: gro- 
icerics, J. G. Linehan, G. B. Kimball, D. W. Sanborn, Brown A Foote,! 
jFoota A Morse, Frank Abbott, Ag't ; luirdware, citoves, cutlery, Ac, N. S. 
[Gale, Isaac Buty, lirown A Fuole ; jewelers, W. H. Bell, S. G. NOYES; 
medicines, J. I. Hoyt, C. H. Fowler; meat, Ac., Daniel Smith, J. Foss, 

D. Huff, W. B. Conningham; millinery. Miss Jones, Mivnes Peaeiee, 
Hale Child wick; paper hangings, W. H. Allen, Brown A Foote; sew- 
ing machines, S. U. MO YES ; stoves and tin ware, Evans A Gale, Isaac 

Physicians— S. M. Emery, W. H. Hosmer, A. E. Emery, A. G. Alex- 
ander; dentists, H. D. White, J. II. French. 

ConnecUcat L«ake — ^See Pittsburg. 

Contoocook — See Hnpkinton. 

COW IV AY9 CA RROLL— Pop. 2,124. N. B. fr. C. 71 ; N. fr. Ossl- 
pee, 28. R. R. <s:— Couway, on P. A 0. K. R. and Eastern B. K. 

OFFICERS— C/«rA;, F. W. Morton; Treas., H. G. Abbott; Select- 
m«n, W. F. Thompson, F. W. Morton, J. A. Barnes; Supl.^ F. B.Osgood 

Postmasters— Abel M. Ayer ; Centre^ J. A. Fafrington ; JSbst, •: . 

Justices — E. P. r^mpHOii, L. H. Eastman, H. Mo Norton, 8. B. 
N<huckford, D. £. Thompson, G. U. Westcott, C. W. Wilder, Joel East^ 
,man, Slate; J. A. Farriogton, G. F. Mansfield, John Cliase, Samuel 
tlIa%elton, J. G. L. Wood, Andrew Dinsmore, J. B. Masb, F. U. Mason, 
J. A. Carlton. 

Churches — Gong., 6. G. Norcrpss; Meth., Watorhouse. 

Hotels— Conway House, Grove House, Pequaket House ; Centor, 
Center House. 

Lawyers — OnUr, John B. Nash, Joel Eastman. 

Manufacturers— carriages, L. S. Merrill, Eaton A Bnrnell ; lumber, 
Allen A Warren, E. Drown; lumber and flour. Center^ H. B. Cotton ; 
pegs, B. F. Sturtevant; spoolo, H. Metcalf : straw board, Merrill A Co. 

Mechanics A Artisans — blacksmiths, J. A. Gloutman, S. Carter. 
Center^ J. M. Nasoii ; carpenten, G. A. Brotton ; Otnter. O. S. Hurd, G. 
H. Parsons, T. H. Whi taker, B. E. Perkins ; civil~«ngineer and land 
sarveyor, J. A. Farrington ; harness maker and carriage trimmer, C. 
jW. Wilder; masons, E. B. Meader; CsrUer^ N. Peterson; millwrights. 
jJ. H. Berry, H. W. Berry ; painter, A. M. Ayer. 

Merchants— J. C. L. Wood, Palmer A Davis, L. C. Quint, Sawyer 
Bros, Carlton A Robertson ; CetUer, Farrington, Morton A Co., J. A 
Carlton. J. Garland. 

Physiblans — Simeon Evans, S. N. Greenlaw, David Watson. 

Tei. Agent— F. W. Duvis. Livery Stable- L. H. Eastman. 

Kforib— iZ. B. &\— No. Conway, on P. A 0. R. R. and Eastern R. R.I 


Postmaster— E. Goodwin. Physician— Wm. H. Bingdnn. 

Justices— Nathan Whitaker, N. L. Pitman, S. D. Thompson, W. F. 
Thompson, State ; H. H. Dow, C. H. Whitaker, ¥. B. Osgood, L. C. 
Quint. I 

Boarding Houses— M. Searej, J. 0. Willey, J. A. Barnes, Mrs. Pen- 
dexter, T. C. Eastman, L. Wheeler, Russell Cottage, Merrill House' 
jSuniner House. I 

Churches— Bap., T. G. Gleason ; Cong., S. O. Norcross ; Epis., H. A.l 
Parker; Meth., D. Pratt. 

Hotels— Kearsarge House, Sunset Pavilien, Mc Millan Honse, Wash-; 
ington House, North ^Conway House, Interval House, Mason Hotel, 
. Randall House, Eastman House, Artist fall House. 

Lawyer— F. B. Osgood. 

Literary Institution— North Conway Academy, prin. 

Livery Stables— Mudgett A Sons. W. C. Eastman, J. W. WhiUker, 
J. T. Randall, Eastman & Goodwin. 

Manufacturers— carriages, I. M. Chase ; lumber, Fnrber Bros^ 8.' 
W. Thompson, A. M. Barnes, C. Harriman. I 

Mechanics & Artisans — blacksmiths, James Garter, Timothy Clif-' 
ford ; cabinet maker, C. II. Boswell ; carpenters, E. R. Eastman, Albert: 
Barnes, J. M. Seavey, Joseph Ware, A. W. Barnes, C. H. Eastman,! 
Alphens Furber, M. L. Charles, Caleb Merrill; confectioner, G. Vf.t 
Barker; harness maker, G. F. Boston ; mason, Lorenzo Lamb ; painter,| 
S. C. Eastman ; photographer, N. W. Pea^e; tailor, J. F. Masson. i 

Merchants— N. S. Davis, N. R. Mason, B. D. Eastman k Son, L. W.| 
Brock ; drugs and medicines, L. Pitman ; millinery, Wilson k Goodwin ; 
stoves and tinware, Willey Bros. 

Coo«— See Stratford. 

CORNISH, SULLIVAN— Vo^. 1,167. N. W. fr. C. 60 ; N. W. 
fr. Newport, 12. £. H. &— Windsor, Vt., junction of C. Vt. k Vt. 
Valley R. R. 

Postmasters— W. E. Deming; Centre, G. E. Hilliard; S<nUh^G. £. 
Fairbanks. Merchant — wool, C. Pike. 

Justices — Orlando Powers, H. M. Day, Chester Pike, State; B. P. 
Fletcher, t>. H. Hilliard, G. L. Deming, W. H. Sisson, J. M. 
Davidson, Wm. Balloch, E. F. Chellis, G. D. Kenyon, G. F. Huggibs, 
C. D. Nevens, S. M. Greene. E. 0. Day, C. P. Jenney, G. 8. Hilliard., 

Churches — Epis. B. N. Goddard, p. o. ad. Wirnlsor, Vt.; Meth., Cen^ 
ter, Edward Francis. Hotel — Connecticut River House, M. Harlow. 

Manufacturers — lumber, Chester Pike, G. W. Saigent. 

Cornlsli Flat— 22. iZ. ;S — Clareroont, 10 m., on C. & 0. R. R.; 
Lebanon, 12 m. on N. N. H. R. R.; Windsor, Vt., 8 m. on C. V. R. R. I 

OFFICERS— Oer*, S. M. Greene ; Treas., H. A. Day : SdechHent P. 
W. Smith, B. T. Harlow, N. A. Deming; Bupt., Miss M. W. Day. 

Postmaster— J. C. Boy nton. Churches— Bap., ; Cong., J. T. 

Jackson. Hotel — Hampshire House, Fred Marvin. I 

Manufacturers— guns, Centre^ C. N., k G. E. Hilliard; lumber, B. 0.' 
k II. M. Day, J. C. Whitaker, Sullivan Machine Co., p. o. ad., Clare- 1 
mont; leather, Alvin Comings; patent medicines, S. Hardy's Sons. *| 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, S. M. Sherburn, A. K. Spaulding, C. TJ 
Sturtevant; bridge builder, J. P. Taskcr; carpenters', Charles Tyler:', 
harness ni:ikors(»W. II. Sisson, E. Jacobs; painter, 11. F.Parker ; wheel- 
wrights, J. J. Lamsoii, D. B. Kinsman, B. C. Heath. I 

Merchants— Boynton Bro's; South, G. Bi Fairbanks; anbtioneer,! 
and clocks and watches, S. W. Bryant; wool, 0. Powers, 8. W. Bryant.; 

Physician— G. W. Hunt. 


Cra'irffprdL HoiMe— See OarrolU 

€ROYIM»N, SULLIVAN— Pop. 608. N. W. fr. C, 44; N. fr. 
Newport, 7. M. R. S.— Newport, ou C. & C. R. R. Daily stage ; semi- 
weekly stage fr. Lebanon on Northern R. R. 

OFFICERS— CTerJfc, Alonzo Allen; 2Vea»., Otis Cooper; Selectmen, 
Rael Darkee, S. J. Brown, Harrison Stockwell ; Supl., Mrs. Harriet A. 

Postmasters — Alonzo Allen ; Flat, Mrs. Myra Flanders. 

Justices — Elias Powers, D. R. Hall, Albina Hall, John Cooper, 
Nathan HaU, State; Alonzo Allen. 

Churches— Cong., D. W. Clark; Meth., ; Flat, Univ., • 

Hotel— Croydon House, D. A Sargent. Ins. kg't— -Flat, D. R. Hall. 

Manufacturers— F/a*, ejpelsior and mattress filling, Colby k Jor- 
dan ; lumber. Flat, Hampnrey & Hanson, C. H. Read, p. o. ad. CorniKh 
Flat; patent ox yokes, S. 0. Walker. 

Mechanics — blacksmith, Harry Leeds; carpenter and mason, Hub- 
bard Cooper; joiners, P. G. Miner, S. Orlando Powers, Flat, H. J. 
Hard,; music teachers, £. D. Comings. Mrs. Carrie N. Brown ; paint- 
ers, H. Cooper, Ruel D. Hall; shoemaker, D. W. Frye; stonemason, 
A. C. Barton ; teiloress, Mrs* Hannah £. Hall. 

MerchantiS— Oeo. W. Dunbar ; auctioneer, J. S. Huntress, p. o. ad., 
Newport; groceries, D. A. Sargent. 

Physician— Williams Barton. 

DAIiTON, COOS— Pop. 671. N. fr. C, 112 ; S. fr. Lancaster, 8. 
R. R. S. — ^Dalton,^n White Mt. R. R. Stages cotinect with trains 
twice a day. Lunenburg on P. A 0. R. R., 1 m., fr. Sumner House. 

OFFICERS— Cterfc, F. P. Btmd; Treas., B. A, Taylor; Selectmen, B. 
A. Taylor, Geo. Carpenter, Wm. S. Cranch ; SvpL, J. P. Stone. 

Postmaster- F. P. Bond. Church— J. P. Stone. 

Justices — B. A. Taylor, Stale; F. P. Bond. 

Manufacturers — lumber, Libbey, Gordon A Co., G. W. & N. W. Lib- 
by ; starch, Littleton Starch Co., Libby, Sartwell & Co. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, B. £. Somern; carpenters, J. P. Th^rn, 
;R. Page; mason, E. P. Cnshman; wheelwrightB, T. J. Smith, A. M. 
Colby, Merchtints— F. P. Bond. 

DANBIJRY, MERRIMACK— Pop. im. N. W. tr. C, 30; 
R. R. 8. — Danburv A So. Danbury, ou N. R. R. 

OFFICERS— C/«-Jk, J. C. Webster ; Treas., F. K Litchfield ; Select- 
men, J. C. Webster, J. H. Emmons, W. A. Tucker; Supt. F. Merriam. 

Postmasters— Stillman Clark ; South, Alfred Sleeper. 

Justices— Stillman Clark, M. L. Taylor, J. S. Knowlton, W. T. Nor- 
ris, J. A. Knowles, J. H. Emmons, Robert Ford, J. C. Vfeh6ieT,'8taie ; 
I. 8. Brown. 

Churches — Bap., Franklin Merriam ; Cong., H. P. Lamprey; Chris., 
South, John Young. 

Hotel, LiTOry Stable, Exp. & Tel. Ag't— G. H. Gordon. 

Ins. Agent — Stillman Clark. 

Lawyers — Stillman Clark, W. T. Norris. 

Manufacturers — boots and shoes, H. C. Norris, H. P. Taylor; cof- 
fins and caskets, G. K. Jewett ; leather, N. P. Clongh & Co.; lumber, 
Frank Farnham, G. N. Ford, Hoyt & Bullock. 

Mechanics — blackfimith, L. F. Ballon; carpenters, W, H. Traver, 
N. Leeds, .F. S. Ransom; coopers, Geo. Sanders, J. D. Morrison; 
marble worker, J. S. Allen ; masons, S. T. Sargent, A. J. Phelps ; 
printer, W. H. Travera. 
I Merchants— J. C. Webster, Stillman Clark, F. P. Chase ; BouUi, AI- 


red Sleeper; cattle Hud horses, Edwin Litchfield A Son ; meat, J. n 
inowlton; millinery, Mrs. A. J. Travers, Miss Bettie £. Emnjons. 

Physician— J. B. N. Gould. 

BANVIIiLiE, iZOCiT/iVCJT^if— Pop., 613. S.E. fr. C, 33; 8, 
tV. fr. Exeter, 10. R. R. IS.— Plaistow 6, and Mewton June, i, on B. 
fc M. R. R. Saadown 4^^ on N. A R. R. R. Daily stage to 9 A. M. 
irain at Plaistow/or Boston, waiting for 5 P. M./rrwi. 

OFFICERS— Cter*-, L.Waldo Collins; Trea*., Oliver Hnnt; Bcleet 
nen, Israel Diniond, J.O. Mbrrick, Moses Anderson ; Supt.^ J. A. Lowell. 

Postmaster— L. Waldo Collins. Church— F. Bap., J. A. Lowell. 

Justices— Aaron Quimby, Wm. Hoyt, O. II. Key, David Griffin,! 
^U ; J. C. Bradley, Fravklin Fitts, L. W. Colliua, A. A. Collins, 
Oliver Hunt, Bailey Sargent. 

Lawyer— 0. H. Key. Physician— 6. R. Bennett. 

Manufacturers— lumber and boxes, L. A. Colby ; lumber, M. Spof- 
ord A Son ; shoes, A. A. Collins. 

Mechanics— blacksmith, Urbain Yignanit; carpenters, Harrimmn 
Sargent, Moees Anderson; coopers, Alvah k J, Collins, Jacob Collins, 
i. J. Bugley, Lev. Collins ; dress maker. Miss M. A. Eastman ; whe«l-' 
nrrigbt, J.L. James. * I 

Merchants-^. C. Bradley, L. Waldo Collins, A. J. Philbrick. 

DER R FIELD, ROCKINGHA if— Pop., 1,569. N. £. fr. C. 20 ;> 
^. fr. Portsmouth, 26. R. R. 6'.— Candia Depot, on C. k P. B. K.i 
Stage connects with morning and evening trains. 

OFFICERS~C/«-*, J. P. Prescott; Treas. J. C. Rand; Selectmen^ 
J. H. Batchelder, J. M. Ballon, E. E. Sanborn ; SmpV. G. W. Brown. , 

Postmasters— E. A. J. Sawyer : Center, J. M. Ballou ; JSonlh, F. J.| 
White. I 

Justices— L. B. Pbillbrick, Samuel Woodman, John Oriffin, Da^id 
Btevens, J. II. Yeasey, £. A. Sawyer, J. B. Tilton, Sam'l' Hobbs, B. S.{ 
Brown, I. H. Morrison, J. J. Dearborn, State; John Currier, 
3. G. Haines, T. W. Currier, D. S. Pemald, David Smith, Lewis 
\. Ladd, G. fi. Simpson, T. E. Simpson, G. H. Stevens, G. M. Rand, 
J. G. Chase. 

Churches— Bap. H. 0. Walker; Cong. X. White ;TP. Bap. . 

Ex. Ag'tS— T. G. Fellows, Geo. Whittier. 1 

Hotels & Livery Stables— Gleuwood Honse, J. W. Prescott, J. T. 
Brown ; CenUr, Exchange Hotel, George Page; South, Wm. Hill. I 

Ins. Ag'tS— L. B. Pbillbrick, L. A. Ladd. I 

Manufacturers — carriages. L. D. Ladd ; doors, snsh and blinds, O. P.i 
Rand ; lumber, Dearborn A Sawyer, Gilbert Robinson, Geo. J. French ; 
tubs and pails, W. A. Churchill, Augustus Robinson. . 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, M. D. Emerson; (knter, A. B. Chase; 
Wni. Hutchins ; carpenters, C. O. Brown, G. W. Page, Albert Ladd, T. W. 
Currier, G. W. Letter; cooper, B. F. Moulton ; hair dresser. Center, 
A. B. Chase ; masons, Blbridge Whittier, T. W. Sanborn ; paiutern, 
D. B. Smith ; tinsmiths, H. J. Page, A. S. Pnlsifer; wheelwrights, 
C. 0. Brown, L. D. Ladd, A. S. Pulslfer. ; 

Merchants— George H. Simpson: Cmter, J. M. Ballon; South, B. J. 
San1)orn; anctioneer, L. B. Philbrick, A. L. Jenness; furniture and 
coffins, J. F. Prescott. Physician— G. II. Towle. 

]>EERIN09 HILLSBOROUGH— Vop. S7C. S. W. fr. C. 22: 
N. W. fr. Manchester, 22. R, R. &— West Deering on HiUsboro and, 
Peterbnro R. K. Stage every other day to Oil Mills, Weare. \ 

OFFICEKS— C7«rife avd Treas. Alvin Tubbs; Sdectmen, M. Foi^, 
jsaith, R. P. Cressy, J. Ellin wood; SupL, H. C. Ferry. 



Postmasters— B. Tabbs; Ea$t, Herod Chase; West, J. M. Applalon, 

J. F. Cbase. 

' Justices — RnBsell Tnbbs, L. Goodnll, Wm. Fornaith, O. G. Patten, 
SKo/e; A. J. Locke, Herod Chase, Carleton Cletnent, U. 0. Ferry, 
C. A. Appleton, J. W. PreAby, J. F. Chase, Ivaac Smith. 
I Churches — Cong., H. 8. Cowell ; Meth , — — Cha«e. 
! Hotel— J. Bf. Appleton. Merchant — Rawell Tnbba. 
I Literary Institution — Deering Aeudemy, B. J. Cowell. prfn. 
I Manufacturers — boots ami shoes, E. W. Barnes ; lumber, Hall k. 
Conlay ; Dow & Hill, G. Roach. | 

' Mechanics— blacksmitlis, Dow ft Hill, Edward Bnttrick: Eaal, A. 
Kentfleid ; painters and wlieelwrights, Henry Gilniore, B. Oove. I 
' OERRY, I^OCKI^^G/iAM''Vop,2M0. 8. K, flr. C. 25 ; 8. W. 
fr. Exeter, 21. B. R. S.—Derry, on M. & L. R. R., and Habbant's Sta- 
tion on N. R. R. R. Stage ponuects with all trains fr. Concord, Man- 
cliester, Boston and Lawrence. ■ 

OFFICEKS— CTerfc, Easty F. W. Parker; Treat., Sw<, F. J. Shepard; 
Seleetnun,- JStu/, Geo. Moore, H. 8. Wiieeler ; Depot, Fred Cobnru ; 
Supt., Mrs. M. L. Clark. i 

Postmasters— Seneca Pattee ; Depot, L. H. Pillsbnry ; EaU, F. W. 
.Parker. I 

I Justices— O. C. Bartlett, J. Priest, Wm. Anderson, David Carrier,' 
Jr., N. B. Prescott, J. A. Greenwood, F. N. Parsons, J. A. Dastin, L. H. 
■jPillabury, G. C. Currier, Stale; W. W. Poor, G. W. Barker. O. W. Dick- 
ey, J. R. Clark, George Moitre, H. E. Ea-^tmMn, J. 8. Uond, F.J. Shep- 
hard. 1. £. Libbey, H. S. Wheeler, A. B. Smith, U. R. Underiiill, F. W. 
Parker, J. M. Palmer, G. K. Bartlett. J. C. Taylor. | 

I Churches— Cong. D. W. Richardson ; East, J. L. Harris; Metb. — i 
Farley. | 

Ex. & Tel. Agent- Dtfpoe, James Priest ; East, F. W. Parker. ' 

Hotels— Sanders' Hotel, J. C. Sanders; Depot, Railway House, L.' 
L. Horse ; Joue8\ R. L. Jones, prop. 

lawyer— G. C. Bartlett. 

Literary Institutions— Pinkerton Academy, E. R. Angell, prln.;' 
East, Adams Female Academy, Miqs Carrie OUik. 
j Manufacturers — boots and shoes. Depot, Clement Colburn A Co., 
_W. 8. Pillsbnry, ag't; edge tools, H. R. Underbill; ribs for loom reeds, 
'BeoJ., jr., lumber, Depot, (lorn Bros.; Ea»t, Jonas Herrick. I 

! Mechanics — blacksmiths, I. G. Goodwin; Depot, T. R. Robie, 
East, J. A. Kimball,; carpenters, Geo. Boynton; East, Stephen Ray- 
nolds ; carriage makers, I. G. Goodwin, J. R. Burbnnk ; dressmakers,! 
Mia^ Maria Parsons; hair dresser, Depot, James Sutton; harness 
makers. Depot, J. T. Hammond : East. John Kimball ; painters, (honse); 
E. U. Carter : East, C. H. Fellows, W. Farrow ; (carriage and sign) 
East, O. F. Billings, printers. The Star Printing Co.; undertaker, 
C. Adams EauL, G.W. Batchelder ; watchmaker and Jeweler, S. F. 
Whidden; wheelwrights, D. C. Palmer, East, Chns. Powell. 
' Merchants — Pet tee A Co., Cbas. Adams ; Z>«po^ W. 8. AL.H. Pills- 
bury, Rollins A Smith ; Eaitt, F. W. Parker; Derry Cash Store, A. T. 
Leamard, ag^t; clocks and watches, Wm. Ilaskins; coffins, caskets, 
and roboj«, Chas. Adams; corn and menl, W. W. Poor; druggist, S. 
H. Bell ; fancy goods, East, Miss Amy Taylor ; ice, C. S. Pet tee; meat, 
John FolsDiii ; Depot, Rice & Noyes, ; millinery, Mrs. Leamard & 
Miss Carr: stoves and tinware. Depot, C. N. Cntter. I 

I Physicians— J. U. Crombie, D. C. Clark ; Depot, I. E. Libbey ; Tet., 
il. A. Buttorfield. 


Summer Boarding Houses— I. A. Dustin, H. J. Matthews, J. Par-' 
inertou, Wm. Haskins, JohnKeUey; Ikist, Mrs. G. F. Billiugs, Mrs.! 
B. F. Eafltinau, A. M. Bowen, M. H. Ciilleii, Bob't Bogurs. j 

DOftCHESTISR, ORAFTON-'Vov., 686. N. W. fr. C, 50 ; 
S. W. fr. Plymouth, 18. R. R. &— West Ruumey, 6)4 m., Saat Car' 
nann, 8. Mail stage to East Canaan Tuesdays and Saturdays. [ 

OFFICERS— CVer*, Stillman Merrill; Treat.^ John A. Norria ; &- 
lectmen, Ira B. Norris, Jas. La Mott, G. G. Jessamaa ; 8upt^ Byron' 

Postmasters— Carrie Norris ; Nbrih^ G. F. Cobum. 

Justices— B. R. Norris, State ; S. W. Clement, G. F. Colburn, J. A. 
Nurrls, J. M. Fitts, Aldea Youngman. P. R. Follansbee. 

Church- F. Bap., G. W. Jessman. 

Manufacturers— charcoal, Norths Geo. F. Colbnm ; lumber, B. W. 
Bruwn» p. o. ad.. West Rninney; James .LaMott, p. o. ad. Canaan, 
Adolph Merrill, p. o. ad. Canaan, L. S. Fellows, P. B. Powers, Alden- 
Whicher; shingles, clapboards, and building timbers, J. A. Nortris. 

Mechanics— blacksuiitli, J. M. Fitts; carpenter, 8. W. Clement;. 
coopers, Joshua Rowen, J. M. King, B. A. King. J. F. Austin; mason, 
John Quimby ; wheelwright, Stillman Merrill. 

Merchants— J. M. Fitts, p. o. ad.. West Rumney. 

]>OVStt« BTRAFFORD— Pop., 11,693. B. fr. C, 40. R, R. 8. 
— Uover, on B. A M. R. R. Dover ft Portsmouth R. B. Dover ft 
Win. R. R. I 

OFFICERS— Elected Deo. 1880. Mayor, Charlea M. Murphy ; C^ 
OUrk and Sec?y qf Bwrd of Instruetion, J. B. Stevens, jr.; City Treaa., 
Frank Freeman; Chairman of Board of Instruction, Q. B. Spalding; 
City Jiar^halj J. 8. Dame; AssittatU Marshal^ G. T. Jordan: I\ilice 
Jtuticty J. R. Varney ; Special Jttstice, C. A. Tufts ; AtseuoTBy M. S. Haus- 
com, G. G. Lowell, Nath'l C. llobbs, J. H. Davis,, Patrick Gorman, J. 
:S. Glass. Ward 1, Aldermen Thomas Bennett, Chao. J. Moi rill ; Courhcil- 
|m«n, J. F. Home, Albert M. Canney, Charles 0. Baker. 2. Aldermen^ 
G. B. Foote, Burnham Hanson; CouncUmen, Henry Prendall, J. W.: 
Trefethen, Orris W. Farrar. 3. Aldermen E. U. Whitebouse, K. C.I 
Goodwin; Councilmmy F. B. Williams. T. A. Young, Geo. H. Pattei^ 
!soo. 4. Aldermen, II. G. Hanson, H. Landecker ; Omncttmen, G. C. 
iDorr, John Scott. Samuel Pray. 6. Aldermen^ Martin Flaherty, y.' 
Rogers; Oouncilmen, John Haughey, Martin J. Grannan, John. F. 

Postmasters— Joshua Varney ; Point, G. W. Ford. 

Justices — £. V. Brewuter, E. R. Brown, Thos. Bennett, E. E. 
Brown, W. H. Dodge, C. A. Fairbanks, J. G. Hall, C. H. Horton, Har- 
rison Haley, J. C. Hutchiui), C. S. Cortland, F. W. Jenkins, C. S. Mc 
Lane. Harry Hough, S. H. Hull, John Holland, J. T. S. Ltbbey, W. 
B. Lyman, M. H. Lothrop, C. M. Murphy, V. H. Mc Daniel, W. T. Per- 
kins, H. A. Redfield, Wm. Sterns, Jeremiah Smith, T. J. W. Pray, T. 
J. Smith, J. B. Stevens, jr., John R. Varney, D. S. Ward, Chas. Wood- 
man. S. M. Wheeler, J. H. White, C. W. Woodman, Ge«i. Wadleigh, Z. 
S. Wallingford, Calvin Sanders, J. Q. A Swuin, C. A. Tufts, StuU ; 
|A. B. Burwell, J. B. Barnes, John Clement, Bei\j. Collins, O. 8. Ooi> 
mier, W. M. Courser, J. Y. Demeritt, J. H. Davis, C. 0. Chesley, J. 8., 
Hayes, H. H. Hart. J. W. Drake, G. P. Demeritt. Frank Freeman, G. 
jW. Ford, G. F. Fobs, J. W. Henderson, J. W. Hartford, T. M. Pray, 
J. M. Hayes, S. S. Jenkins, G. D. Lanios, G. G. Lowell, T. L. Tibbetts, 
S. H. Mathes, J. S. Moulton, J. W. Pray, E. H. Whitehouae, J. B.i 
Quaid, J. W. Rines, E. H. Twombly, James Tolniay, F. 8. Tomkins, 


Joshua Varney, G. W. Wendell, D. H. Wendell, Olivw Wyatt, T. W. 
iWuodman, J. T. Welch, A. J. Jfoung. I 

, Churches— F. Bap. Washington St. F. K. Chane; Charles St. E. 

W. Ricker; C. Bap. Cong. O. B. Spalding; Epis. I. W. 

Beard ; Meth. C. £. Hall ; B. Cath. J. Drain mood, assnt. D. W^Miirphy ; 
Unit. W. B. Q. Mell«n ^niv. ■ ■■ ■ Belknap Cong. J. D9 Bucbanaue. 

Eating Houses— U. IT Freeman, £. £. Littlefield, T. Brown. { 

£zp. Agents — Niles A Co., Am. Ex. Co., Frank Shorey, Jackson A 
Co., Goodwin's Great Falls, Tel. Ag't— a A. Tufts. | 

Hotels — American House, A. T. Pierce A Co.; New Hampshire 
House, M. O'Donuell; Kimball House. C. A. Dore; Mansard House, 
J. F. Chiise ; United Statex Hotel. J. W. Ricker. | 

Ins. Ag'ts— D. U. Wendell, C. A. Tufts, H. A. REDFIELD, F. Free- 
man, G. B. Pr(*8cott, W. W. Cushman. I 

Lawyers-^. H. WJiite, S. M. Wheeler, J. G. Hall, J. R. Yarney, T J 
J. Smith, F. Hobbs, W. 11. I>odge, CaWin Sanders, W. F. Nason, J. Colby 
Caverly, C. S. McLane. B. C. Garter, John KiTel, A. G. Whittemore, 
R. G, Pike, H. H. Hart, Oliver A. Dodge, C. W. Woodman. 

Literary Institutions— Dover High School ; Franklin Academy. 

Livery Stables— W. R. Brown, C. W. Davis, S. Mitchell, J. F. Seavey 

Manufacturers— boots and shoes, G. B. Wentwortfa, G. W. Tush, 
£. C. Kinnear A Co., J. H. Hurd & Son, C. W. Thurston, Strong & 
Bart, carriages, J. H. Randlett, W. B. Walker & Co., H. A. Wortfaeu ; 
co£fiDa, T. L. Tibbitn, J. A. Glidden, John Mc Ardle; cottons, Cocbeco 
Manurg Cor.; hair, C. J. Brown ; hoop skirts, O. W. Farrar ; iron and 
brass founders. Dover Iron Foundry ; marble and soap- stone, S. H. 
Foy, R. H. Twombly ; glue, Stevens & Wiggins ; soap, L. Beach jr. & 
Cp.; woolens, F. A. A J. Sawyer ; clothing, Dover Clothing Ca I 

Mechanics & Artisans— architects, Edward Blaisdell, Geo. Brown,' 

C. E. Joy ; bakers, B. S. Uodgkins, C. H. Lord, C. H. Tasker ; blacksmiths, 
J. Hartford, £. Canney, J. B. Hull; bookbinder, C. H. Horton; car- 
ipenters, E. Blaisdell, W. P. Hayes A Son,'B. D. Stewart, Hanson Bros.; 
hair dressers, Owen Printy, B. Huntington, C. J. Brown, Sherry A 
^Quiiin, A. F. Glidden ; harness makers, G.. W. Hayes, Henry Law ; 
painters, C. M. Warren, J. Bedell, B. Clark, Hiram Hoitt, Glark Bros.; 
Ipainters and paper hangers, J. H. Otis & Co.; photographers, E. T. 
'Brigham, F. H. Fofl*«, A. P. Drew; plumbers, W. T. Perkins, J. H.| 
.Rundlett ; printers, Libbey A Co. G. J. Foster, A Co., F. W. Bap. Estab- 
lishment, J. B. Page. State Press ; tailors, Darius Foss, J. M. Staples, F. 
:C. Snow & Co., P. Maguire; tar and gravel roofers, H.F. Snow; under- 
Ukers, J. A. Glidden, T. L. Tibbetts, John Mc Ardle, Edward Mc 
Mahoo. I 
I Merchants— auctioneers, G. W. Wendell, J. S. Hayes, V. H. Mc 
Daniel, J. G. Domeritt ; books and stationery, £. J. Lane & Co., Loth- 
jrop 4 Pinkham, J. C. Varney, F. P. Hayes ; boots and shoes, E. V.j 
Brewster, Dennis Cash, H. P. Preston, C. W. Norris, 0. C. Ingraham,' 
JR. J. Shaw, D. A. Page, J. H. Winslow, J. D. Stratton, C. H. Tash A Co. 
£.' H. Fobs, G. A. Reynolds; clothing, D. Lathrop A Co., A. F. Hussey, 

D. Fobs, J. A. Hoye, J. P. Seavy, A. FrHzier,S. Rackley, coal and wood, 
C H. Trickey & Co., G. B. Wentworth, R. Haley & Co., V. Mathee ; 
crockery, W. A. Morrill.' C. W. Wiggins A Son, J. P. Lowell, G. H. 
Biddle ; dry goods, W. H. Moore, W. R. Taploy. I. W. Nute A Co.,1 
(VV. Sterns, Faulkner A Trofitter, «. W. Tash & Co., B. F. Nealey, A. E. 
Parker, O. W. Farrar, W. H. MoOre; drugs and medicines, J. Y. Win- 
'gate, G. W. Smith, C. A. Tufts, W. H. Vickery, Lothrop A Pinkham, 
|B. F. -Rackley, G. E. Varuey, H. C. Goodwin; fancy goods, J. C. 


Yarney, G. E. Hortoa, B. Dal ton, W. B. Dennis, W. F. Walker, 
;J. W. Fobs & Co.; lish, Bart Rich, W. F. Walker: florist, G. A. DaTis; 
groceries, J. H. Haye.s & Co., J. F. Roberts, J H. Grimes, John Mc 
Covey, Whitehouse & Pinkliam, J. P. Lowell, D. A. Niite & Co., K. V.I 
Brewster A Co., H. Roberts ft Co., J. C. Tasker, John Me8«*rve, Strotit 
'& Littlefield, W. M. Courser, M. Killoren, JUC. (iiitchius, J. Kol>- 
erts, Q. W. Tasb ft Co., C. T. Henderson, J. A. Wig^rins. Faxom ft 
Cburbnck, E. M. Swan, Coleman ft Citehing, J. F. Griffeo, Charlea 
F.Ham; groceries and crockery, Boston Bra ch Store; guns, fishing' 
tackle, H. H. W. Twombly, Eugene Smart; hardware, C. L. Jen-, 
ness, J. H. Seavy, Foot ft Suell ; hats and caps, J. T. W.Hani, J\ 
H. Winslow, A. F. Hussey, J. A. Hoye, J. K. Puriogton ft Son ; jevrel- 
,ry, C. 3. Kingman, F. H. Dame, J. A. Horn, C. E. Bacon, junk 
dealers, W. T. Luchs, F. A. Lunt ft Co.; leather belting, 1. B. Williams 
ft Sons ; lumber, lime and cement. Converse ft llobbs ; meat, Bart Rich,: 
|W. Simes ft Co., 8 Tappan, G. F. Nnte ft Co., J. B. San'iers. C. M. Bos- 
worth, G. W. Parker, J. E. Kimball ft Son, J. G. Demerirt, K. C. Berry ; 
millinery, MiciS E. Husband, Miss M. Byrne, T. P. dessey ft Son, K. L; 
Flyun ; musical instruments, D. Lotiirop ft Co.; mineral water. Dr.. 
Horsch; paint and oils, J. B. Folsom ft Co., A. J. Roberts, J. Bedel',' 
C. L. Jenness, B. F. Rackley; pianos, and organs, D Lotbrop A Co^; 
picture flrames and artist's materials, T. C. Uovey, sewing machines, 
J. Pink ham, D. Lothrop ft Co., Singer Manf'g Co.; stoves, M. D. Hill 
ft Co., John Biity, Moultou ft Cate. 

Physicians— L. G. Hill, A. G. Fennor, Jeremiah Home, T. J. W 
Pray, J. U. Wheeler, P. A. Stackpole, M. C. f^fctbrop, J. K. Ham. O. A.* 
Tufts ; J£. S. Berry, Smith ft Chambei biin, C. H. Fairbanks ; H. RJ 
Parker, J. G. Hayes, W. B. Sullivan, J. W. Drake, 0* H. Horsh ; homeo. 
Mrs. Payne ; dentists, D. Malcolm, A. J. Young, C. W. Tasker, W. W. 
Hayes, C. C. Ghesley; vet. surg., A. J. Seavy. 

Telegraph Company— Western Union, C. A Tufts, ag't. 

Telephone Company— Boston ft Northern, J. D. P. Wingate, Div 

Orenrsville— See Walpole. 

DUBLIN, CffESfflRE— Fop. 456. 45 ; E. ft-. Keene.i 
13. R, R. S. — Peterboro, and Jaffrey on Moiiadnock R. R. Daily stage.) 

OFFICERS— C^«r^ and Tr(!a<.,W. L. Viake; Sefectmen, J Ame» Allison, 
Saui'l Adams jr., Joseph Morse; Supt.y Emma E. Gleasoo; AyeuU^ 
Jas. Allison, Henry O. Leonard. 

Postmaster, Exp. Jk Tel. Ag't— G. W. Gleason. 

Justices — Thomas Fisk, H. C. Piper, Henry D. Learned, State ; Jas. 

Churches — Cong. ; Unit. G. M. Rice. 

Manufacturers — clothes pinn, and lumber, J. H. Spofford. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, Washington Proctor; carpenters, A. L. 
Bali, J. G. Piper, H. C. Piper, Franklin Bond ; cooper, Charles Pres- 
ton ; machinist, John Wait ; masons, J. H. Mason, J. F. Eaves; paint-. 
erH, H. C. Piper, J. G. Piper; shoemakers, J. Piper, J. Moree. 

Merchants— O. W. flleason, M. D. Mason. 

Physician— H. H. Smith. 

Summer Boarding Houses— Thaddens Morse, Mrs. J. Gleason, John' 
H. Mason, H. H. Leffingwell, Geo. A. Gowing, Joseph Morse, W. J. 
Greenwood, Samuel Adams, jr. | 

DIJMlKEIt. COOiS— Pop.,514. N. E. fr. C, 166; N. E. fr. Lan- 
caster, 24. R. R. S.—W. Milan, 4 m., on G. T. R. R. 

OFFICERS— CfterA:, T. A. Twitchell; Treas., J. B. Lov^oy ; Srfec*-' 



men, C. N. Bickford, N. W. Beitn, G. S. Gould; Supt.^ J. U. Lovejuy 
Justices — C. VV. Muzzey, iNuac C. Wight, S. B. Golfiii. 
Manufacturers— lumber, T. A. TwitcUell A Co., 8. W. Thompsor 
& Co. 

l>lT|irBARTO!V, MERRIMACK— Vop, 711. 8. fr. C. 10. R. R 
S. — K. Witare, 3, Guffstuwn 6, on Manchester and N. Weare 11. R 
Couveyaiice to first trains down. Daily stage to meet last train frou 
Concord to Boston. 

OFFICERS— f/erfc, W. S. Twise; IV«w., A. F. Wafte ; Beltetmetit L 
WiNon, J. P. Jameson, J. G. Wheeler; Hupt., L. Hay den. 
Postmasters— O. P. Wilson ; Svrth, D. P. Walker. 
Justices — W. B. Buniham, W. ii. Stinson. 11. L. Bnrnbam. AIfre< 
Colby, J.C.Mills, Sfa^e; W. S.'Twiss, J. A. Chamberlaii^ S. B. Uani 
mon I, O. P. VVils »n, C. F. M. Stark, D. H. Parker, 

Churches — Bap. L. Uayden; Cong. T. C. Bonton; Spis. J. H. Coit. 
p.o. a*l.. Concord. 

I Hotel — Prospect Honse, E. Stanyan. 

I Manufacturers — nx handles, Ansel Marshall ; Inmber, B. ft L. Pagd 
John Page : North, Stark Mills. 

Mechanics & Artisans — blacksmiths, G. 0. Wait, Lauren P 
Iladley, J. B. Ireland, S. Fland^irs; carpenters, B. Bunten, 0. T 
Whipple, J. D. Buuton, Elmus Ordway.T. S. Wilson, E. D. McCrillis 
civil engineer, II. L. Buruham; cooper, E. Straw; masons, J. W. C<>l 
by, John Greer; music teacher, Edaon Page; painters,!. S. WiliH)ii 
(carriaire) H. L. Wilson; printer, 0. H. A. Chamberlain; shoemakei 
L. H. Wilson ; stone cutter, A. Sanders; wheelwrights, L. P. Hadley 
Merchants — 0. P. Wilson ; apple trees, J. P. Jaine'«on. 
Summer Boarding Houses— Wm. B. Barnham^ J. A. Chamberlen 
Peter Butterflell. 
Veterinary Surgeons— T. W. Kimball, Horace Caldwell. 
UVWtHAn.^ STRAFFORD — Pop. 962. K. fr. C. 34; S. W 
fr. Dover, 6. R. R. £.— Durham, ^ m., on B. A M. R. R. ' Staj{:e. 

OFFICERS— C/^rA:, Samuel Runlett, jr.; 7V«a*., J. W. £. Ibomp 
son ; Sf.Uctmen^J, C. Bartlett, M. H. Mathes, J. B. Smith. 
Postmaster— •>. K. McDi}uiei. 

Churches— Chris. Bap. ; Cong. H. h. Talbot. 

Justices — Jos. C. Bartlett, J. E. Bnzzell. Ephraim Jenkins, W. W 
Page. W. B. Langmaid, State: J. B. Smith, V. Mathes jr.,K. M. Davii 
John Mc Daniel, Albert Young, F. S. Smith, A. Demerritt. 
Hotel— Oyster River Hotel, T. M. Tooey. 

Manufacturers — brick, H. A. Mathes. V. Mathes 2d; Inmber, Sanr 
uel Runlet, T. H. Wis wall ; wall paper, T. U. Wiswall ft Co., p. o. ad 
New Market. 

Mechanics — ^blacksmiths, J. E. Bnzzell, J. R. Giles, Rich Drew 
machinist, Ephraim Jenkins : wheelwright, J. E. Buzzell. 

Merchants — Julm Mu Daniel ft Si>n, V. Mathes 2d, Alvin Jackson 
coal, V. Mathes 2d; dry goods, J. B. Mc Daniel; hay dealers, Jen 
miah Langley. 
Tel. Ag't— J. W. E. Thompson. 

EA19T KiNGSTOTS, ROCKIN-6 RAM— Vop,57e, ( 
42; S fr. Exeter 6. R, R. 8.—E. Kingston on B. ft M. R. R. 
OFFICKRS— C7«ri, F.J. Philbrick; Trea*., G. W. Sanborn: £^7«c 
E .W. Philbrick, T. J. Heath. A. W. Greely ; Supt., J. P. Frencl 
Postmaster— N. E. Tuck. 
Ex. & Tel. Aa't. J. B. Morrill. 


N. B. Tilton, E. W. Phllbrick, J. P. French, N. E, Tuek, SteTexM 
Sanborn. i 

Church— Meth., F. B. White. ' 

Manufacturers — brick, J. S. Lamprey ; shoes, J. "W. Greenly. i 

Mechanics — blacksmith, C. E. Mariih; carpenters, E. W. Philbrick, 
J. L. Pbilbrick, F.J. Phill.rick, J. H. Buswell, G. D. Smith, J. G. 
Nelson, Nathnniel Batcbelder. I 

Merchants — Merrill Bros., E. A. Tilton, H. L. Rowcll, Bakie Bron.' 

EASTODTf ORAFTO.V— Pop. 302. N. W. fr. C. 100; N. B. fr. 
Haverhill, 20. R. R. £}.— Lisbon & Bath, 12 m., each on White Mt. R. R.j 

OFFICERS— CT«rJE; and Treas. D. J. Whitcher; Selectmen^ Wm. 
Kendall, Otis Brocks, N. 0. Coi/rsweU ; Supt., C. M.. Cogswell. l 

Postmistress— Mrs. M. M. Young. | 

Justices — Geo. W. Cogswell, State; Winsor Drnry jr., N. 0. Gogs- 
well. Willis Bowles. i 

Manufacturers — lumber, Whitcher St Kendall, Noyes it Lawson, D.' 
.Whitcher, R. W. Young, 0. A W. Brooks ; starch, Parker, Atwood A 
Whitney. I 

Mechanics — blacksmith, Frank J. Bartlett; carpenters, G. W. Ken- 
dall, T. B. Young ; cooper, John W. Giuy. t 

lEATOVi^ CARROLL— Pop., 629. C.69. N. fr. Ossipee, 20. 
R. R. £1.— Conway Corner, 6 ra., on Eastern R. R. Daily stage. 
Brownfield, Me., on P. A 0. R. R., 10 m. j 

OFFICERS— C7erAr, Lucien Danforth; Treas., Frank M. Hatch ; Se- 
lectmen, Edwin Snow, S. C. AUard, S. D. Paul ; Supt., F. P. Suow. i 

Postmaster — Centre, H. H. Robertson. 

Justices — 9. W. Perkins, Silas Snow, State; Edwin Snow, Chas. 
Robertson, Clement Drew, B. M. AUard, 0. H. Shackford, S. D. Stewart. 
Lucius Danforth. | 

Church— Bap. . , 

ManufilClurers — lumber, boards, shingles, stares, Ac, Edwin Snow.i 

Mechanics — blacksmith, Henry Kenneson; cabinet niakero, car-, 
penters, Silas A Alvin Snow; B. M. Allard ; masons, B. F. Wakefield,' 
H. B. Allard, B. M. Allard. 

Merchants — Snow A Robertson, S. D« Paul, J. F. Shackford ; mil-, 
linery Hnd fancv goodx, Mrs. H. H. Robertson. > 

EFFINOHAin, CA R ROLL— Pop.. 865. N. E. fr. C, 70; N. B. 
fr. Ossipee, 8. R. R. B. — E. Wakefield and Ossipee Center, on P. Gt. 
F. A Con . R. R. Daily stage to E. Wakefield. 

OFFICERS— C/erfc, A. B. Lumper; Treas., A. J. Wedgewood ; Se- 
lectmen, South, Chas. H. Stevens ; F. W. Barker, W. H. Cotton ; Supts., 
(knter, A. J. Wedgewood, J. L. Drake, M. 0. Morse. 

Postmasters— A. B, Lam per; South, B. F. Taylor. I 

Justices— John Demeritt, ^aie; S. Q. Dearborn, 'A. Kenninton. D.> 
W. Taylor, B. F. Taylor, Elijah Taylor, M. C. Morse, J. M. Dnike, 
Chas. Parsons, C. H. Stevens, F. L. Cook, T. F. Taylor, C. F. Taylor. 

Churches — ^Cong. ; F. Bap. Willett. 

Exp. Agent — J. M. Champion. 

Hotel and Summer Boarding— J. C. Leavitt, A A. C. Loavitt. 

Lawyer— S. Q. Dearborn. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, James Buzzell ; SovUhf Tan Buren 01id-| 
den ; carpenter. South, Woodbury Glidden ; harness maker. South, W." 
S.Taylor; painter, H. H. Brown; tailor, P. Glidden; wheelwright, 
H. H. Brown. i 

Merchants— A. B. Lnmper ; clothing, South, B. P. Taylor. 


Center— P05tmaster—M. G. Morse. 

I Church — Bap. Harthain. 

I LUerarj Institution — Masouic Institute. 

I Mechanics & Artisans — blackmnitbs, Leri Champion 4 Son, John 
McGellau; carpenters, J. V. Hoore, J. A. Leavitt, Elijah Ta>ior;i 
bair dreeser, C. F. Kowe; masona, Simon Leavitt, J. F. Gate; phoco* 
gmpher, J. L. Drake. 

MerchantS->S. M. Morse k Son ; auctioneer, S. M. Mone. 

Fallsi — Postmaster—^. Demeritt. 
I Church— F. Bap. N. Shaw. 
I Manufacturers— spools, bobbins and rakes, G. A 0. Parsoni. 

Mechanics & Artisans — blacksmitb, B. M. Fulton; carpenterv 
S. T. Lougeo, O. £. Leighton, Oren StiUings, Seth Uatcb ; hnir dreRs- 
er, J. W. Thurston; machinist, John Parsons; masons, Alouzo Keu- 
iston, Joseph Keniston, R. A. Gate, Stephen Flanders. 
' Merchant — J. L. Demeritt. 

' t:t.1u,»W^OBTU., GRAFTON— Vop. 209. C. 58; 8. 
£. fr. Haverhill 25. Ji. R. iS.— Bumnuy, 7 m. on B. C. it M. R. R. 
i OFFICERS— Oerji;, Treas. and Supt. H. U. Pease; Selectmen, W. 
Downing, S. M. Averj, B. P. Downing. 
I Justices— D. R. Busxell, W. Downing, J. M. Dustin. 

Church — F. Bap. Milton Downing. 

Manufacturer- lumber, B. T. Brown. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, E. Currier, B. P. Downing; carpenters, 
All)ert Downing, Samuel Willey ; cooper, Sam'l Willey. I 

EiWFIEIiU, Gfi^/TOA— Pop. 1,68(1. N. W. fr. a 42; 8. fr. 
Haverhill 35. R. R. .SI- Enfield on No. N. H. R. R. .. 

OFFICERS— Cte?*, Osntor, J. F. Bryaut; Treas. H. C. Whipple; 
Stlfetment J. O. Spencer, Uenry White, W. F. Smith; Omutable^ 
F. B. Uuse ; Supt. Q. F. Pottingill ; Overseer, W. Y. Walcott , AyerU, 
H. L. Chamberlin. 

I Postmasters— W. C. Clouirh ; Mont Calni, Hilliard Church. 
' Justices — Wyman Pattee, J. F. Bryant, Valontino Manahan, E. B. 
Huse, J. G. Harvey, Eben Cloujjh, A. A, Cox, StaU ; P. S. Wells. Tim- 
othy Kidder, jr., L. W. Carrier, Nathaniel Purmort, J. M. Nelson.| 

Churches— Cong. Francis Parker; Moth. H. Chandler; Shakers, 
; Univ. Walter Dole. 

Exp. & Tel. Ag't— J. B. Follaasbee. 

Hotel— Granite State House, G. W. Clark. 

Lawyer — James G. H»rTey. 

Livery Stables— G. W.' Clark, J. B. Thomas, C. Houston, E. A. 

Manufacturers — ^bedsteads, Huse & Berry ; brooms, grain meas- 
ures seeds, etc., JOilN BRADFORD, William Wilson, H. C. Baker ;> 
butter flrkius, Wells Flanders ; eave spouts and wooden shovels, D.i 
M. Cnmmings; flannels and hosiery, Dodge, Davis A Co.; gmnite' 
monuments and curbing, H. W. Clark, J. F. Stockbridge ; leathei-J 
Leviston Bros.; lumber, A. A. Cox, Wolls A Flanders; tubs and pails,j 
H. C. Baker; doors, sash and blinds, J. C. Currier. | 

I Mechanics — blacksmiths, W. D. Fleming, Stephen LafTee; Mont 
Calm D. Sargent ; East, D. McEinnie ; boot and shoe mfikers, F. E. Pain-j 
chaud, James Godfrey, Jos. Uuiitoon : carpeuters, A. P. Plummer, sJ 
Cross, D. M. Atwell, B. Webster, G. W. Babbitt, Oscar Collins; car^| 
riage maker and painter, E B. Shattuck ; harness m'k'r, C. M. Tree-' 
cott ; machinist, D. M. Cnmmings; painters, F. G. Currier, Oliveri 
Hayes, N. S. Wheeler ; wheelwright, E. B. Shattuck. 


Merchants — C. O. Morgan, Pattee A Carrier ; cIockB, watchps and 
ewelry, H. B. Stanley ; cufflns und caskets, J. G. Currier; droKS and 
neilicines, C. G. Murjiran ; boots, shoes and fancy goods, W. G. Cloagh ; 
groceries, 6. W. Burnhani & Co.; meal and grain, Wyman Pattee j 
nillinery, Mrs. £. A. Kenyon; rough and hewn granite, D. L. TUton; 
itoves, tin and hnrdware, Bnrnham A Choate. 

Physicians — Valentine Manahan; dentist, J. A. Page. 

(Center— Postmaster— J. K. Bryant. Hotel— Mont Calm House, 
I. H. Morse. 

Maqufacturers — carriages and sleighs, W. H. Leavitt ; cassimeres 
ind hosiery, Mellen A iiordon; brooms, J. F. Spaulding; lum- 
)er, 8. Marstnn ; silver polish, J. P. Bryant. 

Mechanics — blacksmitho, J. Mc Elwain ; marble workers, G. F. 
Andrews, H. Atwell ; painter, Z. H. Dustin; wheelwrights, W. ilJ 
Leavitt, Wm. Walcott. 

Merchants — J. F. Bryant; coffins & caskets, Z. H. Dustin; grain, 
md meal, B. ¥. Dennison ; millinery, Ellen M. Perley. 

Physician— F. P. Fisher. 

EPPIBTQ, ROCKINGHAM— Pop. 1,686. S. B. fr. C. 39; W. 
r. Portsmonth, 18. R. R. H. — Epping and Weiit Epping, on C. A P. 
i. K., and Nashua A Rochester R. R.; East Epping on 0. A P. R. R. 
!«fo. Epping on N. A R. H. R. I 

OFFICERS— C7erfc, J. Q. Pike; Treaa., J. H. Bartlect ; Selectmen^ C. 
iV. Sanborn, John Sanborn, John Leddy : Supt. F. W. Spaulding. 

Postmasters— D. Stickney ; IFesf, G. N. Shepard; North^ Hannah 
3ha8e ; Etut^ James P. Baiber. Exp. Ag't — F.P . Knox. 

Justices— B. *. Prescott, W. L. Plmnmer, H. F. Iloyt, J. M. God- 
rey, O. N. Shepnrd, J.' B. Pearson, H. B. Burnbam, State; B. F. Bj<r-' 
»er, D. F. Bartlett, C. W. Sanborn, W. H. Stickney, J. C. Burley, J.' 
1. Holt, G. Q. Dow, G. W. Tilton, Josiah Dearborn Frank Chase, G. 
;. Rundlett, C. F. Ed<;eily, W. H. Tilton, L. J. Gibbs, W. F. Lawrence.1 
Tohn Leddy. C E. Folsom, Moses A. Perkins. 

Churches — Cong. J. H. Stearns ; Kpis. — ; Friends, — 

; Meth. JHmei4 Thurston. 

Hotel A Livery Stable— Pawtuckaway, W. R. Bunker. 

Manufacturers— boots A shoeH, B. W. Hoyt, R. H. Smith A Go.. J.i 
). Corning; boxes, C. A. & H. W. Miles; Wett, 0. F. Dow; bricks, 
Thompson A .Tames, Bunker A Brown^ 0. S. Rundlett; lumber, J. H.' 
*ike, Thomi)Son A Norris, Pike A Burley ; lumber ft meal, G. Milea ft. 
k)ii8 ; meal, plaster and lumber, We'^t, T. ft T. C. Fulsom ; mittens, B. H. 
'earson ; woolensy C. U. Norris: West, F. tf. Carpenter. 

Mechanics & Artisans— blacksmiths, W. R. Bunker, Levi Thomp-' 
on G. W. Hopkinson, L. H. Hill, G. S. Thompson ; carpenters, J. M.i 
lodfrey, Robert Pike. J. P. Sanborn, Geo. W. Tilton, F. £. Beand 
Vestf D. True, J. B. Dow ; land surveyor. West, G.N. Shepard; har- 
less maker, J. Bntler ; masons, R. B. Dame ft- Sons ; West, G. D. Tut-| 
le; painters, D. W. Nason, G. W. Ordway, J. H. Stickney, C. D.; 
mith; planers, C. A. ft B. B. Miles; West, planer and box maker,' 
!. F. Dow ; printer, C. W. Sanborn ; wheelwrights, W. G. Prentice, 
)an'l Sanborn, W. S. Jaquis. 

Merchants— J. Q. Pike, W. R. Bunker, John Leddy : West, J. L. True, 
\. N. Shepard; auctioneer, F £. Bean; boots and Hhoes, A. D.' 
trown: clothing, A. D. Brown; drug^ and medicines, W. H. Stick-{ 
loy; flour and grain (wholesale and retail) A. S. Robie; furniture 
nd coffins, Meader Young ; groceries, A. R. Thompson, Swain ft Jones ;' 
ieat, S. H. Rand, H. G. Sanboin, O. S. Langley ; West, H. H. Thyug; 


jmillioery, BoaIod Store; stoves G, S. Baadlett A Son; wfttcbas and 
Jewelry. F. P. Fisk. 

Physicians Bnswell, H. B. Burnham, F. W. Spaulding, L. J. 

Oibbs. Tel. Oper.— F. P. Knox. 

EPSOM* MERRIMACK— Pop. 909. E. fh>m C. 12. S, B. &~ 
Epsom and Snort FallN. on Suncook Valley R. R. 

OFFICERS— C7/«A;, H.S. Knowles; 7Vea<.,J.C. Phllbrick ;• &2ee^iien, 
Janies W. Fowler, James Yeaton, Samuel Qiiimby; SupL, D. G. CheUey. 

Postmasters— J. T. Gotterell ; Short FbUU, J. B. Teunaot. 

Justices— II. F. Sanborn, Bei^. Jlowle, J. U. Dolbeer, G. 0. Brown* 
'Slate ; Samuel Martin. 

I Churches— Chris. Philips; Gong. E. G. Cogswell; F. Bap. 

;N. A. Anery. I 

! Manufiicturers— boxes, W. Tripp; floor and meal, Wm. BnmhamJ 

H. Bickfurd ; lamber and shingles, S. Bickford, M. D. Bickford, H. 

Blckford, H. A. nolmes. 

I Mechan ics— blacksmiths. Pftran Philbrick, H. Hillard, AJbram Rick- 

'•r; carpenters, Jackson Pbilbrick, John Spnrlin, W. T. Sanders, 

y, Marden; millwright, H. A. Holmes. 

' Merchants— J. B. lennant. Silver k Robinson, J. G. Hall k Son, 

H. S. Knowles. Physicians — A. H. French, D. L. Lock. 

Station Agents— Henry Knox ; Short Falls, J. B. Tennant. 

£RROL, COOS— Pop,, Itl. N. C, 140; E. ir. Colebrook, 
W. B. R. S.— W. Milan, on O. T. R. R., 20 m. Stage also fr. Bethel, 
Maine, 35 miles, on G. T. R. R., twice a wuek. J 

t OFFICERS— C/«r*, L. C. Bragg; T>e<u., D. H. Thurston : SeUctmeni 

B. D. Thurston, G. H. Hey wood, L. H. Grover ;S»pt.f J>. H. Thurston. 
I Postmaster— S. R. Hanscouie. 
I Justices— W. W. Bragg, StaU ; C. H. West," Geo. C. Demeritt, D. H. 

Hotels— Akers House, John Akers ; Errol Bridge, W. W. Bragg. 

Manufacturers- lumber, PriugeeA Coe, John Akers; starch, J. A. 
k E. D. Thurston. 

I Mechanics— blacksmith, E. D. Thurston; carriage makers, W. C. 
Sanborn. W. A. Bragg. I 

I miLETEWL, ROCKING ff AM— Pop., ZfiiO. S.E. fr.C.,40. R. B., 
I&— ifixeter, on B. k M. R. R. 

t OFFICERS— Cfcr*, W. H. Belknap; 2Vea»., J. E. Gardner; Selectr 
'mat, W. B. Morrill, Jewett Conner, J. J. Folsom; Supt$,, N.E. Soule, 
jR. F. Pennell, H. Scammon. 
I Postmaster- George S. Leavitt. 

i Justices— Ohas. Conner, W. P. Moulton, J. H. Shapley, W. W. 
Stickney, W. B. Morrill, J. W. Lovering, C. G. Couuer, J. F. Wiggin, 

C. H. Bell, J. W. Odlin, J. J. Bell, J. D. Lyman, A. J. Hoyt, W. M. 
'Dnrgin, J. W. Towle, 6. W. We«*ton, E. G. Eastman, Nathaniel Gor- 
Idon, ThoB. Leavitt, W. M. Hunnewell, G. £. Lane, C. E. Lane, State ; 
jOrin Head, T. R. Davis, C. D, Towle, W. F. Putnam, W. H. Belknap, 
'J. D. P. Wingate, A. C. Buzzell. M. Sleeper, T. B. Hoyt, A. 0. Fuller. 
C. H. Knight. . . 

I Churches— Cal. Bap., J. N. Chase; Cong., Swift Byington; G. E. 
Street; Epis. G. B. Morgan; Meth. J. W. Walker; B. C. J. R. Powers :< 
Unit. B. F. Mc Daniel. 

! Eating Houses— C. E. Folsom, G. W. Leavitt, W. H. Smith, D. J 
MoUoy, Frank Hervey. Exp. Ag'ts— ft. M. Perking, D. B. Smith. 
I Hotels — American House, L. G. Towle; Hoyt's, C. Stevens, Gorham 
Hall, G. A. Wentworth ; Exeter Honse, L. M. Carpenter. ■ 


Lawyers— W. W. Stickney, Thomas Learitt, J. F. Wiggin, Oilman 
MarBton, J. Warren Towle, A. C. Buzzell, £. O. Eastman, Fred S.' 
Hatch, C. H. Knight, A. 0. Fuller. 1 

Literary Institutions — Philip's Exeter Academy, A. C. Perkina,| 
prin.; Robinson Female Seminary, Anne Kilhafn, acting prin.;> 
Exeter High School, Albion Burl>ank. I 

Livery Stables— L. G. Towle, C. D. Towle, J.C. Dutch, E. C. Towle, 
G. Lawrence. j 

Manufacturers— Exeter Brass Works, B. Folsom & Co.; carriages,' 

E. G. Lane ; cottons, Exeter ManuTg Co., Hervay Kent, a^ent : £v 
eter Foundry, L. Nealey; lumber, Smith & Folsom, Frank Chase, 
Exeter Machine Works, W. Burlingume, agent, Dow & Burley;j 
potter's ware, Frank Lamson. j 

Mechanics & Artisans— blacksmiths, A. J. Fogg, G. W. Greene, T. 
Waberton, J. Forseef ; carpenters, Brown k Warren, C. W. Young, .Jo- 
siah Batchelder, C. H. Palmer; hair dressers, J. Mitchel, H. H. 
Youflg, N. P. Culler, H. Cutler, Wm. Smith ; barnes's makers, Tilton' 
4 Fleming, Wm. Gracey, D. T. Springer ; marble workers, C. 8. Greeleyj 
& Co., T. R. Davis ; masous, W. P. Weeks, J. Batchelder & Son,' 
G. W. Staples; painters, B. G. Purington, J. N. Head, W. O. Per-j 
kins, I. M. Watson, I. T. Purington; printers, A. J. Hoyt A Co.,| 
Wingate A Shaw, Marseilles &, Morrill: tailors, R. C. Thonii«on,i 
0. Carter, G. B. Hoyt; watch makers, D. M. Quimby. j 

Merchants — S. S. Thyug, Weeks ; auctioneers, J. P. Elkins k Co.,: 
C. D. Towle ; books and stationery, G. £. Lane & Co.; boots and shoe^j,' 
J. W. Merrill, T. E. FIfield, G. T. Stacy, J. M. Towle, Henry Dow;' 
clocks and watches, W. B. Morrill; clothing, J. W. Merrill, A.; 
Churchill A Co., J. P. Ulkins A Co.; dry goo<l8, G. C. Lyford, Dparborn; 
Bros., W. S. Follansby, B. Mayers, ; drugs and medicines, C. A. Mer-j 
rill, A. S. Wetherell ; fancy goods and notions, S. F. Emerson, J. C. 
Bartlett, Wm. Currier; groceries, Mrs. N. Weeks, jr.. Dearborn Bros.,' 

F, J. Merrill, F. M. Davies, Kelly A Gardner, Read A Co., Nath'l 
Weeks, S. J. Dudley, Dunn A Mnrdock; hardware, K'Uy A Gard-' 
ner, J. W. Getchel, J. CarHsle; hats and caps, A. Merrill A Sous,' 
Churchill A Co.; millinery, C. B. A A. W. Brown, M«ry 0. Litch. 8. B.' 
Young, J. R. Pettingill; paper hnngings, S. S. Thyng, G. E. Lane;' 
wool, A Merrill A Sons, H. C- Moses. I 

Physicans— Wm. Perry, W. G. Perry, C. C. Odiin, Edward Otis, 
E. Bartlett ; dentists, C. H. Gerrish, J. E. S. Pray. 

Tel. Ag'ts— S. S. Hayues, Ella Ilaseltine. 

Fabyan Houfie— See Carmll. 

FAItAIINGT<»lir, STRAFFORD— Voi^ 3,044. N. E. fr. C. 35; 
N. W. fr. Dover, 18. R. R. R— Karmington, on D. A W. R. R., % m.! 
fr. villa«;e; conveyance to all trains. i 

OFFICERS— a«rA;, A. W. Shackford ; Treas. J. B. Fernald; Bdect- 
men, S. S. Amazeen, J. L. Demeritt, Benj. Roberts. 

Postmaster— W. H. Hayes. 

Justices— D. T. Parker, G. N. Eastman, D. W. Edgterly, J. B. Kd- 
icerly, H. Barker, E. F. Nute, F. Emerson, R. B. Fuss, I. C. Varn«\T, 
0. W. Talpey, J. F. Cloutman, C. II. Pitman, Jas. B. Bdgerly, P. M. 
Horn, John Tuttle, A. W. Shackford, D. C. Mellows, State; W. W.\ 
Hayes, J. E. Fernald, J. G. Jtohnson, F. Leighton, A. D. Otis, C E.l 
Iluflsey, 0. F. Ham, J. W, Varnev, JI. C. Wnldron, Isaac Merrill. ! 

Churches— Adv. J. G. Smiih; Cong. W. E. Darling; F. Bup. D. HJ 
Adams. ; 

txp. Ag'ts— Goo. Tarltou, R. S. York. I 



Hotels>-Oentnl Ck>Ctage, Wm. Welch ; MecfauDic's, J. T. Durgin; 
Wiliiun HoaM, E. T. Cotton. 

Ins. Ag'ls— C. H. Pitman, J. B. Edgerly, A. O. Orne. 
- Lawyers — 6. N. Kastmau, O. E. Cochrane, P. Eniereon. 

Literary Institution— High ScUool, A. £. Tuttle, prin. 

Livery Stables — F. French, S. Nutter, F. £. Huoney. 

Manufacturers — boots and shoes, I). W. Kimball, G. A. Jones, A. 
E. Putnam, larael Haye8, A. Nute A Song, J. F. Cloutman, E. 0. Cur- 
tis, J. M Berry; lasts, Haines 3c Fianders ; luuiUer, W. W. Hayes, J. 
jW. Waldron, J. H. Waldron, Levi Pearl, G. W. Jeaness, A. A. Hall ; 
{shoes, H. L. Roberts, H. B. Edgerly & Son. 
I Mechanics & Artisans — blacksmiths, A. Leavitt, B. R. Jones, 
6.T. Works; carp«nt«r8, A. 0. Tebbetts, 8. S. Cloutman, A. A. UmII, 
G. M. Dixon, Alviu Dixon, W. A. Dixon, I. A. Quint, F. J. Chamber- 
'lain, S. P. Knox ; hair dressers, S. T. Smith, C. N. LoUKOe, A. H 
Small; harness makers, E. E. Clark, F. E. Buuh; machinist, J. K 
,Cobarn ; masons, H. A. Whitten, James Legro ; painters, Frank Ken- 
istou, E. T. Avery, F. C. Colbnth, S. R. Sparrow : photographer, A. 
iW. iUiHckford; printers, J. E. Fernald A Son; stone cutter, J. T. 
Pride & Son; tailors, J. N. Bodwell, J. C. Littlefield; upholsterer. 

A. E. Carter ; wheelwright, J. P. Tebbetts, J. D. Otis. 

I Merchants — J. C. Herring. Hall k Canney, Talpey ft Wilson, J. E. 
Fernald, J. 11. Barker A Co., Berry & Chesley, D. E. Edgerly; boots & 
shoes, L. L. Pinkliam, W. S. Cooper ; civil engineer, G. W. Fernald ; 
clocks, watches ft Jewelry, J. F. Safford, J. H. Bean ; clothiusr, J. N. 
Bodwell, F. C. Tiltun ; drugs and medicines, R. B. Fobs, D.T.Parker, 
,Emeri>on ftGarlund; dry goods, 0. A. Hoyt, P. M. Frost; groceries, 
Preston PeSrl, Talpey ft Wilson. Berry ft Chesley, M. W. Small ; millin- 
'ery, Mrs. L. A. Small, Mrs R. 8. York; provisions, A. T. Thompson, 
Stephen Nutter, A. Wiggin; stoves and hardware, E. B. Small, Thayer 
I Physicians— D. T. Parker, R. B. F(«*, 0. F. Ham, J. S. Elkins. 

B. Hanson, O. F. Ham, J. S. Elkius; dentists, D. W. Edgerly, A. Gar 
land. Tel. Ag't— O. W. Wood. 

f isl&ers%'ille — Soe Concord. 

FITZ WII^I^IAM, CHESHIRE— Pop. 1,1 87. 8. W. fr. C. 54. S. 
E. fr. Keene, 13. M. Ji. S. — ^Fitz William depot, l)^m., and State Line 
Ion Cheshire R. R. 

1 OFFICERS— (7/eri, H. J. Pratt; Treat., J. M. Parker; Selectmen, 
Wm. H. Shirley, fi. M. Bent, T. B. Burns; Sitpt*., A. R. Gleason, A. J. 
Blake, S. Kendall. 

Postmaster— P. S. Batchellor. Churches— Cong. J. Colby. 

Justices — A. J. Blake, C. B. Perry, S. Kendall, 5<rtte; Silas Cnm- 
mings, J. S. AdainH, M. A. Allen, A. R. Gleason, P. S. Batchclilcr, 
Daniel Burbank, H. J. Pratt, Leander Richardson, C. K. Wheelock. 

Hotels— Fitz William, J..\V. Metcalf, prop.; Cheshire, O.K. Whee 
lock ; Mona4nock Mountain House, Newton ft Batchellers. 

Lawyer & Ins. Ag't — life and fire, A. J. Blake. 

Livery Stables—.). W. Metcalf, 0. R. Wheelock. 

Manufacturers — butter tirk ins and pails, Coolidge ft Whittemore ; 
;bracketsand fancy wooden ware, Herbert Taft; lumber, S. S. Stone, 
'E.Chaplin; gritit and saw mill, S. S. Stone; pails and tubs, Jonas 
Damon, p. o. ad., Winchendon, Mass. 

I Mechanics — blacksmiths, S. Poland, M. A. Allen, P. Whftrorab ; car 
penters, H. Firmin, W.H. II. Parker; granite workers, D, H. Re«d. .1. 
K. Fisher; harness maker, G. N. Olnistead ; painters, C. A. Sniy thennian, 
|E. N. Baker; shoemaker, 0. L. Brock; wheelwrights, £. ft C. Carter. 


MerchantS--J. M. Parker k Co., H. J. Pratt k. Co., P. S. k S. 
Batcheller ; Stale Line, J. L. Gilsun, p. o. ad., Winchendon, Mass.' 
meat and provisions, G. F. Mitchell. 

Physicians— Silas Cammings, A. B. Gleason. 

I>epot— Postmaster— Elbridge Cuminings. 

Church— Meth. S. S. Dudley. 

Exp. & Tel. Ag't— Elbridge CummingB. Ins. Ag*t— C. B. Perry. 

Manufacturers — lumber, Henry Hnwe, S. N. Uolmau,H. Cooledge, 
Burbank k Stone ; flour and meal, Bnrbank & Stone. i 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, W. A.Newton, C. F. Pope; carpenter, 
8. A. Taylor; granite workers, B. L. Augier, £. Blodgett, A. Uajden, 
Melvin Wilson, Henry Howe. • 

Merchants — ^F. B. Frye; berries, C. B. Perry; millinery, Mrs. Wil- 
son k Mrs. Spaulding. I 

FRAHrCfSTO WUr, HILLSBOROUGH— Vop. 939. S. W. fr. 
C. 25 ; W. from Manchester 23 ; N. W. from Nashua, 23 :, 
R. R. S. — Greenfield, on Peterboro R. R. 4)^ miles, stage twice a 
day. j 

OFFICERS — C7erifc, L. F. Atwood : Treoa. Aroasa Downs ; Beltetmen^, 
G. F. Pettee, John G. Morse, H. N. Whiting; tiupt, Jas. T. Woodbury; 

Postmaster— 8. B. Hod^e. 

Justices— T. B. Bradford, S. D. Downs, A. H. Bixby, S. B. Hodge, 
State; Hiram Patch, J. P. Woodbury, G. W. Cummtngs. 

Church — Cong. E. M. Kellogg, Independent, H. F.'CampbelL 

Exp. Agents— J. K. Chandler, H. D. Epps, J. M. Dane. 

Hotel and Livery Stable — Francestown Hotel, A. J. Smirh. 

Literary Institution — Francestown Academy, U. S. (^well, prin.; 
Town Library, 1,(XX) volumes. l 

Manufacturers — carding, P. C. Kidder; flour and meal, Geo. Sar-' 
^ent, P. C. Kidder; kits, pails, Ac, H. P. Clark k Son; Innit er, Geo. 
Sargent, H. M. Monahan ; soap-etone, Francestown soap-stone quarry, 
Eaton k William.s. | 

Mechanics & Artisans— barber, Geo. E. Mills: blacksmiths, 11. W. 
Spaulding, G. D. Epps, Frank Cudworth; carpenters, E. W. Colbnrn, 
(I. P. Downes, R. P. *Ordway. H. A. Hopkins; hariiei'S maker. S. B. 
Hodge; masons, £. K. Batclieldcr, S. P. Newton ; painters, W. Bat- 
terfield, D. S. Henderson, .loe Polechiu; shoemakers, Geo. £. Mills' 
N. R, Mardeu ; wheelwrights, Daniel Moody, C. A. Barrett. j 

Merchants — Amasa Downs, K. Bradford; auctioneer, S. B. Hodg«;. 
millinery, R. Bradford. | 

Physicians — H. S. Hutchinson, homeo., T. £. Fisher; dentist, H. G. 
Kittredge. I 

FKAHrCONIA, GRAFTON^Vop. 550. N. fr. C. 85; N. E. 
fr. Haverhill. 34. R. i?. «.— Littleton, on White Mt. R. R. Daily stage. 

OFFICERS— C/^rifc, Geo, H. Burt; IVeas., Csman Parker; SeUct- 
men, W. K. Parker, G. H. Burt, H. Spooner ; Supt., LvcHa E. Kendall. 

Postmasters — Roswell Knight; Profile Hou^e, C. H. Grecnieaf. j 

Justices — E. B. Parker, Jo* 1 Spooner, C. H. Greeuleaf, State; J. N.' 
Oakes, OKman Parker, W. F. Parker. I 

Churches — Advent, L. C. McKinstry; Cong. G. V. D. Gartiston; 
F. Bap., '• . I 

Hotels —Profile House, Taft k Greenleaf; Valley House, Horace 
Knight; La Fayette House, Richardson A Brooks; Franconia Htnisp, 
H. W. Priest; Grand Vjew House, H. R. Priest; Riverside House, 
.1. H. Young; Edson House, CliaH. Edson. i 

Manufacturers — bobbins, Stephen ^aton; boots and shoes, Willis 


Rnapp; iroD, N. H. Iron Co., Gharlra Edison, a^ent ; ]iiniber, Geo. B.' 
I/Kwis, Otid Brooktt, Stephea Eatoit ; atarcb, Parker, Priest A Co.,E. B. 
PHrker, ageot. 

j Mechanics— blacksmiths, W. J. George, R. T. Petrie ; carpenter, 
Dexter Woodsy paiuter, Ira Whipple; wheelwrights, Emery Aidrich, 
0. W. Harris. 

Merchants— Geo. H. Bart, B. B. Parker A Son; millinery. Electa J. 
Bowles. • Physician— W. B. Moody. 

TWtAVKLIjlN. MERRIMACK— Pop.3,265. N. fr. C. 18. M.S. 
S. — Franklin, on Northern R. R. 

OFFICHRS^CUrk, P. C. Hancock ; Trecu. I. N. Blodgett ; Selectmen. 
A. J. Thurston, J. W. Paris, W. M. Barnard ; Board of isU«ca(ton, E. B. 
S. Sanborn, F. N. Pnrsons. 

PosCmaster— R. G. Coibum. Exp. Agent— B. M. Prascot. 

Justices — G. W. Nesniith, £. G. Leach, K. W. Bennett, Alexis Proc- 
tor, E. C. Stone, A. F. Pike, Stephen Keorick, Daniel Bamurd, E. B. S 
Sanborn, Miltou Gerrish, W. M. Barnard, F. N. PamouK, David Gil 
Christ, O. W. Rollins, M. B. Goodwin, J. H. Currier, J. F. Fielden, 
State; B. S. Hancock, Francis Siiaw, D. E. Brown, H. £. Blakt*, A. L 
BuCterworth, B. B. Tobie, F. N. Parsonf*, G. G. Wadsworth, F. H. Dan 
iel, J. H. Rowell, R. I. Merrill, W. E. Rogers, J. C. Story. G B 
MMthews, C. II. Kelley, Frank Proctor. J. W. Davis, L. £. WhitcherJ 

Churches— Chris. 0. J. Wait; Cong. W. H. Hadley. 

Hotels — Webster House, 0. B. Davis ; Franklin House, A. K. Moore 

Insurance Agts — Leach A Barnard. 

Lawyers — A. F. Pike, Dnniel Barnard, I. N. Blodgett, E. O. Leach, 
G. W. Mesmith, B. W. Bennett, E. B. S. Sanborn. W. M. Barnard. 
F. N. Parsons, C. M. Clay. 

Livery Stables— 0. B. Davis. A. K. Moore. Tel. Ag't— J. D. Kirk. 

Manufacturers— )>el ting and hose, Thos. McCounell; brick, Hiram 
Colby ; boots and shoes. D. Gilchrist & Co., 8. II. Clay ; coffins. H. K.' 
Thouip!«on; conductors' punches, J. B. Aiken; crutches, N. Wil-' 
'ion A Son: foundry, Taylor A Matthews; hats and caps, W. j; 
Fortier; hosiery, A. W. Snlloway; leather, Thomas Mc(^nnel1; lum- 
ber, Joseph Brown A Co., J. U. Rowell, B. S. Colby, Wallace 
jBnrleigh ; machinery. B. C. Stevens : needles, Jacknian A Flanders ;' 
■paper and paper pulp, Winiiipiiiseogee Paper Co., W. F. Daniell, 
manager; I'ii'tare frames, I. A. Hutchinson; Franklin Pulp Co., W.' 
.F. Danifll ; stove polisth, Rowell A Whitney ; tin ware and stoves, J. H ' 
iRowell; trusses, N. Wilton A Son; wagons, cart iHges and sleigliH,' 
J. W. B. Clement; wood pulp, Cross Pulp Co., W. F. Daniell, manager' 
I Mechanics &. Artisans— barber, C. M. French ; blacksmith, J. B.[ 
■Calley, G. Clifford; carpenter, Jasper Cill«0'; ieatbor bed renovator, J. 
Shaw; granite workers, Peter Dana; harness makers, L. D. Daven< 
port. Sleeper A Proctor: masons, F. W. Sargent. B. K. Woodwani,Geo. 
.I.Young; marble workers, Cummings Bros., D. A. Sanborn, Peteri 
Ditna; painters, W. S, Wheeler, 0. Osgood, (j. F. Woodward ; tailors,' 
B. R. Heath. H. J. Odell ; wheelwrights, A. L. Morrison, J. W. B.i 
Clement, E. F. Seavey ; wool djers, Kemple A Schyner. 
I Merchants— L. Richardson, D. S. Gilchrist, Ash Morrison, S. Marvin,' 
E. C. Stone; auctioneers, £dwin Judkins, 6. G. Warcisworth; boots' 
and »ahoes, D. S. Gilchrist, L. Richardson, A. Morrison: clothing, H. 
J. tMell; coal and ice, D. M. Prescott ; corn and meal, Johnson A 
Sou; coffins, J. H. Cilley, H. K. Thompson: drugs and medicines, 
£. II. Sturtevant; fnruitnre, E. C. Stone; hardware, L. Richard- 


Uone, S. A. Hutchinson; newRpaper, U. E. Blake; wool, pelts aud 
lules, I. A. Thurston, Ed. Jadkins. 

Physicians — L. M. Kniglit; dentist, Geo. A. Grace. 

Fall*— Postmastep— Walter Barleigh. 

Churches— Adv. D. M. Leavitt; C. Bup. J. F. Fielden; F. Bap. E. 
1. Prescott ; Meth. J. L. Felt ; R. Cath. Jus. Lambut ; Unit. J. B 

Eating House— Wm. Howe. Lawyer— E. B. S. Sanborn. * 

Hotel — Whinipiseogee Hotirie, P. L. Kennedy. 

Livery Stables— C. C. Kenrick, J. W. Davis. 

ManuTacturers— carriages and sleighs, Eastman k Basbey; corn! 
neal, C. H. Bavis ; fancy flannels, Franklin Mills, M. T. Stevens, prop.;| 
aundry, P. G^ Garlvton ; lumber, Clms. iiabbitt; machinery A hosiery, 
iValter Aiken, ninchinerv, GlHik & Haynes; sash, doors aud blinds,; 
K. A. Sleeper; soap, H. D. Smith; shirt boards, II. G. Griffin; tin. 
vare and stoves, James Taylor ft Co., td. Gaskin ; wood fans. White; 
VI t. "Wood Fan Go.. 0. A. Towne, ag't; wood screws, Rnsj^eli & Erwln.j 

Mechanics & Artisans — bhicksmiths, A. McDonald, B. Laofc;! 
'arpenters, John Bsiiley, J. K. Moulton, M. G. Woodward, T. V. B | 
Plough, G. S. Knox, W. B. Woodward, D. T. Elliott, J. W. Dresser, 
jUab. M. Babbitt, T. H. Piper, A. P. Hoyt; carriage maker, K\ 
Bushey; carriage smith, A. L. Eastman ; gunsmith, Reuben Beck« 
nan ; hair dressers, C. P. Kolley, G. W. Pike; harness maker. 0.0. 
Thompson ; painters, S. E. Bickford, M. Brodier, jr., O. A. Harmon, Jj 
W. Haynes, Chas. Penninian, G. W. Beckman, J. G. Twombly ; (sign) 
?. W. Alden; printers, 0. A. Towne, R. E. Collins; shoemaker, J. F.; 
\.very,*T. Carver; t« lors, J. C. Neal, J. fl. Noal, Ripley ft Davis; 
wheelwright, Mitchell Brodier. 

Merchants — Burleigh Bros., G. W. Sawyer, Peter Gahagan, F. H. 
Sanborn, Gale ft Lovering, S' evens ft Southwick; anctioneer, J. H.' 
iJurrier; books and stationery, F. H. Chapman, O. A. Towne; boots 
ind shoes, F. H. Marsh, G. J. Whitney ; clothing, R. M. Davis, A. S. 
R,ipley, F. A. Ross ; coffins, H. K. Thompson ; coffins ft furniture, C. G. 
Paige, H. L. Young ft Co.; corn and meal, G. H. Davis ; drugs and; 
nedicinoH, F. H. Chapman, H. W. Brockway, E. A. Brockway; dry) 
2^oods, F. L. Morrison ft Co., F. H. Gerry ; fancy goods, notions, Ac, 0. 
\, Towne, F. H. Chapman, J. Fawdry ; fish, H. Hinds, W. M. .Gage;> 
Tuit and confectionery, 0. A. Towne, R Thompson, J. W. Fawdrey ; 
groceries, F. H. Sanborn ; hardware, boots, shoes and groceries, Bnr-| 
eigh Bros.: house furnishing goods, Young ft Hill; jewelry, G. G.t 
Pellows, C. L. Hunt; meat, G. O. Colby, D. W. Wei ton, P. Gony^; 
nillinery, M. F. -ft J. L. Gilchrist, N. E. Kenneston ft Co., N. K.. 
tlandall ; musical instruments and sewing machines, G. L. Sanl»orn;, 
lews dealers, J. W. Fawdrey, 0. A. Towne ; wood, coal and ice, Chas. C! 
Kenrick ; wood, A. C. Til ton ; wool and pelts, W. Burleigh. I 

Physicians-^. U. Sanln^rn, C. B. Nichols, J. W. St^iples ; bot.,1 
IV. W Sleeper; homeo., W. E. Keith; dentist, A. A. Marden. 

Real Estate Agent— J. H. Currier. Sale Stable— C.G. Kenrick. 

Tel. Ag't— H. K. Smith. 

FREKDOM, CARROLL— Vo^. 750. N. B. fr. 0. 70; N. H. frj 
>s»«ipee, 12. R. R. 5.— Opsipee Center, 8 m., on Eastern R. R.; Bald-l 
vin Depot. 13m., on P. ft O. R. R. I 

OFFICERS— CterA, P. F. Danforth ; TrfM. J. L. Bennett ; Meet- 
nen, Wm. J. Bennet, E. R. Sargent, S. 0. iluokins; HupL S. A. 
dc Daniel. 

Postmaster— Rensselaer Tawle. 


Churches — Bwp. H. ; Chris. 

Justices— Albert Locke, Elias Towie, John Parsonx, fifate; Josiali 
Tbardton, C. H. Andrews, Stephen Daiifurthf Elias J. Towla. 

Exp. Ag'ts— L. D. Stanley, Wm. C. Mills. 

Manufacturers— bobbins, 0. A 0. Parsons ; brick, N. L. Meserve; 
'leather, Churchill A Bros.; lumber, Josiah Thurston, Towle St Kensou.' 
I Mechanics — blacksmiths, £. L. Mills, Alonzo Fowler, S. T. Fosr;| 
cabinet maker, Uriah Towle; masons, W. W. Lord, L. L. Moulton:' 
painters, J. A. Bennett, Natt Mesenre, Thos. Leavitt, Sewell Ward ;| 
Itailors, Chas. H. Andrews, Alonzo Pease; wheelwrights, Alauson Al-i 
tard, Uriah Towle, Jona. Farnsworth, Winthrop Tyler. I 

I Merchants— Geo. F. Lord, A. 1). Merrow, £. I. Towle A Co.; boots 
^nd shoeSf Chas. H. Beach ; hardware, Jas. D. Foster. 
I Physicians — A. D. Merrow; ecl^c, A. W. liobbe. 
! FREMONT, ROCKINGHAM— Pop. 62;^. S. E. fr. 0.30; W. 
Ifr.Exfiter, 10. M. R. i^.— Fremont on N. & R U. R. Daily stage. 
I OFFICERS— C%«rJt, T. B. Smith ; Treas. Ezra Currier ; Selectmen; 
a. F. Deede, C. W. Follett, W. Trul ; Supt. J. B. Martin. 
, Postmaster— Andrew Brown. 

Justices — Perley Kobiuson, G. F. Beede, J. B. Sanborn, 5to(e ; C. W. 
Follett, J. A. Smith, C. A. Gove. A. F. Sanborn, B. F. Sanborn, A. J. 

Churches — F. Bap. Joseph Granville; Meth. J. Higgins. 

Hotel — True House, Warren True, prop. 

Manufacturers— carriages, hubs, spokes, &c., Whittier Bros.; 
linbs and spokes, Robinson & Wilkinson; lumber, Caverly Mill;! 
paper boxes, W. C. Brown ; shoe and packing boxes, J. M. Brown ;| 
dtaves and shooks, Jonas Spaulding. 

Mechanics — blacksmith, J. W. Towle; cnrpenters, Perley Robin- 
son, B. F. Woodman, G. W. Brown, B. V, B. Lyford, Isaiah Sanborn,' 
.Madison Sanborn, J. B. Wilber; gHnsmiths. Andrew Brown, Johni 
Brown; millwright, D. J. SniitlT; painter, F. W. Follette. | 

Merchants — groceries, Jeremiah Benfield, G. L. Sanborn A Co., F. 
W. Clark, A. M. Melvin ; meat, P. R. Currier. 

Georae'^tt !Vtlll8— See Sunapee. 

eiIiFORD« BELKNAP— Fop. 2,821. N B. fr. C. 27; B. fr. 
Laconia 4. R. R. ^.— Lake Village, on B. C. & M. R. R. 

Postmaster — Village^ S. R. Jones. 

Churches — F. Bap. Wiley; Meth. . 

Manufacturers — lumber, J. J. Morrill, G. A. Copp. 

Merchants— groceries, H. Junes, J. Gove. 

Physicians— H. Mun^ey . 

Lake Villagre— OFFICERS— CUrh^ U,. 0. Bugbec*; TVerw. E. D. 
Ward ; Selectmen, L. B. Pulsifer, G. W. Morrill, C. U. Sleeper ; Supt. 
Gilfnrdy Daniel Rowe; Overseei-, BenJ. Wadley; SuperviwrSf J. D. 
Sanborn, J. C. Morrill, £. A. Badger. 

Postmaster— E. H. Blaisdell. 

Justices— S. C. Clark, A. J. Owen, J. P. Hutchinson, Benj. Wadley, 
W. A. Sanliorn, B. J. Cole, S. S. Ayer, M. A. Haynes, Arthur Tucker, 
rhos. Ham, G. W. Sanders, F. M. Rollins, J. P. Whittier, State; Enoch 
Flanders, J. L. Odell, £. tl. Blaisdell, Geo. H. Roby, F. J. Uutciiindon, 
W. S. Taylor, C. H. Sleeper. 

Band — Highland Brass Band, 24 pieces, A. F. Rublee, leader. 

Churches— Adv.'J.H. Clark; E. Bap. R. S. Mitchell; F. W. Bap 
Carter Cate; Mcth. J.Alger. 

Ex. Ag't— S. M. Smith. Hotel— Mt. Belknap House, L. B. Thrown 


Lawyers— S. C. Clark, J. P. Hatchinson. 

Livery Stables— L. B. Brown, F. a. Baker. 

ManuMlCturers — carriages, H. F. Bublee ft Son; flour and meal., 
J. P. Hutchiutton ; hosiery, K. M. Appleton, Frank Holt ft Go. 
H. Wood ft Co.; hosiery nnd ieggings, Bedford M*f 'g Co.; looms, J. S.[ 
Crane & Co., W. H. Pepper ; Itiiuber, Theodore Dodge, Cole Manrg; 
Co.; needles, Wardwell Needle Co., John Aldrich, TroHS., Cox Needle' 
Co.; shoes, P. Bai;tlett ft Son; shoestrings, braids, tapoH ftc. Union. 
Lace Co.; twine, wickiug, Howard Mufg Co.; soap, C. W. B. DavisJ 
N.£. Davis. i 

j Mechanics— blacksmithfi, H.F. Rnblee ft Son, F. A. Wadley; car 
penters ft builders, R. D. Buzxell, T. W. Bruce ft Son, E. H. Bean. A. J 
Tuck; civil engineers, T. Uain, G. H. Sleeper, J. Home, F.J. Hutch 
insou ; founders and machinists. Cole Manfg Co., B. J. Cole, Treati.;! 
hair dressers, E. M. Bnzzell. John Osborn, G. H. Bnzzell, Geo. Mix- 
on ; harness maker, A. Crooker; machinisis, J. S. Crane ft Co., W. HJ 
Pepper, B. F. Peaslee: painters, C. H. Locke, D. S. Gale, B. F. Glines,. 
G. W. Dearborn, J. B. ft C. H. Hendley ; photographer, E. D. Ward;; 
niudic teachers, C. A. Ho>t, Orrin Prescott; printers, M. A. Haynes, 
K. H. Wilconib; repair shops, B. C. ft M. R. R., Ralph Adams;! 
shoemakers, Daniel Davis, Chester Preston : tailors, A. W. SandezB,^ 
a. J. Odell, G. W. DoIlulT; tinsmiths, H. £. Brown, S. M. Smith* 

Merchants— boots aqd shoep, C. D. Ruble ft Co., P. Bartlett ft Son, 
J. II. Culver; clothiug, W. U. Jones; drugs snd medicines, J. L. 
Odell ; dry goods, G. H. Smith; groceries, A. Tucker, J. H. Dow, A.J 
D. Plummer, G. L. Sleeper ft Cu., £. S. Smart, J. R. Leavitt, H. W.< 
Swasey; Jewelry, E. Lovejoy, M. M. Robinson; ice, L. IX Budger;. 
millinery, M. C. Sanborn, Miss H. M. Wheeler; periodical*), J. ]tf.{ 
Ward ; wood, coal, hay ftc, Geo. Sturdevant, G. W. Brown, B. Pros- 
cott, H. £ Emery, L. D. Badger. I 

Physicians— D. F. ft J. C. Moore, 0. Go8i», Levi Ward, G. F. Roby. ' 

OI£.llIA9rTON, BELKNAP— Pop, 1,485. N. E. fr. C. 18; 8. 
fr. Lacohia, 8. B. JS. &— Tiltoa, 10 m., on B. C. ft M. R. R. Fronii 
Lower Gilmanton to Pittsftuld 6 m., on Suncook Val. R. R. Daily 
stage to each. Two daily stiiges from Gilnmutou to lilton. 
I OFFICERS— C7er£, J. A. Uurd ; Treat., John Connell ; Selectmen, T. 
Cogswell, J. W. Ham, M. C. Lamprey; Skipt.^ E. H. Shannon. 

Postmasters — L. H. Mudgett; Lower, Joseph Biown. 

Justices— Thos. C(»gswell, Orrin Fulsom, J. P. Hill, Renben Bdger- 
ly, Alfred Prescott, E. H. Shannon, J. W. Cogswell, £. A. Sargent, 
,H. E. Mursh, iState ; J. K. Dudley, Jos. Brown, C. A. Deckbam, B. £. 
Gale, J. B. Darrell, G. W. Parsons, J. S. Page, M. C. Lampiey. 
I Churches— Cong., S. S. M. Greeley; Meth., A. Mu Gregor ; Lower, F. 
Bap., C. L. Plummer. 

liotel— Washiii(^ton, I. C. Marsh. 

Literary Institution — Gilmanton Academy, F. M. Mc Cutchins. 

Manufacturers— clothes driers and tents, U. U. Jones ft Sons; lum- 
ber, Jesse Allen. I 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, David Fogg, S. J. Gale; carpeiH 
ters, H. N. Nelson, D. Beede. J. S. Page : masons, J. W. H»im, E. T.! 
Oilman ; painters, C. F. Bradley, L. H. Mudgett; wheelwrights, J. A 
Jones, £. S. Mudgett, M. A. Dennett. 

Merchants — S. H. Dearborn, £. Varney ; Iiower, Joseph Brown. 

Physician— Nahuni Wright. 

Iron Works— i2. E. &'.— Alton, 6 m., on Dover ft Wlnniplseo- 
gee R. R. Daily stage. 


Postmaster— G. A. Dockham. 

Churches — Cong., , ; F. Bap., M. A. Quimby. 

Hotel— Central, H. I. Dolby. 

Lawyer — ^Thumas CogswelL • 

Manufacturers— doors. Hash and blinds, Realien Giles ; plows, J. P. 
Hasst^y & Ck>.; rakes, Suncook Valley Bake Co., Marsh Bros.; tiu waie, 
Henry L. Ransoiu. 

' Mechanics — blacksmiths, J. W. Marsh ; carpenters, N. B. Jones, 
Eben Conuel, ilorace EUgerly ; harness maker, E. A. Sargeut; paint- 
'er, A.^. Paige; tailor, J. £. Dustiii. 

I MerchaiftS— G. A. Dockham, R. D. Tebbett, John Ck>nneI1, G. W. 
Qatilt ; flour and graiu. Cook & Leighton ; hardware and grocerieii, 
T. B. Seavey ; poultry and game, C. (I. Shannon. 

Physicians — Jert'mJHh Blake, R. M Gray, 8. A. Taylor. 

dlJLiSlJM, CHESHIRE— Pop. C63. S. C.50; N. E. fr. Keene 
9. M. R. S. — Keene. on Cheshire K. R. Daily stage. 
i OFFICERS— ClferA:, L. W. F. Mark ; Treat. A. D. Hammond ; Belect- 
yMH^ D. W. Bill ; B. J. Mullen, J. L. Isham ; ^pt. W. H. Aldrich. 
; Postmaster— J. A. Smith. 

1 Justices — F. A. Howard, N. 0. Hayward, ^. D. Hammond, G. C. 
Hubbard, iSfate ; L. W. F. Mark, G. H. McCoy, D. W. Bill, C. \¥. 
Biiiglmm. Livery Stables— G. H. McCoy, L. Shaffner. 

Hotel — Aohuelut House, L. Shaffner. 

Manufacturers— cassiuieres, J. S. Collins, Gilsum Woolen M'f g 
Co.; lumber, G. W. Newman, S. W. Dart, N. 0. Haywood, A. J. 
Howard k Go f tanners. Rice, Rawsou & Co., trays and wooden 
ware, D. W. Bill, G. H. McCoy. I 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, Eugene R. Carpenter, G. D. Newman;, 
carpenters, Allen Hay ward, L. R. Guillow, F. A. Howard; cooper, 
J. M. Chapin ; millwright, S. W. Dart ; sheemakers, A. W. Kings 
bury, Wm. Banks. 

' Merchants — J. A. Smith, A. D. Hammond, L. W. F. Mark; aaction 
eer, N. O. H^y ward Church- Cong. G. W. Rogers. 

Physician— K. D. Webster, W. U. Aldrich. 

Gofff'ti Fallli — See Manchester. 

trieti iloufte — A p. o. in (ireen's Grant, in Coos Co. 

«OFFSTOWX, HILL8B0H0 UGH—Pop. 1,099. 8. W. fr. G., 16 ; 
N. W. fr. Manchester S^. R. R. S. — Goffstown, ou Manchester and 
North Weare R. R.; (Joft*»town Center, 3 ni., and Paikor's IJ^ m. I 
1 OFFICERS— C/«rfc, G. L. Hooper; TVccw., Robinson Browu; Select- 
mtriy Benj. Greer, Chas. Morgrage, Henry Moore; Suptt.^ Frank Blais 
dell, Gilman F. Farley. 

I Postmasters— C. 8. Parker; Center, Geo. B. Poore. 
j Justices— ^.T. M. Parker, A. F. Carr, Q. F. Farley, S. Teel, Alfred 
Story, Geo. P Hadley, G P. Hadl«y, 2(1. State : N. E. Kimball, D. A. 
iTaggart, D. M. Taggart, L. Rowell, F. H. Pliillips, Jesse Nichols, C' 
Morgrage, B. F. Stevens, J. W. Poland, J. G. HutcbinsoQ, D. A. Tag- 
gart, H. Moore. I 
I Churches — Bap., J. H. Nichols; Cong., S. L. Gerould; Epis., H. A.' 
iReniic; Meth., Ira Taggart. I 
I Hotels — New Hampsihire Central, Wm. Cunningham; Young's 
Hotel, F. L. Young, prop. Livery Stables— Chas. G. Barnard. | 
1 Manufacturers — cigars, Alir«d Poor, J. II. Copp, Krwin Moore;' 
flour & meal, Z. A. Hoitt, £. Flanders; hoof ointment, A. McJDtiugal; 
mouldings and brackets, Kendall, Stark & Co.; patent medicines, Otis 
f .F. Sumner: pulp. P. C. Cheney & Co.; sash, doors and blinds, Kendall, 


Stark & Co., Daniel Barr & Co.; scythe rifles and boys' sleds, Orrin 
Moore. . ' 

Mechanics and Artisans — blacksmiths, Moore & Campbell, Am- 
brose Smith, J. W. Watson, Albert IHll ; carpenters, Harrison Harr,' 
T. C. Bowers, George Fhillbrook, Carleton & 8onH, J. O. Taggart ; dress, 
makei, Miss Hattie Johnson; hair dresser, J. D. Hart; harness' 
maker, Stephen Blaisdell ; .machinist, Henry De Witt; mason, Charles ' 
Morgrage, J. Morgrage; painter, Benj. Sanlpaugh; shuemakeFS, R. L. 
Livingstone, C. Hammond ; tailor, Calvin Richards ; undertaker, John 
Small; watchmaker, A. Lufkio; wheel wrigltts, Henry Bunpnghs, 
Chas. McCollum. ' 

I Merchants— Parker A Co., Alfred Story & Co., G. P. Henry, George 
Poor; auctioneer, J. M. Parker; clocks and watches, A. M. 
Lnfkin ; coffins, J. Small & Co.; drugs, O. F. Sumner, fi. R. 
Poor; fish, C. S. A 8. H. Balch;lce, W. Page; lumber, J. M 
& D. A. Parker, Johnson & Geer, Bntterfield A Richards, John Carl- 
ton ; meat, T. W. Richards ; meat and vegetables, A. J. Sargent ; sew-' 
ing machines, C. G. Barnard ; stoves and tin ware, £. L. Rand, J. M. 
I Physicians— A. F. Carr, C. F. George, Frank Blaisdell. 

Summer Boarding House— Shirley Hill House, S. I>. Johnson. 

Oolden BrooR I11ill«— See Windham. 

Uonic — See Rochester. 

GORUAM, COOfi^Pop. 1,383. N. B. fr. C. 96. 8. B. fr. Lan- 
caster, 24. B. R. 8. — tiorham, Randolph, 6; Glen House, 8, on U. T. 
jK. R. Public conveyance to all trains. 

I OFFICERS— CZejJfc, J. W. Greenlaw ; Treai. S. M. Leavitt; Select- 
men, R. F. Ingalls, Levi Shedd, Hirnry P. Smith ; Supt. T. Gifford. 
I Postmaster— A. S. Twitchell. Tel. Agent— A. T. Giusier. 
j Justices— A. S. Twitctiell, StaU; £. W. Wight, R. F. Ingalls, A. J. 
Graham, Thos. Gi£furd. Orren Tubbs, A. A. Palmer, Stephen Gordon, 
jV. V. Twitchell, A. C. Harrimjtn. 

I Churches — Cong. A. J. Benedict; Meth. A. R. Silvester; R. Cath. 
James Gorman ; Univ. A. Bosserman. i 

I Exp. Ag't— T. G.fford. 

I Hotels — Alpine House, W. A C. R. Milliken ; Gorhara House, B. M. 
Gibson ; Ea^le House, L. L. Jackson ; Lary House, A. G. Lary 
Glen House. W. & C. K. Milliken. i 

Ins. Ag't — Alfred R. Evans. i 

Lawyers— A. S. Twitchell, A. R. Evans. | 

Livery Stables— G. B. Hilborn, Wm. Jewell, R. M. Gibson. 

ManuTacturers — boots and shoes, W. Wight. J. A. Twitchell, B. L. 
Smith ; carriages. J. P. Dunham, F. Buck; coffins and caskets. C. H. 
iliowe; lumber, E.Clements A Co., C. S. Peabody A Co.; lumber and 
I wood, A. H. Gerrish, A. W. Gilbert. 

I Mechanics & Artisans — blackHiniths, J. P. Dunham, A. A. Palmer, 
J. C. Richardson ; carpenters, A. A E. M. Hubbard, P. Uowland, N. 
|W. Ordway, C. J. Green; dressmakers, Mrs. B. C. Flandera, Mrs.' 
lE. Bedell, Mrs. Lucy Etstes, Mrs. F. A. Shedd, Mrs. E. D. Lary, Mrs. 
Baileys, N. ]$I. Norwood & Co.; hair dresserB, J. Crawford, P. Morgan ; 
liariiess maker, R. H. Emerson ; machinist, Warren Noyes ; painters, 
Buck A Evans, A. B. Watson, E. E. Jackson ; printer, V. V. Twitchell ; 
tailors, George Bunnell, N. S. Mc Kenty, James Parsons. 



'aactione«r, S. Qordon ; books and stationary, S. M.Lenvitt; con 
and nieul, J. Jewell ; druj^s and mudicini*8, Henry Marble, ft Co.; fur 
'niture, G. H. Howe, J. U. Mnrdock ; hardware, Demoud Bro8.; meHt 
!and groceries, Gates A Wheeler; milMuery and fancy goods, Mrs 
iM. J. Oiffurd. Isabella Soule ; milk, II. P. Smith. 

Physicians— B. M. Wight, N, D. Hyde. 

Station Agent— T. A. Adams. 

OOSHEW StTiL/r^liV— Pop. 611. N. W. ft*. C, 40. 8. fr. New 
port, 4V^. Ji. R. ti. — Newport. 4^, Chandlerville, 6 m., on C. & C. R. R 

OFFIGHRS—CUrk, H. S. Oilman; Treas., E. H. Carr; Htlectmen, 
Burke Booth, J. P. Oore, Mill Village, B. W. Pike; 8upL, F. P. Jonee. 

Postmasters— H. D. Baker ; Mill ViUage, K. W. Pike. 

Justices— K. H. Carr, Stale : Dennis Lear, J. W. Rodgers. 

Churches — Bap., --^-; Meth., Charles Nickliu. 

Manufacturers — butter firkins, Solon Willey, A. L.Baker; lam 
ber, J. P. Gove, Ezra Puriugton, Wm. H. Barton. 

Mechanics — blncksmith. Burke Booth ; carpenters, J. W. Rogers 
Wheelock Tandy, W. U.Ray; coopers, Jonathan Ingalls, S. B 
Willey; harness maker, B. S. George; masons, N. If. Maxfleld 
Steele k Bunker, F. J. Richardson; painter, Ansel Dunbar, (carriage 
Pred Stocker ; whi'elwright, Ora Alexander. 

Merchants— Carr & Morrill ; corn and meal, B. W. Dodge. 

Physician — R P. Jones. 

ORAFTOIV, ORA FTON— Pop., 933. N. W. fr. C, 40 ; S. W. fr 
Plymouth, 36. R. R. S.— Grafton A Center, on No. R. R. 

OFFICERS— O^erAr, E. G. Smith ; Treas., J. E. Martin ; Selectmeny A 
Stevens. C. F. Kitts, C. H. Cole ; Supt., F. A. Stevens. 

Postmasters — Horace Barney ; CerUert J. B. Page. 

Justices — N. W. C. Davis, Stephen George, J. B. Page. 

Churches — Center, Union, Lorenzo Bailey , South, J. Webster. 

Hotel — Grafton Honse, E. Dorman. 

Manufacturers— charcoal, D. J. Clay; lumber, W. H. Burleigh, S 
gW. Biu*ney, J. R. Smith, D. B. Dean; Center, C. F. Kilton; woolens 
"fl. S. Beckford. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, F. G. Dimondj B. 0. Haskins, A. L 
Tonng, W. G. Huntley : carpenters, Stephen George, J. C. Wilkin!^ 
II. D. Stevens, E. P. Whittier, D. Martin, A. Underdill, D Hook ; coop 
er, W. P. Messer; harness maker, D. N. Chandler; mica #orkern 
Center, Grafton Mining Co.: wheelwrights, D. Mtirttu ; Center, B. ¥ 

Merchants— J. E. Martin ; CenUr, L. D. Williams ; East, E. F. Fol 
som ; drover, I. V. Surgent. 

Physicians— B. isbeii. 

ORAMTilAllI, SDLLTVAN—Pov., 640. N. W. fr.C, 40 ; N. fi 
Newport, 10. R. R. ^.—Newport 10 m., on C. A C. R. R. Dail 
Btago. LebHnon, 14 m., on No. R. R., semi-weekly stage. 

OFFICERS— aerfc, Rufus Hall ; Trea8., J. H. Gos»; Selectmen, L. E 
Dnnbar, D. S. Hastings, Wra. Wallace ; Smpt., L. B. Elayward. 

Postmasters — L. D. Dunbar ; North, M. P. Burpee. 

Justices — S. C. Sargent, 0. B. Buswell, L. D. Dunbar, Rufus Hal 
H. F. Goes, State ; L. P. Sanders, L. V. Sargent. 

Churches — Chris., East, ; Meth. J. W. Bean, North 

T. Winsor; Union, F. M. Pickles. Insurance Agent-^S. C. Sargent 

Mauufacturers — baskets, J. Young; lumlier, G. W. Dnnbar, "id. 
P. Burpee ; Korth, Peabody & Son, Abrain Merrill ; lumber an 
shingles, H. H. Flanders ; shingles, A. Collins, Jno. Clark. 


Mechanics — blacksmiths, John Hammond. J. W. Spiller ; coopers, 
Wm. liowtt, B. F. Gosh j tuasoai), D. 8. Hastings, .1. T. Weeks; ]>aiut-| 
ers, T. Weeks, Abijah Powers; wheel wrigbt, L. N. Sargent. 
i Merchants— L. D. Dunbar, S. F. Hook ; clocks and watches, S- C 
Sargent. Physicians — ¥. B. Perkins, W C. Kempton. 

<«reat Falls— See Soniersworth. 

OREEBTFIEIiD, fr/LLSfiOBOCrCffir— Pop. 652. S. W. fr. C 
38; N. W. tr. Nashua, 26. B. R. &— Greenfield; Russell's CroBsing! 
on Wilton Ex. R. R. 

OFFICERS— C/erJb, E. C. Richardson ; TVea*., F. C. Fletcher; Select- 
men^ J. R. RuKsell, J. T. Robertson. Warren Lewis ;8upf..^A. N. Hardy. 

Postmasters — F. R. Patch ; Souths John R. Russell. 

Justices— Horace Cudworth, H. H, D'nklee, A. W. Savage, CD. 
Fitch, Slate; G. L. Peavey. J. R. Russell, £. C.<licliardson. 

Church— Cong., 8 H. Partridge. 

Hotels & Livery Stables— H. H. Duncklee, G. H. Putnam. 

Manufacturers — sash and blinds, Renjamin Jaquith; wooden 
measures, E. Searlea. ^ , 

Mechanics — blacksmith, Frank Brooks: carpenters, G. D. Pollard,} 
W. D. Buruham, A. H. Hopkins; 8hoemakerf>, C. B. Wnllace.[ 
wheelwrights, Rodney Patch, C. W. SavHge ; barber, Charles Savagie.] 

Merchants— E. 0. Ricliardson. G. P. Fletcher, R. Bradford A Cu.,1 
Savage & Lewis ; carriages, Geo. J. Whitteniore; meat, C. F. A G. S. 
Peavey. Physician — S. H. Partridge. Tel. Agent— H. A. Shendan. 

0KEE:NL.ANJD, rocking ham— Pop., ms. S. E. fr. C, 60;| 
W. fr. Portstnouth, 6. R, R. S. — Greenland, on C. & P. R. R., 1 m., on 
E. R. R. 2 m. 

OFFICERS— CTerfc, W.O. Junkins; Selectmen^ Jethro Howard, Geo 
Weeks, John E. Slavey. 

Postmasters — Edward Holmes ; Depot, Edgar S. Taft. 

Justices— John Hatch. C. W. Pickering, Jos. W. Odell, J. S. H. 
^Frink, State; Edwani Holmes, Edgar S. Tuft 

Churches — Cong., Edward Robie; Meth., Willism Bennett. 

Exp. & Tel. Ag't— H. C. Taft. Hotel— Brackt'tt's. G. E. Brackctt 

Lawyers — .1. 8. H. Frink, C. W. Pickering, John Hatch. 

Literary Institution — Brackett Academy. Miss Merrill, teacher. 

Livery Stables— J. W. Weeks, J^orenzo Duntley. 

Maifufacturers — boxes and iuniber, Ryder A Rand ; cider, W. 
H. L. & G. E. Brackett, S. S. Brackett ; lumber, S. S. Brackett; 
lumber, flour and meal. Union Corp. J. A. Holmes. 
I Mechanics — blacksmiths, N. M. Gookin, J. C. Weekw, N. P. Ord- 
|WHy ; carpenters, D. J. Norton, C. Fobs, J. B. Lowd, G. Dearborn. 
IF. P. Philltrook, C. A. Dearborn, ChHs. "W. Marden ; job printers, Dan'l 
iW. Sliea, Ernest Holmes; masons, C. "W. Hodgden, tJeo. Dnntley; 
Imillwrights, W. H. Brackett, N. P. Marston, Ryder A Rand; piiiut-l 
jers, E. Marston, James Brackett, J. P. Cate, J. (3. Bennett; wheel-* 
jwrights, Wni. Beck, W. F. Bennt'tt. 

( Merchants— G. E. Brackett, J. E. Holmes, H. C. Taft & Co.; drngf-| 
land florist, "W.O. JunK>ns; meat, A. J, Norton, Frank P. Dnrgiu; 
nursery, K. G. Clough. Physicians — J. W. Odell, W. O. Junkins. 

,C. 48 ; W. fr. Nashua, 22. R. R. A\— Greenville, on Peterboro* & 
Shirley B- anch R. R., and East Wilton, on B. L. & N. R. R., 7 ni, 
iStHge to EnRt Wilton.- 

I OFFICERS— C/erA, F. B. Pierce ; Treait,, M. C. Dodge ; SeUctnten 
C. EMlall, A. P. Farrar, G. C. Robins ; SupL, G. E. Hall. 

;/ — ^ 


Postmaster & Exp. Agent— M. H. Hardy. 

Justices — ¥. Morriaon, John KennMly/ James Taft, State; J. A. 
HartHbtTQ, C. E. Hull. C. E. Marsh. i 

Churches — Bap. J. M. Ck^bain; Gone. G. F. Uerriam; R. Catfa., 
EdwHrd Buckle. 
' Hot A— Columbian Honse, B. 6. Howe. 

Ins. Ag*t— James Taft. Tel. Ag't— A. O. StickAey. 

Livery Stables— M. H. Hardy, Louis Cherbano, E. B. Barrett, W. 
W. Saw tell, Frank Bushway. | 

Manufactur«rs^otton!4, Columbian Mannfg Co., Samnel Hainee,' 
ag't ; ginger ale and tonic Iteer, (}. A. Hartt>bom flour and feed, lum- 
ber and furniture. J. L. Chamberlin ; Inmber, J. H. Elliott. I 

Mechanics — ^blacksmltiis. J. R. Lynch. Ana Webber, Frank King;' 
carpenters, Tliomas Hays, S. f. Bianchard, Cliafl. Lynch, Frederick 
:ManHfield. 6. W. Sargent; hair dresser, John Greenwood; barnefls 
Intaker, Peter Santerre: marhiuist, H. A. Dati^, E. O. Heath, Joeepli 
jCuu tte ; masons, E. L Nutting, H. M. Livingstone, C. 6. Bianchard ; 
jpainters, W. W. Sawtell, E. G. Baswett, N. C. Wetherbee; printer, 
,Chi«8. B. Marsh ; dress making, Mit-s M. £. Houde; shoemaker, O. H., 
iLivingston; wheelwright, H. H. Shumway. | 

I Merchants — 0. D. Frescott, Hartsliom ^Whitney, J. A. Hartshorn; 
^boots, shoea and clothing, Kingslmry A French, G. H. IJTlngston ; 
clothing coflBns, fnrniture, paints and oilM, W. W. Sawtell ; drugs 
'aod medicines, C E. Hall ; drugs, medicines and stationery, G. E. 
Hall; fancy goods, Mrs. A. M. Wetherbee ; flth, 8. F. Derliyshire; gro-i 
ceries, Kingsbury ; Jewelry, B. P. Lamb; meat. G. C. Rolddns, Geo.' 
■T. Jonea; millinery. Miss E. Barber; stationery and novelties, Chas. 
!e. Miirsh; tea and coffee, Amos Scripture; tinware and stoves, N. P. 

I Physicians— G. A. Wood. C. E. Hall, G. F Mnnsey ; dentist, 6. C. 
Duncan. Real Estate — .'ohn Kenney. 

I CIROTON, GHAFTON—¥op., 566. N. W. fr. C, 46. W. fr. 
Plymouth, 12. R. R. .s'.— Bristol, on Bristol Branch K. R. Daily 
jstage connects with 8 A. M.and 6 P. M. trains. North — R. R. S. — ] 
iRnmney, on B. G. & M. R. R.; stage connects Tuesday, Thursday and 

I OFFICERS— <?ferJk, R. H. Blarkntone, p..o. ad. N. Groton ; Treag. 
J. 0. Wheet ; Stilectmen, Sylvester Wheet, Abel Bailey, jr., N. L.' 
Jewell: Superviaom^ Daniel Kitlder, H. L. Ingalls, D. G. Welld; 
OoUector, North, J. N. Keiine: Supt. J. C. Wheet. 

Postmaster— JVbrfA, J. G. Hall. 

Justices— G. E. Colburn. Stale ; D. M. Tenney, N. L. Jewell, A. Y. 
Bagley. David Hobart, J. £. Muszey, R. H. Blackstone. 

1 Church — Ntyrth, Union, . 

) Manufacturers— lunilier, J. E. Muzzey, I. P. Hardy, 0. W. Hnnk- 
ins, A. B. Croaby, L. C. Konrtall ; mica works. North, Hartford Mica] 
Mining Co., W. F. Simpson; Ciirstal Mica Mining Co., A. B. Puffer ; 
,Grotoa Mica Mining Co., Geo. B. Barrett ; patent clapboard machines, 
IL. C. Kendall ; patent slide blind hangings, tools, machinery and 
patterns. North, Kidder A Putney. 

I Mechanics — blacksmiths, L. L. Cheever, R. C. Dunbar, A. B. Cros- 
by; carpenters, J. E. Muzzey: North, Geo. W. Richardson, J. L. 
Clement. Geo. Farnum, C. F. Wheet ; coopers, N. O. Phelps ; North, 
Jotiiam Cnmmings, J. Baker. Merchant — North^ J. W. Burleigh. 

Physician— J. C. Wheet. 

Groveton — See Northumberland. 

a ' 


- ' 

HA]IIPSTEAI>, ROCKINGHAM— Voy. 959. S. S. fr. C. 30; 

3. W. fr. PortwnoTith, 30. .R. R. &— AtkinHon, on B. & M. R. R. 
Daily stage fr. W. HanipRtead, on N. k R. R. R^ to Atkinson Station, 
r.30 A. M.; to W. Hanipstead 0.3(J P. M. 

OFFICERS— C7crfc, A. W. Foot; Treas. A. P. Emerfion; Beltet- 
wen, A. H. Davis, J. H. Grnnt, D. N. Hoj'l ; Supt. Wra. C. Littleli 

Postmasters — Thomas Foote ; H>.<(, J. D. Ordway. 

Justices— J. C. Eastman, H. B. Carter, Saiu'I Morse, NeUon Ord 
i¥ay, J. D. Ordw.ay, Geo. MarRton, BtaU ; J. W. Garland, A. H. Davis, 
Bben Hoyt, W. A. Emerson, T. M. Arnold, J. U. Grant. i 

Church---ConK', Albert Watson. I 

Literary Institution— -IlHrniMtead Hiph School, F. E. Merrill. pr!n. 

Maufacturers — boots and shoes, Chas. N. Hoyt & Co ; box aqd planing 
mill, C. W. Pre^sey ft Co.; lumber, F. A. Pike ; YTmI, £. £. Currier ; 
jboe tools, Dnu'l Nichols. I 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, J. W. Sanborn ; carpenters, Wm. 
Grrifflu, G.J. Penneo, O. H. Emerson, J. H. Emerson, W. A. Little; 
fFes^, S. Pressey ; cooper, L. 1i..C. Little; mason, James Hazel tine; 
music teacher, Mifs Abbie F. Chandler; painters, H. C. Eastman, 
We^ John Little, G. H. Titcomb; paper hanger, Wm. George ; wbeel- 
Mrrigbt, £. Bartlett. 

Merchants^A. W. Foote, D. F. Ordway ; auctioneers, J. D. Ord- 
way, Chales H. Osgood ; groceries, G. W. Baker, C. H. Osgood : meat, 
K. L. Noyes k Brn.; millinery, Mx-s. E. M. Locke ; millinery and lancy. 
goods, Mi88 Nellie L. Perley. * 

Physicians — .1. C. Eastman. BenJ. Woodman ; dentist, Dan'l Nich-. 
3l8. Summer Boarding House— A. P. Emerson. I 

£a8t-S. E. fr C, 32 ; S W. fr. Exeter, II. Daily stage fr. Plais- 
tow, on B. k M. R. R., at 5 P. M.; and for Sandown, on N. k R. R. R.,, 
it 6 P. M.; and for Plaistow on B. 4k M. R. R., 7.45,A. M. 

Postmaster— H. 8. Martin. 

Manufacturers— charcoa'l,T. M. Cook; lithographers and art pnb- 
liahers, Globe Publishing House ; pumps, Geo. Allen ; sa%v an*l plan- 
ing mill, Wm. GriflSn, G. 0. Ring; vinegar, C. 0. Ring k Co.; wagons, 
Gilbert Verburght. ' 

Mechanics — blacksmith, Gilbert Verburght, Urban Vigenault ; car- 
penters, James Johnson, John Johnson; cooper, J. F. M'Collister; 
machinist, £. G. Eaton ; watch maker, C. B. Morse ; wheelwrights, 
Johnson Bros 

Physician — dentist, Saronel Morse. j 

HAMPTOBf, ROCKING H A M—VoV; l,18t. S. R. ft. C, 47^; S. 
Ir. Portsmouth, K). R. R. 8. — Hampton, on Eastern R. R. i 

OFFICERS— C/erAr, J. M. Akerman; Belectmen, J. P. Marston, Wl 
H. Blake, W. E. Lane ; Supt. 11. M. Lane. 

Postmaster— J. M. Akerman; iVb?-(A, J. Batch el dor, Jr.; SotUh, . 

Justices — Joseph Dow, G. M. Lamprey, J. J. Lea vitt, State; A. S.| 
Doffin, J. W. Dow, J. M. Lamprey, J. H. Fogg, J. M. Akerman. 

Churches— Cong., W.H. Cutler; F. Bap., ; Meth., J.F. 

Spalling. I 

Hotels— Union, 0. H. Whittier ; Boar's Head, S. H. Dumas ; Ocean 
[louse, Philip Yeaton k Co.: Hampton Beach, T. k J. L. Leavitt; 
Eagle, L. P. Nudd ; Granite House, A. J. Batcbelder. 

Literary institution — Hampton Academy, , PF^d. 

Livery Stable— 0. H. AVhitytier. 

Manufacturers— lumber. Dearborn k Berry, J. T. Brown ; shingles, 
S. J. Drake A Son. 



Mechanics — blacksmiths, E. P. Young, Oliver Godft-ey. 8. L. Jen-' 
iDeas, Joseph Sanborn, A. B. Jenness ; carpenters, J. A. Dearborn, J J 
M. Lamprey, S. W. Dearborn, J. W. Mason, J. W. Towle, J. C. Mnrs-i 
ton, T. J. Towle, M. Hobbs, J. F. Marston, D. Y. Moulton, J. W. 
Brown, David Locke, Jer. Locke: cooper, Dearborn Blake; masons,' 
ll. W. Dearborn, T. A. Brown ; painters, Dearborn Blake & Sons, Ru-: 
fas Johnson ; tinman, Geo. Colin m. I 

I Merchants— J. A. Lane, A. D. Brown, T. N. Ckase, J. J. Leavitt ; 
auctioneer, G. M. Lamprey ; drngi and medicines, Frank Laird, Jow- 
!elry, J. S. Gilman. 
I Physician— W. T. Merrill 

HAIttPXOW FAIiLS, iZOCX'/iVG'fli^if— Pop., 678. S. B. fr. 
'C, 47 : S. E. fr. Exeter, 7. R. R. S.— Hampton Falls, on Eastern R. R.' 
j OFFICERS— Cterfc, G. 0. Healy; Treat. C. T, Brown; 8eltetmen; 
!J. C. Sanborn, M.'S. Pike, G. S. Morrill ; Board nf Education^ Wm.i 
jA. Cram, J. D. Brown, B. F. Weare; Collector^ Orrin D. Green. I 

Postmaster— C. C. Green. Exp. Ag'ts— J. J. Brown, J. D. Brown. 
I Justices— C. H. Sanborn, F. P. Cram, N. 11. Robie, Oliver Eaton, 
State; J. H. Gove, C. T. Brown, C. C. Green, C. P. Akerman, O. C 
Brown, H. H. Knight. 

I Churches— Bap., I. J. Burgess; C^ris., W. H. Waldron; Unita.; 
|B. F. Mc Daniel. 

I Manufacturers— lumber, J. T. Batchelder, A. S. Coffin, B. F. Weare, 
Edwin Janvrin^ J. T. Brown, J. S. Cram ; vinegar, W. Brown. 
I Mechanics — blacksmiths, Jones A Son, L. L. Chase; carpenters, C. 
C. Gove, Chas. Lane, James Janvrin, L. F. Merrill, Q. S. MerriU. 

Merchants — J. W. Greene ; auctioneer, N. H. Robie. 

Physicans— 0. H. Sanborn; vet. J. H. Hamilton, J. C.Gove. 

HAniCOCK, HILLSBOROUGH— Pop., 689. S. W. fr. C.,36; 
IN. W. fr. Nashua, 32. R. R. fil.— Hancock, on M. & K. R. R.; Han- 
{cock Junction on Peterboro & Hillsboro R. R., and M. A K. R. R. 2V^ 
rai. fr. Hancock Center. Daily stage from Alstead connects with the 
R. R. fr. Hancock. I 

OFFICERS— Oferi and Treas. A. D. Tuttle ; BeUctmen, J. P. Hills,' 
W. F. Syiuonds, C. M. Sheldon ; Supt. H. Gulick. I 

Postmaster— A. D. Tattle. 

Justices — A. D. Tnttle, State; Orland Etiton, J. S. r^akin, OTos. DavisJ 

Churches — Cong., H. Gulick ; Math. J. W. CoolidKe. I 

Hotels — Hancock Hotel, J. F. Eaton: Forest House, Jas. Woodward. 

Manufacturers — blinds, sash and doors, J. M. Johnson ; leather, 
A. G. Foster ; lumber, Danforth & French, J. Newell, J. W. Coolidge ; 
pails, J. NewelL 

Mechanics — blacksmith, J. R. Hill; carpenters, A. Jaqnith, Aj 
Copelaud, GtK>. Wood, B. M Baldwin; coopers. Remington Tuttlo,' 
liartwell Tuttle ; painters, Z. W. Brooks ; landscape, Hartwell Tnttle ; 
wheelwrights, J. H. Wood, Chas. Turner. 

Merchants— A. D. Tuttle, C. W. Farmer. 

H AXO VER. GRA FTON—Vop. 2,149. N.W. fr. C. 66 ; S. W. fr. Ha- 
iveriiill, 27. R. R. S. — Norwich, Vt., on C. t P. R. Stage to each train. 

OFFICERS— Cl«rfc, I. F. Dewey; Treas. N. S. Huntington; 8eJect-\ 
jmm, J. L. Bridgman, H. F. Hoy t, jr., A. W. Fellows ; Bupt. W. L. 

Postmasters — ^0. A. Field ; CkvU^y B. Hurlbutt. 

Justices— W. H. Duncan, S. W. Cobb, E. Hurlbutt, Frederick 
Chase, E. T. Quimby, Isaac Fellows, SMe ; N. S. Huntington, J. lJ 
:Bridgman, Jos. Tenney, David Camp, W. L. Barnes, N. C. Bridgman. 


Churches— Bap., N. F. Tilden: l8t. Gong., Geo. Smith; 2nd Gong., 
S. P. Leeds: Epis., Wm.C. Dawson. 

Exp. Agent— B. D. RusBell. 

Hotel— Dartmouth House, Horace Frary. 

Ins. Ag'tS— K. P. Storre, C. A. Field. 

Lawyers— W. H. Duncan, Fred Chase. i 

Literary Institutions — Dartmouth College, Chandler Scientific j 

Depiirtment, Medical DepHrtmeiit and N. H: College of Agricultare & 

Mechiinic 'Arts, S. C. B«irtlt>U, Pres.; The Parish School ot St. Thomaii' 

(Church, Wm. C. Dawson, Rector, j 

Livery StSlbles— 1. B. Allen, H.K. Swahey. ( 

Manufacturers — gas, Hanover Gas Co.; lumber, Wm. Dewey, John 
Gould. I 

Mechanics & Artisans— blacksmiths, Frank Pierce, Christopher 
MastersoD, C. C. Nelson, M. Dnnmore ; bookbinder, G. F. Colby; 
jcabinet makers, G. W. Rand & Co., L. Boatwell; carpenters, 0. 
JM. Smith, U. Chamberlin, S. Waterman, Wm. Rowe; harness maker, 
|M. Daily, B. B. Holmes; hair dresser, M. M. Amaral; mason, L. 
|Boutwel] ; painters, S. Rand, E. N. Brown, 0. Waterman, (carriage) W. 
jH. Stocker, (landscape) Frank Praddex; photographers, H. O. Blyv 
ICarpenter & Johnson; pirinter. P. H. Whitcomb; stone cutter, J. F., 
Smalify; tailors, E. D. Carpenter; wheelwrights, F. A. Haynes, G. F. 
Pillshury. ' 

Merchants— Lincoln & Davison, G. W. Hayes & <}p.; bookft and 
stationery, E. P. Storrs, Mc Clary Bros.; boots* ana shoes, T^li-r 
iNewton, F. Bergeron, J. N. Chase; clocks, Wiitches and jewelry, 
N. A. Frost; dry goods, hats and caps. Reding Bros.; drugs, mediciiieti 
and fancy goods. L. B. DoMiiing; groceries, 0. McCarthy; groceiirs 
[and hardware, S. W. Cobb ; hardware and tin, Brown Bros.; millin- 
ery, Mary Demman. ' 
I Physicians— C. P. Frost, Wm. White, W. T. Smith; dentist, J. 
Newton, W. S. Bowles. i 

Tel. Agent— C. A. Field. 

HARaiSVI£.L.E, O^ESfl/ffJE'— Pop., 870. S. W. ft-. C, 42. 
E. fr. Ke^'ne, 12. R. R. ,S— Harrisrille, on M. A K. R. R.; Peterboro, 
on Monndnock R. R. Daily stage. t 

OFFICERS— C/erfc and Treas. Q. Davis; SeUctmm, S. D. Bern is; 
C. C. Farweil, E. C. Willard : Bupt. Miss Eliza Adams. ' 

Postmasters— C. C. P. Harris ; East^ H. J. Farwell ; JWterjwPe, 
Mrs. S. M. Smith. t 

Justices— Aaron Smith, G.F. Tufts, State\Qeo. Wood, Geo. Davis. 

Churches— Cong., G. D. Dunlap; PoftAmvi/Ie, Bap., J. P. Chapin. 

Hotel— J. L. Bnrbank. Livery Stable— Geo. Davis. 

Manufacturers— lumber Hnd wooden ware, Zophar Willard ; JScut^ 
pHrwell Bros.; PotUrtvillf^ Bemis k Svmonds; woolens, Cheshire Mills, 
Craven & Willard. Mechanic— blacksmith, Geo. F. Tuft. 

Merchants— Wm. II. Jones. 

Tel. Ag't — W. H. Jones. Physician— Geo. P. Thurston. 

HART'S I.OI'ATIOI\, CARROLL— Voi^^ 5%. N. B. fr. C, 
'97 ; N. fr. Ossipee, 40. R. R. S. — Bemis, on P. A 0. R. R.; and Liv- 
erniore ; P. 0. Mt. Crawford Houpe. 

i OFFICERS— a^-rA, Hiram Parker; !ZVea«. «n<f .Si/p«., G. H. Mor«y : 
Selectmen, Geo. H. Morey, J. T. Duttgn, O. £. Wilson. 

Justices— Hiram Parker, G. H. Morey. 

Hotel— Willey House, Chas. Wilson. 

Merchant— wood and lumber, G. H. Morey. 



HAVEKHII^L., GRAFTON— Shire town. Pop. 2,4.52. N. 
W. t'r. G.f 76. R. R. 8. — Four, accomtiiodating the different parts of 
the town, on B. G. & M. R. R. Semi-daily stage to So. JNewbary, on 
|C. & P. R. R. • 

I OFFIGMRS— CTerik and Treaif.^ E. R. Weeks ; BeUctmm, E. B. Mann, 
S. H. Cummings, Horace Eaton; SupU.y Wm. F. Westgate S: B.; 

Postmasters— T. Westgate; East, 6. W. Richardson Pike Station, 
jA. F. Pike. 

' Justices— N. W. Westgate, Ira Whitcher, 0. G. Smith. O. W. Chap- 
miiu, S.T.Page, Tyler Westgate,S. B. Page, E. R. Weeks jr. £. B.Mana, 
A. F. Pike, G. B. Griswolil, G. F. Putnam, G. £. George, G. M. Weeks, 
't>tate; Scott Sloan, L. B. Ham, A. M. Weeks, N.* G. Wright, Calel 
Wells, Chester Abbott. G. G. Jeffers, H. S. Baker, N. M. Swasey 
E. 3. Kimball, J. G. Bluod, George Wells, W. .1. Fisher, S. H. Gum- 
[mings, E G Parker, J. E. Garr, S. S. Fellows, W. F. Westgate 
! Churches— Gong., J. Q. Bittenger; Meth., John Brown; JSattf L. 
W. Prescott. 

Ex. Agents— Scott Fellows ; Ecut, W. F. True. 

Hotel & Livery Stable— Scott Fellows. Tel. Ag't— Miss F. Morrison. 

Ins. Agents — fire, G. F. Putnam ; lite, Henry Merrill. 

Lawyers— N..W. Weetgate, G.'W. Ghapman, S. T. Page, G. F. 
Puinani, Wm. F. Westgate. 

I Literary Institution— [laverhill Academy, Joseph Dunbar. 
I Manufacturers— lumber, Putnam Bros.; JSaxt, A. F. Pike, S. A G. 
C Jeffers ; scythe stoues, A. F. Pike ; starch, Dan'l Whitcher ; wrap- 
ping paper, Havertiiil Paper Go. 

I Mechanics A Artisans— blacksmiths, C. H. Poole, Asa Harriman,' 
;.Tohn Piatt, John Bailey; East, G. W. Mhusoii; carpenters, W. II.| 
Burbeck, J. O. Giffurd : harness makers, Thos. Leonard, J. A. Page ; 
marble workers, A. J. Randall, John Quimby ; mason, L. A. Brainttrd ; 
painters, M. E. Dnrgin, Horace Carleton, M. H. CiilTord; phot(ig-{ 
raplier, L. I. Pollard: printer, Sylvester Reding; tailors, G. W. Leith, 
G. W. Whipple; wheelwrights, Michael Carlton, N. H. Batchelder. 
,C. K. Carleton, Moses Carpenter. 

I Merchants— Poor & Westgate, W. H. Page A Son, Wm. Nelson, J. L., 
Bell ; East, Nathan Hanson, Pike 3c Davis, G. W. Richardson; books, 
stationery, dru>!8, medicines, fancy goods and Jewelry, H. Merrill &, 
Son; millinery goods Mrs. J. L.Cook, Mrs.* L. Oifford, Mrs. G.N. 
Abbott, Mrs. M. D. Duzxell ; stoves and tin ware, FHse.v & Son. 
; Physicians— S. P. Carbee, Phineas Spauldiug, Moses D. Carbee, £. 
J. Bruwn. 

, North — Postmaster— M. E. Kimball. 
'' Church — Meth., Jamvs Cuirnes. Physician — H. p. Wstson. 

Exp. Ag't— Geo. A. Carr. Hotel— Eagle, Parker Motcalf. 

Ins. Agent— N. M. Swasey. 

Manufacturers — boots and shoes, A. Irwin, E. Q. Hobbs; brick, 
North Haverhill Brick Co.; lumber, Jason Blood, Albert Chaue; 
istarch, Meader A Co., Dan'l Whitcher. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, Wm. Bliss, Geo. W. Libbey, G. E. East- 
man, J. Martel ; carpenters, A. Tefft, S. W. Keser, C. F. Carr, E. C. 
Rowe ; dress maker, Mrs. N. S. Mason; painter, M. H. CliiTord; 
wheelwright-, G. E. Eastman, J. M. Getchell, G. W. Mullikin. 

Merchants — E. R. Weeks & Co., M. E. Kimball; meat, S. T. 
Peniiock; organs and sewing machines, W. W. Millen. 

H'oodsvf lie— Postmaster— J. Burton. 


Ex. & Tel. Ag't—Gdo. A. Davison. 

Hotels— Parker House, E. G. Parker ; Mt. Gardiner, F. B. Richard 
son. Lawyer— 8. B. Page. 

Manufacturer— lumber, Ira Whitcher. 

Mechanics & Artisans— blacksmiths, Wm. Sly, E. W. Balknm ; 
hair di-essers, C. H. Ayer, B. M. Blake; jeweler, W. K. Wallace; 
masun, M. B. Stevens ; painters, S. C. Young, A. W. Mualton ; print- 
er, W. A. Jones ; shoemaker, A. K. Wallace. 

Merchants— J. Burton, A. H. Leighton & Co., E. B. Miller; dmgs 
and nitMlicines, E. B. Mann & Co.; flour and grain at wholesale, H. £. 
Fletcher & Co.; flour and lime, G. A. Davison. 

Physician— C. R. Gibson. 

Hazen's IVinis— Sett Whltefield. 

HfiBHONf O&A FTOiV— Pop. 329. N. W. fr. C. 40 : 8. W. from 
Plymouth, 11. X. R, £.— Bristol, 8 m. on Bristol Branch B. R. Daily 

OFFICERS— C7eri(;, Samnel Wells; Treas. W. C. Ross; SeUctwun, 
H. M. Wortliley, J. F. Jesseman, R. W. Putney; Sapt. J. B. Cook. 

Postmasters— Samuel Wells ; Eatty David Mc Clure. 

Justices— J. J. Crosby, Sta<« ; O. L. Page. 

Church— Union, J. B. Cook. 

Hotels — Union Uonse, Frederic Clement; Central Honse, Gyms 
Moore. Merchants— W. P. Beede, M. A. Wells. | 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, J. W. Sanborn, D. P. Hardy ; carpenter, 
David Perkins; tailor, C. W. Powers. I 

HfiJirrVIKER, MERRIMACK —Voi^. \,Z2<&. W. fr. C. 15.' 
R. R. S. — Hennikw, on Con. Val. R. R. Stage to every train. : 

OFFICERS— CterA, G. C. Preston; Treas., W. T.Sargent; Select- 
men^ J. Fellows, H. A Campbell, C. B. Cliilds ; Supt., J. A. Slate. { 

Postmaster— G. Wilkins, >f«fl<, S. M. Currier. I 

Justices— D. S. Carr, J. H. Albin, Nathan Sawyer, L. W. Peabody,; 
L. W. Cogswell, Wm. 0. Folsom. James Fellows, 0. H. Noyes, W. W.- 
LeSeur, State ; 8. M. Patten. W. P. Cressv, D. W. Cogswe!!, J. H. Hofl"- 
man, D. R. Everett, G. H. Uardy, F. £. Colby, C. G. McAlplne, ti. C. 
Preston. j 

Churches— Cong., J. H. Hoffman ; Meth., W. W. Le Senr. i 

Hotel & Livery Stable— Noyes 's. O. H. Noyes. 

Insurance Agents— D. S. Carr, Wm. C. Foli»om. < 

Lawyer— John H. Albin. 

Literary Institution — Henniker Academy. 

Manufacturers— cofii us, W. O. Folsom ; dry measures, J. Gage & 
Co.; leather, G. D. Gould ; lumber, S. M. Cliristee, D. F. Wyman, G. W. 
Rice; mackerel kits, G. W. S. Dow; paper, Contoocook Valley Paper 
Co.: West^ C. R. Bacon ; tin ware and stoves, 0. A. Brown. 

Mechanics— bl^ksmitlis, W. Chandler, G. L. Flint, Harris Camp- 
bell, L. W. Preston, J. A. Andrews; curpenterK John Hill, Hiram 
Marsh, C. R. Bacon, W. G. Cogswell ; cooper, Moses Garland ; hHme6H| 
maker, R. M. Gregg; painters, W. P. Cressy. C. C. Hill; shoe makerj 
II. E. Merrick; tailor, Jesse Webster; wlieelwright, James Wilkins.. 
D. Putney. ' 

Merchants— G. 0. A A. G. Preston, W. O. Folsom. 0. H. Noyes ; Wfttf, 
S. M. Currier ; auctioneers, D. W. Cogswell. W. O. Folsom, D. S. Carr ; 
flour and meal, F. H. Conner, John Gutterson ; jewelry, W. T.' 
Sargent ; meat, Jacob S. Whitney ; millinery, L. M. CampboU, Mrs.i 
C. Nichols. ' 

Physicians— L. W. Peabody, G. H. Sanborn ; dentist, S. O. Bowers. 



HII^L., MERRIMACK— ^01^. 667. N. W. fr. C. %b. R. R. 8,— 
Hill, on Bristol Branch R. K. Danbury, 6 m., on Northern R. R. 

0FFICKR8 — «?rJfc, M. F. Little; Treas. 0. N. Blake; Mectmen, 
A. D. Pre«cott, F. G, Dickerson, J. W. Favor ; Supt. J. C. Fifield. 

Postmastei^-F. E. Musonr Exp. & Tel. Ag't— ^. D. 8tackpole. 
I Justices— O. A. Suinuer, J. R. Rowell, Q. D. Stackpole, State; M. F 
Little, £. S. Rolfe. V. Q. Dickersun. 
Churches— Chris., A. H. Martin, E. H. Wright. 

Hotel— J. P. Ladd. 

Ins. Ag't— G. A. Sumner. 

Manufacturers— carriffges and sleighs, G. W. Twombly, P. H. Wel- 
come; glass cutters and light hardware, F. R. Woodward; improved 
riveted latch needles. G. H. Adams & Co.; lumber, Cawley A Blo<igett 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, Y. L. Straw, F. Ferren; coopers, R. Galley, 
IB. W. Mason ; job printers, F. E. Adams, F. R. Woodward ; shoe- 
jniakers, D, Tyrrell, G. II. Vea«ey. 

I Merchants— G. A. Sumner; Deputy G. D. Stackpole ; meat, F. W. 
' Baton. 

Physicians— W. F. Baldwin. 

HII^L.SBOKOr«H, fl/XiS^OROl^fltfl'-Pop. 1,647. S. W. fr. 
C. 25. N. W. fr. Nashua, 32; N. W. fr. Manchester, 27 m. R. U. S.— 
Hillsborough Bridge, 2)^ m., on Con. Tal. R. R. Stage twice a day. 

OFFICERS— CterA, Frank E. Merrill ; Treat. J. C. Campbell ; Selects, 
ynen, G. F. Saltmarsh, A. .7. Barney, Jobn Sherld: Supt. B. K. Webber .0 

Postmasters— J. G. Dickey ; Center^ Elizabeth Nelson; Upper Vil- 
lage^ C. W, Conn. 

I Justices— T. N. Goodale, Cornelius Coolidge, Edgar Hazen, W. H. 
iManalian, J. M. Curtis, B. K. Webber, F. H. Pierce, J. H. T. Newell, 
ID, F. Whittle, 8. D. Wyman, W. G. Buxton, S. W. Holman, Kirk DJ 
'Pierce, F. W. Gould, C. P. Pike, J. A. Bowler, H. L. Brickett. State ; 
iF. E. Merrill, J. C. Campbell, A. 0. Burnham, G. B. Hoyt, J. B. 
IWhittemore, G. D. Wood. 

Church — Meth., H. HillmHU. 

Hotel— St. Charles, S.Strickland. Lawyers— F. H.Pierce, K. D. 

Manufacturers — caskets and coffins, A. Gilmore; leather, S. A. 
Brown ; lumber, J. G. Dickey, S. Andrews ; clapboards and broom 
bandies, J. H. Hoyt. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, G. F. Thompson, Geo. , Saltmarsh, F. R. 
Abbott; carpenter, Onter^ B.C. Hoyt; mason, Upper ViUage^ A. P. 
Ferry; painter, E. J. Wiley. 

Merchants— Onslow Gilmore, A. Lull, J. P. Gibson; auctioneer, W. 
H. Mannahnn. Physicians — J. Q. A. French, John Goodell. 

Brldgre — Postmistress— Mrs. Martha Lovering. 

Churches— Cong., H. Brickett; Meth., J. A. Bowler. 

Exp. Agent— H. H. Whittle. Hotel- Valley, A. Childs. 

Lawyers- B. K. Webber, Holman ft Buxton. 

Literary Institution— Valley Academy, B. S. Hurd. 

Livery Stables-rEmmons Newman, J. Porter. 

ManuTacturers— flour and meal, Mo.rrill & Merrill, .T. Tilton ; lum- 
ber, R. E. Loverin, William Merrill; machine needles, H, Grudy ; 
paper boxes, W. S. Loverin; boots and shoes, A. Merrill, ag't ; shirts 
'and drawers, J. B. Smith. 

' Mechanics & Artisans — blacksmiths, J. H. Eaton, G. M. Salt- 
marsh ; carpenters, W. Prichard ft Son, P. H. Rumrill, C. H. Clough, 
Wm. Bmersoil, J. Barnes; copper, tin and sheet iron workers, New- 


man A Colby : dreins makers, Clnra Steele, Mrs. A. M. Emeraon, Mrs. 
Jas. Mc AllUter, Mrs Mary Morrill ; hair dressc^r, R. T. Abliott; bar- 
ness maker, J. W. Bradshaw; jeweler and watch maker, W. H.j 
Story; machinists and iron founders, T. li(cCIintock & Sod ; i>ainter,| 
Alonvo Godman ; photographer, G. W. Lincoln ; tailors, Baker & 
Tasker, Luther Eaton ; wheelwright, 8. D. Hastings. 

Merchants— J. 8. Butler, Dutton & Monte. H. Marcy. Morrill A I 
Merrill, D. W. 0. Newman, jGI. D. Peaslee; auctioneers, J. H. Levering," 
G.W.Gould; J. E. Russell; clothing A furnishiug goods, Baker A 
Tasker; coffins and caskets, S. D. Hastings; confectionery and cigars 
Chas. R. Jameson ; drugv and medicines, R.' G. Dickey, H. Marcy ; 
fancy goods and notions, A. M. Wyman ; fiuh and oysters. £. L. 
Carr; flour and grain, Morrill A Merrill furniture, A. A- Wyman, 
Tenney ; ice, F. W. Bennett ; meat, Kimball Bros., W. L. Picker- 
ing; millinery, Mrs. S. 3. Farrar, Mrs. A. J. Barney, Mrs. A. J. 
Butler: periodicals, P. D. Gould. 

Physicians— A. G. Bumham, M. H. Fell; homeo., I. P. Chase ; den- 
tist, S. 0. Bowers. Tel. Ag't— R. C. Dickey. 

HIN^DAI.E* CHESHIRE— Pop. 1,868. 8. W. fr. C. 75; 8. W 
fr. Keene, 19. B. R. jS.- Hinsdale, on Ashuelot R. R. Hack to all' 

OFFICERS — Clerk and Trean. 0. W. Holland; Bdeetm^n^ George 
Welliuan, Geo. P. Wellington, Lemuel Fale8 ; Supt». M. C. Dix, H. U. 
Postmaster, Tel. & Telephone Agent— F. D. FIske. 
Justices— iVor</i, F. J. Barber, W. S. Barrows: H. F. Horton, L. B 
Lanison, State ; Geo. Wellrnan, P. W. Taylor, G. S. Wilder, Edward 
Stebbins, H. R. Vaille jr., C. R. Sargent. 

Churches — Bap., B. F. Tuck ; Norths John Bennett; Cong., H. B 
Hamilton ; Meth.. J. D. Folsom ; Univ., A. A. Rice. 
EXD. Ag't— H. C. Holland. Hotel— Ashuelot House, H. M. Slate. 
Ins. Agt's— W. S. Barrows, F. J. Biirber, G. 8. Wilder, T. W. Saben, 
H. R. Vaille,jr. 
Literary Institution— High School, C. P. Hall,pr. 
Livery Stable— 0. U. Higgins. 

Manufacturers — bolts, C. E. Hunter; boxes, John Snow; eashmei 
ets, Haile, Frost A Co., C. J. Amidon ; chisels and drawing knives, O 
S. Wilder: cigars, H. Knapp; Granite State mowing machines. New 
hall A Stebbins; iron foundry, C. D. Merrlman ; lumber, M. H. Bard 
well, C. A. Mason, Ansel Dickinson, L. A. Parks ; planin/ mill and wn- 
ter tubing, L. A. Parks ; soap, E. <k N. Worden <k Co.; water wheels. 
Hoi man A Merrlman ; wrapping paper, G. & Q. A. Robertson, O. C 

Mechanics k Artisans— blacksmiths, Q, W. Cobb, L. C. Lyman 
carpenters, G. A. Day, Sewell Day, W. Hoi ton, J. H. Gale, E. Blan<-h- 
ard, A. Gilbert, Chas. Smith, J. Holden; cooper, J. Corliss; dre^^s mak-! 
ers, Mrs. Geo. Curtis, Miss L. F. Cooper, Miss Sophia Doolittle, Mrt* 
Mary A. Priest, Mrs. L. Wellman, Mrs. Howard; hair dresser, W. F 
Faiidleford, Joseph Coloumbo; harness maker. L. H. Knapp; macliin- 
ists, Holman A Merriman, Newhall A Stebbins; mason, ilomor Alex 
ander ; (stone) 0. H. Higgins A Son ; painters, R. 0. Eaton ; (carriage 
and sign) N. E. Pratt, (houRe) Timothy Wyman, G. W. Johnson; 
printers, Leonard A Henry ; shoemakers Z. E. Leonard, H. L. Porter,' 
David Harris; wheelwrights, J. W. Battle, M. 8. Leach. 

Merchants— G. W. Holland, A. 8. Bacon, E. E. Hale. G. 8. Howe: 
books and stationery. Hnntar A no.: hnnts and HhnM. Wm H. T.vman • 



clothing, a. W. Shattuck A Co.; coal, grrain and feed, C. B. WbiUakei 
& Son ; confectionery, H. W. Thayer, M. V. Cotton ; dry good*, F. C, 
Hardy; drugs, JL. A. Lanison, 0. J. Martin ; fancy goods, HuDter it Co.: 
farnitare, F. Jackson; hardware, paints, oils Ac, U A^ Larason, E 
Stebbins; Jewelry, Frank Jackson; meat, P. W. Taylor, G. B. Bai- 
ley; millinery, Bfrs. L. P. Wise, Miss L. F. Cooper; tinware andatovea 
J. B. Mitchell. John O'Brien. 

; Physicians— W. S. Leonard, M. Q. Pix, H. A. Jeuidraiilt; dentist 
!r. L. Dnnham. 

If ortb— 3 m. fr. Brattlebor^), Tt, on C. V. R. B DaRy stage. 

Postmaster— L. B. Lamson. Church— Bap., John Bennett. 

Manufacturers— In inber, J. Sstey k Co., L. B. Lamson; planing- 
|mill, water tubing, mouldings and woodeh ware, L. B. lAmson. 

Mechanics & Artisans— Itlacksmith, h. B. Irftmson ; carpenters 
,L. B. Lamson, 0. B. Tyler, 3. T. Yeaw; dress makers. Km. C. U 
Thomas, Miss Lilla Barrett ; hair dresser, I. T. Burnham'; mill« 
wri^ht, L. B. Lanioon ; shoemaker, C. H. Pettee. 

BLOI^DERNESS, &JZ A FTOiir— Pop., 703. If. fr. a,50; E. f r 
Plymonth, 7. R, k. S.— Ashlknd, 4 m., on B. 0. A U, &., K. Stage 
and mail daily. 

I OFFICVRS^Cr«Ht <md Treat, N. B. Whftten^ aeUctmet^ 8tepb«n 
Ethridge, M. M. Sargent, 0. P. Drew; Supts, A. J. Carry, Clara' 0. 
Perkins, Aurilla A, Watson, 

Postmaster & Merchant— N. B. Whiiten. 

Justices— A. L. Shaw, Russell Cox, t). H. Cox, Diinl Smith, 2d 
^tate ; N. B. Whitten, Geo. M. Tiii% J. B. Hucklns. 
, MfJlufacturecs— coifins, 0. W. snepard; excelsior, J. & R. Tom- 
kinson, p. o. ad. Plymouth; lumber, S. M. Worthea, Enoch Cozkaus, p 
o. ad., Ashland; C. M, Anie^,' p. o. a^, Plymouth; lumber^ packing 
boxen, shingles, clapbo&rds, cloth boaras and salt boxes, H. H. SbeparOi 

Mechanics— carpenters,' Chas. R. Cox, J. %. Pei'kins, John Jewell ; 
<:ooper, James Lowe. 

IIOI<I«l8, HILLSBOROUGB—Vop, 1,080. 8. fr. C, 88 i W. fr 
Nashua 8. R. R. &— Hollis, on Nashua & Worcester R. R., 3 ^ m 
fr. Center. Stage three times a day. 

OFFIGBRS— Cterft, Q. A. Barge; Treaty Sflas M. Spalding; Sdeck 
metiy Chas. M. Stratton, Henry li. Smith, Andrew Jewett.j fiupj.. Lev] 

I Postmaster— Geo. A. Bnrge. 

I Justices— E. T. Wheeler, J> W. Perkins, Stale ; E. J. Colburn, A. J 
Fariey, M. L. Willoby, C. S. Spaulding. , . . 

I Cburch-^Oong., D. B. Scott. Ex. Ag't— Darius BJibb. 

Manufacturers— roopers* tools, Leri Piex)oe^ Geo. W. Manning 
pumps. Nathan Willoughby. 

Mechanics — blacksmiths, C. B. Ricbacdson, A. R* Lov^oy, J. S 
Horton ; carpenters, Noah Lnvejoy, A. H. Bills, Caleb Farley, Nathat 
Willoughby ; coopers, Worcester Bros., Edward Hardyt Proctor Bros, 
painters, Alfred Farley, J. C. Hildreth; shoemaker, J. Gates; wheel 
Wrights, T. French, G. W. Manning. 

Merchants — G A. Burge; auctioneer, G. A. Barge; clocks and 
watches, Ebenezer Baldwin. 

Physicians— H. W. Willoughby, Wm. P. Cutter, A. W. Howe 
deutlMt, Frank Bell. 

HOOKSETT, if£i2J?/iUC^— Pop. 1,76^. S. B. fir. 0.9. R 
R. &— Booksett, OQ C. R. R. and Suncook Talley R. R^ Martin's Fer 
'ry on CJlL. R. 

- "■ • ■ I 


OtlilcMstii—CUrh and frttu^ It. A. UaiTji SkUctnm, It C OfUi 

Jo<oj M. L. Wtaitbaj, B. B. Neal : SupL L H. Adu«ii. 
PoMmii^ef--f . 0. Towle. Exp. A Tg . Ag*t— &. A- I^ntx^* 
JlisOcet— K«tf Hi-^d, J«n0 Oault, JT. W. Prdscott. Ira fir. AdMttB, 

Attye SSbrtill. W. C KeUey, A. W. PrMCott. Stat$ ; B. A. Untrej, W. 

Jt. &*««<), d. A. ftobi«, J. 8. BilrhaiiK, B. A. Ham» It Ju Ottar«>n. 
CbuBClji— Congj, — — ^ VHintor. 

lroVMs'-Ay«]'laonfi«;HbMU;« Bo^'dy ; Btoarnt B<mt6, Join SuAnM^ 
Liyerv SUbles-^. W. Ptmcott^. O. Itmiills. _ I 

MlnuAdturenh^brfckB, N. A w. 1^. uead, J^mm GwiU, CbA|l««; 

Bail*/, J. 0. In^ls: ciimbrfctf, Hooka^tt HUonatg Go^ JL B. ISBtJ 
iWii; iit't: luniS**'. N. ft W. F. Head. 

. M.emk]ile$ k Xittsans— blacksmith, G. A. Bof>ie; carpenten^ 8. T.{ 
C Or If. aoodaitt, S. B'. Cbaiidler, L. Ooodnow: Kair dreaaer. Horac*. 
l^rk^r^E.CIoodxtbW; bar^eab maker, ^. J. Ofle; macUiniate, J>. W.I 
PeMlee.'R. iLBkn^n'; ataaon, W. B. Jonev; paiiiten, F. H. Sente^ 
Wnu H^ : ahoewaker, C. A, Tasnay. [ 

KllreiunCl^F. C. Towle, 8. D. Mc Affe^ A Cq.,X Xbby; ^looeHei^; 
A. t; Batli ; nnMtt, F; G. Towle; 

Jr. It. Kr-L Coatbodbor 06 0. A C. B. B: Daily atm^e to C6nM>rd. 

SifTOlir. Jf jri-B/JUC^t-Pbp. t,S3«. 1 W. from C. T, 

0FFIGEB8— CYeri, D. I4. 6m«; :?Vea«., I. B. Mekritt; &A>cfnieil. 
A.SteTeniL ^ G, Brockway, H. D. puttin ; iSuptf., B. P. Pkrker, K. a 
Stmball; nrr. H. if. sdmund^ 

PoStoiMttn—D: L. dage; tFia^ UaaO Bowe)!. 
, Justices— 0. G. Hawthorna^G. K. Goodrich, H. If. Greeiie, J. M. 
CoDiibr, I. D. Merrill, J. F. Jofie^ Geo. G. BaUey, I^ao Stor^ ^Slote; 
A. W. Currier, P. M. Flandeiv, C. ti. totd, G. B. Banjy, S. & P*c*J 
D. L. 6&M, J. 8. KitDball, ^. F. Bornham. 

Chuyenes— B«p.; a: J: iiot>kfiiK; Coiig.,G. A. Btooa; Bpu.,E. A. 

Benton. Ma nufacttirArs— )eath«r. H. J. Chase. 

Ei^. Agt-^. G, Rowell. law vet's— A. w. Qre«n, C. 0. ttAwthom. 
I tteehamesr H Artfeanis-^blkckattiitht, B. Edmimde, J. Derty ; W. K. 
Cook., carpeoter, E. B. Dnnbar.: cooper, A..C. iWgent ; hair dreeaer, 
0. B* AdaniB; xAasoni, i. t. Bancr; pnlitters, Melrin Colby, Isaac 
^ioty\ G. F. nit(in; w:bedt»rf^ti<,B. 0. Kltnbail. 
I Merehants— Kimbull A Co., G. G. Bailey. ; anctionaer, H. W. Groan ; 
meat, E. D. EreQcK:- fish, £• I<. Gage. 

FflySfetans-^Alnander Kodgers; C. H. Hatriman. 

C^iiU»«e<M»K^P05tmaster— B. W. SteTons. 

JilStleas— I. B.. MerrtlVJ. F. Jones, Phioeas Clough, W. 8. IMotla, 
Aote'; G. A. Cnrtfee, H*. D. Dimtitf, G. C. Blaiadell, J. F. Bdmham, 
Chaa. €k>iild. 

I BAnd— Hopkinton Comet, J. F. A D. L. Gage, leaders. 
I Churches— F. Bap., B. P. Parker ; Meth., C. A. Leet; ^wedan 
borgian, Charles Bardon. 

Exp. A Tel. Ag't— A. H. Carrier. Insuraoee Ag*t— J. F. Jones. 

Literary Institution— Contoocook Academy, Miss Lillian Whit- 
jney, prin. 

I Manufacturers — carriiwes and sleighs, B. TTpton ; lumber, Harreyj 
Chase, J. F. A B. B. BumUiun ; Inmber and kitd, (steam) Kempton A 
Mprryu I 

I Meehnnfos— hoot and ^06 makers, I. K l^imball, Albert G^ffe j 
blaeksmithtf, F. J. Miid|g(etft, F. Webttef, B: Dbw; earp^ntar. CM 

BfWV4fB m99sn»»Y, 99 

■ioTM aod tfa Fwra, 0. S- KetclMim. 
Physicians— J. ^. Whaon, G. C. Blal4««|l. 
H«ni^ Mill*— See Wakeflold. 

^MJDim^. mx4^8^9Ri^daB-r^. iM. ;i i. Oi. p. u 

1(. JL &— HoAoa 0«nt«r, ob N. A B. B. BL 

IT. ipftlfltoK, lUrk Bateli«l(]er, A. U A.u(&Mlrt :^S»n>»iaSl%«0. 
Poitmastart^lf . P. Websur; aM<«r, JtU BamM^ 
Justices— . H. OhaiM» HimlMill Vebtter. 9. D. Greel«gr« ^ Y* Bi«- 

W^P. Walton, SanM Qreel^y. 
Cliui«h^-A9<». W. P. ^trUNt; Coag-jT.^. ijMtU; V«id^ OL W» 

iieiiairiet— blackMiUht, A11«s He mHnmC. ;l Cole, W. f . I(9ir|p ; 
CM:p«pi<ei«, 0. flJjtrQw^ W. P. Oui^niiii0b H. A. lUfrmt I. V. 801^ ; 
fll« cotter, 8. Xaltqa; #iMeUrri)^ts,.J. ClNraM, W. P. finnuplnji, 

JI«r«l|«olir-ll. p. Wc<>0t^r,.^iaaM 0«raM. 

n^SlciM— B. 0. Sinith. 

liiteml«— lA po^ Qflloe Im,GarrQlt Covntr. 

4ft ^ Jg. SL-dUn j>t»tk>n, 8 m^ 00 P. k Q. JL JK. i^lj ttoce. 

QFTICBRS— CZerib, J. B. Trlckey ; SfVcac^ 6. V. MeterVe ; ^?<t»iai, 
Qeo. PijpiiaifHp. N. a Xrlckej, Q. W- -*rfj^ *W*. A W.Osdto^ 


JuStWas-^oiut. Q»Ie,a. ^. KMertftAdile; I, ^ JTriebix, If. a 

^eBtworth,0. W.Xewv«,Jbt.P6i*lwi. 

Mie^tS-JiuikMB Pallia Ttickv .BroM^lthonrn'OL, If. CViW*- 
voftk; GlemfeHTs Bonse, IT. T. Sttlliiigf; Kagle ifi Boom, cTl. 

ffarrfntm ; Oray^t Cottage, W. G. Gnur. 

MAnuraeturte— luiiibef, ^ftck^^n JHaanrg Ca Smith 4k Abbott,iJ. 
M. lfe^9r.Y«. J^ B. DiBiK h<»rb, C JC^ae, C 7. P«rkiiM|. . 

MCehAllIck— Maciifsmithfl, J. D. Towla, 0. HeserTo; cfr]^mt«rt, .p. 
P. Drew, Win. Copp. ChM.,9' ¥«Mi^* ; ma«0M, SilM ,Perkii«^ Vfi.l 
Com; «he9ljVT|gfvta,G. li.Penuad,C. W. Gfaju 

■aroliahts — C. B. Barltn. 

JA»*?»irx'» csBsaiB^s-rop. L^to. a w, fr. a iaj 8. Jt ^. 

Ke«Be».U. jr. it. &— Kiiat.Jal&9y» on Moi^utpiQck B. 1^ P,aM4e.p<m 
veyance to aad ^m hII trMQS. 

OPFICBBS— C{er&, J. P. Pro»t ; JV^ot., Batt.C. H. P»Y«ri ; "A^ce^ 
DMA, C. 8. Ifaiiey, W- 9- BobU««, Goo. A-P»4fU>W0Qdi j8i^, W. ]ff. 
Llrfn0itoo ; Affeni, G. C. PuqcM. 

PostniASter 4 Phy$iclart— G. A. Phdns. 

JUSCICM— P. 8. Pierce, B. B. ITpton, T. B. Spalter, Aofe; 0. ;B4 
PheliM. J. W. Fa«pet|^ Alfred lawyer. B. B^ AMriQht U JK. W^iOMh 
by, J- P. PT08t»John H.POX, Juli»BQBtar. 

Church— Omfer, Gong., slipplled by W. W.'IiTingiUNi. 

Ek. fgent— M. B. Cotter. 

Hotels— Central Boom, G. G. Bice, J. B. ^rngg. proip.; pmUr^ Gut- 
ter's, Jomaa Catter. 

Ut^rary kistUutlOQ— Conant Bigh School, prta. 

IfjAiftiTfturers-nCbirfr, l««thar, Jiilias Cu^rj^chi^r f tali; Xki^^p 

100 BTTsnrESs I)iiiecto»tJ 

Mechanie^—Cbiter, blacksmiths, Joseph Smith ft Son ; carpenter** 
AlTsh Parker, J. F. Froat; cooper, Elbridge Baldwin; dressmaker, 
Center, Mies B. R. Gibbe, ; printers, Oenter, Heath Bros. 

Merchant— Center, J.T. Bigelow. 
. E^fft-rPostmaster-nPeter Upton. ' .,, 

' Chttfches—Bap., T. 0. Qleatpn ; Gong., J. C. Staples ; TTAiY., V. W. 

Hotels— Granite State, Bei^. Pierce, D. T. Foss, prop;; Dor- 
Chester Honse; Mountain Hbnse, Batchelder t Newton. 

Ins. AgentS^White k Pierce, H. D. Upton. 
' Lawyen^MSpalter and Fox. 

Uvery Stables— Aaron Perkins, T. D. Foss, Jonas Cntter. 

Jlanufacturers— wooden ware, A. J. A J. £. Bemls; Mne drilling, 
whm Bros.: dry pnlp; 6: A; Shepard A Ct>., Elijah Storterant, tLg*t ; 
lumber, J. £. Bemis ; uest boxes, Annett A Murdock; shoes, Q. flUr- 
bankft: shoe knires, Wilbur Webster. 

Meehanies ft Anisans— blacksmiths, D. A. Colbum, Ira Gard- 
ner; carpentetsj L. L. Pierce, Liberty Towne, Sylvester Towne, G.jA. 
Towne, B. B. Bartlett, S. B. Robinson ; cooper, N. p. Shedd ; dress 
maker, Mrs. T. Hanscom ; hair dresser, A. Caldwell ; masons, I. C, 
Ryan, W. H..Ing;raham; painten, Fred Stevens,. H. C. Hunt, F^T. 
WeRman; ptinter, tf. 0. Knowlton; shoemaker, W. C. Kno^t6n; 
photographer, D. S. Rice; wheelwrights, Mx>wer A Allen, Amaxiah 

Merchants— J. S. Lacy A Co.; C. H. Powers, Walter Goodnow ; auc- 
tioneers Pierce A Scott ; lumber, W. JB. Goodnow ; meat, F. H. Co- 
bum ; mtltinery, Mrs; Prescott ; milk, J. B. Shedd. 

Physicians-r-O. H. Bradley ; dentist, G. C. Duncan. 

JiSn^mSgjV, eGO;S^-Pop. 96L N. from G. 116 ;. S. K. ft^ 
Lancaster, T. jB. ic, fi.— JefTerson, on Whitefleld and Jefferson B, R. 

OFFIGBRS— Cferft, J. A. BIcks; TVvMU., Levi Stalbird; Bdeetmen, 
K. B. Rogers, BeuJ. G. Garland, M. Perkins ; Supt. R. B. Eastman. 

Postmaster & Tel. Ag't— A. F. Mason. 

Justices— B. H. Plaisted, N. R. Perkins, SaU; A. M. Pottle, B.B. 
Kenlson, A. V, Berry, J. M. Morse, 

Churches-^C. Bap. D. Gage;Meth. C. M.Dlnsmore. 


A Co.; X jai9(«;u AAVuoc, x>. u. A , vifin luiu uuhoo, mi,, a. ^./.....-j 

ford ; Pliny Runge House, G. W. Crawford; Hlgliland House, G. A. A 
J. L. Pottle : The MapleSi-Mrs. M. H. Bowles ; Grand Tiew House 
B. Tuttle A Co. 

Manu&ctarers— flour, W. R. Evans; lumber. Browns Lumber Co., 
Jeremiah Ricker, Albert Bennett, Franklin Beed, Jewett A Gray: 
starch, B. H. Plaisted, Platsted A RoberU, Tuttle A Crawford, N. JL 
Perkins. ' I 

Mechahies—blxcknultbtt, Nicholas Tuttle, R. P. StfTIings; car 
penters, George Crawtord, W, H. Somers, J. Ooodall ; wheelwright, 

Merchants— A. F. Masson, G. A. Noyee, J. H. Plaisted A Son. 

Physician— C. H. finmfaam. 

JeflTeraon nifrlilaiid— ^Coos County. 

K££M1?9 CiTXSJ^/ifjr-rShire town. Citt. Pop., 6,786. B.W 
fr. C.,* 62. M. JB: &— Keene, on Cheshire R. R. Ashuelot R. R. A H 
I A K. R. R. 


OFFICERS— Elected Dec. 6,1880. Mayor^ I. W. Biissell, (My Clerk, I*. 
C. Doolittle, As the term of o£Bce of other city officers expires soon 
After we go to press their names are omitted here. The elected Ward 
jOfficert are, Ward 1, CUrh, A. M. Ntnis; Alderman^ G. F. Wilson; 
CouiicU'men^ Jas. Spenoer, M. If. Parks, R. Freeman. Ward 2, C/«rA, 
'j. fi. Wright; AHttnmn, Oyrns Piper; CouMcHmen, J. W. Wellmao. 
J. W. Eusaell, Henry W. Nims, Ward 3, Clerk, A. A^ Woodward ; 
Alderman^ G. W. Mc Dnffee; Ootuxtlmfn. J. H. Fisher, 0,^. Chandler, 
lA. B. Howard. Ward 4. CUrk. J, E. Parmenter; ^Icfermom, D. W. 
.Gilbert; Omna'/fii^ 6.H. Richards, Chaa. W. Shedd. Z. K. Grares 
'Ward 5, Clerk. L. W. Cbesley; Aldtrvnany L. P. Aldea; CbvncifaMa, 
S. L. RsndalK DeLos 0. Ball, H. 3. Gouillard. 

Postmaster— A. Smith. 

Justices— J. B. Abbott, J. J. Allen, Jr., Isaac Aldrich, J. T. Abbott, 
J. R. Beat, J. I#. Bolster, J. W. Babbitt, Hinim Blake, C,H. Whitney, 
J. H. Elliott, Edward Farrar, F. C. Faulkner, Hosea Foster, Alleu 
Giffin, R. J. Holt, Siias Hardy, L. W. Holmes, G. H. HecBey, Thos. 8. 
Hatch, Andrew Jackson, F. F. Lane, H. S., Martin, F. A. Perry, Cy- 
rus Piper, 0. F. Rowell, Y. A. Wright, S. H. Densmore, J. 
W. Stnrtevant, M. T. Tottiagham, Edward Gastine, 0. G. Webster, 
W. S. Briggs, John Clement, W. L. Davis, B. P. Dole, D. H. 
'Woodwnrd, G. F. Webster, A. T. Batchelder, State; L. Wellington, 
iS. B. Aldrich, A. J. Aldriclj, Z. K. Graves, F. A. Barker, A. W. Baker, 
{G. T. Buffum«H.O. Gooledge,0. Q.Dort, L.C. DooliUle, George Tilden, 
|A.P. Little, Jacob Staples, W.R. Ddnham, J. B. Fisher, Jaeon Freoch. 
G. H. GMlbert, S. 0. Gates. John Humphrey, D. K. Healey, J. Q. Filler, 
|J. J. Holbrook, G. a HiU, J. Q. Joslfn. F. H. Kingsbury, B. D. 
;Knight, A. Kingsley, B. F. Lane, B. R. Locke, J. C. Rice, G. A. 
j Litchfield, J.N. Morse, G. A. Whltteniore, ?. B. Newoomb, Samuel 
iNixDA, J. G. Perry, C. K. Pemberton, S. S. Randall, Barrett Ripley, 
I. W. Russell, T. G. Rand, R. Stewart, W. H. Spalter, S. White. 
{ Churches— Bap., W. H. Eaton; Ist Gong., Cyrus Richardson ; 
2d Cong., J. A. Leach; Bpi8.,A. B. Crawford; Meth., Wm. Eakins ; 

,R. Cath., Patrick Holohan; Unit., Albert Walkley; Univ., . 

! Eating Houses— N. G.- Guernsey, 0. Letteomayer, A. J. Aldrich, 

iSpragne Broii,, A. Baker, Miiwes Oliver <fc Royce. 

' Exp. Ag'tS— F. T. Barker, Charles F. Holton. 

I Hotels — Cheshire House, M. J. Sherman; Bagle, Wi«. March; 

k3ity Hotel, H. S. GouUiard. 

j Ins. Ag'tS— Aldrich A Co., D. E. Healey, George Tilden. 

I Lawyers — Batchelder A Faulkner, F. F.' Laae, D. K, Healej, C. G 

Webster, D. H. Woodward, Leonard Wellington, Hiram Blake,i 

Silas Hardy, L. W. Holmes, B. P. Dole„ W. H. BlUott, G. fi. HeneyJ 

jJ. T. Abbott, G. F. Webster. 

I Literary Institution— Keene High School, H. A. Bailey, prin. 

I Livery Stables— S. D. Joslyh, L. Martin & Son, David Russell, J. 

,W. Bnckminister, Bowker& Streeter. 

Manutkcturers — book binders and blank book manufacturers,' 
G. H. Tilden^ G9.. W. H. Spalter; brush and duster handles, 
'A. S. Whitcomb;* cnairfl, Eeene Chair Co., W. W. Mason, snpt., 
Cheshire Chair Co., George L. Burdett, L. J. Colony; flannelnJ 
Faalkner, & Colony; flour and feed, Hope Steam Mills, J. M.{ 
Faruum, 0. Dickinson ; furniture, Keene Furniture Co., Ashuelot Fur- 
jnitare Co„ Beaver Brook Furniture Co., N. G. Woodbury, supt.; glue,l 
.Cheshire Glue Co.; leather, Bigelow A Symonds, F. B. Foster ; novelty 

'mcrrklvfrnor flnurai* atanda C\ A llinafhoTn • nails Anil tnhn TfrtnA Sl'Afl.m 


Mills, N. G. ^oodb)ii7 ^ pots an4 eartl^eDware, J. S. Taft 4^ Co.; vaih, 
doom and blinds, Nifns, Whitney A Co.; sioTe hoops and plant protect*^ 
ore, D. H. Nichols ; Tulcanized cans, Vulcanized Can Co., J. A. Wright, 

Mechanics Jb Artisans ^bakers, p. fi. Haywood ft Co, Carlos 
Seavey ; blaeKsmithS, F. B. Benton, T. Jones, W. H. Brooks, 
James H. Spencer, Ronbep Bav, 1^. C. Jones* carpentras^ 6. 

A. Gordon, W. &. Trapk, O. Gleason, Henry Fureell, A. E. ft B.| 
8. Foster, W. Bassett, G. O. Wardwell, J. <). Jones, Carlo s QninnJ 

D. H. Sawyer, Harrey Ballou ; engraver, Wm. Wood ; hair dress-*, 
ers, Geo. Wood, A. Hayward, A. L. Robinson, S. fiempbill; bar^ 
ness makers, 6. 8. -Wilkinson, ft Co.,. John Carpenter,'I(ormaB Deoio- 
iron founders, Moses Ellhi ft Co.; machinists, Humphrey Haebioe; 
Co., H. W. Hnbbs^; murble and gri^iite, ^eene' Marble ^d 
Granite Co., N. I.. Woodward : masons, S. B. Darls, G. F. Chamber- 
lain, Augustus Tnurk, H. £. Hubbard, Michael Car!roll; pafnters, 
Alison Clark, W. F. Whitcomb, A. Z. Metcalf, D. A. l^ew^oQ, D. C 
Knight, B. He Gotem, Simeo^ GouM, Or|n Woods, S. P. Comatock, 

B. G. Metcalf, Albert Kingsbury (carriage and HijSn) A. L. Uarlt-{ 
ness, (portrait and landscape) W. A. &ing; pain^pr/^td paper hang-i 
er, W. F. Whitcomb, D. S. Comstock ; photographers, J. A. Frendo,! 

E. M. White; printers, Sentinel Printing Co,, W. B. Allen, J. SJ 
Colony ft Son, Bepnl^li^an Printing €S>..Geo. Wbltt^more; stair boilA-j 
er, Oreh Scarkey; steam 0ye house, A. W. Perklps; survegror; 
J. J. Holbrook ; watchmakers, A. B. ft S. W. 3kinnc>r, &; Wadsworth 
ft Co., J. A. Thayer, H. 1$. Fay ; wheelwrights, J. ft F. French ft Col, 

C. N. Tottingham ft Qo.^^. 8. Steele. 

Merchants— apctione^rs, Isaac Aldtioh, H. Cooper, Bllb ft Rice ; 
books, stationery- and periodicals, G. H; Tllden ft Co:, W. H. ftpat 
ter ft Co.; boots and shoes, Leonard Wright, S. Spaulding, J. B.; 
Fisher, B. W. Gustine, C M. Cu^mningS, A. W. Baker ft Co.; clocjcaiuid; 
watches, S. Wads worth ft Co., 4. A* Thayer, F. J9. Keyes, H. B. tij^ 
A. B. ft S. W. Skinner ; Clothing, J. R. Beal ft Co., JvF.,& F. H. WfaitH 
comb. Chase ft Richards, J. Amidon, George. M. Willara ft Co., Q. Wj 
Ball ft Co.; dry goods, F. C. Hardy, W. P. Chamberlain, J. F. ft F.J 
H. Witcombj'S. L. Randall; drv Koods and groceries, A. Q, Grimes, 

F. E. Keyes ; drugs and medicines, Dort ft Chandler, Bnllard. 
ft Foster, P^rt ft Farrar, G. G. Sawyer ft Co:* Jancy goods and' 
notions, J. W. Dunn, Alfred Spaulding, M. Buckminister ; flsh, 8.1 
Babcock ft Son)9, J. D. gteyens ; florists, Bllts Brosi; furniture, HL T. 
Totj^ingham, Cheshire Furniture Store, Woodbury ft Howaed;. 
groceries, C. Bridgeman M. V. B. Clark, W. ft T. J. French, J. M. Far-' 
nnm, P. t. Pollard, G. ' IS. HDlbr<Mk, JP. B. McCusMng; hardware, L' 
N. Spencer ft Co., KnoWTton ft Stone; Jackson ft Haywood ; h&ts audi 
caps. Bill ft Tennpy^G. M, Willard ft. Co., Ball, Ptorry ft Co.; ladies' fur- 
nishing goods, Mrs.C H. Gleadon; ice, Richardson ft Pratt ; meat andj 
protisions, H. M. Darling, A. ft J. Bancroft, E. Burr ft Sons, C. W. Wy-, 
man, Nims ft Wright, G. B. Cole; millinery, Mrs. A. B. fiennet, Mn-j 
E. H. White,'Mr8.P. K. Proctor, Miss 8. Heaton, Mrs. L. A. Alexander^ 
€. L. Randall; mjasfud instruments and mus!c,-G. H. Tilden ft Co.^ 
Morrill ft Maynard, W. H. Spalter ft Co., B, Foster, L. C. Doolittle,; 
IG, F. Nichols, J. G. Joslin : stoves and tin ware, Davis ft Wright, 
Kirk ft Seweil ; tobacco and cigars, C. H. Dromimer, F. Petts, O. Let- 
tenmayer ; variety store, Elbridge Clark. 

Miscellaneous^jab and express wagons, G. W. Buckminister, P. 
Howland.'Rodney Griffith, O. Seward, Geo. W. Porter. 



Physician's— 6. V. Twftcbell, A. 8. Odrpenter, T.6. KIttredg*, X. F. 

SroHtj. Mr/9, G. 0. Hill, v8. M. Dinunore, Cbaa. gtarkwaatber, Q. C, 
111, W. B. Banham, J. H. Leach ; notneo., 6. W. Flagg, H. H. Dar» 
liDg) tltompu, J. F. J«noiflon; dentiat^ OrcoUA l^Telasd, L W. 
BofB^il, Q. H. RusselL 

{ Public' Library-^,(MO vols., tfn. D. SL Convene, librariaa. Open 
erery day fr»Bi it tofi R M. 

Tel. Aa'ts'-rOeo. ^.Barker, a H. Cnttef, 

AENS1^0T€fN, MOCKI^QHAM-'Vop.,eU. S.E.ft-.G^44. 
S. W. fr. Portsmouth* 15 f 9. fr. Bxe'ter, 4. S. M. ^^.-^Hampton Falk 
|4 m.; Amest^nry, 6.m., on Eaatefn R. K.; and Exeter, 4 m^and East 
KiossioQ, 3U, on B. 4 M, R. K. Stage ft. Exeter to Amesbury. 

OFFICEES— a«rX:, T. H. Blake ; Treai., Harrison Ruwe ; Selwbmtihi 
£«roy & Stan born. C. A. Eyaiis, D. E. Palmer ; £ft^K^ .LUette 0. Band. 

Postm^^Stei^-FrRnds Ililliard. 
^ Jiistio^l^r^. Oreen, J. IV. Brown, A. T. Bbwe,. W. H. Hodgdon, J« 
T. Bjal^e, 4> K. Austfn. 

Churc^e^-^/hrla., • i • ; Cong., PSiiUp Tiipomb; Unit., 0. S. 
Flettcher. ^ 

Exp. A0^t— Joseph N. Anstiti. 

Manufao^urers— Iuml)er, Frabdi diltturd, Joseph Poor, Geo. A 
Kewell Page; pTows, J. French. 

Meeb;VV7^*^^^^^'"^^^ ^ ^' S^^^°>* ^.0, Chase; carpenters, 
Joe. TOton, X W. Sbaw. John Page; maso^, FrajDk Brown, Geo 
Fellows^ jpfdnters, T. H. Blake, S. Lamprey; wheelwright, J. L 

, ll|0rchaiita^Francis H0nard, George Blal&e ; anctfobe<dra, Joeepb 
Poor, J. W . BrOWta. " 

iiTS^li^ini^RpOKINQffAMr'VoiBi^ 108(U S. E, fr. C. 38 ; 8. 
fr.KieteY.e. R,R/%r^U»t, Kings^n, 2% m. on B.A It R. R. 
Dailv atagd'and i&afl. 

OFFIC^RSr-Ci«"*. V. 8. Cla*; SeUcttM^ S. E. Woodman, J. H. 
,ll Sanborn. t>. L. Goodman ; S^.^ !<• G. Hoyt. 

FdStmaStelP— L.D: Peaslee. EX. Ag't— II. P. Collins. , . 

I Justi^dS— 8. Webster, . A. J. Cilley, S. E. Woodmiui, SMt ; j. H. 
Dearborn, D L Goodwin,' J, Webster. Jr., G. W. Sanborn, W. G. Wil- 
son, D. J. Bkkie, J*. W. Collins, T. W. StUoway*, E. N. Bradley, John 
W. Prescott, C. B. Towie, T. 0- ReyAOlds. 

Churches'— Cong: G. R. Baleh ; F. B&pf. '- — ^ lieth. H. Howifrd; 
UniT. Edward A, Horton. 

HbtelS— Fariner'ii, A. %. Carter; Kingston House, M. Frorit. 

lawyer— Louis (}. Hoyt. 

Literary Institution— Kingston Academy, — - prin. 
, Manufkcturers— 'tKHiy maker, R. W. Peaslee ; carriages, A.C.Chase, 

D. Towle, A. J. Cilley k Soh, J. P. Marshikll, S, C. MarshallJ 
W. 8. Clark; carriage atocks, J. P. Marshall, J. W. Sanborn, H. 
W. Marshall ; hubs, A. Goss ; lumlier, J. W. Sanborn, I. W. SillowayJ 
8. Peaslee, J. Webster, jr., R. L. Prescott A Sons; tinware, J. T. Clar'k.j 

Mechanics — blacksmith?, J. S. Collins, Dunn Martin, Thomas' 
8. 8. Collins ; carpenters, 8. E. Woodman, B F. Rowe, P. Fifiel dj 

E. T. Webster, J. Stickney; harness maker, A. Tuck ; painter^ Vcar- 
riage) L. F. Prescott, J. E. Webster, J. Cilley J hoAse, J. VT. Preg. 
cott, C. E. Cilley, Frunk A. Woodman, Hkrlan P. Schelleng ; wheel- 
wright, W. G. Wllbon. 

Merchants— carri9,ee stock, J. W. Sanboro, J. P. M&rshall, £C. W, 
Marshall ; groceries, L. D. Peaslee, D. J. & W; A. Baker, H. French ' 




M. J. French ; meat, D. Towie, J>. Brewer, B. W. Peaalee ; Souths J. W.; 

Physicians— Thomaa Basaett, T. 0. Reynolds, 6. W. Sanborn, J. H. 

liACOBTIA, BELKNAP— StilTB town— Pop., 8,790. N. fr. C. 
'27. i2. i?. &— l4tconia,onB. C. A M. R. B.: conreyaace to every 
train. Lake Village, 1 m.. Weir's, 6 m. 1 

I OFFICERS— OerA;. J. W. A8h^ia^; IVexw.. O. W. TfiKbltta; Meet-^ 
mtin, D. B. JStory, 8. J. Laniiprey, F- C. Smith : Board qf Mdueatkm,\ 

D. B. Nelson, J. W. ^shiuan, J. G. JeWett, N. L. True, 0. F. Stone,. 
Geo. L. Mead, L. R. Weeks; Overaeer.S. H. Lawrence. 

Postmasters— P. Putnam ; Weir's Bridge, B. 8. George. 

Justices— E. A. Ilibbard,'!). 8. Dinsmure, G. L. Mead, L. 8. Perley, 
T. J. Whipple, B. M. Sanborn, Q. B. Lane, J. C. Moulton, W. L. Melchi 
er, N. E. Smith, G. H. Everett, ^. P. GaIe,Ricfaarri Gove, A. C. Lear-, 
itt, F. W. Sanhoxs, 8. M. S. Moulton, Kimliall Cole, B. S, Lewis, 

E. P. Jewett, d B. Hibbaid, VT. B Fellows, 8t<tt6\ G. A. Hatch, John. 
Aldrich, H. F. Moulttm, G.R.- Somes,. Wm. F. Knight, F. W. BeeTrs,' 
J. W. Ashman, G. F. LeavtU.'S.'S. Wlggin, L. R. Weeks, D. C. Batch.' 
elder, Frank Edgerly, A. H. C. Jewett, J. G. Jewett, W. 8. Peaslee ' 
8. S. Jewett,. G. ^. Pearson, B. B. Story, J. F. Laighton. I 

Chuf ches-^-Cong. -^-^ T: Bap. F. D. George ; Meth. H. Woodward ;; 
R. Cnth. J. Umbertj.U^iita. J. D. Wells. 

Eating Rouses— J. R. Ohamplin, Hotly Tree Inn, J. E. Srerett. 

Ex. Ag't— H. Whicher. TeL Aaent— G. R. Leavltt. 

Hoteii— Wlllard,'<0. H. Ererett; Laconic Blaisdell A Swell; Cen 
tral House, J. D. Smith ;. Elmwooii Houses W. H. Sanborn, I 

Ins. Agents— fife aiid life, W. L. Melcher k Co., T. B. PreMott, S. SJ 
Jewett. . ' 

Lawyers— W. L. Melcher, T. J.^Whipple, E. A. Hibbard, S. P. ^tfw- 
ell, G. F. Stone, D. 8. Dinsmore, J. W. Aslimah, 8. S. Jewett. 

tivery Stables— A. L. Morrison, Josiah Howe. 

Manuracturers— brick, ir«ir*«, M. B, Doe; Carriages, Osgood A 
Son, Bristol Carriage Co.; coflSns and picture frames, J. Gilbert, T., 
|C. Moon ; doors, sasb aod blinds, G. Cook ft Co.; fVeuEht and passen- 
'gerdars, Laconia Car Co.; hosiery, White Mt. Mills, Granite Hosiery, 
.Mills;' knitting machines, W. H. Abel, W. D. Huse: Lidles hose' 
Pitman A Tilton's Hosiery Mills; men's merino hose, Gilford Hosiery! 
Co.; Winnipise9gee Uosiery Mill; shoddy,, W.M. Bosiel; woolens,! 
Lexington Mills. I 

Mechanics & Artisans— bakers, C. M. Hubbafd, A. Smith ; black- 
smiths, S.'D. Giidden, J.L. Meserve; book-binders and paper box ttiak-, 
ers, E. B. Beaman, £. Tetly ; carpenter, J. U. Jewett ; ^n smith, Wm. 
iLawrence ; hair dressers, A. Sanborn, tV. 0. Whipple, M. C. Sanborh; 
ilharness makers, E. J. Pinsmore, D. J. Dinsmore; marble worker, J. 
jP. Merrill, F. M. Board man ; photographers, T. C. Moon, G. H. Teb- 
jbetts ; painters, (house) K. Knowlton, J. P. Barnum, W, J. Webster, 
|A. J. Wilcomb; (sign) 0. L. Andrews; printers, C. W.ft A.J. Hackett,! 
Lewis ft Sauboro, Truland Bros. ' F.' H. CofiBn; shoe makers, 
W. L. Thompson, F. Buxton ; tailors. Smith, Lougee Bros, ft Co., 
lO'Shea Bros., W. F. Knight ft Co.; wheelwrights, J. F. Sanborn ft Co., 
I Merchants — Wigg(iu ft Keasor, Pitman ft Tiltou; auctioneers, B. 
M. Sanborn, D. C. Batchelder ; books, B. H. Duttoin, N. Johnson, Jr.;! 
boots and shoes, O'Shea Bros., J. T. Weeks ft Co., W. F. Knight ft Co. S.' 
I F. Burleigh, Smith, Lougee Bros, ft Co.; clapboards, shingles and coal,! 
I A. 0. Leavltt ; clothing, 0*Shea Bros., Smith, Lougee Bros, ft Co., cof-t 



fins and picture frames, J. Gilbert, T. C. Moon ; confectionery, M. Bf . 
Cole, C. Thiitcher, D. F. Cook; dry goo<i8. Smith, Longoe Bros. & Co., 
W. F. Kaight ft Co., O'Shea Bros.; drugs and medicines, Q. F. Mal- 
lard, J. H. Story, W. £. Foster; lancy goods, N. Johnson, Jr., 
R. H. Dutton; fish, J. Q. Adams, J. G. Bryar; Airniture, Kilburn A 
Woodward; Mansur A Knight; groceries, G. L. Mead, J. P. Atkin- 
sou, Jr^ W. L. Swain, Ladd it JSleasor, C. K. Sanborn A Co.; harnesses 
and trunks, D. J. Diusmore ; ice, C. H. Lamphrey ; meat, A. J. Far- 
rar, Jfi. L. Dow, Joseph Sanborn ; millinery, Ellen Folsom, Mrs. S. 
F. Everett, Mrs. M. F. Keasor; stuvea and tin ware,S. W. Sanders, 
Wilkinson ft Co.; watches and Jewelry, S. JB. Toung ft Co., Bichard 
Gore. • 

Physicians- G. L. Mason, T. S. Foster, D. B. Nelson, H. E. Mace , 
eclec. N. L.Trtte, homeo., A. W. Abbott, E. G. Wilson, A. Undsay, 
C. W. Hackett, H. C. Wells ; dentists, G. V. Pickering; A. H. G. Jewett. 

Telephone Co. — Wlnnlpissankee, F. H. Champlin, Manager. j 

r*ake Village— See Gifford. I 

JLAN€A8T£B, COO^S-Sbire town. Pop., 2,723. N. from C. 
127 : B,. R. &— Lancaster, on White Mt. B. B. 

OFFICERS— C^it, C. B. Allen ; Tteat. C. L. Griswold ; Seteetmen^ 
E. Spaolding, E. Y . Cobieigh, S. B. Chessman, 8ypU. J. I. WUliams, 
J. B. Morrison. 

Postmaster— C. B. Allen . 

Justices-^. W. Weeks, Wm. Burns, Edmund Brown, H. 0. Kent. 
Ossian Ray, W. Hey wood, W. S. Ladd. C. B. Jordan, L W. Drew, G. A. 
Cossitt, J. S. Brackett, E. Fletcher, B. H. Corning, S. H. Legro. M. A. 
Hastings, J. I. Williams, J. W. Flanders, Jncob Benton, iienry Hey- 
wood,' Wm. P. Freeman, £. R. Kent, B. F. Whidden, G. F. Stuckwell, 
C. £. Alien, StaU: J. E. Womlward, D. C. Pinkham, W. D. Weekn 
C. B. Allen, B. H. Darby, G. H. Emerson, L. S. SUvlbird. C. E. Mc 
Intire, Wm. Clough, Zebulon Black, G. M. Stevens, I. W. Quimby, 
Harry S. Hilliard, J. M. Rowell. 

Churches— Bap. ; Cong. S. A. Burnaby; Epis., E. P. 

Little; Meth. L>. J. Smith ; R. Cath. H. A. Lenard: Unit. J. B. Morrison. 

Exp. Ag'tS— Kent ft Griawuld. Tel. Agt— Mary N. Brackett. 

Hotels & Livery Stables— Hillside Cottage, W. L. Rowell ; Elm 
Cottage, B. F. Huuking ; Williams House, J. M. Hopkins. 

Ins. Agts.— S. U. Legro, Dexter Chase. 

Lawyers — G. A. Cossitt, Jacob Benton, Wm. Burns. B. F. Whidden, 
Wm. Hey wood, H. 0. Kent, Bay, Drew ft Jordan, W. S. Ladd, J. G. 
Crawford, Henry Hey wood, Everett Fletcher, F. D. Hutchins. 

Literary Institution — Lancaster Academy, I. L. Rogers, prin. 

Manufacturers — boots and shoeH, Thomas Cunningham, V. E. 
Smith; furniture, RichHrdson ft Folsom; furniture and carriages, 
A. P. Marshall ft Co., J. E. Woodward ft Son ; lumber, G. F. Stock- 
well ft Co., E. C. Garland, J. M. Whipple, Sylvauus Holmes, S. G. 
Evans ft Son : plows, C. C. Brooks ; sash, doors and blinds, Wilsuii 
ft Carr, Leavitt ft Stebbins ; starcli. Pleasant Valley Starch Co., J. W. 
We«ks ft Co.; straw wrapping paper, Lancaster Manufacturing Co. 

Mechanics & Artisans — blacksmiths, James Munahan, R. Hos- 
mer, Mc Garten Bros., W. G. Ellis; carpenters, W. L. Rowell, P. N. 
Shores, John Stone, G. I. Hayes, F. B. Smith, C. Smith, S. B. Congdon ; 
civil engineers, J. I. Williams, J. S. Bracket ; founders and machin- 
ists, A. Thompson ft Co.; hair dressers, Fred Williams, Tolney F. 
Ward ; harness makers, H. Whitcomb ft So i, Charles Howe ft Co.; 
marble workers, Lancaster Marble ft Granite Works, Fletcher ft Son. 



I. G. Hunter; niason, H. C. Vorbnsh; pAiten, C. A. Lukin, Fred; 
Oooley. W. A. Kolftoni, Geo. Johnson ; phptognipher, J. P. Haseltine;' 
printers, X. W. Quimby, Rowell A Batchelder; tailors, T. 8. Under-, 
wood, Christian Dietricli, Nelson Sparks; wheelwrights, A. P. Marshall 
A Co., J. O. Derby, I. E. Woodward. | 

Merchants— R. P. Kent, Son & Co., J. A. Smith A Co.; aactiooeen ' 
Geo. M. Stevens; books and stationery F. A. Colby, P.. J. Noyra ; boota 
itnd slioes, Cbas. K. Mclntire A Co.; Norths Orange Store, Haxol 
Woodward : clocks and watches, G. E. Allen A Co., W I. Hatch ;! 
olothing. Christian Dietrich, G. w. Lane ; dry goods, Kent k Oris wold;! 
drugs and medicines. F. A. Colby, P. J. Noyes ; flour and corn, Frank' 
Smith A Co.; groceries, Joseph McGee, D. W. Smith, S. G. ETans, FJ 
Smith A Co., J. R. Parcher, H. J. Johnson, J. E. Priest, Howe 
Brothers; hardware, Cobleigh, Kent A Co., Morse A Darie, Jamesl 
\f . Rowell ; meats, W. H. Hicks, Fletcher A Heath ; millinery, MrsJ 
S. J. Evans, Mrs. Jane Nutter, Mrs. C. E. Farrington ; news dealer, 
J. E. Priest ; spring beds, A. Corwing ; 5c., 10c., 25c., store, Mrs. W. S. 

Physicians— Ezra Mitchell, K. F. Stockwell, F. A. Golby ; homeo., 
D. L. Jones, Frank Spooner; dentists, 0. H. Kimball, S. L. WelUng-j 

I-AWBAFF, eJl^FTO/V— Pop.,606. N. W. fr. C, 88. N. K. frJ 
Haverhill, 2U. R, R, &— Lisbon, 3 m., on White Mountain B. R.' 
Conveyance from up trains Wed. and Sat. | 

OFFICERS— OerJl^ H. H. Noyes; STVea*., S. A. Baton; Beleetmun 
J. B. Noyes, W. H. Atwood, H. Thayer ; Bupt^ J. E. Hall. 
Postmaster— J. E. Hall; assistant, Savory Gordon. 
Justices- Moses Clark, J. E. Hall, Savory Gordon, Jr. SiaU; Ar- 
chiniidei* Young, S. A. Eaton, H. H. Noyes. 
Church— Meth., Noble Fisk. 

Manufacturers— bobbins, F. P. Noyes, Cogswell Bros.; boots snd 
i«hoes, J. M. Dearborn; lime, Samuel Noyes; lumber, J. C. Atwood, 
C. A J. Chandliar, C. L. King, F. P. Noyes, p. o. Lisbon, Daniel 
Whitoher; starch, J. C. Atwood, J. T. Clark A Co., Daniel Whitcher, 
Benton p. o.; J. G. Atwood A Co. 

Mechanics — ^blacksmiths, J. 0. Atwood, William Harden, J. B. k', 
R. Chandler, F. P. Noyes; carpenters, M. G. Clark, H. H. Noyes 
S. G. Simonds, Levi Applebee, C. W. Huntoon ; masons, M. O. Clark, 
Chester Chandler. M. Clark, K. W. Noyes ; painter, (carriage and 
sign,) M. B. Dnrgin. 
Merchant— Daniel Whitcher, Benton p. o. 

liANODOHr, 8ULLlVAN—¥oV', 864. W. fr. C.. 66; 8. W. fr 
Newport, 22. R. Je. fiT.— Bellows Falls, Vt., June. ofChesh. Vt. Tal 
and C. V. R. R.; So. Cliarlestown, 4 ni., on SulIiTan R. R. 

OFFICERS— a«rJk, H. Prentiss ;*2Ve(u., S. L. Slader; tfelecfmaH D. 
P. Davis, H. M. Elwell, J. B. Russell; 8upt«,mM Mary Prentiss. 
Postmaster — Nahum Wilson. 
Justices— J. S. Walker, Henry Wiley, StiiU, 

Churches— Cong , G. F. Chapln; Univ. 

Manufacturers — lumber, Robert Elwell, p. o. ad., DrewsviBe; 
Mechanics— cabinet makers, A. T. A A. P. Fish; carpenters, Sani'l 
King, BenJ. P. Hiland, N. Wilson; mason, Asa Smith; wheel- 
wright, David Ramsey. 
Physician— homeo., C. M. Lnfkin,p. Alstead. 
l.feBAMON, ORAFTON—Voi^. 3,364. N. W. fr. O. fiO; S. 
W. ft-. Haverhill 30. «. R. &— Lebanon, on No. N. H. R. R. 

U Full Course ^vv^ith Dij^lofvaa. 

21 Xleetjve Course vf ith Certifieatea. 

8. Preparatory Course for Smith and Wellesley, 


Modem methods in Languages and Natural Sciences. 

Music and Painting, specialties. Practical Cookery^ and 
Housekeeping taught. Steam Heat and Modem Improvements. 

Location easy of 'access (see maps of Yeffuont and New 

Chartered in 18ft4«... Three SeMioma m Tear. 

IBor sSi! tnformatibn pleaile to address, 

E. gUBBABD ^ABLOW, A, M.^ Prijacipalw 

HgRD & BL0D 6ETT, 




The S^Te'of WeStern^Tick«l IP Specisdty. 



scroffis AS9 AXE^ oe all kinImS. 

Also Hay Knives, Grass Hooks, Corn and Straw Knives, and 
E<igc Tools of fell Iciridsw. 


Shovels, Spades, Hoes, Forks, Snaths, Stones, Grain Cradles,' and all 
kind$ of A^cultural Tools^ All work incident to a 
Fbr^ Shop pronptly' done. 

Head Office, BAST LBBAHON; N. H. Branch CMTkes, TAFTS 
VILLE, VT.; lo Nicholas Street, MONTREAL, P. Q. 

aSO.. W. SUITE, 

- ^ - ' ICutifteturing 


Would invite the attention of boih dealers and 
consomtes to ttw ltu:ge variety of 


Biscuits and 


WWch he manufactures from the highest grades 
of flour, lard, &c., selected with care from the, 
best mills and packing houses in the west, and 
sugar frcHu refineries which have aii established 
reputation for purity ; nuts, fruits, spices, and 
essential oils direct from the importers, which 
guarantees to the dealer 

Goods tliat vrill Sell, 

. and to the consumer 

Consumers should always enquire for Smith's 
goods. Address orders to 

GEO. W. SMITH, White River Junction, Vt. 
f Hanover Crackers a Specialty. 






OFFICBRS^Cbrfc, X. J; DsnAt; IWaM( 0. S. Httdretk : 
S. A. Peck, J. S. Freeuum, 0. B. Dr»ko ; SnpU^ J. 1. KobUn*. Mrs. J. 
M. Stearns ; Judice of Attce Comi, J. G. Tickaor; Spaoia l /vftfee, X. 

I' J. Durant; JL^tnt, BUsks Ticknor. 
Postmasters— Alpheua W. Baker; XImC, Ttaonai Oiuhlai|^ 
JusUees^A. IL Shaw, B. J. Daraot, J. a. Tleluior, V. ▲. OvakMaa 
S. li. Spring, W. B. Weeks, K. P. Lisoomb, O. B. EnMraem a A. 
'Downs, A. L. SpriBg, a A Dole, Wa. H; Cotton, A. W. BaiBer, Hiram 
iBinerMn, O. L. Daufortii, W. P. Barton, 0. W. Baraap, V. B. Ohareh- 
!ill, 8taie ; W. P. Liscomb, Joel Baker, P. B. DaTis, 8. A Pock, Solo-I 
jmon Cole, O. 8. Wright, A 8. Baton, J, M. PorkiM, J. IL Hmwjy 
,C. A. Thompson, N. G. Bridgman. 

; Churches— Bap. , N. F. Tilden : Oong^, J. M. Dntton ; Matk^ J. B 

Robbins; B^Gath., MosMlAplante; Unit. Cklvin Stebini. 

Eating Houses— W. H. Wilkina, F. B. Thempeon. 

Ex AgH— J. B. IXewey. Tel. Ag'l— W, BL Bickaxdeon. 

Hotels— Hamilton House, J. Hamilton ; Sajrro Hotel, F. flejve. 

Insurance Agents— B. J. Durant, J. B. Devey; life, A. W. Baker 

Lawyers— W. B. Weeks, J. L. Spring, 0. A. Dole, W. H. Ootton. 

Literary Institution— Lebanon High School, B. W. Weetgate,pfhi 

Livery Stables— C. D. Jewett, Dan Storra, Frank Sayre, 0. D. Seott.j 

Manufocturers— band saws, planers A ftumacee, (X M. Baxter ;i 

boffins. Chu. B. Itarstoo; doors, sash, blinds and ebaaiber ftinri-| 

tore. Mead, Meson A Co., drag rakes, N. B. Marston ; flour and grainj 

|W. F. Shaw, Frank Tucker; lumber, Emerson k Dentmore, John! 

jCSiu'k ; mops, A. C. Daniels, Lebanon Mop Oo., L. F. Brooks, Masoo*a 

po.\ overalls, H. W. Garter, GarUr A Ghurchill; rakes, D. W.MarsCon ;l 

Isoaths, O. W. A M. L. Stearns; soythss, M. Y. Pnraort; ASu(,' 

JMcythes, axes, shovels, hoes and forks, (hand made) BME&SON EDOB 

rrOOL GO.; soap, O. S. Shepard, M. L. Townsend; wateh ke3's andakOtle 

jplating, Kendxick, Davis A Co,; water wheels and mill work, S.GoIej 

lA Son; wood working machinery, Martin Bosk; woolens, Lebanonl 

{Woolen Oo. Wm.MlteheU^ag't. i 

Mechanics A Artisans— architect, F. Davis (blacksmiths, a. W. 

>avis, Jordan A Bennett, D. B. Clark; Sati, Ira. Greeley; baker, J. W.l 

rriiompson ; boot A shoe maker, A. Rock, carpenters, Mnohmoie A 

{Whipple, dress makers Miss M. Jk Jones, Miss B. M. Caisp, Mrs. g. F. 

Brooks, Mrs. G. F. Dillingham ; hairdressers, Thalesphor Benard; har-{ 

ness makers, BUsha Tickner, W. P. Mc Fee, msehinists, 8. Cole A 8od,' 

iMartia Back, G. M Baxter ; masons, Ziba Cook, G. H. Hnntar, A. W. 

jShapleigb ; marble worker, H. Qt. Billings ; miUwrightv Wm. Dtinoan,! 

0» J. Bosworth; painters (carriage) W..0. Oreeaongh, W. M. MorHsj 

jFelix Amor, (sign and decorative) G. H. Knight ; photographers, B.-ti.l 

Rollins, C. B. Lewis; printers, A B. Freeman, X. H. Cheney, (card andl 

tag) Galley A Richardson; stair builder, H. P. Goodrich; tailors, P. M.j 

Kenyon, A. M. Gove A Co.; tin and sheet iron workers C. M. Htldreth 

A Son, Brown Bros.} watch makers, F.* B. Kendrlck, F. A. Morgstn ; 

wheelwright, G. A. Elliott; wood turner, D. B« Webb. 

Merchants— G. W. Worthen, C. E. Delano i Mustfenneers, J. a. Tidk- 
nor, N. C. Bridgman ; books and stationery, W. H. fttehfifdSMi ; bmttH 
and shoes, (ihragin A Sturtevant, G. S. Joslyn ; boots, shoes mnd gent's 
furnishing goods, J. H. Kelley; carriages, L. W. Smith, E. C. Smith; 
clocks and watches, F. B. Kendrick; clothing, hats and caps, P. M. 
Kenynn, A. M. Gove A Go.; coai. wood, and ice, A; C. Daniels; dry goods, 
Q. C. Whipple. G. W. Houghton ; dry goods and millinery, Delano * 
Heath; drugs and medicines, L N. Parley, IL P. Kendrick ; fanoy I 



BVtttJPJBBl^ lAtitffliJfi^, 

SMotftf sMI vMototf, W: ir.^»le«aKdrtMt (wbolMliTM It if. CmHkt^ 
[»1I4 pttfiiV kanghigwi 9»rM>t A- PaHtint ; gt*c«tie«, O. W. IMMwMu 
, B«Do«tl, Simmons Bros, TnHittr una BMw^ MMhlW«r«, C K 
, ildretk *ebt}. Vroww B^4 AtfM, W. 0. <t«tmlifjr^: Bllliiivrr. K B. 
TlmM#iioU, Bryant ^Wlgglk^, 0, B; SWuhio; i^MMlt SiaA el«tiMt;0. 

Pl^r^ielMif^^/ A( IMvis, T. ft. Om<r{»^ p. e(^ BhyeV«my,e. WJ Mtak' 
ebOTtor * liooittk, BL X Anight t dtartisls^ f . dl Bh>#t^ w. &' B»«1ms 

House, Station Agent— W. M. Kimball. 
WiB9«^fbsUiiifMlr--WI B: Bvnoiii 
Chureh— €toii«,,T.€. Peas4. ti»MK-8*iMlnroHh l^olhm-iL 
Literary Institatfon— TitJDftir LABtiM' dBmBABlP, A H. 

. Barlow, prin, Uverf StaBle^— 9o«tliWol>th Br«ttt«r8; 
' Maiianutinrir^-ax taltes. B. L. iCelkf ; bvnt IbIIoM swi Bls%h 
nn|ii«hi,a(iKl'earriltf«rt«|M;Aks]len Walkef ; la»b«rr, J. K. B«tiftim, 
Wood' * Wat4rBlHB^«lle<et» and cattl« Mb^Is^O. H. Uan*. 

H«ehaDic»^blibeIiiiaMtb,tboittak Mugnfre, h; L. I>tottot8btt; cir- 

ptnters( At Bmmi, I>>. H. BntmML G. A. Bifcoii, S. Avtfti» ; dres* 

.'makcF, MiM Lt V, Faitrter, F. I. Tbyug^, haMMs ma1c>r FnMik Kcj 

•jCartgr; vismm, Sylvester A«istiiiv G, W. Austio; marble worlrarJ 

jA^ 8. Bi«nB A Bob : mIBsK B, MoCbb*: pftiBt^rt, W. W. ColYerJ 


j MeveBMit^^OboM 4 Holw4a, O: B. Plef«i% Ji K, Botmatt; efoUki 
>im1< watMiM, milHneiy a»id ftlDev g«o<M, Q: H. Wortberi ; dr«g«, V-. S. 
I'WoodmM ArGd.; maat, A< J. SoHtb; millttoM^r i*id ftuMJy aoods, nisi 
jjL. M. Fowlokv P. L TbjBr. Station |t Exo. Ageitf— F. m Borgf n, 
3 lilOL lfriKitJtA>BZ^A>|». 715. i: B. fr. C. 3$; N. W. f^. Bdrvr 
». B, A,»,^LmB atid>Sc». L«e,oii N. Ar B.- R. B:; Dinbiitty 4^ N«W' 

] OFFICERS— OcHk, D. B. Plommer ; 3lisa»., IX IK Tbrt ; fitf stf i He i i; 
'Jolin Bartlatt; B. B. Pltimiii<ep Jr. John S. JcftMofev 

PoMmatten^B. B. Pliimmer^ BetOh, Horaee SMM; ITeulbiri 
/bite, JL D. Bdfwljr; 

JllStle^Sr-A; G.- ComiBgt, Qm. M Bwrgto, BtoraM Sodeg; B. W . 
G. a, Lagna, Afato ; B. F. Bairtsv T. O. BavlSw Jobn Bartlett. 

Cliureftes--Gbi4a; A; G. Comings ; Ccmg. L. D. Etass. 

■anuftetarertl— )««tber, H. Bl. OitddMn; Inmbert J. BlKtBeii,0, 
R. TbonpsoBi Job TbompKtn ; mediciBes, 1. 9. Kdgsrly. 

MeeBaMcs^blaeksvitbs; ]>. S. JenklBii, W. A^ JMIkiM, O. H*. 
JottM, a Fsase, L. B. Petidaii^t, O. W. Snmtl, JasMs Biittlt»ll, 6. W. BK 
liRon ; car][HnitsrA T. A, B«nnett, James-He Daniels, J. T. Bartlett, Q.F. 
StttTMis, J. F. Jones; masons, G. G. Beuneit; J, B. BenneU; wheel 
wri|:bca« J, F, Jones, Obadfah DaTta. . 

MaaoliaDls^B. M. Plnmn^, G. W. Plnmer, I. D. Bdj^arty, J. 8; 
Lawrence ; naetioneef, G. W. PlBmei'. 

1jBMP0TKH; HULLIYAH^Vop. 6091. W. Ac. 0.40; 6. fWtm 
Newport, •. M> R. &~-Newport ami Claremi^nt OB G. A C. B. B 
Daiij stage to Newport, Bast Lempster and AewoHb, and tti-weeltly 
to GlareaeoDt 

0VFIGBR8— C7«rft, H« L. ThempaoB ; Trta» , A . F. Perley ; frfaeeMsit, 
iW.a 8abioe, A. J. Parker, F. G. G^rey ; »«pe.. P. C. Parker ; Super- 
"^ W. T. Tbisaellv Aw F. Peirle.y, Albert Moyes» 

.BU0IIIB9B 9IR90TORT. 109 

Postmaslers^-Sanli J. Bmltb; SoMt, W. B. W»y. 

JusUcfS— C. A. Jones, J. G. Kobin^w. Wm. B. Wi9» A. J. V iloJMU, 
Wm. T. Thiisell, SWe; B. t. l»oU»rd, 0. H. Ho>igm«j>, A. B. diill. 

Churches— Coog., A. E. HaU; Meth.. &rt, F. MooF*r> J* 1^ <l»rri- 
aoa. Hotel— L«mp8ter Houte, J. Q. Robiofon. ^ 

ins. Ag'tS— W. JL Way, Cbas. tL Jonts. 

iUliufiicUirers— «ard board. Sad, LewU Cntler; carriaffiMi; Kfj«i 

ero<4ien ; liunbw, Cbafl. Patnam ; £a^ ]>oIIard Bro«., C W. X«»4y ; 
ctare firamw, £(w<, H. F. BeIlow«. I 

Meohanics OrUsans — bl»cki«iiiith«, JB(^, K. P«ri#, a MJ, 
Dodge; carpfnlen, B. B. Abbott; iBok, Albro Baker; li|tf'Df«t 
makers, ^a^t 0. VL Jpn^p; choeiiiakers, J&u<, A. Kajtw i* 8oa. 

Herchavts— ^vC W. B. Wi^y, H. & £. C. I^ker. 

Physicians— J. N. Butler; Eaatf J. Plammer. 

UWCOIilf, aSrAFTOJf-^PQ]}. U. N. W. fr. €.71: N . W. fr 
Pl7<»oii^h, 21. R, H. f — Plymoatl), 31 milM, oa B., O. ik M. A. B. 
Daily stage from June 2Uth to Sept. 20tb. 

Of FIOBItS— Okrir, L. B. Gnenw^y ; Trtvf^ J. B. BUk4t: A2sfl|ii|en, 

A, 0. Colby, B. 0. Hanson, D. P. PoUard; &tpt. Bmoia B. BoUoC 
Postmasters— 0. F. Russell. Justice— S^ M. Hanson. 
bp. AoeniS—G. Chase, IfSir^; H. B. BfiLr«le«, ^^MMMT. 
Hotel— Flume Howie . .T. B. A a B. BIliot(. 
Manufkcturers— bobbins. Polloff A Hanson. 
I^ISBONT, &i2^^70iV— Pop. 18U7. N. W. from C. S5; N. X. fr. 

HarerfaUl, 1& «. i2. &— Lisbon on White Mt. R. R. 

O^FICBRS— Or«Hk, L. A. foung; IVea<., W. H. Oummi^fgi; Bdfjei- 
1l^& H. C. ^ymoads, J. H. JesMwaa, Kdwin KnighU; &ipL B. 8. 

Postmasters— A. C. Wellt ; Si/igqr BiO^ J. H. Wells; ilorik. Box- 
anna RichardRon. 

Justices— W. H. Cnmmingi^ J. R. Toune, A. A- Woolscn, J. L. Fos- 
ter, Jasepli Parker, H. M. Morse, H. B. Parker, SMe; W. P. Whitcher, 
Asa HitdreCk, W.K. Parker, C. A. Wells, Geo. W. Wells, H. M. Bowker. 

B. D. Band, Cbas. Koffett, J. W. Townsend, Hiram JHojm, Blk^nah 
Hitdreth, G. A- Wells. Jona. Bowles. 

Churches— AdY., L H. Shipman ; Sugar B^y N. Wheeler; F. Bap.,' 
S^O0r HiU, 8. S. Mickerson; Cong., Joseph W. Lees; Meth.,C. A. 

Eating House— C. C. Sanborn. 

Cap. AgH— C. J. Kelsea. Hotel— Pearson House, Mrs. 9. ^. Pear- 
son. Tel- AgH.— W. P. Whitcher. 

Ins. Ag*tS— A. A. Woolson, Parker A Yonng, W. P. Whitcher. 

Laiiryers — E. D. Rand, J. L. Foster, H. H. Horse. 

Livery Stahles— A. W. Moore, L. A. YoiinK, H. B. Palmer A Co. 

Manufhcturers— bobbins, J. K. Atwood A Co., J. G. Moore, J. AF. P. 
Noyes, H. H. Cogswell A Co.; boxes, Parker A Young ; carriages, M ulBtt 
Bros4 Sug«r ffill, Noyes A Jepperson ; piano boardi, Parker A Young ; 
shoe pegs, J. G. Moore ; starch, Parker, Young A Co., H. F. Hibhard, 
WelM A Woolson ; Sugar BiU^ Sugtr Hill Starch Co.; wood pulp, 
J. a. Moore. 

Mechanics A Artisans— blacksmiths, D. C. A J. Monlton, Blodg- 
ett A Weston ; Sugar HilU N. A C. Jefferson; tM)ot and shoe makers, 
Oren Cloogh, Leo Little ; Bijjaar BUI, G. W. Wells ; carpenters, Wm. 
Quimby, fi. C. Chase, H. E. Smith, W. K. Parker, Moses Atwood, 
J. B. Taylor ; hair dresser. Will Nelson. B. J. Richardson ; haruesa 
maker, G. H. Bow ; machinists, E. B. Kicbardson, H. P. Titus, H. 



Brown ; xmirble workers, Henry Jesseman ; masons, 8. Ghteason, I. B. 
Gould; millwrights, D. 8. Richardson, N. W. Monlton; painters, A. 
II. Elliott, A. J. Gass, Montgomery Heath, Geo. Pennock: print- 
er, H. B. Parker; tailors, George Brammer,N. B. Moore; tanner, G. 
W.Wel]«; watchmaker, W. H. Weston. 

Merchants— Wells & Woolson, Day ft Oakes, T. E. Howe A Co., 
L. A. Young ft Co.; Norths B. Atchardson ; Sugar BUl^ J. H. Wells; 
auctioneer, I. B. Gonld, M. M. Steyens ; clocks and watches, W H. 
Weston ; confectionery, G. G. Sanborn ; drugs and medicines, W. P. 
Whiteher ft Go., M. B. Wheelock ft Go.; dry goodi and raillfnery,' 
Mn. J. G. Moore ft Go.; flour, grain ftc, Grist Mill Co.; furniture,: 
O. G. Wood ; groceries, G. G. ' Sanborn, L. A. Young k, Co.; papers 
and periodicals, L. A. Young ft Co.; tin ware and stoves, L. C. Payne 
ft Co. I 

Physicians-^. H. Boynton, 0. H. Boynton ; eclec., H. A. Hildreth; 
homeo.,G. A. Martin; thomp.,S. P. Brown, J. V. Thompson ; dentlstsU 
D. W. Cgoley. M. N. Howland. I 

lilTCHFIEIiB, HJLL8BOR0tP9ff'-Pop. 291. 8. f^om Cj 
30 ; N. from Nashua 6. JR. B. 8.— Thornton's Ferry, Merrimack, on; 
Concord R. R. « 

OFFICERS—aerft, A. B. Powers; Treat. N. G. Griffin; iSbleetaKa, 

F. L. Center, K Pike, D. fi. Leach; SupL, A. H. Powers. 
Justices— Isaac Mc Qnesten, SUxle ; John Parker. 
Churches — Pres., Cburles Scott. 
Manufacturers — boots and shoes, J. E. Barrett ; pine lumber, Isaac 

Mc Qnesten, Chas. Mc Qnesten. 

Mechanics — blacksmith, R. Sanders; car|>enter9, Edward Parker, 
German Kendall. Nathan Bullock ; mason, Oliver Salvios ; painter, 

G. 0. Lydston; plumber, 8. J. Corning; wheelwright, Dan*l Kennedy; 
wood turner, G. H. Goodspee<i. 

Merchant— N. C. Griffin. 

lilTTIiETON, ORA FTON—Vop. 2,936. N. W. fr. C. 100 ; N. 
B. fr. Haverhill. 30. iS. J2. <S.— Littleton, on White Mt. R. R. i 

OFFICERS— Cferi, G. S. Lovejoy; Treat., Alonzo Weeks ; &/eelmeiiJ 
W. M. Taylor, Isaac Calhoun, T. L. Parker; Supt, F. H. Lyford. I 

Postmasters— P. R.Gool<l; JVor(A, Rufus Smith. j 

Justiees-^ohn Farr, Harry Bingham, E C. Stevens, J. J. Barrett,' 
G. H. Green, W. J. Bellows, G. W. Barrett, A. 8. Batchellor, M. L.' 
Gould, H. A. Johnson, G. A. Bingham, J. R. Jackson, Edgar Aldrich.l 
State; M. C. Fan, H. H. Southwortb, J. H. Bailey. N. G. Smith, W.H.^ 
Bellows, W. H. Mitchell, W. M. Taylor. L. B. I>odge, F. B. Wright; 
A. J. Barrett, W. J. Bellows, L. G. Wilkins. 

Churches— Gong. G. W. Osgood ; Epis. H. M. Andrews ; F. Bap. F 
H. Lyford ; Meth. Geo. A. Mc Laughlin ; B. Gath. . 

Eatina House— S. Ourerands. 

Exp. Ag't— W. A. Haskins. Tel. Agent— Alden Quimby. 

Hotels— Thayer's, H. L. Thayer ft 2$on ; Union House, W. A. Eich- 

Ins. Ag*tS— Barrett ft Sons. F. B. Wright. 

Lawyers— Bingham, Mitchells ft Batchellor, Bingham ft Aldrich, 
1. G. Sterens. | 

Literary Institution— Littleton HIjjh School, Harry Mc Intire, prinJ 

Livery Stables— G. Young, W. A. Richardson, H. L. Thayer ft Son,' 
Israel 0. Richardson. 

Manufacturers — bobbins. Eaton ft Son; boots and shoes, A. 
Weeks, M. Hamilton, Alfred Hamill, J. B. Terrin ; coffins and caskets 



B. F. Wells; gloves and mittens, In Parker k Go., Eureka Glove Co., 
Aramonoosuc Glove Co., A. W. Streeter, A. G. Harsh, White Mt. 
Glove Co., A. Weeks, Robert Miner, G. 8. Whitaker; Iron foandrj.i 
P. S. Graham A Co ; leather, S. Piirker A Co.; lamber, Eaton A Green, 
Littleton Lnmber Co. H. C. Redington A Co., A. Holmes; itash, door^ 
& blinds. Chandler M Fitzgerald ; scythes aud axes, N. H. Scythe 
,Co.; stereoscopic views, B. W. Kilburn, G. H. Aidrich A Co ; tin and 
isheet iron ware, C. C Smith, R. P. White. I 
I Mechanics A Artfsans — baker, W. A. Mathewson ; blacksmiths, Ladd 
9c Bunker, N. W. Ranlett, A. W. Streeter, J. V. Morrison, Thomas Ran- 
cour; carpenters, J. B. Copp, B. D.Bunn.C. H. & H. II. Lovcgoy, Simp-! 
son Bro*8, Burnham ft Co. Carbano Bros., J. D. Chnndler ; civil engineer, 
RayT. Gile; hairdressers, F. A. Pennock, S. H. Dow, F. Chattelle;' 
harness makers, A. Oobum, Trnman Stevens ; machinists, P. C. Gra-j 
bam ft Gk>.; marble workers, Z. Stevens; maiion, N. S. Cooley, J. 
Place, John Bean ; millers, G. C. Patten, E. B. Gates ; painters, (laud- 
scape) John Ready ; John Hilliker, A. R. Burton, B. Currier ; (car-j 
•riage) Phillips ft Fisher, John Shay; photographer, G. H. Aidrich; 
printers, Robinson ft Goold, Fnrber, ft Wallsce; tailor, C. P. Day,! 
W. C. Morse; wheelwrights, N. W. Ranlett, D. H. Fiencli, J. G. Mor^ 

' Merchants— R. H. Whittaker, G. ft C. F. Eastman, N. C. Farr, Til- 
ton Bros., 0. A. Farr, Dow Bros., L. P. Cole, W. H. Whiting, South- 
worth, Lovejoy ft English, Clark ft Fogg, Bellows ft Son ; auctioneer, 
W. 8. Smith ; books and stationery, Furber ft Wallace, Goold ft Robin- 
son; clocks and watches, Elbridge Flint, T. M. Stevens; clothing. Bel- 
lows, Son ft Co., Tilton Bros.; drugs and medicine's, W. F. Bobbins ft 
Co., Robinson Brothers; fancy goods, H. M. Parker, J. B. Chandler; 
fruit and confectionery, D.O. Wallace ft Co., Mrs. J. Smillic, S. Ouver- 
Hnds; fhmiture, L. D. Sanborn; groceries, Eato^i ft Greene, L. P. 
Cole ; hardware, C. W. Brackett, C. ft C. F. Eastman ; hats and caps. 
Bellows Bros, ft Co., Tilton Bros.; meat, Calhoun, Blake ft Bowles, 

C. F. Lewis, G. A. Hall; millinery, Mrs. J. A. Stevens, Mrs. H. L. 
Smith, Miss G. Overand. 

Physicians— C. M. Tuttle, Frank T. MolTett, H. L. Watson, L. A. 
Generenx, B. F. Page, George W. Mc Gregor, Ralph Bugbee ; hon^eo., 
T. E.. SANGER; dentist, S. C. Sawyer. 

' Summer Boarding Houses — Oak Hill House, Geo. Farr ; Mountain 
'Home, £. U. Sawyer; Valley House, A. D. Fisher. 
I I<IT£R]IIORl<:, GRAFTON— Fop. 103. N. fr. C. 90; N. E. 
fr. Haverhill 45. R. R. S.— Llvermore, on P. A. 0. R. R. 
, OFFICERS— CT«rXr, 0. P. Gilman ; Selectmen, 0. P. Oilman, Henry L. 
iLewis. Jos. Mc Aiiam; Treat. F. U. Lewis ; ColIectoTf Wm. G. Hull. 
I Justices— G. H. Fairfield, C. N. Saunders, 0. P. Oilman. 
I Manufacturers— charcoal, Willoughby ft Rogers; lumber, Grafton 
Co. Lnoiber Co.,C. W. Saunders, selling agent. 

I.OBrOONDERRT9i?0(7A^7iV(?/MJf— Pop. 1,363. 8. E. fr. 
C. 26 ; W. fr. Exeter, 26. R. R. &— Londonderry ft Wilson's, on M. & 
L. R. R. 

OFFICERS— CTer*, JVbr^A, D. G. Annis; 3V«a«., WiUon*$ Croising 
Washington Perkins; Selectmen^ Chas. S. Pillsbury, NofVi^ Simon 
Mnllins, 0. Hinckley ; Supt I. C. Tyson. 

Postmasters— W. P. Wallace ; Norths J. W. Mackay ; WU»on'» Cross 
vug, Warren lUchardson. 

'Justices— J. M. Platts, R. C. Mack, W. S. Pillsbury, W. P. Richard 
Rnn John HiinhriRt. C. R. PillRburv. Josiah Goodwin. Wm. Clark 


k. K. Corning, £qg«ne Wasad, H. C. Smitb, Bamomv Flimdeiff, 
'3t. I. Mc AI Hater, i. P. Colby, J. F. TwIbs, State; Wurren Rictwrdaoa, 
Jonathan McAllister, Uilbert HilU, D. 0. Anni^, F. Hitnter, F. P. 
Sfc Gregor. 

Boarding Houses— C. 0. Batrick ; yorth^ A. H. Corning. 

Churches— Pres. I. C. Tyson; Bap. North, A. Sberwin; Metli., 

Ex. Agents— B.W. Barker; WiUon*9 CfrosaSugt Y^wren BicJiardBon. 

Maniinicturers— cider, C. M. Watts: feed. North, C. B. WMts; 
nmber, B C. Kendall; North. W. P. Richardson; pumpa, Nortk^ 
Chidden A Son, Chase Bros. J. S. Knrber : shoes, North. Chase Br^u 
1. M. Platts, C. H. Bntman A Co.: Derry Depot, Wm. S. Pillsbary. 

Mechanics— blacksmiths. W. P. Richardson, S. P. Robie, Joseph 
[>. Thomas ; North, Joseph Turcott ; caipi^nters, John Oilchrlit, 
[saac Cobnrn, C. R. Frost, J. W. Oreeley, C. 0. Butrick, J. W. 
*eabody: North, G. W. Kimball, Nelson Boyce, J. T. Hartford: 
nasons, S. T. Towns ; NoHh, M. M. Boles; painters, A. Baker ; Noirth^ 
). B. Stokes ; wheelwrights, Parker Farley, M. V. Thompfon; Norlh^ 
I. M. Whitney. 

Merchants— W. P. Wallnce, Jiw. W. Rattray; North, J. W. lt9c)L 
.y : Derry Depot, A. P. Hardy A Son ; North, X>. G. A R. Annif. 

Physician— Eagene Wason. 

l^onjr Island— See Moultoahorough. 

liOrbOBT, MERBJMACK— Pop. 122t. N. E. fr. G. 7. R. B. S. 
-Concord, on C. R. R. Daily mail fr. Concord to Loudon Rid^e, hj 
ioadon. Mail fr. Loudon Center to Pittsfield, three tiinee a week. I 

OFFICBRS— aerii;, F. B. Robinson; Treas., A. H. Clough; Beleet^ 
•urn, R. B. Foster. F. E. Copp, J. A. Clongh ; Supt , J. L. Perkins. I 

Postmasters— H. F. Batchelder ; C^iUer, Benj. Batcheld<>r. 

Justices— H. E. Batchelder, Jereminh Blake, 8taU ; L. W. Si^nbom,' 
\. B, Loering, H. J. Osgood, W. Emery, W. W. Oate, C. S. Prencli,' 
L. H. Glongh, W. H. Pattee, J. L. Perkins, S. B. French, N. T. GIack«,. 
r. B. Sanborn. 

Churches- Cong. C. S. Roper; F. Bap., Hnrd. | 

Hotels— Mc Lellan Honse, M.C. Cntchius; Elm Honse, K.H. Fletcher.' 

Livery Stable— Charles Mason. j 

Manufacturers— carriage^*, J. F. Ordway ; caskets and coflSns, H. OJ 
dorse ; leather, Joseph Wiggins; lumber, Bachelder A Robinson;, 
hoes, C. H. Willard. 

Mechanics— blacksmith, R. West ; Om/er, B. F. Tilton; carpanturs,! 
i. K. Copp, J. F. Ordway, J. S. Winslow; mason, 0» P. Hamblet; 
>ainters, Gerrish Choate, Henry Thompson ; wheelwright, Henry 
}. Morse. 

Merchants — Batchelder A Robinson ; drugs, and medicines, N. T. 
7Iark ; jewelry, L. W. Sanborn ; mllinery and fancy goods, ICra 
^. T. aark. 

Physicians— N. T. Clark, D. B. Tucker ; dentist, L. W. Sanborn. 

liondon RIdgre— N. E. from C, 14 m. 

Postmaster— Jonathan Brown. Church— 2d Adrent, D. F.LeaTitt. 

Hotels— Summer Home, A. J. Ingalls; Hillside, R. H. Jones. 

Manufacturers — boxes, Ac, J. Allen ; brooms, tents and cloth«c 
Iriers, R. H. Jones; carriages and sleighs, Jones A Worthington; 
lonr and meal, J. A. Jones; leather, A. Peaslee; meal and shingles, 
I. Peaslep. jr.; lumber, Jones Bros., A. PeaslHe. i 

Mechanics— blacksmiths, W. H. Drew, Joseph Leavitt; carpenter, I 
I. J. Ingalls, A. J. Phlllins. D. J. Smith : coooer. A. Moore : hair I 


ifr««M', (T. 8. Glongb ; m«lon. W. K Smith ; ptdnten, A. B. lK)eke k 
Sons, G. 8. Trench ; wheelwrights, Rnttu Tlandert, A. H. Ffanderi. | 

Merebants — —— Peaslee ; anctloneer, B. H. Keaney ; flib a^id 
poaltry; B. Twombly. 

IjOiirer Bartleti^See BartletC 

l^Wer Glrmantoii— See Qiinuitatoii. 

liTItAir, GRAFToy—Vop, 656. IT. IT. fr. 0. 100; K. S. from 
Hav^ill 20. M. R. iSL— Lisbon, on White Ht. R. R. 

OFnOBBS—OerJt, John Mason; Tretu.^ B. C. Parker; Stttetmm^ 
B. ff. Miner. John Mason, J. F. Sherman ; S»pt. MIm Gandls Miner. 

Postmistress— Mra. Hasisn Libbey. 
I JusUdes— Ia B1 Hoskins, StaU ; B. Q. Xastmaa, Benjamin Bow, Jas. 

,et6iiKi>.c. c: luton; m. g. jLittie. 

* Ctaurch^Union, C. E. Baton. 

Htiranictilrars— -meal and bobbins, L t. Tltm ; lumber, 1. 1. Tlt'ns, 
JaliQM Smith, John Mafon ; starch. Wells A \f oolson, Moore A TItas ; 
Ljman Starch Go., Parker A'Toang, I. S. A'O. P. Tltna. 
I Meehanles^blacksqaiths, F. Eastaian: carpenters, J. F. Whipple, 
j8. J. Piex««, S. V. Rosklns, coopers, H. F. Hoskins, Wm. Lynd« ; ma 
son, Nathan Jndd ; tailor, Amos Smith; wh^wrights, Jalins Smith, 
Frank Eastman ; wool carder, John Mason. 
i Merctiant— l{a90ti Libby. 
t Ii YJM[£, QRA FTOl^—Vop, 1,313. V. W. fr. Goncotd, «6 ; S. W. from 
Haverhill 17 nL B. R. &— Thetford and Lyme, 2 m., on G. A P. B. R. 
Stage twice a day. 

OFFICERS— a«ya and IVecu., L. B. Warren^ Ssteefmefi, H. H. Holt, 
jB. T. Waslibnm, Q. S. Mayo; Bupt., £. F. Merrifield; Afftnt^ llrs. 
DBTid Gilbert. 

Postmast«r-Ml: Wi Randlettl 
' Justices — B. F. Sawyer, A. J. Poshee, B. G. GhnrcbilL Francis 
Porter, II. H. Holt,,iSICate; T..L. Gilbert; P. E. Fafrflttld, S. S. Oarbee, 
G. F. Kingsbury, S^la B^al, L. W. Warren, L. B. Warren. 
I Churoh— GongM B. P. ButMr. 
; Hotel k Uvery StAble— Perkins House, J. S. Kent. 
j Hanoflitel^urton^— coffins, J. G. Piper ; flour and meal, G. F. Sawtell, 
{Warren Bros.; carriages. Wm. Thomas; lumber, H. Gbase, Wm. 
JTbomas; shingles, J. G. Piper. 

I MeehflDfes— blacksmiths, Joel GanflBlcT. B. K. Eostmata; earpeu- 
iters, J. C. Piper, Wm. A G. W. Thomas ; harness makers, N. I. Wll- 
mot ; ma^e worker, Jbhn Fellows; miison, A. A. Lamphere ; paint- 
ers, Sewflfl Hewes, J. N. Glaflin ; shoemaker, A. T. Perkins. 
1 HerehantS— B. G. Gtaurchill, G. W. Randlett, Warren Bros.; drugs 
and medicines, B. G. Churchill ; mlMlnery, Mrs. G. W. Randlett ; stoves 
and tin wire, O. N. Randlett. 

PhysibiansM7ilas: F. Kingsbury, J. G. MarshalL 

Center— Postmaster— L. D. Warren. 

Chureh— Bap., B. P. Merrifield. • 

Exp. Ag't— Geo. Melvin. Ins. Aa'C— H. H. Holt. 

■anuftetarers^teather, W. A. Bingham ; lumber, L. P. Lorejoy, 
Geo. W. Sanborn, Spencer Simonds. 

I lleeiia|tie§— blacksmith*, Henry Morrison, Henry Blanding ; car 
'penter», O. W. Sanborn, Joseph Welch. 
{ MerehantS— Warren Bros. 

fr. 0. 80; S. W. fr. Mnnch«8ter 16: N. W. fr. Nashua 2U. R. R, 8,—\ 



0FFICER&-C7eri. C.'T. TarUII; 2Was. H. B. McInUre; SOectmcm; 
N. T. Mc lutirn, Geo. Rose, C. N. Center i Bt^t. T. P. Sawin. i 

PostmasterS—iSTort^, J. £[. Goodrich : Stndh^C. H. Holt. j 

Justices--J. H. Tarbell, X A Goodrich, N. T. Mclntirs, G. H. Holt,' 
J. A. Johnson. ' 

Churches— OsNlcr, Goqg., T. P. Sawin; SoiUh^ Bap., H. G. Hid»)iftrl.! 

SanwfftlBtur^rs-^bpttleB aod dem^ohns, Lyadetraro Glass C0b j 

echanicS -r l>I«ck«tuUh, E. W. Dolliver; South, W. K. Ch0Ter;< 
^riat and pjaning mill, A. Butrick; saw and shingle milla, C, B.' 
Hoh, N, S. Hitrtflhorn, Jonathan Stevenson, S. G. Curtis; shQemakers,- 
J. M. Emery, A. Farnham, W. B. Raymond. 

MerchanIS— £biiiA, C. Jf. T^rbelh nurseryman, Wm. P. Holt I 

MADBURT, STRAr/VSD— Pop., 397. W. from C.,3«; W. 
fr. Dover, 3. B. R. iS.— Madbury, on B. & M. R. R. f 

OFFICERS^aerit,.J. H. Griffin; 2Vea«.,J. D. Zoang; Selectmen, J. 
B. Huckins, G. R. Heserve ; Suptf J. H. Gri^n. I 

Justices^J. D. Young, J. B. Huckins^ £.' F, Bemeritt, StaU ; Oliver 
Waldron- A. B» Tallant , 

Church—Gong., J. W. I^ees. Merchant— auctioneer, J. B. Yoang. i 

Mechanic— carpenter, J. H. Fernald. 

Palling to get a report from this town we print same as lant year. 

MABISOHr, CARROLL— Pop. 586. N. E. fr. C. 69 ; S. fr. 
088ipee,.20. £. R. &— Madison, on Ports*, Gt. F. ft Con. R. B. 

OFFICERS— CTerX:, J. R. Flanders; Treat., Langdon, M. Atkinson; 
SOeetmen, Albert Allafd, J. G. Ferren, E. L. Brew; Supt., H, W. Har- 
mon; £«i<p«rvtfor«, Charles E. Hayes, Samuel'Frosl. 

Postmistress— Mrs. ^. B. Atkinson; EaMy N. C. Blaisdell. 

Justices— Wm. Mason. J. 1^. Hobbs, Albert Allard. Nicb. Blaisdell^ 
J. J. Merrow, State; Isaiah Forrest, J. 0. G^nry^.G^o. Merrow, J. J. 
Burke. " i 

Church— F. Bap.,- . I 

Hotels — Madison Bousa, J. C. Ferrin ; Silver Lake Hooae, Arrilla- 
Forrest. Lawyers-^. H. Hobbs, N. C. Blaisdell. 

Uvery Stable— Wm. Rennet t.- I 

Manufacturers — boxes, staves and spool stock, Geo. Chick A Co.; 
clothing, Pearson Bros., N. M. Nasoii ; corn and meal, F. C. Peanon; 
lumber, N. C. Blaisdell ; mining. Silver Lake Mining Co. 

Mechanics A Artisans— blacksmiths George J. Ambroae, S. M. 
Harmon; carpenters, S. F. Moulton, Alnnzo Alley, Eugene Alley,. 
J. C. Flanderii ; harness niaker^ Albert Allard ; masons, G. T. Frost, 
J. A. Fofrest, J. C. Flanders ; stone workers, Jos. Lyman, J, A. For- 
rest, E. L. Brew; tailor, H. Scammon; watch maker, C. F. Hatch; 
wheelwrights, James Hodson, R. K. Chick. 

Merchants— Wm. Harmon, Atkinson Bro's., J. 0. Gerry, F. C. Pear^ 
son ; meat, Wm. Kennett, John A. Ilprrest-, Geo. W. Jackson; umIo- 
deons, organs. Ac, H. W. Harmon. I 

Physicians— B. 8. Hobbs, E. T. Hubbard. 

SUtion A Tel. Ag't^-Charlee F. Hatch. \ 

Summer Boarding Houses— Ann B. Atkinson, Nathaniel Churchill, 
R. K. Chick, T. D. Clmrchlll, Acbsa Lawson. i 

JKANCHJESTJBK, ^/LLS^OjRO- Shiretown. Pop. 33,468. 
S. ». fr. C. 26. R. R. S.— Manch. on Con. R. R.. M. A L. R. R., PorU. 
R. R. Manch. A No. Weare R. R.; Amoskeag and QofTs Falla, oa Con. 
R. K ; Massabesic, on Ports. R. R. 

OFFICERS— Elected to serve 2 years— from January, t88t to Jan- 1 


The Im lampsMre 


Ex-Gov. J. A. Weston, President. 

Hon. S. N. Bell, Vice-Ptesident. 
John C. French, Secretary; 

S. B. Stearns, Ass't S€creta^}^ 
Geo. B. Chandler, Treasurer. 

Solid as tlie Grazxite SUls 1 

Capital to l?e inoreas^d to 

# ^po^ooo 

OiTing available aa^ets of 


Galiilig mri year lir Assets ail Surplus ! ! 


$9113,000 IN XUHTEN .l[£ABS!r 

$ 3M00 Taxes ^aid tnto the State Trewary, 

r *-»< 



•••»♦-* • • 


i lllM II II I T IB I Il.— MM— .— — lll M i^ tfl 

Sold by all Dealers throughout tHe World h 
'tfblcr NlbdAl. Pfirie Ex0O8ft^.il87lL 


Builder^s Hardware, 

Painting Materials^ Okss^ Ironv iKttd Steri; 

Goraaga, Beltiag, Meolianies' Tools, 

Agricultural Implemeuts, 

8eed^9 Fliospates, 

(tecMirMge Manures, Ground Bw«^ 8^91^ 

ing Goods' Parker's and ot&er 

Breach-Lfladfng' Gans^^ 


Table and Pocket Cutlery, or anything usu- 
a^ kek)t ih a fir^( elai^ hardware store, 

Will do well to call upon 


938 ELM STR6e!T. 



>yeinff« Cl^anaingr and Presefhg d(S6B 
in the beet manner. 

HaTihg had ijeirly 40 y^rf cjcptnkace, thfe propniet(>i^ ilT AiM !i4 tain 
lit the most fastidious. 

152 Elm St., ... Manoheater, If. H. 


■ » ■■ I .III 

BrtM. of Chmmon Council, W. J. Hoyt ; Clerk of Common Onmeil^ 

A. Fracker ; Treaf^ 0. B. Fntnam ; OolUftUrr, Q«o. B. Morrill ; SoUt 
tor, Wm. R. Patten: MeiungBt, John A. Barker; Aidermtn^ Ward 

B. Cliandler : 2, G. H. Steam* ; 3, A. Blood ; 4, J. H. Maynard; «, ' 

F. GUncy: 6. T. W. Ghellh; 7, A. 0. Wallace; 8, J. Honley: CU 
Marthal^ A. D. Stark; Atft liarshaf, W. li. Loagee; iMuas Judg 
N. P. Hunt; Police Vlerk, J. 0. Bickford ; School Oommittee, H. 1 
Pntnam, Br-Officio ^Chairman; CUrk H. P. Hall; Ward 1, G. F. B^ 
erett, F. T. B. Richardson ; 2, G. L. IDemareet, B. G. Deaa ; S, W. i 
Webster, Daniel Glark; 4, W. Bf. Parker, J. F. Fannliifr; 6. 0. i 
O'Connor, D. F. O'Gnnnor; 6, A. G. Flandert, B. B. Weeks; 7,Eci 
Huntin^on,Jf. P. Hall ; 6, L. B. Phelps, D. Mitchel, W. J. Hovi 
Ez-0:fficio ; Supt. q/ Public Instruction^ Wai. B. Buck ; Aiteuon, G. fi 
Fisher, Chairman; D. O. Femald, CXerk; G. H. Brown, J. H. Hajnei 
D. O. Femald, J. Ryan, J. W. Moore. G. W. Weeks. H. W. Powell, C 
S. Fisher, Oveneerg of the Pinir; H. B. Pntnam, Ex-Officin^ Chairman 
iW. H. Maxwell, Clerk; W.H. Maxwell, G. U. Golhy, G.G. B. Rjdei 
Rob't HalK G. F. Sheehan, B. G. Woodman, I. B. Famnm, H. Gordon 
Chief SnginMr, T. W. Lane; hupectwn of Check H$t, J. H. Hay net 
Chairman 'f H. D. Lord, C^Jb. 

Postltiasters— J. L. Sterens; <?o^« JPblfa^ L. N. Moora; Anuekeag 
Georflce tf . Colby. 

Justices — J. H. Andrews, D. 8. Aduns, G. B. Balch, G. A. Bailey 
D. A. Bnnton, S. N. Bell, G. H. Bartlett, H. B. Bnrnham, J. F. Rriggs 
J. C. Bickford, J. P. Bartlett, Nahnm Brooks, G. J. Brown, David Gross 
J. B. ClHrk, 0. B. Chandler, B. P. Gilley, J. B. Clarke, W. H. Gkte 
L. B. Clongh, P. C. Cheney, Ira Gross, Moody Currier, B. F. Clark 

C. M. Clay, L. W. Clark, G. A. Glark, J. T. Cfessey. D. F. Glark, .1. M 
Crawford, H. S. Glark, J. B. Daniels, W. H. Dmry, G. A. Dickey, A. P 
Dodfce, M. y. B. Edi^eriy, W. G. Bverett, G. W. Eastman, G. O. Em- 
mons, G. A. French, A. G. Fairbanks. J. W. Fellows, J. C. French. 

G. C. Gilmore, John Gill is, R. J. P. Goodwin. J. H. Haynes, I. L. 
Heath, H. H. Hurie, N. P. Hunt, D. F. Healey, John Ho^Iey, H. T. Hill. 
Hiram Hill, J. W. Hildrith, G. L. Harmon, J. B. Hall. J. F. James, 
Joseph Kidder, N. P. Kidder, J. L. Kelley, C. B. Littlefield, J. G.Lann, 
Wm. Little, S. D. Lord, H. D. L^rd, T. W. Lane, D. W. Lane, Thos. D 
Lnce, J. B. Mills, C. F. Morrill, G. W. Morrison, C. R. Morrison, J. T. 
Moore, J. W. Mooar, John Mooar, J. P. Nowell. G. R. Noyes, G. A. 
O'Connor, A. C. Oflipood, Thomas CDonnell, J. D. Patterson, D. R. 
Prescott. D. L. Perkins, W. R. Patten, D. P. Perkins. David Perkins, 
H. B. Putnam, H. M Putney, G. W. Preecott, J. B. Pattee, A. W. 
Qnint, E. P. Richnrdson, Roland Rowell, C. G. fi. Ryder, 0. W. Rid- 
dle, Dudley Roberts, H. D. Ryder, J. C. Ray, Fred Smythe, I. W. 
Smith, D. L. Stevens, C. W. Stanley, J. B. Straw, Jnstln Spear, G. A. 
Siilloway, J. L. Stevens, J. T. SpaflTord, M. P. Sawyer, G. C. Shepard, 
Waterman Smith, W. F. Sleeper, I. F. Sawyer, H. W. Tewksbnry, E. M. 
jTopIiff, J. A. WoMton, B. G. Woodman, F. G. Walk4>r, A. L. Walker, 
N. H. Wilson. D. K. White, W. E. West, Simon Dodge, B. G Dean, 
John Foster, State ; Ira Barr, Wm. C. Blodgett, H. T. Brown, J. H. 
Barnes, J. W. Bean, G. A. (^rpenter, F. P. Carpenter, A. B. Clarke, 
;0. H. Chaml>erlain, C. E. Cochran. J. S. Garvell, Henry Chandler, 
Sebastian Christophe, A. J. Dow, B. F. Dame, J. E. Dodge, Aloniso 
Dnrgin, P. A. Define, G. R. Dnstin, W. G. H. Dunhnm, C. W. Eairer, 
.lohn Foster, G. E. Glines, G. A. Gallagher, D. M. G<M>dwin. S. T. Hill, 
M. P. Hall, E. W. Harrington, M. J. Healey, M. J. Jenkins, B. F. Jones, 
J. H. Johnson, J. D. Jones, Edwin Kennedy, J. S. Kidder, A. J. Lane, 

•aoaoa 'j anniHT 

'3)9 'S))3Snq3BSSB{ 


G. A. Little, J. W. Lathe, F. C. LivinRSton, G. I. McAllister, H. B.i 
iMoulton, G. F. Mouar, S. 8. Harden, G. E. Morrill, Joseph Nichols, 
p. F. O'Connor, C. A. O'Connor, 2d, A. B. Page, E. 11. Paine, Win. 
Perkins, H. R. Pettee. N. H. Pierce, Stephen Palmer, W. M. Parker, 
is. B. Putnam, S. S. Perry, C. L. Bicbardson, J. B. Sawyer, J. S. Shan- 
non, G. M. Sanborn, Joseph Stone, J. L. Smith, Lewis Simonds, W. B. 
Steams, S. B. Stearns, W. I. Smith, W. B. Webster, Israel Webster, 
J. E. Wilson, David Wadsworth, G. W. Weeks, J. P. Younj?. ( 

Churches— Adv., C. R. Crossett, jr.; Bap., W. H. Leavell, N* L. Col- 
by ; F. Bap., L. Malvern, N. L. Bowell; Cong., K. ¥. Norris, K. G. Sel- 
den, W. V. W. Davis ; Epis., L. Sears; Meth., G. W. Norri^, A. K. 
Drew, W. A. Loyne ; Chris. S. B. Bowdish ; Unita., H. Powers ; Univ. 
L. F. Mc Kinney ; Reformed Cath. Gideon Aubin; R. Cath. Wm. Mac 
Donald, T. D. Kealy, J. A. Chevalier, J. D. Halde. 

Hotels— Manchester House.^ Wm. Slieperd ; Massabesic House, 0. 
C. Mead; City Hotel, G. E. Hastings ; Waverly House, I. A. Moore; 
Merrimack House, — — ——— Amoskeag, P. 0. Michand ; Chandler^ 
House, — — Spragtie. 

Ins. Ag'tS— G. A. French, E. P. Richardson, J. G. Lane, J. CPrench, 
W. G. Evorett, Clough & Clark, C. M. Edgerly, G. M. Sanborn, S£. T. B 
EDGERLT, A. J. Lane, G. W. Weeks. i 

Lawyers- Daniel Clark, G. W. Morrison, David Cross, C. R. Morri- 
son, B. P. Cilley, L W. Smith, S. N. Bell, C. W. Stanley, G. I. McAiliHter, 
L. W. Clark, L. B. Clough, S. D. Lord, E. M. Topliff, J. B. Clark, C. H. 
Bartlett, Wm. Little, J. W. Fellows, C. A. Sullow»y, W.R. Patten. J.H. 
Andrews, N. P. Hunt, H.- E. Burnham, H. H. Huse, C. A. O'Connor, 
H. S. Clark, J. B. Straw, N. H. Wilson, J. F. Briggs, D. F. O'Connor, 
J. Pi Bartlett. J. B. Mills, B. F. Clark, G. A. Little, D. P. k D. L. Per- 
kins, M. J. Healey, R. Rowell, Jhs. £. Dodge, T. D. Luce, Dudley, 
Roberts, A. C. Osgood, John CBickfurd, I. L. Heath, J. L. Foote, D. F. 
Clark, John Foster, C. A. Gallagher, COPELAND A DODGE, Q. W. 
Prescott, J. B. Pattee. 

Livery Stables— Wm. Sheperd, James Bros., Burnham Jk Co. K 
James, C. H. Simpson, J. C. Nichols & Son. J. A. Brown It Co., C. 
C. Perry. Cavanaugh Bros., J. N. Foss, F. X. Cheoette. 

Manufacturers— belts, B. H. Chase; bobbins, James Baldwin A Co., 
carriages, Sanborn Carriage Co., C. O'ShaughneKsy, J. B. McCrillls A 
Son, Fellows & Goodwin, J. Wilcome, Derry & Co., Groodwin Bros. Fel- 
lows & Co., Conway & Flynn, D. F. Pressey Jk Co., ¥. P. Colby ; cigars. 
J. £. Hyman, R. W. Nelson, G. H. Hubbard, J. B. Scott &, Co., &. G. 
Sullivan, J. A. Adams; coffins, J.N.Bruce, Melendy & Poor, Pearson 
&. Wallace, P. A. Devine, A. G. Monette ; concrete paving, Ciiaa. H. 
Robie, J. Mc Derby & Son ; cottons and linens, Amoskeag ManuTg; C^., 
ThomHS L. Livermore, ag't.: Laugdon Mfg Co., W. L. Killey, MH^'t; 
Manchester Mills, C. D. Mc DuiTy, ag't; Amory Mills, Gilbert P. 
Whitman, ag't ; Manchester Print Wt^rks, B. C. Dean, ag't ; Stark 
Mills, S. N. Bourne, ag't; Namaske Mills, W. B. Webster, ag't; edge 
tools, Burpee, Hamilton & Co.; factory reeds, John Cle worth A Co.; 
actory cards, Denney & Bisco; factory fliers, J. A. V. Smith; files, 
B. S. Stokes ; Factory roll covern, C. B. Bradley : knitting machines, i 
Wm. Corey; hair restoratives, Tebbetts Bros.; liosiery, A. P. Olzend- I 
'am ; loom harnesses, E. Yea ton & Co., F H. limpkins ; paper makers, | 
John Hoyt & Co., P. C. Cheney & Co.; power loom pickets, B. IT. 
Chase; shoes and leather, Manchester Shoe A Leather Co., B. W. 
Bri^ham, ag't; shuttles, J. Baldwin A Co.; soap. M. C. Eastman & 
Co., M. W. Sawyer, J. S. Holt, Lewis Rice, J. S. Harriman ; spokes 


for carriages, B. H. Pip«r ; stair rails, W. W. Hubbard, L. V. West- 
orer^ J. Hodge ; steam dyeing, J. P. ANKABLOO ; steam engines. 
'Manchester Locomotive Works; steam, gas and water pipe, J. 8. 
Bacbeler, T. A. liane, Henry .Fink; straw goods, Israel Doble, W. M.' 
jBatterfield, j 

I Mechanics & Artisans-^architects, G. W. Stevens, J. T. Tanning; 
bakers. C. Armstrong, Brigham & Pratt, W. Starr, M. Crotian, Paradise A 
I Co.. F. Hartel, Colburu & Ck>, W. Felch : bill posters, J. Q. A. M'QnesteuJ 
^ 'F. p. Colby & Co.; bookbinders. G. C. Huitt^TeAple A Variington, J. B 
jClarke; brass founder, D. B. Varney ; brewers, F. L. Gray, A. C. WaIIace,| 
Carney, Lynch A Co., T. F. Glancy ; bricklayer, G. F. Laird; bricklay ' 
.ers and plasterers, J. J. Bennett, B. M. Bennet, J. C. Hoyt; 
iNult Bros., Cyrus Whittemere, N. B. Tilton, H. L. Drew, L. B. Stewart, 
iJames Batman A Sons, Bennett A Lord, E. W. Coming^ B. G. Haynes, 
lA.D..Wil8oni carpenters and builders, W. Ireland, Walter Neal, J. H 
Ifaynard, £. E^ Patch, J. S. Gate, J. F. Seaward, G. R. Dudley, G. 
jHulbrook, H. Gordon, A. Gay, Mead, Hason A Co., Head A Dowst, 
I'L. W. Westover, N. R. Bixby, P. Brown, W. Carr, H. G. Fnrrlngton, 
B. B. Yeasey ; civil engineers. J. B. Sawyef, A. G. Stevens, J. A. Wes 
ton, J. T. Fanning, G. U* AHeUi G. W. Stevens, J. F. James, J. P.! 
Tonng; carriage trimmer, J. Goggin, W. M. Hunt, C. H. 
Flagg; engravers, H. W. A £. A. Herrick, A. H. Paige; gas ^tterB, 
B. F. Fogg, T. A. Lane, H. Fisk, S. S. Bacheler; granite workers, 
Lamson A Itfarden, M. Fitsgerald, H. Johnson, H, Thomas ; gunsmiths, 
G. B. Fogg, G. C.Clark, W. U. Vickery ; harness A saddle makers, B. W. 
Kimball, I. S. Young, I. S. Young, J. G. Clarke, F. N. Mc Laren, H. C 
Ran no, George L. Brown, W.'E. Greeley; iron founders, A. H. Low- 
jell A Co., Amoskeag MTgCo., Manchester Locomotive Works; ma- 
'chioists, Amoskeag .Jffanufg Co., S. C. Forsaith ft Co., Manchester 
^Locomotive Works, Hutchinson Bros, B. G. Annan ; marble workers,' 
jPalmer A Garmon, M. Fitzgerald; millers, Pettee A Whittle, Baldwin' 
<A Tabor, J. S. Kidder A Co., W. H. Martyn A Son ; painters, 0. J.| 
iCarson A Co. J. J. Abbott, C. R. CoUey, Joel Daniels, Kelley A 
Finn, W. B. Abbott, G. W. Hamlin, J. R. Carr, J. Bryson, 2d; car-; 
riage trimmer, J. Goggins, J. W. M. Hunt, C. H. Flagg; photograph-j 
ers, S. Piper, S. D. Quint, J. G. Ellinwood, L. W. Colby, A. B. EatonJ 
IJ. F. Langley; planers, S. G. Forsaith A Co. W. W. Hubbard. J. 
Hodge, A. C, Wallace, 4-iutin, Johnson A Co.; plumbers, B. F. FoggJ 
jT. A. La&e, Pike A Heald, J. S. Bacheler; roofers, J. C. Young, EJ 
,J. Williams, J.McDerby A Son; printers, Union Publishing Co., J. BJ 
jCIarke, 7. B. Challis A Co,, Everett Bros., W. £. Moore, C. L. Fltz-j 
jpatrick, C. F. Peaslee, T. H. Tuson, Livingston A Kimball; slaters,' 
J. C. Young; tailors. Cnmner A Co., II W. Fogg, Plumer A Holtonj] 
Willi&nas A McKean, C. F. Gardner, D. A. Plumer, E. Adams, £.| 
jLeveen, H. B. Wilmot; tanners, curriers, and wool pullers. Kimball 
JA Gerrish. J. B. ChaSe; upholsterers, R. Gay, C. W. Butler, J. 

Merchants — agricultural implements, DANIETiS A CO. J 
B. Varick, W. C. Rogers, Barr & Clapp; auctioneers, J. B. Jones, 
G. F. BosherA Co., G. H. Dorr, J. Galacar, books and station*' 
ery, T. W. Lane, B. F. Stark, C. P. Trickey; Temple A Fftr-' 
irington, £. R. Coburn, AltVed Quimby, J. F. Gordon ; boots and 
Mhoes, W. H. Gate, G. W. Dodge, F. C. Dow, Mc Donald ft Cody, G. 

(IW. Thayer A Son, C. D. Thompson, Plaisted A Haines, Feruald ft Bur-, 
•bank, "Wingat^ A Gould, J. Murray, Mitchell A Heath, J. Mead, John^ 
{Francis. Qeo.H. Wilson, P. Primeau, 8. H. Martin, Weston A Hill; ear J 

lis BVsnrsss bibeotobt. 


pets, BftrtoD ft Ck)., Higgitis Brofu; clothing and ftimiftliInK goods, J. W, 
G. Pickering, Plumer ft Holton, A.H. Weston, Edwin KennMj, D. A. 
iPlumer, Ciimner ft Co. H. M. Tarbell, Williams ft McKeao, BtancbetteT 
'.Clothing Co. J. A. Folsom, H. B. Wllmot, Ed. LereeH, J. T. Donalioe, 
II. O'Dowd, C. J. Senter. 3tar Clothing House ; coal and wood, L. B. 
Bodwell ft Co. Bowell ft Burns, Moore A Preston, E. P. Jofaoeon, ft Co. 
Maxwell A Stow ell; coffins, Pearson A Wallace, Melendy ft Poor, 1^. A. 
;D«Tine, J. N. Bruce, A.^. Honette : coke, Manchetiter Gas Llgbt Co.j 
cunfectionery. E. 0. Abbott, £. S. Dickerman, E. W.Perkins. P. B. Put- 
ney, E. C. Akers, B. F. Manning, E. R. Barry, Wm. E. Preach, W. 
Felcb ; crockery, D. A. Simons, C. A. Smith, Hfgglns Bros., Barr Ar Gbpp; 
drugs and medicines, 2. W. Campbell. A. ^. Smith, J. M.Clotifcb, J. Bj 
:Hanson, A. F. Perry, T^bbetts Bros., Weeks ft Currier, L. K. Mesid,0. BJ 
Hall, J. B. Hall, F. A. James, C. T. Newman, J. S. Heath ft Co^ J. Aj 
Wiley, J. P. Burbank, Marshiill ft Knowfton, Conner ft Mivllle, C Ml